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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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ings can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause] it is 5:00 a.m. and live doppler 7 telling the story of what's happening out there. we're going to have more rain today, but we can't complain too much. the rain is good for us. we need it. good morning, it's friday, march 16th. >> let me complain then. when i was getting up this morning, i was thinking it's too cold and too wet. i'm not having it this morning. yet, here we are. >> reggie. >> you're going to suffer another day or two, reggie, sorry. next week, i think he'll like monday and tuesday. maybe even sunday. >> looking forward to monday. >> something to look forward to.
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forget the weekend. hi everybody. we'll start with the storm impact scale today and tomorrow. scattered showers, thunderstorms best today. fewer showers tomorrow. snow is possible down to 2500 feet in the north bay. 3,000 feet in the south bay. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see it's going to be a soggy commute. the roof camera proves that out as you look at the river of water rolling through the embarcadero. temperatures low to mid 50s. hail, lightning thunder. it's all possible again. >> that was quick. the tongue twister. i'm not going to attempt that. issues on the roads with all of that rain out there this morning. westbound 80 at san pablo avenue, a vehicle lost control, spun out, facing the wrong way in the left lane and it was hit by another vehicle. we have the two left lanes blocked and that backup continues to grow if you're coming from highway 4. a new problem in for the tri-valley. westbound 580 before isabel avenue, the slow lane. the far right lane is blocked
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due to another collision. we talked to b.a.r.t. about the closure at 16th street mission. i have an update on that coming up next. from our live desk, we're tracking a horrific crash in the south bay. a car plowed into a tree on communications hill in san jose. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is on scene for us. he says the engine is sitting in the middle of the street and the car is just over the hill. officials have placed a yellow tarp over the vehicle, which usually means that someone has died, that it's a fatality. we're waiting for an update from san jose police as to the possible victims in this crash. matt will have a live report in the next half hour. there are new developments in an overnight search for a burglary suspect in san leandro. amy hollyfield is live at the command post with the update. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. they made an arrest overnight. they got the second suspect. so that part is over. but they're still hard at work.
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they've got this arco gas station taped off still. you can see debris from everything that happened. they're still looking for evidence. but they did get the second guy and the key to finding him was the canine unit. police made one arrest last night. but that second man got way. that's why they issued the shelter in place order for this neighborhood, which has now been lifted in san leandro. police say as they tried to arrest the two men, the driver of the car rammed their car into the police cars. then police approached the car and they say that's when the suspect pulled a gun. san leandro police fired at the suspects hitting they knew of, one of the guys. they got him. but the other one got away. around midnight they brought in the dogs which made all the difference. >> items of clothing worn by the suspect who was at large at the time were believed to be found in one of the yards at the end of ruth court. the dog picked up on a scent and tracked the suspect into the railroad tracks a couple of hundred yards where we found the
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items of clothing discarded. the suspect was apprehended and taken into custody. >> reporter: and they found out he also had been hit by police gunfire. he had a wound as well. this started in fremont. police there were looking for these guys for auto burglary. they believe that these two had been breaking into cars around the east bay and stealing things. they think they were casing the parking lot here at the bay fair mall in san leandro for cars to break into when police caught up with them. they haven't released their names or ages ar where they're from. they're both in the hospital. they are expected to survive. no police officers were hurt. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. this morning, crews remain at the scene at florida international university following yesterday's pedestrian bridge collapse. at least six people have died. ten people were pulled from the rubble alive and authorities say that crews were conducting a stress test on the bridge
