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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 14, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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walkout happening across the bay area as well. we do expect a live report from good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in west. never again. thousands of students all across america staging a walkout to protest gun violence, demanding change. remembering the victims of the parkland massacre, sending a message to washington right now. our special live coverage this morning. also breaking news, overnight, democrat conor lamb declaring a huge upset victory in that pennsylvania election seen as a referendum on president trump. >> took a little longer than we thought, but we did it. >> republicans saying not so fast. what this race means for the midterm elections. plus, new details on that white house shake-up. how does this happen? outrage growing over a nightmare flight. a family saying they were told to put their dog in the overhead bin. the trip ending in tragedy.
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>> he was a member of our family. >> the investigation this morning. ♪ sky full of stars and celebrating one of the greatest minds of our time. stephen hawking passed away overnight, tributes pouring in for the man whose quest to solve the theory of everything changed the way we think about the universe. and good morning, america. we're live right now. because students across the country are demanding to be heard. let's take a live look now at what we're seeing there in washington, d.c., 10:00 a.m. in the east, students beginning to walk out and protest the gun violence, of course, this is the one-month anniversary of the parkland shooting. we want to pause to bring to in the rest of the country for an
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demand action on gun control. right now, a crowd, huge crowd growing outside the white house. >> it's really a sight to see all over the country. hard to believe that this marks one month to that massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high school. organizers say more than 3,000 walkouts are planned. >> today, thousands of students and teachers are leaving the classroom for 17 minutes to remember the 17 victims killed last month in parkland. ax's victor oquendo is there with more. good morning, victor. >> reporter: right now, we're taking a live look at the football field here at stoneman douglas high in parkland. the students have filed out of their classrooms. this is the main rallying point for them today. that's where they'll be spending
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the 17 minutes. as they walked out this morning, they came out to applause. the community is out here as well. they're supporting them. you heard chance and this is the spot where the bulk of the students will be. some others wanted to make their way off campus, get better exposure, get their message out there. another walkout area, a prayer service and some students will get the chance to speak there as well. broward county school superintendent has told staff here not to interfere or to get in the way of student-led protest calling it a teachable moment. let's take a live look at the football field behind us. 17 minutes for those victims. let's bring in a parent who has a parent that goes to marjory stoneman douglas. >> reporter: his name is
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francisco dejesus and he is a senior graduating this year. >> is he in middle of that mix right here? >> yes. it's been a very emotional time for all of us and it's part of our healing. i'm so proud of the students and what they've been able to accomplish in creating change for gun laws. >> that's the big thing they're trying to do today. we have seen one bill signed by the governor, now they're looking to make more changes. specifically, what have you talked about with your son when it comes to the rally today. >> we haven't spoken too much about the rally. he's supportive. he wants to go to washington to protest. >> reporter: we'll be at that march later on this month. >> yes. >> thank you so much. so as i mentioned, the governor signed one bill, but the kids out here are demanding more gun control. an all-out ban on assault
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weapons. a huge show of support we're seeing across the country. we'll be out here all morning long. >> we want to talk to one of those students right now, colton, on the phone from marjory stoneman douglas high school. what's the mood this morning, colton? >> i believe that almost single student that attends my school is out on this football field. there are so many people. it's amazing to see that everyone wants to change and everybody wants to do this. there's a line of people. >> we can see that. we're seeing it across the country right now. we're seeing pictures coming across the east coast now. what's your hope for the country? >> i hope that we can definitely make schools safer. we can definitely change some of the gun laws and make them a
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little bit more strict. i just hope that we can make a difference and this will be our hopefully our last shooting. >> do you feel like when you see those other students at high schools across the country do you feel that strength in numbers and how do you hope to build connections between these communities all across the country? >> absolutely. i mean, just the whole strength with everybody, everybody wants this change, everybody wants to be there for each other. my school we have been getting so much mail from the different schools and everybody wants to send their prayers and we're trying to send the staff thank yous and thank you for your support. we're definitely making a difference here today. >> you guys are making a difference. i can feel it at my own kids' schools. >> thank you. >> those students at parkland
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taking that call for gun control taking it all the way to wa washingt washington. that issue has stalled and on the back burner. let's go to the white house where thousands of students in that school, washington, maryland and virginia, are gathering outside the white house to protest, where our david kerley is for a moment of silence. then they head to the capitol. >> it's many moments of silence, e cecilia, an incredible scene here, at least 2,000 students are here. many have sat down in their silence, if you look in the back you can see some movement. these are more students that are arriving here. they were chanting and have turned around and sat down with their backs to the white house. here's the white house to this side. and these students honestly are now seven, eight minutes into this 17 minutes of silence they planned to have here and they were quite boisterous and loud ahead of time with chants about,
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they have had enough, it's time for change. some chants against the nra. i asked a couple of students here if they would mind for our national audience if they would just break this moment of silence to talk with us. this is abby silverman from walt whitman high school in bethesda, maryland. why was it important to be here, what do you want this white house to hear? >> we just want you guys to listen to us. we're here for everyone to have a voice. >> you have a couple of friends here, have you guys had a strong feeling about guns before, was it parkland, tell me why you came. >> no, it really started with sandy hook and we just felt we don't feel safe in school anymore and this is a problem. schools should be a place where we should be able to go and feel
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safe and not fear something might happen. >> president is not here in the white house today, do you think your message will still be heard? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> patricia. >> patricia, thank you very much. lot of the students from bethesda, maryland and virginia areas as you mentioned. afterwards, they plan to stay here for a little bit. i think we're going to send it -- kevin butler agreed to break your silence. why did you agree to come today in. >> to make suhuure there are stricter gun laws. there are plenty of people, if i'm not going to make the change others will help. >> thanks very much. guys, back to you. this protest going to 10:17. then we'll hear the chants again.
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>> george, all across the country we're seeing these protests will ripple across the time zones. some of the schools are turning it into an all-day event. steve osunsami is in atlanta, entire student body participating. right, steve? >> reporter: we've got over a thousand students in front of the school, out here, demonstrating. they're having essentially a program that's taking place today. joining me right now is one of the organizers of this, she's a senior at this high school, lisa medford. she's been one of the voices in this today. and as i understand it, not every school district in the atlanta area is allowing this. >> no, we're lucky to be a part of this where we have a staff and administration who are supportive of our actions. that supports fully this student movement and our student voices
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being heard in this situation. we need to take action and have our voices be heard. >> you were talking about it being a student movement. you know, much like the civil rights movement of the '60s, young people were driving that bus. you're driving this bus. yelling out the window, yelling at folks. >> we have witnessed school shooting after school shooting and we're making parkland that last one. we're stepping up, we're making our voices heard even when those not old enough to be heard. we're out here to tell politicians this needs to end, you need to pass legislation, commonsense gun laws. >> you're registering seniors to vote today. >> after this event today, we're having all seniors eligible to vote to sign up to vote. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for being with us. we're going to be here throughout this afternoon.
