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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. welcome to a new week. it's monday, march 26th. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the day ahead. >> we're going out like a lamb. it's going to be quiet this week. dry an live doppler 7 right now. let's jump into what you need for the rest of the day. looking at the east bay hills camera. not very breezy. chilly this morning. in the upper 30s to mid-40s. mid to upper 50s by noon. mild there. stay in the mid-50s at the coast. mid-60s at 4:00. warmer and drier around our bay and inland neighborhoods. about 53 to 58 at 7:00. sun doesn't set until 7:27. you get home early, you can have dinner out on the porch. alexis? >> taking a look at the roads. off to a fairly quiet start. we had one earlier issue in
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orinda. westbound 24 near fish ranch road. a disabled truck blocking the right lane on the other side of the caldecott tunnel. smooth ride in from the walnut creek area. here's a live look at southbound 680. we are looking good enjoying that dry pavement as well. we'll talk about mass transit in less than ten. >> a san mateo catholic school will be under a shelter in place order today following the threat of a possible shooting. >> students will be allowed to leave the classrooms to use the restroom. matt keller is live at st. gregory's with more on what prompted the shelter in place. matt? >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. this is frightening and that's why there's a shelter in place today. that is going along with all san mateo public schools. it's all because of this guy. take a look at this photo here. on friday, san mateo police say a customer inside the big 5
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sporting goods store reported him coming to an employee and he wanted to buy a gun. he wanted to shoot up the school. described as a white man, possibly transient, wearing a camo sweatshirt and blue jeans. police arrived at the store within minutes and searched for the man but couldn't find him. investigators say witnesses couldn't find the statements to be credible. but police want to talk with him. as a result of the threats, st. gregory's principal miller sent out a note saying students will not be switching classes and doors will remain locked today. students will eat lunch and have recess in their classrooms. the principal says this may seem extreme but they're doing everything they can do to keep their students safe. reporting live in san mateo, matt keller, abc 7 news. students pushing for new gun laws will head back to school today after the historic march for our lives.
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supporters and skeptics are talking about what's next. there was a controversial suggestion to students. kenneth moton has more on that. >> overnight, the organizers of the march for our lives returned to parkland, florida. the students from stoneman douglas high school spending their spring break mobilizing millions across the nation. they head back to class with new security measures back in place today. only clear backpacks will be allowed and armed officers will stand at entrances. their return comes after demonstrations around the country this weekend demanding changes to gun laws. an estimated 800,000 people rallied in washington. in the wake of the rallies, former senator and presidential candidate rick santorum suggested that instead of pushing for gun reforms, the students should learn how to save lives during an emergency. >> how about kids, instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about taking cpr classes. >> santorum saying he was proud of the students' efforts but suggested a different approach
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would be more effective. >> they didn't take action say how do i as an individual deal with this problem. how am i going to do something about stopping bullying within my community. >> reaction was california representative tweeting dear rick santorusantor is good nor heart stoppage not good to stop ar-15 bullets. >> these kids ought to be marching against their own hypocritical belief system. you ain't never going to take their cars away. >> their focus will turn to voter outreach and getting hbs seniors registered to vote. >> so the fact that this movement has so many people realizing that it's important to get out to the polls is what i think is one. best things we've accomplished. >> kenneth moton, abc news, new york. coming up in the next half hour, we'll have a closer look at the response from students here in the bay area. new details about a well-known gun manufacturer filing for bankruptcy. the refrpd al sharpton is
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going to attend the funeral of the man shot and killed by police. >> he will be laid to rest on thursday. his death sparked widespread protests because he was unarmed. he had to take the case, especially after watching the police body camera video. >> as you watch that video and you say, my god, they didn't even give him a chance to comply or anything. they just started shooting. within five to seven seconds. >> the sacramento kings wore special jerseys honoring clark during the first home game since the shooting. video featuring the kings played on the scoreboard as well call for police accountability. activists are calling for criminal charges against the two sacramento police officers involved. >> now, a live desk update. >> from abc 7 mornings. i want to show you this new video that we're getting from a crash overnight in hayward. happened only a few hours ago. it was a pretty nasty crash. in this video here, you see that
