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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 16, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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he has other cameras on his head and it's a good thing and he has the cameras probably because he has experienced things like this before. >> oh, got him. >> takes the biker out. looks like that last little bit of bumper managed to hit him. knocks the camera to the ground and knocks him to the ground and now he's injured. >> in the u.k. a bicycle is is class identifi classified as a vehicle. you have to share the road. >> but here's the craziest part, he's on the ground, karma, like a split second after he hits the ground and the ambulance just happened to be passing by. they saw what happened. the biker doesn't appear to be seriously injured but he was off work for several weeks and police have identified the driver but so far no charges have been filed. let's head over to vietnam where we see a decidedly much less
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crowded road. a few cars going up and down the road but for the most part it's quite. here comes a man on his bicycle and glances to the left to check to see if anybody was coming. clearly he didn't see what was coming. >> right behind him. boom. >> now a guy on that motorcycle or scooter does pull over and does park his scooter. the man on the bicycle gets to his feet pretty quickly and another man comes running over to help the poor guy out. looks like he has a little bit of a limp. >> your hair is part of your identity. >> i'm 16 years old and today i'm going to be buzzing off all of my hair. >> she shares some of the reasons. >> i want to cut my hair because i think people are starting to define me by my hair. i have the longest hair in my friend group. people would be like she's my friend.
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the one with the really long hair. >> am i nice? am i mean? tell me something about my personality. >> there's a much deeper reason as to why. >> i want to donate my hair because this year my cousin and my aunt got cancer and i want to make a difference and i want to show them that i support them. >> we know that one of the first things to go is their hair. so she is going to donate hers. >> now i just need someone to cut my hair. i asked for someone to cut my hair. not my sister. what are you doing here? >> so her sister shows up with scissors. they brush through it and put it in ponytail. >> not only did she have long hair, she had beautiful wav wavy tresses. >> yeah. they take the clippers and start evening out the rest of the buzz cut. >> they're going super short. >> oh, yeah. if you're going to do it, right?
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>> well. too late now. >> how does she feel? >> i'm totally freaking out right now. >> oh my gosh. >> i don't mean to gloat. >> it's cool. it's a really nice thing for people that she really loves and cares for. >> now she is going to be known had her friend group as the girl that cutoff all of her long hair. >> the one with the buzz cut. >> he lives on the water in new orleans and check out what he saw. a big cloud funnel >> this was a roll cloud. it was just named a roll cloud last year. this is basically when warm air rises and cools down below the point, it is called a roll cloud. it doesn't happen all the time
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but it does happen. >> that's spectacular. >> this is in australia. that giant rock formation 4.5 hours from the nearest city of alice springs but look at it when the clouds roll in right before it rains. >> that's cool. very, very pretty. >> it's a place you actually want to visit. i recommend you fly because if you drive, 4.5 hours there, 4.5 hours back. it's the middle of the outback. and i mean nothing. >> now we may have lost stephen hawking this week and collectively as humanity become dumber, there's still people out there with big ideas. a bit of a commercial, actually, for the future, it's closer than you think. she is summoning herself an
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uber, instead of dealing with all of that traffic, we'll hop on it and there's no time at all. it's how you're going to work. shoot yourself over to the other side. you'll never have to take out your wallet. you paid for it. >> tell me this is going to be a thing. >> closer than you think. that may actually be true. >> oh, look at that. >> completely separate from uber. this is another company developing this since 2010. it can take off and land like a helicopter but it slides like a plane. they're testing this in new zealand. there's more to it as well. it's going to slide itself. you can land like a helicopter but it's also sustainable. it's electric and they have a triple redundancy flight computer in case anything goes wrong and god forbid everything goes wrong, it also comes fit with a parachute.
