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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 25, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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neighborhood. kate, tell us, what have you learned? >> reporter: homicide inspectors were here investigating what exactly happened in the chinese christian church here on 19th and chester avenues. we're about a mile and a half from san francisco state university. this is a very quiet neighborhood. people are very surprised who we spoke to. let's take a look at the scene here from throughout the afternoon, several people in the neighborhood tell us that a pastor was talking to a man and a woman. we're told they are a couple. they were inside the church when the man started stabbing the woman in front of the pastor and then he reportedly turned the knife on himself. >> they didn't want to leave. i was very surprised. >> reporter: what did the pastor say? did she say they were okay? >> she was just crying and all she said was that ill happt hapd
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directly right in front of her. it's traumatizing if it would have happened to anyone. that's just sad. >> reporter: the coroner was on scene just a short time ago. the woman was taken to the hospital and passed away. the man was also taken to the hospital with the reportedly self-inflicted wounds. police are still investigating what happened inside this church. abc7 news was in san francisco following a suspicious fire at christ church lutheran church in the sunset district. the congregation said that someone set that fire. in the march for our lives rally coast to coast, many in the bay area are looking to what happens next when it comes to gun control. they know change won't happen
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easy. cornel bernard has the story. >> reporter: san francisco state student organizer lost his voice saturday during the march for our lives, shouting out for his cause. he says it was worth >> >> the issue of gun legislative issues have persisted for so long. >> reporter: a massive crowd at a rally in san francisco. >> i just wasn't nervous at all and i felt like i was speaking to people individually who were there to listen. >> reporter: 15-year-old maya siglow is -- because they question what's next. will the marches from coast to coast lead to real gun control laws? >> reporter: this is really signaling the fact that young people are taking ownership of this issue, just as we saw with
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the student activists during the vietnam war. >> vietnam had people who were just out of reach. >> reporter: maya and maya will do the same at their schools, getting friends and classmated engaged and getting everyone to vote. >> if you do vote, you have the power to really change the political climate in this country and that every vote does matter. >> reporter: does it feel like somebody's listening? >> now it does. and i think the magnitude of the march for our lives is what got us there. >> reporter: she won't be 18 for a few more months but can't wait to vote. she hopes politicians are listening. >> the organizers are the march fo our lives are reflecting on the statement made yesterday. >> i think the fact that young people everywhere were taking initiative, standing up and leading in their communities
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showed that we have learned that our voices matter, and so many came registered to vote and so many people discussed voting, and if you look at the voter turnout for our age, it's embass rar missing. >> reporter: the marches are one of hundreds that took place nationwide. the reverend al sharpton says he will attend the funeral of the man shot and killed by police in the backyard of hiss home last week. police released body cam video of his death last week, officers did not find a weapon on clark, only a cell phone. activists are calling for the two sacramento police officers in the shooting to be criminally prosecuted. lawmakers are demanding answers from -- >> they're questioning how the information might have influenced how the information
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influenced the 2016 election. >> reporter: lawmakers want to hear from facebook's ceo after cambridge analytica allegedly harvested data from millions of facebook users without their knowledge or permission. >> what we saw in 2016 was the broad weaponization of information, by russians and unfortunately using other tools. >> reporter: cambridge analytica denies using the information, but now the house intelligence committee wants to hear from ceo mark zuckerberg. >> he created this industry, and he needs to come and explain to the american public and polity makers. >> reporter: friday the house committee on energy and commerce called for zuckerberg to appear before congress. zuckerberg said he's up to it. >> everybody wants you to show up. will you testify before
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congress? >> so the short answer is, i'm happy to if it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: facebook took out full page ads in the u.s. and the uk on sunday apologizing for a breach of trust. >> this was a major breach of trust and i'm really sorry that this happened. we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data. >> reporter: but not all users have -- as the social media site grapples with the fallout, lawmakers are trying to figure out how to protect user data. elan musk has jumped on the delete facebook movement. he deleted tesla's page on friday and someone talked to him about deleting the spacex page, he said i didn't realize there was one, will do. musk says he will keep his facebook account. that network owned by facebook.