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a car smashed into a pool and the area was clou witter road and diablo avenue. you can see power lines or telephone lines that came down on to the car. really banging that thing up. no word on the condition of the driver. although, witnesses tell us that the driver had to actually be extricated from the vehicle and taken to the hospital. avoid the area. an investigation is under way. new this morning, cal tran service is back on track. a train hit a vehicle at the railroad crossing last night. nobody got hurt. the vehicle was unoccupied and 173 people on board the train are okay. that train continued on its way about an hour later. it may be spring but it looked like winter on mt. dia o diablo. a light dusting of snow fell yesterday. these photos were shared on their facebook page. the area surrounding the
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lighthouse covered in light powder. most of it melted away by midday. nice sight. we won't see that any time soon again. it's 36 in menlo park. look at the rest of the peninsula. mid to upper 40s. let's take a look at palo alto at 40 right now. los gatos, 39. livermore, 36. san ramon, 38. napa at 35. hayward at 42. oakland at 45. 48 half moon bay. san francisco at 46. here's a look at san francisco from the explore coatoriuma. northerly wind today. exercise, notice the drier air today. actually, that should say gardening or yard work. this is strictly between me and my wife. you can use the excuse, i don't want to mow today. still a little too soggy. i have to wait until later in the week. a look at 129-hour planner. 45 this morning. 52 at 6:00. we'll reach the 60s by 2:00 and
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stay there through at least 6:00. one last look. here's a look at san francisco. from 51 at 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 at 58. back into the mid-50s once the stars come out at 8:00 and 10:00. 80s in the forecast. i'll tell you when and where coming up. here's alexis. >> that sounds good, mike. live look at the south bay where we are incident-free still this morning. northbound 101, traffic heading towards us through that 880 interchange and we don't have any slowdowns to speak of there. i want to talk about mass transit, too. if you're looking at the ace rail website or their gps train tracking page, you're probably seeing that no trains are running or ace 1 was delayed about 30 minutes earlier today. we talked to them and they assure us that ace 1 is out on time. they're not having issues with the train. just the gps system that tracks them. no issues there despite what you're seeing online. 40 b.a.r.t. trains in service. that's looking good. normal service for muni as well.
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we'll check out drive times at 5:20. >> alexis, thank you. the ceo of waymo says the death of a pedestrian last week from a self-driving uber suv would not have happened with hundred one of his company cars. >> a woman walking outside a crosswalk at night was hit and killed by an autonomous uber. john krajicek says his cars are programmed to avoid incidents like that. he praised his company's testing regimen, including nighttime closed course runs and unexpected scenarios. we're learning more about a deadly spring break get away. how a family of four died in their rented condo in mexico. a mad scientist blasts off in a homemade rocket. he didn't make it into space this time. but he has a point to prove once but he has a point to prove once he gets th
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? relaxing commute unlike the last couple of weeks. not a single chance of rain the last couple of dpays. at least 64 people are dead this morning after a fire at a shopping mall in siberia. we're getting reports from witnesses that alarms did not go off. look at the stunning video that we have of the scene. fire broke out yesterday at the
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winter cherry mall in the city of ken row voe. witnesses say staff at the mall did not arrange for any sort of evacuation. this was the first weekend of school recess. the mall a popular attraction for kids and teens. officials have not said yet how many of the victims were minors. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 64 people dead. i'll let you know if we get more. in the gam first look. an american family died in the american condo. >> a family of four inhaled toxic gas. in the gma first look, concerns over vacation rentals abroad after a spring break get away turned deadly. >> kevin sharp and his wife amy surprised their two children, sterling and adrianna with a trip to this beachfront condominium complex in mexico. when the iowa family didn't make
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their return flight home to st. louis on wednesday, their loved ones knew something was wrong. >> my mother lost her youngest daughter and she's, like all of us, got the support of everybody rallying around us. she's doing the best she can. >> on friday, mexican authorities found the family of four dead inside that condo. they say, due to asphyxiation by inhalation of toxic gases. at 7:00 a.m., we'll have tips how to stay safe in a vacation rental home. with gma first look, i'm diane macedo, abc news, new york. a witness in the special counsel robert mueller's probe in the election secretly blacked -- targeting qatar. according to an associated press investigation, george nader received -- he wired money to political fundraiser elliott broid i who made donations to lawmakers considering legislation targeting the qatar.
