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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  March 18, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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one night after flames tore through a north beach building, emotions running high tonight. the structure completely lost, and nearby business owners break down about the prospect of starting over again. >> this is our business. this is a kid to me. raise it, love it, build it. >> tough evening for the owners of the liquor store in north beach. >> i'm dion lim. >> and i'm eric thomas. tonight part of union street remains closed half that four-alarm blaze. >> let's get to cornell bernard. cornell, so many unanswered questions tonight. >> reporter: dion and eric, some sad news. we have learned this building has been red tagged by the city of san francisco. it is just too unsafe to occupy tonight. take a look, the barricades were
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set up just a few hours ago. union street is closed because there is a concern that the building's facade could fail and fall. still no cause for the fire. it's under investigation, but one city official has a lot of criticism for the fire department. meantime, business owners salvaging what they can tonight. >> the fire went so fast and so crazy like that. >> reporter: the owner says saturday's fire was intense, engulfing the upper floors of this billing on union street and stretching a city block in north beach. six businesses below including restaurants and bars heavily damaged by smoke and water. for him it was all too real. >> you feel like you lost your kid, your business. this is a kid to me. raise it, love this. >> the building now red tagged by the city. inspectors are concerned the front of it could collapse. drone view 7 captured those images from inside the building.
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there's nothing left but charred rubble surrounded by brick walls. remarkably no one was hurt. firefighters stopped the fire from spreading to nearby buildings, but san francisco supervisor aaron peskin criticized the fire department's response saying it took too long to put water on the fire. >> with my own eyes they completely totally failed to address this working fire in a quick, efficient way. >> the fire chief joanne hayes white fired back. >> once we determined we had no more life safety problems, we pulled everyone out in an abundance of caution. that's what we do. we're professional firefighters. we hoe what we're doing. >> reporter: there was a fire in the same building back in 2014. business owners say upstairs apartments had been vacant since then. >> i don't want to give up. i still have hope to bring it back again. >> reporter: many are vowing to return. in san francisco. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> chp is investigating a road rage shooting that hurt one adult and a young girl. this the happened about 9:00
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p.m. last night on eastbound interstate 80 near willow avenue. officers shut down the freeway for more than four hours to collect evidence. they say four people were in the victim's car. the adult passenger suffered minor injuries, and they described the child as major. chp is check being traffic kamgs for suspects but they are asking anyone with information to contact them. >> we didn't get a lot of sun today, but we didn't see any rain, yet. >> yet. on the left is sierra resort and on the left is santa cruz and the beach. >> let get to meteorologist drew tuma on this one. >> we got rid of the showers yesterday, but the clouds have certainly clung to much of the region for the second half of the weekend. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you we've got overcast skies across the entire region, but there's no moisture falling from the clouds. the clouds will not be sticking around for our monday. future weather showing you
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tonight by 8:00 we still have cloudy skies. 40s and 50s and after midnight the clouds are going to get out of here. that's going to lead the way to a really sunny start to the week and mild temperatures by monday afternoon. you get one more dry day, and then a rain chances rapidly increase. by tuesday and wednesday, our next storm arrives. we'll detail it hour by hour and show you where it stands on the storm impact scale coming up and i'll have the full accuweather forecast. >> dozens of people protested outside a coffee shop for their refusal to serve uniformed police officers. the cafe recently posted its policy on social media which asks police to leave for the physical and emotional safety of its customers and staff. one witness to the protest posted this video you see here to your twitter account. the group who called themselves pro president donald trump supporters waved american flags while denouncing the cafe stance
