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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 21, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i wanted to show you this. if you're coming in from trace toy hayward right now, it is range on 580. this is the way it looks at the bay bridge toll plaza. the rain has tapered a little bit. still out there. as is a little bit of fog. the visibility is coming up. mid-50s this morning, mild, low to mid-60s noon through 7:00 with lighter rain coming this afternoon and evening. heavier rain tonight. i'll talk about it coming up. here's alexis. >> we have a lot of lanes blocked on southbound 60. we're trying to sort out which ones. we have fwhoex passed through saying the far left lane is getting by due to a multicar crash with two vehicles ended up fully engulfed in flames. heavy traffic in the area. good news. westbound 24 before wilder, we had a long-term blocking crash in orinda. all lanes back open. back up solid into lafayette. check the drive times coming up next. breaking news from the abc 7
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live desk. tracking breaking news all morning long. the austin serial bombing suspect is dead. he blew himself up inside his vehicle overnight. happened in round rock. 20 minutes north of austin. a s.w.a.t. team was closing in on his vehicle when the 24-year-old suspect detonated a device inside his car killing himself and officers opened fire. an officer was hurt. the officer who opened fire is on administrative leave right now. apart from his age, we know very little about the suspect. authorities still not releasing his name. they've been checking throughout the morning. they do say he's responible for the bombing in austin over the past three weeks but a motive remains unclear. authorities say people should be on the watch out for suspicious packages because they don't know his whereabouts for the last 24 hours. they also don't know if the suspect acted alone. reggie, natasha. >> an unusual hearing starts in san francisco. it's about climate change. oakland and san francisco are
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suing because of rising sea levels. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield in san francisco. >> good morning. amy. >> that's right. the judge has asked both sides to give him a tutorial on climate change the cities of san francisco and oakland are suing over rising sea levels because of the impact it will have on them as coastal cities. san francisco will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to strengthen its defenses against rising seawater. so they're going after who they consider a big offender. chevron oil company. chevron's lawyers say the claims have no merit and have asked that the case be dismissed. the judge has not ruled on that request. he wants the tutorial first. each side has 120 minutes today and the judge is expected to ask questions. the case is expected to be closely watched. even set up an overflow room here at the federal courthouse for people who want to come and watch today's proceedings.
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reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. while they watch that, we're watching a storm that ranks a 1 on our storm impact scale today and is expected to gain strength throughout the week. it could become a dangerous situation in the north bay. that's where areas like santa rosa's foun dan grove neighborhood are at risk of mudslides and flooding. emergency officials are planning for the worst and hoping for the best. gravel bags -- >> they're doing what they're supposed to do. catch a lot of the debris and silt and set sediment. an alert -- if you want to stay on top of the changing storm, you can track doppler on the go with our abc 7 news app. that app is free to download for apple and android devices. a group of oakland sthu dents will join others at the nation's capital in an effort to stand up against gun violence.
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students gathered to talk about taking part in saturday's march for our lives rally. they've been affected by gun violence in their own neighborhoods. >> i recently lost my big brother to gun violence. it's took a big toll on my family and we're still, like, really affected by it. >> the group will fly to washington, d.c. on friday. sister marches will be held in other cities, including here in san francisco. we'll have coverage ever the rallies on abc 7 news. a school resource officer is being praised for taking down the gunman at great mills high school in maryland. officer blaine gaskill exchanged gunfire with austin wyatt rollins. they're working to figure out why he opened fire yesterday. it's unclear whether he died during the shootout for a self-inflicted gunshot wound. rollins wounded two students, a 14-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl. the girl is still in critical condition this morning. two students at the same
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florida high school where 17 people were killed on valentine's day have been arrested. they were allegedly bringing weapons to marjory stoneman douglas high. a girl brandished a knife in a cafeteria and another student pulled out a knife on a high school. and a sheriff was caught sleeping on the job and has been suspended. in michigan, a 15-year-old boy turned into police by his own parents after admitting he planned to shoot up his high school. the boy stole two guns from his grandfather and cut them to fit into his backpack. he put together molotov cocktails and had materials ready to make pipe bombs. the family says the teen was bullied at the school. there's a new plan to make your commute easier. former uber ceo travis kalanick has a new job and has nothing to do with transportation. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. look how saturday changed. we had a 30% coverage on monday. yesterday 50%.
