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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 27, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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employees did not sell him a gun and asked him to leave. police managed to track him down yesterday. he told officers he was joking and apologized. he's undergoing a mental evaluation. if you're just waking up at 4:30, welcome. a look at weather and traffic. we start with mike nicco. live doppler 7. i overlaid the visibility, no fog to contend with. maybe a little bit of haze around half moon bay. let's jump into my 12-hour planner. mid-to upper 40s. no 30s like yesterday. 58 at the coast. by noon the rest of us around 62 to 63 degrees so even warmer if you're going to be outside during the lunch hour. 4:00, look at that. 62 at the coast. 70, above average. we go from below average to above average in the 24-hour period and a delightful evening. this is one of those evenings you're glad we have daylight savings. when we get home temperatures in the low to mid-60s before the sun sets at 7:28. we'll see what else alexis is following for our morning commute.
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i wanted to double-check the rest of the bay bridge. we had a significant backup on the westbound side, the upper deck. it does look like we're back in the green. everything is clear from that disabled big rig that really slowed down a lot of folks who have a wide open commute this time of day. however, we have a three-car crash on the fremont off ramp into san francisco. that is blocking the right lane but it does sound minor. that is not causing any delays if you want to totally avoid that head to the left and take the harrison off ramp instead. we'll check on the central val yu in a few minutes. tracking breaking news from the east bay. >> reporter amy hollyfield just arrived on the scene of some police activity in concord. she is live on highway 4 near port chicago. amy, what's happening? >> reporter: reggie, we're in a situation we can show you more than we can tell you. this just happened. let me step out of the way so you can see the police activity. they put some flares out to block the exit. this is off highway 4 in
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concord. we are eastbound. we have a chp officer here and concord police both working the scene. they tell us they're too busy right now to tell us any details about what happened. so we want to bring you these images so you can prepare yourself if your route takes you this way that you're going to run into this at this moment, but they are busy handling the situation. so this is fresh, just happening right now. so we're going to work to get you more details about what happened but be aware this is happening. reporting live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. another potentially negative headline plaguing facebook this morning claims that i.c.e. is using the site to find and trap undocumented immigrants. >> reporter katie marzullo has the story. >> reporter: santa clara host add citizenship resource fair. proud of the city's sanctuary status. >> our city is all inclusive. we respect everybody. >> reporter: based on e-mails and documents obtained through a public records request media
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outlet the intercept reported that i.c.e. used back end facebook data to locate immigrants to be deported. i.c.e. responded with a statement that reads in part, the recent accusation that u.s. immigration and customs enforcement has requested information from facebook in order to find and track aliens for the purpose of making administrative arrests due to civil immigration violations is baseless. the intercept cited a specific example of a person tracked by i.c.e. facebook responded saying, quote, in this case our records show that i.c.e. sent valid legal process to us in an investigation said to involve an active child predator. even so , an immigrants lawyer spoke. >> there is associated information that a lot of people have access to that could help identify your location. >> reporter: it is getting one elected official to take notice.