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talking to students. back to you. >> steve, you mentioned some districts down there aren't allowing the students to protest, but students are defying that as well? >> reporter: we were told that there were some schools, where the students were intended to walk out anyway, so that's happening now. we expect to see some of this all over the country in school districts that aren't allowing students to demonstrate. >> steve, thanks very much. >> many students are so passionate and committed to change and these walkouts are going to happen on the west coast later, i'm sure. here in new york, more than 1500 students are walking out of jfk kennedy high in plainview. abc's linz yoie janis is there. good morning. >> reporter: you can see hundreds of students behind me gathered in front of the school. the organizers are at the podium now. i can tell you, one student came
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out and he started if our leaders aren't going to protect us against this kind of violence then we're going to have to stand up for ourselves. they're going to have a moment of silence. they have been reading through each of the students of the 17, they read a poem from one of the victims at marjory stoneman douglas, life is like a roller coaster. his words wise beyond his years. this is a memorial service. we're told by a lot of the students here this is also about protests for them. michael. >> all right, thank you, linzie. let's bring in martha raddatz as well. you went to parkland right after the shooting and spent a lot of time with the students. we could hear at the beginning at this broadcast the difference they hope to make and the connections they hope to forge with students all across the
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country. >> what struck me in being in parkland, how these young students organized and how quickly they learned about gun laws, they were so eloquent and so mature beyond their years. one young woman lost several of her best friends. today she's tweeting about the walkout. she said, we're walking out for the empty desks and the unsaid good-byes. this epidemic of school shootings must stopped. these are the kids who are organizing all these protests who want to come to washington to make real change. >> that's coming up on march 4th. we'll wrap up our special report right now. we'll return now to regular programming. >> this h programming. >> this has been a special report. from abc news.
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we're back live now for our viewers in the west. other breaking news. breaking news out of pennsylvania, a blow to president trump in a high-stakes special election. race too close to officially called. but democrat conor lamb has already declared victory. our chief national correspondent tom llamas tracking the results all through the night. he joins us from pittsburgh with the latest. >> reporter: george, you're right, conor lamb has declared victory. right now, he has a slight edge over the republican rick sacc e saccone. saccone had to win a huge ballot of the absentee and already lamb has bested him in one of those counties. this morning, a nail-biter in pennsylvania.
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less than 1,000 votes separating democrat conor lamb and republican rick saccone in this special election. regardless, overnight lamb declaring victory. >> it took a little longer than we thought, but we did it. >> reporter: the race too close to project in a district president trump won by nearly 20 points. with ballots still outstanding i asked him why he was convinced he was the winner. >> conor, congratulations. are you confident you won? >> yeah. >> what do you want to tell your supporters? >> reporter: the political thriller playing out overnight on cable news. >> real nail-biter in the special election. >> this really is a tale of two districts. >> this is a race that is just going to come down to the very last precinct. >> reporter: throughout most of the night, lamb was leading but by a small margin. saccone refusing to give up. >> don't give up and we'll keep it up. we're going to win it. >> reporter: saccone aligned himself to president trump while republican groups and gop pacs poured in more than $10 million to back him. >> this guy should win easily and he's going to win easily. >> reporter: the big highlight for democrats, lamb outperformed hillary clinton in republican,
7:17 am
democratic, large and small precincts in the district. i asked him about his sudden rise. do you think this is because people really like you or do you think they're really upset with the president? >> hopefully it's because they like me and they believe what i told them which is that i'm going to work really hard for every single one of them, no matter what party they are, no matter what party they voted for last time. >> reporter: breaking news -- republicans are now saying they're not conceding this election. they're not going -- they're going to explore opportunities of asking for a recount and possibly pursue other legal options, that's the latest right now. so, again, conor lamb with a slight lead. still too close to project. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. rob has more about the weather. lake-effect snow causing a huge pile-up. >> over 20 inches of snow.
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this heavy lake-effect snow band shut down i-71. seven vehicle pile-up. shut it down for five hours. we may see another storm at the beginning of next week because the west is so active. another storm coming in with winter storm warnings posted up in the mountain. time now for your springlike cities. good morning i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist mike nicco. wefr a chance of scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms and sunshine today
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and rainbows. that chance will continue through friday. today going to be the fewest we'll have the next three days. luck of the irish, trending drier. chilly out there once again. mid to upper 50s and colder tonight. mid to upper 30s and inland valleys low to coming up here, united airlines under fire after a family was told to put their dog in the overhead bin. we'll tell you what happened. the family speaking out about the tragedy on "gma" also, new trouble for fitness guri richard simmons after those tabloid stories, why a court is now ordering him to pay more than $100,000. you don't want to miss that one. coming up. by united airlines when we come back. mistake by united airlines when we come back. . ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks.
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your golf trip begins at . . good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning to you i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. as you just saw from "abc 7 news" students across the country are walking off campus to mark onen month since the high school shooting in florida. scheduled to begin at 10:00 this morning and lasting 17 minutes to mark the 17 lives lost in florida. well be tracking the story throughout the day. >> good morning, we have a couple of new issues on the road. southbound 680 and walnut creek. the highway 24 interchange. minor crash and no injuries reported around tree boulevard and checking out things in emeryville, the westbound 80 to ashby, we do have a roll over
7:24 am
kpligs reporte
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. we're off to a cool damp and wet start for some of us. the showers are more wide spread and not nearly as intense. light right now and moving off to the southwest to the northeast. thick fog around san rafael and down to the south. watch out for that. if you are commuting and dress warmer. temperatures up to 15 degrees cooler. most from the mid to upper 40s. mountain view, hayward and oakland and san francisco. san francisco, speaking of it,s the best chance of rain by noon today. scattered showers today and thunderstorms and we'll continue through friday. >> thank you. and we'll have another "abc 7 news" update in about 30 minutes and always on the news app and
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welcome back to "good morning america." you're looking at america students walking out of class this morning. part of that worldwide movement to protest gun violence, to remember the 17 victims killed in the parkland massacre. >> all over the country seeing these students walk out pretty amazing sight. the first lawsuit has been filed over that deadly helicopter crash here in new york that killed five passengers. the family of one of the victims is suing the company citing the harnesses in the open-door flight. the nor'easter that dumped more than 2 feet of snow in some areas, knocked out power, more snow on the way for new england. everybody at home you said more snow, george. no more snow, please the world is celebrating the life of physicist stephen
7:31 am
hawking who passed away overnight at the age of 76. eddie redmayne had this to say, we have lost a truly beautiful mind and the funniest man i have had the pleasure to meet. first that story we're all talking about here at "good morning america" this morning. that growing outrage in the wake of the united airlines' flight. a family said a flight attendant ordered them to put their dog in overhead luggage bin. when they landed they found that tragic outcome. linsey davis with more. >> reporter: they told the flight attendant twice they had a dog inside the bag before they were told to put it in the overhead compartment. they say they could hear the dog barking because of heavy turbulence no one checked on the dog until the end of the flight. they love their puppy, kokito.
