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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 22, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now at 5:00. stunning video of a san francisco police officer crawling after someone shot him. a massive investigation under way this morning. new video shows what happened moments before an autonomous car hit and killed a woman as some of the biggest driverless companies are gathering in the bay area today. shaping up to be a dangerous and messy morning on the roads. good morning on this thursday, march 22nd. we have been warned for days now this would happen. >> been busy for both of you.
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>> probably the worst commute. unfortunately, it looks like it's shaping up that way. i'll take care of the weather end. rain heavy at times from this moderate storm. thunderstorms possible and winds gusting 30 to 45 miles per hour. heaviest rain moraga, moraga way. you can see in oakland. this is all sliding to the northeast. there's more downpours building offshore. you can see in san rafael, we've got rain right now. rain, standing water, possible during the morning commute. becoming showers and thunderstorms in the commute. it gets colder this afternoon. by 7:00, that's it for now. more rain coming this weekend. here's alexis. here's a live look at the walnut creek camera. it is coming for you as mike mentioned. we have heavy rain in the moraga area heading north. southbound 680 moving along fine. the wipers will be on high if they're not already. a lot of crashes already today. let's take you up to solano county and vacaville.
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we had to stop to clear a spinout crash. they just opened all lanes again. the delays should thin out. we'll head to castro valley next. this dramatic video of a san francisco officer crawling to safety after a gunman shoots him in the leg. this morning, six people are hurt. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at zuckerberg st general? >> reporter: good morning. six victims all being treated here at the hospital. two are in critical condition. the officer is in fair condition. you can see in this video where he is crawling to safety after being shot in the leg trying to get away from the gunfire. this happened in a barbershop yesterday at 4:30 in the afternoon in the crocker amazon neighborhood. police haven't say why they
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started shooting. people in the area did what they could to escape. >> i heard the gunshots, i was trying to duck so that i wouldn't be into anything. yeah, i know, like all the walgreens customers are running behind their cars. >> reporter: the suspect is one of the people in the hospital. he was shot and he is in critical condition. one of the victims is a juvenile. police are looking for help in their investigation. they're asking for anyone who saw anything to give them a call. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, stunning cell phone video. thank you. we have new developments about an incident at travis air force base in fairfield. a person died after illegally driving on to the base and crashing late last night. officials tell us the investigation is john going and there are no current threats to anyone. we are getting our first look at the seconds before one of uber's self-driving cars hit and killed
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a woman in arizona. >> okay. watch this. you're going to see the backup driver in the car, right? this is just right before sunday's tragedy happened. the human driver appears to be looking down and then we freeze it there because it appears the driver is now reacting to the woman bhowho was suddenly in fr of the car. another on board camera shows the victim walking into the roadway from a darkened area. the volvo has sensors to detect people, cars and objects and are designed to trigger the car's brakes. san francisco-based uber said in a statement, the video is disturbing and heartbreaking to watch. our thoughts continue to be with elaine's loved ones. we're assisting local, state and federal authorities in any way we can. >> on a related note, happening today, companies working on driverless cars will meet with san francisco city leaders to talk safety. according to the examiner, uber, lyft and waymo are among the companies responding to mark
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farrell's letter. in today's gma first look, there's an apparent confession in the austin serial bombings. >> investigators say the suspect left a 25-minute recording on his phone detailing his plot. diane macedo has the details. >> in the 19 days he alleged liter rised austin, mark anthony conditt was a mystery. there's some clarity due to a recording he left hine. >> it was a confession because he called it as such. he was admitting to what he had done. >> police say the tell-all reveals how he made the seven explosive devices. >> we're going to be attempting to move people from the building. >> it offers a window into why he did this. >> instead, it is the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his personal life that led him to this point. >> despite his disguise, police
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had identified conditt as the man seen wearing a wig in this fedex store surveillance video. we'll have more on the background of the suspect coming up at 7:00 a.m. i'm diane macedo, abc news, new york. his family released a statement saying in part, we are devastated and broken at the news that our family member could be involved in such an awful way. right now, our prayers are for the families who lost loved ones, for those impacted in any way and for the soul of our mark. we are grieving and we are in shock. police need your help to identify this man, suspected in an armed robbery. it happened yesterday just before 12:30 p.m. at the pacific service credit union on contra costa boulevard. the suspect passed a note demanding money. he also displayed a handgun on his waistband. he ran from the credit union after getting the cash. no one was hurt during the robbery. all right. let's take a look and talk temperatures before we get to
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the radar. it's very mild this morning. 60 in san bruno and belmont. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s on the peninsula. same thing everywhere else. san jose, concord and san rafael. 60 degrees. that's about as warm as it will get today. look at the downpours moving through mill valley, larkspur, fairfax and heading up towards lucas valley and novato. heading across the richmond-san rafael bridge. heading up towards hercules and up 80. you can see 24 there at the lower right-hand side of your lowecreen and 680 north of waln creek. there you go. this is moderate to heavy rain falling right now. let's talk about your activity planner. it revolves around rain, at least at home. if our out and about, rab and showers this afternoon. you'll be jumping puddles if you're exercising today. the heaviest of the snow is falling in the high country. it's going to get very bad and dangerous to travel in the high country. temperatures, there you go. we don't change much.
