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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 25, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for joining us on this sunday, march 25. let's look at the weather. >> hey. hi, everyone. we have showers out there. you may have heard them while you were sleeping. it's cold out there. mount hamilton has some. showers were less throughout the afternoon but few and far between. here's the wide perspective. you can see rain from southern morin to san francisco. highway 101 south of mill valley, the richmond district into the sunset and across the bridge over into oakland. south city along skyline boulevard and burlingame.
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you can see the snow dusting on the higher elevations. it's cold. 39 in santa rosa. 40 in morgan hill. from two to ten degrees colder today than yesterday morning. with the showers at 10:00, chilly in the upper 40s. 2:00 we'll see periods of sun, breezy winds, low to mid 50s. as we go toward the evening hours, partly cloudy. the night will be cool and we will be looking at dry, sunny, warm, summer-like temperatures for the week ahead. >> thank you, lisa. the question this morning is what next? after one of the largest youth-led protests since the vietnam war. demonstrators mobilized in several bay area cities as part of the national movement. parents, teachers, students, politicians, all taking to the streets speaking out against gun violence. abc 7 news has the highlights of local march for our lives rallies.
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>> we want to be safe in schools. we want to be safe in your communities and we want to be protected in america! >> reporter: young emotional voices filled the san francisco streets. their words mattered as thousands listened. >> we are the generation that grew up with school shootings and we are the generation that will stop them. >> reporter: you can see the massive crowd in civic center plaza. the group that marched down market to the ferry building holding signs demanding safety in schools and change from lawmakers. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, the nra has got to go! >> reporter: police say 2,000 people gathered in oakland with the same passionate message. >> i think it's insane we have to question our right to be safe in school. >> reporter: a group of alumni from stoneman douglas high school in florida, the scene of last month's shooting, also gathered to support the need for gun reform.
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>> if it can happen in parkland, it can happen any place that has the opportunity. >> reporter: it's a possibility that strikes fear in bay area parents. >> as a mother, it breaks my heart to send my children to school afraid. >> reporter: politicians, city leaders and warriors head coach steve kerr came out for the rallies. there were no signs of opposition groups. >> rallies were held in san jose, pacifica and santa rosa. many students urged other teenagers to speak out and register to vote. organizers say the mission is to demand that congress consider an effective bill that addresses gun violence. we saw the same action by young people in cities and states all over the nation. abc news reporter karen traverse has a look at how survivors of the parkland shooting joined
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800,000 people in washington. >> reporter: in washington, and across the nation hundreds of thousands of americans gathering to make a passionate plea for an end to gun violence. >> welcome to the revolution. >> reporter: students from stoneman douglas leading a rally cry for action. >> we cannot keep america great if we cannot keep america safe. >> reporter: the most powerful moment was silence. stoneman douglas student emma gonzales reading the names of her classmates who were killed last month and then pausing to wait until 6:20 passed from the moment she took to the stage. the same amount of time as the massacre in her school. >> fight for your lives before it is someone else's job. >> reporter: the rally was planned after the parkland shooting. >> the student speakers came from all over the country. different backgrounds,
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experiences of gun violence. their message was the same -- enough is enough. >> please raise your hand if you have been affected by gun violence. >> reporter: their stories were personal. the messages political. >> vote them out! >> reporter: students urging others to make their voices heard at the polls when they are old enough to vote. >> we know we have seven short years until we, too, have the right to vote. >> reporter: the challenge will be to keep up the momentum. abc news, washington. in new york city, paul mccartney joined protesters and spoke near the area where john lennon was killed outside his manhattan apartment 37 years ago. >> this is what we can do. so i'm here to do it. one of my best friends was killed in gun violence right around here. so it's important to me. >> this year's kids' choice awards was dominated by the
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march for our lives movement. >> kids made their voices heard with the incredible march for our lives. [ cheers and applause ] it all happened because you want to make the world a better place. you see, change is only possible when we all work together. it's so inspiring to see kids take charge. >> host john cena paid tribute to students leading the charge for safer gun laws. there you see oakland native zenda zendaya. she marched in los angeles and thanked everyone who took part. several smaller rallies took place to defend second amendment rights. this is called the march before our lives rally outside salt lake city. marchers say they share the goal of protecting children and stopping violence in schools. >> teachers, administrators and collegiate level students should have the choice to carry a
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firearm responsibly to use as a tool to defend themselves as a last line of defense. we are not asking them to become rambo. >> reporter: at least one pro gun rights group in utah caims it asked to join the march for our lives rally but was excluded. some openly carried handguns and rifles. that practice is legal in that state. following yesterday's march as supporters on both sides of the debate will appear on this week today. watch at 8:00 this morning right here on abc 7. we have gathers local resources to help parents, kids and educators navigate the biggest challenges in our communities including school safety. go to abc action and click on better schools. together we can all help make bay area schools better. now to an unusual rescue for crews in fremont.
