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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 23, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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words of anger and frustration at sample police. >> it is indoctrinated in their bloodstream to fear us, but today we stand right now to tell you that we are human beings, the united states of america, this is our country. >> reporter: the protesters were sparked by the shooting of 23-year-old stefan clark. you're about to see body camera footage and it is shooting. police received reports of someone breaking into cars. officers opened fire believing they saw a gun, but he only had a cell phone. that's why protesters made a point of holding them up today. >> i don't think a cell phone looks like a gun at all. if that's the case, then we all should be murdered here on the capitol steps. >> reporter: last night, a protest outside a sacramento
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kings nba game forced the team to turn thousands of fans away leaving the arena half empty. sacramento's police chief is promising a thorough investigation. >> no matter where you fall, agree, don't agree, where the investigation reveals, it still don't erase that it's a tragedy. >> reporter: shots were fired 20 times at clark, it's not clear how many times he was hit. but it is clear that the officers involved are receiving death threats. you're looking at what happened when a driver and protesters confronted one another in downtown sacramento. the driver tried to keep moving despite people standing on top and in front of her suv. >> and one of the protesters broke her rear window as she drove away. we'll continue to bring you updates throughout the evening. the kings official twitter page sent out this tweet after the game saying
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#biggerthanbasketball. >> it's a privilege but it's also a responsibility, it's a responsibility that we take versus seriously and we stand here before you old, young, black, white, brown, and we're all united in our commitment. >> now to breaking news out of san lorenzo, alameda sheriff's officials have detained a student who brought a gun to orroyo high school. this is video from sky 7, which was over the high school about 15 minutes ago. it shows students being allowed back into parts of the building and dozens of cars lined up outside the school, as you can see clearly. the school was under lock down but that lockdown has been lifted. we have just learned from the fbi that the man found in the burning vehicle had lived in
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the bay area. he's been identified as 51-year-old hafees kos by and was originally from india. they are still trying to figure out a motive for what happened wednesday night, but they say he had all kinds of flammable items in his vehicle. >> the initial assessment was what was found inside vehicle, five propane tanks, there was a gym bag with personal effects, three phones, and three plastic one gallon gas cans and several lighters. >> the video was found on his phone, but investigators said they found no useful investigation. the fbi has stopped short of calling the incident a terror attack. they say there is no remaining danger to the base or the public. law enforcement officers across the state including these in san francisco went to marin county today to honor the death
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of deputy ryan the 24-year-old went off highway 1 as he responded to a 911 call. he grew up in novato. his brother justin said a moment of silence wouldn't be ryan's style, instead he led the crowd in a moment of roar. >> i need you to clap, cheer, yell, holler, root, or whatever you want to do, just be as loud as possible. >> zerkle had been a deputy for 2 1/2 years. he's survived by his parents, two older brothers and his fiance. a driver has died after a fiery crash in mountain view. sky 7 was over the violent accident on highway 101 near highway 85. you can see the tesla's front end was sheered off. it was a chain reaction
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collision that involved two other cars. the driver was sent to stanford medical center where he is said to have passed away. look at the impact from the crash. firefighters requested tesla come to the scene to help deal with the damaged components. tesla employees were seen examining the wreckage to get a handle on what happened. the driver of a -- according to police the car went over the center median, launched into eastbound lanes and crashed into the parking lot of the mission inn. two shipping containers were used as storage for nearby construction crews, stopped the camry from going any farther than it did. the driver died at the scene. a fire was brought under control after thick black smoke rose over the city. the building at the plant caught
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fire, the plant sits right next to the union pacific railroad tracks. traffic was briefly stopped during the fire. let's turn your attention to the weather, just a gorgeous day out there. here's a live look from our mt. tam camera. beautiful skies, a little bit of blue, a little bit of cloud cover, but a beautiful nice day. >> just a few, a few scattered showers and may be chilly ones as well. here's a look at live doppler 7. here's what's happening across the bay area in terms of active weather. this is the storm that's brewing up in the gulf of alaska, you can see it takings shape there, a clearly defined structure. and the circulation around that storm is guiding moisture in that direction. the storm will rank 1 on the storm impact scale, this is tonight through sunday morning, a chance of scattered showers, with snow levels dropping to between 2,500 and 3,000 feet. isolated thunderstorms are possible tomorrow.
