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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 24, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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chase. make more of what's yours. good morning, america. this morning, ready to march. hundreds of thousands of teenagers expected to take a stand this afternoon in cities across the country and the world to end gun violence. >> i think this is going to be a real moment of change. >> sending lawmakers a powerful message, this as president trump moves to ban bump stocks, bucking the nra. he's also making more headlines this morning with a new policy on transgender troops and reluctantly signing a spending bill. >> i will never sign another bill like this again. shooting protest. the clashes with police on the streets of sacramento. >> that was my brother. 20 times. 20 times. >> show me your hands. gun, gun, gun. >> were officers justified in opening fire on a suspect who turned out to be unarmed?
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>> well, our main focus is to gather all the facts. vacation, tragedy, the mystery in mexico. a family of four from iowa found dead in a condo at a popular resort. no sign of foul play. this morning the search for answers. and elite eight, the favorite strike back. the wildcats ending west virginia's run and duke edging out syracuse, plus tonight's big game for loyola-chicago. will their 98-year-old good luck charm help them keep the dream alive? amazing. hey, good morning, everybody. paula is off today. very happy to have adrienne bankert. >> oh, i'm so glad to be sitting next to you. >> well, you usually sit over here, but -- >> that's true. >> sliding over a couple of shares. we have kayna today. kayna whitworth filling in for "pop news." great to have you as well. we got a lot of news this morning. you are joining us on a morning as we head into a day that some believe may be a pivotal one in america's emotional wrenching
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debate over gun violence. >> we have a live look for you from washington, d.c. where organizers say they expect upwards of half a million people for the march for our lives led by students from marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, with financial backing from celebrities such as george clooney and oprah winfrey. >> overnight a candlelight vigil at the national cathedral in washington. we're expecting, we're told, 800 marches all over this country d. in fact, the march in sydney, australia, has already taken place. >> you can see how young some of these students are who are involved involved in this march. in advance of this event, president trump who arrived in florida overnight announced a ban on so-called bump stocks, those are the accessories that can be used to turn essentially semiautomatic weapons into machine guns. >> so much happening we have team coverage this morning. we're going to hear from one of the student organizers and from gun rights supporters but start with abc's tara palmeri who is in west palm beach with the president. tara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and adrienne.
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that's right. thousands of students will be protesting on the president's front porch, but he's not there. he's here in palm beach, florida, where there will be smaller demonstrations. before he left he tweeted out one small step towards the gun control they desperately want. president trump acknowledged the nationwide gun control rallies just hours before thousands of students descend on the white house tweeting that he's banning bump stocks, devices like the ones used in the vegas massacre that can turn semiautomatic rifles into machine guns. trump initially suggested sweeping gun control after the deadly shooting in parkland, like raising the purchasing age and confiscating guns from criminals. >> we have to keep the guns out of the hands of those that pose the threat. >> reporter: but after a meeting with the nra, those proposals went nowhere. >> the nra doesn't back any ban. >> reporter: the newest regulation was swiftly attacked by the right. many are still reeling over the budget-busting spending bill trump approved on friday. initially the president threatened to veto the bill that his staff one day earlier told congress to support.
