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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 26, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in case. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristin sze. the athletics are making a bid to own the coliseum outright. >> they wanted to build at laney college, but officials nixed it after push back by students and faculty. now the president of the a's spoke about this within the past hour. >> the keeping is with the setback, some of the headwinds at howard, we think it's important to own our own home and chart a course ourselves for a future in oakland. and the way to do that is to buy our site. >> but, is it a good deal for taxpayers? >> very interesting. >> reporter: it is, dan, and you may remember, this isn't the first time that someone has offered to buy this property here at the coliseum. it was just 18 months ago that ronnie lott and his group offered more than $165 million, that's $30 millio more than this current offer. but it seems this offer from the
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a's themselves is getting serious consideration. with their objectioptions narro the oakland a's have pitched a new idea to the county of alameda, in a letter from the a's president, an offer to buy the 120-acre coliseum property outright. >> it's a big deal, obviously, we put in an offer yesterday to buy the coliseum complex outright from the city and county. i think it obviously shows our commitment to the city. >> i told him that he needs to put it in writing. >> reporter: larry reid says it's worth considering, especially to retire the $135 million debt that is carried on the coliseum and oracle arena. >> certainly, if there's $11 million, fresh, new, into our coffers to be spent on other things, sure, we could use an
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extra $11 million and more so. >> reporter: the a's maintain they're considering a second site, the howard terminal. it may not be in the city's best interest to give them one. given the fact that others have expressed interest in buying the coliseum property and developing it with or without a baseball stadium. >> is it a low-ball offer? we value it at around $200 million. the $136 million is obviously lower. it's a negotiation. you're going to start somewhere. the total amount of what the debt is on both facilities is a good place to start. >> i'm certainly not committing today to a specific price. we will have to have discussion intermly. >> reporter: the a's president is expected to meet with officials this week to discuss the team's offer face-to-face. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. santa clara county voters will decide on june 5th whether
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to recall the judge aaron persky. the recall campaign has been fighting to remove the judge after he handed down a controversial six-month sentence to brock turner in a campus sexual assault case. many thought that was too lenient. turner was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman after meeting her at a party on campus. the family of a fan shot and killed by sacramento police last week is demanding justice and criminal charges against officer whose shot clark. cornell bernard has more. >> reporter: clark's family held a very emotional news conference today demanding action from the department of justice and charges against two police officers who fired 20 shots. >> justice, i want justice for my baby! >> reporter: shaquita couldn't hide the pain.
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her grandson shot 20 times last week, suspected by police of breaking into cars. police body cam of the shooting is disturbing. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: clark was unarmed. police thought he had a gun in his hand. it turned out to be a cell phone. >> why didn't they shoot him in an arm, in a leg, why not a taser? why did they have to do that? >> no family should have to endure this pain and suffering. >> reporter: noted several rights attorney benjamin crump and other black leaders are demanding criminal charges against two officers who shot clark. >> we will stand up for stephan. we will speak up for stephan, and we will fight for stephan. >> reporter: crump says an independent autopsy will be performed. the local naacp has contacted the justice department about the shooting after failing to get a response from the sacramento
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d.a. >> we do not give you a pass. you need to return the call of the naacp. >> no justice, no peace! >> reporter: clark's shooting has sparked a throughout the city. some have turned violent. his funeral will be thursday. the reverend al sharpton will be giving the eulogy. >> we won't forget. we hope y'all don't either. >> reporter: sacramento's police chief is promising a full investigation. cornell bernard. oakland police say think found a vehicle connected to the homicide investigation involving the drowning of a man and woman in lake merritt. they pulled michael grace from the water on march 15th. grace later died at the hospital. the death ruled accidental. hours later, they found 24 year old tianna johnson's body.
