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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 22, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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we do say good morning, america. david muir continuing to pull double duty for us. >> one day left after today, baby. >> but who's counting? >> i'm not counting. >> the snow is leading to a messy commute for millions along the east coast this morning. that is a live look at philadelphia. >> but with all that snow, some people are making the most of it having some fun on their snow day. this is what happened outside of the capitol. snow is not going to keep them in the house. skiing to work. >> this storm is causing real trouble. more than a foot of snow has fallen so far across five states. that snow and ice leading to more than 5,000 canceled flights affecting travel coast to coast and this morning nearly 90,000 are waking up without power. >> and this cold weather, to not have power. we have full team coverage up and down the east coast as you can see. we'll start with rob.
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he's right here in times square. good morning, rob. >> rain falling again across much of southern california. montecito seeing over 2 inches of rainfall. even saw some severe weather across northern california, outside of sacramento, a funnel cloud touching down, may see strong thunderstorms again today as a very powerful jet stream with winds over 150 miles an hour here pointing right at california. tropical connection all the way back to hawaii. so, deep moisture with this. the potential of seeing some devastating rainfall. we're already seeing widespread rain from seattle all the way down to san diego right now. the next pulse of heavy rain about to come into the santa barbara area. later on tonight, we'll probably see another batch before it begins to wind down. upwards of 5 to 6 inches, more on top of what folks have gotten, 7 inches of rain. santa barbara is under the gun. we go live to kayna whitworth
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who's joining us live. >> reporter: rob, good morning. a critical situation here in montecito. as you mentioned some isolated areas seeing about seven inches of rain. that's bringing about concerns of mudslides and flooding especially after that january 9th storm that killed 21 people and left behind the path of destruction you can see behind me. they have eing v inin ining -- 30,000 people. they have closed schools. they have expanded that flash flood watch. emergency services sending out an alert telling people if they haven't evacuated those burn areas they feed to get out now. all over santa barbara and ventura counties. mandatory evacuations the for this area already devastated by
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the thomas fire earlier this year. >> they've been working around the clock to prepare us for this. for our upcoming storms. and we have had a few storms since january 9th but nothing like this storm that we're predicting with this rain event. >> reporter: emergency responders cleaning out bases, preparing for possible debris to come down the hillside. >> five homes here and this exactly the way it looked that morning. >> reporter: on january 9th, this was completely overflowing. this was one of the major debris flow. looking at that mud line, we would have be under 10 feet of debris. it isn't just rain that has
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authorities worried. in this suburb north of sacramento, a twister nearly missed this residential neighborhood. so, here in santa barbara county, we're expecting these heavy busts of rain for the next several hours. this creek really rose, it was dramatic and then it sort of tapered off. they have been assessing the mountain tops, lot of debris that could come racing down these creeks. these next few hours are very critical. robin. here in the east, that snow is still coming down in boston, an area already hit hard by those three other nor'easters. abc's linzie janis is there with more. good morning. >> reporter: you can see the snow coming down. it's the wet, sloppy stuff. you can see it's coating the grass here and the drivers are being asked to be extremely
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careful. this nor'easter already wreaking havoc from maryland to connecticut. violent winds and rain. and slick, deadly roads. accidents and sidelined cars all over. >> it's like there's ice on the bottom and then there's snow on top that makes it extra slick. >> reporter: in new jersey alone, at least 169 crashes recorded. including this tractor trailer that slid off the interstate. over the guardrail and into trees. >> it's enough. it's enough of this nor'easter. how many, four? >> reporter: snowplows no match for wet, slushy streets. >> it doesn't make sense. why is it a winter wonderland in march? >> it's really terrible. i didn't really think it would be this bad to be honest. >> reporter: the governor of new york even lending a hand helping one sidelined truck.
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the snow expected to keep coming down here in boston until around lunchtime. this nor'easter not as bad as expected but boston public schools have been closed and parents are upset about that because it means that students are going to be going to classes until june 28th, robin. >> ooh. all right, linzie, thanks very much. they're not the only ones getting hammered. >> that hurts. >> that does. boston getting hit. philadelphia also trying to dig out this morning. some areas getting more than a foot of snow and that's where abc's whit johnson is again this morning for us. hey, whit, good morning. >> reporter: david, good morning to you. people here in philadelphia cleaning up and digging out. take a look at all this fresh snow this morning coming about to the top of my boot here. as forecasted we thought that we would see up to a foot in some places and that's exactly what happened. let's take you up top to our drone camera to give you a wide, big picture view of what we're dealing with here, and take a
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look, the iconic philadelphia museum of art behind me and those steps that rocky balboa famously ran up covered in snow and slush this morning. and as we take a look at this big picture, you can see this huge mess that people are up against in philadelphia. but look at the roads. the roads, one area of good news here, mostly clear this morning and that's because philadelphia did a great job salting and plowing but definitely slick and icy. we know car accidents were a huge problem that people were dealing with. some other good news today, people are getting back to work, government offices are opening. schools are opening although in philadelphia, there's a bit of a delay. two hours, schools start later so people getting back to work, back to school, but as you can see a lot to dig out. a lot to clean up. this fourth nor'easter in the beginning of spring frustrating a lot of people but philadelphia, david, for the most part feeling like the city dodged a major bullet. >> yeah, that's good news. i noticed there were nobody running up the rocky stairs
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there behind you. that's understandable this morning. we're thinking about the thousands who are waking up, it's really cold this morning without power, no heat. how long is that expected to last, whit? >> reporter: yeah, and, david, power is slowly coming back on but as you mentioned tens of thousands of people all the way from philadelphia, up and down the east coast, specifically in philadelphia, the outages are more scattered but we saw this morning some stoplights were not working, people are dealing with that. little by little it's coming back on but we knew this would happen with this type of storm, david, because the temperatures hovering just above freezing creating that wet, heavy snow, capable of bringing down trees and power lines. that's exactly what we saw. >> all right, whit johnson with us this morning. whit johnson surviving his first nor'easter with us. great to have him on board. new developments in that texas serial bomber case. the suspect 23-year-old mark conditt who died when that bomb blew up in that car. it turned out that he recorded a 25-minute confession on his
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phone talk about what he did and why. matt gutman is in austin with those details. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, david. most was old-fashioned detective work. hundreds of federal agents literally meshed together the first two devices that exploded from thousands of tiny shards then they pored through hundreds and hundreds of receipts and hundreds of hours of surveillance tape and that confessional video you just mentioned we know what motivated him -- terrorism. during the 19 days he allegedly terrorized austin, mark anthony conditt was a mystery but no more. >> it was a confession because he was -- he even called it such. he was admitting to what he had done. >> reporter: in that 25-minute confessional video found on his phone, conditt revealed how he made those seven explosive devices. sowed terror.