7:32 am
they took the dog on a family trip to houston. >> he's a member of our family. >> reporter: the trip ended monday in a nightmare. the dog died in his soft kennel bag after the family and other passengers on the flight said that the flight attendant demanded that the luggage be removed from under the seat and put overhead. >> the flight attendant came and she said you have to put him up there because it's going to block the path. we're like, it's a dog. she's like, it doesn't matter. she just helped her put it up and she just closed it like it was baggage. >> the dog reportedly bashgd softly through the first part of the flight and then it stopped. after three hours, the family discovered the dog. >> she took him out and open the thing and she got the dog and he
7:33 am
wasn't -- >> reporter: united's own policy states that animals should put in kennel bags in front of them. the airline expressed condolencing saying this never should have occurred. >> it certainly is not safe for a dog to be in a bin. there's not much air, the dog had no water. it's a terrible situation. it's not something that should have occurred under any circumstances. >> in all my years of flying, i have never heard of a flight attendant asking or forcing someone put an animal in the overhead bin. >> reporter: the flight attendant seemed shocked and frazzled once the flight landed. united is still investigating the incident. when it comes to pets small
7:34 am
enough to put in the cabin, united said on their website those slightly exceed the regular limits because they're collapsable. it sounds like it may have been a language barrier, still invest gating what happened. >> so many questions, one of the first questions will have, what is a family to do in a six like this. >> the dog should not have been in the overhead bin, period. two questions here, sort of a moral ethical one and a moral ethical level, people are going to judge this family, those are fair questions to ask, as a legal matter, if a flight attendant instructs to do something you're supposed to do it. when flight attendants instruct you to do something you need to do it. as a legal matter, united has a
7:35 am
problem here, if she did instruct them knowing that there was a dog in the bag. there are still some questions to be answered here. >> let's talk about that flight attendant. what happens to her potentially? >> i assume if she instructed the family to put a dog in the overhead bin she'll be fired. united has made it clear clear r unacceptable. but it sounds like there's some am bigty here as to what happened here. the flight attendant shocked at the end of the flight that there was a dog there. >> really clear policy, animals don't belong in the overhead. >> the standard is going to go negligence. did they fail to show proper duty of care to these people? the other interesting question is, if there's negligence, what
7:36 am
are the damages? a very interesting controversial issue when it comes to the pet. it slowly been moving more to recognize the importance of pets to people. but, it's hard to get damages. >> how do they assess that. >> it goes case to case. it's very hard to get more than the cost of replacing the animal. the cost of the animal. but n a high-profile case like this, what we have seen in the past the airlines are typically willing to settle for more to let it go away. >> the animal's part of the family. >> no question all i'm talking about is the legal standard not the practical issues. >> all right, dan, thank you so much. we appreciate that. new trouble for fitness legend richard simmons, he's been fighting tabloids abc's gio benitez with the latest. >> reporter: more than $100,000,
7:37 am
he sued them after the tabloids reported that he was transgender. now simmons may have to pay all of their legal bills. after decades of sweating with the oldies fitness legend richard simmons has a new challenge -- this time in court. a judge ruling simmons must pay the national enquirer and radar online $130,000 for legal fees, after simmons sued them for liable and invasion of privacy. he claimed the publications had falsely claimed that he had undergone shocking sex surgery to change from man to woman. >> detailsply wrong and false. >> reporter: falsely reporting a person is transgender doesn't have a natural tendency to hurt them.
7:38 am
>> richard has nothing to hide. he's simply wanted to be private individual and we have to respect the right of privacy. >> reporter: overnight, american media, the parent company offen enquirer and radar onlead telling us, we are very pleased with the decision to award our legal fees in response to simmons' lawsuit. simmons is already appealing the ruling, his attorney telling us, mr. simmons expects it will be the national enquirer paying him in the end, given the massive lies it fabricated. this case is far from over. simmons and his attorney insists this is all based on misleading information from that former assistant. the assistant has since told the court that simmons never had that surgery. >> thank you, gio coming up, desperate search
7:39 am
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state farm. ♪ back now wit tense times in austin, texas. police searching for the bomber responsible for a series of deadly explosions. as hundreds of anxious residents report suspicious packages at their front doors. we're on scene in austin. authorities offering a big reward with help with the
7:43 am
investigation. >> reporter: it's been about 48 hours since that package exploded on this block and investigators still here, meticulously collecting evidence. the police chief say whoever's behind these blasts is no amateur. this morning, police say they are not ruling out terrorism. following up on more than 300 phone calls of suspicious packages in the austin area. officers deploying to each call assessing whether those items could be bombs. >> we have resources from our federal partners along with our state partners in the area of explosive canine teams and bomb technicians. >> reporter: the packages used in the three attacks were all of average size. >> if you had a delivery that didn't come through an official mail service but instead you just found this item on your porch, or in your yard, that's
7:44 am
unexpected, don't touch it, move it. call us. >> reporter: identified the 17-year-old victim in monday's deadly explosion, he carried the package into his home before it exploded. killing him and wounding his mother. abc news learning the bombs were constructed using nuts, bolts, nails and metal pieces as shrapnel, investigators believe the suspect is highly skilled since he was able to move the packages without detonating them. last year the united states postal service reporting delivering 620 million packages4 million a day. but there are simple ways to identify a suspicious package. be cautious of items we excessive tape and oil stains and discoloration and misspelled words. >> people shouldn't open any package they can't track. make sure that it's something you're expecting and that you can actually take a tracking
7:45 am
number and double-check it's correct. >> reporter: authorities are asking for the public's help, there's now a $65,000 award for any information leading to an arrest coming up, the world celebrating the life of stephen hawking. tributes pouring in and the advice he gave his children. might have to go to school on saturdays. don't blame me for that. k you'l? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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♪ ♪ back now on "good morning america." celebrating stephen hawking's life. 76-year-old physicist who's incredible discovers changed the way we think about the universe. he passed away over night. the stories of resilience inspiring so many. remembered as a genius who didn't let his disease stop him from achieving his dreams. >> it not prevented me from having a very attractive family. >> reporter: his best selling book brief history of time tack tls big bang theory, subjects he spent his life exploring. >> we can be assure of the past and predict the future.