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>> is the president going to sign the bill? the answer is yes. why? because it funds his priorities. >> reporter: the $1.3 trillion bill allots just $1.6 billion for a wall along the mexican border or 33 miles of fencing. president trump who asked for 25 billion fumes that it wasn't enough. >> i will never sign another bill like this again. i'm not going to do it again. >> reporter: less than 12 hours before a government shutdown, house speaker paul ryan called the president and then secretary of defense general mattis successfully made the case that it was good for the troops. but then in a late night move trump announced a more narrow ban on transgender service members. the new policy bans troops who require surgery or medical treatment. that policy still is subject to court order against the original blanketed ban against transgender troops. the exact number of transgender troops is unknown, but defense officials estimate that only 200 require medical assistance from the military. democratic leader nancy pelosi swiftly slammed the ban calling
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it hateful. dan, adrienne. >> tara, thank you so much for joining us there and for your reporting. as we said, marches against gun violence will be taking place in hundreds of cities this afternoon with teenagers taking the lead. many traveling to washington overnight to call for action on gun control. >> but gun control is a heated topic in this country, as we said. not everybody believes restricting guns will make schools safer. abc's david wright is at the main rally stage in washington for the march today with a look at what both sides are saying as we head into today. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and adrienne. a very chilly morning here in washington, but today this is ground zero in the national debate about guns and schools. pennsylvania avenue, the capitol right behind me there, the white house just a few blocks that a way, hundreds of thousands of people expected to converge here led by survivors of stoneman douglas high school. they're here from across the
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country hoping to send lawmakers in washington a powerful message. >> it's terrifying going to school every day knowing that there is a chance that a shooter might come in. >> i think this is going to be a real moment of change. >> i'm like honestly fed up. >> reporter: this group came all the way from stoudt florida, some of them hitching a free ride on a jet donated by the new england patriots. a like-minded local family is putting them up. their host sick of worrying about gun violence in schools. i have the greatest guests ever. i've got six kids in my house, three girl, three boys from jacksonville, florida. >> reporter: many celebrities are tweeting their support including oprah winfrey, miley cyrus and justin bieber. already there were signs that lawmakers are getting the message. >> our voice are loud, our voice are clear and our voice are about to change history. >> reporter: but there are also loud voices on the other side. >> well, we were disappointed to hear some of the president's
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comments. >> reporter: gun rights advocates believe the answer is more firepower, not less. >> we protect our president with guns. we protect our congressmen with guns. we protect banks with guns, but when it comes to schools, all we do is put up a sign that says gun-free zone, and it's not working. >> reporter: plenty of lawmakers agree, but today these marchers are hoping to convince them otherwise. >> students are stepping up to take on the nra because our elected leaders are afraid to. >> reporter: america, we are your future. why won't you protect us? >> reporter: now this event here in washington is the main event today, but there are events all across the country and around the world, frankly. this movement spreading far and wide. the organizers say 835 local events planned in all. dan and adrienne. >> will it have an impact? there's the question. david wright, thank you very much. for more on that very question, let's bring in david hogg, one
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of the organizers. david is also a survivor of the shooting at the marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. he's in our washington bureau this morning. david, good morning. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> so, i want to start by showing you a number from a recent abc news/"washington post" poll. when we ask people whether they thought the spate of mass shootings in this country were a reflection of problems with our mental health care system or inadequate gun control laws, 57% said mental health. only 28% said gun control. so, in light of that, what specifically are you hoping to achieve today? >> today we are going to start a revolution. this is the beginning of a lifelong marathon, not only for me, but for my generation. we are sick and tired of the inaction here in washington and around the country at different state capitols and in different cities of politicians that are owned by the nra and not listening to their constituents and the future of america. we are the children. we are making our voices heard and we will change america with or without these politicians. and today is the beginning of that revolution. >> david, dan and i both had the chance to speak with you and so