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highs today, mainly this morning. going to be a little cooler this afternoon as a cold front sweeps through. in fact, you can see it right here at 61 in the south bay at 12. a chance of thunderstorms and drops down to 55 by 2:00 and dry air by 6:00. 55 at 8:00, wet through 1:00 and drier with a little sunshine and then let's look at what happens tonight. fog and significantly cooler with temperatures in the upper 30s to mid-40s. let's see how many accidents alexis can tell us in 45 seconds. >> i'm going to try to squeeze in as many as possible, mike. want to head back to castro valley. that's been the main trouble spot this morning. westbound 580 at grove road. chp assures us that the crash is on the shoulder. we temporarily had all lanes blocked to clear this. solo vehicle crash that landed in the middle lanes. that's off on the side. a lot of folks are slowing down
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to look at that. westbound 580 at the 164th avenue off ramp. we have another crash. a vehicle slid off the roadway. they'll have to cut that person out of vehicle. not sure about injuries. that's not blocking any lanes on the highway. eastbound 580 before 150, yet another crash that moved off to the side after they temporarily had to stop all traffic to clear that. south bay, you're soggy here too. 101 and 880. reports of a new crash of the northbound 101 and 280 connector. we'll head there coming up next. thanks, alexis. five men facing charges in a berkeley sex case involving 14 to 16-year-old girls. according to the media partner, the east bay times it happened on shattuck avenue near delaware street on monday. police received a 911 call from one of the girls saying she had been the victim of a sexual assault. police later learned the five men and the five girls had met up sunday night to hang out at the apartment. the girls told police one of the suspects pulled a gun before they were assaulted. the men arrested on a number of
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charges, including rape. okay. a smoke alarm that cannot detect smoke. we have important new details on a recall you need to know about. just one click, the new tool telling you how your property will fare when the big one hits. plus, tear gas and democracy. a vote that did not go as planned. >> announcer: today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain. gear up before you go out. drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc 7 news app.
