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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 27, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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hills. i wanted to look at the lower elevations. you can see in fair field 20, half moon bay, 12. 14 in santa rosa. it's quiet out there as high pressure is moving in. this is live doppler 7. there's not a radar return to be found. bone-dry. mt. tamalpais with another great day of visibility. milder. still chilly this morning. a great day to be outside for lunch, 58 to 63. we'll stay in the 50s to low 60s at the coast at 4:00. look at the 70s elsewhere. 55 to 63 at 7:00. that looks nice. how about the commute, alexis? what hasn't looked nice is the bay bridge. we cannot get away from some heavy traffic on the westbound side. a couple earlier issues. we have gotten the all clear. however looking at this east bay camera pointing towards traffic heading into the tunnel there we are seeing a lot of brake lights. i checked this out on our traffic maps, too, it is looking heavy approaching the tunnel. i'm thinking this is a residual
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delay from the earlier traffic break to clear traffic on the fremont off ramp and if you were stuck in the backup an hour ago that disabled semi is long gone, too. hopefully this will thin out quickly. i am keeping a close eye on that. to breaking news in the east bay. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has new information on that police activity at highway 4 in concord. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, alexis. police behind me very busy. let me step out of the way so you can see what's going on here. you can see their cruiser is facing us, facing traffic. they've shut down this off ramp. this is the port chicago highway off ramp exit eastbound on highway 4 in concord. they haven't been able to tell us what is going on. they say they're too busy with this active situation right now, but it is serious enough to shut down this off ramp. we wanted to bring this to you in case you use this area for your morning commute. be aware this is not in use this
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morning. we will get you some details as soon as they get a break in the action and can tell us what's going on. we'll bring it to you as soon as we can. live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. today we expect to hear details about a new lawsuit filed by the state of california against the trump administration. >> it all comes down to one question proposed for the census that would ask if a person is a legal citizen. matt keller live for us in san jose. matt? >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. leaders have been concerned this quarizona. the state's governor is making sure they won't be back anytime soon, suspending the testing of driverless cars calling video of this crash that hit and killed a woman disturbing and alarming. he added that it was an unquestionable failure. the sf gate reports uber had disabled volvo's standard collision avoidance technology. an official who supplies volvo's radar and camera wanted to clear the air saying that it had nothing to do with uber's
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driving system. it's become standard practice to disable the car's technology as companies like uber develop its own autonomous driving system. volvo itself says it's waiting for a full investigation before commenting. in today's "gma first look" stormy daniels is escalating her legal battle in the wake of her affair with president trump. she has filed a new claim. we're learning more about her past. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" we're learning more about stormy daniels. her senior yearbook showing this caption, we will all get along just fine as soon as you realize that i am cuen. the film actress lives in texas with her 7-year-old daughter and husband. one of her favorite hobbies, riding horses. competing in an equestrian event. daniels saying in a recent interview she doesn't want to expose the equestrian world or her daughter to the circus trailing her now. one reason she says she signed
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that confidentiality agreement -- >> i did not want my family and my child exposed to all of the things she's being exposed to right now because everything that i was afraid of coming out has come out anyway. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll have more about a new legal move by daniels, new legal move by daniels, amending her lawsuit. good morning. happening right now, cambridge analytica whistleblower christopher wylie is talking to a committee happening in london. i want to tell you what we know. wylie is the person who sparked the reports cambridge analytica harvested 50 million facebook profiles through an app. and he says the information was then paid for by the trump campaign. i'm keeping my eye on this hearing for you. i will let you know if there are any big developments. what we know at this point this is starting, it's happening.
