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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 16, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the new video showing the moment that 950-ton bridge collapses. at least six dead, a number that could rise as they search the rubble. and we learned one of the victims was an 18-year-old fiu student. and the question tonight, could this disaster have been avoided? the mountain drama inside the west wing. several in the president's inner circle reportedly in the crosshairs. with the national security adviser told our reporter today at the white house. two powerful storms hitting right now. one of them tracking east. will it grow into a fourth nor'easter and a spring slam in sam champion standing by with the track. also tonight, the family kicked off a passenger plane. a little girl scared to fly, and the confrontation with the flight attendants. plus, the ski lift disaster.
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the lift out of control, going in reverse. riders sent airborne, slammed to the ground. and good evening. i'm tom llamas in for david, and we begin at the scene of that deadly bridge collapse in miami. the agonizing wait for families and friends of victims. we now know a college student is among the dead, and tonight that new video. it shows the moment the bridge came down without warning across several lanes of road killing at least six people. teams of investigators, emergency crews, construction crews and engineers still on the scene. the 950-ton bridge collapsing just days after being installed. abc's victor oquendo again for us at the scene tonight. >> reporter: traffic cameras capturing the devastating moment that miami bridge collapsed trapping victims underneath. now more than 24 hours after that deadly collapse we're learning about
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the first victim. the "miami herald" reporting, 18-year-old fiu freshman alexa duran among the dead. yesterday she driving by that bridge with a friend when her toyota was struck. her friend survived. a desperate rescue mission now, a pain staking recovery amid the rubble. >> our primary focus is to remove all of the cars and all of the victims in a dignified manner. >> reporter: to reach those eight cars pinned underneath 950 tons of concrete and steel, teams using heavy machinery to break the debris into smaller pieces. authorities bracing to find more victims. >> we can assume they're in there, but we cannot confirm identity of who's in there. we're caught in a bad place right now. >> reporter: for the families of the missing, it is an agonizing wait. jorge and carol fragas are looking their uncle, 60-year-old ronaldo fraga. >> we want to find out for sure if he's out there. >> reporter: tonight investigators zeroing in on the moments before the collapse when workers performed a stress test
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on the bridge. >> if it is a true stress test, generally they're putting some load on it and seeing how the bridge reacts. >> reporter: senator marco rubio tweeting that, "the cables that suspend the bridge had loosened and the engineering firm ordered they be tightened. they were being tightened when it collapsed today." all that work done as traffic whizzed by. the bridge, still under construction, was celebrated as a feat of modern engineering seen here being installed last saturday in a matter of hours. today investigators pressed on whether it had adequate structural support. >> that's part of our investigation. our investigations are very comprehensive. they are thorough and they take awhile, but when he do it, we'll have those answers. >> reporter: the florida department of transportation revealing that the university, which was in charge of the project, did not hire a pre-qualified company to do a secondary design check of the bridge. >> and a major statement there from florida dot. victor joins us now from the scene of the collapse. what is the university saying about that company not being pre-qualified? >> reporter: tom, the president
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of the university says they are investigating, but they only work with approved and certified contractors. also tonight, word of another victim who died here, a worker, 37-year-old navarro brown from another company. they tell us he was out here when that bridge went down. >> that sad development tonight. victor, thank you. now to the drama playing out at the white house. growing questions about who is coming and going in the west wing. three days after the firing of secretary of state rex tillerson, national security adviser, h.r. mcmaster and ben carson are all said to be on thin ice. the white house insists no one is going anywhere, at least not yet. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: tonight the white house is trying to tamp down reports of an imminent cabinet shakeup. >> the cos actually spoke to a number of staff this morning reassuring them there were personnel changes, no immediate
