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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the 22-year-old was shot. >> clark's family held an emotional conference. >> stephen clark. >> reporter: relatives want you to remember his name. couldn't hide her pain about the death of her 22-year-old grandson. police body cam footage of the sooting is disturbing. >> show me your hands. >> reporter: clark was unarmed. police thought he had a gun in his hand and it turned out to be a cell phone. demanding criminal charges against two police officers who
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shot clark. >> we will stand up for stephen and speak up for him and fight for stephen. >> crump says an independent autopsy will be performed. the local naacp. >> you need to return the call of the naacp. >> clark's shooting has sparked a series of protest throughout the city and some turned violent. his funeral will be thursday. activists are calling for a national day of mourning. sacramento police chief is calling for a full investigation. >> sacramento police officer association released a statement saying this. even as tragic as this event is, we cannot ignore the fact that the shooting was legally
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justified under the law, within police policy and in accordance with training. it is clear from the video that they truly believed clark had a gun. demanding answers from the executive of facebook and google. the panel could look at new rules for social media companies. this comes hours after federal trade commission confirms it is investigating the menlo park company. abc7 news reporter janine de la vega with what that would look like. >> reporter: last week news broke that a consulting giant was given data of tens of thousands of users without their permission. santa clara university law professor says it is good
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legisla legislator are now asking questions. >> if you are responding to the latest outrage du jure, you are usually not thinking clearly and often get it wrong. >> reporter: goldman says the federal government can't go too far because they run the risk of violating the first amendment. >> facebook could easily pay its way through its regulation but a smaller start up might be deterred from ever growing as large of facebook because of this regulation. >> reporter: other start ups don't have the cash flow to adhere. it seems to have staying power and could impact the workforce. >> if employees wake up and feel
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guilty working for that company, they might choose to go to a different start up. >> reporter: last week there was a big hash tag delete facebook movement. that has since died down. reporting from menlo park, janine de la vega. sending a letter to ceo facebook mark zuckerberg. we spoke with east bay congressman eric swalwell. >> now is the time for every social media company to come clean. >> saying he wants zuckerberg to testify and wants to see what facebook is doing to wo, with the fbi. >> accuses the british firm of
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violating laws that prohibit foreigners from making decisions directly or indirectly. san mateo schools on heightened alert today. take a look at the surveillance photo of a man at a big 5 sporting goods. employees did not sell him a gun and asked him to leave. describing him as a white man possibly transient. investigators are looking to talk to that man. abc7 news viewer alerted us for a proposal to
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abc7 reporter lyanne melendez has the story. >> reporter: two of their schools, have two armed sro they cost the district $360,000 a year benefits included. parents like josh broward saying they are worth keeping. >> they are police officers. they are not like your night security guard types. they are fully trained police officers. >> reporter: school board members is also in favor of keeping the sros. but understand how other board members could could be used for other programs.
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>> we could not afford to pay for those sros and our police officers are responding to other incidents in the city. i don't know how soon we could get to the middle school and high school. >> reporter: four other cities within the school district could be affected. san pablo, richmond, the staffing including the superintendent will make a recommendation to the school board some time this month. a vote is expected shortly after. in richmond, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> a san bruno man charged with killing his neighbor pleaded no contest in exchange for 40 years in life in prison. killing his neighbor in an argument over a space heater last year. accused of cutting up his body and trying to dispose of it with
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chemicals. police found a body after following up on a missing persons report. a homicide investigation involving a drowning of a man and a woman. law enforcement pulled that vehicle out of the water, the same area where first responders pulled michael grace out of the later. grace later died at the hospital. hours later, investigators found deanna's body. special training for police and firefighters. surprised pitch from the a's. they want to buy the a week ahead that makes it
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arizona governor suspended uber. governor called the crash an unquestionable failure to comply with safety expectations. arizona welcomed uber after
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california ordered them to stop testing. a man who died friday in a cash on highway 101 in mountain view has been identified. the chp states he lost control. took fire crews hours to clear the scene. >> the age of electric cars. >> jonathan bloom has more. >> reporter: piece by piece, workers put motors and electronics >> because the battery was exposed, we were unsure whether it was safe to move the vehicle. >> reporter: they were out here
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for six hours as some of the batteries went into a state of thermal run away. >> the batteries itself overheat. and eventually, you end up with a battery that is on fire. >> reporter: the fire department considered dousing the battery or letting it burn out itself. >> the environment hazard as well as traffic hazard was not an option. >> reporter: they called tesla. >> this is the first time we had to respond with tesla. >> reporter: they have been out here before to give trainings on how to handle these batteries. >> some of the best minds and engineers are around the corner. >> reporter: silicon valleys are full of early adopters.