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now we're up to 90. i'll give you the hour by hour look coming up. looking outside this morning, coming up on 6:06. there's not a lot to see out of the camera because it's covered in rain.
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all right. what type of coat to take this morning? how about dressing for 54 to 56 degrees. a homogenized air mass over san francisco. walnut creek. 52. fairfield, 58 in union city and belmont. here's a look at the fog. visibility two miles or greater. it's not detrimental. it's definitely out there. the rain keeps coming in from the south. it's going to continue this through the morning. as you can see, rainy times in you're running errands. exercise will be drier. it's mainly wet as the rainfall is at about 7500 feet. temperatures today. mid to upper 60s elsewhere. major sig-alert. guess who has the details for you. >> back to the nimitz.
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traffic at a standstill on the southbound side of 880 before you get to davis. this happened almost exactly an hour ago. multicar crash. one vehicle burst into flames. the second vehicle was fully engulfed as well. really heavy traffic approaching that down to 3 miles an hour. 16 on that northbound side. good news, we're all clear. southbound 680 through-wall nut creek. >> thanks alexis. the former ceo of uber will be ceo of a small real estate startup. he bought city storage system and named himself ceo. the startup plans to buy distressed real estate and remodel it for digital businesses. so far, just 15 employees there. kalanick was thrown out as ceo of uber last june after a series of scandals at that company. toyota is making a major announcement about their driverless car project. >> starbucks wants to become ecofriendly and offering $10 million to help them reach their goal. as we go to break, we leave
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you with a live look at sfo the tarmac is wet this morning. thousands of flights have been canceled because of the weather canceled because of the weather
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the family of an east baio owe does not want their daughter to undergo another brain death
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tests. >> she suffered complications after a tonsillectomy in 2013. doctors declared her brain-dead but her mother kept her on life support. according to the east bay times, children's hospital wants to perform another brain death test before the case goes to court. the family's attorney think it would damage her health. gun control was the topic at grace cathedral. william scott was a member a panel of experts. it's the type of discussion he hopes will eliminate gun violence in the audience, maddy scott who was an activist after her son was shot in san francisco 22 years ago. she says schools, families, communities all need to watch out for red flags. >> ask relatives, is there gun in the home. see signs of mental illness, recognize those signs. if you do, how to help that
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person. >> the experts spoke about the power behind the students' voices at stoneman douglas high school in florida and renewed hope for meaningful change. first stormy daniels, now a former playboy model who claims she had an affair with president trump. karen macdougal is suing the national enquirer's publish after she was tricked into signing an agreement to keep quiet about the alleged affair. a close friend to the president owns the enquirer. if you have an idea for the next great coffee cup, it could be worth $10 million. they're looking for an ecofriendly disposable cup. the biggest challenge is coming up with a lining for the cup. it needs to hold your coffee but still be compostable. >> all of it. it would break up and turn into dust. >> right. >> that's what we want, right?
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>> dire way of putting it. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike nicco is here. we can see what's happening everywhere you look. >> it's going to intensify tonight and tomorrow morning it's going to be more problematic for us. here's a look at the radar returns southwest of bodega avenue. let's look at live doppler 7 as it updates there. let's see wirts heading and when it will get there. petaluma in the next five minutes. hot springs at 6:35 or so. it's going to keep heading up to possibly st. helena, yountville as we head deeper into the morning. maybe around 6:45. let's look at what's going on. the big picture here. three areas of low pressure that will affect us. the first two, the most southern ones, the ones steering the atmospheric river. this comes in friday and saturday and keeps it wetter. this low is actually drawing the river north -- that's why the rain is going to pick up during
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the evening and overnight hours. you can see it's pretty quiet in san jose. definitely everything is wet from the overnight rain on 280 and 17. my accuweather highlight, rain heavier with thunder possible tonight. a south break tomorrow through most of friday and friday night into saturday. that's why i have the weekend trending wetter. the storm that comes in tonight, that's going to be a 2. it's going to last through tomorrow morning's commute with drenching rain, thunderstorms possible and winds gusting 30 in our valleys to 45 miles per hour along the bay shore and the coast. you can see a few moderate spots as we round out the commute at 9:00. notice the are gone at noon and even some of the green leaves us by 4:00 and 5:00. we shift our attention to the north bay. that's when the moderate moves in around 6:00. then it comes from the south by midnight. look at it get heavy with red possible at 4:00 all the way to 9:00. we see a little bit of clearing heading towards the afternoon hours. sunshine late.
