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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 18, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." good morning, everyone i'm carolyn [ inaudible ] so numbers are cold, three to nine degrees cooler and 42 in fremont and 36 in morgan hill. you can see the cool down, so the forecast today calls for the fog in the morning. 30s and 40s partly cloudy midday and mostly cloudy skies with
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numbers in the upper 50s in the warm erin land valleys. a dry day today and tomorrow. look at tuesday and wednesday. an atmospheric river that can bring heavy rains and gusty winds and we are figuring out the timing. i will get back to you with the accuweather seven-day forecast with the details coming up. thank you, lisa. breaking news in pleasant hill. a fiery car crash. near mercury way. the car hit a tree catching fire and it appears someone in the burning car was unable to get out. the coroner was on the scene. the road was closed for hours after the accident for the they are looking for withins. all lanes on eastbound interstate 80 through hercules opened after a shooting.
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closed all lanes near i-80 near hercules after the gunfire that happened around 9:30. the chp says no one was arrested and the investigation is on going. the lanes reopened at 1:45 this morning. a massive fire in the heart of north beach has been brought under control. but the city's supervisor who represents the neighborhood raced questions about the fire department's response. "abc 7 news" lisa, has the story. >> reporter: a massive fire at the corner of powell and columbus. there are five businesses on the bottom floor. firefighters took an offensive mode and attacked the fire from the inside and had to pull out
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and fight it from above and from the street. >> i came from the stairs under the guys from the second floor. they decided, that look, the instant commander said pull them out. we pulled them out. >> one minute people were out here celebrating for st. patrick's day and the nekts it was like donte's inferno. >> reporter: a lot of restaurants were evacuated and streets blocked off. they were trying to stop the fire from moving into neighboring buildings. representing the district -- >> with my own eyes, they fouled to address this working fire in a quick efficient way and you can ask any of the people here who watched it from the beginning. the san francisco fire department failed san francisco tonight. >> once we determined we had no more life safety problems, we
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pulled everyone out. i'm not going to get into too much more. i would like to say we are professional firefighters we know what we are doing. >> reporter: the supervisor is calling for an investigation and hearings. they mean to help everyone impacted by the fire. north beach, "abc 7 news." a big crowd gathered as the flames broke out. you can take a look at the picture from a viewer when the fire started growing. anchor ashley tweeted these flames seen from high up in north beach. reporters reported seeing the flames from the north beach and east bay last night. this is from the emery camera. we would like to thank you for sending pictures, you can use the hashtag #abc7now.
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we can share your pictures online or on air. speaking out at a meeting about gun violence in the north bay today. talking about what happened at marjory stoneman douglas high school. talking about how to end gun violence and make sure our schools are safe. starting at dominican university in san rafael. the event is free and open to the public. this morning the search continues for a richmond man that went missing after skiing. 65-year-old thomas malarkeys wife reported him missing. spoke from a crew from the search and rescue unit via face time.