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here's our forecast animation taking us through this afternoon and this evening. notice the bay area will be dry, but we'll see that first line of showers swooping down through the you cukiah area. it will be mainly dry for the middle part of the day tomorrow, but what is to follow? are there more showers coming our way? could be, i'll have the accuweather 7-day forecast in a few minutes. officials continue to monitor the moccasin dam after there were worries yesterday that it could fail after heavy rain. but officials say the dam fum functioned properly and it never overtopped. fi officials say the water supply was never affected. water has caused problems in the santa rosa fire zone as well. >> we are glad to say it is improving. >> news reporter wayne freedman joins us live from there.
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>> reporter: improving quite a lot. take a look behind me. it looks mostly dry, and there are some puddles. if you look around this neighborhood and all around santa rosa, there are signs of progress but also frustration. here's what's true, if you lost your house in the firestorm, nothing could happen fast enough. it has all the trappings of a neighborhood minus the homes. >> i'm defining progress day by day. >> progress included cutting down trees today. >> what we're learning is the more we rebuild together, the more we collaborate together, as a group, as a neighborhood, the more money we save. >> reporter: in the firestorm zone, that is not a novel concept. >> we had nine original floor plans. >> reporter: not far away in coffee park in a temporary office, mark cooper and his
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company have pulled up blueprints of homes. depending on upgrades, they'll charge between 240 a$240 and $2 square feet building many homes at once and soon. >> if they're in our early sequence of homes, six months from may. >> reporter: elsewhere in coffee park. a lot of those lots looked like ponds after the recent rains. when steve mcdonnell and his crew showed up today, they found water. >> it was like a lake here. >> first fire, now water, and next who knows. >> we need to get it down for these people. they've been through a lot. >> reporter: and it will take a while, the story is really in the numbers. santa rosa lost 5% of its homes, that's roughly 2,800 structures, we checked with the city today, as wiof today, there are 60
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blueprints now being reviewed. it's been six weeks since a man went missing in the sierra. >> this is the first time they'thehis family are speaking on camera since switching from rescue to recovery. >> dan and kristen, truly it has been such a privilege getting to know this family, they're so tight knit and so strong, but understandably hurting after a long and grueling search. so they did want me to share this message of thanks and of hope. >> it's about as unfortunate timing conditions as you can have. >> reporter: when it comes to mother nature, the odds were stacked against the family since the day the search began. >> the search crews said if they had had clearer days, they feel like they would have been able to cover more ground a lot more quickly. >> reporter: but for experienced skier tom mularkey's family,
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what was inary favor, the tremendous people willing to help, practically an army. >> there really was, i completely underestimated in my mind what i thought a search would look like. >> a bunch of us went up there and it was just nonstop. it's been busy, very busy. >> the alpine county sheriff's department called on rescuers and volunteers from all over the bay area, using helicopters with heat sensing technology to met ti meticulously search every square inch of the mountain. >> originally i felt like there was nothing i could do. i was at work and i felt helpless. >> and it kept us, you know, actively involved instead of just sitting, waiting, kind of
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helplessly. >> reporter: while tom's family knows the odds of survival are slim, they hold on to their faith, their hope and each other, to get them through the unknown. >> whatever the outcome will be, we'll be able to rest and feel assured that we did everything we could to the best of our ability. stay with us, getting ready to march, students across the nation are set to protest tomorrow in the march to save our lives. what organizers are expecting and protesters hope for change. "7 on your side's" michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook, just tag your
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british firm cambridge analytica inappropriately accessed the information of 50 million users. zuckerberg spoke out and said he would investigate thousands of apps. tesla and spacex ceo elan musk is joining the elite facebook movement. he got rid of the pages for both of his companies. the personals section on craigslist has been taken offline. the company removed the category of ads, after thehehehehehe