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drop it back to a 1 friday and saturday. cold showers and thunderstorms, hail possible. sunshine breaks out sunday. the 70s return tuesday. busy morning on the roads. here's alexis. >> we're going to head back to the sig-alert in the san leandro area. zooming in on the traffic maps. we're hearing we have the two left lanes open. we were down to one for about the last 30 minutes. just before you get to davis street, multicar crash. two vehicles burst into flames following that. it sounds like we're in the cleanup process now. they're sweeping some debris out of the rest of the lanes. two lanes getting by. you are totally gridlocked. you're at a standstill from 66 around oracle arena down to that scene. definitely want to stick to international boulevard or an alternate. delays on the northbound side as well. zooming into the highway 17 here. we've got heavy traffic as you head through the santa cruz mountains. northbound 17. yet another spinout crash. maybe part of that right lane is
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blocked. emergency crews on the way to the scene. can't stress this enough. slow down drive for conditions. we have a lot of high introplaning and spinout crashes today. san francisco commuters won't have to wait long for the line. the transit authority voted increase service. wait times between each train will be reduced from every seven minutes to four minute to accommodate more riders on peak hours on weekdays. the change starts this summer. in pennsylvania, a number of citizens came to the aid of a driver who was trapped. >> take a look at the dashcam video. the car on its side on fire. it crashed into the parking lot of an elementary school after striking the median of a nearby road. faculty members from the school jumped on the car with extinguishers and helped push the car right side up before dragging the mail driver from the burning -- male driver from the burning wreckage. he suffered moderate injuries. a plane ticket fare war
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brewing. it means great deals for the next vacation. but you have to act fast. why this robot won't be taking human jobs at least for now. here's rob marciano with a look at what's ahead at 7:00 a.m. on "good morning america." good morning. breaking news this morning. the texas serial bomber dead after detonating a bomb as a s.w.a.t. team moved in. matt gutman is live in austin with details how they tracked him down. what officials know at this hour. hour. it's all coming up on
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. here we are at 7:00 in the evening. let me show you how much rain develops. a half inch to 3/4 of an inch develops. more than an inch of rain. the strongest part of the storm still ahead of us. natasha. thank you, mike. 6:23 now. california has no plans to hit the brakes on self-driving cars despite the deadly accident in arizona. the dmv will begin to issue permits to allow driverless car tests in the golden state. officials are aware a driverless uber car struck and killed a woman in tempe. they knee no need to alter permit plans. they had a backup operator in the car at the time. uber is likely not at fault. the driver may still face charges. as for the fallout, toyota will temporarily stop all testing of autonomous driving system called
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chauffeur on u.s. roads. officials added, the amount of vehicles they're testing is small and did not say how long the suspension would last. walmart is testing the use of robots in stores to help with a job that right now is done by humans. not replacing the greeters. don't worry about that. they're going to lend a hand for more mundane tasks. this robot in milpitas, its job to scan items for out of stock. the real-time data is passed along to human employees who stock the shelves. >> data that we're getting is arming our associates so that they have the information to do their jobs better. >> it's starting to be a little scary. are machines taking over? >> walmart officials insist it will not affect employee head count and many say it will ensure a smoother shopping experience. the company is currently working with three other national stores in addition to walmart. amazon ceo jeff bezos is
6:25 am
worth $130 billion. that's good enough to make him the richest person in the world. amazon just passed google as the second largest company. amazon's market value climbed to about $765 billion, almost $3 billion more than what google is worth. only apple is worth more at $900 billion. if you didn't book your trip to hawaii yesterday, darn it. you missed a great deal. >> the cost for round trip tickets plummeted to $197 via alaska airlines. other airlines en dpaj gauged in a fare ware. the cheapest through delta. anything under $400 is typically a great deal. >> i somehow never get those deals. 700, okay. >> next at 6:30, the new oversight coming to the santa clara county jail. the storm bringing rain to the bay area causing big safety
6:26 am
concerns for people in southern california. the mandatory evacuation orders for people already devastated by mudslides and fire. at the live desk, i'm tracking breaking news out of austin, texas. a bombing suspect killed overnight. the danger may not be over. a major sig-alert on 880 in the san leandro area all morning. little bit of good news. the crash cleared. sky 7 over the long residual delays that remain. a closer look at that after the break. we'll leave you, but we never really leave you. we leave up information about doespeninsula trail?he you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop.