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yesterday morning when that massive span came crashing down, crushing eight cars below. it could be months before investigators can officially determine what caused the bridge to collapse. this morning, a south bay civil engineering professor is weighing in. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo has the story. >> i don't think anyone designs or constructs for things to fail. >> the chair of santa clara university's civil engineering department does not think the accelerated construction was the cause of the collapse. >> fast tracking is not a big dealment arnold schwarzenegger did it when he was the governor. he said i will give you money for each day you save in construction. people got it done. we had no failures. >> the span in failure was built on the side of the road and moved into place in a matter of hours. andy her man, the past president of the society of civil engineers. >> they're doing the construction away from the traveling public. >> the president of the company that bimt and installed the
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bridge was interviewed last saturday, the day it was put into place above the street. >> i'm exhaling now because it has been set. >> professor sur et noted that was days before the collapse. >> it had to be something that was happening over time. it suggests, i'm not saying it is, it suggests that you had some sort of a straining effect. >> he said it could be related to materials, design, construction or placement. in santa clara, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. it's 5:06. happening today, the two suspects accused of murdering a 19-year-old woman are due back in court. daniel gross and melissa leonardo are scheduled to enter pleas this morning. they're both charged with stabbing lizette cuesta. she named her killers with her dying breath. last month they appeared in court for a hearing but did not enter pleas. a san francisco police officer convicted in a hit and run will be sentenced next
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month. a jury found officer christopher coors guilty yesterday. he was involved in an off-duty crash that seriously hurt two pedestrians. he claimed he ran because he was in danger of a mob who recognized him. a judge said he was a flight risk so he remains in jail. new details about the deaths of three women taken hostage at the california veterans home in yountville. jennifer gonzalez, jennifer golick and -- begun man albert wong shot and killed himself. the three victims worked at the pathway home which serves veterans scarred by war. wong was a client but was asked to leave the program a few weeks back. public memorial for the three victims will take place on monday. begins at 6:00 p.m. at napa valley performing arts center at lincoln theater. for the first time in california's history, the state appointed an undocumented
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immigrant to a statewide post. 33-year-old liz beth mat i don't is an attorney and immigrants right activists. she was a pointed to a committee for students from low income or under-served communities. she was born in mexico but came to the u.s. with her parents when she was 14. per appointment came a day after president trump attacked california's immigration policies during a visit to san diego. happening today, a movement to preserve the historic integrity of a downtown building in mill valley. a group of marin county residents want to stop the remodel of the depot bookstore and cafe that started out as the train station. these photos show how the property has transformed through the years. today the group plans to announce the formation of the coalition to save the depot. they also plan to file a letter of appeal with the mill valley city council in hopes of stopping the proposed renovation. sorry.
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>> i was going to say, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> thanks, jessica. we're seeing steady rain in marin county. the bay bridge, richmond-san rafael bridge. up 80, benicia bridge, 680, down to about danville. get ready for a tough commute. but notice that it's much milder this morning, up to 11 degrees warmer. that puts us in the mid to upper 40s along the east bay shore. oakland and alameda the warm spots at 49 degrees. as you head inland, we're in the mid-50s. we're near 50 in san jose. 46 in fremont, 48 in san carlos nd san francisco, novato and os napa. here's the way it looks from the exploratorium at pier 15. you can see the low clouds and the rain falling on san francisco right now. if you're going to be out and about today, spotty downpours are going to get you. be prepared. exercising, have the rain gear handy. if you're going to the beach, it's going to be brisk and damp. i would wait until sunday.
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52 in half moon bay. about 54 to 57 degrees for the rest of us. low 50s up around clear lake and ukiah. here's a look at the north bay. scattered showers from 8:00, noon. may get a little break at noon, again at 2:00. temperatures in the 40s until we get to 1:00. then we'll hit the low to mid-50s. south bay, low to mid-50s. best chance of showers from 8:00 through about 2:00. lows tonight are going to hang out in the low to mid-30s up in the north bay. low to mid-40s for most of us much we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast and find dry weather for you coming up. here's alexis. >> hi, mike. i want to talk about a commuter issue. we still have a full closure of 16th street mission station due to a pg&e power issue. still no estimate on when the station will reopen. they're working to get a generator there to power it up. they're not sure when it will be up and operating. in the meantime, 24th street station for an alternate.