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>> you would never have ice be allowed to break into someone's home or come into someone's community without a warrant, without a judge authorized procedure. >> reporter: congressman ro khanna says a person's facebook page is like their home. katie marzullo, abc 7 news. new overnight there is speculation that kim jong-un just wrapped up an unprecedented trip to china and it's all because of a special train in beijing surrounded by heavy security and an entire convoy accompanying the train. at this point it's all rumor that kim is part of the convoy. north and south korean media have been unable to verify it. this would mean the north korean leader took a trip to china for the very first time, so a big deal if it does come to fruition. regardless, this is seen as a sign the north is hoping to secure some support from china
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ahead of its meeting with south korea and also a potential meeting with president trump. back to you. jessica, thank you. happening today apple is expected to announce a new lower priced ipad in an effort to focus on education. the company will provide more details at an event in a chicago high school. the ipad will be tailored for students ranging from kindergarten to high school. it's rumored to cost around $259, that's $100 less than the current cheapest ipad. that's to compete with google whose chrome books sell for $200 to $250. oakland unified teachers will picket outside several schools as they continue contract negotiations with the district. oakland unified have been without a contract since july. in addition to picketing today teachers are not working outside of their paid hours. that means no lesson planning, grading, or attending meetings before or after school. oakland police say they have found the vehicle connected to the homicide investigation involving the drownings of a man and a woman in lake merritt. sky 7 was over lake shore and
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hanover avenues yesterday as law enforcement pulled the car out of the water. it's in the same area first responders pulled michael grace from the water on march 15th. grace later died at the hospital, and his death was ruled accidental. hours later they found 24-year-old johnson's body. her death was ruled a homicide. santa clara voters are asking to recall the judge in the stanford swimmer's case. the request to block the recall from appearing on the june 5th ballot. he handed down a six-month sentence to brock turner. critics say it was too lenient. >> happening today san jose city officials will hold a meeting at the site of a three-alarm fire to discuss the next steps for restoring the area. the city found the vacant
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warehouse behind sap center. the building was damaged by fire a week ago. preliminary reports reveal the fire started in the middle of the warehouse. fire officials say that it may have been an act of arson by squatters. fortunately no one was hurt. let's take a look at those temperatures in the east bay. low to mid-40s through the san ramone valley, out to livermore, up to concord. pittsburg, antioch at 56 right now. a look from the exploratorium camera at pier 15 looking back at the city. look at all the stars in the sky this morning. exercise will be milder today. if you're just going to be out and about, make sure you have the sunglasses. no clouds in today's forecast. and the beaches, yesterday we promised warmth at the beaches. not quite there today. we're going to be warmer in the 60s but the breezes will keep it kind of crisp. a look at the east bay shoreline. 48 at about 8:00. 56 at 10:00. already in the 60s by noon.
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look at this, from 2:00 to at least 6:00 we're in the mid-60s and about 58 degrees at 8:00. san francisco, 55 at 8:00. 57 at 10:00. then we jump into the 60s by noon. 62. mid-60s from 2:00 to 4:00 and then back down to 62 degrees by 6:00. seeing stars at 8:00. and temperatures will be running in the mid to upper 50s. so it looks like a gorgeous day to be outside. it's got to be spring break. there was nobody on the road until i got to that accident on the bay bridge. >> yeah, and there were a lot of vehicles all around you all of a sudden, right? >> all of us stuck in the same predicamen predicament. >> we have something new. this is in relation to the crash on the fremont off ramp there, the san francisco exit. so just when we had the disabled semi all clear that was causing the earlier backups this morning that a lot of us got caught in we had a secondary problem. we did just talk to chp a couple
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moments ago. i watched them stop this traffic totally before the exits and they said that was to completely clear that crash on fremont. they should be totally clear and moving along here shortly. keeping a close eye on that one as well. in the meantime we're slowly starting to fill in in the central valley, tracy to dublin, you're in the yellow up to 36 minutes. antioch to concord looks great at 14. southbound 101 from san rafael to san francisco wide open at 16 minutes. san francisco's fisherman's wharf is hotter han ever. making it even more of a tourist magnet. >> instead of arming teachers with guns, the ability to communicate. >> an app developed in the bay area could be the future of classroom security. garlic fries, the roar of the crowd, and the crack of the bat means
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how about we talk snow to start off with. look where we started march 1st at 24% of average. and, remember, if we don't add to that, that average actually drops. but we increased it significantly. we're now up to 58% of average. so miracle march, close. no doubt about it. no snow today. look at the temperatures, 40s and 50s in the high country. 70s in chico. sacramento, mid-70s there. upper 70s to low 80s around l.a.
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and palm springs. and let's go back to tahoe and show you what's going to happen over the next seven days. today's temperature jumps up to about 49. and then we're above average and mid to upper 50s the rest of the forecast with no new snow on the way. >> mike, thank you. with more tourists visiting fisherman's wharf, they are hoping to get money to improve the district. the community benefit district wants to spend $13 million to widen the sidewalks and add more lighting and railings. half of the funding would come from the city. the district should find out whether it's approved next month. a study by sf travel found nearly two-thirds of tourists in san francisco say they visited the wharf. the future of classroom security could be an app on a teacher's phone. a palo alto-based company created safeguard that lets teachers send out an alert for emergency response while it uses triangulation to let officers track where the emergency is. it also guides them with maps.