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passed an anti-human trafficking bill. craigslist might bring the section back someday, the page was started in san francisco back in 1985. a bay area singer is hitting the stage. check it out. ♪ ♪ >> that's nice, isn't it? all right, well torrey teasely joins me in the studio today. torrey, thanks so much for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> it's really a pleasure to have you here. tell me about what made you decide to try out for american idol. that's a big deal. that's a lot of pressure. >> well, to be honest, that day, i had went to church and then i read my horoscope and the
4:17 pm
horoscope had said that you would do something today and it would be worth your while. >> wow. >> and then i saw that american idol was doing it and i was like, i came around 12:00, you know, noon. >> you just showed up? >> i just showed up and there wasn't much of a line and i got through, i was like what? now i'm here. >> was it nerve-racking at all? were you nervous? >> no. >> you were in front of legends in the music industry. >> yeah, it was nerve wrn't nerve-racking, i felt very at home and they made me feel very comfortable. >> and we have some video of you there on american idol. the experience was comfortable? was it conducive to doing your best? >> from my type of being and attitude, i always feel like there's a greater level that i can do. and i'm always striving to be my
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best self and some moments i feel like i can even give more than what i give. people seem to be satisfied so, you know, i just want to make people happy. >> so do you feel inspired? things happen. what kind of singer would you describe yourself as? what kind of music do you like to sing mostly? >> funk soul, r&b, blues, but i was classically trained in jazz. so the classical training helped me have these walls, i learned it as it is, and jazz helped me to improve and helped me to become a better entertainer. >> what does singing mean to you, torrey? why is it important to you? >> singing is healing. and i have always been fueled with the ambition to inspire people to be more themselves and singing just seems to be the way that i can get people's attention. it doesn't matter how much i
4:19 pm
preach, as long as i put a song with it, it seems like i could keep it. >> torrey teasely on american idol this sunday, where sure to tune in. >> torrey, go all the way. let's check back in with spencer christian, because we do have a few more showers before you get away clean for the weekend. >> just a few more, kristen. let's look at live doppler 7, at the moment the skies are essentially dry, we have a few clouds around and there's some moisture well to the north. here's a live view from our s sutro tower camera looking out on san francisco. it's 57 degrees right now in san francisco and oakland. mountain view 59d, 58 gilroy, and 55 at half moon bay. and temperatures right now are in the mid to upper 50s at santa rosa, napa, novato and here's a
4:20 pm
view from mt. tam. here's a few forecast features, we'll see chilly conditions overnight with occasional showers. they'll be fairly widespread. spotty cold showers will continue from time to time through the weekend, into early sunday morning. and we'll have sunny and warmer days and next week is going to be dry, right now we have storm cnditions, ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. we'll see occasional or scattered showers showers, snow levels to 2,500 to 3,000 feet. and isolated thunderstorms are possible tonight. although not likely. through 7:00 this evening, shows dry and calm conditions, but notice this wave of showers coming in right around midnight and that little wave will move through quickly, but at the start of the day, 7:00 a.m. or so, we'll still see spotty showers lingering. and most of the middle part of the day dry, but another wave of showers will develop up through
4:21 pm
ukiah, sweeping on through, breaking out in the evening hours. by midday sunday, we'll be clearing up and drying out. rainfall estimates for the period ahead will generally be around a quarter-inch or lower through most of the bay area, on the march for our lives day through the bay area, there will be marches and other events. let me give you the breakdown of the 12-hour planner. 7:00 a.m., partly cloudy skies, maybe some hit or miss showers lingering at that hour, but mainly dry through the middle of the day, so we'll call it partly cloudy. maybe a few more widely scattered showers will swing through into the evening hours. most of the day and most of the region will be dry tomorrow. but where on the lookout for showers here and they're widely scattered showers. high temperatures will range from lower 50s near the coast
4:22 pm