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here's a look at the potential rainfall by the time it finally ends sunday evening. anywhere from an inch to possibly 2 inches. we could see a little localized flooding on some roads and parking lots over the next, say, five or six hours. as you know, california's earthquake company and the priceyest real estate, reporter jonathan bloom has a look at a tool just released that can make sure where you live or want to live is not a seismic nightmare. >> when they tell a house to someone out of town, one question comes up. >> they want to know if they're in an earthquake zone, what the
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ramifications are. >> they typically hire a firm. >> they list 200 to 400 documents with an earthquake hazards report. >> sometimes it's the bearer of bad news. >> the marina is one of the most popular districts in san francisco and some of the most expensive real estate in the word, yet a lot of my clients won't set foot in it because it is in liquefaction. >> shut off the gas. shut off electricity. >> in 1989, the world saw what liquefaction can do. it led california to map areas vulnerable to liquefaction and mudslides. >> you can feel underneath where the pipes split open. >> where the ground actually splits during an earthquake and can damage buildings and utility lines. the state has created a tool. >> the green areas on the map represent liquefaction zones. >> to quickly tell which homes are at risk. >> they can pull this app up on their smartphone and figure out
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if it's affected by a hazard zone. >> the app could change the process of buying real estate in san francisco taking a step that used to come late in the game and putting it up front. >> loving the property and then realizing that it's in an earthquake zone. >> it can save time and heartache and it's not always a deal breaker. with urging from cities and counties, many homes have undergone retrofits. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> you'll find a link to that interactive page and everything you need to know by going to the acting chief of i.c.e. is criticizing oakland mayor libby schaaf. last month, schaaf's warning to the bub about an immigration sweep helped hundreds of immigrants avoid arrest. now he says, several of those people have committed new crimes, including robbery, dui and spousal abuse. >> operation in san francisco and oakland, three of the people we couldn't locate have since reoffended. >> if they are in fact
5:16 am
convicted, convicted, not just arrested, but convicted of dangerous crimes, there are procedures in place to address that. >> schaaf says she isn't convinced any of the reoffenses had anything to do with her going public. the trump administration threatened to take legal action against her. netflix making changes after controversy over its show, "13 reasons why." the show partially filmed here in the bay area is about a teenager and the 13 reasons she had for taking her own life. parents were upset when it debuted last year saying it glamorizes suicide. so netflix had northwestern university do a survey involving thousands of kids and parents. based on feedback, net flick will run this custom intro before each episode. >> we hope our show can help viewers start a conversation. if you are struggling with these issues yourself, the series may not be right for you. >> the actors will discuss how to get support.
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netflix is also expanding its beyond the reasons after show with mental health experts who will talk about the issues the characters face. by the way, they are shooting a second season that debuts later this year. from 7 on your side, an important recall for a smoke alarm sold across the u.s. kidde wants consumers to replace the models pi 2010 and pi 9010 smoke alarms. they have a defect that can prevent them from detecting smoke. you can check to see if yours is affected by looking for this yellow cap inside the device. you can find more information on kidde will replace the alarms. snow continues to pound the east coast. that's on the left. because of that, we're already seeing flight delays looking live at sfo on the right. flightaware has 19 cancellations and ten delays this morning. the combination of east coast and now west coast weather could be a doozy. >> it can be.
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here's a positive note. when life gives you snow, why not have a snowball fight, right? so this one happened at the national mall in d.c. but it was actually not spontaneous. the washington, d.c. snowball fight association put it together. yeah. there is a washington, d.c. snowball fight association. the rules say that anyone who participates does so at his or her own risk and also the rules state that you have to have fun. that's one of the rules. >> it's all fun until you get beaned. >> yeah. >> will ferrell shows up with that cannon in elf. >> it looked fun. >> do they have to pay money to go to that? >> no, it's a snowball association. let's talk about the weather. you'd have to go into the sierra and that snow is so wet and heavy. great snowballs and great snowmen. here's a look at 87 and 237.
5:19 am
got drenched from mountain view over through santa clara. now it's drenching milpitas. let's look at other areas. heavy rain rolled over the caldeco caldecott. you know as you go to the west and heading up to the caldecott how that water goes from left or goes from right to left across there and puddles so you may have issues with hydroplaning there. here's a look at the roof camera. plenty of standing water on the embarcadero this morning. drenching rain and thunderstorms, it will taper this afternoon and evening. once the cold front goes through, which means it will be colder tonight. a stray shower possible. fog is an issue tomorrow morning. more sunshine is coming. we have to wait until next week. here we are at 9:00. you can see the heavy rain moving into the central valley. the cold front moving into mendocino county with another round of showers and possibly thunderstorm. by noon, it's moving out of the north bay and into the heart of the bay and then by 5:00, it's gone.