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>> we're going to be attempting to move people away from the building. >> reporter: and offers a window into why he allegedly did this. >> but, instead, it is the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his personal life that led him to this point. >> reporter: he'd killed two and wounded others with his first five bombs, but the sixth was an unexploded device recovered from fedex. 500 federal agents now zeroing in, spotting him on this surveillance video wearing a wig and pink gloves trying to mail a package from a fedex shipping center in southwest austin earlier this week. police were close and conditt knew it. >> yes, there were indications that he stated in the video that he felt like we were getting very close to him. >> reporter: and this morning for the first time we hear about the tense moments as the atf and others decide to move in on conditt early yesterday morning. >> so when you heard that those s.w.a.t. officers are moving in, that second, what did you feel? >> just suspense -- >> as they were about to ram the car.
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>> suspense because it doesn't happen like -- there's like -- they're doing something then there's radio silence and then there's something and then there's radio silence, so you never know maybe for five, ten minutes what happened in five seconds. >> reporter: that white ram ramming conditt's red suv. his last bomb would go off killing him. on wednesday his hometown, pflugerville, on lockdown. federal agents swarming his home sending in robots and evacuating all residents within a five-block radius. >> scary too. today we had -- they went through our garbage. >> reporter: pat and michele have lived next door to conditt's parents for five years. >> to say, hi, how are you doing? kind of thing like that. >> reporter: the 23-year-old was homeschooled. he'd recently dropped out of college and was reportedly fired from a manufacturing job. his family reading a statement to abc affiliate kmgh. >> we had no idea of the darkness that mark must have been in. our family is a normal family in
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every way. >> reporter: david, a fed agent said until about 48 hours ago they thought that this could go on for months. but it was those images they got at the fedex of konditt that broke this case wide open. >> so glad it didn't last for months. matt gutman, excellent report, on the ground, thanks. >> the coordinated effort of law enforcement did just remarkable. many. now to washington where congress has just unveiled a $1.3 trillion spending bill they need to pass before the deadline on friday to avoid a government shutdown. our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl has the latest on all that. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning. well, it looks like there will be no government shutdown but there will be lots of new government spending, as you say, $1.3 trillion to be exact, to keep the government funded until october and it includes more than $650 billion in defense spending, the white house calling that the biggest increase since world war ii,
7:13 am
almost $4 billion for the opioid crisis, $1.6 billion for border security and improved background checks for gun purchases. it does not include money for new, concrete border wall. some new fencing, improvements to existing fences but no concrete border wall and no protection for the dreamers. the president is declaring victory, although he's acknowledging the massive price tag saying in a tweet this morning, had to waste money on dem giveaways in order to take care of military pay increase and new equipment and, robin, one group of conservatives in the house is calling this bill an insult to american taxpayers. >> all right, jon, thank you. also new developments in the russia investigation this morning. attorney general jeff sessions is now facing scrutiny after that story first reported by abc news that before sessions fired deputy attorney general andrew mccabe that mccabe had been investigating sessions. our chief justice correspondent
7:14 am
pierre thomas has the latest on a story he broke with the team here. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning. the feud between the fbi's former number two in command and the attorney general took on a different twist after we learned that andrew mccabe had tried to investigate jeff sessions. this morning, members of congress demanding answers about attorney general jeff sessions' friday night firing of former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. this after our report that mccabe launched a criminal investigation about a year ago looking into whether sessions intentionally misled congress about his interactions with russians when he was a top adviser to the trump campaign. the probe triggered in part by this critical moment during sessions' confirmation hearing when he was asked what he would do if there was any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government. >> i'm not aware of any of those activities. i have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and i didn't -- did not have communications with the russians. >> reporter: it turns out sessions met at least twice with
7:15 am
the russian ambassador, meetings he says were routine and that had nothing to do with the campaign. but democrats were screaming for answers and mccabe launched his investigation. it was ultimately closed with no action. and the source close to sessions tells us that he did not know about the probe when he fired mccabe last week. sessions said he fired mccabe because the justice department inspector general concluded mccabe leaked information to the media and lacked candor when speaking to investigators, something mccabe has flatly denied. >> pierre, i also wanted to ask about the talk about our information on facebook being used and you have new reporting from our team the special counsel is now asking questions about the relationship between the trump campaign, the rnc and that company, cambridge analytica? >> reporter: that's right. mueller has been quietly interviewing rnc staffers to find out about cambridge analytica's role in the 2016 election and the trump campaign, david. >> pierre thomas with us, thanks. we have more now on that nor'easter. as we mentioned, some people are making the most of the snow like this group.
7:16 am
it's called the washington, d.c., snowball fight association. kind of like a fight club with snowballs. they're holding a snowball fight on the national mall. when is the last time you had a snow fight? >> oh, gosh, it's been a while. >> it's been a while. >> how about you? >> if we get another nor'easter i'll be outside looking for you. i'll be so frustrated. >> you see that. >> pent-up energy over here. >> i was stuck in the house all day yesterday and out west, they're facing that heavy rain as we mentioned earlier and we'll go back to rob with more on that. you have to go high up to ghet the snow, they did yesterday at squaw valley. down in the valleys not only heavy rain but wind taking down some trees. studio city, and the threat for this will persist today. flash flood watches have been posted in the usual spots and winter storm warnings posted for the ssierras.
7:17 am
a high risk for flooding rains across santa barbara county, ventura county, into the valleys of los angeles county, where those burn areas are. the whittier fire, the thomas fire, the creek and the rei fires, subtropical moisture coming in. couple of pulses with this today and again later on tonight. we'll be watching this closely, drying out next week. the rainy cities now. good morning i'm "abc 7 news" moorj mike nicco.
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drenching rain there morning scattered showers and thunderstorms the rest of the day. more rounds of showers but not y and spring warmth next week. temperatures until noon, upper 50s and low 60s and temperatures dropping this afternoon. upper 30s to mid 40s and alot of fog. my we are just getting started. coming up, facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg breaking his silence on that privacy scandal admitting a breach of trust. now the first lawsuit filed. admitting a breach of trust. now the first lawsuit filed. . .