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also very important to note today is also the deadline for the firm's ceo to respond to the same committee that wylie talked with overnight. mark zuckerberg will not meet with that committee. according to reuters he will send several other chief officers instead. and here in the u.s. 37 attorneys general are putting more pressure on facebook to update users with easier ways to control their accounts. as the ftc investigation into facebook gets under way, there's no word from the ceos of and twitter. the senate judiciary committee invited them to talk about privacy issues. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. a weather whiplash going on. fair field and napa, 18 to 23 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. in fact, all of us are warmer than this time yesterday except for san jose, you're one degree cooler. in the north bay look at the mid to upper 50s from vallejo, american canyon, napa. 58 in american canyon. that's almost a summertime low. we have mid-50s around tiberon,
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53 to 56. keep going north, rohnert park, 45. 41 right now in lafayette, san ramone. look at brentwood. tracy at 54. redwood city at 50. san francisco, 55. daly city, 51 degrees. here's a look at san jose, 87. you can see how dry it is. sun roof weather or got a convertible, a great day for that. mass transit, cool this morning but warm this afternoon. mid-70s. the ferry ride, light breezes and a lot of sunshine. back to the south bay, 48 at 8:00. 63. we just keep climbing until we get to 71 at 4:00. back down to 61 at 8:00. our last stop will be the peninsula. 50 at 8:00. 52 at noon. then look at 70 at 4:00. a comfortable 61 degrees at 8:00. now i have more days of 80-degree weather coming up in
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my forecast and an update on the easter holiday weekend. here's alexis. sounds good, mike. we are looking at a fairly empty san mateo bridge. things are looking good westbound 92 and, yes, along with mike's great forecast there comes ideal driving weather. hopefully that will translate to a smoother commute and spring break for students, too. i think we are going to look forward to lighter volumes. westbound 80 to the maze just 17 minutes. it is 11 across the bay bridge. we showed that you slight delay approaching treasure island and we talked to chp. they said that was from the earlier traffic break to clear the crash on the fremont off ramp. that should be thinning up quickly. san francisco to the airport if you have an early morning flight, shouldn't have any trouble getting there. here in the green at nine minutes. hundreds of people expected to show up at sacramento's city council meeting to protest last week's deadly police shooting. >> the council says it wants the police chief to speak and then turn the microphone over to public comment. the family of stephon clark wants criminal charges brought against the two officers who
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shot clark 20 times in his grandmother's backyard. he was suspected of breaking in cars. police say they thought he had a gun in his hand. it turned out to be a cell phone. >> shoot him in the arm, shoot him in the leg, send a dog, a taser. why? >> we will stand up for stephon. we will speak up for stephon, and we will fight for stephon. >> the civil rights attorney has previously represented the families of michael brown and trayvon martin. sacramento's police chief has promised a full investigation. >> the sacramento police officer's association released a statement yesterday saying even as tragic as this event is, we cannot ignore the fact that the shooting was legally justified under the law, within police policy, and in accordance with training. it went on to say it is clear from the video that they truly believed that clark had a gun. an east bay school district is talking about possibly removing school resource
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officers. the debate that's now starting. >> and the major impact new tariffs are expected to have on the north bay's wine industry. it's 5:10 in the a.m. here is a feature on abc 7 mornings. we're keeping weather and
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it's 5:13 right on the dot. i thought i'd show you the next seven days and your chance of
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needing to dodge drops is none. those of you who have had outdoor activities have been rained out. get ready to make those up. california's wine industry will take a hit if china follows through on new tariffs on u.s. goods. the tariffs announced on friday include an extra 15% charge on wine. no word on when this will take effect. china's tariffs came after president trump announced his plan to impose taxes on $60 billion worth of chinese products. china is the fastest growing wine market in the world. the u.s. wine exports there have increased 450% in the past decade. electric cars pose new challenges for first responders. this morning firefighters in mountain view are assessing how their response should change after a deadly crash involving a tesla. friday's crash was a wake-up call for them. firefighters can snuff out most car fires within minutes this took much longtory control because it involved a lithium ion battery. the fire chief says the battery
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was an electrocution and fire hazard. this morning an ethics investigation involving the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. loans totaling $500 million to his real estate business violated any laws and regulations. democrats called for an investigation after "the new york times" reported about the loans last month. the office of government ethics says it's been informed the process has begun. a viewer alerted us to a proposal to possibly remove armed school resource officers from the west contra costa school district. this has stirred up controversy among parents, teachers, and school board members. hercules middle and high school have two armed sros. they cost the district $360,000 a year. some board members think the money could be better used to increase the number of educational programs, the sros are worth keeping.
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>> they're police officers. they're not just your night security guard types. they're fully trained police officers. >> besides hercules, four other cities with the school district could be affected and they include san pablo, richmond, the staff including the superintendent will make a recommendation to the board some time next month and a vote is expected shortly after. >> alameda's washington park is safe after a man got crushed by a tree. abc 7 news was in alameda yesterday as city crews inspected the trees in the park. an area where the monterey pine fell on a man friday night is now off limits. another check of the trees will happen in the coming weeks. the city says the father who was watching his daughter's softball game faces a long road to recovery. >> north bay investigators say they found a home with a homemade pipe through which thousands of gallons of raw sewage has been illegally dumped into rohnert park sewage system. kate larson has the details.