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they haven't done anything like this before. the call -- an elderly man trapped in a well filled with water. our reporter spoke with rescuers and the man they saved. >> reporter: sky 7 shows a rare rescue under way. >> i have been with fremont fire for 24 years. this is my first bonified well rescue for sure. >> reporter: gary ashley's 24 years is a drop in the bucket considering the brick-lined well is more than a hundred years old and the man trapped inside, 92 years old. earnest silva says the floor gave way as he checked the well pump dropping him 26 feet to the water below. >> i was impressed with his physical strength and stamina to stay above water and tread water that long. >> reporter: driscoll road is a busy street. there are homes surrounding this one-acre plot. the pump house is behind that garden, so it is unlikely that anybody would have heard him
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calling for help. >> luckily, someone was home and was sharp enough to recognize they hadn't heard from him. >> reporter: he was likely in the water for half an hour before getting help. a rescuer dropped in with a life jacket. >> this is the helmet we give him and the life preserver. >> reporter: they cut off the roof to lower rope from the ladder truck. it took an additional hour. six firefighters hoisted him to safety. >> we used manpower to do it. you want to do it nice and slow to get him out in a vertical position. >> reporter: silva suffered a cut to the head and hypothermia but is already home from the hospital. he says the well waters his garden, vegetables he eats and shares. maybe the secret to strength and stamina at 92. in fremont, abc 7 news. well, i heard rain as i was falling asleep last night. >> i heard it when i woke up this morning. yes, certainly out there. wet pavement and, boy, it's
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cold. are we out of this regime yet? not quite. we'll see more sun today from the sutro tower cam. 45 degrees. chilly. upper 30s around livermore and danville. a little sun, rain and snow before things turn around. it will feel nice around here. details coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, we are getting an officer's perspective of a dangerous confrontation. a look at body cam video showing officers confronting a man with a gun inside a hospital. and making a statement without saying a word. te reason the lights went out at landmarks in the bay area and around the world.
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back, everyone. it is 5:12 on this sunday
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morning. thanks for joining us for abc7 mornings. this is a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. you can see the wet deck there as a few cars make their way around. will there be rain the rest of the day and what about the rest of the week? lisa's got the answers coming up with a full accuweather forecast. tens of thousands of people attended palm sunday mass this morning at the vatican. starting holy week pope francis urged young people to not let older generations silence their voices. the pope didn't specifically comment on the youth-led march for our lives demonstrations. new this morning belmont police need your help finding a thief who stole a package from someone's front porch. you see home surveillance video
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captured the man taking the package at 12:45 friday afternoon. police say he got into a gray four-door chevy or gmc pickup truck with chrome wheels. a second suspect was driving the truck. anyone with information is asked to contact belmont police. in the east bay, police are trying to identify a serial bank robber who's been targeting chase bank branchs in the east bay. investigators say this man has robbed four banks in ten days. the robberies began march 10 when the chase branch on san pab ro and macdonald avenue was targeted. he's hit emeriville, oakland and berkeley. several landmarks around the world dimmed their lights last night to promote the fight against climate change. you are looking at one of the iceyicons in san francisco.