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good morning east bay let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. diablo canceling classes today because of a threat made against the campus. not clear what the threat is. officials say they are canceling them as a precaution. at the college in san ramon remain scheduled and the wet weather is another story. >> causing a lot of issues on the roadway. 880, serious crash with injuries on the northbound sound near whipple road. the two lanes blocked and stacking up quickly. no change the tree blocking the right lane, northbound highway 13 near park boulevard. slow traveling conditions everywhere. and here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. slow
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. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> we're not dealing with the heaviest part of the storm right now. a two on the storm impact scale and the winds gusting 30 to 45. the commute is awful. better this afternoon. umbrella at least, with the rain coming downside ways it is hard to stay dry. vallejo down to oakland. moving to the east. so the river will shift. scattered showers this afternoon through sunday. >> an update in about 30 minutes and uls an on the app and join us for abc 7 mornings weekdays 4:30 to 7:00. a live
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coming down in boston right now from that fourth nor'easter in three weeks, more than a foot of snow piling up in five states. >> yeah. take a live look now at philadelphia. they are digging out this morning. nearly 90,000 people without power across the east coast with all that snow. >> you wore yellow because you said you're going to will spring to happen. both of you. both of you. >> we'll do what we can. right, amy? you always brighten things up. we have other headlines to talk about. take a look at this dramatic new videotape showing the moment that pedestrian bridge collapsed in miami killing six people last week. well, now the ntsb confirms workers were adjusting a tension bar on that bridge when it suddenly collapsed. they did not shut down the roadway underneath while they were doing that. and so many of us saying good-bye, well, to a piece of our childhood. toys "r" us closing the doors. the toy chain hopes to begin
7:30 am
liquidation sales at most of its stores this morning and complete them by the end of june. used to have that big one in times square and the roller coaster inside. >> ferris wheel. >> ferris wheel, that was it. >> i saw you on that ferris wheel. >> i took my kids and tried to put it on them. i was the one that really wanted to go on it. >> a kid at heart. >> we knew all along. first, facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg breaking his silence after we learned that up to 50 million facebook users affected by that data scandal. he apologized overnight, vowing to do better and saying he'd be happy to testify before lawmakers if it's the right thing to do. rebecca jarvis back with us this morning. hey, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, david, good morning. that's right. with the backlash mounting, and many wondering whether their information is truly safe on facebook, the founder and ceo says i'm really sorry. >> and i'm really sorry that this happened. >> reporter: overnight on cnn, mark zuckerberg speaking
7:31 am
publicly for the first time in the wake of that privacy scandal affecting up to 50 million users. >> our responsibility now is to make sure that this doesn't happen again. we're going to go now and investigate every app that has access to a large amount of information from before we locked down our platform. >> reporter: the facebook founder promising anyone whose data may have been affected will soon be able to find out. and also nearly daring lawmakers to regulate him. >> i actually am not sure we shouldn't be regulated. you know, i think in general technology is an increasing -- increasingly important trend in the world and i actually think the question is more what is the right regulation. >> reporter: but the backlash is growing. singer cher tweeting she had deleted her facebook account calling the decision very hard but necessary. and thousands sharing the #deletefacebook, including the co-founder of whatsapp.
7:32 am
a company facebook bought in 2014 for 16 billion. tweeting to his thousands of followers, it's time. delete facebook. facebook also now facing a proposed class-action lawsuit and calls from those in washington for strict regulations. >> we need to come in and think long and hard about these threats and facebook and other internet provider types need to come in and talk to us about what they're doing internally. >> reporter: users now learning more and more about what exactly facebook knows about you and how they're finding out. what kind of data is facebook collecting on its users? >> facebook is not only tracking your behavior on the app itself but it's also tracking you around the web using a series of web trackers. it's aware of more than what you're doing on facebook itself. >> reporter: so, what does facebook know about you? on facebook, go to your settings, tap ads, then click your information, then your categories. we showed these facebook users who say they only filled out basic details what's up for grabs on their own profiles.
7:33 am
>> the fact that they know that i'm in libraries, the fact that they know that i use an iphone 7, the fact that i have liberal politics. >> i'm away from my family and away from my hometown, yeah, but like, it's weird to see that facebook knows that. >> really eye opening. rebecca, stick with us. we want to bring in dan abrams our chief legal analyst. this is all eye opening, but essentially isn't this the way facebook was built? it's free. you put information in and advertisers know how to target you. how is this different and does it make them legally vulnerable with the first lawsuit now filed? >> it is possible but it won't be an easy case for them. remember how this happened, right? a person goes in, gives a personality quiz. people agree to take the test and, therefore, their friends became vulnerable to this as a result. now, you can argue that that was a facebook problem, right? that shouldn't have been the case, and they've made changes since then, that a developer app shouldn't have been able to give
7:34 am
access to all this information about friends just because one person agrees to take this personality quiz. the fundamental problems legally are, number one, there are terms of service with facebook. you're going to have lawyers poring through every single word in the terms of service. but there are big warnings on facebook in all caps that say things like, you know, we're not promising you that your privacy is protected. effectively mistakes have happen. we're not responsible for what third parties do, et cetera, so the argument will be twofold. number one, these people agreed to do it and, number two, the terms of service. >> i love what you've said though. you often say that dry cleaners will say in large print, we're not responsible for your clothes but ultimately they are. >> you can claim you're not responsible, the dry cleaner with the ticket on the back, no matter what happens we're not responsible for your garments and yet, they are. meaning that if they're negligent, you can't sign that away.
7:35 am
the argument is going to be here, will be facebook was designed in a faulty way and knew or should have known there were problems. those will be the legal arguments but they're not that easy to win because the terms of service still do matter. >> rebecca, you've been excellent in showing us what to do to be aware of what we're putting out there and scale it back. when you scale it back you block yourself from being able to do things on facebook. >> that's right. for example, we can show people this morning how to go onto facebook and block some of the information that apps are getting on you. if you go on your facebook page and take a look and go to this dropdown bar and choose settings right here, go then from settings to this location right here, it says apps, choose apps, click on apps and that will take you to all of the apps that are currently logged in with facebook. the most important thing you can do to restrict this is to turn the platform to off. that will restrict all of your apps from getting access to facebook but keep in mind this then means you can no longer log in with facebook on those apps. >> that's crazy.
7:36 am
about a dozen apps right then, right now logged in. >> part of the legal argument will be people could have done more themselves to protect their privacy if they wanted to. >> we're trying to help everyone, right? >> yes. >> rebecca, dan, thanks so much. michael, over to you. thank you, david. now to new video showing what happened just moments before that deadly uber crash involving a self-driving car. abc's diane macedo has the story. >> reporter: this dash cam video shows the horrifying seconds before a self-driving uber hit and killed a pedestrian in arizona. tempe police released two videos wednesday. one filming outside the car shows 49-year-old elaine herzberg crossing the road with her bicycle and it pauses right before the moment of impact. another camera filming inside the car shows a human safety driver seated in the front. >> our investigation did not show at this time that there were significant signs of the vehicle slowing down. >> then there's ryan. he's what we call a vehicle operator. >> reporter: the volvo suv, part of uber's self-driving test fleet, is always equipped with a human safety driver behind the wheel.