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>> reporter: one call does it all. that's what carlos chavez promises to do on his website, which is up and running, despite being charged with two dozen crimes. >> put him behind bars and fine him big time. >> reporter: this is what chavez should have been doing with the septic waste collected. the environmental crimes unit says chavez was illegally dumping the waste on his property in penngrove. >> he had retrofitted a manhole in the backyard of his private residence. and that linked to the sewer system. >> reporter: based on the hundreds of times he emptied illegally, the detective believes he avoided almost
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$130,000 in fees to this water treatment facility. while the crimes may be motivated by money, they're detrimental to the environment. >> this will pollute the ground. our family plays in it and they'll get sick. plus, it goes into the groundwater. >> chavez was previously convicted for dumping septic waste illegally. kate larson, abc 7 news. it is now 5:17. mike know co-has some good news if you like sunny and dry weather. >> time to recharge and watch out for the sunshine. i looked at the uv index today. it's high. you burn easily. now is the time to start thinking about the sunscreen. a look at walnut creek, can push 73 to 74 degrees today.
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you'll still need a jacket as we'll fall back in the 40s and 50s and the pattern will remain dry. that's my accuweather highlight. a quick look at what's going on to our north where all the rain is right now. some of the warmest temperatures in the north bay. lake port, santa rosa, 75. we still have low to mid-70s in the inland east bay neighborhoods and in the south bay. about 70 to 72 around the bay. 64 to 68. starting tomorrow. a festive, fun time at at&t park will be gorgeous this evening. we'll start with sunshine and 6:05. we'll drop down to 56 degrees. let's see how far we drop tonight, 50 in san francisco. san mateo, antioch, and also clover dale. the rest of us in the mid to upper 40s. let's take an extended look at
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my extended forecast. the accuweather, there you go. yeah, it's going to reach 80 tomorrow inland and it will stay there thursday and friday. mid-70s through the bay through friday and then almost 70 at the coast thursday. and then we'll have low 60s to upper 60s around the coast to mid-70s inland for the weekend. looks pretty good. how about the commute, alexis? >> that is looking great. you have the better of the two. looking live, not terrible but that is definitely filling in. no official word the metering lights have been flipped on. boy, i bet they will be any moment now. things are starting to stack up through the maze unless you are in the car-pool lanes you are going to have a delay. ace rail, the same thing as yesterday. their gps units are not working. we did just call them to confirm that. if you check on their website, it says no trains are running but they assure us everything is on time. b.a.r.t., 42 trains in service. it will be a gorgeous day if you are commuting by ferry.
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sn francisco bay ferry should have normal service and no delays. next traffic update just before 5:30. b.a.r.t. expanding its program with car-pool app scoop. you now have a guaranteed parking spot in several stations. just make sure you set your destination ahead of time. several other stations are also part of the program. b.a.r.t. says thousands of trips have been matched since early last year. wildlife officers in southern california had to tranquilize that mountain lion spotted roaming through back yards. one woman spotted it in her front yard as she was walking home from a neighbor's house. she says they had a staring contest. >> what? >> he stood looking there at me and i said, oh, mama mia. >> oh, my goodness. she says she was not scared for a minute. >> what? she wasn't? >> better woman than me. police contained the big cat. look at it on the prowl. >> our previous generation is
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much tougher than we are. >> apparently. >> did you see that cat? did you see that? you would have lost your mind, right? >> i would have. i would have. >> lots of screaming. >> i would have called you and it would have been a scream, a long scream. you can get netflix just about anywhere but not at this year's cannes film festival. >> films by netflix and other streaming have been banned because their films are not released in theaters. also banned from the festival selfies. no longer allowed on the red carpet. >> they are just against millennials and anyone who does anything. starting today twitter banning the majority of crypto currency, joining facebook and google who have banned those advertisements. they say the ads are associated with deception and fraud oftentimes. twitter will only allow ads that are provided by a public company listed on major stock markets. crypto currency has seen a cooling off period, by the way, in the past few months.