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the brightest lights dimmed when the clock struck 8:30. abc7 up ins was at san francisco city hall which was lit up by orange lights to support yesterday's anti-gun violence marches and city hall also went dark to support earth hour. happening today if you are headed to the oakland colosseum or oracle arena take public transportation. the as and warriors have home games today. officials say parking lots are expected to fill quickly. warriors tip off at 5:30 against the jazz. giants fans face a hefty parking charge at today's bay bridge series. they have to pay $50 to park at the colosseum. but if the fans shout "go as" they get a $20 discount and pay the same amount as as fans. the team is serious about doing
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it. it is a promotion to lure new fans to as games as the team celebrates its 50th season in oakland. the oakland marathon kicks off this morning. that means lots of street closures. alexa smith has a look at what you need to know. >> going to be seeing a lot of runners and walkers in the downtown oakland area for the oakland running festival. that kicks off at 7:00 a.m. and the race begins and ends at east shore park. we'll see a lot of street closures all over the oakland area. races begin at 7:00. a marathon, a half marathon and a 5k. the celebration is at eastshore park from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. street closures begin at 5:00 a.m. if you want to be prepared and check out the course map go to abc >> now your forecast with lisa. >> waking up to cold showers.
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live doppler 7. you will notice right over san francisco, a few in the north bay and along the peninsula. right over the city into the mission, richmond, sunset district, a passing shower is the order of the day. they move through, in and out. we'll have sun as well. burlingame. skyline boulevard, a little wet for you. over to the east bay hills around mount hamilton we have a mix of rain and snow there. so the atmosphere is still unstable. still cool. we are looking at this regime. unfortunately throughout the day. as the day goes on we'll see fewer showers. in the mountains, just a couple of inches here. no advisories yet. they have expired at 5:00 this morning. things will be calming down there. hopefully good skiing before the temperatures climb to the low 60s by thursday in the mountains.
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it's a season of extremes. as we go through the week you will understand. 43 in hayward. 41 in nevado. cool with 30s in the valleys. scattered showers with some sun. sunny and cool tomorrow in the 60s. then we'll look for sunny and warmer days this week. with our storm impact scale today it's a 1. scattered showers, light returns. less than a tenth of an inch with a dusting in the higher elevations. the morning hours will be more favorable to showers. as we look at our timeline, you will notice by 9:00, just a few out there. the city, the peninsula. you can see the rain/snow mix. i should say the snow on top of mt. hamilton. by 12:30, clouds and sun, a few showers. that's the order of the afternoon. they will linger longer than we thought. but overall more sun today. the runners will notice cool temperatures in oakland.
5:19 am
scattered showers at 7:00. upper 40s with mostly cloudy skies. a cool start. by the early afternoon just in the low 50s. more sun out there. as we look at wednesday, skipping ahead to mild numbers p. mid and upper 70s. sunny and warm. 60s along the coast. the warmest day looks to be thursday where we'll see 80-degree temperatures. seems strange. 72 in oakland. as we get to friday, a little bit of coastal cooling. back to reality today. 57 in fremont with scattered showers. partly cloudy and the seven-day forecast calling for the low snow levels today. 1 on the storm impact scale. tomorrow a lot of sun, no rain in the forecast for the rest of the week. average would be tuesday with 60s on the coast. low 70s inland. we're not going to stop there. we'll take it to 80 inland and cooler by next weekend which is
5:20 am
easter. download the app and you'll have it in front of you. >> that seems amazing. >> isn't it? >> the 80s, yes. >> considering what we have had. february and march, i'm not surprised. >> thank you, lisa. just ahead a man's car was within the warrantee period but the manufacturer still wanted him to pay out of pocket for repairs. 7
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a repair a car owner thought would be free under his warrantee almost cost him
5:23 am
$10,000. he reached out to 7 on your side for help. >> reporter: david admits he doesn't know much about cars. but he does know he bought his 2010 outlander with a standard ten-year, 100,000 mile warrantee. he fully expected to use it. after his car came to a sudden stop on the freeway. his car currently has 95,000 miles on it. >> wouldn't go forward, backward in gear. it just stopped. >> reporter: david's car was eventually towed to concord mitsubishi. he needed a new transmission but said the dealership denied the warrantee claim because the transmission fluid wasn't green -- the color of mitsubi i mitsubishi's fluid. the report said incorrect transmission color found. further down it said, transmission floud uid is red i