7:37 am
but experts say the car's autonomous mode should have detected herzberg. >> these vehicles are trained to see pedestrians, to see cyclists, to see red lights. and so it's really unclear what went wrong here. >> reporter: uber has temporarily suspended its driverless fleet nationwide as the ntsb, police, uber and the national highway traffic safety administration investigate. overnight, uber told abc news the video is disturbing and heartbreaking to watch. and our thoughts continue to be with elaine's loved ones. we're assisting local, state and federal authorities in any way we can. as they piece this together that video is both answering questions and raising new ones. it does show how difficult it was to see the victim on that dark road but these autonomous cars are designed to detect obstacles even in the dark. so the question here is, what went wrong? >> yes, still thinking of the family because that was so chilling. >> absolutely. >> thanks, diane. coming up, police taking a newborn baby from the hospital away from her parents. the questions and outrage this
7:38 am
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colgate total. be totally ready for life. well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. [trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce. some of our stories aren't quite as straightforward. blocked by the saints! [crowd roaring] while others prove that great things can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause] well, here's a story we've been talking about here at the desk. back now with that custody battle over this beautiful, precious baby. parents are fighting to get their daughter back after they say police came to the hospital and took her away shortly after she was born. and, amy, you have to tell us more. >> this is a remarkable story
7:42 am
and i think we'll hear a lot about this one because just two days after baby ingrid was born police came to the hospital, told her parents a tribal court had granted custody to the baby's grandmother and then took the baby away from those new parents, but now state and local authorities are investigating whether tribal police can execute a tribal order on county land. just two days after rebecca sanders gave birth to her baby girl ingrid, police and hospital officials showed up at her hospital room and took the child away without any warning. >> a detective asked if i knew what was going on. i said, no, i don't know what's going on. and then he said, well, your baby is being taken. she is no longer in your custody. you're not her mother anymore. >> reporter: the police chief informed her that her baby was going to live with rebecca's mother, betty oseola, a member of the miccosukee tribe, after a tribal judge granted the grandmother custody of the newborn. this morning rebecca and the baby's father, justin johnson, are outraged that little ingrid was taken from them without the matter being brought to a state
7:43 am
or federal court. the child is now on reservation land where only federal authorities can intervene. >> we haven't been given any updates on how she is. >> reporter: the couple have filed complaints with the miami-dade police and the bureau of indian affairs. florida senator marco rubio warning tribal officials in a tweet this won't end well for tribe if they don't return child asap. in her court filings with the tribe, the baby's grandmother claims johnson was abusive to her daughter and that her daughter is not fit to care for the infant. but rebecca disagrees, saying she no longer has her newborn because her mother doesn't want ingrid growing up with a white father. two miami-dade officers assisted those tribal officers in removing the baby from the hospital and the hospital saying in a statement it had no choice but to remove the baby from the mother's care. quote, baptist hospital falls under the jurisdiction of miami-dade county police department and complies with state and federal laws. it is our hospital's policy to cooperate with miami-dade law
7:44 am
enforcement as they enforce court orders, but you can just see this battle brewing and feel for everyone involved. >> everyone involved and this is not over. we haven't heard the last of it. >> thanks. >> michael. >> thank you, robin. coming up, we have the sweet 16 tipping off tonight. but some teams are having trouble even getting there. they got stuck in a storm. don't worry, they're there. they made it. non-drowsy claritin 24 hour relief when allergies occur.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
we haven't even started the story yet. we're back now with march madness and that spring nor'easter. it only added to the craziness. villanova's team bus had trouble getting to the airport. spinning out in philadelphia as you see right there. apparently making the sweet 16 is easier than actually getting there. the games resume tonight and, t.j., you've been resting up all week waiting for that. >> i bet if there were women on the bus they wouldn't have got stuck, robin. they wouldn't have had a problem. but let me start with the men. let me start with the men. all right. >> you're in trouble. >> we're on the clock, baby, we're on the clock. >> all right, look, let me show you this bracket. this is one of the maddest marches we've ever seen. if you look at the south region in the top left corner there, this is the first time in history we've had a region where none of the top four seeds made it. this is the bracket where you had umbc become the first to take out a number one seed in virginia. you got loyola-chicago with sister jean, that great story,
7:49 am
and tennessee taken out but nevada with the second biggest comeback in history. that's the bracket or the region where it happened. >> are you going to show my women some love? >> uconn, keep your eye on uconn. two of those years they went undefeated. >> and possibly face south carolina. >> that's unfortunate. i want to see -- i would like to see them in the final four -- >> two number 11 seeds, central michigan and buffalo still alive. >> he got it in. >> well done, t.j. >> and the orange. >> the orange. they're holding on. we've got a health alert about how to treat back pain. dr. ashton will talk about it. come on back. way to go, t.j. coming up, "gma's" concert series sponsored by pepsi. celebrating every generation. ration. every generation. s the pepsi that was right for ray. (gasp) and britney. britney!!!! and, of course, the king of pop. this is the pepsi that is forever fun. this is the pepsi for every generation.
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♪ next chapter ♪
7:53 am
welcome back. yes, there is another one coming but this one looks to be more midwest. louisville seeing record snow. that's the airport and winter storm watches now posted for much of the midwest. south of chicago, indianapolis, tomorrow night into saturday with accumulating snow into the mid-atlantic. maybe as much as a half a foot.
7:54 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by the all new brought to you by the all new 2018 lincoln navigator. good morning south bay. lets get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings.
7:55 am
heavy rain falling in parts of the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist, mike nicco. umbrella put to use today. >> absolutely. you can see the rain blowing sideways. and tapering in some areas. be caution and be concerned if heading to the high country. heaviest rain in the east bay and continuing heading to the northeast. and the storm tapers to showers through sunday. >> mike, the roads are blut l. trying to clean up a tree from highway 35, got a clear on the northbound 880 near whipple road and the southbound side slow. and summit road, east of 17 still closed. >> it's been a mess out there. another update in about 30 minutes and always on the news app and join us weekdays 4:30 to 7:00.
7:56 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new winter storm watch.
7:59 am
11 states bracing for another surprising spring hit. the east coast digging out from that nor'easter. more than a foot of snow in five states wreaking havoc on the roads. thousands of flights canceled. and out west that mudslide emergency. the torrential rain triggering fears of flooding and forcing people from their homes right now. also this morning, the warning about "13 reasons why" netflix now warning some people not to watch their hit series. >> if you are struggling with these issues yourself, this series may not be right for you. >> the important reason behind the decision and what to expect from season two. health alert. new research to help your lower back pain. the debilitating condition affecting millions of americans and the treatments that can finally bring you relief. dr. ashton is here live to break it down. ♪ let it go and time to let it go. and take a first look at "frozen" on broadway, the new
8:00 am
songs, the new olaf and a powerful message on sisterhood. all the secrets from inside the show as we say, good morning, america. ♪ the storm rage on >> i remember one halloween, i was elsa and t.j. was my olaf. it was adorable. we can't let it go, but we want to let go of this terrible weather we're been half. >> talking about frozen. we're going to continue to unthaw but we also have more news this morning. the american princess meghan markle, well, she's coming to new york. >> really? >> times square, in fact. >> well, sort of. i'll tell you what that's all about. >> the "gma" team. >> who knows. >> that would be good. we should work on that. also, this morning, the nor'easter as robin mentioned
8:01 am
more than a foot of snow still coming down. what a commute this morning. torrential down pours in southern california in an area already devastated by the recent m mudslides. let's go back to kayna whitworth. >> reporter: some isolated areas have seen up to 7 inches of rain, so that is bringing about fears of mudslides and flooding especially after that january 9th storm that killed 21 people and left a path of destruction like the one you see behind me. the kind of debrow flowing down these creeks. they have evacuated 30,000 people. they have closed schools and brought in extra emergency personnel including the national guard, that's on stand by right now. they also expended the flash flood watch and emergency services just a few minutes ago sent out a warning telling people that if they have not evacuated those burn areas they need to get out now. right now, they're monitoring
8:02 am
these creeks and every time we see a heavy bout of rain, we see the creeks rising. they have assess those mountain tops and a lot more debris could come down. >> california has been mum mellme pummelled by a major storm. >> storms on both coasts as you mentioned there. it's coming down sideways in boston. some eye-popping numbers. bay shore, 19 inches there. parts of pennsylvania seeing over a foot and half. staten island, over a foot there. and philadelphia is digging out as well. very sloppy out west. here's all the storm watches, flash flood watches out for those burn areas. some cases, already 7 inches of rain. very strong subtropical jet stream, deep moisture and this is going to slam into central and southern california later on today with another potentially
8:03 am
five, six inches of what they have seen. upward of 3 feet of snow in the mountain areas. dangerous situation there. michael, back over to you. >> thank you, rob. no relief. we'll turn now to the deadly austin serial bombings. we're learning more about mark anthony conditt. to matt gutman who is there in austin for us this morning. good morning again, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. that confessional videotape, 25 minutes of it offered some key clues to investigators. he describes how he exact ly built. there were only seven of them. so they're all accounted for. that's a huge relief in this traumatized community. in the video, conditt seems to know that police are on to him.