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many of your other students in parkland, florida, and tallahassee about this movement and a big slogan was never again, never again allowing another school shooting to take place. what was the feeling, what was the gut reaction when the shooting happened in maryland earlier this week? >> i was -- i had to relive a lot of the previous memories that i had from my school shooting. everybody takes grief their own way, but for me it was more infuriating realizing that because that was a person with a gun and in reality were they taken out by law enforcement, yes, and i'm so glad they were, but they shouldn't have had to do that in the first place. it's due to a lack of end training, a mental health problem, a gun control problem and an american problem is what we have here. >> david hogg, we appreciate you joining us this morning. we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let's get some analysis now from abc news chief political analyst, matthew dowd, who is in
7:10 am
texas and republican strategist and abc news contributor alex castellano, who is in miami. matthew, let me start with you and then i'll turn to alex. this is such an emotional and seemingly intractable debate over guns in america. do you think today's march is actually going to move the needle? >> well, dan, all social movements over the last 100 years have been led by the energy of the youth combined with the mentoring of the older generations, and i think that's what you're seeing here. we've already seen some change. as everyone knows, florida passed a ban on certain age limits on guns. the president's reaction and banning bump stocks, all of those things are in the aftermath of the high school students standing up and giving voice, and i think today is another step in that process, and as david said, they're not going away. they understand it's a marathon. they understand it takes a long time. today is just a big energy boost for that movement. >> alex, do you agree especially given the poll numbers we've shown already that showed many, many americans don't have an appetite for stricter gun
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control? >> well, i think these students are going to have an impact. it's going to be a modest impact in terms of actually making schools safer, unfortunately. we are seeing schools being hardened, locking doors, perimeter security. those are the kind of things we don't do now that we could do but as far as actually -- we already have a lot of laws against killing people. we have background checks and very few of these laws are being enforced against the mentally ill having a gun, so, you know, we're not enforcing what we have now, but we're going to pass more laws not to enforce. the big impact is going to be political in 2018. the women's movement, the me too moment, add that to the dreamers, immigrants concerned about donald trump and the wall then add these kids, millennials voting for gun control and democrats in 2018, you've got a big democratic wave coming. that's what is going to change. >> you know what, matt, i have got to switch the story line though we'll continue this conversation over guns. what is the most meaningful thing that could come out of the
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stormy daniels story line, aside from the tabloid details? what could come out of this? >> well, we've seen a lot of suggestions from stormy daniels' attorney that there is evidence or there is information, and obviously everybody is going to be tuned in for that "60 minutes" interview, the first time she's given a long form interview on this, and so i think it's a political and a legal question. what do they have legally they can prove out a lot of this but from a political perspective, one, it's putting much stress on the president, both in his professional life as president but i'm sure in his personal life as a husband to melania in all of this, and so i think what we're going to see come out of this is, one, we'll see the evidence, what evidence there is, but, two, it continues to put unbelievable stress and time constraints on the president of the united states. >> and, alex, of course, a lot of republicans think this is more of a sideshow and many are growing weary of this. what's your take? >> the idea that, you know, is this going to have a political impact on the trump administration, i doubt it.
7:13 am
you can't fall off the floor. you can't burn down the same house twice. donald trump is not regarded well by republicans and his supporters because of his moral turpitude. he is there just because he is an alternative to two bankrupt parties, democrats and republicans, who are out of control and can't lead the nation, so he is useful. he is not a moral symbol. i doubt this is going to change the political equation, but it's going to be the super bowl of "60 minutes" interviews. >> yeah, i'm sure a lot of people still think this is considered another witch-hunt. >> right, and, well, for sure it is something that a lot of people will be watching, no question bit. matt and alex, we appreciate your analysis on a saturday morning on this day when we have these marches and as we head into the stormy daniels interview tomorrow night. thank you again, gentlemen. we are going to move on now to the angry protests two nights in a row in the city of sacramento, california, after the shooting of an unarmed black man in his grandmother's backyard. >> yeah, my hometown. the crowd blocking streets and bridges and in some cases clashing with drivers on major
7:14 am
freeways. abc's marci gonzalez is in sacramento with the very latest. good morning, marci. >> reporter: adrienne, dan, good morning. definitely some tense moments on the streets here. but for the most part those protests stayed peaceful as demonstrators shared their outrage and heartbreak. overnight an impassioned vigil. >> we got to stand together. >> reporter: clashes with police. >> have love for us. >> reporter: and unfiltered emotion. stephon clark's brother confronting officers on the streets of sacramento. >> that was my brother. 20 times. 20 times. days after body camera video captured officers shooting the unarmed young father 20 times. >> show me your hands, gun, gun, gun. killing him in his grandmother's backyard. >> no justice. >> all: no peace. >> reporter: demonstrators for a second day shutting down streets. [ chanting ]
