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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 23, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, the fbi on the scene right now. the explosion at a u.s. air force base and what we have just learned tonight about the driver. the guards waving at him to stop the car. then erupting into flames. what they have found inside. also, the tense night ahead. protests growing. the shooting of an unarmed man. the video of officers firing 20 shots. and tonight, we have learned of the death threats. a livid president trump issues a veto threat, but then signs the spending bill anyway. and tonight, the interview. the former "playboy" model describing their alleged ten-month relationship and what she says about melania's room. in new york city, the deadly fire erupting in an apartment building as they were shooting a movie. a firefighter and father of four, killed. the famous actor right there as emergency teams rushed in. the family vacation horror
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tonight. the parents and two children discovered dead in the condo they had rented. where this happened, and what we know now. and the woman bumped off a united flight. she held firm, refusing their offers until they landed at $10,000. and not again, the winter storm hitting tonight and moving east. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a friday night, and we begin with the fbi on the scene right now of that suv explosion at a u.s. air force base, and the new plea tonight. they need the public's help. this is the moment at travis air force base, the fireball, suv igniting. tonight, we now have the identity of the suspect, and authorities now say that the suv was loaded with propane tanks that guards tried to get the driver to stop. and now what they have recovered from that vehicle. abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, an urgent
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investigation into what may have that deadly explosion at the gates of travis air force base, home to more than 14,000 service members and civilians. sources telling abc news investigators have now identified the driver of the vehicle who was killed in the explosion, as hafiz kasi, aged 51 who they describe as a nomad, at approximately 7:00 pm wednesday, the driver slowly approached the check point at the main gate. ignoring signs from the guards to stop, igniting his vehicle. a flash is seen from inside. the vehicle still moving, quickly engulfed by flames, then crashing onto a median. investigators now reviewing images posted on an unofficial air force facebook page. >> what was found inside the vehicle, five propane tanks, three phones and then three plastic one-gallon gas cans and
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then several lighters. >> reporter: kasi was pronounced dead at the scene. >> we're investigating this in terms of what was the reasoning behind this. >> reporter: tonight, the fbi asking the public for information about this suspect. >> and martha with us live. martha, we know that as part of that plea, the fbi is also trying to figure out if anyone else was involved. >> reporter: exactly, david. they want to find out if this was some sort of plot gone wrong or if any terrorist group was behind it or any connection he might have had. because at this point, david, they know very little about him, and aren't certain what he was up to, david. >> martha raddatz leading us off. thank you. authorities are concerned tonight about growing protests at this hour after a deadly police shooting. an unarmed black man shot and killed. officers firing 20 shots. police helicopter video showing stephon clark, an unarmed father of two, shot and killed by officers in his grandmother's backyard. police out in force today. protesters on the streets of
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sacramento blocking streets and bridges. abc's marci gonzalez is there, and we warn you. the images are difficult. >> reporter: outrage tonight simmering in sacramento over this disturbing bodycamera video. you see officers looking for a vandalism suspect, confronting stephon clark unarmed in his grandparents backyard. after a brief encounter, firing 20 rounds. >> show me your hands. >> reporter: tonight, protesters marching to california's capitol building, trying to block roadways for a second day. coming face-to-face with police in the streets. after crowding this arena thursday night, delaying the start of an nba game. tonight, we're learning new details about the officers in that video. one white, one african-american on paid administrative leave tonight and getting death threats as police investigate the shooting. >> we have to look and see if it was reasonable to believe what they believed and then do the
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things that they did. >> reporter: police say the incident began sunday night after getting a 911 call reporting someone vandalizing several vehicles. >> he just broke the window. >> reporter: helicopter cameras then began recording following this man as he hops a fence. police say officers on the ground then confront 22-year-old stephon clark, a father of two. >> we don't have confirmation yet, of whether he was the subject breaking into the cars, but hopefully at some point as we gather the facts, we will know that one way or the other. >> reporter: police say they opened fire believing clark was armed, but no weapon was found. only this cell phone. and david, the police chief here tells me that bodycam videos from all of the responding officers will be released. and tonight, authorities are urging all of those protesters to be patient and give them time to investigate. david? >> marci gonzalez live tonight. thank you. now to the white house. president trump livid today. just 24 hours after the white house said he would sign the