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joined in the search for malarkey. >> i understand he has skills being able to make a snow cave. which is labor intensive and really increases your survival. so we remain optimistic. >> more snow fell over night and conditions should improve today. >> looks like they are projecting no snow at all. so going to be a push tomorrow and even more family has been arriving from the bay area and folks coming down from tahoe to supplement the efforts. >> 60 people expected to help with today's search and surveillance video when his ski tickets were scanned. "abc 7 news" was in alameda when drivers faced delays enter
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into the posey tube yesterday. they will fix an underground storm drain. drivers can save time by taking other routes from alameda to downtown oakland. honoring chp officer, who was killed by a suspected drunk driver on christmas eve. eght people cited and katie uti s has the story. >> reporter: officers from union city and hayward police department teamed up with chp to stop cars on mission avenue. >> the first car is going to be the sue baa rue hatch back. >> andrew was killed by a suspected drunk driver on
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christmas eve. >> several of the officers did know him personally. it affected us. >> we were excited and glad they gave us an opportunity to join them. for them to reach out and do something in his memory, means a lot. >> a hayward man slammed into the back of his patrol vehicle as he and his partner was pulled over near highway 92. investigators say ali was drunk and high. >> did you have a drink tonight? >> starbucks. >> i'm jealous. >> just like he was doing the night he was killed. >> he was funny. >> he had a smile on his face and joking around. he really liked being a chp officer and you can tell. >> no problem. have a good rest of your night. >> thank you. >> abc 7 mornings news. >> it was a whacky day mixed
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with sun, rain and hail for parts of the bay area. an "abc 7 news" viewer took this. the video is slowed down so you can see the stones. san carlos saw hail yesterday afternoon. surprised residents went out to see what was going on and said the clouds opened up and dumped a bunch of pea-sized hail all at once. that is whacky. >> we got a good amount. it's about a time for a break before we see heavy rain heading our way. outside now, the camera festive in the green. 46 degrees in san francisco, and 34 with fog in livermore. lots of fog this morning. in the valley, a mild and cloudish day. when the rain arrives, how much in the details coming up. ahead a dramatic chp rescue along the sonoma coast after a
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fisherman is swept into the ocean. a man visiting the bade area trying to do
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one community touched by tragedy reaching out to the families who was killed at the veterans home in california. helping by raising a lot of money. "abc 7 news" reporter cornell barnard has the story from yountville. >> reporter: it was music and lots of wine being poured for taste of yountville. an annual food and wine event attracting thousands of people. many here are remembering three women who lost their lives march 9th.
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>> we are celebrating life and the lives of the three women. >> the woman doing their job. i do a similar job outside of the winery. and i don't know their families, but i could be them. >> reporter: army vet killed pathways director, christine loeber and yountville helping to ask them to use the credit card reader to donate. >> everyone i know wants help. our hearts are broken and we are sad for the program and families. >> they donated their best bottles to benefit the three brave women fund. >> everything goes to the victim's family. it >> reporter: this wine country trying to do their part. >> as a local resident here of napa, everyone comes out and