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>> what's going on here? we want answers. we're not going nowhere till we get the answers. >> reporter: answers the police chief says they are working to get. >> our main focus is to gather all the facts. >> reporter: reviewing aerial video they believe shows clark on the run after reports of car vandalisms in the area and these dramatic body cam videos. also questioning the two officers, one white, one african-american who are now on administrative leave about why they thought clark had a gun when all that was found at the scene was this cell phone. abc senior legal correspondent sunny hostin telling our dan harris her perspective on the case. >> what the law provides, dan, is it doesn't have to be an actual threat. it doesn't have to be an actual gun. it only has to be that the police officer perceives the threat. i can't imagine that even an external investigation is going to determine that this shooting was unjustified. >> reporter: but police here say
7:16 am
it's far too early to make any determination, explaining the investigation will likely take at least a couple of months. adrienne, dan, back to you. > with so many people in that community watching very closely. marci, thank you very much. i know people there are outraged. >> it was a tense scene especially outside of the kings game that was happening. the protest, knocking down security barriers, it was just -- fans had to be turned away. they couldn't get inside the arena. >> big story, and it's happening in yet another american community. let's switch gears now and check the weather. sam champion, we're pleased to announce, is back for another weekend. we haven't driven him away. >> yes. >> he's in for rob. good morning, sir. >> nice to see you, ron. i think one of the questions everyone is asking today is have we broken that nor'easter pattern or some might say curse. let's show you some video and walk to the wall and show you exactly what's going on. check out iowa this morning and, yes, indeed, we have some snow. as a matter of fact, we have a narrow band of snow that runs about 1200 miles long from fargo all the way to asheville, north carolina, and this band in some cases is just 20 to 50 miles wide, so if you've got a big hit
7:17 am
of 9, 10 inches of snow in the middle then go 20 mif snow. so that's what we've got. take a look at the board. it goes all the way through. it's a quick-moving low, and by the time go ets into mountains of virginia, west virginia, it exits out. so it's not a nor'easter. we've broken the pattern in the short term. that's a good thing, but there is a long line of snow and even freezing rain. good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen. waking up to this beautiful picture. we had showers while you were sleeping and still another system on the way. it's a cold one and it will bring showers later on today through tomorrow morning. a little sun tomorrow but, boy, it's going to be chilly. it's a 1 on our storm impact scale for isolated showers or thunderstorms today through tomorrow with only 56 palo alto and antioch. in the next half hour a west coast storm will bring some deep
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south flooding and heavy rain this week. so we got a lot to talk about. >> i'm just glad it's not groundhog day again in the northeaster. >> everyone is, yes. >> nor'easter. i can't even say it right. i'm just like, get it over with. now, let's get to ron with the rest of today's headlines. always good to see you. >> thank you very much. good morning, adrienne and dan. kay dub. >> thank you. >> i like that. >> good morning, everyone. we'll begin with breaking news from overnight in france where a hero police officer has lost his life and a 17-year-old is in police custody this morning in connection with a deadly islamist attack in southern france. abc's james longman is in paris with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, ron. there is perhaps no greater act of bravery than offering yourself in place of someone else in danger. but that is exactly what arnaud beltrame did. france waking up to the sad news this morning that he has now died. this all started yesterday morning in southern france when a man, 25-year-old redouane lakdim, hijacked a car killing one of those inside and then opening fire on unarmed police
7:19 am
officers. he then made his way to a supermarket. he charged in armed with a knife and gun shouting i'm a soldier of the islamic state and he killed two people inside. a hostage situation was developing. it was then that lieutenant colonel arnaud beltrame decided to swap himself for a woman who was still inside that supermarket. but he kept his cell on so that his colleagues outside could monitor the situation. when they heard gunfire, they then stormed the supermarket killing the terrorist. they found mr. beltrame badly injured, and he spent the evening fighting for his life, but in the early hours this morning, he lost his battle with those injuries. president emmanuel macron is among many here in france calling him a hero. ron. >> okay, thanks, james longman reporting from paris. and back here in the u.s., in northern california, the fbi has identified the suspect who died when he drove an suv loaded with five propane tanks and cigarette lighters into the gates of travis air force base near sacramento. that suv bursting into flames
7:20 am
investigates say 51-year-old hafiz kazi was a nomad who has known links to terrorism. and here in new york city, fire officials investigating a cause of a deadly fire in a harlem building that was being used as a movie set and say it could be some time before they're able to safely go inside that structure and investigate. 38-year-old michael davidson, a 15-year veteran of the new york fire department, the only fatality. he died trying to save people inside. if you're looking for love online, you can scratch off craigslist as an option. they removed its personals section. the company says that it made the change after congress passed the fight online sex trafficking act earlier this week making the website more vulnerable to lawsuits over sex trafficking. craigslist's missed connections section is still available. in massachusetts police say they've arrested one of the men who allegedly broke into the home of new england patriots star rob gronkowski in foxborough, mass, on super bowl week, and police say they found