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planes flying to sfo will take a new flight path when landing. this all starts on thursday. the faa told the santa cruz sentinel the new path through east palo alto lets the pilot make a quieter descent and saves fuel. this will solve noise complaints they have received from bay area residents. residents in marin county may see more sea lions. the warming ocean may be pushing the mammals north from the channel islands off southern california. scientists say sea lions prey on sardines and squid. the warmer water has forced them to move north to the bay area. researchers are not sure if this is temporary or the beginning of a new trend. the seven things you need to know. >> a wild pursuit ends with a fight in the east bay and that wasn't the only dramatic chase overnight. >> the big announcement we're expecting from apple today. >> we're hoping this is the start of a better day for you start of a better day for you keeping you up to the minute on
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it is 5:25 and these are the seven things to know before you go. number one bs traffwuone to kno improving. we are starting to look better once you get past the metering lights, past treasure island and into san francisco. of course the metering lights are on and we're stacking up through the maze. we're taking you to breaking news in concord right now. this is a live picture for the off ramp to the chicago highway is now shut down. we're working to find out why. >> number three, a wild chase from san francisco to the east bay. the suspect refused to stop after driving his van through a construction zone on the bay bridge and almost crashed into a patrol car. he was eventually arrested in pleasant hill. number four, california suing the trump administration over a question in the 2020 census which asks about citizenship. attorney general javier becerra
5:25 am
will release new details on the suit this morning. number five, there is speculation kim jong-un just completed an unprecedented trip to china. a large convoy was seen in beijing and it signals north korea's desire to get support from china ahead of the meeting with south korea and a possible meeting with president trump. and number six, today marks the beginning of an extended period of above average afternoon temperatures. look at this. it goes all the way through at least next wednesday, possibly even next weekend. and number seven, the return of "roseanne." 30 years after the connors first made their tv debut they are back for a brand-new eight episode run. you can catch the premiere at 8:00 p.m. here on abc 7. another 90 minutes of news including what oakland schoolteachers will not do starting today to protest low contract demands. new claims against facebook. the company responds to a report the company responds to a report i.c.e. used its data to track
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a wild morning for police. a live report in just a few moments. coming up on 5:30, thank you for joining us on this tuesday, march 27th. you're never more than seven minutes away, a lot going on today but we're starting with sun drenched weather. >> not the biggest story today which is, i guess, nice if you hve to get outside and commute in this because it's bone-dry on live doppler 7. look at what's going on. the winds are calm except for up in the hills, up to 30 miles an hour in some instances. my accuweather 12-hour planner.
5:29 am
mid to upper 40s. from 58 to 62 noon to 4:00 at the coast. but look at our bay and inland neighborhoods from the low to mid-60s at noon. all of us in the low to mid-60s at 7:00. sun sets at 7:28. so if you can get home looks like a great afternoon. >> things are looking good. that traffic heading toward us, the busier side of things, slowly starting to fill in. we have been incident free all across the south bay so far this morning. drive times are looking good for most of our bridges. you're in the green at seven minutes. the green at 13 and westbound 84 across the dumbarton bridge you're looking great at nine minutes. now let's get back to that breaking news in concord. amy hollyfield is live on the scene. have police told you anything more about their activity there? >> reporter: hi, alexis, no, they have not.
5:30 am
let me show you what's happening behind us. this off ramp here at port chicago off highway 4 we are eastbound is shut down so the police activity here serious enough to close an off ramp. police tell us -- we asked them what was going it on, we are too busy to talk to you right now. we have a chp officer. so right now we're in a situation we can show you what is happening so you can prepare your route this morning. we don't have much to tell you yet. we're still working the story but just wanted you to be aware this is an active situation happening here. reporting live in concord, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. new this morning, a suspect in custody after leading officers on a chase from san francisco to pleasant hill. the chp says it started when the suspect sped through a construction zone on the bay bridge and almost hit a patrol car as he sped through the closure. the pursuit continued through alameda county and then into contra costa county.