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or of course, you can take a bus instead this morning. we're keeping a close eye on that. everybody else mass transitwise looks great. the roadways, looking soggy here this morning. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. but we've had several spinout crashes. rihanna versus snapchat. the superstar says an apology from the company is not good enough. a big setback for bill cosby and his trial. the judge says the testimony he's going to allow. it's friday. we want you to have a better day. what will get you going. weather and traffic up for
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i saw an area of dry weather between this storm and president stronger tuesday, wednesday and thursday. sunday and monday, enjoy it while you can. mike, thank you. san jose police are looking for a driver who ran into a school bus and then simply took off. a quick thinking student on that bus used a cell phone to take a picture of the suspect's car. place say it was a 2004 ford taurus with the license plate number 8bej 916. california license plate. the driver was described as an elderly woman. four of the students on the bus reported minor injuries and two were transported to a local
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hospital for treatment. this is an awful story. a cruel and unusual death in southern california. the chp looking for the person who intentionally threw a 35-pound boulder off a freeway overpass. it killed a man. here's a look at the car after the incident in pasadena on tuesday. you can see a gaping hole where the boulder smashed through the windshield. guadalupe gutierrez was driving on a freewayover pass when the boulder hit and killed her l. t couple has a 4-year-old daughter. she is pregnant. the wife is with their second child. how awful. >> wow. that is terrible. firefighters in st.flid a, d to remove a camper dangling from an overpass. look at the scene. heotanutri dr of her lane, collided with the trailer, pushed it over the guardrail. no one was inside the camper. w in gma first se apologies a
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pop starry hanna. of it prompted a game that a lot offensive. here's abc's linsey davis. >> singeranih rna a few choice word for snapchat after they featured a mobile video ga calle wdould would you rather slap rihanna or punch chris brown. many accused the adf l oightgb domestic violence incident between rihanna and herrid chri. the ad was removed and snapchat we're so sorry to allow it through your review process. we're investigating how that happened to make sure it never happens again. the pop star isn't buying it. it posted in message on instagram on thursday. now, snapchat, i already know you ain't my fave app out there. i'd love to call it ignorance but i know you ain't that dumb. we'll have more on the snapchat
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backlash at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm linsey davis. >> what's wrong with people? that was terrible. >> it was terrible. this is not terrible. ready to cook meals from blue apron may show up in your supermarket. the company losing users to competitors. blue apron has had to lay off hundreds of workers. it's now in active talks with a number of retailers. some of which sell their own meal kits. blue apron won't give the name of any of the retailers.ou show supermarket soon. a san francisco-based shoe company is back in the news. it became popular for wool sneakers. now they're making shoes from trees. specifically the pulp from eucalyptus trees. the new material uses 5% of water and 1/3 of the amount of land to make traditional footwear materials. >> they look comfy. a family of skunks is
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reunited thanks to a wildlife center in silicon valley. they're cute when they're little. hospital manager ashley kinney acting as a surrogate mom to a baby skunk. the mama skunk accepted her babies after the ordeal and the family is now safely together again. >> love a good reunion don't ge under any circumstances. same thing for mike nicco. you're neverore than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> i'm not going to spray you. i promise. >> thanks. >> let's move on on outside. here's a rain, stom of the steadier rain from palo alto. reggie and i will be there tomorrow emceeing the ronald mcdonald house. a great organization. jessica did a story on one of the families. >> airs tonight. >> one of the greatil that they helped take care of while their children are at the
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hospital in palo belmont, san mateo, walnut creek, antioch to some of the earliest commuters in the east bay having to slog through that sloppy mess. here's the area of low pressure that will slide down the coast. that's the reason why we're going to have a chance of scattered showers through tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at san rafael where it's a little driight er now. vain possible for you just like the rest of us. ngd .retehe showers will be more a stronger storm tuesday through friday. still see downpours at 7:00. some moving into the north bay. kind of fading as we head to the lunch hour. isolated showers at 4:00 through the evening hours. if you're dressed up and headed out, make sure you have an umbrella just in case. another punch rolls through overnight and into the morning hours. look at how isolated the showers become tomorrow afternoon. most of us don't have to worry about it. especially if you're heading to san francisco to go to the
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parade where you'll have to dress for low to mid-50s. 60s monday and tuesday and tuesday night into wednesday, moderate storm develops. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. i want to take you back to our commuter alert. no change here with the b.a.r.t. station closure. 16th street mission is still closed. this is all due to a power outage in the area. with pg&e it doesn't have to do with b.a.r.t. other than their station is operational. can pass through the area. but not able to allow folks to use that actual station. you can use 24th for an alternate to get out of the mission. as soon as i have an update, i'll pass that along to you. if you're driving this morning, we've got several trouble spots. the westbound 80 at san pablo avenue, still the two left lanes blocked due to a spinout crash. that backup continues to grow. westbound 24 before fish ranch road before you get inside caldecott tunnel. a spinout collision on the shoulder. looks likes an onlooker delay. westbound 580, the slow lane is