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personnel changes at this time and that people shouldn't be concerned. >> reporter: among the top officials whose jobs may be in danger, national security adviser h.r. mcmaster, who is known to have a contentious relationship with the president. mcmaster was at the west wing today. abc's tara palmeri caught up with him. >> everybody's got to leave the white house at some point. >> are you going sooner or later? >> i'm doing my job. >> reporter: today press secretary sarah sanders specifically reassured mcmaster and insisted she was doing so at the president's behest. >> i spoke directly to the president last night, he asked me to pass that message along to general mcmaster. >> reporter: the president himself has been fueling speculation about a staff shakeup. >> i'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having the cabinet and other things that i want. >> reporter: in a week in which he fired secretary of state rex tillerson in a tweet, trump hinted at more bloodletting to come. >> there will always be change and i think you want to see change. and i want to also see different
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ideas. >> taking two sentences out of the thousands of remarks that the president makes and making it look like that's the entire focus of his administration. he just nominated two new people to be part of his cabinet so we are getting close. >> all right, david wright joins us now from the bhowhite house,d we heard mcmaster say, quote, everybody's got leave the white house at some point, and sources have told abc news there are some in the president's inner circle who may be in trouble of losing their jobs? >> reporter: well, tom, there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes chatter about veterans affair secretary david shulkin, and also the housing and urban developing secretary, ben carson. both have faced scandals over ethics and spending and both have been summoned to the white house to talk about it. also, there has been lots of speculation about the chief of staff, general john kelly although today, sarah sanders says his job is not at risk. >> david, thank you. next to chilling new video
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from the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. for the first time, we're seeing images inside the club as the terror attack unfolded. gunman omar mateen pledged allegiance to isis walking into the club with an assault rifle. the video released at trial as prosecutors try to prove his widow played a role in the attack. we want to warn you some of the video is disturbing. here's abc's lindszie janis. >> reporter: tonight, prosecutors showing jurors how casually omar mateen entered the pulse nightclub casing the venue for 11 minutes through that doorway a packed dancefloor. mateen then leaving the club, moving his car to a closer spot before coming back in. this time with his assault rifle opening fire on that dancefloor. then moving to another part of the club. within six minutes, police entering through the lobby.
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their guns drawn. as they see the full horror inside, officers yelling to the wounded to get out if they can. >> if you can walk -- shots fired. >> reporter: mateen holing up in the restrooms for the next three hours. outside, s.w.a.t. teams busting through an exterior wall. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: within moments, engaging mateen in a gun battle killing him. but not before he took 49 lives. tom, salman denies knowing about her husband's plans and she pleads not guilty to providing support to a foreign terrorist organization, tom. >> linzie janis tonight. thank you. overseas now and stunning new developments in a mystery death of a russian dissident on british soil. authorities confirming a critic of russian president vladimir putin was murdered in his home in london.
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putin already blamed for the nerve agent attack on an ex-russian spy. abc's chief foreign correspondent, terry moran is in moscow. >> reporter: counter terrorism police and hazmat-suited technicians swarm a home in south london. another russian victim in england, a fierce critic of vladimir putin. this man, nikolai glushkov, a former top executive at aeroflot, the russian airline, who fled russia and claimed asylum in britain in 2004, found dead monday. police say it was compression of the neck, strangulation, and they're now treating his death as a murder. glushkov's killing came just over a week after russian spy sergei skripal and his daughter were poisoned by a military-grade nerve agent in salisbury, england. and today, british foreign minister boris johnson accused putin personally in that attack. >> we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent. >> reporter: russia that has
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denied any involvement. putin today campaigning in a lab coat, ahead of sunday's presidential vote and state tv this week showing a fawning documentary with this exchange. "what is not possible to ever forgive?" terry moran abc news. and news tonight in the chopper crash in iraq. seven american service members were killed when their air force helicopter went down near the syrian border. the u.s. official says the chopper may have hit a power line. bill de blasio identifying them as christopher senetes. as we head into the weekend, the possible fourth nor'easter in three weeks waiting on the other side. heavy snow falling across the plains. trucks sliding off interstate 90 in rapids city, south dakota and watch the snowen t on top of th truck clipping an overpass in massachusetts, knocking loose the protective netting.