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now at 6:30, breaking news. the austin package bomber is dead after a nearly three-week siege. >> expected to face tough questions on capitol hill over how they use their personal information ziechlgts first, more wet weather headed for us. damp conditions on bay area roads and even more rain is on the way. good morning on this wednesday, march 21st. we're coming up on 6:30. thanks for being there. >> early in the morning but busy
6:30 am
here. glad you're joining us. starting with meteorologist mike nicco. >> so far we've had a taste of this. we're going to get a lot more tonight and tomorrow morning. right now, a lot of light rain out there. a little bit of fog to contend with. we did have just a moderate shower roll through there. right now the latest update shows it's turning down to a light shower and the shower about to roll across the dumbarton bridge. watch out. more puddles possible there. my 12-hour planner shows the best chance of rain and drizzle to noon. it will taper this afternoon. look at the temperatures, milder than yesterday. mid-60s. we'll talk more about that heavy rain tonight coming up. how about the accidents, here's alexis. >> live to sky 7 over the residual delays on 880. the crash on the southbound side of 880 really starting around the coliseum approaching davis street where the crash happened. this was exceptional. one of the vehicles involved burst into flames. it was fully engulfed.
6:31 am
caught another vehicle involved in the crash on fire also. that's why it took so long to clean up. things are slowly bouncing back. the volumes are starting to lift a little bit. but you're jammed for three miles. use 580 or international as an alternate. i've been tracking this all morning long. breaking news out of texas. the man suspected to be behind the package bombings in austin is dead. this morning, authorities found his car parked at a hotel in round rock. that's about 20 minutes north of austin. austin police chief says that they were waiting for a tactical team to arrive before arresting him when he started to drive away. officers followed. he pulled over and the s.w.a.t. team moved in. but that's when police say he detonated his car. at the same time, police opened fire when they finally got to him. he was dead. authorities have not released the suspect's name only that he was 24 years old. they say he's responsible for the bombings in austin over the
6:32 am
past three weeks. motive remains unclear this morning. the chief says it's important that people still stay on alert. >> because we don't know where the suspect has spent his last 24 hours and, therefore, we still need to remain vigilant to ensure that no other packages or devices have been left through the community. >> in fact, one of the latest updates this morning is that they're not totally sure if this suspect acted alone. one officer was hurt, another officer who opened fire is on administrative duty. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. we're tracking the wet weather this morning. >> heavier rain is on the way tonight. expect wet roadways out there. reporter matt keller live in the santa cruz mountains. how is it, looking matt. >> since i last saw you about an hour ago, there's been a couple of accidents here on highway 17. that is causing backups in spots.