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spending bill to keep the government open, suddenly, he was threatening a veto, and this all comes as his top lawyer in the russia investigation quits. he now hires his third national security adviser. here's abc's chief white house correspondent, jonathan karl today. >> reporter: today, the president upended the political world with an early morning tweet. lashing out against the massive spending bill congress just passed, the president declared, "i am considering a veto." but wait, just yesterday, the president's top aides said he was fully onboard. >> is the president going to sign the bill? the answer is yes. >> reporter: what happened? for one, the president's favorite morning show hammered the bill saying it doesn't pay for trump's border wall. >> this is a swamp budget. this is a mitch mcconnell special, but there is no wall. >> reporter: soon after that, the president's veto threat and then an all-out scramble to stop him, including an early morning call from speaker paul ryan and a white house visit by defense secretary james mattis who
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argued the military would be hurt badly if the bill went down. finally, the president relented. >> i will say to congress, i will never sign another bill like this again. nobody read it. it's only hours old. >> reporter: the episode capped another week of chaos in the west wing including the president's twitter announcement he's picked john bolton as his third national security adviser. his first was michael flynn who was fired for lying about his contacts with the russians, and then replaced by h.r. mcmaster. >> he's a man of tremendous talent. >> reporter: bolton himself seemed caught off guard. >> your reaction to your new job. >> well, i think i still am a fox news contributor. >> no, you're not apparently. >> i didn't -- well, i haven't started there yet. i didn't really expect that announcement this afternoon. but it's obviously a great honor. >> reporter: the arrival of bolton, a former ambassador to the united nations under
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george w. bush, puts a hard line conservative on the president's team just as he prepares to meet with north korea's kim jong-un. >> question. how do you know that the north korean regime is lying? answer, their lips are moving. >> reporter: he recently wrote that it would be "perfectly legitimate" for the u.s. to respond to north korea's nuclear build up by striking first. >> by striking first. jon karl with us live tonight from the white house. and jon, president trump is hoping to meet with kim jong-un by the end of may, and bolton is on the record before with what he thinks should happen in that meeting. >> reporter: he has said that the president should go into the meeting and tell kim jong-un simply, tell me you have begun total de-nuclearization because we're not going to have protracted negotiations. you can tell me that right now or we will start thinking of something else. so david, if he takes the advice of his new national security adviser, it could be a very short meeting with kim jong-un. >> jon karl at the white house. jon, thanks. all week, there were many closely watching the first lady
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today in her public appearance after an interview overnight. a former "playboy" model on her alleged ten-month affair with donald trump, and what she said about melania trump. here's abc's lindsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, president trump boarding marine one alone. the first lady was scheduled to be at his side, but melania trump was absent. earlier, she was all smiles at the state department, presenting women of courage awards. >> courage is the quality most needed in this world, yet it is often the hardest to find. >> reporter: it comes less than 24 hours after that tell-all interview with a woman claiming to be the president's former mistress. >> there were real feelings between the two of us. not just myself. not just him. there was a real relationship there. >> reporter: still, former playboy model karen mcdougal tells cnn the first time she had sex with donald trump, he tried to pay her. >> did he actually try to hand you money? >> he did. i looked at him and said, "that's not me. i'm not that kind of girl."
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and he looked at me and said, "oh." and he said, "you're really special." >> reporter: she says the moment blossomed into a ten-month romance in 2006. the same year barron trump was born. >> did donald trump ever say to you that he loved you? >> all the time. he always told me he loved me. yes. of course. >> reporter: mcdougal says she thought trump might marry her. she claims he once even brought her to trump tower. >> we passed a room, and he said, "this is melania's room. she likes to have her alone time or to get away to read or something like that." i'm like, "oh, okay." that's when i kind of thought maybe they're having issues. i didn't ask. >> reporter: now, she is apologizing to the first lady. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i wouldn't want it done to me. i'm sorry. >> reporter: just before the election, mcdougal's story was bought by american media incorporated, which publishes "the national enquirer" and is owned by a close friend of the
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president's. they told her it would never be published, a practice known as "catch and kill." she's now suing, claiming she was tricked into staying silent. ami tells abc news "the suggestion that ami 'silenced' mcdougal is completely without merit." at the end of the presidential campaign, trump's then-spokeswoman hope hicks called mcdougal's claims about trump, totally untrue. >> lindsey davis with us. you mentioned catch and kill. that's the practice where a tabloid will buy someone's story to kill it, and never publish it. but it seems, lindsey, the strength of these agreements is being tested right now. >> reporter: we're seeing more and more of this. we certainly are, david. for example, karen mcdougal and stormy daniels are both suing to talk about their story. we're going to hear daniels' story this weekend. her attorney tweeted out a picture of a cryptic dvd saying, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words is this worth? he says this is evidence that backs up stormy's story. >> these women seem to be speaking no matter what.