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the uae's rival in the perfection gulf. nader is linked to the mueller investigation because he attended a pair of meetings in trump tower in 2016 where the advisers met with russians. south korea renegotiating the auto trade deal with the u.s. to avoid the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. the u.s. will lift tariffs on pickup trucks in 2021. in exchange, south korea will ease emission standards for american eex. 25,000 exported to south korea will not need to comply with regulations. it's the third largest exporter to the u.s. after canada and brazil. more than a half million dollars have been paid to settle sexual harassment claims against judges and court employees. that's the news from the judicial counsel. it serves as a lawyer for judges
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and employees accused of misconduct. three complaints were made against judges. the judges are from santa clara counties and two other counties. no longer supports a taser -- farrell says the reason is because the police commission approved plans for a use of stun guns earlier this month making the union plan unnecessary. according to the chronicle, however, union officials say there are big differences between the two plans. for example, the union's measure would allow an officer to use a stun gun on someone actively resisting as opposed to violently resisting. the associated press reports 61-year-old mike hughes propelled himself nearly 1900 feet into the air in the mojave desert before landing pretty hard. other than injuring his back,
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he's fine. he's, quote, relieved after the launch and his ultimate goal is to launch himself 52 miles above earth by the end of the year to prove that the planet is flat. >> what? >> yep. >> okay. >> it's 5:17 in the morning. we're showing you this video of the easter bunny coming early leaving treats for young children in a special egg hunt. the blind baby's foundation held the egg hunt for blind or visually impaired kids. >> the eggs have a special beeper inside guiding the kids to their location. once they get those, then they take them over to the volunteers on the side and they exchange them for candy. they even had eggs for their siblings that were there in support of them. it was amazing event. >> that's wonderful. >> blind babies foundation helps 550 families of visually impaired or blind children. >> you're an emcee. what a good cause. >> it's a big thing. it's 18th annual. started with joe bartlett and
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cheryl jennings and now i've been doing it. it's amazing event. it's so much -- so wonderful for me to be filled with that joy of seeing those families enjoy that time together. >> absolutely. well done. >> thank you. >> you want to talk about weather. >> let's keep the good vibe going. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. look how dry it is. san rafael south on 101. let's look at the accuweather highlights. the warming trend begins. still going to be chilly at night. your heater may come on. see the stars insed stead of cloud cover. the warmth will reach the beaches. here's where the wet weather is portland and northward. if you're with me yesterday on twitter, saw a picture from portland. reggie tells us how gorgeous it is up there. the cherry trees were blooming along the river. just stunning. if you get a chance, look at it. mid to upper 60s in the inland
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neighborhoods and low to mid-60s around the bay and mid to upper 50s at the coast. still pretty chilly for you. tonight, mid to upper 40s san francisco at about 51 degrees. here's my accuweather 7-day forecast. 70s creep into neighborhoods. they reach the bay on wednesday and reach the coast on thursday and friday. then slightly cooler for saturday and for easter sunday. maybe there's a little dew on the grass when the kids are huntding the eggs sunday morning. that's about it. the a-symbol for thursday. the home opener already, alexis. >> perfect forecast for the home opener. that sounds like a lot of fun. i'm sure a lot of folks will be coming down with something on thursday. we're definitely starting to fill in. we have reports of a minor crash on the left-hand side of the bridge before you get to that toll plaza. i have not spotted it on this traffic camera. does not sound like injuries. chp is on the way to the scene. once you're on the bridge, just before you get into san
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francisco, we do have reports of a collision on the harrison off ramp on the left-hand side. more details there. little delay into the city here as well. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, in the yellow at 44 minutes. antioch to concord in the green at 15. san rafael to san francisco, in the green at 17 minutes. thank you, alexei is. if you feel you don't have enough time to exercise, listen to this. they found that short bursts of exercise through the day can add up. if you get your heart rate up for at least ten minutes, it may lower your likelihood of death. those who got 30 minutes to moderate to -- physical activity, are half -- >> me and exercise bout is a good description. >> up the stairs, reggie. thousands of runners who had the time to exercise competed in several races in oakland.