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we have sam champion, and we're following the weather tonight. >> just like we have forecasted the last three, we'll do the fourth. let's get to the boards. this is a storm that tonight is dropping snow in the sierras and california, and also into the rocki rockies. we start the maps on monday morning, and the low is in oklahoma at that point. no matter where the storm goes what it is on the east coast, from dallas to atlanta, i want people to understand all weekend long, it could be even tornados on sunday. be careful with that. now we go to tuesday at 7:00 p.m., and you see our coastal low forming right there on the carolinas and virginia. exactly as it has the past few times and we have two models to watch. one model makes it a snow maker from washington, d.c. all the way into maine. the other model would pull it off the shoreline too far away for it to be a problem for the mid atlantic or new england, and what i would always say is this far out, don't believe anyone who gives you totals and we'll forecast this storm this weekend here on abc. >> sounds good.
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could be a rough start to spring. >> absolutely. a manhunt in pasadena, california. police searching for a suspect accused of dropping a boulder from a highway overpass smashing through the windshield of a family car below, and a young father and husband killed because of it. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight a mother and wife pleading with the public for help after her husband was killed by a 35-pound boulder while they were driving on a california freeway. >> if anybody saw anything, please help us. >> reporter: guadeloupe gutierrez was driving her 23-year-old husband in the passenger seat, when police say their car was deliberately hit. >> that boulder did not come off the side of the freeway and strike the vehicle. that boulder was purposely moved and thrown from the overcrossing. >> reporter: gutierrez, pregnant with the couple's second child. their 4-year-old daughter in the back seat when the basketball sized rock crashed through their windshield.
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>> we decided to have a second child about two weeks ago. we found out i was pregnant. he was so excited. now he's gone. >> reporter: tom, california highway patrol is checking that boulder for dna evidence. they are also searching this area for surveillance cameras as they try to find whoever is responsible. tom? >> kayna whitworth for us, thank you. next tonight, southwest airlines facing questions tonight. an adult and a toddler kicked off their flight in chicago. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: the passenger with the 2-year-old said he didn't understand. >> because she's sitting. she's been sitting for the last five minutes. >> reporter: the child had been crying, not sitting in her seat, but on the lap of the man who appears to be her father on the southwest flight from chicago. the family ordered to leave the aircraft. >> this is not helpful guys. you want to go to atlanta, or? the decision's been made. >> reporter: this all happening after the jet had headed to the runway and then back. >> we've got an incident on board. possible belligerent passenger. we're going to be returning to
3:44 pm
alpha 16 please. >> reporter: citing regulations, the flight attendant and a ground supervisor were adamant. former pilot john nance calls that absurd. >> just because somebody has authority does not mean that they need to use it in the draconian way that this was applied. >> reporter: in a statement, southwest says, a conversation escalated on board and the airline offered regret for the inconvenience, but the man seemed to get the last word. >> i'm glad you screwed up everyone's day. >> reporter: the family was put on the next flight to atlanta and southwest says it will reach out to the customers to listen to their concerns. tom? >> david, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the ski lift disaster. the malfunction, the lift going backwards. several riders sent airborne and slammed to the ground. plus, the amber alert in mexico. police now say a pennsylvania teen flew to cancun with a family friend who is married, and what she allegedly did to trick her school. plus the powerful explosion caught on camera. moments after firefighters told
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back now with the shocking images from a ski slope. the chair lift malfunctioning, going haywire, hurling skiers in every direction. here's abc's james longman. >> reporter: tonight, authorities are investigating how this ski lift went bezerk. these social media videos captured the chaos. it starts with the figure in red, seemingly stuck in the snow. but this is just the beginning. the mechanism is going backwards and looks like its speeding up. onlookers scream for others to jump before they get hurt too. some don't get off in time, thrown like toys into the air. the woman in blue smashed into the machine. riders crushed into the mangled metal. now the chairs are piling up. everyone frantic to warn those still coming of the danger. it happened in georgia, in
3:48 pm