7:21 am
two of gronk's watches in anthony almeida's home. two more suspects still at large. finally guests visiting a dinosaur theme park in southern colorado watched as a t-rex literally started breathing fire. we have proof. check it out. there it is. breathing fire. the park's owner says an electrical issue caused the blaze adding that our mighty t-rex is no longer. you might even say extinct. >> oh, no. >> oh. >> get it? >> yeah. he's no longer breathing fire. >> fortunately nobody was hurt in that. >> i read the staff there affectionately called the t-rex chicken. that was his name. so, when he caught on fire, everyone is like the chicken is on fire. >> chicken has been fried. >> that's a big chicken. >> thank you, ron. appreciate that. so many bad jokes in there. >> back to you. coming up on "gma," the baffling death of an american family in mexico. no signs of a forced entry. no signs of a struggle. how investigators are trying to unravel this mystery of what happened to this couple from iowa and their two young kids. and to the rescue, the good samaritans who rushed in to save
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at home.ld generate your own energy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. good morning. i'm alexis smith. hundreds of thousands of people are expected for today's march for our lives. marches are planned across the country including in the bay area. the event is in response to the deadly mass shooting last month at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. students want lawmakers to address gun laws and school safety. we have a list of events in the
7:28 am
bay area and possible traffic and transit impacts on our website, let's get a look at the forecast here with meteorologist lisa argen. we've been seeing pretty sunrise shots this morning. >> definitely. hi, alexis. good morning to you. atmosphere is unstable. showers from san francisco along the coast. it's a 1 on our storm impact scale today and tomorrow. this is what you mean, right? temperatures in the 40s. a beautiful shot there. we're going to see lots of clouds today. in fact, keep the rain gear handy. highs today cool. alexis? >> thanks,
7:29 am
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7:30 am the ross spring shoe event. welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning, and it's a very busy one. right now we're looking at the capitol in washington where they're getting ready for upwards perhaps of a half million people, many of them very young, marching to end gun violence, the so-called march for our lives led student survivors from marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, and this massive march in d.c. isn't the only one. hundreds of others are planned in cities across the country and the world, new york, los angeles, paris and london to name just a few. we'll be covering the march all day long right here on abc news and relationship and pulled to safety, police in westtown, pennsylvania, rushed to save a man pinned under his car after a crash. look at this. onlookers rather coming to their aid to help the police turn that vehicle over. the driver was able to make it out with only minor injuries. >> yeah, and at a time when
7:31 am
we're at each other throats in this country, it's nice to see people being good samaritans. >> there are really great people in this world. >> absolutely. it is worth remembering. we're going to turn now to a mystery playing out in mexico and it involves the deaths of an entire american family on vacation in that country. >> yeah, this is just perplexing. a husband, wife and their two young children from iowa found dead in their condo. abc's erielle reshef joins us now with more on this tragic story. erielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, adrienne and dan. right now more questions than answers. the family initially reported missing then hours later the devastating discovery. a spring break vacation turned into a nightmare. this morning, the mysterious deaths of four family members vacationing in mexico baffling international investigators and bringing heartache to an iowa town. >> it's a blow for the community as a whole and for the sharp family in particular. >> reporter: the bodies of kevin sharp, his wife amy and their children sterling and adrianna, ages 12 and 7 discovered friday in this condo
7:32 am
complex where they were staying in akumal, a few miles away from the popular resort town of tulum. authorities finding no traces of vice or no signs of forced entry. the sharps taking off from creston, iowa, for their spring break trip last thursday. >> sterling had sent a snapchat out to a few of his friends showing his feet by the pool and that was the last time anyone had heard from them. >> reporter: no photos, no social media, no phone calls. the family missing a meeting with a friend, then failing to return home on their scheduled flight. >> when they didn't arrive last night and we didn't hear anything, we started working -- posting on social media trying to figure out what we could do. >> reporter: stoking fears and a frantic search for answers. >> we were able to make contact with state department officials in mexico. >> reporter: by late friday the shocking news, the u.s. state department telling abc, we are able to confirm the deaths of four u.s. citizens in akumal. we extend our sincere condolences to friends and family. and, again, no foul play is suspected in this case.