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>> for yourself or the plane? >> the plane. uber but out this commercial. it is closer than you think. this is so cool. >> i can't get too kpietd about it because i remember being promised the flying car since i was reading popular mechanics when i was a kid. >> in your lifetime you may have it. whoever promised it may have been on to something. >> go to new zealand. >> if you are interested there is actually a huge paper that uber released talking about all of it, but it is huge. >> he's captain sneaky. >> once the door is open. >> looks around a little bit and he's like okay activate cat burglar moves. >> see this bizarre burglary. >> what was he thinking? >> plus an amazing ad that details life. >> you see her as a little girl playing. you see her falling in love.
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♪ give me a break. whenfrom eczema, akout i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief closed captioning provided by -- skin's back. like the wind. outside managed to get this door open. now once the door is open, looks around a little bit and he's like okay activate cat burglar moves. throwing himself across the floor. yes i have gotten away with it. >> these are my favorite videos
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because they tried so hard to be sneaky. >> in order to make his way around to this other door he has to engage cloaking mode again. maybe he doesn't want to be seen walking around inside the house through the windows. >> but later on in the video he has just given up. you can see what he was after as well. he was trying to make these things. however not long after this point he was disturbed by a neighbor and was last seen hopping over a wall empty handed with nothing but this ridiculous video for us to enjoy. >> russia for the next one for a very brazen thief. we have a security guy wandering around. but keep an eye on that guy in the official-looking jacket. >> oh. >> yeah. >> hiding in plain sight. >> you can see he goes up and down a little bit and then ever so slightly walks back out the
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entrance to which he came through. >> do you know if he really is some sort of official or security guard or did he just put the jacket on? >> that's the debate. he's a former employee of the ministry or emergency situation or he just stole the jacket. >> bunny business. >> i have to say, this is one of the most amazing videos i have seen in quite sometime and i want you guys to just take a few moments to watch what's going on. >> no way, that's not the same girl. >> no, it's not. this is actually an app. they sell pastrys and yogurt in
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japan. each second is a different actress. they use 72 actresses to make this video because this individuvideo details a life. life expectancy is 71 years so they detail a life. you see her as a little girl playing. you see her falling in love. you see her getting married and having kids. >> that's kind of funky. >> it really does detail her life right up to the very end that you see right here. >> what's the underlying message? >> what they're saying is you should take time to enjoy the memo with your family. to enjoy the little things like sharing an ice cream with your grandkids or sharing the ice cream with your parents.
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typically they get a very pretty actor or actress. they tried to get 72 actresses that looked just alike. for each second it took one hour to set up. >> that's what i was going to say. from a production standpoint and the amount of takes you have to do, its pretty impressive. >> they want people to celebrate their lives. >> with pastries. >> is there any other way. >> this car is about to park where that vehicle just pulled out but someone is running interference. >> doesn't work that way. >> no. this doesn't work. i'm going to get some angry. >> what this video will make you flip out too. >> the rage is inside of me right now. >> he's trying to motivate some people on a bike ride. why we should all appreciate a good sense of humor. >> i have to get away from the crazy naked guy.