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>> that's exactly right. >> lindsey, thank you. overseas in france tonight. the frightening scene unfolding tonight. the hostage standoff in a grossy store. -- grocery store. an isis gunman, and you will see the officer volunteering to switch places with the hostages. abc's james longman tonight from paris. >> reporter: tonight, a three-stage attack gripping the quiet french countryside. redouane lakdim, hijacked a car in southern france, killing a passenger and seriously injuring the driver. then, he opened fire at unarmed officers before driving to this supermarket. around 50 people were inside when he charged in with a knife and gun shouting, i am a soldier of the islamic state. he started to run after me and i managed to escape, this man says. lakdim killing two inside while a hostage situation ensuing inside. this officer, arnaud beltrame, offering to swap himself for those inside. keeping his cell line open, so that police knew when to storm
5:43 pm
in. and they did, killing lakdim. the officer found wounded. tonight, that officer now fighting for his life is being hailed a hero. david? >> james longman, thank you. back here at home and to the deadly five-alarm fire at an apartment building in new york city. a movie was being shot in the building. abc's gio benitez at the scene tonight. >> reporter: those terrifying flames destroying a movie set and apartment building while killing one of new york's bravest. >> everyone was running and the ambulance was coming and stuff. it was crazy. >> 2-8 mayday, we are missing 69 nozzle man, mikey davidson. mayday, mayday, mayday. >> reporter: mikey is 37-year-old michael davidson, 15 years with the fdny coming from a family of firefighters and tonight, leaving behind his wife, eileen and four young children. >> our entire department, our entire city mourns this horrific loss of a very brave firefighter. >> reporter: part of the building was being used as a movie set for the upcoming edward norton film "motherless
5:44 pm
brooklyn." you can see norton at the scene. they were just about to wrap up shooting for the night when the fire ignited in the cellar. the resident who lives on this second floor lost his home, but is grateful he didn't lose his life. >> i'm alive talking with you. it's because of their bravery. by risking their lives to save us civilians. >> reporter: and david, right now investigators believe this was just an accident, but they don't know for sure, and that's because investigators can't get all the way inside that building. it's just too dangerous, david. >> gio benitez has been on the scene all day for us. gio, thank you. next tonight here, somber news about one of the victims of the deadly school shooting in great mills, maryland. 16-year-old jaelynn willey has now died. she was shot by a 17-year-old student gunman on tuesday. this headline comes as students from parkland, florida meet with other teens in washington, d.c. ahead of tomorrow's march for our lives. that rally against gun violence. there is still much more on "world news tonight" this friday.
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the family vacation horror we learned of today. the parents and two children discovered dead in the condo they had rented. where this happened, and what we have just learned tonight. also not again. the winter storm hitting tonight. it is moving east. the system, rob marciano standing by with the track. and the woman bumped off the united flight today. she held firm refusing their offers until they landed at $10,000. a lot more news ahead. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. next thi next this friday night, the family from iowa on vacation in mexico. the parents and two children discovered dead in the condo they had rented. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, mexican authorities are investigating the mysterious culprit that killed that vacationing family from iowa. investigators say they found the sharps, kevin, amy, sterling and adriana in the condominium they rented at this seaside resort in tulum.
5:48 pm
the sharps traveled from their home in creston, iowa to tulum for spring break last thursday. when they landed, they let family know they got their safely, but then radio silence. >> that's what we thought was kind of unusual because last year they shared pictures about every day. >> reporter: first, the family missed the meeting with friends and then they missed their flight home yesterday. even though they had said they wanted to get back to watch their local basketball college team in the division ii tournament. >> we were hoping we would hear from them by then, and when we did not, we knew something was wrong. >> reporter: david, those family members tell us it's their understanding that the family went to sleep and never woke up. we'll know more when the autopsies are completed in mexico. david? >> just an awful story. matt gutman, thank you. when we come back, the winter storm hitting tonight. technically a spring storm now, moving east. rob has the track. and the woman bumped off the united flight. what she tweeted and then what she got. worth $10,000 tonight. she's nationally recognized for her compassion and care.