7:50 am
>> reporter: in his early at cambridge university, he was first diagnosed with als. defying the odds, living for five decades with that fatal disease, which confined him to a wheelchair. hawking said that physics can only take one beyond one's physical limits. >> physics explains the mystery of the universe because it is cold and unemotional so i try not to let it affect my family life. >> i study the marriage of space and time. >> reporter: his life story portrayed in the to 14 film "the theory of everything." >> i'm okay. >> reporter: asked many times if his disability held him back, hawking simply said, it gave him more time to think. he said his goal was simple, a complete understanding of the universe, so -- >> brilliant mind, indeed, though. coming up, the popular dash
7:51 am
diet. so many questions about the diet, we'll answer them with dr. jen ashton. how it can help you live longer. me. the thought of my symptoms returning was keeping me from being there for the people and things i love most. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira can help get, and keep,uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. and it helps people achieve control that lasts so you could experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible.
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7:56 am
good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. it's time to check in with mike nicco for the weather. >> high everybody. showers are scattered but they'll be around for the better part of the afternoon hours. plan the afternoon activities around getting wet. sunshines and rainbows. a changs of thunderstorms today and tomorrow and friday when the snow level drops down to 3,000 feet. alexis. >> mike, an earlier problem on the peninsula . clear but heavy traffic on northbound 101 and delays on the southbound side. here is a live look at the bay bridge tole plaza. metering lights on and in this location just a bit. >> thank you and we'll have another "abc 7 news" update in 30 minutes and always on the news app and
7:57 am
you can join the team for abc 7 mornings weekdays 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. the news couldn'ts with "good morning america" and leaving you with a live look outside. scattered drizzles today. [drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. like when the military came and built the boats to win the war. [warplane] some are tales told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella! cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. never again. thousands of students all across america walking out of school this morning to protest gun violence. remembering the victims of the parkland, florida, shooting exactly one month ago. celebrating stephen hawking. the man who helped explain some of the universe's biggest mysteries and demystify the stars, he passed away overnight. the tributes pouring in this morning. royal crash course. behind-the-scenes details as meghan markle prepares to marry harry. how she's preparing for life at the palace, camilla and kate right by her side. it's the "gma" segment that went gangbusters online. so many questions from you, our viewers, about the dash diet and the links to mental health. this morning, how else can this popular diet help you live
8:01 am
longer, be happier and stay healthy. dr. ashton here to break it down. ♪ keeping up appearances. the instagram influencer going broke to look great. how her life spiraled out of control as she tried to be a social media star, fighting her way back from thousands of dollars in debt paying it all off in just a few months. what you can learn from her about being financially fit, as we say good morning, america. ♪ so take a chance and don't ever look back ♪ and good morning, america. we hope you're well this wednesday morning. it is being marked in a special way. >> it certainly is. thousands of students all across the country and the world, frankly, are walking out of class, protesting gun violence on the one-month anniversary of the parkland shooting. look at that map there. it shows where everybody is walking out. it's pretty amazing. >> these students are leaving class for 17 minutes to remember those 17 victims. we're going to go back to abc's victor oquendo in parkland.
8:02 am
good morning again, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we' we're walking along students they're walking to a nearby park where a me her yal is set up. it was incredibly emotional as they made their way out there. the community here in parkland cheering them on as they made their way out. while they were out there on the football field the school's principal spoke with them and he played a song. he had them gather around the 50 yard line to get together for a big group hug. it was a powerful moment for this school and this community that has been through so much. exactly one month since that shooting killed 17 students. >> they're not slowing down. >> big march on march 24th.
8:03 am
that stunning election result in pennsylvania yesterday. special house election, big blow to president trump. the democrat declaring victory in a district that the president won by 20 points. want to bring in tom llamas on the scene in pittsburgh. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. that's the big point here. the president winning this district by nearly 20 points and it appears the democrat, conor lamb, may come out on top. democrats may also use lamb's campaigning style as a blueprint for other areas where trump did well but democrats want to win in the midterms. now, as you mentioned the conor lamb last night declaring victory, though the race is still too close to project at this point. now, we do want to say the republican rick saccone is still fighting. he needed to win a huge portion of absentee ballots in two outstanding districts. but overnight, this actually happened just a few hours ago, conor lamb getting some good news, he edged him out in one of those districts with the absentee ballots, so that's just better news for conor lamb. rick saccone has told us he's going to meet with his team later today to figure out his options but, again, all signs pointing to a victory at this
8:04 am
point for conor lamb. >> and tom, one of the ironies is that pennsylvania redrawing all their congressional districts so next week both lamb and saccone could be announcing runs for the next race in different districts. >> reporter: george, this is going to confuse our viewers all over the country but that is absolutely right. they've redrawn the map so whoever wins today will hold the seat until january but, george, get this. both men are going to start campaigning again in a few months for different districts. >> for the new seats. okay, tom llamas, thanks very much. >> thanks, george. >> this morning we are celebrating the life of stephen hawking who passed away overnight. he, of course, was the physicist who shared his love of the universe with all of us. he also had a really great sense of humor, poking fun at himself on shows like "the simpsons" and with his love of science came his deep love of children. here he is with our diane sawyer. >> here are the most important pieces of advice that i've passed on to my children. one, remember to look up at the
8:05 am
stars, not down at your feet. two, never give up work. work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. >> it's beautiful advice. >> three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is rare, and don't throw it away. >> don't throw it away and i love this. nasa tweeted overnight, may you keep flying like superman in microgravity. >> what a life. >> indeed. coming up, we have behind-the-scenes details on meghan markle's royal crash course and how camilla and kate are helping her make the transition to royal life. plus, we have the popular dash diet that so many of you have questions about. how it can help with mental health and your blood pressure. dr. ashton is here to break it katy perry's "american idol" crush, you remember him, trevor holmes, he's here live with his girlfriend, not katy perry, so we have the audience upstairs. we cannot wait to get up there and join them. ♪ don't ever look back
8:06 am
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." you hear it right there. welcome to our wonderful audience. pan behind you. let's give a special welcome -- they don't want to be quiet, fonsi. that's okay. a special welcome to everybody behind you. [ applause ] >> bring it down, fonsi. everyone is wearing white. they are all brides-to-be. we'll talk about that. >> i didn't get that memo. i'm already a bride. been there, done that. >> and sara haines already a two-time mom. but back to work. >> i thought you were going to say a two-time bride.