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>> for the fire service what it means is that with he are going going to be on the scene longer. even after 24 hours of ex-ting ishment, these batteries could reignite and again cause a fire. the latest effort to keep the a's in oakland. is it a good deal for taxpayers? reporter laura anthony has the story from oakland. >> reporter: with options narrowing and other potential bidders circling, the oakland a's has pitched a new idea. an offer to buy the 120-acre coliseum superi coliseum property outright. >> important to own our own home and the way to do that is to buy
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our site. >> the a's are exploring the option. >> reporter: city councilman says it is worth considering especially the a's proposal to retire the modebt. >> if there is $11 million fresh, new, into our conference to be spent on other things, sure, we can use an extra $11 million. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf issued this statement. the a's maintain they are still considering a second site. while the team is asking for exclusive negotiating agreement, it may not be in the city's best interest to give them one given the fact others have expressed interest in developing the
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property. >> is it a low ball offer? we valued it. and i would think as a negotiation, you are going to start somewhere and the total amount of where the debt is on both facilities is a good place to start. >> i am saying we should say yes to that invitation. >> reporter: the a's president is set to have a face to face meeting with the city officials this week. the giants held their annual play ball luncheon. on hand to sign autographs. and the team nearly lost 100 games last season and dealt with injuries. this year starting the season without top pitchers. >> we are going to have to pull together even more.
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our connection is going to have to be stronger than ever. the trust stronger than ever. >> it is tough. you know, i know the heart this team has and you know, we definitely have a much improved team and i think we can handle it while they are gone. >> and check out this new trophy, given to the winner of the regular season league. the teams are playing tonight in one of the final tune ups. more coming up in sports. absolutely spectacular out there. >> great for baseball. >> i love baseball any time but especially when the weather is like this. nice mild day. and still mild in most location. check out the 24-hour temperature change. warmer today. then at this hour yesterday, 14 degrees warmer right now.
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here in san francisco three degrees warmer than this time yesterday. this is the view of the western sky. it is currently 57 degrees here in san francisco and 60 across the bay. 59 in gilroy and 54 at half-moon bay. this is the view. north at 67. 63 at napa and novato. concord 68. 64 at livermore. mainly clear overnight. this warming trend that began today will continue through tomorrow, actually through the end of the week. spring like warmth will be with us through friday. the snow pack is really low. 47% of average up in the northern sierra. statewide we are at only 58% of average but that is an improvement of where we stood on march first. back to the clear skies to the
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bay area, overnight lows mainly in the low to mid-40s. 50 degrees here in san francisco. and tomorrow the warmth continues to build. look for highs of 73 in san jose and morgan hill. on the coast we will see low to mid-60s. downtown san francisco topping out at 63 degrees. 73 in sonoma. east bay highs 70 at oakland and san lee andro. and the inland east bay warming up. on we go to a maximum temperature trend over the next several days. wednesday it is warmer. highs in the upper 70s to 80s inland. low 80s thursday. and we won't see significant cool down until the weekend. and even they, not a sharp cool
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down. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a few clouds in the sky. high temperatures reaching into the mid-70s. easter sunday looking much like saturday. upper 60s around the bay and about 60 on the coast and little change going into early next week. the weather is looking nice and spring like. >> stay with us. you will see a lot more pink on california roads. >> the license plate that were the brain
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uber is selling its southeast asia business to a competitor. and uber ceo will join grab's boards. baurt is expanding its program with app scoop. several other stations are also part of the program. an and. >> licse plate will be pink.
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helping to raise money for low income women getting screened for breast and cervical cancer. a group came up with this idea and they say the pink plates will remind and encourage women to get screened. >> driving down the road, people are going to see it and think yes, i need to schedule my mammogram. helpful to women. >> the plates are available for motorcycles and can be purchased for $50 not including the renewal fee. promoters of bottle rock announced the sonoma harvest music festival. folk bands, the abbot brothers and the head and the heart will headline. organizers say this is a festival for people who don't like larger size festival but
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still love live music. tickets go on sale on wednesday. fistfights and gunshots broad way. >> instead of arming teachers with guns, arming teachers with the ability to communicate. >> local app that could be the future of classroom security. >> and dusty is back, the former giants manager returns to be the team in a new role. coming up later tonight. join me for american tonight. one step closer to making their idol dreams come true. you get a front row seat with incredible performances. >> that was your worst nightmare in front of you. >> it is all
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>> announcer: live, where you live. this is abc7 news.