6:33 am
it's obvious as to why there are crashes here on highway 17. it's raining and foggy in spots. traffic can be slow in some spots. it's a good idea to slow down anyway even if there are no crashes ahead of you. of course, it's best to stay home and stay inside if you're traveling over highway 17 this morning. if you have to be out, at least be inside your vehicle. this is my photographer, ian babcock. he gets the shot each in the pouring rain. wow, was it coming down after 4:00 this morning. he was getting soaked from his shoes to the top of his head. here's footage from the camera. here's what he was seeing through his lens. the downpour lasted a few minutes. roads are wet. makes for dangerous driving conditions up in the santa cruz mountains. when it rains like this, you can expect chaos to follow. thankfully, there weren't that many cars on highway 17 at the time. but the rain is not stopping. of course, the cars are starting to -- to highway 17 this morning. i saw that there was a tree down in the santa cruz mountains on
6:34 am
bear creek road. obviously have to be careful of any debris in the roadways. reporting live in the santa cruz mountains, matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. police are braced for more of this today. four people were hurt in an accident in antioch last night. a vehicle slid on east 18th and hargrove streets and sideswiped another vehicle. two of the injuries were serious. >> the rain hit much of the bay area hard for several hours. this is what it was like in downtown san francisco. everybody clutching their umbrellas. share it with us. post your photo and video on social media using the #abc 7 now and you may see them on abc 7 news. facebook executives will be testifying before congress to answer questions about cambridge analytica. it took the information of 50 million users without permission. mark zuckerberg will not be testifying. the executives who do testify will be briefing the intelligence, judiciary and commerce committees for the
6:35 am
house an the senate. they could face questions about how facebook uses your data. there's been no response from zuckerberg and coo sheryl sandberg about the controversy. if you're wondering what facebook knows about you, it's easy to find out. the company takes your likes and tracks your -- you can see it by clicking onsetings and adds and make changes to those settings. the santa clara county sheriff's office and the jail system will be under civilian overiet. last night county supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance to create an independent monitor and community advisory board. this is the most significant move in a series of reforms spurred by the 2015 beating death of mentally ill inmate michael tyree. the board will formally adopt a new ordinance next month. 30,000 people in santa barbara county under mandatory evacuation orders this morning. the same strong storm hitting us in the bay area will be bringing heavy rain to southern
6:36 am
california. >> there's concern it could trigger flash flooding and mudslides in areas hit by wildfires. many people are placing sandbags around their homes before leaving. the santa barbara county sheriff's department posted flyers urging people to get out. they're taking extra precautions after the deadly mudslides swept through montecito that destroyed homes and killed people. >> only 20% of the fire debris came down in the big storm in january. so there's 80% of that still up there. it's on a very steep cliff. >> one man says he grabbed his dog, blankets and some food as soon as the mandatory evacuation order was issued. people in the northeast are waking up to the fourth major storm in three weeks. new jersey, maryland, delaware and parts of pennsylvania expecting 8 inches or more of new snow. in fact, forecasters say this could be the most power fufl snowstorm in years. schools in new york city, philadelphia and washington,
6:37 am
d.c. are closed today. already 3,000 flights have been canceled. amtrak is scaling back service on the northeastern corridor. some states are banning certain types of trucks from major highways. we want to let you know about a delay that is almost unheard of at sfo right now. the runways are slick. there were dozens of delays there. we have learned that you can expect four hour and 8 minute delays this morning. yikes, mike. >> that's the longest i've ever seen. that's an average. there could be some longer. hopefully there's some shorter. but definitely a lot of rain. nearly an inch the last couple of days. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. dress for mid to upper 50s. 58 in bell monday. hayward at 58. fremont, san jose, the cool spot antioch and santa rosa at 52 degrees. here's one. stronger storms. another downpour headed for san rafael, novato and where 37 and
6:38 am
101 come together. i wanted to head to santa cruz mountains. you can see a steady -- i wouldn't say downpour, but a steady rain there. every once in a while there's a downpour. you can see light rain falling on the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see how backed up it is also. roads poor, especially this morning. better this evening. wet spots no matter where you go. rainy and breezy on the ferries. let's take care of our kids. the wet -- light moderate. heading through the school day, 11:00 light rain. 57 to 61. mild and not as wet at 3:00. we'll be 57 at the coast. mid-60s for the rest of us. highs today we'll hang out in the low 60s here at half moon bay. also up around lakeport and ukiah. the rest of us from -- san rafael to san jose 68. tonight, another mild night. in fact, our last mild night with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. what i want to focus on for my
6:39 am