5:20 am
look at that. the white, the gray you see there, it starts opening up for a little sunshine before the sunsets. that's going to allow us to see the fog form. scattered showers along the north bay at noon and through 5:00. then the rest of us get a chance of scattered showers heading out for friday evening festivity. the storm goes from a 2 moderate to 1 light. cold showers continue for saturday and sunday. not an all-day rain but going to get wet from time to time. here's alexis. checking out really tough commute so far this morning, mike. i have live doppler 7 on top of the traffic maps. everybody has those wipers on high at this point. i want to take you down to san jose northbound 101 at the 280 split. we had report of a two-vehicle crash. looks like it's cleared off the chp board. that's certainly good news. that didn't last for long. wanted to show you the emeryville camera. it's bouncing around there. we have wet conditions obviously as well. high-wind advisory in effect for golden gate bridge and dumbarton
5:21 am
bridge. bay bridge, i drove across that. it was very windy for that commute as well. any east-west bridge, dealing with high winds and golden gate as well. richmond side of the san rafael bridge, a lot of puddles and hydroplaning today. we'll talk about the crashes coming up in a few minutes. zooifrmt than >> thanks, alexis. in kosovo, tier gascon taners were set off. lawmakers ended up passing the border deal to secure visa-free travel for eu members with its neighbor montenegro. never seen such a thing. ludicrous. by naming part of san francisco international airport after him. >> a board of supervisors committee will look at putting milk's name on terminal one at sfo. previous proposals called for
5:22 am
renaming the whole airport for milk. he and mosconi were assassinated in 1978 at city hall. who could forget that. starbucks met its goal of 100% pay equity in the u.s. across gender and racial differences, people who do similar work receive the same pay. starbucks will work on pay equity for employees world. supporters say a measure would benefit children. abc 7 news was at the library branch in oakland yesterday as mayor libby schaaf and assembly member vonta joined others for the oakland children's initiative. it's to expand access to preschool. especially for children in underserved areas. >> let's be super clear about this. this is a social justice issue. this is an issue that impacts low income, disadvantaged communities the most.
5:23 am
>> the fish tiff would be funded by a -- initiative would be funded by a tax. the goal is to triple the number of college graduates from oakland within a decade by focusing on education during a child's youngest years. coming up next, the seven things you need to know start your day. the program just launched that could net you $15,000. getting creative with traffic report. >> mike and alexis following a busy morning. rain and
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oh, look... another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and wrinkles. one week? that definitely works! rapid wrinkle repair®. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. it's 5:25. whether joining us or heading out the door, seven things to know. the first one is all of this wet weather. look at the waves of steady rain that becomes downpours. the orange you see there and the yellow. this is going to be around all through the morning hours. we will get a little break this evening before more rain comes for friday, saturday and sunday. number 2, of course, this is having a major impact on the roads. looking live at the san mateo
5:26 am
bridge. a lot of road spray picking up. report of a new crash north of 92. not far from here. we've got a dozen crashes. we've got to slow down and drive for conditions. >> you can see it coming down in sheets near highway 9 shortly before 4:00 this morning. the news photographer says it's very windy. >> number 4, a san francisco police officer is recovering after suffering gunshot wounds during a shootout inside a barbershop. five others, including the suspect were also hurt. number 5, in a new interview last night with cnn, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg leaves it may be time to impose more regulations on tech companies. facebook is facing backlash after it user data was used for political purposes. number 6, toys "r" us liquidation sales begin today. the company may close all 735 stores in the next 60 days. we'll have more on one ceo
5:27 am
trying to save some of those stores. number 7, starbucks is looking into the future and it sees what they're calling the crystal ball frappuccino. this latest gimmicky drink debuts today featuring peach flavoring, creme and turquoise sparkles. the future is so much clearer. weight gain. >> yeah. it looks very sugary. >> you think? >> yeah. >> we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news, including the decision expected today over retiring a controversial high school mascot. also, the unprecedented security students at
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it's a messy commute this morning. you look live at the golden gate bridge. >> if you need more proof, take a live look at doppler 7. not my specialty is weather, but i see a lot of green. >> yes. >> it's not easy being green. >> no. thanks, kermit. i like that. it seems like groundhog day or the movie, right? we keep doing the same thing over and over, solo spinout to start the commute, drenching rain. rain soaked 37 from vallejo to the point. get ready for heavier rain in napa. you can see there's pockets of it out there. yellows and oranges coming on shore and heading from southwest to northeast and touching all of our neighborhoods this morning. watch out for downpours and puddles. temperatures about as warm as they're going to get now until noon. that's upper 50s to low 60s. cold front goes through sparking a chance of thunderstorms. look at the temperatures drop into the low to mid-50s. then it's dry by 7:00.