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abc 7 news was on grand avenue for the oak lands running festival yesterday. this year the race had a in you course taking runners through downtown, west oakland and around lake merritt. the women's marathon champion told us about the biggest challenge. >> the finish the last four miles is always the most divvy think. >> race organizers tell us it attracted people from dozens of countries. up next the seven things you need to know. join michael finney this friday, he's going to be answering your consumer questions and all of your tax questions. the 7 on your side team will have tax experts on site. have tax experts on site. that is friday
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at walgreens, how we care will change over time, but why we care remains the same treating everyone wi the care and attention they deserve. walgreens. trusted since 1901. the smoother the skin, the moreomfortable you are in it. and now there's a new way to smooth. introducing new venus platinum. a premium metal handle boosts control... to reveal up to 100% smooth skin. venus new, organic yogurt is made atwithout any added sweeteners. because that adorable belly is sweet enough already. introducing happy baby & happy tot whole milk yogurt with probiotics. it's 5:23. here are the seven things to know. st. gregory school is sheltering in place today because of this man. police say he threatened a
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school shooting friday. they hope the image will help identify him. number 2, counselors will be at a high school in alameda to help students cope after a parent was hit by a tree. he was hit watching softball -- he was watching a softball game. a car smashed into a pole bringing down power or telephone lines on the vehicle at diablo avenue. no word on how the driver it is doing. a fairly light start on the roads this morning. a live look at southbound 101 traffic over golden gate bridge. no major incidents to report so far. we left the rain in the weekend. number 5, let's focus on temperatures getting closer to average today. almost there. we'll be warmer than average by the middle parts of the week. number 6, in a new interview, stormy daniels says she was threat yented to stay
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quiet about her affair with donald trump. she said it was consensual. energy secretary rick perry arrives in the bay area today. he's planning to visit two laboratories and the stanford linear accelerator. cherry blossom season has begun in japan. the bloom is expected to last until the end of the week. there are more than 100 species of cherry blossom trees and colors vary from pink to white. according to the library of congress, it carries special significance for the japanese. as the flowers bloom briefly, the blossoms are seen as a metaphor for the ee fem rel. beauty of living. >> i went there. >> during that one week. >> we planned it. it was beautiful. it was lovely. coming back with 90 minutes of news including the new concern about the personal information facebook is collecting this time involving
5:26 am
android users. steve kerr laying out a timetable for steph curry's return. the injured warri
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good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. good morning on this monday, march 26th at 5:28. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. we have beautiful weather coming up at the tail end of this week, right? >> starts today with total sunshine p temperatures a little bit below average. but it will be different than what we dealt with over the weekend. the first part of that is no rain on live doppler 7 and no fog right now. visibility 10 means we're in the maximum we can see. here's a look at the accuweather 12-hour planner. in the mid-30s to the mid-40s. mid to upper 50s at noon. look at the mid-60s with
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sunshine at 4:00 and more sunshine at 7:00. low to upper 50s. let's find out if we have good fortune on the roads. here's alexis. >> we've been looking pretty good this morning, mike. the bay bridge, folks heading into san francisco. speeds are picking up a bit. we had a minor crash or a disabled vehicle reported on the harrison off ramp that cleared from the boards. it does look like the speeds are improving for folks approaching the city there. in the meantime, the metering lights have been flipped on. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, 19. it's 16 across the bay bridge. i think that will be in the green momentarily. southbound 101, san francisco to the airport, looking great at nine minutes. grief counselors will be at an alameda school this morning after a freak accident at a softball game. >> a tree fell on top of two people trapping and seriously hurting one of them. reporter amy hollyfield is live at the high school. >> reporter: hi, reggie. it was traumatic for the softball team to witness this.