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everyone feels heart broken. >> reporter: so many wineryes donated bottles to the event. holding an automobile accident on e bay next week to raise money for the families. "abc 7 news." two helicopters rescued a fishermen spept out to see along the sonoma county coast. this is a coast guard team reaching the man yesterday morning. officials say a sleeper wave hit the man while he climbed on rocks and pulled him away from shore lines. a coast guard lifted him from the pacific and a highway patrol flew him to a hospital. a man trying to do a good deed used a knife to stab a robber in the oakland hills. oakland police say it happened on sty line boulevard around yesterday morning. a car crashed into a tree and stopped to help.
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instead a man from that wrecked car pulled out a shotgun and tried to rob them. the victim stab the suspect with a pocket knife after they got into a fight. you can hear the suspect moaning as police spoke to the dispatcher. >> bleeding right now -- >> help. >> the guy who got stabbed. shot at the victim and i guess the victim stabbe him. >> the suspect is if newark and will be booked into jail once released from the hospital. a group of residents fed up with dumping and unsanitary conditions in their neighborhood took part in a trash tour this weekend. the east oakland congress of neighborhood said they want to highlight the differences of street conditions and garbage compared to the affluent
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districts in the hills. >> it's not fair that they don't have dumping and the flat lands have illegal dumping and all of the issues. >> we are tax pay we ares and deserve -- taxpayers and we deserve to have a clean, safe city. >> to make it clear they expect the mayor to remedy the dumping and potholes plaguing their streets. ♪ thousands march and many more lined the sidewalks of san francisco yesterday to witness the city's 167th annual st patrick's day parade. the largest celebration of irish culture west of the mississippi river. the bay area area area area
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people than yesterday. "abc 7 news" was in oakland when the children's hospital hosted the annual fundraiser. police officers, firefighters and others get sponsored to have their heads shaved and the money goes to fight shield hood cancer. >> it goes to a great cause. i lost my mother and great friend to cancer. i want to fight the fight. >> it's a way for the community to come together and help kids with cancer and families going through a difficult time and tell them how much we care. yesterday the event set out to raise $200,000. organizers still trying to see if they met the goal. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> waking up to dry conditioners. here is live doppler seven. we have cloud cover and it is the fog that's an issue this
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morning. enjoy today tomorrow because we have several systems aimed at the state of california and it will be a wet time beginning tuesday right off through next weekend. could be the last gasp of wasn't are. keep that in mind. 40s in oakland, 34 in santa rosa. boy, is it cold out there. we're talking visibility issues in the north bay. petaluma, napa to fairfield. we'll see it through morning hours. the clouds move around and the temperature and due point about the same. that means we are looking at the pea-soup fog out there. very cold start and dry today. plenty of clouds today and looking at the rain arriving throughout the day tuesday. and the heaviest rains arrives on tuesday. we are looking at upper 60s in concord. 67, hayward and 70 in san jose.