next weather, look at all the orange and yellow. the moderate to heavy rain and the thunderstorms coming in tonight. we keep talking about it. it's wet. slow down. did you count how many accidents you passed so far or incidents? >> currently about 30. i'm not sure how many for the morning. nobody is listening to us, mike. it is tough going out there this morning. i want to take you back to our main trouble spot this morning. that has been the nimitz. southbound 880 still trying to bounce back just before davis due to that earlier crash for our two vehicles burst into flames following the collision. all clear. all lanes back open as of 6:30 this morning. as you can see, we have delays in the area well north of the coliseum. another trouble spot is walnut creek south on 680. we had two issues along this route. one of them here around treat. the other near 242. those are both gone. boy, traffic not moving very quickly. drive times reflecting the heavy traffic here, too. westbound 580, tracy to dublin
6:40 am
in the yellow at 47 minutes. westbound 4 antioch to concord in the red at 33. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, not many incidents. you're definitely soggy and slow heading over to golden gate. that is in the yellow, 18 minutes. >> alexis, thank you. heads up if you see what looks like an emergency at mineta san jose international. it's a planned emergency exercise. in the scenario, a plane would hit a bird while landing causing the aircraft to lose the ability to use flaps. the exercise is a training opportunity for airport, airline, san jose fire department and san jose police department. medical response personnel and others. >> it's one of san francisco's hottest spots. but the museum of ice cream faces a serious fine. plus south bay kids are explaining the fundamentals of science. the showcase that will have you cheering on the next generation. coming up on 6:41. the big board at the new york stock exchange.
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6:43 am
this is abc 7 mornings. all right. let's keep track of that atmospheric river. it's down to our south for the better part of today heading towards santa barbara. 67 in l.a. mid-60s for sacramento, fresno, monterey. flood watch for yosemite and then let's take a look at the
6:44 am
snow pack up to 48%. so it is getting better. it's going to get better. look at this. starting at 5:00 this afternoon, to 5:00 saturday morning. we've got a winter storm warning. we've got an avalanche watch starting at the same time. but ending at 7:00 friday morning. two to three feet of snow at 7500 feet. 5 feet at the crest. more snow for saturday into sunday. now, breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. a major breaking news update from our live desk. in just the last few minutes, we got the identity of the austin bombing suspect who blew himself up early this morning. his name is marc anthony condit. he was 24 years old. now that we know his name. we expect to learn more about condit and his motives. just learning from our station in houston that two of his roommates are being questioned by police in pfluegerville, texas. that's in the austin area next to round rock where conditt was
6:45 am
captured overnight. to be clear, the roommates are not suspect at this point. if we get major updates, i'll let you know. >> reggie. thank you, jessica. an hour from now, an unusual hearing gets under way in a frool courtroom in san francisco. >> for the first time, a judge will hear the pros and cons of climate change. amy hollyfield is live for us in san francisco. amy? >> reporer: hi, natasha. class will be in session here at the federal courthouse today. that's because the judge has ordered both sides to give him a tutorial on the science of climate change. the judge will hear from lawyers representing the cities of san francisco and oakland. then the lawyers for chevron. this is the first time the science of climate change has been challenged in court. as coastal cities, san francisco and oakland are suing over the rising sea levels and that's because of the impact the cities say it would have here in how much it would cost for them to
6:46 am
deal with seawater rushing in and trying to prevent it. each side will have 120 minutes to make their case. chevron asked that the case be thrown out saying the claims have no merit. the judge has ruled on that -- the tutorial expected to be watched closely, everyone is calling it quite unusual. they've set up an overflow room in case a big crowd shows up to watch and see what happens here. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. sonoma county is still rebuilding five months after the north bay wildfires. a new survey made health officials make better decisions. the community group wants to survey people affected by the fires. it asks what you think should be the top priority right now as well as how important you think issues like housing, education and the arts are after the fires. the survey is available online through april 2nd. we'll post a link to our o. -- on
6:47 am
another dog ends up in the wrong place, only this time united isn't involved. delta airlines is investigating after an 8-week-old puppy was sent to several wrong airports. this all started on saturday when this dog's owner says his puppy didn't arrive as scheduled in boise. delta says there was a mixup and the dog went to detroit. then it went to minneapolis. delta said the puppy was then misrouted to las vegas. after that, it was flown to salt lake city and finally to boise the next day. >> what a journey. president trump went against his advisers when he congratulated vladimir putin on his reelection as president. the "washington post" reports that mr. trump was specifically warned against it by his national security advisers before he made the call yesterday. his briefing paper even said in capital letters, do not congratulate. among those criticizing the president, senator john mccain.