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>> fistfights and gun shots caught on camera. more violence on san francisco streets. one business owner blaming the problems on neighboring business. >> reporter: in the early morning hours following st. patrick's day, as the clubs let out, punches began fighting. >> six to eight people got hurt. >> reporter: fed up with her neighbor hue lounge and nightclub. watch as dozens of people begin running hearing gun shots. >> i myself had to duck in. >> reporter: hue managing members saying they were very busy. none of the clubs contributed to
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the incident or could have predicted what happened. further, the gunshots were separate. another fight just happened this past weekend showing us this video. he says he believes these are also hue patrons. >> go learn from other clubs how they are doing it. >> reporter: hue's attorney filed a civil lawsuits and two members of the sfpd. >> hip-hop music this is his words, brings in a wrong crowd. by that he meant african-americans, no question about it. >> reporter: the san francisco police department saying they do not comment on pending investigations. the fight for stricter gun
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laws continues after hundreds of people march across the country and around the world. protesters have vowed not to stop until congress acts putting pressure on lawmakers whose seats could be in jeopardy. parkland shooting survivor said on fox >> it is important to get out to the polls. >> former senator rick santorum saying students should deal with the problems themselves. the future of classroom security could be an app on a teacher's phone. a
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david louie shows us how the system works. >> reporter: response to an active shooter situation requires not only split second decisions but critical details for first responders. >> they don't know where the shooter is at. it could be multiple shooters. >> reporter: hoping he and the app that he developed could stop that. using t using triangulation to let officers track. >> getting them this kind of information before they get there, i mean, it is ground breaking for them to know exactly where they need to go before they get there. >> reporter: san jose bright star academy is using this system to protect their children. >> we can stay in communication
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even during lock down to help the law enforcement find us, guide us, and just stay in communication. that is very helpful. >> reporter: safe guard can be a life saver during medical emergencies. >> if there is a situation with one of the kids, it works out great. because they can call on that system too. >> reporter: it can be integrated with systems of lock down classroom doors and windows. the safe guard system has been installed in the pacific midwest, in california and in the midwest. as part of abc7 take action campaign, we have a list of local resources on school safety. you can find connect with local lawmakers.
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attorneys for noora salman claimed prosecutors withheld information that omar's father was an fbi informant for 11 years. salman is accused of helping her husband plan the june 2016 attack on the pulse nightclub in orlando where he killed 49 people. the trump administration took a stand against russia expelling 60 intellience officers in the united states. happened in conjunction with 16 other western companies. today's actions are said to be the largest expulsion of intelligence officers ever. here is what the white house is saying. >> the president wants to work
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with russia, but their actions sometimes doesn't allow that to happen. the poisoning in the uk has has led with today's action is a brazen reaction. adult fill star stormy daniels filed a lawsuit today for defamation of character competence president trump's attorney. >> reporter: adult film star stormy daniels broke her silence on 60 minutes. >> i was fine saying nothing at all. but i am not okay with being made out to be a liar or people thinking that i did this for money. >> reporter: daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford shared what happened between her
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and president trump. >> you had sex with him. >> yes. >> were you physically attracted to him. >> no. >> reporter: she had just sold her story to in touch magazine sister publication which did no the publish her >> you can't just break a contract without there being consequences. >> reporter: the bombshell 60-minute interview follows a confidentiality contract. >> it was invalid for a host of reasons. >> reporter: michael cohen acknowledged he paid daniels $130,000. and claimed daniels broke their
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agreement more than 20 times making her liable for damages. >> he has denied the accusations that she made last night. >> reporter: daniels' lawyers say they have more evidence but decline to say what it is. more to come, a chicago man who recently got out of prison after serving 20 years for a crime he didn't commit. >> the past is the past. there is no more anger. >> returning to the job he held when he was arrested. how the
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>> a fresh start for a man who served decade the in prison for a crime he didn't commit. >> 23 years after his arrest. he is back at his old job groun grounds keeper. >> reporter: a surreal moment. walking the field
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powell. >> i knew i got off work and i didn't see the streets anymore. >> convicted and sentenced for life in prison for the rape and murder of a 20-year old woman. in november, 23 years into their sentence, they were exonerated and released. today neven returned to his job happy to pick up where he left off. >> the past is the past. no more anger. when i was in there, i was miserable. but i have my loved ones behind me and standing by my side. and the misery is gone. >> his coworkers is now his boss. coworker harry smith could hardly contain his excitement.