eastern europe, and authorities there say at least 11 people sustained moderate injuries. one of them a pregnant woman. early information suggests a cable stalled and came loose, causing the malfunction. while certainly dramatic, injuries on ski lifts are comparatively rare, especially in the u.s. americans are five times more likely to die in an elevator. still, this is pretty shocking. tom? >> it is. james, thanks so much. when we come back, o.j. simpson, his first extensive interview in more than a decade. what he said about his health, and quote, that whole l.a. thing. the law involving pets and the overhead airline flight. stay with us. rheumatologist before you and yr move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. it can reduce pain,
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3:52 pm
been romantically involved. he signed yu out of school ten times after she changed school documents to identify him as her stepfather. in orange county, california, look at the moment caught on police dashcam. firefighters responding to a blaze in a mobile home telling residents to get out seconds before that blast. one minor injury reported. the case still under investigation. o.j. simpson speaking out in his first extensive interview in a decade. the former football star responding to that recent airing of a 2006 interview called "the lost confession" emphasizing it was a hypothetical. saying if he killed his ex-wife and ron goldman, quote, you would have heard about it ten years ago. simpson was in jail for an armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. he said, that quote, l.a. thing. he said he may be battling the brain disease, cte from his
3:53 pm
football days. and united airlines with the third incident this week with a pet on a plane. a flight diverted to akron after they realized a pet had been mistakenly loaded onto the plane. this german shepard was put on a plane to japan instead of kansas city, flown back on a corporate jet and reyited with his family. they said they will likely sue the airline. when we come back, march madness and the 98-year-old helping her team write a cinderella story. stay with us. stay with us. ♪ we get so busy, day to day. we don't get the chance to connect. i think surprising my mom with a night ski trip would just be the biggest gift that i could give her. director: lets make that happen. she's gonna be so excited. ♪
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finally tonight, america strong. the college basketball team caught up in march madness and the 98-year-old superfan with her own power play. >> reporter: down by one with less five seconds, one incredible shot and loyola chicago with a historical win. the players, the fans, overjoyed. and after that game winning three-pointer, the star player, donte ingram, with a hug for one fan the whole team, the whole school, has grown to love. sister jean dolores schmidt, 98 years old, the school knows here simply as sister jean. and they call her their secret weapon. >> oh, i didn't know i was a secret weapon but i certainly know these fellas mean a lot to me. >> reporter: an academic adviser and the loyola chicago team chaplain wearing her custom made nikes. just 5 feet tall right there in the huddle, reaching for that higher power before gametime. >> good and gracious god, we're
3:58 pm
here today to beat miami. >> having her wisdom, it's amazing. >> she motivates us before the games. she prays for us. >> reporter: but it's more than prayers. the team says sister jean emails them advice, even scouting reports. >> how fortunate are they to have their own personal guardian angel. >> reporter: but sister jean quick to thank someone else for that win. >> thank god! thank god you did it. because we knew we would do it. >> and good luck to the ramblers. we know sister jean will be rooting for them. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. row night. announcer: live, where you live, this is abc 7 news.
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good afternoon and thanks for joining us. >> we are following developing news overseas. abc 7 news learning a stanford law school graduate was among the seven u.s. service members killed in a helicopter crash in iraq. >> he was with the new york international guard and spokesperson for civil rigs. we have the details. >> the 37-year-old graduated from stanford law school last year with pro bono distinction, a recognition given to students who spent the most time doing legal work for free for those who need it. he was one of seven service members killed yesterday when their chopper hit a power line. he was serving a tour with the 106th rescue wing of the air national guard. there were no signs of hostile fire, though the investigation is in its early stages. by all accounts, he was a hero. he joined the new york city fire department after the 9/11
4:00 pm
attack. in 2012, he was deployed in afghanistan with the air national guard, part of a team dubbed the fearless four who flew into combat to help american troops. they are credited with saving nearly 100 lives. between 2014 and 2017, she took unpaid leave to pursue a law doctoring. there, she was a member of the standford law organization and wrote about the inclusion for transgender people in the military. after graduation, his return to new york working in the litigation department of a private law firm. he was a member of the lgbt bar association. they are truly two of the bravest running in to defend others in new york city and combat overseas. the crash that took his life is believed to be the first fatal


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