8:11 am
thank you for that introduction. this audience is great. it's better than coffee. time now for"pop news." prince george may be third in line to the crown but according to dad, he could have other career aspirations. prince william met with the winners of the metropolitan police excellence awards at a reception tuesday when police constable janie richardson told william they are recruiting if george and charlotte were interested. turns out the 4-year-old king-to-be might actually be very interested in the chance. william says george is obsessed actually by the police cars, toys and everything. >> good. good training. >> it's funny you -- i didn't know that little boys a lot of times gravitate toward those toys. my son is obsessed with fire trucks, not the firemen, just the trucks. we took him to visit a firehouse and he hugged each truck twice. >> they're like, he's really affectionate. i was like, thanks.
8:12 am
>> can you imagine getting pulled over by the future king of england when he's older? >> i'd be more impressed if charlotte went for it. let's do this. >> there you go. next up, a "pop news" exclusive. emily blunt and hubby john krasinski want to go on a double date with you plus one. that's right. get drinks with the hollywood couple, then go to the red carpet premiere of their new movie "a quiet place" followed by an invite-only after-party. but don't take it from me. emily and john made this video to convince you. >> hi, i'm emily blunt and this is my husband john krasinski. >> it's cool if you know us only by krunt. >> no. who has four thumbs and wants to double date? >> yikes. >> hey, guys, guys, and energy, energy. here we go. do something with us. >> john, it's still -- >> no friends. [ applause ] >> he's funny. >> i love them. but you enter this opportunity with a donation to their omaze campaign for the malala fund.
8:13 am
it helps girls from around the world fight for the right to get an education. so just got to omaze maybe you can come up with a better name. krunt is the worst. like imagine if michael and i would be together it would be sichael. >> i'm not even going to play with -- >> george. >> just as exciting. and emily and john are actually coming to the show to talk -- >> it took me a minute to put me and you and then you and george. i got it. >> no one told me there would be letters on this test, okay. they will be back here in a few weeks to talk about their movie which john directed. >> all right. and finally, forget rosetta stone. we're going full-on rosetta bone this morning. digging up the secret of how to best communicate with your pooch. turns out it's all about the inflection, that's right, folks, the baby talk isn't wrong. a new study finds that speaking to your dog in a higher pitch with exaggerated emotion can improve communication with your dog.
8:14 am
canines who are spoken to in what's considered baby talk were more likely to spend more time with their owners and were better at paying attention to instructions. it's cute. because i do that all the time but i also do it to strangers' dogs. how do you talk to your dog -- do you have a dog, cecilia? >> i can't even keep milk in my refrigerator. [ laughter ] >> that's true. >> only thing that works with dogs is a treat. >> george, show me your dog talk. [ laughter ] [ applause ] george, just one little phrase. >> we're on television. >> one little phrase. it's not going to ruin your news reputation. just do it. everyone has dogs. hey, cookie-wookie. >> come on, cooper. we're going for a walk. >> oh, george. >> that's what i say. that's the way we do it. >> and if you believe that, people. [ applause ]
8:15 am
i'll get it during commercial. >> she has good dog talk. >> she does. >> she does. >> she probably has good george talk. not like that, people. it's 8:00 a.m. geez. george, isn't it time to go to our "gma" cover story? >> it is time to go to our "gma" cover story. guess what it's about? the royals. meghan markle preparing for her royal wedding, life as a princess and has lunch with the queen and ava pilgrim has all the details. >> reporter: i'm the scapegoat this morning. meghan markle's life is changing big time. marrying into the royal family means she just can't do as she pleases anymore. simple things like having an instagram account, gone. this morning, a behind-the-scenes look into the life of the princess in training. with less than two months until her big day, meghan markle learning the royal ropes as she prepares for her life as a member of the royal family.
8:16 am
meghan getting a royal crash course in everything from how much time to spend at meet and greets to all the rules about royal etiquette. >> she puts people at ease and they're very inspired in her presence that she listens very intently to them. >> reporter: in this week's "people" cover story sources close to markle saying she's off to a great start, calling her personable, gracious and humble. meghan's life in front of the camera helping prepare her for her life behind palace walls. >> she is s lot more polished and a lot more comfortable in the spotlight. this is an extremely intimidating and difficult task and she's just doing it with such ease and such grace. >> reporter: like harry's mother diana, meghan is already stepping out privately meeting with people in need and figuring out where she would like to devote herself on the charitable front. >> she has a lot of empathy. she's sympathetic and she really gets on with people who she meets.
8:17 am
>> reporter: abc news has learned on sunday, just days before meghan's big appearance at the commonwealth service with the queen and royal family, harry and meghan shared an intimate lunch with the queen. the royal family rallying around meghan so she knows she's loved and supported. both camilla and kate have been by meghan's side to make her transition to royal life as seamless as possible. the newest member of the royal family being embraced in a way we've never seen before. and meghan is getting to keep some normalcy. her mom is coming to visit in london before the wedding. very normal. the new issue of "people" hits newsstands nationwide this friday. michael. >> thank you, eva. now to the dash diet. topping health lists and it's one of the most popular segments on our website in the last few weeks. we have so many questions about this diet that we decided to bring dr. jen ashton back to answer these questions. doc, thank you for joining me. >> good to see you. >> always great to see you. more than anything, viewers asked about these dash diet
8:18 am
foods. what do you intake? you're a nutritionist. can you explain exactly the foods that you can have on this diet. >> absolutely. when we talk about dash we have to remember it stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension and it's been out for a long time and it is a consistent yearly winner for several reasons. number one, what's in it, what's not in it. it is basically very high in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, fish. it's low in processed foods, saturated fat, red meat, salt and sugar. and here's why it wins all the time. it has what i call the three s's. it's safe, simple and sustainable and there are no gimmicks involved so anyone can follow this. >> safe, simple, sustainable and strahan, that's all together. the four s's. [ applause ] and you said earlier -- but you said it was created -- this was created to fight high blood pressure. so how exactly does it work, though? >> let's do a mini medical school. basically a lot can contribute to high blood pressure but i want you to think of two ions, sodium and potassium. we all hear a lot about sodium
8:19 am
and it can increase our blood pressure in our blood vessels. sodium makes them tighten or constrict. that elevates blood pressure. potassium does the opposite so everyone knows watch sodium, watch sodium, watch sodium. you want to keep it below 1500 milligrams a day. people don't hear about potassium. it's the forgotten child. we want to increase foods that are rich in potassium and dash diet is loaded with those kind of foods. >> but is there a risk if you increase your potassium? >> there's a risk because more is not always better and especially when it comes to potassium. people with kidney disease on beta blockers or ace inhibitors, if you have too much you can get muscle fatigue, arrhythmias, irregular heartbeat but with food sources you won't overdo it. >> okay, i need more potassium. what do i eat? >> all the foods here, white beans, black beans, orange juice, watermelon juice, bananas,edamame, one of my favorites, beets. sweet pay toes.