5:31 am
temperatures near 50. let's get more on the accidents ith alexis. >> yeah. a couple more in the east bay here, mike. let's take you into 880. we had one reported north of 92. another one in that same stretch before a street. not sure if -- you can see a lot of heavy rain in the area. that is definitely a contributing factor here this morning. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights on at 5:21. a full ten minutes they've been on. it's really wet and windy this morning. not a great commute. we don't have a high-wind advisory currently for the bay bridge. it was very windy when i drove across it about four hours ago. we have a wind advisory for dumbarton bridge and golden gate bridge according to chp. take it easy all around. a lot of standing water. next traffic update at 5:40. thanks, alexis.
5:32 am
a 2 on the storm impact scale is hitting the bay area. >> let's check in with news reporter matt keller. he is live in cupertino. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie. we were in los gatos and moved to cupertino. driving out there on highway 85, it was not fun. the rain is coming down. ths a l there's a lot of water on the roads. it's especially dangerous to be out there this morning. it's still early. we're not seeing as many accidents as we are going to be seeing in a little bit. check out this video that was shot at around highway 17 and hamilton avenue in campbell. they've been measuring the rain there. you can see that it's coming down. you're not going to escape the rain today. that is especially true in the santa cruz mountains. they've been measuring their rain in inches in march. this is video of the summit of highway 17. storm is bringing heavy downpours. expect a lot of crashes and delays for people commuting over the santa cruz mountains. of course, when we see this much rain, we often see stuff like
5:33 am
this. a giant oak tree came crashing down on a school in felton. it crashed seven cars and smashed through the windows of a multipurpose room. thankfully, no one was hurt. i have been listening to a call over the scanner. emergency crews are responding to some wires down, a tree down and they say a vehicle is stuck in between those wires. they're not sure if they're live or not. a warning for everybody out there, when you come across something in the road, you may be the first person coming across that debris in the road or even wires. always assume those are live. of course, be extra careful around dark turns. matt keller, abc 7 news. thanks, matt. breaking news just in. diablo valley college in pleasant hill is canceling all classes today because there's been a serious threat that's been made against the campus. it's not clear exactly what that threat is. school officials are canceling
5:34 am
classes as a precaution. classes at diablo valley college in san ramon are on schedule. stay with us for updates on this breaking story. developing news now in san francisco. this morning a police officer, a suspected gunman and four other people all recovering at san francisco general hospital after a shootout at a crocker amazon neighborhood barbershop. >> this cell phone video is dramatic. at about 4:30 yesterday, san francisco police officers seen here crouching behind their vehicles. watch this. that is the wounded officer shot in the leg crawling along the sidewalk. witnesses heard more than a dozen shots. the exchange of gunfire took place inside the amazon barbershop on geneva avenue and london street. police received a call of a man with a gun. >> looked like he was crawling, like he got shot somewhere and trying to get away from whatever happened. there was a lot of cops that came. >> the suspected gunman has
5:35 am
life-threatening injuries. san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting about the shooting within the next days -- i should say the other five people in addition to the shooter are in the hospital this morning. >> mayor mark farrell went to the hospital to visit the officer shot in the leg. the mayor says the officer's fiance is with him while he recovers. family and friends of the other five people shot also visited the hospital. at least two of the men shot are barbers who were working in the barbershop when the shooting happened. >> the abc 7 news app sent out this push alert yesterday afternoon shortly after the shooting. be the first to know when breaking news happens by downloading that app and enabling the alerts. on to developing news in the east bay. oakland police investigating a shooting that killed one person, injured at least two others. our media partner, the east bay times, reports it happened at 8th and campbell streets last night at 8:40. police found two victims where one of the victims died at the
5:36 am
hospital. another victim found on peralta street. they've not released any suspect information. now to the latest on the facebook data scandal. mark zuckerberg is responding to the outrage over how outsiders handle facebook's user data. >> zuckerberg admitting mistakes and pledging to work on security saying the company has been too trusting of developers in the past. abc news reporter stephanie ramos live in washington with details. >> reggie and jessica, facebook executives were actually on capitol hill yesterday answering some pretty tough questions but lawmakers want to hear directly from facebook's ceo over the misuse of data. facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg is admitting his company messed up after 50 million americans had their user profiles exploited. allegedly by cambridge analytica, a firm hired by the trump campaign. >> this was a major breach of
5:37 am
trust. i'm really sorry that this happened. we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data. >> the apology on cnn comes days after the story broke and more than two years since the company learned of the privacy breach aimed to sway facebook users in the 2016 presidential election. the company obtained that data from this man. computer scientist alexander cogan. >> did they tell you what they were going to do with the data? >> no. i knew it was political consulting. beyond that, no idea. >> they've taken steps to prevent this from happening again. >> facebook stock has dropped even more after this fallout. but zuckerberg says he hasn't seeb any, quote, meaningful number of people who deleted their facebook accounts over this scandal. those who have, those who do want to go ahead and do that, they should know that even after you suspend your account, it will take up to 90 days before your account is fully deleted from the site.