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still blocked before isabel avenue due to a crash and the tow truck is there. that's whye still have the right lane blocked. next traffic update just before 5:30. thank you, alexis. more bill cosby accusers will take the stand at the retria next month. a judge agreed to let five additional accusers testify. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a women's basketball administrator at his suburban home in 2004. his first trial ended in a hung jury. the retrial scheduled to begin april 2nd. regulating nicotine levels in cigarettes, it's part of the fda's larger anti-smoking plan to drop the u.s. smoking rate to 1%. right now, about 15% of americans smoke. health officials will cut nicotine levels to make cigarettes less addictive. they gained the authority to regulate ingredients in cigarettes nine years ago, but their efforts have been tied up in court due to legal challenges by big tobacco companies. coming up next, the seven
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things you need to know as you start your day. off the bench and behind the counter. warriors fans get extra service frombarista. >> announcer: the storm impact scale. today's level is 1. that means light rain. keep an umbrella
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let's end this. here's 7 things to know before you go. you know it's going to rain today at some point on you. when it's not, dress for temperatures in the mid to upper 50s as we are in a holding pattern. it is still about 69 degrees cooler than we should be. number 2, police are on the scene of a horrific crash on communications hill in san jose. happened about 1:30 this morning. matt keller is on the scene right now gathering new details on those possible victims. number 3, we have a lot of collisions out there due to the wet roadways. we also have a major problem for
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commuters. the b.a.r.t. 16th street mission station continues to be chosed here. this is all due to a power issue. you can use 24th station as an alternate. they're work to go get a generator there. it's still closed as of now. at least six people died after a newly installed bridge collapsed on florida international university's campus. eight vehicles were trapped under the rubble. number 5, the second armed suspect in last night's officer involved shooting in san leandro has been arrested. police shot the first suspect after the two men rammed an undercover police car in an attempt to get away of the. number 6, the "washington post" reports president trump wants to replace national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. no official announcement has been made. the white house press secretary dismissed the report as rumors. number 7, the 167th annual st. patrick's day parade and
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festival happens tomorrow. it starts at 11:30 a.m. at second and market streets in san francisco. you're encouraged to take b.a.r.t. to the festivities. warriors fans got a sweet afternoon surprise at a peete's coffee in san francisco. >> here's a look. the tall guy behind the counter is center javale mcgee. he was there to promote a new coffee to honor the team. part of the profits go to the warriors community foundation. >> feels great to give back to the community. i'm glad i could be a part of it. it's a great thing. they should come down and get a pound of ground right now. >> he's good at that. this is the fourth year he's done this. the company donated $30,000 to the donation. >> love t he looks good in the apron. we're coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including why the price of cannabis could be getting cheaper in california. tomorrow is st. patrick's
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day. the sobering new report that may have you thinking twice about drinking. we're hoping you have a better day today. it's wet outside. it's wet outside. be careful on the
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it's friday. >> yes. thank goodness. march 16th. natasha is off today. jessica is filling in for her. you probably have seen that it's raining outside. >> uh-huh. >> it looks like we're going to get this rain through part of the weekend, mike. >> yes. it's still looking like saturday. it will be more scattered than what we're seeing today, which is prevalent. all of us will be driving on wet roads this morning as the rain rolled through during the overnight hours. even heard hail about five minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off this morning. here's a look at the storm impact scale. scattered showers and thunderstorms. fewer showers tomorrow and the
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chance of thunderstorms out of the forecast tomorrow. look at the snow levels, 2500 to 3,000 feet. here's a look at my accuweather 12-hour planner. temperatures right around the low to mid-40s. milder this morning. low to mid-50s. going to be another chilly one this afternoon with showers holding through 7:00. how about the commute, alexis? >> not so good if you are a b.a.r.t. rider trying to get out of the mission area. we've got 16th street station closed due to a power issue with pg &e. looking to get the station operational again. trains are not stopping there. you can use 24th mission as an alternate. we're in touch with them to see when it's back open. as of now, they're not. the bay bridge toll plaza. looks like the metering lights may have happened. definitely a soggy, slow ride in many areas. i'll talk about that up next. breaking news. there is a deadly crash in san jose. >> reporter matt keller live at the scene with new information.