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and the group declared this is trump country. the group showed up at the temescal farmers market to confront oakland mayor libby schaaf and condemn her for warning i.c.e. of a formal ice raid. she was there to meet community members and those who support her protested by discussing sanctuary cities and discussing protection of it undocumented images. >> president trump ramps up his attacks on special counsel robert mueller's investigation into his campaign. some leap cans are speak out. senator lindsey graham said today if the president fires mueller it, quote, it's the beginning of the end of his presidency." abc news reporter andy field has the latest of his developments. >> reporter: donald trump's motorcade on its way to a virginia golf course. the president taking time off sunday morning after questioning the impartiality of robert mueller's special counsel team, tweeting why does the mueller team have 13 hardened democrats, and some big crooked hillary
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protests, and zero republicans, and yet there is no collusion. the president repeatedly denying what mueller is investigating, whether there was any alleged collusion between trump's presidential election campaign and russia. the mueller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime. witch-hunt. the president's tweets and his legal team seizing on the friday night firing of former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe to make the case for shutting down the russian investigation. just hours after attorney general jeff sessions fired mccabe, the president's lead attorney john dowd called on sessions's deputy rob rosenstein to follow his boss' brilliant and courageous example and shut down the robert mueller collusion investigate. some members of congress now worried the president may be telegraphing his intentions to fire mueller. >> would i hope that it would prompt all democrats and republicans in the house to pass an independent counsel law and reinstate bob muler. >> as i said before, if he tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his
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presidency because we're a rule of law nation. >> reporter: others believe the president won't go that far. >> as to bob mueller, he is econducted this investigation so far with great integrity without leak and by showing results, and i don't think the president's going to fire someone like that. >> reporter: mueller is a registered republican and former fbi director appointed by republican president george w. bush. >> andy field, abc news washington. >> meantime, abc 7 was at a town hall in san rafael today and asked congressman jarred huffman for his take a on what mr. trump is doing when it comes to the mueller investigation. >> i think the president sends out these trial balloons by twitter to find out if republicans in congress will have his back if he fires mueller or to see if they will consider that a red line. >> reporter: huffman then add that had republicans need to make it clear to the president he's creating a constitutional crisis if he continues down his path. peninsula representative jackie spear tweeted this
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morning the president is careening us towards what i fear will be a constitutional crisis. mr. president, here is my red line. fire mueller, and i will vote to fire you. >> a new report is casting doubt on attorney general jeff session's testimony on potential trump campaign contacts with russia. sessions said he pushed back against a proposal by former campaign advisers george pantlous at a campaign meeting. tonight reuters is reporting that three people who spoken with him have contradicted sessions' sworn statements saying he expressed no objections to objection to the idea and democrats are causing him of perjury. >> a celebration of life will take place at the veterans home in california in yountville to honor the lives of three mental health workers shot hand killed by army veteran albert wong on march 9 before he took his own knife. jennifer golic was a therapist,
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wife and mother and another woman was 7 months pregnant. her husband says she will always be remembered for her unconditional love and incredibly gift heart. kristine lober dedicated her life to helping veterans heal. the memorial started at 6:00 p.m. at napa valley lincoln arts center and we will be carrying it live on abc 7. >> there's much more ahead hat 5:00. somebody is $455 million richer tonight. >> also, an historic building comes tumbling down. >> and later, a couple that lost their home in the
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just like that, it's gone. the 12-story westchester plaza building in fort worth is nothing more than a big pile of rubble. the building imploded sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. the building first opened in the 1950s as luxury apartments. over the past 20 years the westchester building was an assisted living facility. >> with another workwoke around the corner a warning for drivers in the east bay if you use the posey tube. expect delays throughout the week. abc 7 news was in alameda outside the tube this afternoon. caltrans says one lane will be closed most of the week. crews are keeping the lane closed while they fix a sinkhole from an underground storm drain this woke. drivers can save time by taking other routes from alameda to downtown observing hand. >> somebody in pennsylvania is smiling pretty big tonight because they are millions of dollars richer. other are the winning night's $450 million powerball drawing. 22, 57, 59, 60, 66.