5:38 am
reporting live in washington, stephanie ramos, abc 7 news. all right. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. i wanted to show you the temperatures. this is about as warm as it gets today. upper 50s to near 60 in the inland east bay neighborhoods. 60 in brentwood and concord. look at the numbers everywhere else. upper 50s to near 60. like that 60 in san jose. we've got a cold front that's going to come through this afternoon and temperatures are actually going to drop this afternoon. all right. here's a look up around forest knowles and towards lucas valley. fairfax, san rafael and another drenching towards 101. look at san pablo dam road. it's drenching there and on to 24. some of our hotter spots of wet weather this morning. here's a look at the bay bridge ar as alexis mentioned. the breezes will stay up until about noon and they're coming down in the south. then they'll switch and come out of the north and they'll slow
5:39 am
down just a little bit. so confusing winds depending what time you head across the bridges today. the roads are bad. especially this morning. they'll be better this afternoon. mass transit, take an umbrella at least. your feet and pants probably going to get wet. the ferry, going to get drenched unless you stay inside. the highs today, no different than what we've been dealing w the drop in temperatures from 58 at noon to 54 at 2:00. rain for the most part over by 4:00. in the east bay, same thing. look at the temperatures drop heading throughout the day with the rain over by pretty much 4:00. sunshine by 6:00. now with the lack of clouds and all this moisture in the ground and colder air tonight, upper 30s to mid 40s, we've got a chance of seeing really thick fog. we'll go from a wet commute this morning to a foggy commute tomorrow morning. hopefully that will be better than what you're dealing with now. what did you pick as a hotspot? you've had so many. >> we actually don't have major
5:40 am
slowdowns at the moment. we're in a lulg hel here. i don't want folks to take that as a reason to speed up. we've had so many crashes this morning. a live look at san rafael. a lot of drops on the camera lens and road spray kicking up as well. southbound 880, i had a couple earlier crashes at "a" street. those have cleared from the boards. looks like those were minor. quick check of drive times here too. westbound 580, tracy to castro valley. we've had three crashes in the castro valley area that have come and gone this morning. 1 hour 3 minutes for you. northbound 101 slowing down through san jose. northbound 280 between 1 and san francisco, you're in the green at ten minutes. developing news on a deadly officer involved shooting in sacramento getting national attention. many people demanding answers
5:41 am
after police fired 20 times and killed a suspect who was holding a cell phone, not a gun. law enforcement released new video showing what led up to the shooting sunday. they say sacramento county deputies in a helicopter spotted stephan clark with a tool bar breaking a neighbor's window. this clip appears to show the moment after he climbed a fence returning to his own backyard. that's when two officers on the ground confronted him. a warning, you may find the next clip disturbing. >> show your hands. that's from the body camera on the officers showing the moments they opened fire. clark stepped toward them with an object extended in front of him. they thought it was a gun and, again, it was actually a cell phone. conflict of interest? a report raising new questions between a local police department and the district attorney. toys "r" us start to go
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let's look at how the atmospheric river is affecting the rest of the state. it is.