8:04 am
results of weeks of work who meticulously pieced together those bombs but what really broke this was when he mailed two of those explosive packages from fedex, they said if not for the images they got from fed ix this case could have been going on for months longer. robin. >> thankfully it did not. matt, thank you. coming up that new warning from netflix about their popular teen series, "13 reasons why." also, robin, that new health alert. we know millions suffer from back pain but are you really getting the right treatment? dr. ashton joins us live with what we should be doing. and it is thursday so it's "deals & steals." great savings to pamper yourself and we have some women upstairs in our audience who deserve it the most and we can't wait to go upstairs and join them.
8:05 am
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all right. [ applause ] you can feel the energy. fantastic. we told you about that special audience that we have here with us this morning and they can appreciate this. women power, right? okay. [ cheers and applause ] okay, t.j. showed us villanova's men's team trying -- >> the bus was stuck. >> he made some comment about women.
8:10 am
do you remember this? northeastern's women's team. did you remember seeing this a few weeks ago, they got out and pushed their bus. >> wait a minute, robin. >> defend yourself, t.j. >> i cannot let you get away with that. t.j., that's not what i did. i said that if that had been women in that villanova bus they wouldn't have gotten stuck. >> it wasn't what you said. no, it wasn't what you said, it was how you said it. >> i'll say that would not have happened -- >> from experience and you're married, you're never going to win the argument. >> but you know what the villanova men did, they sat on the bus. >> that's right. >> and the women got out and made it happen. >> thank you, t.j. >> that was my point, robin. [ cheers and applause ] >> nice save, t.j. you know i got nothing but love for you. bye, t.j. we'll see you. we say bye to t.j. but we say hello to a.b., adrienne bankert with some "pop news." >> robin, on your very best day of the week your favorite day of the week we want to say here comes the bride. all dressed in white. almost. almost.
8:11 am
meghan markle is coming to manhattan, kind of. the soon-to-be royal bride is getting her very own wax figure at madame tussauds here in new york because the town crier made the announcement. that makes it official. listen. >> hear ye, hear ye, madame tussauds would like to make a formal announcement. an american princess, meghan markle, is set to arrive in the spring of 2018. thank you. >> thank you. hear ye, hear ye. we are all getting spring fever and wedding fever. they also plan to unveil the figure before the royal wedding on may 19th. >> nice. >> nice. well, y'all know taylor swift living up to her big reputation. big reputation. the pop star known for surprising her fans with gifts and she did it again, surprising amber rose and wiz khalifa's 5-year-old son who happens to be
8:12 am
a huge swifty. sebastian knew all the words. look what you made me do before "reputation's" album even released, video of the kindergartner covering the track has been viewed a million and a half times. taylor's tour kicks off in may. he is adorable. if you haven't seen this video get on amber rose's instagram page and just watch the 5-year-old. he knows all the world. john stamos can't wait to be a dad. do we have it? >> let's watch it. >> taylor swift sent that to you? >> really? >> yes. >> for real? >> she did. >> this is going to be so exciting. >> and guess what. >> what. >> she gave us tickets to go see her in concert. >> thanks, taylor. >> i'm glad we got that. perfect. >> great, great story. >> thanks, taylor. well, john stamos can't wait to be a daddy and the actor put up his throwback photo from his "full house" days saying bun in the oven on it.
8:13 am
you might remember that episode if you watched "full house" as a kid. he also wrote this is the longest nine months of my life, #can'twait4. they're expecting their first child after a wedding february 3rd. we're so happy for them. >> longest nine months of his life. have he asked her? >> i know. it's like she's doing a lot of work but i love how -- it's nice to see when daddies post these pictures. it's just heartwarming and, of course, we want a healthy birth so best wishes to the stamos household. >> absolutely. [ applause ] we're going to turn now to that new warning coming in about that popular show "13 reasons why." but now they're speaking to parents who are concerned it sends teens perhaps a dangerous message to some who might not be able to handle it and viewers will soon be greeted with an alert when they start the series and amy has a lot more on it. >> hey, david, that's right. the criticism that the show glorifies suicide and netflix is now saying it commissioned a study that looks at how teens and parents are responding to
8:14 am
the show and the result for the second season, a now warning from cast members and a new website tackling tough topics including suicide and bullying. >> settle in. because i'm about to tell you the story of my life. >> reporter: this morning, an abrupt warning from the creator behind the hit netflix series "13 reasons why." >> we hope our show can help viewers start a conversation. >> but if you are struggling with these issues yourself, the series may not be right for you. >> reporter: the fictional show which centers around a suicide of a high school student created a firestorm when it debuted last year with critics saying it glamorized and glorified suicide. >> because she's a crazy drama queen who just killed herself for attention. >> reporter: on wednesday releasing this new video which will automatically play before watching the beginning of each season. >> "13 reasons why" is a fictional series that tackles tough, real world issues taking a look at sexual assault, substance abuse, suicide and more.