6:48 am
tweeted in part, quote, an american president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections. now on to the money report. it's about to become easier to shop and ship. >> walmart teaming up with fedex for prirnting and packing and shipping. the locations will allow you to have packages held for three days. fedex is also partnering with other retailers to allow you to return items you got in the mail and get refunds on the spot. that would be convenient. then they will ship products back to the distributors for you. analysts say it's part of walmart's competition with amazon. orbitz says an older website may have been hacked. it was discovered by the company on march 1st. information tied to 880,000 credit cards may have been exposed to hackers. the company says its current site, was not affected. it's currently notifying
6:49 am
customers who may have been impacted. a live look at the stock exchange. up about two points now. 24,727 as trading gets under way. girls in san jose showing smarts in science an math. yesterday we told you about the draw of science experiment. >> kids are more likely to imagine female scientists than 50 years. a sign of positive change. maybe these boys and girls will become real scientists in the future. it was a second annual s.t.e.a.m. showcase last night. it stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math. 130 students' projects were on display at the tech museums. >> i got first places two times. >> yeah, she did. she put food coloring in water to change the color of flowers. no dye was used in that group to find out how the flowers bloom naturally. she likes science because she
6:50 am
likes to create things. very nice. museum of ice cream in san francisco is being fined. >> spoiler, the sprinkles aren't real. that's the problem. the city says the plastic sprinkles are environmental hazards. environmentalists will worried they will end up on city streets and be washed into the storm drains. they haven't been forced to pay the fines yet because it's working toward compliance. >> that fine was $500. it's been raking in so much money. >> that museum makes $500 before it wakes up in the morning. you know what i'm saying? >> we have rain today, mike. >> yes, we do. let's jump in. a lot to talk about because the strongest part of the storm is ahead of us. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's a look pat the golden gate bridge. we've seen an increase in the percentage of average from 50 and 66 to 51 and 68. hopefully that will continue to keep
6:51 am
maybe a better clip when the heavier rain comes in tonight. 101 and 880, one of the drier and faster commutes it looks like this morning. the south bay is kind of drying out while the rest of us have periods of rain and milder breezes. heavier rain tonight, thunderstorms possible and finally dry beginning sunday. that means saturday is looking wet. some of the better radar returns. marin county, yellow there. you can see over fairfield. a little bit of a downpour. there's more rain developing offshore. that's why we'll have periods of rain today. jumping to tonight. we ramp up from a 1 today to a 2 during the evening and overnight hours for the drenching rain and winds gusting to 45 miles per hour along the coast and bay shore. 30 for the rest of us. still moderate rain at 9:00. then it turns over to just periods of light rain. then it turns back over from noon to 6:00 to moderate rain in the north bay. but during the overnight hours. look at the yellow, orange and
6:52 am
reds showing up at the beginning of tomorrow's morning commute t hangs around through the entire commute and then we get a little break and sunshine heading towards thursday afternoon. notice the rainfall at 7:00. pretty light. look how heavy it is during the overnight hours. the green significaying an inch rain. it will taper to a 1 with a cold storm. thunderstorms and hail possible friday and saturday. drying out sunday. back to spring warmth tuesday. here's alexis with the accidents. we've got a lot to choose from. the major sig-alert, traffic alert continues to improve. all lanes back open for 20 minutes now on southbound 880 before davis. really, you're looking great on the southbound side approaching that. it's south of there, heading into the castro valley where it slows down again. the northbound side is heavy. quick check outside. the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. very soggy and slow here. we've got wet conditions all over the bay area.