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the powerball number is 7. one ticket purchased in pennsylvania matched all six numbers to win the janet which is the eighth largest in powerball history. cash value $274 million. wednesday's jackpot resets to a paltry $40 million. >> as if losing their house in the north bay firesn't enough a couple from santa rosa also lost their cat. >> but the happy reunion with the cat they love so much. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're tracking a warm start to the upcoming week and rain will quickly return to the forecast. the timing ahead in the accuweather forecast. >> now is he setting the stage to fire robert mueller and the man who
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ran away with a teenager on a one-way flight t
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the scat back. this fluffy feline went missing after his owners jack and luke van marlon stayed with their daughter in berkeley after losing their sonoma home to the north bay wildfires. a group of dedicated volunteers spent five months helping in the search, five months. last woke a craigslist add helped find the cat and get him to his rightful owners. >> we were just so happy. when we saw the pictures, you know, your heart starts beating and you just can't believe it but we knew it was him. >> such a sad and compelling story with the fire and them having had to flee with the middle of the night with nothing but the two cats and the one of the cats disappearing immediately, so we both really
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wanted to help. >> and when the cat is found, you feel like your cat has been found because you've been so emotionally involved in this situation with the owners. >> after dumping feet of snow in the past few days on the mountains, skiers and snowboarders got a relatively clear day to enjoy all that boweder. >> looking good out there. a live look from our tahoe camera at heavenly money than resort to the. resorts reported as much has four feet of snow. here's what it hooked like on slopes at squaw today. >> well, even more snow is on the way this week, and i happen to know on good authority that the person producing this show is out of here about ten second after it's over to go ski on those slopes. >> not me. i wish i could, and they are going to see more snow in the coming days. by friday of the upcoming week we could see an additional 2 to 4 feet of fresh powder so the series of storms will continue this week.
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live doppler seven right now. no issues with precipitation overhead and the picture outside, a live look from emoryville. it looks as if it could almost rain at any moment. socked in with cloud cover and will have it throughout the evening and clearing skies will give way after midnight tonight and we'll stay dry tonight as well. temperature wise, limited sunshine, hey lost cloud cover and our bound to have below average temperatures this time of year and kind of stuck in the 50s across the board entire day. 54 today in san francisco and oakland. a cool 57 in san jose and 58 the current number in concord and 57 the current temp neurosanta rosa. here's the call from accuweather. next 12 hours. we have the clouds early on and after midnight they will get out of here so clearing skies. by early monday morning. it will be a cool start for many of us. low 70s in our coldest spots and 40 the overnight low in richmond and oakland hand 43 in san francisco dropped about 39 in redwood city. a different looking day on the way for monday. your 12-hour planner, going to
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be a beautiful look day. sun is up at 7:14 in the morning and it's total sunshine throughout the day. by 4:00 we're talking about mild temperatures. that sunshine is going to be really effective at warming us up. 60s if not low 7 as to start off the week ahead. tomorrow tons of sunshine and 46 degrees in san francisco and a hive 65 in oakland and going for 70 in the south bay for san jose. 68 in concord and 66 in napa and 65 the high in livermore, but the rain will return to the forecast on tuesday. so the storm impact scale comes back on tuesday. a loyalty system we're tracking. light showers. light wind and rainfall generally less than about half of an inch with the next storm system moving through. let's time it out for you. tuesday morning. by 7:00 in the morning all indications right now. the tuesday morning commute will be dry with overcast skies. the rain looks to arrive late in the morning house, 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, but it's really light in nature. you see green on the screen indicating light rain. throughout the afternoon and