and upper 50s near the bay and inland. and we have snow coming to the mountain areas. gusty winds will contribute to dangerous driving condition. we'll see a bit more snow from 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. sunday. once again for tomorrow and sunday, storm activity ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. we're talking about a few scattered showers cold showers ending by midday sunday. and then monday begins the drying out and it gets sunday and milder as the week goes on, we'll see temperatures well into the 70s. baseball season is almost here, coming up, we'll show you what's new at at&t park this year. and a davis
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a line drive hit bumgarner's left hand during today's spring trme. bumgarner immediately left the game. last year, remember mad bum missed three months after getting hurt in a dirt bike accident. the giants will have their season opener on monday. the team revealed a slew of special events for the upcoming season, including the retirement of slugger barry bonds number 25. there will be a lot more for fans to chew on as well. the bona petite serve -- to a new cheeser that
4:26 pm
turns tradition inside out. >> there's a newburger called the jusicily lou. it's a ham berger that's filled with cheese on the inside. so when you bite into it, the cheese just gushes out. it's a new version on a different kind of a cheeseburger. >> several giants players will also be starring in a new ad campaign, musing on what they might be doing if they weren't big league stars. arouyou can expect traffic levi stadium. it's a tune up for the world cup that's being played in russia in june and july. we have details on parking on our website.
4:27 pm
it's a different kind of football. the ecoakland marathon gets under way on sunday. >> here's a look at what you need to know. >> you'll be seeing a lot of runners and walkers in the downtown area on sunday. the race begins and ends at east shore park, but we're going to see amount of street closures. again those races given at 7:00, a half marathon, and a 5-k. the street closures begin as early as 5:00 a.m. if you want to be prepared and check out all of those roads that will be closed and check out the course map, head to our website, traffic could also be affected tomorrow by the march for our lives. >> more than a million people are expected to turn out. there's a lot of things that i'm unhappy about in this bill.
4:28 pm
>> a veto avoided, but the
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4:30 pm
here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. the fbi just released new details of a man killed in a fiery crash after a security breach at travis air force base
4:31 pm
wednesday night. police say a 51-year-old's last known address was in sausalito. the motive here is unclear. officials say there's nothing here that points to terrorism. for a second straight day there are protests in sacramento over the shooting of stefan clark. eric thomas tweeted this picture of protesters at the capitol today. clark was killed on sunday, police thought he had a gun but no weapon was found. one of the many marches across the country is in san jose, the student leaders there are expecting more than 10,000 participants and one of the largest marches is expected to be in washington, d.c. of course. this movement was organized by survivors of the school shooting in parkland, florida. maggie is live with more. >> besides that march in
4:32 pm
washington like you mentioned, there are hundreds of other marches happening across the country and around the world. organizers say they're anticipating more than a million people to participate. students across the country are making their way to washington, d.c. >> on sunday, i'm marching for our lives. >> bullets do not discriminate. >> this is our time. if they can't do it. then we'll do it. >> minnesota, we're tired of dying, and it's kind of a scary, simple statement that a lot of people feel. >> missouri. >> i want people to be able to go out and speak out for what's right. >> reporter: and a place that's serving as the beating heart of this movement, parkland, florida. >> we want to inspire them and to motivate them. >> reporter: just five weeks after the shooting at stoneman douglas high school took 17 lives, these students are determined.
4:33 pm
organizers expect more than half a million people in d.c., including a long list of celebrities, like ariana grande, miley cyrus and jennifer hudson. the students say they hope all of this attention will call lawmakers to action. >> i really want to see some electilegislatur legislation changed. >> reporter: and they say their mission hasn't changed to pass stronger gun laws and make their schools safer. the new england patriots is evening loaning out their team jet. in new >> marches will be held all over the bay area and for more information on where and when these marches will take place, please go to our website a girl -- the family of jalen willie had her removed from life support after doctors told her she was brain dead.