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some tes . >> facebook is facing for questions about privacy concerning messages -- people who used android devices had their data collected. facebo facebook says that they do not share or sell their data. facebook sessiays it's used to improve people's experience when they use facebook. see what happened when fans pulled up to park at the coliseum and if giants fans are going to sacrifice any loyalty to save some money. where the bay area ranks compared to the rest of the country. plus an avalanche in motion, where this powerful force of nature was on display. live doppler 7 tracking an isolated shower moving through
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a powerful avalanche buried cars at a sochi ski resort. one of the most popular in russia. the snow as you can see was yell yellowish, experts say a mix of sand and pollen blew the average price of gas has climbed by 7 cents. the bay area has one of the highest averages in the nation. at $3.54 a gallon. earlier in the year experts forecast they could see gas hit $4 a gallon by memorial day. a hefty parking surcharge for giants fans at their exhibition game. say go a's and pay 30 bucks to
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park, or don't say it and pay 50 bucks to park. many giants found the $20 savings a reason to -- >> 30 bucks for parking unless you guys say go as. >> you're goi ego a's. >> part of a helping to keep this place open, i guess. >> that's pretty good. the idea was announced by a's president dave correll yesterday. it is a promotion to lure new a's fans to games as the team celebrates it's 50th season in oakland. >> must be nice to have dispensable income like that. >> when you're a die hard, you have to do what you have to do. >> and just ahead, hear from the
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bay area contestant who's looking to impress is judges who inspire him. and we're down to the final four in the men's ncaa tournament. steph curry spoke to the
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s. tonight's the night an east bay vocalist will try to wow judges on american idol. >> his talents earned him a place singing before the judges. he says it was a great moment for his career, because he considers one judge on the idol panel to excel in the music business. >> lionel ritchie is a huge part of what makes me love music and, yeah, so it was nice to see him and have him call me son. >> teasely also c -- >> you can catch american idol right here on abc7 on sunday and monday nights right here at 8:00 p.m. and in accuweather tonight, most of us are seeing sunny skies right now, but a few of
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us, we do have a couple of showers we are tracking mainly through the east bay and sinking south into the south bay right now. live doppler 7 showing you much of the area experiencing dry weather, but there's this one lone shower right now. it's essentially kind of paralleling 880 right now, so light showers have been reported from oakland down through san leandro, hayward, union city and freemont. so as we try to track this singular line of light showers as it slowly moves to the south, around 6:30 p.m. could expect a light sprinkle around melpedis. if this line holds together, likely a light shower moving into the south bay. but as the storm moved through in the east bay, got a rainbow as the sun peeks out over the western who rise son. if you ever see anything fascinating when the weather
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moves through, be sure to use the #abc7. right now we are stuck in t right now, so 57 right now in oakland, 56 in san jose, about 53 in san mateo, and napa one of the cooler spots currently at 50 degrees. we still have a wind between 10 and 20 miles an hour overnight. that will keep us on the cool side. the next 12 hours, your overnight lows, the majority of the bay area will drop into the 30s, we get those clouds out of here, and the showers diminish. so monday, you do not need the rain gear at all. your 12-hour day planner showing you early on, it is rather chilly, 7:00 in the morning, a lot of us starting out in the 30s, but a lot of sunshine
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throughout the day, and by 10:00, temperatures close to average this time of year. 63 in oakland, 64 the high in san jose tomorrow, 60 in san francisco, 65 in concord, and 66 in santa rosa. if you like the warmer air, you're going to love the week ahead. we have this high pressure essentially pushing the storm well north. and that will bring us a land breeze, and that land breeze will warm us up during the day. look what happens bring thursday, we're going to gain anywhere from 12 to 22 degrees of warmth through thursday of this upcoming week, so get ready, warmer air is moving in, bright and sunny tomorrow, mild air moves in on tuesday, nice and warm on wednesday, oakland a's opener it's going to be nice and warm. before the game, steph curry
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spoke to the media. he has a grade 2 sprain in his left knee. usually a four-week rehab. also before the game, coach said that steph will not play with his knee injury. >> hopefully i prove what coast said wrong and put myself in a position to get back as soon as possible. right now, i just want to do my job in the rehab process and get back as much as i can. control my presence with the team and everything and help any way i can when i'm not on the floor. >> draymond green, out with flu like symptoms, mcgee the only veteran starter who's show and go there, night move. and ahn andre iguodala from way downtown.
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throwing up the scoreboard, the jazz lead 38-30. all right, madison bumgarner starting off on the dl. but today it was johnny dave to center, out of here? not at all. posey finished the day 2 for 4. jed lowry would knock to the only a's run, bottom half of the inning, brings in dexter fowler. and pablo sandoval, like to see a lot more of this, also knocked in two runs in this solo blast in the eighth and giants would go on to win 5-1 your final. >> it's always nice to get here
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in a big league stadium in front of the fans. >> certainly there's a bit of rivalry between the two clubs here in the bay and it's a perfect way to move into the season. then we'll get a couple of night games which we don't typically get in san francisco. it the right way to get ready. >> we tip-off with kansas and duke, had a finals feel to it going into overtime. 29 seconds left in the game, kansas down three. the three for the tie, we're tied at 72. it grayson haallen for the win. now it's 78, malik newman, 32 points on the night, left all alone, he buries the three, kansas advances to the final four, with an 85-81 victory. villanueva and texas tech
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with an early game. 36-23, nova after one. second half, amare gets the pass, he's going to throw it down, he had 11. 12 points off the bench, goes right around his defender for the slam. then he's going to clean up the missed shot with a put back dunk. villanueva advances to their score. watch out for bub by at the masters, but steve curry and steph curry is in a battle about when he's going to come back. >> michael won't be fit to talk to since his j hawks have advanced to the final four. black panther gets
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tonight on abc7 news over on kofi tv 20. >> and here on abc7, a tree falls on to a couple watching a softball game in the east bay. there's a new king at the box office this weekend, pacific ring uprising has knocked black panther out of the top spot. >> it may have been dethroned, marvel's black panther hit another milestone. >> it's now the highest grossing superhero film in north america. the previous high belonged to the avengers. here are the top five movies for this week, pacific rim
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uprising $28 million, black panther slipped to second. i can only imagine it is third, sherlock noam comes in fifth. >> angelina jolie is back, that's what it is. >> that's it for abc7 "news at 6:00," we'll see you back at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great night.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're delivering pizza to deserving firefighters. >> it really does put a smile on our face, and it makes us feel like what we are doing is worth something. >> then, baking with natural sugars. >> so, it's really an opportunity to make some of your favorite things, but bump up the flavor using these alternative sugars. >> plus, fun and easy craft projects you can do at home with the kids. >> what's so great about this spot and this material is that it encourages children to be resourceful, and to realize they don't have to go to the art store to get supplies. >> and one organization is helping senior citizens thrive in the bay area. >> it's like a new room to us. brand-new. everything's so clean, so convenient. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california hoa


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