8:15 am
>> if you ever feel you need someone to talk with, reach out to a parent, a friend, a school counselor or an adult you trust. >> why didn't you say this to me when i was alive? >> reporter: during the first season executive producer selena gomez said her intent for the show was to help teens who were struggling. >> we wanted to do it in a way where it was honest and we wanted to make something that could hopefully help people because suicide should never ever be an option. >> reporter: now suicide prevention experts say netflix's decision to add the new disclaimer is a step in the right direction. >> but more needs to be done. more educational programming and content that shows that help is available. that recovery is possible. that treatment works. >> now, season two has wrapped up the shooting but so far no word yet about an actual release date, david. >> one of the things they'll do
8:16 am
is an after show after these episodes. >> that's right. as a parent i'm so thankful. this is my 15-year-old's favorite show. this will be called "beyond the reasons" and will play after that 13th and final episode. the show will keep the conversation going with cast members, experts and purchases and talk about some of the show's tough topics and netflix is also directing people to the show's website to find more resources that may be able to help someone who is in need or who is struggling with depression. >> maybe it'll lead to unintended conversations that will actually help a lot of people. >> it did in my house so there can be good that comes out of a show like this. >> robin, over to you. now ot that health alert about lower back pain, as many as 540 million people suffer from it. according to new research, many treatments whether they're surgery, testing, pain medication could be all wrong. dr. jen ashton is in boston and will tell us more about this. so let us know what the study has revealed, jen. >> robin, this was really the magnum opus on low back pain that appeared in "lancet" drawing attention to the massive gap that exists between evidence-based medicine and
8:17 am
what's really going on when it talks about low back pain so back pain by the numbers as you said, this affects 540 million people around the world at any one time. it is the number one cause of disability. costs, both financial and personal are really unknown. but this is a massive global public health burden and in terms of causes, that's the difficult thing. most of the time we never know what causes low back pain, of course, there can be musculoskeletal issues like disc problems, rarely there can be infections like staph or tuberclosis but there's psychological and genetic, economic factors and it's a complex problem. >> it is. we're all aware of that especially if you suffer from it.
8:18 am
but any new treatments? any help? >> well, this is what was so interesting about these guidelines. they broke down the evidence worldwide and they said, first line treatment stay active. our gut instinct is to get into bed when our back hurts and we can't walk without pain. that is actually the worst thing you can do so stay active and if possible, try to stay at work. the second thing they say, education as a first line treatment. well, what does that mean? learn what works and what doesn't work from reputable sources. then, second line and this is what i really want people to pay attention to. guidelines recommend as option, superficial heat, pretty decent evidence, spinal manipulation, massage or acupuncture, and in terms of medication, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories only if the other things are not working, not opioids. >> okay, well, i was going to do a quick true or false. we don't have time. but i have the cards stacked because i have a group of nurses behind me who are going to give me the right answers anyway. >> i'll put it on my twitter, robin. >> do that. there are a lot of misconcept n misconceptions about it. you're right.
8:19 am
over to rob. >> all right, robin, good morning, everybody. good to see you on a snow day in d.c., the time of year where the cherry blossoms are out. go to the mall and check them out. grab the cross-country skis. grab the dog and be prepared to tread through near record-breaking snow. over four inches although looks like more there. find a hill, sled down it, the cherry blossoms can wait, the national parks say they're not damaged by this snow and they're actually going to -- they can bloom next week. head down there to our nation's capital and check it out. it will be good morning i'm "abc 7 news" moorj mike nicco. drenching rain there morning scattered showers and thunderstorms the rest of the day. more rounds of showers but not a total wash out friday and sunday and spring warmth next week. temperatures until noon, upper 50s and low 60s and temperatures dropping this afternoon. upper 30s to mid 40s and alot of
8:20 am
fog. myin now we have a very special "deals & steals." tory johnson is here with treats. these are treats to pamper yourself and who deserves them more than these wonderful women in our audience. we have teachers, we have firefighters and paramedics, new moms, police officer, nurses, school administrators. we have it all right here this morning and we are so appreciative of everything that you all do for the community that we wanted to honor you and we have another surprise for them, tory, within our "deals & steals." so let's get started. >> let's go. okay, so first up beauty blender. so this is kind of the one little genius makeup applicator that does it all, three simple steps -- wet it, squeeze out the excess water and then you apply your product and just bounce it on your face. alaina taught me about this. flawless complexion with these. with any of your existing products, brooke is obsessed
8:21 am
with the body blender because it's perfect for blending in self-tanner so big assortment. >> i need that. >> yeah, exactly. >> i need that self-tanner. >> 16 to $30 normally slashed in half. 8 to $16. [ applause ] >> i got to say, these are the teachers and administrators from montclair children's school. we got a little surprise. you all are going home with this from our "deals & steals." [ applause ] >> all right, we got to move on now. >> move on. firefighters and ems representing here. >> let's hear it. [ applause ] firefighters and ems. they're only 67 women in the fdny and we have a lot of them right here so thank you so much, ladies. what do you have for them? >> board certified dermatologist. everything here is rooted in the science of natural skin. all of these products are designed with benefits to have visibly smoother skin, firmer
8:22 am
skin, minimize the look of creases as known as wrinkle. >> deep crease serum. >> all of these are about really taking care of your skin. a terrific deal from 13 different products normally 45 to 185. all of these are slashed in half, $22.50 to $92.50. and three shipping from perricone. >> and free shipping. you don't have to pay anything because you're going home with dr. perricone m.d. okay, surf's up candles was started by a single mom of four, started in a crockpot in her kitchen and grew and moved into her garage and now in a 10,000 square foot studio warehouse making all of these amazing products. smell this one. >> right. >> blake said this smells like vacation. this one is coconut lime body scrub. what i love is this called surf dust so, if you like a bath balm
8:23 am
but you don't want to use the whole balm, this is just the fizz so you can use a little, a lot. they range from 7 to $18. everything is slashed in half, $3.50 to $9. from surf's up candle. >> of course, we love our female police officers. you can go home and relax with that. wander beauty. what i love about wander, everything is multifunctional. all of these products are cruelty-free, foolproof formulas but they do two things in one, a glow stick and it has product on both sides. blusher, illuminator. two different lipsticks. not necessarily for you but for all the rest of us. everything from wander has that multifunction so, if you're traveling, space is at a premium this is for you. normally $12 to $45. everything is slashed in half so $6 to $22.50. >> it may not be for me but it is for our new moms. enjoy. >> okay.
8:24 am
so, smell this. smell this. >> mm-mm. >> what does that smell like? >> chocolate. >> yes, you got it right. chocolate. so this is the chocolate truffle face mask from savor beauty. all youd you need is, two teaspoons of water or milk and put it on your face for a couple minutes. four different scents. it leaves your skin so smooth and phenomenal, i cannot rave enough about this. they've got spas in new york city but this is the product for everybody. depending on the piece you choose all of these range from $20 to $64. they're all slashed in half, $10 to $32. >> $10 to $32. we love our nurses and, nurses, you're going to smell like chocolate. you're going home with that. take a smell of that. so this is -- i learned about this from petula because robin uses it every day. all of these are hair care
8:25 am
products started based on a family that liked making hair kay in the garden so all of these are all-natural products that contain the stuff that you'd find in a garden. phenomenal products that will leave your share shiny and gorgeous, normally $14 to $32, 7 to $16, the scent and shine is fabulous. >> got to love our lunch ladies you're going home with rucker root and we partnered with all these great companies, tory will come back. more big surprises coming up. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back with more "gma." we'll be right back with more "gma." good morning north bay, let's get up and get going.