4:34 pm
the teen was shot by 17-year-old austin rawlins. rawlins died after being shot by a school resource officer. the vietnam slamic state ha responsibility for a deadly hostage taking at a supermarket in france. the hostage taker was killed by police after he took hostages at a supermarket. the gunman pledged allegiance to the islamic state group, he carjacked a car, and injured a police officer. two others died in the supermarket. president trump signed a massive spending bill to keep the federal government up and running. >> but it wasn't without a bit of drama today. >> reporter: president trump kept washington on edge for hours while he toyed with the idea of vetoing the spending
4:35 pm
bill and causing a government shutdown. he ended up signing the $1.3 trillion bill, but reluctantly. >> there are a lot of things that i'm unhappy about in this bill. after meeting with general mattis, trump signed the bill. >> there's a lot of things we shouldn't have had in this bill, but we in a sense if we want to build our military, we were forced to have. >> reporter: not without slamming congress. >> they create a series of documents that nobody's been able to read. >> reporter: a sticking point, the border wall. $1.6 million was allocated for the border wall. >> not happy with $1.6 billion, but it does start the wall. >> reporter: president trump sent his own staff into a tail spin. he tweeted, i'm considering a veto of the omnibus spending
4:36 pm
bill, based on the fact that the 800,000 plus daca recipients not included in the bill. >> i didn't really expect an announcement. >> president trump said he needs $25 billion to cover the border wall. over the week, the white house and democrats exchanged citizenship a citizenship in exchange for wall money. sammy hagar gets his own plaque on the walk of fame. the history of food with the author of eat like waltd. >> i'm spencer christian, the sun reflecting off the bay waters. i'll have the accuweather forecast for what might lie
4:37 pm
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one of the bay area's biggest rock stars got an honor at gill graham civic sammy hagar got a star on the sn walk. i had the privilege of introducing him at today's ceremony where he said being honored by the bay area has it's
4:40 pm
own special meaning. >> nothing is as gratifying as when your hometown, your home area honors you. it's where you want it the most. i'll be walking down here looking at my plaque, believe me. >> sammy has been living in the bay area since the summer of love in 1967. also present was radio disk jockey raymond seaweed. marcie smothers wrote the book, "eat like walt." marcie joins us today. marcie, thanks for coming, i read through the book, it's really a part history book, you got old menus, it's part art book, beautiful sketches, it's like part book cook. it's got recipes. tell me about the book. >> i wanted to write a book about disneyland, but my agent
4:41 pm
said what are you going to do that's not being done in the blogosphe blogosphere. i wanted it to be an entertaining experience just like the rides. i found where walt said welcome to the kingdom of good eating, where food is fun, dining at disneyland is an attraction. >> disneyland opened in 1955, but it's culinary history dates back to the 1920s. tell me about that. >> walt was extremely famous for mickey mouse and he had a recipe in better homes and gardens, for mickey moose. a lot of people think it's a typo, but it's not. >> what's his favorite food? >> it's hard to say, but among them, chili. >> that still has some cult status. and also at the sftudios, when
4:42 pm
walt would always have saltines in his pockets and his wife would complain when she did the laundry. >> and we always have those big fat drumsticks when we're sitting there waiting for the fireworks show. >> that has become the rage since wait a minute has been gone. it's one of those things you can pick up and walk along in the park and that's why it's popular. >> blue bayou, it's like your transported to a whole in place in the south by the bu bayou. talk about the whole theme in dining? >> walt never got to eat in the blue bayou, because he passed away before it was open. interestingly, the blue bayou was ready to go, but he didn't want anyone eating in the restaurant because pirates of the caribbean wasn't ready yet. but it was among if not the first themed restaurant in
4:43 pm
america. >> we all know that walt's attention to detail when it comes to the animation and the theme park experience, do you think that applies to the food as well? >> i think he did the absolute best he could. in his feeding operations. i love that term. he didn't own any of those when he opened the park in 1955, every single restaurant was leased out. so you can see in the book, the beautiful concept for the blue bay bayou, showing you he was determined to make the food as much fun as the rides and everything else. >> fabulous book and reminding you disney is the parent company of abc7. "7 on your side's" michael finney, late shipments from amazon. can they be held to get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event.