5:24 am
color. the quote for a new transmission -- $9700. that bothered david who said he didn't think he had to use mitsubishi's fluid or that it had to be a certain color. >> they said, well, it has to be mitsubishi fluid. >> reporter: david reached out to 7 on your side and filed complaints with state and federal regulators. the federal trade commission sent this information about the act that prohibits a dealer from invalidating a warrantee because repairs were done elsewhere. dealers also cannot require parts made by specific manufacturers. mark anderson is a consumer attorney. >> it's rare to hear that a manufacturer was conditioning a warranty on the buyer buying a particular product. >> reporter: 7 on your side contacted mitsubishi and the company agreed to make the repairs under the warranty. >> when you try to solve things at a lower level and you're not
5:25 am
getting anywhere, you know, call 7 on your side. they're the greatest. >> reporter: we reached out to mitsubishi for comment. the automaker didn't get back to us by air time. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> join michael in san jose on friday, march 30th. he'll answer your consumer and tax questions. the 7 on your side team will have tax experts there on site. that's friday, march 30 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. this morning a memorial service will be held at golden gate cemetery to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 101th airborne division of the army. yesterday abc7 was on b street for a parade honoring all members of america's military. in 1968 san mateo adopted the division at the height of the
5:26 am
vietnam war. san mateo was the only u.s. city at the time to embrace a military unit. >> i'm happy to see so many people out here to support these men and women who fight for our freedom every day. >> reporter: abc7 news reporter david louis was the master of ceremony for the parade. several current members of the 101st airborne flew in from their home base. being a mom is a difficult job. imagine being a mom struggling to make ends meet. a bay area charity wants to help them out through diaper donations. the group help a mother out held a benefit at the fair mont hotel yesterday in san francisco to raise money to send diapers to shelters and charities. diapers are not covered by social services and many moms frequently take food off the table to buy diapers. the charity wants to change that
5:27 am
through diaper donations so moms have one less thing to worry about. still to come on abc7 mornings, a new twist to the facebook/cambridge scand scandal. >>
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welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. we have scattered showers in san francisco. we bring in the storm impact scale. it is a 1. we'll see scattered showers with trace amounts today. a dusting possible in the higher elevations. it's a cold system. as we look at the big picture, light returns to the north. looking at a little bit more rain as we head right into san
5:30 am
francisco. light showers from the bay view through the sunset and down through san bruno and along the coast. pacifica and looking at some of the snow around mt. hamilton and the east bay hills. with numbers in the upper 30s it's cold there. 39 in novato. today we are starting out chilly. ten degrees colder in livermore. the number won't budge much. just about 50. as we go through the afternoon you may see a renegade shower. all in all, we'll have partly cloudy skies, low to mid 50s. then drying out for a cold evening tonight. we do have a drying and warming trend on the way. >> thank you. this morning president trump and his wife melania are at mar-a-lago ahead of tonight's "60 minutes" interview with stormy daniels. she's breaking her silence after claiming she had an affair with
5:31 am
the president more than a decade ago. >> reporter: at the end of another tumultuous week in the white house president trump threatened to veto the latest spending bill forcing a government shutdown. he eventually signed the bill but did tweet he would never sign another bill like this again. he then announced a revised ban on transgender service members. the directive says transgender persons who have had body disforria or require medication or surgery cannot serve. but it does give the pentagon some discretion in the matter. however, this latest policy is still subject to an existing court order that blocks earlier attempts to ban transgender troops. the first family then traveled to mar-a-lago for the weekend, but the president will return to washington on sunday night. the same time the "60 minutes" interview with stormy daniels is scheduled to air. the former porn star is expected to reveal details and evidence of her alleged 2006 affair with trump. >> i think what we're going to see come out of this is one, we'll see the evidence, what evidence there is. but two, it continues to put unbelievable stress and time constraints on the president of the united states.