8:26 am
>> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. diablo valley college in pleasant hill is canceling classes because of a threat made against the campus. not clear what the threat is. they are canceling classes as a precaution, at the college this san roman remain scheduled. >> let's take a look at the roads. we have extremely heavy traffic volumes and a new sig alert for the north bay. 121 closed at state route 12 in napa county due to flooding. likely be that way until 3:00 this afternoon. several vehicles stuck in the water. near marina vista,
8:27 am
♪ seresto,jake...o, seresto ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
8:28 am
oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> the roads will remain bad through morning commute. a little better in the afternoon hours. if it looks like you don't have yourself covered head to toe, you see the heaviest of the rain right now. and the discovery bay. the storm tapers to a one. friday and sunday. >> another
8:29 am
welcome back to "gma." and i got to say the energy in here is unbelievable. what an audience. [ cheers and applause ] >> really is. >> oh, my. >> and i know we just had the nor'easter and all these things and you don't think that -- about it but easter is coming up. >> right. >> are you ready for easter? >> sure. >> i'm ready for easter. >> let's do it. >> you know what it means, easter right around the corner, it means easter candy. yeah. who is not excited about some easter candy and the website influencer analyzed more than 17,000 of its reviews and came up with the most buzzed about easter candy in each state. we have new yorkers here? [ cheers and applause ] and we got one right here, david. you're a -- >> upstate new yorker, that's right. >> you know what your candy of choice is. >> it's funny because it's right in front of robin. >> no, it's not. >> i want that one. >> no.
8:30 am
you want that one. >> maybe i'm a southern boy. >> don't go against your state, man. don't you ever go against your state. >> it's reese's pieces peanut butter cups. >> for new york. and all those are yours. your consolation prize. >>. fr from my own home state, anybody here from texas? from texas it is the snickers eggs. >> i love those. [ applause ] >> those are good. >> you know your stylist de'andre said make sure you save me some of those. so, these are for you. robin, you're from mississippi where reese's white peanut butter eggs are the thing. do you like that? >> yeah, sure, i love reese's. this audience does not need any sugar. i'll just tell you that. they are off the charts. >> there was a woman who said can i just touch your hair?
8:31 am
so i'm going to bring you one of these right now? here you go. thank you. all right. [ applause ] >> you know what, ma'am, i've been wandering that all week. i was wondering if i could touch your hair, i'm glad you had the nerve to do it. anybody here from new jersey? [ cheers and applause ] well, new jersey, you are the land of the peeps. >> somebody has to be peeps. >> right. >> you love beeps in new jersey. and speaking of easter who doesn't love a good easter egg hunt. >> i remember that as a child. >> as a kid that was the great thing, easter egg hunt, boil them, dyed them. i love to dye them but made a mess of the house but we're going to do an easter egg hunt for adult edition here. [ applause ] so, we want everyone in our audience to look under your seat. >> are we a part? >> we're not eligible, i don't think. >> what are you looking for. >> it's got to be something under somebody's seat. >> uh-oh.
8:32 am
>> we got right here. there she is right there. she's got the easter egg right there. and you win our "gma" easter basket. [ applause ] i see some sour patch kids in there so feel free to share. >> at first she was like is this all i get is this paper egg. >> we didn't want to put a real egg under your seat but thank everybody for participating and that is easter. >> i love how robben said the audience doesn't need sure but they're getting some. something else that caught our eye. this little guy, he might be giving rob and ginger a run for their money. we saw this. her name is cardin quart. look at that. look at that. his homework assignment by the way for kindergarten was to make a weather forecast video. take it away. >> hello, nashville. i'm your local weatherman cardin. let's look at today's weather in
8:33 am
nashville using our new weather simulator. >> aaagh! >> so cold! >> ah, this is more like it. >> brilliant. >> that was good. >> yeah, the video only has 750,000 views, i think. by the way, we mention that his dad is like in video production which might have helped a little with -- >> still. >> he had it all. >> kindergarten, as well, right. >> rob marciano, cardson on line two. >> thank you for sharing that with us. the first look at "frozen" on broadway. abc's -- we know we had to play that. abc's juju chang got a sneak peek. here's a look. ♪ for the first time in forever ♪ >> reporter: the love story about two sisters, elsa and anna, a familiar fairy tale and
8:34 am
yet you've never seen "frozen" like this. ♪ all ends tomorrow so it has to be today ♪ >> it's not just watching a movie on stage. it's two living breathing women who aren't just disney princess. >> that's the thing about the princesses i feel like. i feel like this is a story about two women who happen to be princesses as opposed to a story about princesses who happen to be a sister. >> reporter: kristin anderson lopez and first ever double egot winner bob lopez are the minds behind the music that launched the highest grossest animated film of all time. ♪ let it go ♪ let it go >> reporter: now creating nearly a dozen new songs for the more grown up broad way version. >> when we looked at turning this movie into a full length two-hour musical, we knew we had to go a lot deeper, get a lot more sophisticated and add a lot more music. >> also we had practical
8:35 am
considerations too because on stage you can't do a close-up and you can't do a big action sequence with cars and explosions and reindeer and sleds falling off cliffs and stu like that and wolves, so you need to find musical solutions to all those things that worked in the film that couldn't work as well on stage. ♪ >> we wrote a song called "dangerous to dream" which is bobby's favorite song, i would say. >> reporter: nearly tripling the musical set list meant creating a new power ballad "monster" for elsa. ♪ if i'm a mronster it's true >> reporter: shakespearean themes evoked by a veteran shakespearean director. >> in the second half we have this new number "monster" and elsa comes on and has a really deep debate with herself about whether she's a monster who should even be here. ♪ i will not be a monster >> that was a per kt example of a song that has an extraordinary
8:36 am
arc within it where you start one place and the debate that goes on leads you to another and out you come with an audience triumphantly moving forward. >> to be or not to be and, of course, there's olaf. >> he will low. >> how are you? i don't know which hand to shake. >> just as charming and lovable as he was in the film. >> hey, oh, i love it even more. >> reporter: but ultimately this modern story of two spring sessions delivers a message that feels particularly timely. >> this is about empowering women, a princess in pants and about finding your power and nuanced three-dimensional women dealing with leadership, love and their own relationships. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. [ applause ] >> right. >> that looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. "frozen" does open tonight on broadway and you can see more on "nightline" with juju chang. coming up, everybody, that
8:37 am
"deals & steals" surprise. plus, our ultimate make-off challenge. easter edition. be right back.