5:45 am
heavy rain around los angeles flooding poe tepg in the setent snow and avalanche potential. the snow pack continues to grow. we're now 50% of average and we're going to grow it even more today with a winter storm warning continuing until 5:00 tomorrow morning with up to 5 feet possible. but that heavy wet snow means a high avalanche danger until tomorrow morning. significant snow and strong winds. here's a look at my seven-day forecast. a snow level down to 3,000 feet saturday. so if you're headed up there, it's going to be dicey. snow showers sunday and dries out next week. here's jessica. mike, thank you. marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida may be taking an unprecedented step in the aftermath of that deadly shooting. any backpack a student brings to school will have to be clear. the new rule goes into effect when students return from spring break. in addition, students and faculty will be given
5:46 am
identification badges to wear at all times on campus. the district also considering consolidating entry points to the school and using metal detecting wands. the napa valley unified school board is deciding whether to retire napa valley's mascot. right now they're known as the indians. indigenous groups claimed the name is offensive to native americans. if the board decides to drop the mascot, it would be phased out over the next three years. new this morning, president trump is going after former vice president joe biden in what else? a tweet. take a look here at your screen. the president tweeted this morning, crazy joe biden trying to act like a tough guy. actually he's weak mentally and physically and yet he threatens me for the second time with physical assault. he doesn't know me but he would go down fast and hard crying all the way. don't flet threaten people, joe. this appears to be in reference to comments biden made earlier
5:47 am
this week. he told a group at the university of miami that if he and president trump were in high school, he would take the president behind the gym, and quote, beat the hell out of him. if you are hoping to snag a good deal before toys "r" us goes out of business, you better act fast. >> liquidation sales start today. the whole company will shut down within 60 days. meantime, there's a new effort to save toys "r" us. the ceo of mga entertainment says that he and others have pledged $200 million to buy 400 toys "r" us locations. he's hoping a funding campaign will raise the rest of the money they need. mga entertainment makes the popular bratz dolls. one in five bratz dolls sales comes from toys "r" us. the company is shuting down or selling all of its 735 stores. a humorous facebook post during the latest snowstorm is
5:48 am
going viral. >> everyone crashed in red scribble was written. the accompanying message, today's traffic report. stay home. the department listed its status as overwhelmed. the national weather service reprted nearly 5 inches of snow fell yesterday morning and the facebook post has been shared nearly 14,000 times. i bet, alexis has a map like that. >> yes. >> i heard you say you're getting slammed over there. there's so many accidents. it's all because of this drenching rain we've been talking about for days. let's jump into it. hi again everybody. this is san jose and 87. you can see it's nothing but wet this morning. let's draw up my accuweather highlights. we've got heavy rain this morning. then showers and thunderstorms from mid-morning to mid afternoon. more rounds of showers on a lighter scale friday, saturday and it looks like sunday also. saturday and sunday not a
5:49 am
washout. but there will be rain at times. dry spring warmth. that's what's coming next week. jump in and show you the heavier rain in newark. the eastern side of the dumbarton bridge. it will hit on 880 and head up to the eastern side of the san mateo bridge. push through the sunol grade. the east bay has been getting pounded for the next hour or so. this orange is not left. macarthur boulevard towards crow canyon road and moraga way. there's got to be standing water there. napa got drenched also. here's what will happen from 7:00 to 9:00. it tapers and moves off to the east. look at all that heavy rain and snow in the sierra. here's the cold front. the game changer. this comes into the north bay from 9:00 to noon. that's when the chance of thunderstorms develops. ahead of it. they're not very heavy. from noon until 4:00 or 5:00. the rest of us have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. then a little sunshine as we head throughout the late afternoon hours. any shower activity tomorrow is mainly north of san francisco
5:50 am
into the north bay. hours, that's when the chance of showers starts to develop to the west of us. we'll have a snow level that's very low with scattered showers. 1 for saturday and sunday. tell us what you got. we have not one, but p. not two, but three crashe in the east bay in the last ten minutes. let's look at the traffic maps. second one of the morning in in location. around lakeshoreue. vehicle spun out. lost control. that is currently blocking one of the middle lanes. 13 past lincoln avenue, a vehicle is totaled after spinning out. sounds like we have one lane blocked. no backup there. as mike pointed out on his maps, too, this area has been getting overwhelmed with rain the last hour or so. the yellow is some heavy downpours there as you make your way for the commute. highway 24, westbound just before acalanes road, a mustang
5:51 am
was weaving in and out of vehicles, traveling at a high rate of speed and then wouldn't you know it. they crashed. it sounds like two lanes are blocked here. check out the toll plaza in a few minutes. thanks, alexis. national puppy day one day away. we're looking forward to it. >> starting tomorrow, we'll stream our puppy cam live on abc 7, and the abc 7 news app. of course, we'll be cuddling with our puppy guests. that's not against hr policy. we will be cuddling them and introducing you to them. the aim will be to find them and many other puppies across the bay area. shelters, forever homes. we want to link them up with you. we've been asking you to post a photo or video with the #puppies on 7. here's a few that we've gotten. we've gotten so many. keep sending. reggie, look, there's woodstock.