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her death was ruled a homicide. investigators say the two were romantically involved. sky 7 was above the scene of an accident after a stolen car suspect l suspect led alameda county sheriff's deputies on a chase. it ended up crashing into cars and the chp is investigating the accident. in sonoma county, a man faces charges of animal abuse, they describe it as the worst case of abuse they've seen in years. >> reporter: she hasn't stopped eating since arriving last week. a horse with no formal name except ethyl. all skin and protruding bones. how she became this way deeply disturbs heather bailey of healsburg, who's nursing the horseback to health. >> how would you feel if you were starving? that's basically what it is. you have an animal not getting enough to eat. so her body is eating itself.
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she feels pretty lousy. >> reporter: the sheriff's department posted this photograph from what it calls the worst case of felony animal abuse in recent memory. >> it's one of the first times we've gotten involved with it. but i'd say it's pretty rare. >> reporter: the horses belong to 65-year-old joseph rafael of clover dale. he was nowhere around when we visited today. the first report came in from a neighbor. when authorities arrived, they found 13 horses, one already dead, the rest suffering from malnutrition and neglect. >> it was very disturbing, yes. >> reporter: heather bailey took two of the surviving horses as part of a volunteer rescue group. her photos from that day show animals covered in mud with protruding ribs and untended hooves. >> you wanted to cry, but you save that for later. >> reporter: for heather bailey, this serves as the perfect time to exercise her calling.
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wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a grizzly car crash on highway 101 early this morning. it happened when a ukiah man struck two horses, killing them and crushing his car. the chp says it was too dark for the man to avoid the crash at about 2:40 this morning. the driver was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. despite school shootings, the west contra costa school district is talking about possibly removing school resource officers by next year. as leanne melendez reports, this is stirring up concern and controversy among parents, teechbers and the school board. >> reporter: there are two armed and trained school officers for the hercules school. they cost the contra costa school district $360,000 a year, benefits included. worth it, says mr. phillips, one of five school board members. >> i do think that this is in many ways assurance poli insura.
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>> reporter: but many think it could be used to bolster educational programs. >> i think all of us want more mony in the classrooms. all of us on the board want to make sure that education is fully funded. >> reporter: the question is, what is the district ready to give up? most parents here want both of >> of course we want to give our students the best education that we can. we want to invest as much as we can in the classrooms, but we also want to keep them safe. >> reporter: the mayor of hercules says the city can't afford to pay for these two sros out of the general fund budget. >> our police force is already stretched. you know. we don't even have one officer per thousand. we have 25,000 people. >> reporter: besides hercules, for other cities within the school district could also be affected. they are san pablo, richmond, el el el sareto and pen pen pen pen pn
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in richmond, leanne melendez, abc 7 news. it could be the largest donation ever maid de by a loca company in response to a growing crisis. the rise in electric cars brings a new age of firefighting. infernos are more difficult to put out. knic fixing the world's oldest health problem. i'm sandhya patel. spring-like warmth
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ib a man who died friday in a crash in mountain view has been identify as we wang.
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he lost control causing his tesla to split apart and catch fire. tesla engineers were called to this terrible scene last friday to verify that it was safe for the chp to actually move the car. the situation highlights the new age of electric cars and challenges and how police and firefighters need to respond. the story now from jonathan blume. >> reporter: as workers hauled away the car's motors and electronics, they left the burned out where it land. mountain view fire typically puts out a car fire in minutes, but they were out here for six hours as the cells that make up the battery went into a thermal run away. >> it overheats. the plastic components begin to ignite.
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and eventually, you end up with a battery that is on fire. >> reporter: the department called tesla, whose engineers came out to test the cells and dismantle as much of the battery as they could. the fire department considered dowsing the battery with the recommended 3,000 gallons of water or letting it burn itself out. >> the environmental hazard that creates as well as the traffic hazard was not an option we wanted to explore. >> reporter: it turns out tesla's no stranger to the fire department. they've been out here before to give trainings. but silicon valley is full of early adopters. >> we know there la be mowill b and more in the future. we have to be on the scene longer. >> reporter: in this case, firefighters had to escort the tesla to the tow yard and stay there for hours to make sure the battery didn't reignite. taking a wrong turn in san francisco can admid minutes to your drive time or worse.