8:20 am
avocados. this is canned salmon. what i without this in the front for, you have to be careful. read those labels. you want to get canned salmon without added sodium then you're counteracting all of the good with the high potassium. read the labels, watch the sugar, watch the sodium but, if you eat like this, you'll do great. >> i'm all over it, doc. >> good to hear it. four ss. >> now over to rob. what you got? >> all right, guys, hey, michael, i'll give you the fifth s. it's all about snow. how about a snowball fight. your "gma" moment. check it out. virginia tech, going on for 100 years. the corp of cadets, the military guys, go up against the civilians. they're usually outnumbered and this time the civilians won. it was a hardfought battle. they outflanked them and obviously the cadets need more military good morning i'm "abc 7
8:21 am
news" meteorologist mike nicco. wefr a chance of scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms and sunshine today and rainbows. that chance will continue through friday. today going to be the fewest we'll have the next three days. luck of the irish, trending drier. chilly out there once again. mid to upper 50s and colder tonight. mid to upper 30s and inland valleys low tochch this audience is fired up here but we have to talk about a problem that like it or not hits so many of us, acne, the word none of us want to say. one teen went viral with her affordable solution using just four over-the-counter products to completely transform her skin. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: karina spent three years trying to beat her breakouts. >> it was under my eyebrows, under my nose, like around my lips. >> reporter: she saw four
8:22 am
dermatologists, tried countless creams, face washes and prescription medications with no luck. >> when you see her going through that, people making fun of her, it hurts you. i would take her everywhere to find something for her. >> reporter: fed up the 17-year-old high school senior scoured the internet for answers and created her own acne concoction using four products, all under 10 bucks, all from target. after three months she went from this to blemish free. >> hey, guys, i'm doing a skin care routine video of the day, because a lot of you guys really wanted me to and it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. >> reporter: she cleans pores with thayers witch hazel and then washes her face using dr. bonner's cleanser and an oil-free moisturizer and aloe vera for scarring. >> it's used for everything and helps acne and like the redness. >> reporter: she posted her miracle zit blaster on social media and became an internet sensation. her photos racked up over
8:23 am
160,000 likes. >> my phone was blowing up nonstop and it still does. i have to like mute twitter. >> i'm happy it's not that expensive. you don't have to go through, you know, hundreds of dollars of going to the dermatologist when you can find something at target for $40. >> reporter: she is now six months into a clearer complexion and more confident than ever. >> i don't even complain when i have a pimple anymore because before, when i would get a pimple, i would get a hundred all over my face. >> for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> all right, she looks amazing. let's bring in dermatologist dr. whitney bowe. welcome. before we get into treatment let's talk about the causes of acne. >> well, first of all, what doesn't cause acne? let's debunk some of those myths. acne is not caused by dirty skin or poor hygiene, and acne is not contagious. you can't catch it from someone else. what does cause acne? you know, acne is what's considered multifactorial. there are a number of different factors at play including things like genetics, diet, stress,
8:24 am
hormones, skin care. you know, all of those things play a role. >> i liked one of the things that she talked about in the story she changed her pillowcase a lot and she whittled this down to a handful of products, simple she said. that worked for her. you're saying it's not a one size fits all solution. >> what works for one person may not work for someone else. for example, if a young woman comes to see me and she has what are called cysts, those deep, sometimes painful lesions i may talk to her about going on a hormonal treatment and i may talk to her about reducing stress in her life whereas, if a teenage boy comes to see me and he has blackheads along the "t" zone, i may put him on retin-a and ask what's in his protein powder. that ingredient may be making his acne worse. it's really about taking a customized, a personalized approach to that particular person that's going to be successful. >> karina went viral probably because she used products that are approachable. you don't have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on products.
8:25 am
you're saying these things you can find in a drugstore. >> so, if you want to try to treat your acne without seeing a dermatologist over the counter, there are three things to keep in mind. cleansing, moisturizing and retinoids. those are the three things. you want a gentler cleanser. a simple bar of dove soap or cerave they don't drive out the moisture. if you do it will pump out more oil but moisturizing is just as important as cleansing even if you have oily skin because it helps to balance out the oils so i love this product by laroche. you can get it at any drugstore. it doesn't clog the pores but last here this is the workhorse, retinoids. let noid -- retinoids is something that you can get over the countrier. that's something i prescribe in the office.
8:26 am
these are really powerful when it comes to clearing up acne. differin and what i love about that tube, one is a buffer and and one is a retinol and you can actually mix them together and apply them on your skin. >> when do you know it's time to see a doctor? >> if your acne is affecting your self-esteem and your confidence make the appointment. no dermatologist will judge you for coming in with one or two lesions. it can cause emotional and psychological scars. >> we're not just talking about teenagers. this affects everybody. we have a lot more coming up. thank you. she'll answer all your questions on facebook all day long. we'll be right back. l be right back.
8:27 am
good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, it's 8:27 i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. looking for the driver who did this. hitting a 12-year-old girl in a crosswalk and keeps going without helping her. this happened monday morning. this girl is okay. the police want to find the female driver. >> overall, it hasn't been too bad, starting to ramp up and a dark sky. in walnut creek, southbound 6830 and the earlier crash has cleared. so things are unwinding as we head to 24, southbound 101, san francisco very slow.
8:28 am
in the maze, that's just does this map show the peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd.
8:29 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> keep your umbrella and phone handy. we have a chance of scattered showers, thunderstorms, hail and sunshine and rainbows today. that's the way they look through east bay hills. your commute soggy.
8:30 am
>> another update in 30 minutes and always on the app and ♪ welcome back to "gma." you know, we've got a great audience here. i got to say, you guys are fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] >> love is in the air. >> love is in the air, that's right. we got all the brides-to-be and we got to thank everybody for showing up and being here with us this morning. i got to ask a question. who is excited for "american idol," that it's back? [ cheers and applause ] and if you have been watching one of the best moments so far is that so-called love triangle involving katy perry, a handsome contestant named trevor and trevor's girlfriend, and now they're joining us live from l.a. hello. >> hi, guys. good morning. a handsome couple.