6:53 am
another slow, soggy drive. no delays, significant delays. you really do want to drive for conditions this morning. our drive times, we saw that flip from yellow into the red on westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze. that's up to 48 minutes. 18 across the bay bridge. southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, when you get to the airport, significant delays but not terrible driving there. here in the yellow at 14 minutes. >> alexis thank you. one of the newest members of the 49ers make tg clearest not going to stop from telling us what he thinks. richard shermanfeld his first on camera news conference as a niner yesterday sporting a very red getup. it's a 180 for the formal seattle seahawk who used to for meant the niners. sherman said it was the leadership gm john lynch and head coach kyle shanahan that lured him to the team. he's excited to come back to what he considers his second home. >> i'm a west coast guy, i'm an l.a. guy but spent five years going to stanford. i've won a lot of games wearing
6:54 am
red. >> sherman signed a three-year deal worth $39 million two weeks ago. scientists at cal have invented a beer without the hopps. this is a big deal because hopps, a floral flavoring in ale, is really thirsty. production of the plants requires 33 billion gallons of water a year in the u.s. alone. scientists have genetically engineered the yeast used in the commercial making of beer. the discovery started as a side project in a berkeley laboratory devoted to alternative energy. national puppy day two days away now. we can't wait. we've been sharing photos of our dogs all week long. including my baby boy. woodstock. this is when we got him. we adopted him when he was three. i can't even believe this dog. he's so cute. he still is. he's now 12. you can share photos and videos of your dogs puppies on 7. we can find them and share them online. >> look at him with the peanut
6:55 am
butter. >> number one snack. >> you can tune in beginning at 4:30 friday morning. we'll have the pups here at our studios and you can bet we'll be showing them off. >> oh, yeah. plus our live puppy cam will be streaming at and the abc 7 news app. our goal is to help puppies find forever homes. coming up next, the seven things you need to know before you go. >> looking live. abc 7 news now. wet bay bridge toll plaza. wet bay bridge toll plaza. be aware of ♪ ♪ my husband is probably going to think i'm crazy. he thinks i'm going to see my sister! ♪ ♪ sometimes the confidence to be spontaneous starts with financial stability. once i heard it i was shocked. i just thought, i have to go get it! ♪ ♪ it's our tree! ♪ ♪ see how a personalized financial strategy and access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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6:58 am
it's 6:58. seven things to know before you go. the first one is the wet weather you're dealing with this morning. the steadiest of the rain in the accuweather 12-hour planner. it will become more scattered this afternoon before the heaviest part arrives tonight. >> number 2, the weather is impacting traffic. here's a live look at golden gate bridge. southbound 101. slight delays from marin county. 45 incidents working right now and a lot of solo vehicle crashes and hydroplaning. take it easy on the roads. number 3, cameras in santa cruz where it poured down rain on highway 17 and the summit. the driving conditions are dangerous. number 4, the austin bombing
6:59 am
suspect is dead after police confronted him this morning. we've learned his name. a.p. reporting mark anthony conditt blew himself up. happening today, a showdown between big oil, san francisco and oakland over climate change. the two cities are shug chef vr. >> facebook executive testifying before congress this morning to answer questions about cambridge analyt analytica and that it took information from 50 million users without permission. wine country coming to net nicks. the cap sent auto owe tina fey,e maya rudolph and more. it's quite a cast. the cast is centered in napa's wine country and features friends celebrating a birthday. >> i'm excited for this. a bridesmaid feel. >> yeah. >> it makes me laugh looking at it. >> heads up. more than four-hour delays at
7:00 am
sfo. a live look. wet tarmac good morning, america. as we come on the air, the suspected texas serial bomber dead. >> the brave men and women of the austin police department put their lives on the line tonight to stop this man from setting off bombs. >> the showdown with law enforcement. the suspect, a 24-year-old white male blowing himself up in a car as a s.w.a.t. team moved in. how they tracked him down and the new warning this morning. police saying more explosive devices could be out there. we're live on the scene with the latest. also breaking right now, the winter storm emergency. the dangerous nor'easter hitting right now. 17 states from indiana to massachusetts on alert this morning. some areas already getting a foot of snow. now schools shut down across major cities. new york city and philadelphia included.


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