5:52 am
>> you can see it online or on air. there's mine, rio. >> it's been fun seeing your photos. a health alert for anyone suffering from back pain. you may need to rethink your treatment plan. first, do you want $15,000 from netflix? you'll have to do a little more than binge watch your favorite
5:53 am
5:54 am
weekend plans, i wanted to show you the chance of getting wet. all of us get wet. 70% tomorrow. 80% of us get wet saturday. remember, it's scattered. not an all-day rain.
5:55 am
same thing with sunday. down to 60% of us getting rain. reggie? now to a possible conflict of interest regarding the reelection campaign and fremont police. nancy o'malley's reelection campaign accepted a $10,000 donation from the fremont police union. the contribution was made while her office was investigating three fremont officers for their role in fatal shootings. the three police officers were subsequently cleared of wrongdoing. o'malley insists there was no impropriety in her office's review. netflix announced paying people up to $15,000. not for binge watching your favorite show. it's to discover bugs in their system. the payout amounts depends what you find. if you hack into google, you can earn up to $20,000. a robotic fish could be a new type of tool for ocean exploration and we do have the
5:56 am
video. it's sold sophie. it was built by m.i.t. researchers. it shows it swimming in the ocean alongside other fish. it's piloted by remote control and it can dive 60 feet underwater. biologists hope it will help them monitor marine animals without disturbing them. >> researchers hope to enable it to automatically follow fish. looks like the fish are getting away from the robotic fish. i think they know something is up. that's not a real fish. definitely extremely soggy commute here this mornin. we're looking at a lot of traffic. the metering lights on at 5:21. downhill from here. traffic stacking up into the maze. the drive times not great either. the central valley, tracy to dublin. 56 minutes, soub 680, dublin to mission boulevard. 17 minutes on northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino. hey, mike. >> alexis, never more than seven
5:57 am
minutes away from your accuweather forecast. let's talk about thunderstorms. the area shaded in lime green is the best area until you get to the central valley where it's greater chance today. two tornadoes in the entire country yesterday. they were in the central valley. here we are at 8:00 saturday morning. waking up quiet. rain stays up in the north bay and it slides down across the rest of us during the afternoon and evening hours. it's not going to be a washout. back to you guys. >> mike, thank you. new at 6:00, the late robin williams now being accused of sexual assault. but there is a twist. the alleged victim says she's not upset about what happened. new video giving us what new video giving us what happened moments before an uber
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, an sfpd officer shot and look at that, forced to crawl to safety. five others were hurt. the investigation right now. plus, new video shows
6:00 am
exactly what happened seconds before a self-driving uber suv hit and killed a woman in arizona. the other big story. the weather. a live view of a camera. more rain is headed for us. grab the umbrella, the rain boots, anything you can. put that in your car and drive carefully. it's been really busy this morning. >> no one is listening to that advice either. >> no. >> unfortunately. let's try to say it again and tell everybody what to expect. all joking aside, it has been a very busy morning on the road and weatherwise. let's get right to it. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. the storm impact scale for the drenching rain. this morning, the thunderstorms that are possible the rest of the day and the wind gusts of 30 to 45 miles per hour. the east bay has been getting pounded, especially oakland, piedmont, moraga and lafayette to san leandro. that continues. that's not the only thing. they kee


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