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matt? >> reporter: good morning, reggie and jessica. a lot has happened since i last saw you about an hour ago here on communications hill in san jose. san jose fire arrived and used tools on the car that's just over the hill there where the tow truck is working right now. it appears they brought up two bodies. two coroner vans just left the scene about ten minutes ago. now the tow truck is here. just a horrific scene. you can see how violent of a crash it was. the engine block was in the middle of casselino drive. neighbors heard a loud crash from the car hitting a tree. when they went outside, there was a lot of smoke on the street. a big response from san jose fire. we're still waiting for someone with san jose police to talk with us about what happened and i just talked with an officer here on the scene. they're waiting to see if they're going to be opening up casselino drive. i'm matt keller abc 7 news.
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matt, thank you. more breaking news we're tracking. seven u.s. service members have been killed in a helicopter crash in iraq. crash happened yesterday in western iraq near the border with syria. the pentagon said in a statement minutes ago, the crash does not appear to be an attack. the cause is still under investigation. helicopter is used for search and rescue. the pentagon said an accompanying u.s. helicopter immediately reported the kprash and secured the scene. new developments in the pedestrian bridge disaster in miami, florida. we learned overnight that at least six people have died after that bridge came crashing down on to the highway. there are reports, cables supporting the bridge had loosened and were being tightened at the time. the bridge was meant to connect fiu to nearby sweetwater. it was heralded as a feat of engineering. the school posted video of the bridge going up in hours this past weekend using accelerated bridge construction. the entire bridge was rotated
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over the 8-lane highway. authorities say they were conducting a stress test on the bridge yesterday morning when it collapsed. >> we have engineers that have been on scene, ntsb, their team arrived last night to join the efforts. >> the ntsb is now going to determine if it was caused by a design flaw or a construction issue. the marin county sheriff's office is mourning the loss of a fallen deputy. yesterday a procession of police vehicles escorted ryan zirkle's body to a funeral home in san ansel mow. he died after crashing near point reyes station while responding to a 911 call. he was with the department for 2 1/2 years. he graduated from san marin high school. he was the quarterback of the football team and played point guard on the basketball team. his assistant coach described him as a tremendous young man who was always smiling and willing to help hours. >> i would see him and talk to him, ask him how he was doing in his pursuit of law enforcement.
5:34 am
i just thought that was perfect for him. he was just so happy with what he was doing. >> such a shame. zirkle leaves behind his parents, two brothers and a fiance. the sheriff's office is with zirkle's family to help make funeral arrangements. more details from a story we brought you yesterday as breaking news. oakland police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened after two bodies were pulled from lake merit. the victims are 39-year-old michael grace and 24-year-old tayana johnson. their families say the two were dating. someone called 9-1-1 around 4:15 yesterday morning reporting two people appeared to be drowning after an argument. grace was pulled out of the water by officers and later died at the hospital. dive teams found johnson's body a couple of hours later. >> i need closure to what my daughter went through. i just know she wasn't going to give up her lifelike that. somebody killed her and i want to know why.
5:35 am
>> investigators say johnson had signs of physical injuries. they are treating her death as a homicide. grace's death is considered accidental. president trump could be planning to get rid of national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. this according to the "washington post." it reports the president is working to find a replacement before the announcement. the boapost said it confirmed t with at least five people close to the administration. sarah sanders responded to the report on twitter last night. she said she spoke to the president and general h.r. mcmaster and contrary to reports, there are no changes at the nsc. the investigation into russia's meddling in the presidential election is expanding. yesterday abc news confirmed the special counsel has issued subpoenas demanding president trump's family business hand over all documents related to russia. analysts say it's a sign robert mueller's investigation will continue for at least several more months. a source tells abc news, mueller has information that raises more
5:36 am
questions about the trump organization's financial dealings. san francisco is installing more bike lane barriers to protect cyclists from cars. the examiner reports sfmta put up safety posts yesterday along the valencia street bike lane between 15th and 19th street. cyclists have long complained uber and lyft drivers swoon into the bike lane to pick up passengers. the barriers are a short-term solution. but they've requested a study to find ways to make valencia safer in the long run. an oakland lawmaker wants to ban restaurants from putting single use straws in drinks. on a proposal by city council member guillen, you can still get a straw but you have to ask for one. it would keep discarded plastic straws from harming wildlife. americans throw out about 500 million straws a year. it takes 200 years for a plastic straw to disintegrate. you're never more than seven
5:37 am
minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see the dublin grade, the sunol grade. heads up if you're taking the dumbarton bridge. it's about to rain on the san mateo bridge. really hard time escaping the wet weather as the showers overnight made the roads wet again. even if it's not raining in your neighborhood, you'll find that wetness and slickness out there. little bit of fog by guerneville, sebastopol and temperatures around 40s there. 42 in rohnert park. mid to upper 40s for the north bay. vallejo, 49. one. warm sports. clear lake cooler. 41 degrees. mid to upper 40s for the rest of us. here's a look at 87 in san jose. it's not raining now, but definitely wet this morning. caution on the roads. mass transit is going to be wet and cool all day today. and stay inside if you're going to be on the ferry unless you want to get wet. here's a look at what will happen with the highs today. kind of a broken record.