5:30 am
the tree fell on the father of one of the teammates. so tough for them to watch. tough for them to witness and administrators want to support them emotionally on this first day back. the tree fell on friday. it happened in washington park in alameda. it landed on a dad who was watching the preseason softball game. they had to use a chainsaw to cut apart the tree to get it off of him. the coach says the dad has a long road to recovery. the city says the soil was wet from the rain and may have been a factor in why the tree came loose. one man who uses the park regularly says he wasn't surprised that the tree fell. >> well, i had been watching it for several years and been thinking, that thing is slanting over. there's a lot of weight. you see how many kids come by here. very dangerous. >> reporter: the city decided to be proactive after the accident
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and took down a monterey pine in what they are calling an abundance of caution. they've declared now that the park is safe. reporting live in alameda, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. adult film star stormy daniels was threatened to stay quiet about the affair she says she had with donald trump. >> her interview was the most detailed account she told yet about her alleged relationship with mr. trump and the fallout since it was revealed. serena marshall live in washington with more. serena? >> reggie, natasha, good morning. stormy daniels, whose real name is stephanie clifford is speaking out to dee febd herself. even though that means a legal fight over the lawyer >> the anticipated interview made air. >> you had sex with him? >> yes. >> you were 27, he was 60. were you physically attracted to him? >> no. >> the bombshell 60 minutes interview follows a
5:32 am
confidentiality agreement she signed for $130,000 just days before the 2016 election. but daniels claims the contract is void because then candidate trump never signed it. >> president trump's personal lawyer, michael cohen acknowledges he paid daniels the money from a personal home equity line in exchange for her silence. he claims daniels broke the agreement more than 20 times making her liable for damages in excess of $20 million. >> it's very important to me to defend myself. >> even though in january she issued a statement denying the affair ever happened. she says she did so under pressure. >> they made it sound like i had no choice. >> after she received this 2011 threat when trying to go public. >> a guy walked up on me and said to me, leave trump alone, forget the story. then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said a beautiful little girl. be a shame if something happened to her mom. >> she never said who she felt was behind the intimidation. overnight, coe they
5:33 am
claims -- it was -- >> this is thuggish behavior from people in power and has no place in american democracy. >> they insist neither the trump campaign nor the trump organization were involved in the payment. >> it's the timing of that payment to daniels which came days before the election that are raising questions of possible rviolations of campaig finance laws. >> serena, thank you. 5:33 now. san francisco police are trying to find out why a man stabbed april woman to death inside of a church. it happened at chinese christian church on 19th and chester avenues. witnesses who spoke to us said they recognize the couple as man and wife. one woman who did not want to give us her name told us the attack happened in front of a pastor. >> she was crying and all she said was that it happened
5:34 am
directly right in front of her. traumatizing if it happens to anyone you know. that's just sad. >> the man then stabbed himself. he's hospitalized in unknown condition. police say this could be a case of domestic violence. >> they're warning the public that a homeless man could be a danger to the community. here's a look at the man. investigators say he tried to lure a young girl into his car wednesday in larkfield. the girl refused to get in. he drove away. an at&t worker was able to help authorities track down his car. he was found at a local rescue mission. police arrested him friday. he was later released on bail. facebook facing more questions about privacy this morning for collecting personal information from users. the website says facebook collected contact names, telephone numbers, call links and text messages from android users for years.
5:35 am
facebook responded saying they only collect them from those who allow it. it's not shared with anyone. a spokesperson says it's -- that report came just as facebook ceo mark zuckerberg was apologiing for the cambridge analytica scandal. in full-page newspaper ads, he said we have a responsibility to protect your information. if we can't, we don't deserve it. cambridge analytica is accused of improperly obtaining data from millions of facebook users to manipulate u.s. elections. british -- they raided the london office. cambridge analytica and facebook tea nigh wrongdoing. rick perry begins a three-day visit to the area. he will kick off his trip with a tour of the lawrence, livermore and sandia labs. he will hold a town hall meeting with employees and wrap up his bay area visit o
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>> never more than 7 minutes-- minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> look at the temperatures. mid to upper 30s in the inland east bay valleys. highway 4. mid-40s. concord at 41. look at other neighborhoods. we have low to mid-40s around the bay shore out to the coast. santa rosa, novato. 35 in napa. vallejo 37. fairfield, 38. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. you can see how dry it is as we look west this morning. the roads, no rain. no fog. mass transit, good. it will be cool this morning. mild this afternoon. breezy at times on a ferry. nothing you can't handle or are not used to. >> peninsula, we jump to 56 at noon. look at the low 60s from 2:00 to 6:00 and 56 at 8:00. one more microclimate. the north bay, starting off cooler at 38.