5:32 am
>> the first lady will not be returning to d.c. tomorrow. instead, she'll be 1,000 miles away from her husband during the interview, staying in palm beach, for their son barron's spring break. daria allbinger, abc news, new york. apple's chief tim cook is calling for calm heads and more open trade amid fears of a trade war erupting between the u.s. and china. his remarks follow president trump announcing thursday he would like to slap tariffs on up to 60 billion of chinese imports. china said it is not afraid of a trade war. cook made the remarks during a conference in china's capital beijing. mark zuckerberg is apologizing to britain by taking out a full page ad in british newspapers after a major breach of trust. it reads in part we have a responsibility to protect your information. if we can't, we don't deserve
5:33 am
it. british investigators are going through evidence seized from the london offices of cambridge analytica, the firm accused of improperly obtaining data from 50 million facebook users to manipulate elections. britain's information regulator received a warrant to carry out a raid at the offices. investigators spent some seven hours there yesterday leaving with boxes of evidence. the company is under investigation in the uk and the u.s. both cambridge analytica and facebook deny wrongdoing. in mexico, officials believe toxic gas killed four americans. a couple and their two children at a resort. family and friends became suspicious when the sharp family failed to return home to iowa as scheduled. they filed a missing persons report. mexican police found their bodies inside the condo they rented. the police chief in the hometown
5:34 am
spoke about the tragedy. >> we are a small community. everybody knows somebody who knows the people involved. it's going to hurt for a while. >> mexican investigators are looking at gas connections to a stove inside the condo. kevin and amy sharp's children were 12 and 7 years old. travellers using san jose international airport have a nonstop flight between silicon valley and europe. today lufthansa continues flying to the frankfurt, germany hub. they began flying there in 2016 but suspended the flight last year because of a pilot shortage. it is the only flight from to continental europe. the flight will operate five times a week. the san jose earthquakes
5:35 am
went all out last night trying to save the life of an infant diagnosed with a rare disease. the team held a bone marrow drive for 4 month old bruno fighting the disease called hlh. he needs a bone marrow transplant. the team collected cheek swabs hoping to find a donor. >> we are racing against the clock now. we're running against the clock. he's going to need a bone marrow transplant. he's undergoing chemotherapy now. quakes players wore bruno's name on their arms and wrists during last night's game. san rafel had their first everlo drive. it was at pickleweed park where children and adults enjoyed
5:36 am
interactive displays and exhibits. they also heard from experts trying to help communities adapt and reduce the risk of their homes being flooded. >> how can we use creativity to improve your life now and address the larger changes that affect society. >> engineers believe large parts of the area face a high potential for flooding in the future. an accomplished east bay vocalist will wow "american idol" judges tonight on abc7. tori teasely decided on a whim to audition. his talents earned him a place singing before the judges. he loved meeting lionel richie whose music he grew up on. he hopes people who watch his performance will be inspired to be who they are. >> there is lots that i have to offer to the world. if i just think that one way is
5:37 am
the only way that i will be shorting myself and shorting the world from getting to experience, you know, me and my gift and my purpose here on this earth. >> he considers chaka luther vandross and patty la belle as his influences. you can catch "american idol" sunday and monday nights at 8:00. still ahead, see what it took to reunite a bay area musician with his rare and expensive electric violins. police say the story is becoming more common every year. here is a live look from our camera. rapidly warming throughout the week. can you say 80s in some places? yeah. lisa's got your full accuweather forecast in a few minutes.
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happening today, sunday streets is back. enjoy more than a mile of car-free space for activity hubs including a pop-up park, food demonstrations and a mobile climbing wall. you can walk, dance, skate, bike and play while taking in live music. this is the first of two sunday streets in the excelsior. today's is on mission street from silver to geneva avenue. it runs from 11:00 to 4:00. what will the weather be like? >> cool. about ten degrees below average.