5:38 am
52 at half moon bay. 56 at santa cruz. 54 to 58 for the rest of us. low 50s in clear lake and ukiah. east bay, 48 degrees at 8:00. notice the showers around 10:00 and noon and again at 8:00 this evening. in between, we'll see a little sunshine and hit 53 at 4:00. san francisco will be bouncing between the upper 40s and low 50s with showers most likely. 8:00, noon, around 6:00 and 8:00 again this evening. here's a look at our lows tonight. mid to upper 30s in the north bay. low to mid-40s for the rest of us. but want to let you know, sunday morning there's a possibility of frost. at least it will be dry then. it looks like monday's morning commute, always want to look forward to that, don't we? >> especially on friday. >> should be much drier than today. that's something to keep in the back of your mind. what are you seeing right now? >> we've got commuter issue today if you're taking mass transit. we have this b.a.r.t. station closure at 16th street mission.
5:39 am
this is a pg&e power issue. we checked in with b.a.r.t. again. they said no change. they do not have the generator operational yet. trains are not stopping at that station. you can use 24th street mission for an alternate. in the meantime, that's starting to impact folks as the commute gets going. not sure what the cause of that power issue was. we had a crash blocking westbound 80 at san pablo avenue. a spin-out crash that cleared in the last ten minutes. we have a backup to highway 4. you're down to 6 miles an hour. that should improve as that shakes out. 101 across golden gate bridge. not too heavy of volumes but road spray and soggy commute. make sure you drive for conditions. we will check on drive times up next. empowering young women. a former olympian and the warriors send important messages warriors send important messages to young girls in the bay
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it's going to be active across most of the state with valley rain and mountain snow. look at the snow north of us if you're heading up into lake and mendocino counties. the big story is all the snow in the sierra and how dry it is in the south until the afternoon hours when when they finally get some showers. our winter storm warning
5:43 am
continues until 5:00 saturday morning. several feet, 4 to 6 feet possible. that's going to create avalanche issues and avalanche warning until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow for the area shaded in red. it could be humid in na it's snowing heavily up there. it will continue all day today. snow showers tomorrow. we'll get a break sun and monday and a heavier storm possible thursday. here's reggie. thanks, mike. this morning a family is finally reunited with nair german shepherd after a mixup on a united flight. the dog was mistakenly flown all the way to japan. cara swindle was with her family flying from oregon to kansas city. when she went to pick him up, they gave her a great dane inste instead. they're joining michael strahan this morning on "good morning america." >> it's so good to have him back. >> united airlines was going to
5:44 am
fly ergo first class with an attendant. how was the flight? >> he was supposed to come back in a cabin on the regular flight. but for some reason united wouldn't let him fly in the cabin. necessity decided doing their corporate jet was the best bet and got him there a lot fast er as well. >> swindle is hoping to meet with united and is considering legal action to make sure this doesn't happen again. sheriff's deputies hope you can recognize an art thief in san jose. he carried a painting out the front door of the so brat owe building at valley medical center yesterday. we want to show you hey close look at the painting he took. if you have any tips, the sheriff wants to hear from you. tentative settlement in the denise huskins case. vallejo police initially dismissed the case as a hoerks. she sued the city for defamation.