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4:47 pm
matthew muller kidnapped huskins a year ago today. she's part of tonight's 20/20 episode and has this preview. >> reporter: for three years, denise huskins she was is woman behind the blindfold and the woman behind her attorneys, stepping now into her truth and describing in her words the terror she survived. >> i opened my eyes and i saw flashing light and he said erin turn over. and he said aaron is going to put his hands behind his back, you're going to tie his hands behind his back and his feet together. >> her boyfriend and now fiance speaking exclusively with amy robach about the night that matthew muller broke into their vallejo home and kidnapped huskins. >> something that happened when i was younger, hoping that maybe that, knowing that i have
4:48 pm
already been assaulted that he won't want to add to it. but, you know-- >> he raped you? >> yeah. >> muller released huskins near her home in vallejo beach. >> the fact that we've essentially wasted all of these resources for really nothing is upsetting. >> there was this public shaming in the form of a press conference and police weren't even looking for a kidnapper or a perpetrator because they didn't believe a kidnapping even occurred. >> she didn't get the kidnappers to let her go, i would have been behind bars. >> three months later, he broke into another home. >> they would like changes in policy. >> an apology that's this yet to happen publicly. a $2.5 million settlement the police department does not have to admit any wrong doing and has told abc news they have no
4:49 pm
comment. >> this is their first tv interview since the incident. you can hear more about their struggle tonight at 10:00 on 20/20 right here on abc7. now your accuweather forecast, with spencer christian. >> conditions are relatively calm right now, this is live doppler 7, you can see a little bit of green or moisture showing up on the radar image there. but we have some scattered showers coming our way that may persist through the weekend, from time to time. so the storm activity ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. tonight through sunday morning, we'll see scattered showers, and the snow level will be down to 2,500 to 3,000 feet. and there's a chance of an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow. the temperatures will range from the upper 30s, to the low 50s at the coast, mid 50s near the bay, and upper 50s inland. sunday's forecasts, notice for tomorrow and for sunday, the storm activity which will be scattered and occasional, ranks
4:50 pm
only one on the storm impact scale. all of sunday, we'll be looking at sunny days with temperatures gradually climbing. we'll see highs in the mid 70s in the inland areas. time now for ask finney, "7 on your side's" michael finney is here answering your questions. mark asks i have had four late shipments from, they are not following the guaranteed delivery day, is this okay? >> no, it is not, because they call it a guaranteed delivery day. it is not okay. if you followed the rules and ordered it on time. amazon has a countdown timer that tells you when you must order in order to get the order on a certain time and date. if you keep track of the time, they should not be late. if amazon does not meet their guaranteed delivery date, they'll refund any shipping fees. if they don't make it, they give
4:51 pm
you the fees back. there is some fine print, a natural disaster that makes it impossible. but he should get his money back. >> janice asks, my son received a letter from the selective service system, it says he has to register or he would face a fine or even imprisonment. how can i find out if that's real? >> i do no that the selective service system does mail a reminder to make sure that 18-year-old males register. women don't have to register by law. anyway, they get 30 days from their birthday to register. now if you don't register, you can be denied federal jobs, student loans and other benefits. failing to register may lead to imprisonment, for up to five years and a fine of up to $250,000. i'll post links on we have had to help people out
4:52 pm
on this process when they couldn't get a student loan. jennifer asks, my homeowner's association plans to cut down a palm tree in front of my home, can i prevent them from cutting it down? >> it's probably too late. generally these types of decisions are made at meetings you could have attended. that's why it's a good idea to always read the minutes of upcoming hoa meetings. that said, it never hurts to call the hoa board members and ask for the tree's reprieve, who knows? if it's not that important to someone else and important to you, who knows. it is national puppy day and all morning long, abc7 studio was overrun with cute lit puppies. >> you know what's even better than a friday? national puppy day, and boy, are