7:33 am
family members tell us that it's their understanding the parents and their kids went to sleep and just never woke up. police say autopsies will be performed in mexico and, of course, we should know more after those are completed. >> yeah, so many questions here, really sad. >> tragic situation. >> just went on spring break. >> yeah, that's right. it was supposed to be fun. erielle, thank you very much. really appreciate it. let's check the forecast yet again and get it back to sam champion who is in for rob this weekend. >> you have good news, right? >> i do have some good news. and a lot of people in the west have liked the snow that they've been getting so let's start with some pictures out there and want to thank trooper moore who drives these washington passes all the time. this is his dash cam so he's showing us some of that snow that fell. that snowpack is back up to average. remember, just a couple of months ago we were talking about a big snow drought. this little hit of snow that actually kissed the seattle area just a light dusting of snow but it's one of the latest hits of snow, trace amounts of snow we've measured in the last ten years, so a little bit of that snow right on top of the car there. let's deal with where the severe
7:34 am
weather is. this is set up for texas into oklahoma. this is really kind of by monday the next front that moves across the country. we're starting to get into spring season here which means every one of these could have strong winds, damaging winds out of this and even a few pop-up tornadoes. then i want to show you this little pattern that will deliver the very heavy rain down into the deep south. there's a blocking pattern. this area of high pressure on the east coast will leave this rain in position, and that means we're going to get four, five, six inches of rain and even some milder temperatures along the eastern seaboard since we can't get anything m good morning, everyone. saturday morning. waking up to a few scattered showers and we're cool in the 40s and 50s throughout the day and it will be partly to mostly cloudy, mid 50s and then looking >> all of that weather brought to you by victoza. the good news about this warmer trend in the east coast is this is the warmest temperatures we've seen since march 1st for many cities on the east coast. >> why are you calling it good news since every week you come here and you talk about
7:35 am
nor'easters, and then you go to florida and post pictures on instagram from the pool. >> okay, see, dan, you see it in that way. i see it as i come up and do some weather, and then i go back to the home that i live in. you see it as some terrible thing. >> yeah. >> i see it as he brings the sunshine. >> see, thank you, adrienne. thank you. >> keep on coming back. bring some of that miami heat to the northeast. >> help me out, america. >> why do you always take his side? >> i just want more sunshine, dan. i think we can all agree on sunshine. >> it's sunshine for me because any time he's here, i know i can pick on him. love you, sam. >> he loves you. coming up on "gma," we do unfortunately have to talk about a serious and really sad story. the first criminal charges in connection with the death of a young boy in a water slide accident. who is being blamed and why? and did meghan markle just drop a big hint about starting a family? what? our kayna whitworth has that story and possible talk of babies ahead in "pop news." talk of babies ahead in "pop news."
7:36 am
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7:40 am
years later after the death of a 10-year-old boy and now comes the first criminal charges lodged against the schlitterbahn water park and tyler austin miles, a former executive. abc's matt gutman has more. >> reporter: the first charges this morning nearly two years after caleb schwab was tragically killed at the schlitterbahn waterpark. a former park executive along with the park itself are now charged with involuntary manslaughter after the 10-year-old boy was thrown from his raft while riding verruckt, a ride billed as the world's tallest water slide. miles, who what was the director of operations for the park at the time of the accident, was named in the indictment friday along with three others, all charged with having knowledge that the rafts were still going airborne in the days before the grand opening. i spoke with caleb's parents about that tragic day last year. >> six went to the park and five came back. >> six went to the park and five came back. >> reporter: caleb's 12-year-old brother waited at the bottom of the ride when the unimaginable
7:41 am
happened. >> he was screaming, he flew from verruckt. he flew from verruckt. >> reporter: caleb's father scott was in such shock, a bystander had to confirm the incomprehensible. >> listen, i just need to hear you say it, is my son dead? and he just shook his head, and i said i need to hear it from you, is he dead? he said, yes, your son is dead. >> there was a gentleman who wouldn't allow me to come close enough to see what was going on. and he just kept saying, no, trust me. you don't want to go any further. >> reporter: these are the first criminal charges to be filed in connection with caleb's death and schlitterbahn said in a statement friday afternoon that it was deeply disappointed to learn any individual is being personally charged for the terrible accident on verruckt and added, our review of the facts and circumstances of the accident has never shown any evidence of criminal conduct on the part of anyone. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> not only just looking in the
7:42 am
eyes of that sweet little boy but thinking about his parents, his entire family, and just a heart-rending story. >> it is speaking as a parent myself. >> oh. >> very, very tough. very tough. we, however, fortunately do have some happier things to discuss after this commercial break. coming up on "gma," we'll talk about how they're going from the sweet 16 to the elite eight and espn's tony reali, one of our favorites, has the highlight from overnight and will look ahead to tonight and that's coming up, as i said, after this quick break. mebody burned down my she shed. nobody burned down your she shed, cheryl. well my she shed's on fire. your she shed was struck by lightning. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed. she shi-er? mhhm. that's wonderful news. go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm.