5:45 am
the city will pay huskins $2.5 million. matthew muller later pled guilty to kidnapping charges. he's now serving a 40-year prison sentence. an east bay lawmaker wants to lower the taxes on cannabis. they think reducing taxes for three years will eliminate the price disparity between marijuana sold legally and pot on the black market. right now, marijuana taxes can run as high as 45%. he says the added cost is the reason they're still buying it illegally and one of the co-authors says the state will bring in more tax revenue when it reduces the tax rate. dozens of young women feel empowered after spending the day at the warriors practice facility. it's part of inspiring girls to consider a career in sports. middle school girls from alameda county showed up and found that they had pretty good skills to show off, shooting hoops. dubs forward jordan bell was the coach for that workout. >> having fun with the girls, going through drills, things like that.
5:46 am
trying to get them to bring energy. >> makes me feel a lot more confident. because i see other females, especially minorities, doing what they love. >> the workshop called beyond the baseline was sponsored by the warriors and nike. the goal is to teach young women basketball skills, teamwork and leadership. alexis, did you ever play basketball? >> i did. basketball was my main sport all the way through high school. i wasn't quite at the collegiate level. it taught me about teamwork and being part of a community. i think it's a wonderful thing that they're doing. it was a huge part of my life growing up. >> absolutely. maybe not the day to play basketball. but on sunday maybe. >> sunday it might be nice. might be a little bit of wet weather lingering on the court. the sunshine will come out and that will dry it. here's a look at the wet weather on 80 and vallejo, benicia near concord and martinez, towards antioch and san ramon and dublin. south of oakland, around san leandro.
5:47 am
some of our best showers out of the santa cruz mountains and los altos, sunnyvale, cupertino. 85 and 280. puddles developing there over the next 15 to 30 minutes. here's a look at the big picture. the area of low pressure spinning to our north. that's coming towards us today. that's why we're going to remain unsettled today and tomorrow. check out the raen fall total of richmond. already an inch and a half of rain and more is coming. dry and warmer sunday and monday and most of the day on tuesday. then once we get to tuesday night into wednesday, stronger storm it possible. by 7:00, still showers out there. still some moderate showers. the yellow in the east bay and the south bay. some of it just moving into the north bay. during the morning and afternoon hours, it tapers down to lighter showers by noon. there's still the possibility heading through the afternoon hours of a thunderstorm or two with some hail. notice the green. not a whole lot on there. we'll call it scattered in nature. still scattered during the evening hours and during the overnight hours through tomorrow
5:48 am
morning. then look at tomorrow afternoon. not a washout. if you have plans to be outside, you can see there's a few showers out there until the sunsets and then it's over. sunday morning could be some frost in our deepest valleys. temperatures will be coolest that morning. we'll rebound into the 60s for highs monday. we'll start with a 1 tuesday and it will become a 2 moderate on the storm impact scale for the heaviest rain tuesday. how is it going, alexis? >> no change with the commuter alert. a full closure of 16th street mission. due to a pg&e power issue. they're trying to hook up a generator to get the station back open. for now, trains are not stopping. you'll have to use 24th street mission for an alternate or take the bus to another station this morning. in the meantime, bay bridge toll plaza starting to fill in. the metering lights flipped on at 5:28 this morning. we're fairly friday light. most places, that's one of the few slowdowns you will encounter on your commute this morning. we're a little slow there as
5:49 am
well. a couple earlier problems near hilltop drive and one near san pablo avenue. those are both gone. stop and go through the backup. across the bay bridge, 10 minutes. southbound 101 you shouldn't have problems getting to the airport in the green at ten minutes. alexis, thank you. tall ships will bring maritime history alive in oakland. the hawaiian chieftain and lady washington will berth at the foot of broadway. they'll be available for sailing adventures and tours. they are floating classrooms giving children and adults a glance at transportation history from the 17th and 18th centuries. both ships will be available for tours through march 25th. not easy to use public transportation when using crushes, having a stroller or a wheelchair. >> you have to type a destination into google maps, find wheelchair accessible under
5:50 am
the routes section. right now the feature is only available in london, new york, tokyo, mexico city, boston and sydney. other cities will be added this year. a major corporation just filed papers to create robot bees. that is new at 6:00. but first, share in the joy of a sick 7-year-old boy when sunnyvale police makes his wish come true. the all-out frenzy after a plane drops $368 million worth of silver and gold by accident. a live look outside. this is a rainy friday morning. this is a rainy friday morning. we
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> announcer: today's storm is level 1. that means light rain.