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a car with a uber sticker on the windshield wound up on the steps facing downward. police say think gotey got a ca car driving down that short stairwell. it has been removed and no one was hurt. driverless cars will officially be street legal in california next monday. but none of the 50 companies testing those vehicles has applied for a permit. the dmv says april 2nd is not a deadline to get a permit. companies like uber, lyft and google can apply at any time. it's unlikely any company will be ready to roll out on the given day. just last week a woman was struck and killed by a driverless car in tempe, arizona. university of california students from all as kcross the
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state rallied for beddttettetttr education to urge law makes to pass legislation giving students more stability. they must take a hard look at how they're spending money before they endorse tuition hikes. >> state of california should make investigations and see where the money is going, because we have the money. it's just not being distributed properly. >> governor brown's budget proposal would give the uc system a 3% increase. uc officials say it's not enough and they're requesting $1,505 million in additional funds. tech giant executive says a problem is at crisis levels. he says homelessness costs the
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county more than $500 million each year. the work of a husband and wife team from the bay area is raising hopes for some of the youngest victims of disease in the developing world. their non-profit is centered in mali. and according to a newly-published study, their strategy could have a revolutionary effect on childhood survival. >> reporter: when we first met the doctors, they were splitting time, treating patients at zuckerberg hospital and half a world away in mali. but the ultimate goal was training volunteers to act as a lightning fast strike team. >> time is the key here. so speed we think is the most important element. >> reporter: he says some of the most common killers of children in mali are diseases that are completely curable. so their non-profit muso began
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outreach teams that canvass villages. they arm these teams with fast-acting bro fast-acting blood tests and drugs to treat malaria and diarrhea. >> if you can reach patients fast, there's no reason they should be dying of pneumonia o o malayer yeah. >> reporter: in the neighborhoods around mali's capital city, deaths of children under the age 5 have plummeted from one in seven to now one in 142. >> lower than any other country has documented in sub-saharan av cha ca. >> reporter: about $8 per year per patient. >> i think the most important lesson is that the global challenge killing 5 million children every year, it's solvable, even in some of the most challenging settings.
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we have everything we need to end this crisis. >> remarkable work they're doing. and one more note. the study did not compare a control group not using the same care. but the results are impressive enough that he wants a large, randomized study of 100,000 patients or more. now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> live doppler 7 looks a lot different from when we had rainy conditions. we don't have any rain, which i know we need it, but we're in a break for the time being. up to 14 degrees warmer in concord compared to yesterday. it's a 7 degree gain in mountain view, palo alto, and when you take a look at where temperatures are going, here's the temperature trend for san jose. they're going up. the next couple days you're going to be above normal for this time of year through next week. but the warmth. you'll feel it towards the end
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of the workweek as we see low80s appearing. the rain e the rainy season, 18 days of rain in masrch. this has been encouraging. we've had enough rain to help boost our rainy season, still below average, oakland, 66% of normal. we need more, and right now i don't see anything in the accuweather seven-day forecast, but beyond that, perhaps early april we may see rain. sierra snowpack got a boost. march first you were 24% of normal. so more than doubled with all the snow recently. right now, bright sunshine. upper 50s to mid-60s from san francisco to oakland. san jose, 64 degrees, and a live picture from the golden gate camera, there is a bit of a breeze. here's a live picture from our
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santa cruz camera. this is where some people are. that's where you may want to go. mainly clear overnight. and the spring-like weather is expected the rest of the week. as you take a look at your 12-hour planner, you're going to see mainly clear conditions. jacket weather with 40s. sunshine, 60s, 70s for later in the day. tomorrow morning when you get going, clouds will be pretty much not in the picture. 30s to 40s, a few 50s showing up. so layer up for the afternoon. mild weather, morgan hill, 73 degrees. on the peninsula, low 70s from san mateo, 63 in pacifica. 68 degrees, sun will be shining, napa, santa rosa, mid-70s. 69 in berkley. head inland and you'll see temperatures in the low to mid-70s. 72 in livermore, 73 in concord. check out what's going to happen on wednesday.