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>> i almost cried when i saw him. i hadn't seen him in a long time. i had no idea he was out. >> reporter: coleman got straight to work. looking forward to a new life and white sox opening day. >> i will be there. >> great outcome to a terrible story. he says he had his sites set on a full time gig in the future. a case of severe animal neglect in sonoma county. volunteers helping them recover. join "7 on your side" michael finney on friday. "7 on your side" team will have tax experts on-site for you. friday march 30th from 4: 4: 4:
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7:00 p. 7:00 p.m. i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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a 65-year-old cloverdale man
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is under arrest on suspicion of egregious case of animal abuse. 12 horses found malnourished. one of the horses has died. under feeding the horses and leaving them in knee high mud. >> how would you feel if you were starving? i mean that is basically what it is. you have an animal here not getting enough to eat and so her body is eating herself. >> the animals are under the care of sonoma county control. wildlife officers in southern california tranquilized a mountain lion. this happened in
6:47 pm
california. police contained the big cat until wildlife officers arrived. a cat rescued after spending three days atop a tell pole. officials do not recommend doing that. they say take food and water war the bottom of the pole. absolutely stunning day around the bay area today. hope you had a chance to enjoy it. >> if not, spencer, more coming? >> a lot coming our way. you can see on live doppler 7 how clear it is. we have had after some rainfall in the month of march. going to nice warm dry period.
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you can see that we had 18 out of the first 26 days of this month producing rain. look for clear skies and moderately cool conditions. tomorrow we will have another sunny and mild to warm day. in the mid-70s in some places. right around the bay we will see low 70s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast it gets warmer. high temperatures just above 80 degrees. upper 60s on the coast. little bit of cool down on the weekend but not a lot. sunny and mild for easter sunday. thank you. >> a lot going on in sports. >> we will preview to want's game. we will hear from the a's player who grew up hoping he will someday play for the
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good evening, saying goes that time heals all wounds. and they are back
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dusty hired as special advise a there was tension with then owner peter mcgowan and dusty was not brought back. and now he is back with the orange and black and to be clear, not as a manager in waiting. >> no, that was the first thing that i did. you know, i asked brian to make sure that we get bruce's blessings as well as bobby evans. i didn't want to be a threat to anybody even though i am not. i am here to accent bruce and help the team win. >> all right. opening day for the giants, thursday in l.a. hosting the angels. but tonight giants and a's facing each other. mike shumann is there. baseball is back. >> well, it was great to see
6:53 pm
dusty baker. and great to have him back in the fold. a's celebrating their fifth year in oakland. and giants celebrating 60th year in san francisco. game two of the bay bridge series. and giants won yesterday. yeste. the a's every year seems to be a new team. and we get to know them as the season goes on. this series is a great series. it gets them ready for the real deal. >> playing in big league stadiums, don't take that for granted. >> any time you can get into a hostile environment like we are going to have tonight, and tuned
6:54 pm
up for the regular season, it is a good thing. >> you are going to see how hungry we are to play giants baseball. last year was tough. >> i was a giants fan growing up, but now, now i probably enjoy beating them more than any other team. i get to disappoint my entire family. >> reporter: can't beat that. interim mayor is going to throw out the pitch. he says i hope i just don't bounce the ball. i i am mike shumann. >> warriors, all of injured stars return one by one.
6:55 pm
steph curry out the longest. knee injury he had on friday. clay thompson out with a broken thumb. draymond green back to practice. kevin durant probably for thursday. steve kerr says if the dubs do get healthy, no reason to worry. >> we are capable of beating beg anybody. regular season playoffs beat anybody in the league. and our guys know that. hard to beat anybody without steph, green, and we are confident we are going to get the other guys back here soon. >> jimmy garoppolo, the rams
6:56 pm
signed. this guy is a game wrecking nightmare when he is motivated. started his career with the free agent contract with the dolphins. the raiders interested in sue but he goes to l.a. instead. you both show up and show up angry right away. >> cause problems. >> yes. >> thank you larry. >> i wish that was true. join us tonight. the prestigious festiv festival. >> new claims against facebook. that is this
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we appreciate your time. i am dan ashley. >> >> enjoy your evening.
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