5:53 am
keep an umbrella handy and drive carefully. download the abc 7 news app now. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. everywhere shaded today. yeah, that's where you have a chance of thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rain and locally gusty winds. notice tomorrow, no. if you're traveling to the sierra, a heavy snow today. it will still be a little slippery saturday. it will be all clear by sunday. good luck. a massive mudslide has blocked a scenic road in the hills of malibu. it may take several days to clear tons of dirt and rocks and trees from toe pang a canyon road. engineers are blaming rain and the recent wildfire for weakening the hillside and triggering the mudslide. they expect more rain today. this next story, a heartwarming story. a dream come true for a 7-year-old boy diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. >> i -- >> myles o'connell. >> myles o'connell. >> do solemnly swear --
5:54 am
>> myles o'connell became an honorary police officer with the sunnyvale police department yesterday. his mom says that he loves boating and swimming. but now he uses a wheelchair a lot of the time and spends days undergoing radiation at ucsf. yesterday he was able to stand during the entire ceremony and shook hands with every officer in the room. >> it's been amazing. amazing to see a smile on his face. for him to be with his uncle. >> and she says that because myles' uncle is a sunnyvale police officer. myles always wanted to work with him. so a program called cops care and the taylor family foundation made this happen. he got that official police uniform, wrote a mock speeding ticket and even had a chance to take a ride in a fire truck, which is, i think every little boy and girl's request when they see those pass by. >> that uniform suits him, doesn't it, alexis? >> that is awesome. i love that he wrote the speeding ticket too. he's going to be a great
5:55 am
officer. yes, everyone need to slow down out there this morning as well. unfortunately, we do still have our commuter alert. no change here with 16th street mission station closed. b.a.r.t. is saying this is a pg&e power issue. not on their end. still working to get a generator there to power it. instead, you have to head to 24th to find another way to get into work today. live doppler 7 on top of the traffic maps. keeping track of residual delays between highway 4 into the richmond area. we had two crashes along this stretch. it is speeding up. up to 26 miles an hour. we're down to 6 miles an hour last time we checked. we do still have the right lane blocked. westbound 580 before isabel avenue into the dublin stretch there. that's up to a five-mile delay. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. right now, let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's talk about the west coast's largest irish event celebrating irish history and culture. at least 100,000 people flooding
5:56 am
san francisco tomorrow. the parade starts at 11:30. the 167th annual st. patrick's day parade. dress for low to mid-50s and a stray shower. that could create a rainbow. look for a pot of gold. that would be fun, wouldn't it? here's a look at tuesday and the heavier rain falling wednesday and into thursday. rainfall totals out of the next system. an inch to possibly 2 inches. another soak he shall coming up next week. enjoy the dry weather sunday and monday. back to you guys. mike, thank you. some good news about san francisco giants legend orlando cepeda. >> broadcaster said the 80-year-old hall of famer is out of the hospital and moving to a rehab center. he suffered a cardiac incident last month. the slugger known as the baby bull played for the giants from 1958 to 1966. >> we're glad he's recovering. >> the state is ramping up a crackdown on people who illegally use parking placards intended for the disabled. abc 7 news was at costco in san
5:57 am
jose as dmv investigators questioned people using the disabled placards to park in handicapped spaces. >> they checked to see if the placards were valid and being used by the right people. the dmv is now doing 24 inspecs like this every month all across california. >> you may have heard the old saying where the streets are paved with gold. who would have thought it was an airport runway in russia. it shows the moments of a plane carrying $368 million worth of gold and silver bars dropped some of of the cargo. it happened when the plane ripped off during takeoff. some people scoured the airport looking for gold. >> i bet there was a mad dash. a raid overseas. what it's being accused of doing this morning. one company is concerned about a honeybee die-off it's going to the extreme to pollinate flowers. pollinate flowers.
5:58 am
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another morning, another wet commute. you're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. expect rain and wet roads once again as we top off the week with wet weather. >> it's 6:00 a.m. on a friday. you're almost done. natasha has the day off today. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's talk about the rain. we'll give you an idea of what to expect today and tomorrow. a ranking of the storms. this one is light for the thunderstorms today. fewer showers and not really a chance of thunder tomorrow. but look at the snow levels. 2500 to 3,000 feet. right now, we've got moderate rain through the sunol grade and from milpitas to sunnyvale. this is the way it looks no matter where you drive this morning. my


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