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>> we're going to arrive with both hand on their guns. and so getting them this kind of information before they get there is groundbreaking before they even get there. >> the wireless system can be installed for about $5,000 and integrated with systems that lock down classroom doors. the san jose school in southern california, the northwest and the midwest. as part of abc 7's take action local resources on school of safety. you can find your ally and connect with local lawmakers by going to >> opening day is just two days away but both teams have one game left in exhibition play. >> game three is tonight at at&t park. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim talked with fans who are excited about the new season. >> reporter: it was the giants' first game at at&t park this year. the exhibition matchup between the giants and the a's drew
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thousands of fans. >> we both come and we give each other a bad time and it's time to get the season started. >> reporter: no apparent tension at this friendly rivalry but there is hardware at stake. it will go to the winner of the bay bridge series each season. >> i think anytime you have a chance to win some hardware, that's a good thing. we'll both be battling for this. >> reporter: the big excitement will be next week for the home opener, the giants versus the mariners. and giants fans we talked with are feeling optimistic about the season despite ace pitcher madison bumgarner will be out with injury the first two months. >> hopefully it will pick up. i'm sure it will start slow but, you know, it's a long season, 162 games. >> hopefully the bats come alive this year. it's been a while since our bats have done something. so let's put it together. >> reporter: as excitement
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grows, so does the price gouging. spots in the giants lot are going for at least $110 on stub hub. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc 7 news. $110 for parking? >> see, i told you $50 was a deal. >> a lot of people were avoiding the parking. i saw a ton of people, as always, walking on the embarcadero to get to at&t last night. it was really fun to feel that atmosphere and excitement. >> it was fun to see lucille and stomper together, too. >> fierce competitors. >> the boys of summer are here. nice to see. let me show you the forecast, everybody, for tonight's game. about 60 degrees at 6:05 and the first pitch under sunshine. 56 to end the game. it typical except without the breezes and the fog. here is a look at what's going on as far as our forecast goes. you can still see a lot of wet weather up in the pacific northwest. for us absolutely nothing but sunshine and mid to upper 60s
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along the coast into san francisco. about 70 to 72 around the bay. about 72 to 75 degrees in our inland valleys. now for tonight it's going to be even milder than this morning, a lot of mid to upper 40s. we have 50 around san francisco and san mateo. a little cooler around ukiah at 41. antioch will be around 51 degrees. here is a look at my seven-day forecast. everybody was so excited about the 90s, what the heck. we'll give you an extra day. we'll start the 80s tomorrow and we'll keep them inland through thursday and friday while we'll hit the mid-70s tomorrow through friday around the bay. and even some upper 60s by thursday at the coast. temperatures will cool just a little bit. still above average for saturday, easter sunday, and april fool's day and monday, little change all the way through the accuweather seven-day forecast. how about you, alexis? any change? >> we are looking better on the bay bridge. i want to take you back there
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again where we've had just several issues here already this morning. the first one was a disabled semi between treasure island and the city. that is gone. then a three-car crash on the fremont off ramp and chp ran a traffic break to clear that. we're still seeing red getting into the city that should thin out fairly quickly. it is looking better on our south beach traffic camera there. and the east bay, the rest of the east bay, coming in from walnut creek, southbound 680 approaching highway 24 is filling in. no major issues. we'll check on drive times just before 5:00. so far none of the 50 companies testing autonomous vehicles in california have applied for a permit to test them without someone behind the wheel. the state will allow truly driverless cars on the road beginning next monday. remote operators are still required to monitor them. the dmv says april 2nd is not a deadline and companies can apply at any time. arizona has suspended uber's testing of self-driving cars on
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its roads. here's "tech bytes." no more self-driving uber tests for uber in arizona. >> the governor suspended those tests after a woman was struck and killed by a driverless uber car. uber has temporarily canceled all of its driverless tests while the arizona accident is investigated. and grandfather's first snapchat experience is going viral. this video was posted for 92-year-old grandfather trying out snapchat filters and wracked up tens of thousands of views. >> understandable. >> those are your "tech bytes." >> have a great day. 30 years after the iconic connor family won our hearts on "roseanne" the cast is back. >> the connors are back as the quintessential all-american working class family. when asked to revive the hit sitcom cast members eagerly jumped onboard. roseanne barr says reuniting for the eight episodes felt like a
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time warp. >> it was like deja vu and a time warp. you can see our affection for each other. i just buy it as a family. >> and you can watch the premiere tonight at 8:00 here on abc 7. more than 7,000 homeless people call silicon valley home. now a tech giant is responding to the crisis in a big way. to the crisis in a big way. >> california's new weapon in
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you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. i came across this statistic yesterday. these are the days since the last tornado warning was issued by these national weather service offices. you can see san francisco's office ranks fourth. more than seven years since we've had a tornado warning anywhere in the bay area and monterey bay. up in eureka, it's been nearly 15 years since they had a tornado warning. i thought you might find that interesting. >> thanks, mike. the little girl at the center of the supreme court case that ended segregation in schools has died. linda brown was 9 years old when her father tried to enroll her at sumner in topeka, kansas. the school was all white at the time. he sued the board of education when sumner blocked her from enrolling. the high court would rule in 1954 that separate facilities are not equal which led to the desegregation of u.s. schools.