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10 to 12 degrees warmer than today's high. today slightly milder. tuesday, the numbers drop off a good 10 degrees. maybe more. this is when the rain begins. as we get to the a sub-tropical effect. rainy conditions and so y south. and 1:00 on tuesday, the rain is offshore. throughout the day on tuesday. we have two systems, the system from the north and a sub-tropical. the heaviest rain comes through monterey and south on wednesday. the train of moisture here and then look what happens thought the day on wednesday? the system merges, heavy rains and gusty winds. by thursday a colder portion of the system moving in to bring snow in the mountains. low snow levels here.
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60 in san jose, cloudy skies on the pence pins. 57 palo alto, 56 downtown. north bay, fog. partly to mostly cloudy skies. upper 50s from oakland and you head inland it's warmer but still a mixture of clouds and sun. 57 in livermore. the accuweather -- freezing start tomorrow and sunny for most of the day. increasing clouds in late numbers bump up. on tuesday and wednesday. thursday behind the system and i'm going to add more rain clouds to the end of the week. it looks active once again. still doesn't look like we'll catch up to normal totals. boy, we've had a bonus couple of weeks here and downloading the accuweather app for detail. >> spring already?
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>> reporter: when kimberly woke up in the middle of the night with head pain so severe. she thought she was having a stroke. her husband rushed her to the e.r. >> the pain was so intense that i knew something had to be wrong. >> reporter: the pain wasn't from a stroke but a serious inner ear infor exampection. she received a bill and her diagnosis was not a medical emergency by her insurer anthem. they said she should have call the the on line 24 hour dak tor service or went to her own doctor. >> policies like anthem leaving with consumers with medical bills and keeping patients from going to the e. r. >> they don't come because they want to, they come because they need us. >> the first step is to
5:25 am
understand your insurance. >> check your insurance emergency service benefit coverage to see how it defines a emergency and see what your plan will cover. most insurers offers general guidelines, they don't limit policyholders to specific injuries. >> you have the right to do what kimberly did. file an appeal. she sent a letter to the ip surer and filed a complaint with the state's regulator. anthem reversed its decision. >> reporter: told consumer reports trying to reign in the over use of e.r's for minor problems. it's a time consuming and costly place to get care that can be handleleed elsewhere. if a patient is under the age of 15 and told to go to
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the physician. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. making a fleet of paper airplanes can mean a lot of paper cuts. not for one student in switzerland. check out the project he made for school. a paper plane making machine. folds perfect lines and keeping the paper moving along the assembly line. he admits the project is not perfect and he has to use strings to pull the plane through. he is fine-tuning and plans to have a machine that runs on its own. one of the most stunning up sits in sports history means free pizza from anyone. promtsed a free pizza if a 16th seed beat a number one during the tournament. well after umbc shocked the world friday night. little cease ars confirmed they
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will offer the promotion. they will offer a free lunch combo. still to come here mornings russian president vladimir putin heads to the polls. faces a mandate for the fourth term. new details on the firing of the deputy director of the fbi. robert mueller may find useful in
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning everyone. it is a cold start with fog in the north bay and east bay temperatures look like this. 30s and 35 in san ro roman, and
5:30 am
46 in san francisco, 43 in san jose. look at livermore. wow, lots of dense fog after yesterday's rain and our temperatures in due point spread, there isn't much. so with those being the same that's how we get the fog. 2 to 6 degrees cooler this morning and 10:00 upper 40s. climbing to the upper 50s. look at the cloud koefr. mostly cloudy and by 7:00, low 50s and the sunsets at 7:19 is another chilly night. dry day tomorrow, getting into more rain for the week ahead. thank you. russian president seeking a mandate for fourth term in office. putin casting the ballot over presidency. there are fears of voter app
5:31 am
thee across russia. for his next six years in office. putin faces several challengers but none poses a serious threat. diplomatic over a russian spy on british soil. "abc 7 news" reporter terri moran. >> reporter: informed of moscow's response from the u.k. 23 dip employee mats expelled given a week to leave. in london, prime minister theresa may. >> we will never tolerate that from the government. >> reporter: the investigation continues. police trying to establish when and how russian spies and daughter we are poisoned. his bmw hours after the attack.
5:32 am
skripal was shouting and acting incoherently before his daughter and him collapsed. consistent with never ending poisoning. russians we talked to in red square, they don't believe their government had anything to do with the chemical weapon attack in england. >> do you think russia poisoned the spy, skripal? who are you voting for? >> putin. >> putin. >> putin. >> russians are hearing a different story. saying they had nothing to do with the attacks. and pointing the fingers at u.s. and check republic and sweden. >> "abc 7 news," moscow. the associated press learned
5:33 am
that he kept personal memos interacting with donald trump. and has provided them to the special counsel's office. they are similar to the notes compiled by fired fbi chief, james comey. targeted because he backed up comey in the informs allegation. a possible collusion between the trump campaign and the russian government. his memos can factor in to the continuing investigation. facebook suspended a data firm tied to trump's campaign. facebook accuses cambridge analytical violating policies and harvesting information from 50 million users to develop strategies for the 2016 election campaign. cambridge analytical denies the accusations. but amy klobuchar took to
5:34 am
twitter. for facebook mark zuckerberg to testify. coming up at 8:00 this morning. george stephanopoulos will sit down with senate intelligence committee members. to talk about the russian investigation. george will be joined by new orleans mayor mitch to talk about prospects for democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. tune in at 8:00 with george stephanopoulos on abc 7. police in florida believe they have recovered everyone killed when a brej collapsed next to a college. more questions about the integrity of the bridge before it failed. "abc 7 news" reporter linda lopez tells us more. >> reporter: in miami.