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evening. waves of scattered light showers to kind of round out the day tuesday night so total rainfall, looks closer to the coast and the better chance you have of finding the higher rainfall totals. a quarter of an inch in san francisco and less than that as you move inland. concord and san ramon and even livermore will struggle to find a tenth of an inch of moisture. see what you're watching on wednesday. more rain works into the picture and right now it locks like the heaviest will be centered in southern california. keep you updated on that. the accuweather forecast, enjoy tomorrow. sunny and mild and spring showers on tuesday and the showers will continue even into friday morning. >> all right, drew, thank you. >> lots of upsets on the ncaa. >> short on time. get the producer to the slopes. another huge upset in the ncaa that has another one of our producers in tears and tiger woods made a run at arnie's event and came up short
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well, if you have any michigan state alums working in your office you know how committed they are to the university. i won't mention any names, producer brendan knapp, was in tears today after 11th seed syracuse knocked off seeded party issans. never count a jim boeheim team out. looked good for sparty early. matt mcquaid's shot catches is mid-air and banks the three. 25-22 michigan state at the half. under a minute left, one-point orange lead until tyus hill hits
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that. missed free throw and from half court for the win. too much on it. syracuse upsets sparty 55-53 the final. purdue got a scare from butler. 2:00 left in the game sean mcdermott, an acrobatic layup and the bulldogs down two. 16 seconds left. dakota matthews with the catch and shoot three to make it a five-point game. 1.2 seconds left. butler down three. baldwin half-court heave hand another one for the tie. no good. purdue wins is 76-73 advancing to the sweet 16. all right. we had the best tournament of the year on the pga tour at arnie's place. tiger woods made a run at title but back-to-back bogeys ended that while remember mcilroy who hasn't won on the pga tour in 539 days was out of his mind. bay hill the place arnie built. tiger woods was within a shot on the lead, 5 under par until the tee shot on 16 finds a bush out of bounds. he would bogey the hole and 17
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as well, but tiger finished a nice par on 18. 3 under on the day and 10 under on the tournament and tied for fifth. yesterday's leader heinrich stenson and rory mcilroy, a chance to share the lead. rims out and he's scolding and he hasn't won on the tour since 2016. chipping for birdie on is a. got. it takes a two-shot lead and part of four b dechambeau, eagle putt. find the bottom of the jar. rory would ice it with a 25-foot birdie putt. an 8 under 64. birdied five of his last six holes and he's the winner at 18 under par. >> something clicked in game in my long game and with moy putting as well, and this is a result, so it's -- it's just so nice to see everything come together finally. >> if you had asked me at beginning of the year that i would have had a chance to win two golf tournaments, that's --
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that would have been -- i would have taken that in a heartbeat. >> raiders and patriots doing business today. silver and back sent cordarrelle patterson to new england along with a fifth round pick for the patriots fifth round pick saving the raiders $2.5 mill in cap space. fartherson had 31 catches for 309 yards. now, if you could trade patterson why not michael crabtree. they just cut michael. that's interesting. love him or like him, tiger woods moves the needle on the course and on television. masters beware. the beauty of the ncaa, we have a news director that's really happy today. syracuse. >> a producer crying still up in the newsroom. >> and we have one trying to get out of
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coming up on "abc 7 news at 6:00," new scrutiny for facebook after 50 million users data is harvested for mitt call purposes. >> and what went wrong at a bay area taco bell. >> finally tonight, a shocking discovery in space. astronomers just announce what had they have detected and what they are calling one of the strongest bursts of radio waves ever recorded. the three new signals were detected by a telescope in australia. they generated as much energy as 100 million suns. >> astronomers say it's not clear what causes these radio waves. it could be anything from stars colliding to and mysterious dense objects. >> dense objects.
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>> we'll mold that over. >> we'll see you at 6:00. have fun on the slopes. >> biojo welcome to "world news tonight." president trump, his most direct attack on the special counsel yet, going after robert mueller by name, tearing into comey, and into just-fired deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe. is the president setting the stage to fire the special counsel? also tonight, data grab and the elections. the former insider speaking out. what he says about collecting personal information on facebook, claiming to use it to influence the way people vote. the company he worked for, and their ties to the trump campaign. under arrest. the married father who disappeared with a teen from pennsylvania, running away to cancun on a one-way flight. now he's in police custody. high-flying horror. a cirque du soleil performance takes a deadly turn. the aerialist thrown.


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