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7:45 am
as we said, we went from the sweet 16 to the elite eight. >> yes. march madness rolling along. and this time we're going to just say we weren't surprised last night. >> i was surprised. >> at those victories. were you surprised?
7:46 am
>> well, i'm easily surprised. >> that's true. espn's tony reali joins us this morning with more. always good to see you, tony. >> good morning, guys. just when you thought madness would consume all, speaking of surprised, this is what dan's bracket looked like, march sadness. tidiness has been established. the favorites are here. >> look at this. >> reporter: and then there were eight after bracket busters left, right and center court in a tournament full of madness. >> gives it up. >> reporter: the favorite strike back. villanova, kansas, duke restoring order. if your bracket isn't already busted beyond recognition. >> stepback three. >> reporter: with west virginia's run coming to a bitter end in the sweet 16 round against the wildcats. the block party turning into a dunk fest. kansas taking it back from clemson. >> this game is over. >> reporter: and duke squeezing past syracuse overnight with a four-point win putting coach k into the elite eight for the 15th time.
7:47 am
>> evans, three. >> reporter: with texas tech bouncing purdue, red raiders heading to their first ever trip to the elite eight. making last night a direct contrast to how the rest of this tournament has gone. tonight with the final four on the line, three seeded michigan versus nine seed florida state. >> kansas state to the elite eight. >> reporter: and in the cinderella bracket, number nine kansas state and number 11 loyola-chicago. >> honestly to be here in year four and, you know, we're in the elite eight, you know, we don't take these moments for granted. >> reporter: with their faithful companion sister jean. >> we want to see that big "w" at the end of the game when the final buzzer goes off. >> yeah, she's praying and her prayers have been working. >> they have. >> sister jean, loyola's 98-year-old chaplain. so, the question is, tony, have they moved from cinderella to legitimate title holder? >> amazingly, yes. >> contender is the word. >> yes, yes. and i don't know if any of you went to catholic school, but i'm under the impression it takes
7:48 am
two miracles to become a saint. she's already working on three so i'm not saying anything. it's an incredible story for loyola-chicago, and it's an incredible history for loyola-chicago. they actually won the whole title in 1963. some younger and middle-aged viewers are learning this right now. that team went on the court with four african-american starters. they were the first to confront o this is a very rich history for loyola-chicago. no mistaking it, though, they can beat anybody in any game, even if sister jean picked against them now going forward in their bracket. >> oh. >> she did? >> she did before the tournament. >> right. >> she was hoping for the sweet 16. they were in the elite eight and they're in t they're now in a match again kansas state, a match-up we've never seen number 9 versus 11. one is going to the final four, and we'll have to say good-bye to another. >> who is she going to root for busting her own bracket? >> she's rooting for loyola-chicago. how dare you, dan. do not speak ill of sister jean. >> i'm just asking the question. tony. >> she wins either way. >> thanks very much. >> the holy woman.