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brown died in topeka on sunday. she was 75 years old. cisco is taking a big step to end homelessness in santa clara county donating $50 million to the county program called destination home over the next five years. it's the largest donation of its kind. the chief executive says the problem is at crisis levels. he says homelessness costs the county more than half a billion every year. >> california license plates will soon be more pink thanks to work from local activists. the new pink ribbon license plates will raise money for low-income women getting screened for breast and cervical cancer. the dmv shipped out the new plates to thousands of california drivers. a group of breast cancer survivors actually came up with this idea. they say seeing the pink plates will remind and encourage more women to get screened. the plates cost $50. they're available for motorcycles. taking a wrong turn in san francisco can land you in big trouble. just ask this driver.
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sky 7 was over market and church streets in the castro district yesterday where they wound up on the steps of a parking lot. the driver told business insider that uber's gps app told him to go down the stairs. but his brain told him to follow the gps. you know what i'm saying? >> where is the accountability there, right? is that what you're saying? you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. 18 rainy days in march so far. the rest of the month is going to be dry. we're dry today. where does that leave us? i want to show you that is a little breezy in our hills, also. for the rainfall season 51% of average in san jose. and here's a look at our rainfall potential over the next seven days. watch the clock. it turns. the zeros don't turn all the way through monday.
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we'll be bone-dry. let's see how the roads are this morning. i know they're bone-dry, also, alexis. >> hopefully that will translate to a smooth commute. however, it has been a busy start on the bay bridge. no metering lights on yet. that should happen in about 20 minutes or so here for the drivers who are entering the maze. we do have a little stackup in the cash lanes. they should get more open shortly. starting to slow down in the central valley, too, although it's not terrible. 580 tracy to dublin up to 40 minutes. southbound 680 dublin to mission in the green at 14. northbound 85, 101 to cupertino, you look great through the south bay area. that is in the green at just 17 minutes. >> thank you, alexis. the promoters of bottle rock have announced a new music festival. it is set for september 22nd and 23rd in glenallen. the avett brothers will headline. this is a festival for people who don't like the larger sized
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music festivals but love live music. passes start at $235 and go on sale tomorrow. next at 5:00 another issue for uber. other companies are distancing themselves from its autonomous car crash. stormy daniels' new action she's taking. the new
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hills. i wanted to look at the lower elevations. you can see in fair field 20, half moon bay, 12. 14 in santa rosa. it's quiet out there as high pressure is moving in. this is live doppler 7. there's not a radar return to be found. bone-dry. mt. tamalpais with another great day of visibility. milder. still chilly this morning. a great day to be outside for lunch, 58 to 63. we'll stay in the 50s to low 60s at the coast at 4:00. look at the 70s elsewhere. 55 to 63 at 7:00. that looks nice. how about the commute, alexis? what hasn't looked nice is the bay bridge. we cannot get away from some heavy traffic on the westbound side. a couple earlier issues. we have gotten the all clear. however looking at this east bay camera pointing towards traffic heading into the tunnel there we are seeing a lot of brake lights. i checked this out on our traffic maps, too, it is looking heavy approaching the tunnel.


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