5:41 am
we are getting used to the theme. it will change in the next few days but right now we have a passing shower in san francisco. 46 degrees, no delays yet. certainly you can see it's slick out there and cold. so we will allow today to bring a mixed bag, especially in the morning. i'll explain in a few minutes and talk about the layers coming off this week. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, march madness brings another cinderella story as loyola chicago advances to the final 4 for the first time since 1963. they've got the lucky nun for a mascot. mike
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tonight the warriors celebrate filipino heritage night. the warriors take on the jazz in a what could be a playoff preview. tip-off at 5:30. two more teams will punch their tickets to the final 4 of the ncaa tournament. last night a team most people thought would be one and done advanced to the final 4. shoe has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, the clock has yet to strike midnight for loyola of chicago. the slipper still fits for this cinderella as they reach the final four for the first time since 1963. sister jean is their good luck charm. loyola's starters combined for 15 points. ram plblers at the half. they were 50% from beyond the arc. four-point play.
5:45 am
richardson had 23. towns drives, lays it in. another plus one. he had a 13 and the ramblers win it 78-62. number 11 seed matches the lowest to advance to the final 4. florida state and michigan in our second game. two defensive-minded teams. seminoles with 13. charles matthews gets in the way. wolverines take it the other way. matthews, the alley-oop. fsu trailed by one at the half. walker throwing it down. 27-26 wolverines a the break. michigan goes on an 11-0 run. duncan robinson wide open. the other end of the floor. michigan advances to the final four with the victory to face cinderella with a school record 32 wins. steph curry returned friday night against atlanta after missing six games with a right ankle. he proceeded to injure his left knee. he left the game and didn't return against the hawks.
5:46 am
curry's mri determined a sprain of the mcl ligament. this is almost the identical injury kevin durant had last season. also a grade two sprain. he missed almost six weeks. >> been a struggle without the guys. without all of our main scorers. our main stretch without steph when we had everybody else healthy we went 9-2, had the best defense in the league. we did well. we know we can be successful. >> the sharks are getting hot at the right time. came in yesterday against the flames with a six-game win streak. dropping the ceremonial first puck. dylan with the finish. he had a gordie howe hat trick -- a goal, assist and a fight. got his 49th on hanson's second
5:47 am
of the year. 2-0 nmen in teal. calgary, bad line change. what's the defense doing? they blow by evander cane for the easy goal. 3-1 san jose. martin jones the first star of the game. 37 saves on 38 shots including the pad save. cane, four goals last time nay met up. two more this time. a double deflection. sharks win it 5-1 extending the win streak to seven games. >> both lines contributed in a capacity for us to win. that's been huge on the winning streak. it's been a real team effort. >> that's a good step forward. we've got seven more games here. we are just trying to get ready for playoffs with solid games each night. >> this was probably our sloppiest of the seven. we found a way to win and the goaltender was great. we'll clean things up. you are never going to complain much about winning.
5:48 am
>> that's the way the ball bounces. we'll see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. waking up to scattered showers. chilly temperatures. we have sun on the way but the coldest day of the week. right now we've got it today. numbers will be as much as ten below average. pretty good vantage point from our sutro tower camera. we are looking at a shower passing to the south of us. the visibility is good. concord, 58 degrees today. we'll see the numbers climb quickly throughout the week. another day of cool temperatures tomorrow. then look what happens while we are looking at the warmest day of the week, no joke. 81 degrees by thursday. then just a little bit of cooling through the next several days. get set to put the rain gear away and bring out the shorts. temperatures are going to soar. it will feel really nice around here. maybe allergies will be getting
5:49 am
going and certainly a lot of pollen. live doppler 7, we have showers that continue to rotate through off the pacific. a weak system pushing through this morning. we'll keep the showers in the forecast throughout the day today. from bay shore to brisbane, highway 101. we are looking at light rain out there. some mist and drizzle. 280 along the coast. taking you to alimeda where it's damp. san leandro at street level. if you are an early riser headed out for perhaps the run in oakland. it will be damp. throughout the day, more sun. along the coast, skyline boulevard, pacifica, some of the fire trails here. certainly a light rainshower is possible. as far south as not quite san mateo. but on the peninsula a little bit of mist, drizzle and a damp start to the day. while mt. hamilton a a a a a
5:50 am
degrees. more continues to rotate through. that's the order of the day -- a passing shower, sun, cumulus clouds out there. don't cancel your plans. you're not going to get hit with a downpour. maybe a light shower from time to time. 43 in san jose. the golden gate bridge, a little damp. you may need wipers. scattered showers, cool with some sun. sunshine and continued cool tomorrow. still below average. lots of 60s, sunny and warmer this week. there's a 1 on the storm impact scale today. light returns. you can see the timeline as we go through the day. the showers get just about wiped out throughout the day as the sunshine takes over. the sun will allow for just a little bit of warming out there. as we go through the middle of the week notice we are well above average. wednesday, upper 70s. thursday, we are in the 80s. friday, coastal cooling.