7:49 am
>> enjoy the games. >> thanks, tony. we'll be right back with "pop news" and kayna whitworth. >> everything is sacred. eucerin has been solving dry skin problems for over 100 years. discover eucerin advanced repair. it moisturizes dry, itchy rough skin for immediate relief and proven 48 hour moisture. for healthier looking skin, look for eucerin. of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why
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"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. time for "pop." we didn't want to make adrienne do double duty today, so we imported a ringer from the west coast. >> so kind. yes. >> whoo-hoo. >> i'm so happy to be here, everybody. >> so happy. >> thank you for having me. and are you ready for "pop news"? >> oh, my goodness. >> adrienne, we're going to start with a story for you. i know how much you love the royals. >> bring it. >> so, the wedding invitations just went out this week, but meghan markle and prince harry may already be thinking of starting a family. the soon-to-be royal couple paid a visit to northern ireland and they were meeting with delighted crowds, of course, but later they met with the owners of a company that makes innovative baby products, and meghan commented on the items that included a baby bath saying, i'm sure at one point we'll need the whole thing. my, oh, my, and this comes as
7:54 am
"the new york daily news" is reporting that harry has quit smoking for meghan as they prepare to start a family. >> oh, good. >> he's also seeing a nutritionist and going to the gym. so, perhaps they're really getting baby ready. >> yeah. i think that was a solid answer. i think a better answer to, you know, allow people not to rumor about them is to say, oh, we could give these to kate and will. we could give them these baby products. >> that would have been a good way to handle it. she's due any minute. >> at some point. ladies and gentlemen, at some point. that could be five years from now. >> we hope. hope at some point. >> everybody just wants a royal baby. also the spice girls, they may be giving fans what they really, really want. >> really, really want. >> yep. thank you, sam. they set the rumor mill on fire after getting together to explore what they called incredible new opportunities together. so fans are hoping it means they'll be staging a reunion tour, but in the meantime, what about a spice girl superhero movie? >> what. >> "variety" reporting details of the animated film project, each character would be voiced by a spice girl with a special power that reflects their personality.
7:55 am
>> i think that would go over really well. >> oh, i would watch that. >> really, really well. >> thanks. dan, it's got dan's endorsement. >> sam and i would watch it. >> i'm in. i'm in. >> that's what we really, really want. >> really, really want. while i'm reading this next story, you guys need to dole out these. >> i was not told -- >> i stayed up all night. art project. >> these are super cute. >> this is -- >> we could do it at home. >> we're going to keep talking about superheroes and mustaches here. henry cavill said good-bye to his infamous mustache for real this time, though. cavill made headlines last year because his mustache had to be digitally removed for reshoots of "justice league" because he was also shooting scenes for "mission: impossible-fallout." so it had him sporting this facial hair, but he's joking the mustache has been shaved, not forgotten. he has a whole ode to his mustache on his instagram, so i made these for you.
7:56 am
i feel like burt reynolds. >> he's handsome either way. i like him mustacheless. >> i'm sure he's watching. kayna, thank you. really appreciate it. >> dan. >> i'm not really a mustache guy. we'll be back here tomorrow. i'll be clean shaven. i'll be clean shaven. good morning. i'm alexis smith. happening today, santa cruz county will hold a gun buyback program. $50 will be offered in exchange for rifles and shotguns, $100 for handguns and $200 for assault weapons. there will be two locations for the buyback. one at the sheriff's office and another at the south county watsonville firestation on
7:57 am
second street. it runs from 10:00 until 2:00 this afternoon. happening today, you can celebrate how small things make a big impact at the benefit tea for help a mother out. the organization raises money to provide diapers to moms not covered by social services. the organization supplies dozens of bay area shelters and charities with diapers. nbc 7 news anchor kristen sze is emceeing the event at 10:00 a.m. several landmarks in san francisco and around the world will go dark in the fight against climate change. earth hour urges people, cities, and businesses to turn off their lights for one hour to take action for our planet. the lights will be out tonight from 8:00 until 9:30. let's check in with lisa argen for a look at the forecast. we have a little bit of rain today. a 1 on the storm impact scale. >> that's right. we had some sun and showers here
7:58 am
outside our studio. maybe even some rainbows out there. a mix for sure. live doppler 7 picking up on the rain along the coast. this was just in the city about 30 minutes ago. now sinking to the south and east. so as we look from our tower camera, pretty shot but you don't want to be out without the rain gear because we are looking at a couple more days of rain. i'll detail that for you in a few minutes. >> up next, hundreds of thousands get ready to take to the streets across the country and around the bay area for march for our lives event. we'll have the latest.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. it is saturday, march 24th. i'm alexis smith in for chris nguyen. let's start with a q the wemather. let's get over to lisa argen. >> we have everything out there. 1 on our storm impact scale right now. the main system moved through while you were sleeping. we still have showers today. a cold system arrives tonight into tomorrow morning with scattered showers. snow levels anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 feet. so we're talking about a cold system with a chance of thunderstorms. as we put that in motion, you see still looking


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