8:38 am
8:39 am
we are back with our "deals & steals" surprise and let's hear it again for all these wonderful women in our audience. teachers, firefighters, paramedics, new mom, police officers, nurses and school
8:40 am
administrators. we so appreciate everything that you do for the community every single day and tory you have another surprise for them. >> we do. we have one more. so all of today's "deals & steals" companies believe big time in the importance of pampering so you are all going home with a gift bag with products from every single brand. [ applause ] a little tlc for each of you. [ applause ] >> yes. >> including the one brave guy back here too. you got it too. [ applause ] >> well, it's happy and warm in here but we're going to go outside to rob right now. >> look, we're happy and a little chillier outside. good morning again, guys. how are you doing? all right. they're being fed. why not. it's outside. it's cold but these guys are warming up with some amazing food from this cafe, the first ethiopian food truck in new york city. i've never heard of it.
8:41 am
here is the owner. eden gebre-egziabher. so good to see you. >> good to see you. you're no ordinary food truck owner. you have an mba but your dream was always to have a food truck. why is that. >> it's interesting how you said that. i grew up loving food and when i was in college i started to work in the restaurant industry and i absolutely fell in love with the industry and then after that i worked a few jobs and went and got my mba specifically in food and beverage industry and about two years ago i wanted to have a dream to combine east african food with american palette and here we are a year later, and the dream has finally come true. >> i love it and love the truck. i love leaning up against the truck. do you have any ethiopian coffee. >> i do have some for you. >> in the "good morning america" mug. >> yes. >> oh, it smells so good. i can't even tell you. listen, learn more about how maybe you want to start a food truck in your city, for help go
8:42 am
to food truck nation just released by the u.s. chamber of commerce good morning, i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist mike nicco. the heaviest rainfalls up until 9:00 turns to showers at noon and we'll throw in thunderstorms and schooler >> all right, guys, i got to grab my egg and head upstairs for our ultimate make-off challenge. here's my egg. diy expert nicole farb is with michael and adrienne getting ready to decorate easter eggs but for most at home our sponsor michael's is inviting everyone to decorate an easter egg at the make/break event in stores this saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. stop by and purchase an egg. but michael's will provide all the decorating supplies for free so that certainly looks like a
8:43 am
good time for all to be had on saturday. all right, guys. see you in a moment but, michael, take it away. >> i got you, my friend. nicole, welcome back. >> thank you. >> kids get excited for easter. we get excited for easter. how else can we get them excited for the holiday. >> they love the candy but have to put it in the eggs. bring them around the table. >> this is a big egg. >> so what are some creative ways to make them stand out during the hunt. >> in today's competition, i have three tips so the first is personalize it. see this unicorn over here. oh, yeah. >> i like that. okay. >> next is to add some color. so you see me put gold on this one. and glitter on this one. and you all have paint bottles like this. >> no, don't you start. >> don't start them but you can do this. see, whoa! >> and this is really easy for kids to do. >> super easy. >> y'all are having a big sale. i noticed it. i need to get to michael's for
8:44 am
some supplies 70% off. >> you can make the mess at michael's. >> so much better. >> not in your living room. >> grab your stickers. >> rob made it. rob made it up with his egg with him and we can start. we have a 30-second challenge. >> 30 seconds. >> 30 seconds. it's always 30 seconds. amy robach, put those -- >> everybody here is so -- >> i'm getting ready. >> everybody here is so competitive. man, this is a friendly thing we have going on. >> that means we're authentic. >> nicole, 30 seconds. >> one, two, three, make. [ cheers ] >> amy. that's gorgeous. amy, you did great.
8:45 am
>> all: five, four, three, two, one. [ buzzer ] >> i didn't even get to the glitter. oh, man. >> oh, no, no. >> adrienne, it's over. >> there's a winner. >> there is a winner. >> who won the golden egg? >> this is really hard. i never had a tie on this. you know, this is gorgeous. it's amy. >> that looks great. >> psychedelic. >> i agree. >> hey, great job, robach. >> get out of the way. >> thank you. thank you. >> all right, guys. >> thank you, nicole. >> check out the event at michael's stores from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. this saturday and have fun like we did. coming up, everybody, craig david is going to perform his new hit.
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hello. what a treat. they tried to put me away from you. "the time is now" the title of his new album and sold over 15 million of them. [ applause ] he's going to have the honor of performing for the queen's birthday but before that, he's singing right here. this is craig david with his hit single "i know you." i know you. i know you. [ applause ] ♪ i know you come on i know you ♪ ♪ i know you i know you i know you ♪ ♪ yeah
8:49 am
♪ this gonna be a heavy night way too many drinks ain't even started ♪ ♪ never need to apologize we already know we're far from perfect ♪ ♪ i fall to the curb you laughed till it hurts ♪ ♪ who cares we've been here so many times ♪ ♪ we're all stumbling through the night it doesn't matter we're all together ♪ ♪ and it's paradise in our minds falling together arms round each other ♪ ♪ i know you you know me too we're all stumbling through the night ♪ ♪ but it's paradise in our minds ♪ ♪ i know you i know you stumbling ♪ ♪ i know you know you
8:50 am
i know you stumbling ♪ ♪ i know you ♪ i know you i know you ♪ i can barely see in front of me strangers start to look like friendly faces ♪ ♪ i'm a little unsteady on my feet and carrying the world is overrated ♪ ♪ i fall to the curb you laughed till it hurts ♪ ♪ who cares we've been here so many times ♪ ♪ we're all stumbling through the night it doesn't matter we're all together ♪ ♪ and it's paradise in our minds falling together arms round each other ♪ ♪ i know you know me too ♪ we're all stumbling through the night but it's paradise in
8:51 am
our minds ♪ ♪ i know you i know you stumbling ♪ ♪ i know you i know you i know you stumbling ♪ ♪ i know you i know you i know you stumbling ♪ ♪ i know i know you i know you ♪ ♪ we're all stumbling through the night it doesn't matter we're all together ♪ ♪ and it's paradise in our minds falling together arms round each other ♪ ♪ i know you know me too ♪ we're all stumbling through the night but it's paradise in our minds ♪
8:52 am
♪ i know you i know you stumbling yeah ♪ ♪ i know i know you i know you stumbling ♪ [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. thank you so much. "gma's" concert series is sponsored by pepsi. celebrating every generation. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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8:55 am
what a special day. thanks again. craig david. oh, my gosh. you, you, you up there. i know you. >> we all know you now. >> we know you're going to have a great day now.
8:56 am
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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm jessica
8:58 am
castro from abc 7 mornings. the worst of the rain is hitting right now. and lets check in with meteorologist mike nicco tracking it all. >> a two right now on the storm impact scale. not much longer, the heavy rain moving into the central valley and a lot of green over us now and over the next six hours moving to the east and showers and thunderstorms possible with localized gusty winds and a drier p.m. commute and the storm is a one. >> major trouble spots here. a person ejected from the vehicle. southbound 80 connector past lin kon avenue. have the tree cleared and long delays there. >> time now for live with kelly and ryan and we'll be back at
8:59 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, actor, writer, director, producer tyler perry. and from "grey's anatomy" to "station 19", jason george. and performing their new hit "just like paradise," o.a.r. plus, carrie ann inaba returns for another day of cohosting. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and carrie ann inaba! [cheers and applause] ♪


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