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believe it or not, another storm tonight. weather alerts across a dozen states and moving east at this hour. let's get right to rob again. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. this is the same storm that was slamming california. now it's smack dab in the middle of the country. take a look at that on the radar scope. snow across the dakotas and thunderstorms across kansas. this will all be our next spring snowstorm and it will drop from minneapolis through des moines and indianapolis. cincinnati, just northeast of louisville, and even down to roanoke. the jackpot i think will be through parts of iowa, and maybe 10 inches there. generally less than 6 everywhere else. and even so for indianapolis, likely the biggest snowfall they have seen this season. the good news for the east coast, it won't be the next nor'easter. >> spring please, rob? thanks, rob. a passenger bumped off a united flight. allison preiss, the communications director in d.c. bumped from that full flight, tweeting the whole thing. look at this. they are kicking me off this flight, she tweets. they can't board me on this plane because there's a broken seat. she then tweets, united is the worst. after turning down a $1,000
5:53 pm
voucher, she held firm and got one for $10,000 instead. way to go, allison. when we come back tonight, down to the elite eight. who is your pick and in a moment, some divine intervention. brad's been looking forward to this all week, but how will his denture cope with... a steak. luckily for brad, this isn't a worry because he's discovered super poligrip. it holds his denture tight and helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy the tastiest of t-bones. super poligrip, helping you enjoy the foods you love. i'm your phone,istle text alert. stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold...
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and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell you doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. needles. fine for some things. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". finally tonight, our persons of the week. the players and their inspiration. >> reporter: another close game for loyola, chicago last night. >> that is the final game. >> reporter: how did they feel at the loyola student center? [ cheers ] >> reporter: and the person they ran to, loyola's secret weapon, 98-year-old sister jean.
5:57 pm
you have met her here before. she even admitted her bracket didn't see this coming. >> i'm sorry to sister jean for busting her bracket, but -- >> i don't care how far you break my bracket as long as you have broken it. you have to go a little more now. >> reporter: this week we asked her about her divine intervention. it's david muir. i'm curious what you say to the team. we see them leaning over to you and kissing you and hugging you at the end of the game, but what do you say to them before they head out that could help all of us honestly? >> i say a prayer, but sometimes there is a little more than talking to god in the prayer, but i do begin with good and gracious god. i pray for the other team, perhaps not as hard. >> reporter: it certainly worked. another victory last night. the university of michigan. right behind number 13 there, the guy in the suit, austin hatch and what a story. he got a scholarship to play, but then tragedy. injured in a plane crash.
5:58 pm
that crash took the lives of his father and his stepmother. unbelievably, eight years earlier, in another crash. it was in that crash he lost his mother and two siblings. >> i think god had his hand on me. >> reporter: austin now a manager for the team, his fiancee walking onto the court with him. the team following in spirit and strength. across the country, we all have our teams. >> does syracuse play at 9:37 tonight? >> reporter: by the way, syracuse is taking on duke. thankfully, not sister jean. >> thank you for watching. in the mornings and evenings this week, time to go watch some basketball. i hope to see you on monday. good night. onday. good night. good night. the family of a missing man isn't giving up hope. they're taking action to find
5:59 pm
him no matter the outcome. tonight their story is one you'll hear only on abc 7 news. three plastic one gallon gas cans and then several lighters. >> that is just a portion of what was found inside of a car that exploded in the gates to travis air force base and we found out today that the driver has bay area ties. tonight the abc 7 news i team digs into a suspected love triangle, a lawsuit and corruption accusations against a south bay sheriff's the whole thing feels like a complete mystery. just doesn't make sense. >> waiting and wondering. this family took action to find out what really happened to their loved one. >> good evening. >> and i'm ama daetz. there is still no official word on what happened to a richmond man who went skiing last week and disappeared but we know that the goal is no longer rescue but recovery when it comes to
6:00 pm
finding 65-year-old tom mullarkey. >> he was last seen nine days ago at the skyline bear valley ski resort. we have a message the family wants to share this you will hear only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: it has been such a privilege getting to know this family. they are so tight knit and strong but understandably hurting after a long, grueling search. so they wanted me to share this message of deepest thanks and of hope. >> it is about as unfortunate timing and conditions as you could have. >> reporter: when it comes to mother nature, the odds were stacked against the tom mullarkey family from the day they began and efforts suspended and hospitals grounded due to difficult conditions. >> the search crews said if they had clearer days they would have been able to cover a lot mover ground and more quickly. >> reporter: but for this experienced skier's family, when they learned of his disappearance after a day on bear valley, what was in their favor, the tremendous number of people willing to


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