5:51 am
as for today, 55 in the city. partly cloudy, a scattered shower. tonight, cool. but if you are headed over to oakland for the bay bridge series, mid 50s out there. i think you'll be okay in terms of the shower activity. the accuweather seven-day forecast, look at the temperatures climb quickly. lots of sun and warmth out there. download the app to stay up to date. >> i think we are ready for the warmth. >> i agree. >> a man who has toured the world playing electric violins, rare and expensive instruments, woke up last week to find they were stolen. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom explains how he got them back thanks to technology invented in the bay area. ♪ >> reporter: it is the instrument that shapes dave kim's career. >> we opened up for big bands like third eye blind, everclear,
5:52 am
hootie and the blowfish. >> reporter: he's given ted talks and lit up the dance floor with his five-string electric violins. >> if i was caught in a fire i would grab my kids and my violins and that's it. >> reporter: kim had finished playing the red cross gala at city hall. sharing the stage with steve aoiki. >> the biggest d.j. in the world. >> reporter: he went to spend the night at a friend's. >> came to my car and my violins were gone. >> reporter: kim put a tile in his case, a little device that helps you find things. >> it's for bags, suitcases, musical instruments. >> reporter: with patience, kim tracked his to a convenience store in daily city. he flagged a passing police car. >> i saw the violins come out and i was in tears. >> reporter: police say it is an unusual story but not unheard of. they say it is happening more and more often.
5:53 am
>> people tracking iphones, using the tile device to track their vehicle or personal items that were stolen. >> reporter: because kim filed a police report already and tracked the tile to a specific address the officers could investigate. they found the man who had the violins wasn't the thief. >> unwittingly people buy things off the street. they think they found a bargain and more often than not it's stolen property. >> reporter: he returned the instruments. kim said now he'll put tiles on pretty much everything. >> i feel like my babies came back to me. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> coming up, in full bloom. macy's annual flower show kicks off
5:54 am
my secret visitors. hallucinations and delusions. the unknown parts of living with parkinson's. what plots they unfold, but only in my mind. over 50% of people with parkinson's will experience hallucinations or delusions during the course of their disease. if your loved one is experiencing these symptoms,
5:55 am
talk to your parkinson's specialist. there are treatment options that can help. my visitors should be the ones i want to see. happening today, a spring tradition will be in full bloom at san francisco's union square. it's the official start of macy's 72nd annual flower show. the theme is once upon a springtime. in the aisles you will find enchanted forests, fairy tale
5:56 am
castles and mystical creatures. of course flowers. 130 varieties in all. next month select plants will be for sale with the proceeds % benefitting the delancey street foundation. the show runs through april 8. next on abc7 mornings at 6:00, a rallying cry heard across the nation for gun control made by students turned activists. and a close call for an elderly east bay man as he falls down a well.
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good morning, bay area! let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this sunday, march 25. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. the storm impact scale is a 1. a dusting possible on mount hamilton, but amounts will be light. a few showers in the north bay. most of them are sinking south through san francisco, sliding a bit over into the east bay. you can see right around 101, san mateo and burlingame,


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