5:37 am
we'll be 49 by 10:00. 59 by 12:00. look at that. 21-degree jump in four hours. we're not finished there. mid to upper 60s from 2:00 to 6:00. you guys will be our warmest area today. that warmth will spread the next couple of days. 80s coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. a quiet week since it's spring break. >> i'm feeling happy for everybody doing a stay-cation. they're getting very nice weather. for the rest of us, hopefully that translates to a smoother commute. it has been pretty quiet this morning. i want to take you to the central valley. westboud 580 before mountain house parkway. a two-car crash. the clearing stages. chp is reporting it's off on the shoulder. we definitely have residual delays for folks heading towards altamont pass. westbound 205 before you get to 580 down to 11 miles an hour.
5:38 am
24 miles an hour closer to the pass there. i'm just hearing about a new possible problem on 205. once again, before that 580 interchange. i'll double-check with chp and see if there's -- in the meantime, metering lights have been flipped on. it happened around 5:21 this morning. we have a crash reported approaching the maze. i have not been able to find that on any cameras. i believe we have one lane blocked. definitely stacking up into the maze. once you get past the metering lights into san francisco, it's improved significantly. that one -- we'll take a look at drive times coming up in less than ten. student organizers are looking ahead to what happens next when it comes to gun control. this after the biggest youth march since we've seen in the vietnam era. there are more than 800 separate march for our lives rallies across the country saturday. marchers demanded change to gun control laws after the recent school shooting in parkland, florida. students know that change won't come easy. a san jose state university
5:39 am
professor says she's encouraged. >> this is signaling the fact that young people are taking ownership of this issue. just like in the vietnam war. >> many students say their next step is getting friends and classmates to register to vote. one of the nation's most famous gun sellers filed for bankrupt bankruptcy. remington outdoors made guns for 200 years. rehming ton plans to continue operations and reduce debt by $700 million through bankruptcy. a new twist in the rivalry between the a's and the giants. the gut wrenching choice giants fans had to make to save 20 bucks. we're hoping to make this a better day for
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this is abc 7 mornings. 5:42 on this monday morning. look at that. when is the last time we saw no chance of rain? you kind of have to go back to february. definitely going out like a lamb. march will be. >> thank you, mike. streets surrounding the pedestrian bridge collapse in florida are open to traffic. it's been nearly two weeks since the 950-ton span fell, killing six people, including a student in nearby florida international university. three others got hurt. the bridge collapsed five days after it was constructed.
5:43 am
workers were adjusting tension on two rods at the north end of the span when the structure fell. the speedy construction process used to raise the bridge in one day being scrutinized. san francisco police are looking for an arsonist who set fire to a church basement. christ church lutheran in the sunset district. they were celebrating palm sunday yesterday afternoon in a building used for social events because the fire damaged the main church. the fire started in the basement and it was no accident. >> they said that there were accelerant marks on the floor and it looked like the fire had been intentionally set. >> flames gutted rooms used by a preschool and the church's sunday school. no word on how much it will cost to repair. a kansas church opposes gay rights faced peaceful opposition in bringing its message to the east bay. >> members of the west borough
5:44 am
baptist church -- another group quietly protested against the kansas group. westboro members think california is being punished for breaking the ten commandments. >> every awful thing is continually pouring out on the state of california. you have same-sex marriage. >> i think they need to keep their hate to themselves. i think that this is an opportunity for all of us to go within and to dig really deep and to realize we're all one and all our brother's keepers. >> tomorrow the westboro group plans to protest at an elementary school welcoming a transgender child. steph curry will not play in the first round of the playoffs after injuring his knee friday night. he suffered a grade two sprain of his mcl. before yesterday's game, curry disagreed with kerr. >> hopefully i prove what coach said wrong and put myself in a
5:45 am
position to get back as soon as possible. but right now, who knows? try do my job in the rehab process and get back as soon as i can and control my presence with the team and everything -- help anyway i can while not on the floor. >> curry will be reevaluated april 14th, the first day of the playoffs. fingers crossed he's okay. >> everything crossed it's 5:45. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike is back. >> you'll have a kbriet blue skies for several days. no delays. no clouds out there. there's no rain. dry pattern develops today. warming afternoons and cool nights. pollen could be a problem for those of you with allergies. look where the jet stream is. one flow to the north, another flow down to the southment we're right in the middle.