8:31 am
>> big fans of the show. >> thank you. you're right, george, that is a handsome couple. and, trevor, i have a question for you. >> oh, stop. >> you got the ticket to hollywood. how have -- >> i did. >> how has the past 48 hours been for you? >> man, it's been so surreal. it's one of those things that you always dream about and it actually happens and i have to pinch myself every morning when i wake up because it still doesn't feel real. >> you got sierra. she can pinch you too if you need help. >> she does. >> it's been pretty crazy. >> walk us through the audition, trevor. you're in that room. you admit you had a little crush on katy perry for a long time. >> yes. >> so then she starts flirting with you. what is going through your mind? >> it's funny. you know, everybody growing up, you always have this celebrity crush that you never think you'll actually meet, and under my circumstance, i had to go in and sing in front of her and, you know, to have her like -- i'm out there, singing my heart out and she's flirting with me and i'm like, you can't put it into words. it's pretty surreal. >> just as important, sierra, what were you thinking?
8:32 am
>> i mean, i was fully supportive of it. we all have celebrity crushes but it was really funny because when they asked me to run in, i was just beelining towards him because i was so excited for him and i had no idea that i even cut katy off. we had so much fun and katy and i, we hugged and we laughed about it. i even told her we could share him. >> you say you had no idea with such an innocent smile right there. >> i really didn't have any idea. i mean like we're outside and we can't hear anything that's going on. we could sort of hear that he's singing and he sang a second song about me which they didn't air. and i knew then, and the producers are like the girlfriend is out here, i'm like, oh, god, and then they asked me to go in and it was just a blur. i don't even think he knew what was happening. >> when sierra walks in what goes through your mind? you had a little moment there with katy perry.
8:33 am
>> yeah, well, so i mean -- i got my golden ticket and they say you're going to hollywood and i go, like, are you serious? i am? they go, yeah, and so i go, oh, my god, and so i walk forward to get my ticket and i see katy coming around to give me a hug and then my mom and girlfriend are running in from the other side. i thought they were going to tackle me and knock me over. you're just filled with adrenaline. it's crazy. >> i could tell what was going through your mind, trevor, but i can't use those words on tv. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> i tell you what, good luck. good luck, good luck. we'll be watching, trevor. sierra, thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. thank you. >> and do not forget to tune in for more of "american idol's" return sunday at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc. and now, we have a great guest to bring to the table, oscar-winning actress starring in the new "tomb raider," please welcome alicia vikander. ♪
8:34 am
>> hey. >> here you go. welcome. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> yeah, the european version is the double. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> so as we mentioned you won an oscar for "the danish girl." but i just read, and i can't believe this, you actually don't have your own oscar? >> yes, it's been two years now of me saying that. i've been traveling in my suitcases for two years and just working and renovating my house and i'll soon take it home. it's my friend's daughter who has it in her room. >> she's keeping good care of it. >> i met her mom and she better send me another photo now to make sure he's fine. >> speaking of house, you just got married. congratulations. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> we hear your husband is
8:35 am
setting up home in lisbon so, will oscar go to lisbon? >> yeah. >> what's home in lisbon like and why there? >> it's the most beautiful city and country. great weather for someone who is irish and swedish. very happy it's not raining. and, yeah, no, it's a great place where you can surf and be close to nature. it's a city by the water. >> it's a little different than where you're from but this movie is a departure from what we're used to seeing you in. lara croft, "tomb raider," love this movie. how is it for you? did you always want to be an action star? >> to be honest i grew up in sweden and i had -- my mom was an actress and probably introduced me to a lot of european art house cinema and all that. i've always been a kid and i still do, run to the cinema to see big adventure films and action movies and i was -- i mean, i was a huge fan of the indiana jones movies and the mummy series growing up. >> did you ever think it would be you? >> of course not. no.
8:36 am
i mean, like i said, i was brought up in a small country so i probably didn't think it was possible to work in english language growing up so it was kind of like another universe, all the hollywood films. >> well, let's see you in action. i think we have a clip here. >> aaagh. [ applause ] >> you've been working out to get in that role. >> yeah, you know, now i've been on the road for four weeks doing press and i've been looking at these clips and images, oh, my god, i need to get back to the gym.
8:37 am
it's all gone now. >> did you get addicted to it? >> i mean, it's very empowering because i kind of looked at a lot of female athletes and stunt women that i met over the years in the film industry and i was like, well, if it's going to be plausible that lara can do this because we did quite -- maybe a bit more naturalistic take, then i want to look like these women who i so much looked up to. [ applause ] >> you're the embodiment of a cultural icon because now you have your own barbie doll. [ applause ] is that a little surreal? >> it is very surreal. i mean, it's -- but it's pretty cool. i didn't know but barbie apparently has a few cool female action or fictional characters over the years so i feel, you know, it's a great honor. this -- probably even further away of what i thought would be possible when i was a kid.
8:38 am
>> you can trade it. >> you can put her next to oscar when you get oscar back. >> trade it for the girls. >> we appreciate you being here and we can't wait to see this movie. we think you're perfect for it. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> it is "tomb raider." it hits theaters on friday. make sure you check it out, everybody. and coming up, we have an instagram influencer who went broke trying to impress her followers. we're going to find out how she erased all that debt in just a few months. we'll be right back. "gma's" "american idol" brought to you by zyrtec. do what you love with zyrtec consistent allergy relief.
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back now on "gma." let's start you out with some fun pictures from the snow zone. they got clobbered in eastern massachusetts. jack is a german shepherd. he's all about it. daddy, you dig out the car and i'll just chomp on some of the snow. big paws, a lot of fur, and a big mouth to chomp on that snow. nice work. we'll get more snow circling around the low that's kind of hanging around and retrograding. maybe another 6 to 12 inches and the by-product of this is the cold air way down in the deep south. freeze warnings, feeling like freezing or below in places like atlanta. the trees are blooming there. come on, spring. come on, spring. do we not need spring here? goorn, i'm meteorologist
8:42 am
mike nicco. showers are possible and thunderstorms but not as wide spread at yesterday. cool though low to mid 50 this weather report is brought to you by ford. michael, over to you. >> all right, thank you, rob. i know you can't change the weather but i beg you to change the weather, rob. now we'll go to that instagram influencer who went thousands of dollars into debt because she was trying to impress her followers and now she's revealing how she pulled herself out of the red and how others can too and she shared her secrets with abc's erielle reshef. good morning to you, erielle. what did she share? a lot of people want to know. >> a lot of people can relate to that pressure to keep up appearances on social media. one woman said it left her broke and she's sharing her story and letting us in on how she completely turned around her finances. ♪ gucci fendi prada >> reporter: high fashion, high heels and a sky-high price tag. >> i need your honest opinion. >> you can't afford them?