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we've all been in super crowded cities. >> oh, this is just amazingly passive aggressive. >> just full on agrgressive is what's going on. >> he's cutting the corner. >> of course that's what he is doing. he throws it off to the side. makes sure the way is clear. gets back in his own car and then pulls directly into it. >> are you kidding me? >> this is too good to be true. this must be fake. >> according to reports this is something that has happened over and over again. these people also find themselves in the situation -- because of the owner of the white car always parks like this. you can understand though the anger that you feel when someone does this to a perfectly usable parking spot. which brings us to this next story in new york where this video was captured. the people in the vehicle found
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a spot. did you see that? someone just pulled out right in front of us. >> are you kidding? no way. >> it doesn't work that way. >> no, scram. it doesn't work. no, i'm going to get some angry. >> everyone watching this segment is going to flip. >> if we start letting this kind of stuff happen, rules of the world are just going to get all turned upside down. >> just slowly inch forward and keep going because eventually she is going to have to move. before you know it, a second woman comes and she is so arrogantly motions for this driver to go. >> the rage is boiling inside of me right now. >> do not ruin my entire week by showing me a video of this car pulling away. >> a woman that notices the situation does walk up and she tells our driver, hey, just take my spot, man. this guy, being the bigger person, being the kinder person, does eventually pull out of this
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spot and takes the other woman's spot. >> let's just hope the karma continues and the next person to come up and go into that space is a really, really angry person. >> people may recognize this woman in the video. in fact, a guy that report it sharing it and show them how special they are. >> he plays on the u.s. amputee soccer team which he says is a great honor. he also says it's hilarious. >> when we kick the ball i think we look like giant human foosball player. it's like god playing up in the clouds controlling us. there's a guy on my team that can actually do full flips. >> he has a real sense of humor about his situation. he's that guy that every halloween has a hilarious costume. >> right. >> in this case he is going
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around doing talks and stuff like that. also bringing an element of humor because he's like this whole sport is crazy. especially when you start thinking about the goalies as well. >> the goalies all have one arm. a real strategy is to look and see what arm that guy is missing and shoot to that side. >> he's bringing a sense of humor to a situation other people can find quite sad because funny people out there make life worth living. like this next guy from south africa trying to motivate people on a bike ride. >> let's go. >> is that borat. >> it's part of lifecycle weekend in south africa. people are going around the country and on this particular hill, this dude, whoever he is trying to motivate people
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to get on with it. >> he has great legs. >> he does. >> they're going to take that office and transform it into a nursery. >> you can see it. >> see the creative way of capturing the whole process. >> is this more of a
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plate, send it over. >> i want one of these. i already said it to my wife. >> thousands of times a day, many of does don't give it much thought but mike and karen have given this a lot of thought. high fives, big news. things are about to change here in the family office. we'll take that office and transform it into a rsnu eryes. by the cradling of her belly you see she's expecting. >> mike is a video editor so the creative aspect, super cool. we witnessed karen's growth throughout the months but the family's growth in the background as that very busy
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office and likely mike's workstation for video editing starts to be displaced. >> it's more of a passive aggressive commentary on how long it takes the men to get the job done? nine months. >> it all happened in the same afternoon though. >> he's a video editor so he knows the magic of television. maybe it could have been one afternoon. if it's just nine months he he got the job done. >> doesn't take him nine months to change one diaper. >> they put the crib in place and take care of painting the walls a nice fresh color. >> and karen continuing to grow. >> getting bigger. >> putting together furniture pieces. that's always a challenge. >> it was never that quick. it involves a lot more swearing. >> now they get the call. it's time. they go to the hospital and bring back their brand new
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aubrey. >> congratulations. good job. >> that's a look at some of the best videos on the internet. for more go to right this and enjoy the fun stuff and catch us audio recording obtained by media. >> nice guy, good looking guy, comes in, donald, we have 93 trade deficit. he was very proud. because everybody else, you know, we're getting killed with our -- josh, i had no idea. i just said you're wrong. you know why? because we're so stupid. >> then, president trump tweeted the next morn thag the u.s. has a trade deficit with canada. the white house leader explained the president was only talking about goods, not services where the u.s. does have a large surplus. well, adult film star, stormy daniels is closer to
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getting a day in court. a hearing date has been set for july 12th in los angeles. she's attempting to toss out a gag order stopping her from discussing an affair she with the president. a baby found a unique way to make an impression on pope francis during a blessing ceremony at the. the pontiff greeted 7-month-old carl clapper and his parents. the pope reached out to touch the young boy's face. carl responded the way any teething baby would. he bit him. >> not surprisingly, pope francis says the little guy's forgiven. carl's mom and dad say they were mortified, but the pope handled it well. >> i love the impression on the pope's face as he's being bitten there. all right. well, coming up the rough road for hillary clinton. >> she sustained multiple injuries on her recent trip overseas.
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