4:53 pm
we thick with them at abc7 news today. it's all part of our adoption event with our perfect pet partners. >> look at this little one that we have, this is casper, and he is quite friendly. >> our abc7 puppy cam shows you the excitement. >> we picked some of the wigleyest ones this sunday. and oh, my gosh, these puppies are so sweet. >> we even spotted this one with his paws in the water bowl. all these dogs are from animal shelters throughout the bay area. these sweet faces are looking for new homes. >> we have our babey bjorn. >> all the excitement left some tuckered out. >> so cute, right? an east bay vineyard that's been in one family for generations goes up for sale. >> a real return on investment, you will not believe how much it was bought for and what the selling price is today. and new at 5:00, the me too movement turns to apps, how a
4:54 pm
couple of women are changing the workplace. also a
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
120-year-old grapevines may be ripped up in oakley to make way for housing and urban development. >> six generations have farmed there, but now two brothers who own the land are now reluctantly
4:57 pm
selling. >> here's christie brinkley with a slice of history that's slipping away. >> joe and kelly arrived from italy in 1911 and promptly bought land. >> it was a tennant acreage with two barns and a house and they purchased it for $10 in gold. >> reporter: in 1930, frank says they bought this 10-acre parcel with 120-year-old vines with just 4,0$4,000 and six generalts have lived on the land since. >> it's not country anymore. and i miss that. >> reporter: the vineyard is surrounded by tracts of home, commercial and retail. the commute traffic starts early and runs late. the farm doesn't seem to fit in. >> now the fourth generation is not interested in farming anymore and we're getting surrounded by housing.
4:58 pm
so we have decided to put it up for sale. >> i can't work the ranch no more, and he's getting to where it's getting harder for him. and we thought the best thing to do is sell it. >> it's been in this family for like 90 years. that's history. but he told me he's ready to move on. >> reporter: the asking price is $5 million. so far it looks like the grapes are going to go with buyers talking about residential and retail, expanding the existing mobile home park or even turning this into a sew what aolar farm. >> all good things got to come to an end. >> sad in a way, but good in a way, because it opens up a new adventure. >> reporter: in oakley, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> bought for 4 grand, for sale for 5 million. >> thank you for being here. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
a protest turns ugly in sacramento. it's the second day of sem mon stra demonstrations over the shooting of an unarmed black man. >> and a man who burned himself up is from the bay area. to be in san jose, san francisco, san mateo. >> the students are getting ready to march again and they've got lots of company. also -- >> a lot of hard work in the north bay, an update on turning a fire zone into something livable. just within the past 90 minutes, we have learned the man who died in this fiery wreck at travis air force base is from the bay area. >> the fbi has provided several details, new ones, including theman's name, but it says it's still looking for an explanation. >> he is identified as
5:00 pm
51-year-old and has lived in several places in the bay area. and is from india. >> the man slowly entered the main gate and it appeared to be already on fire and when crews got into the vehicle. the man was dead. >> listen to what they discovered during the search. >> what was found inside the vehicle, five propane tanks, there was a gym bag with personal effects. three phones. and then three plastic one-gallon gas cans and several lighters. >> the fbi has stopped short of calling this incident a terror attack. they also said that there was no remaining danger to the base or to the public. we have developing news now in downtown sacramento this evening, that's where protests have escalated during the past % few hours. >> the outrage centered on last week's


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