5:35 am
>> a total of five people recovered from urchd the bridge. one individual passed, away at the hospital for a total of six people. i believe that is the final count. >> reporter: damaged cars taken to the medical kpaners office were the bodies are removed and identified. a stunning voice mail released by the florida of transportation left two days before by the lead engineer by one of the companies reporting cracks observed on the north end. >> from a safety perspective we don't see an issue there. we are not concerned about it from there. >> reporter: the employee did not hear the voice mail until florida. a new statement said it met with bridge engineers and dot thursday morning and discussed the cracks. they concluded there were no safety concerns and the crack did not compromise the integrity of the bridge. now confirming that construct
5:36 am
ter workers were tightening the cables at the time of the collapse. linda lopez, "abc 7 news," new york. it got real for teenagers when a man attacked them with a tire iron because denied control over a virtual gym. playing pokémon go in a park when they took over the gym. got a tire iron and then hit and damaged a table. the teenagers tackled him and called police and say it was not the first time this man has become violent with other players. >> he has been doing it before to other people. >> it was weird for him to get out of the car and hit us. >> to get mad over a game. it is stupid in my opinion. >> it is just a game. the police didn't have a record of similar incidents. he is facing assault charges. still ahead on abc 7
5:37 am
mornings the tragedy that brought two strangers together and now they call each other family. here is a live look from our emeryville camera. spring is going to arrive later this week. does that mean an end to the rain? no no no. lisa along shortly with the full
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1968 and this year celebrating its 50th anniversary. two mermaids, a baby mermaid, frogs and turtles and a private ceremony will celebrate the centerpiece of the square. and civic arts to the bay area. passed, away in 2013. left a legacy. now to the weather. more rain? >> i know. a couple of dry days. beginning with today. we're looking at a cold start and fog from the north and east bay valley. and the from the east bay hills camera. 31 in danville, 34 with fog in livermore. concord 40. milder than yesterday. and the cloud cover, going to be was. the sunniest and warmest day of the week, only one coming up. all right. that's a tease. thank youly sachlt. the mighty plan, scoring a
5:41 am
career high 28 points to lead the
5:42 am
5:43 am
in sports tomorrow night the injury warriors are in san antonio facing the spurs. last night, golden state very us the suns looking to rebound after losing three of the previous four gapes. here is schu, he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> back to back games facing the suns in phoenix. all out with injuries, but the mighty clan, cook tack over with the career night. loving the new guards. nick young, swag gi p.
5:44 am
pangs it in. swaggy, with 16 points in the first half and 20 for the night. drain ago three. cook, making the most of his opportunity. he bury as three. the warriors trailed at the half. josh jackson leading the way with 36 points. trailing by 15 and comes roaring on. draymond, throw it down. cook, sacking a back to back three. part of a 24-5 dubs run. cook will take it the other way. a career high, 28 points. where one game losing streak is over. they won 24-109 victo sharks have three road games. waeting a back to back. third time in franchise history they've beaten the same three teams on a road trip. this guy looks like joe thorton. first period, sharks down one.
5:45 am
a nice back hand pass and to kevin, easy tap in. 1-1 game. the pass. swats it in for the 29th of the year. 2-1 sharks. jump to the thifrd. second of the game. 20th of the season. shark's offense heating up. 5-3 that final. stay for head coach is under rated. the cardinal been to seventh ncaa tournaments. been to 13 final fours. not a bad resume as they start another run yesterday. came in with a better record, 27-5. the three. stanford had 11 in the game. britta brittany mcfee with 11. third quarter, elana smith. she had 20.
5:46 am
kiana williams. lead the team with 21. showing off some strength. smith. and mcfee lay it is in plus the foul. 82-68 facing florida coast for the second round on monday. >> my team has so much confident in him. i go out there and play my game and our upper class men telling me to stay aggressive and playing my game. so that's what i do. >> we have to be more aggressive than the other team that we play. so having someone like here, every time she is playing she is going to come out and give 110%. she is the leader of the aggressive club. >> and continuing on abc 7, 5:00 i'm mike shumann. have a great day. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen.
5:47 am
>> good sunday morning. waking up to a good view of san francisco from the sutro we have rain yesterday and today is a dry day and we'll be looking at a warm up out there. san jose should reach 60 degrees. below average. yesterday 57 for the warm spot. you'll notice that the numbers continue to drop off thought the leavening hours. a cold night tonight but our sunniest and warmest day on the way tomorrow. today, we're going to hold onto the cloud cover. here is the exploratorium cam rachlt we are looking at the sunrise and sunset, 7:16 to 7:19. and the equinox, thapg tooz ushering in spring. lve doppler 7, clouds and fog out in the pacific.