5:46 am
that means a long period of dry weather. today, it's a little warmer. but still the beach is pretty chilly. santa cruz about 61. we'll be in the low to mid-60s around the bay from 60 in san francisco to fremont at 64. inland, mid to upper 60s from 63 in livermore to 67 in vallejo and napa. cooler in lakeport and ukiah. low 60s there. let's look at san francisco. it's 7:00 this morning. 45. 54 at noon. 4:0058. 7:00, 56. stars to sunshine and then back to stars at 8:00. here's a look at some of the neighborhoods. san francisco downtown. mission district 62. same thing in a marina. ening will side is the cool thing. a lot of mid to upper 40s much even san francisco at 51. the cool spot, ukiah 37 p accuweather seven-day forecast. look at the 70s take over tuesday, wednesday and especially thursday when we can touch 80 inland. same thing on friday. just a slight cooling trend for
5:47 am
the weekend. still looks great to be outside hunting eggs by sunday. a's opener thursday. >> i know. 105 first pitch mike. that's going to be ideal conditions for everyone out there. it's going to be a perfect day. we have a few issues to get to, including a new crash. westbound 580 before you get to grant line road. past the 205 interchange. it's blocking both lanes. working on more details. definitely backing up into the tracy area. westbound 580 approaching mountain house parkway. we have residual delays from an earlier issue there. >> westbound 92. we have a report of some type of hazard right around the high-rise. not sure if that's a disabled vehicle or debris. chp is on the way to the scene. northbound side of 101 and 880 is fine. however, a rollover crash on the other side. look on the right side of your screen. that happened on the northbound 880 off ramp to southbound 101. i've seen several emergency crews come through this area.
5:48 am
we'll move this around to get a better look at that. minor injuries reported there. next traffic update just before 6:00. a live desk update. a quick update on rumors about president trump's veterans affairs secretary. this is just coming into our live desk. the white house saying that the president has confidence in the embattled v.a. secretary david shulkin. al of this after the administration officials saying yesterday that president trump is planning to get rid of shulkin. shulkin has been under the microscope for inappropriate spending. things like accepting tickets to watch the wimbledon tennis grand slam and enlisting the help of staffers to take his wife to europe on the taxpayer dime. to be clear, denial of changes in the white house have meant little in the past. most recently, the white house denied plans to oust rex tillerson from the state department days later. he was out. >> reggie? >> thank you, jess. the oakland a's made good on
5:49 am
a promise at a parking surcharge for giants fans attending game one of the series. >> what would you do in this situation? >> parking attendants gave fans an ultimatum. saying go a's. pay 50 bucks for parking. many giants fans found the money to be enough to give up allegiances. some would rather take a hit to their wallets rather than cheer on the a's. >> 50 for parking unless you say go a's. >> go giants. >> are you going to pay the 50? >> i'm going to pay the 50. i'll go with the achld's if they don't play my giants. sorry. all good. >> let me get you your receipt. >> part of helping to keep this place open, i guess. >> little jab at the end there. >> i noticed that. the a's president announced the surcharge as a promotion to lure new fans. it's celebrating the 50th season
5:50 am
in oakland. elon musk announced new boring company merchandise is coming soon. the tweet musk says there will be life-sized interlocking lego bricks to create sculptures and buildings. they will be quote, super strong and bored in the middle so not heavy. the first kit set will be ancient egypt including pyramids and sphinx. he also responded to a saying when dleliveries would start for the flame throwers. he said in may. i'll continue watching. do you trust driverless car technology? next at 6:00, we want to hear from you as one company says it would have prevented the pedestrian death in arizona. first, if you're thinking you're paying more at the pump, you are right. how much higher gas prices are expected to climb. job well done. rescue mission that brought all of these crews together. better day starts here on abc 7 mornings. even as we head to
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
this is abc 7 mornings. it's 5:53 on a monday. check this out. we've got a little warming trend beginning today, getting us almost back to average. but we'll blow right through these numbers. the average numbers. starting tomorrow. i'll let you know how long it will last coming up. mike, thank you. what a nightmare. take a look at your screen. you're looking at how a teenager's driving exam ended in minnesota. she crashed into the dmv office. as you can expect, 917-year-old flunked -- 17-year-old flunked her driving test.