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those temperatures come up even more, and it's most noticeable inland. thursday you see 80s popping inland. as we head into friday, 80s showing up. it's a warming trend that will take us through the workweek. temperatures max out on thursday. and then numbers start to fall this weekend. we are expecting mild conditions for easter sun. a little breezy if you are making plans. it will be dry for those egg hunts for the little ones. download the accuweather app and you can check out those temperatures. >> little ones? i'm going to do agricultun egg myself. >> okay, go ahead. >> thanks, sandhya. a mountain lion leaps tall fences and has a staring contest with the people who live there. and here's ryan seacrest. >> in just a little bit, "american idol" is coming up when we kick off hollywood week. you have a front row seat to see
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dramatic surprises.
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a mountain lion was the talk of the neighborhood outside los angeles. it wandered into the area. one person said it made contact with her. at one point, the lion used the roof of a shed, boom, as a springboard to leap from yard to yard. a drone, a helicopter, police and department of fish and wildlife were all involved. the lion was eventually tranquilized and taken back to the forest. now meet the newest member of the uc berkley police department. his name is obi. he's a springer spaniel. he is enjoying a new life as a bomb-detecting k-9 working and living alongside officer sal lopez. he was abuzsed as a puppy befor
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he was rescued and brought to berkley. he's been on the job for about a month now. a heads up for anyone who drives into alameda. bridge inspectors will close the island bridge every night until 5:00 a.m. the same thing will happen next monday through saturday. so just be warned. drivers can using high street bridge or dolittle drive. be aware this will take place through saturday. olympic gold medal swimmer katie ledecky is turning pro. she became an international sensation in the 2016 games winning four golds and silver in the summer games in rio. she followed that up by leading stanford to two consecutive ncaa titles. turning pro will allow the 21 year old to cash in on her fame through business and endorsement deals. ledecky plans to continue to take classes at stanford and use
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the university as her base to prepare for the 2020 games. >> we interviewed her. >> that's right. >> so down to earth. from swimming to baseball. the rivalry between the a's and giants fans. now there's a little something to sho
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i'm ama daetz. coming up at 6:00, a business owner sounds the alarm about the brawls in san francisco. tonight the neighbor she says is to blame. the allegation isn't being taken lightly. also heads up. you're about to see new license plates on local roads. they're all about saving lives, plus. the past in the past now. no more anger, upset, frustrating, nothing. >> the major league grounds keeper back on the job two decades after being sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. all that plus much more coming up in a half hour at abc 7 news
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at 6:00. >> thank, we'll see you then. finally tonight, cal and stanford have the ax to crown the champion of the big game. >> do you have to rub it in? >> soon, though, the a's will have a unique trophy. >> the leaders of both teams held a rare joint news conference. a trophy made from steel, recycled from the old eastern span of the new bay bridge. >> how appropriate. it will go to the winner of inner-league play each season. >> i'm looking forward to it. any chance y anytime you have a chance to win hardware, it's great. >> it's symbolic of where we are and where they are. and reminds me a lot of traffic, too. across the bay bridge. >> a 4,000-pound piece of steel will be turned into a trophy that can be carried. >> pretty fogood idea. >> world news tonight with david
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muir is coming up. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see tonight, the white house responds to stormy daniels. now saying the president does not believe any of the claims ms. daniels made last night are accurate. was she threatened in a parking lot to stay silent? and did the money she was given 11 days before the election break any campaign finance laws? and this evening, the response from first lady melania trump. also tonight, president trump expelling 60 russians, giving them one week, after that nerve agent attack in the uk. russia tonight threatening to retaliate. the stunning new findings from inside that helicopter that went down in the east river here in new york city. what the pilot was trying to do. we have new reporting tonight, what authorities have now revealed about the family of four on vacation, discovered dead in a condo they had rented.


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