5:48 am
plenty storms cueing up. and a trough to the north. both over the state of california by tuesday bringing heavy yay rain and gusty winds lasting through next weekend. in the 30 hayward. 47 oakland hill. and chilly in santa rosa. the fog. from livermore, petaluma and napa. better visibility here. as you head out today, a cold start, dry and more sunshine for your monday. temperatures flirting with 70s. that's tomorrow. rain arrives tuesday and heavy on wednesday. if tur planning on monday. sunshine mild afternoon, spring-like temperatures. upper 60s around the bay from
5:49 am
hayward, napa and 67 as we get into tuesday. temperatures drop dramatically with 50s here and cloudy skies and coming back up again. gusty soterly winds. sierra snow piling up. the rain is offshore and throughout the day the system from the north, south and really throughout the day on wednesdays when the heavy rains gets going. some problems here for the activity where we had the fires in southern california and by 4:00 there look at the white. it is going to be an interesting week. antioch,s 60 san jose. mid to upper 50s. partly to mostly cloudy skies. tonight cold by drew evening. and the as @, two dry days, sunny and mildest tomorrow.
5:50 am
one on the storm impact scale. heavy rain and wind on tuesday. gets cooler and keeping the rain, thursday, fri, saturday possibly into next sunday and we may be able to shut off all of the rain. so we'll take it. >> all right. lots of rain ahead. thank you lisa. >> two families across california share a lifelong connection thanks to the ronald mcdonald house at stanford. jessica castro has the story. >> awe. so sweet. >> reporter: the two little girls share a special bond. >> we call them sisters now. >> reporter: both girls had organ transplants on the same day. one needed a live and the other a heart. they cannot say they are from the same donor, but they are certain that the carters from fresno and the fair goods are now forever linked.
5:51 am
we feel like we are carrying on the life of another child through our kids and it is something really special that we share. >> it is not just the kids. they say they are like sisters too. >> we instantly had a connection. it is crazy, i said things happen for a reason. they didn't i guess you are out the connection right away. >> reporter: it took time nearly a month spent eating meals together, doing laundry and talking about their daughter's surgeries. the house offers basic males, shelters meals. >> the other part is the emotional part. physical contact with people and being able to connect with other families. >> i think everything we do is about helping families build relationships with one another. that's what families don't expect. >> reporter: there are daily activities and support with
5:52 am
trained psychologists. >> so they are coming in with a community of strangers and leave the best of friends. everything we do is to facilitate that relationship. >> saying hey, this is what's going on, i was there a month ago andive been there and this is what i did. >> it's been great to have somebody else going through same thing to like share everything. >> and eden and mariah doing well. the ronald mcdolgd house can help 123 families at a time. expanding its reach. find out how you can help. go to our website, >> i'm jessica castro castro cao news." >> at a benefit called shake your shamrock raising money for the ronald mcdonald house.
5:53 am
we see reggie aqui and mike nicco helping as family severed, press their gratitude. >> coming up. dishing out assists is. the warrior's family helping dreams come
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here are the winning numbers from last night 455 million power ball drawing. 22, 57, 59, 40, 44, and the power ball 7 purchase in pennsylvania. the 8th largest in power ball history. a cash value 1,000 oakland high school students going home with a free prom dress thanks to the generosity of members of the golden state warriors family.
5:56 am
1,000 new dresses distributed today to school seniors. and the oakland public education fund coordinated each recipient will get free cover girl m cosmetics donated by curry, wife of steph curry. up next. flames from a massive fire light up the san francisco sky. the latest on the four-alarm fire so intense it was seen across the bay.
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you have to take a first step to take a stand. it's the job of enhere at abc 7 to share your story. to tell the truth. help you understand the truth. >> empower you. >> empower your family.
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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >>. good morning everyone, i'm carolyn tyler, thank you for joining us on this sunday, march 18th. let's look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> the furnace probably going into over drive this morning. it is cold out there. fog in the north and east bay valleys. live doppler 7 picking up dry conditions. three quarters of a mile by the delta. loork at livermore, better than it was. next to nothing last hour. in the south bay, upper


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