5:54 am
police believe she put the car in drive instead of reverse. it's not clear when the teenager will retake the exam. now to a high flying rescue. they were called to rescue a coopers hawk stuck in a 50-foot high tree. it was entangled in kite or fishing wire at cherry land park. pg&e crews and animal control officers all helped in the rescue. the hawk is doing fine. gas prices keep creeping towards that $4 a gallon mark. te average price has climbed by $.07 a gallon over the past two weeks according to the lundberg survey. the bay area has one of the highest averages at $3.54 a gallon right now. st. louis has the least expensive. $2.22 a gallon. earlier in the year, they forecasted we could see $4 a gallon by memorial day. snacks and soda and now cars, shoppers in china can test drive and buy a car using a vending machine. ford and alibaba unveiled the
5:55 am
super test driving center. it houses dozens of cars. customers use an app to select the car they're interested in. then they go to the center where the cars revolve like eye wheel until they select the car they want. you can take it home for three days and test drive it. if you like it, you buy it on the app or go back and try a new one. all right. we're looking at a couple of issues on the roads right now. san jose, one of the trouble spots, northbound 101 and 880. the busier side of traffic. this time of day. no issues on the southbound side. we've got a rollover crash. 880 off ramp to southbound 101, we have moved the camera all around to see if we can spot that. emergency crews have come through but don't have the crash on camerament one lane is blocked there. the crash near grant line road. tracy to dublin. no delays southbound 680 through the south bay. let's check in with mike nicco. you've got a great forecast this week.
5:56 am
>> i hope people like it, alexis. here's a look at where we were yesterday. the first column of numbers. those are the coldest numbers this week. thursday, some of the warmest numbers this week. a 12 to 22-degree jump. just because we peak thursday doesn't mean it will get cold all of a sudden. look at the forecast for saturday through next wednesday april 4th. it's going to be warmer than average. we have a long period of dry warm weather coming our way. >> thank you, mike. >> a neatly folded piece of paper told the story of a couple's love. it's back with their family thanks to a curious man. >> chris bowers found the note auk walking along a street. it turned out to be a love letter written in 1977. he turned to the next door app to find someone to connect to with the note. it turns out that the note had been inside of a suitcase that was stolen from the couple's daughter. >> since i've never opened it, i couldn't tell if anything was
5:57 am
missing. i had no idea what was missing, what wasn't. >> we'll have a good life together and nice looking kids who will have the looks of her mother but not her ears. they will have mine. >> i have no idea whose ears i have. >> she has very nice ears. both of her parents have passed away. she plans to spend some time privately reading the words that her father penned to her mother. >> next at 6:00, a preemptive shelter in place at a school in san mateo. we're live with a threat police are watching this morning. >> hundreds of thousands of people marched for gun control over the weekend. including several in the bay area. activists are addressing what happens next. >> san francisco mayor mark >> san francisco mayor mark farrell explains
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning bay area. >> let's get up and get going. good morning. we're coming up at 6:00 a.m. on this monday, march 26th. if you like sunshine, we have good news. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. hi mike.
6:00 am
we're hoping that good news bleeds into traffic also. it's not going to rain at all this week. let's start off with both of us. at 6:00, a dry live doppler 7. let me jump into how today unfolds by looking at sutro tower. we're going to have a bright blue sky today. clean air. temperatures, they're a little chilly. mid 30s to mid 40s at 7:00. manageable at lunch. a mild mid to upper 50s. warmer and drier this afternoon. 56 at the coast. mid-60s for the rest of us and a gorgeous, gorgeous time at 7:00 this evening. 53 to 58. now let's see what alexis has. good morning. >> yeah. not quite as good as your forecast, mike. we aren't looking too bad this morning. i want to head to the central valley before grant line road. we have reports of a crash. we still have not gotten many details on this. but you are pretty heavy there. that's spilled to 205 out of the tracy area. westbound 580 south of there, before mountain house parkway, that's recovering from an earlier c


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