8:43 am
>> reporter: at 21, lisette moved to the big apple, determined to live the "sex and the city" lifestyle. >> i was so enamored by the glamour. those are the girls who were shopping a ton. >> reporter: at the time, her internship only paid her a small travel stipend. >> i supplemented that with savings. i had a retail job but it was not catching up to the cost of living. >> reporter: but that didn't stop her from obsessing over the finer things, spending way beyond her means to keep up a glamourous persona for her all-important followers on instagram. >> it was really about keeping up and living paycheck to paycheck without really having a paycheck. >> champagne dreams on a shoestring. >> exactly. >> reporter: she eventually moved back to miami where she got a job in pr and lived at home with her parents. no rent meant shelling out even more money on lavish trips just to post on social media. >> i was like, okay, well, i want to go somewhere new every month. >> reporter: as her following grew. >> 13,000 followers.
8:44 am
>> reporter: so did her debt. >> accumulated to $10,000. >> did you have multiple credit cards? >> that was the issue. i didn't keep up with my balance as a whole. >> reporter: that pressure to keep up her online presence coming at a heavy cost. >> and the prized possession, the biggest blowout? >> the most expensive thing i bought was a vintage louis vuitton. >> reporter: then an epiphany. >> this wake-up call. i can't feel successful if at the end of the day i have credit card debt. >> reporter: her instagram feed taking a backseat to her budget. back in new york, she moved in with a roommate to save on rent, cooked most of her meals at home on a strict $35 a week grocery allowance and started renting clothes instead of buying them. >> i get to have this kind of rotating closet all the time, to still be able to be passionate about personal stuff. >> reporter: she was able to pay off her $10,000 debt in just 14 months. now she says living within her means is paying off. >> i don't regret the experiences i had but i regret not waiting to do them when i
8:45 am
could actually afford them so i could enjoy them a little bit more. >> and she credits her sister for calling out her overspending. you always need someone to keep you in check and now she says she's living her best life by living frugally. she has more followers now than she did before. she says she's still having fun with her passion for fashion and travel but doing it smarter now living within her means. >> we saw some changes she made but gave tips on how to be smart and save money as well. >> pretty good. i was listening myself and she says she has a monthly date with herself and maybe a glass of wine with a finance spreadsheet and her paycheck to make sure she's still doing okay. she says she leaves her wallet at home when she goes shopping, michael, so she doesn't make those impulse purchases and she says she can also go out to dinner with her girlfriends and still have fun, go to those lavish dinner parties but only does it once a month and she makes sure they all split entrees to keep the cost down. >> i have friends that leave
8:46 am
their wallet at home when we go to dinner. >> and they do the crocodile arm? >> yeah. >> i'll get it. >> can't reach it. >> good tips. >> great tips and hopefully no one goes in debt trying to be an instagram star. not the best way to do things. erielle, thank you very much. coming up, we have the hottest trends for walking down the aisle in 2018. we go from the dresses to your dogs.
8:47 am
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we are back now on "gma." if you didn't know it, wedding season is kicking off. we've got a lot of brides here in the audience. everybody is planning their wedding. these ladies especially. dayna isom johnson, with some top trends for 2018, let's start with who is engaged. all these ladies back here and already married. do you ladies have your dresses yet? some do. some don't.
8:49 am
let's talk dresses. come on out, brides. let's see. you guys -- not the traditional all white first and foremost. you guys are hearing it first. whoo. lovely, ladies. >> you are hearing it first. we are announcing our top 2018 wedding trends today. let's get it started with embroidery on jamie. we've seen color before but now we're seeing it more with special details and threading so you'll see metallic threading, more splashes of color but in an elevated way. >> very beautiful. i like that. so not just the embroidery that's different. i see something different on this bride here, the veil. >> that's right. >> not your traditional veil. >> in your picture you had a traditional veil which was gorgeous but now it's about statement veils. veils that pack a punch. beautiful. beautiful. so bridget has on an elaborate statement veil. it's like a secret garden come to life. it's by crown and glory.
8:50 am
what's great about this veil, when you get close you get to see little hidden treasures like bees and butterflies. really gorgeous. >> a lot of brides i imagine can do that themselves. >> perhaps. perhaps, yes. >> this is definitely not the traditional look. but very beautiful, a cape and jumpsuit. >> that's right. that's right. yes. so we have two trends in one. tamara has on this amazing jumpsuit which i really like because it's edgy, comfortable and it's a great reception option as well. then we've topped it with this outstanding cape, all of these looks are by rebecca schoenfeld, and what i love about the cape, it adds a little coverage so if you want to at coverage but gives all the drama. all the drama. >> you look like you're ready to dance the night away. >> yes. >> so, speaking of reception, let's walk over here. the color last year, i just learned this, i didn't know this, the hot color was millennial pink. i don't even know what that is. not being a millennial. there's a new color this year. >> so millennial pink is still here but we're seeing it matched
8:51 am
with bold jewel tones so we've added some cranberry, some rich colors but you can also see it with sapphire, it's really about bringing that color to life with bolder colors. >> this is a really pretty. you can go a lot of different ways with it. >> you can bring it to life in the cake with your sugar flours here, which is kelsey cakes, amazing, or you can add it in different details in the reception as well within your dinnerware, even within printables. >> or even like the rose wine matches. >> right. this is actually customized so that's what great about working with small cellars and designers, you can get it customized with your name and wedding date. it's great for gifts for your bridal party or to serve at your reception. >> i like that. are people still doing guest books? >> yes, so, i want you to think outside the guest book, though. think outside the book. so, if you are still a traditional type of bride you can still do a guest book but personalize it. customize it with dates and quotes. however you like.
8:52 am
and if you want to go even further in the creative realm, we've actually seen a spike of 53% increase on etsy with people searching alternative guest books. what an alternative guest book could be, you could either have it in a guest book like this that you can frame, it's with a thumbprint, very creative. or you can do it throughout games. >> love it. what about puppies? do they get to come? >> yes. yes. >> i got a yes back here. >> you should include all the loves of your life including your fur babies. yes. so we have rosie, the flower girl in her flower collar, bark and bloom, and also summit wearing an i loved her first sign. >> they are invited too. you guys are not leaving empty-handed. we have a gift for you. come on out, brides-to-be, and much more coming up. check out the etsy wedding trends guide this morning at
8:53 am
9:00 a.m. we'll be right back, guys.
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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning it's 8:59 i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. let's start with the weather. >> hi everybody. keep the umbrella and sunglasses handy. showers, sunshine and lightning and thunder and hail. walnut creek, concord and pleasant hill. caution all day because of the wet weather. a one today, tomorrow and friday, and tuesday. >> the heavy traffic through walnut creek. several slow spots in the east bay. if you are trying to get to the bay bridge, 8 miles an hour and 580 several delays and 14 miles an hour. once you make it to the toll plaza, starting to thin out a bit. >> time now with "live with kelly and ryan" and we'll see
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