5:31 am
it ended on wendy drive and pleasant hill when the suspect hit a dead end and had nowhere to go. in the north bay looking for a driver they say drove off after hitting and killing a motorcyclist. this happened around 10:15 last night on southbound highway 101 in tiburon. it's unclear how this crash happened. all lanes reopened after fearly three hours. a man who tried to buy a gun at a would shoot up a school. you see this man in the store on friday night. employees did not sell him the gun and asked him to leave. police managed to track him down yesterday. he told officers he was joking and apologized. he's undergoing a mental evaluation. and now another potentially negative headline plaguing facebook. claims that i.c.e. is using the site to find and track undocumented immigrants. abc 7 news was in santa clara
5:32 am
last into the where the city hosted a citizenship resource fair. the event comes as media outlet the intercept reports i.c.e. uses back end facebook data to locate immigrants to be deported. it cited an example of a person tracked by i.c.e. in new mexico. facebook responded saying, quote, in this case our records show that i.c.e. sent valid legal process to us in an investigation said to involve an active child predator. even so an immigrant rights attorney offered this advice to all facebook users. >> anytime you're logged in to a service, it's tracked. there is associated information that a law enforcement has access to that could locate >> information has been requested from facebook in order to fine and track aliens for the purpose of making administrative arrests due to civil immigration
5:33 am
violations is baseless. >> 5:34 now. happening today apple expected to announce a new lower priced ipad in an effort to focus on education. the company will provide more details at a high school. it will be tailored for students ranging from kindergarten to high school and is rumored to cost $259. that's $100 less than the current cheapest ipad. and it would compete with google whose chrome book sells for $200 to $250. also happening today oakland unified teachers will picket outside several schools as they continue their contract negotiations with the district. oakland unified teachers have been without a contract since july. in addition to picketing today, teachers are not working outside of their paid hours in class. that means no lesson planning, no grading or attending meetings before or after school. oakland police say they have found the vehicle connected to the homicide investigation involving the drownings of a man and woman in lake merritt. sky 7 was over lakeshore as law
5:34 am
enforcement pulled it out of the water in the same area where first responders pulled 39-year-old michael grace from the water march 15th. he later died and his death was ruled accidental. hours later divers found tayahnah johnson's body. her death was ruled a homicide. the two were romantically involved. santa clara county voters will decide whether to recall judge in the stanford swimmer sexual assault case. an appeals court denied judge aaron persky's request to block the recall from appearing on the june 5th ballot. the recall persky campaign has been asking to remove the judge for handing down a six-month sentence to brock turner. turner was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman after meeting her at a party on campus in 2015. san jose city officials will hold a meeting at the site of a three-alarm fire to discuss the next steps for restoring the area. the city found it owns the vacant warehouse behind the
5:35 am
s.a.p. center. it was damaged in a fire a week ago. preliminary reports reveal the fire started in the middle of the warehouse. fire officials say it may have been an act of arson by squatters. no one was hurt. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. current conditions, quite a spread. look at the micro climates on the peninsula. 40 at menlo park. 44, redwood city. all the way up to 49 at bell mon. then we hit the 50s around san br bruno. 50, 52 and 51. look at san francisco, 55. and then you go, whoa, san rafael and napa, 58 degrees right now. 56 in fairfield. antioch, 57. san ramone, 41 degrees. we have 44 in san jose, hayward and palo alto. a look at the golden gate bridge and look at this, the flag barely moving. another great day to walk across the bridge or hike up into the marin headlands. the views will be spectacular as the air is really clean.
5:36 am
so your activity planner, exercising, milder today. sun glasses if you're going to be out and about. the beaches, still a little crisp today. i promise you, the warmer weather on the way. a look at the north bay. we start off at 44. 12 degrees warmer at 10:00. another 11 degrees warmer, 67. we keep climbing by 1:00. and then the low 70s by 7:00 quickly dropping into the low 60s once the sun sets by 8:00. here's a look at the east bay valleys, almost a similar trend. 48 at 8:00. noon, 65. low to mid-70s starting at 1:00 through about 6:00, maybe even 7:00. and then we drop down to 64 degrees under the stars. it looks like our heating bill will get a break and we'll be able to open up the windows if you can handle the pollen. trying to track down pollen figures. >> a lot of sneezes but sunshine, too. i think we can handle it. >> tell us about the commute. we are looking at typical
5:37 am
delays. nothing major at this point. just our normal volumes that are starting to fill in. westbound 205 to 580. 14 and 16 miles an hour approaching altamont pass. again, we have remained incident free out of the central valley so far today. the bay bridge toll plaza, waiting for official word that those metering lights have been flipped on. i will use my authority here to say it looks like they have been. so you are backing up into the maze per usual. that is, of course, unless you are in the car-pool lanes. mass transit off to a quiet start. i want to pass this note along. ace rail is saying that 1 and 3 are on time. their website says 1 did not run but it's an issue with their gps deveit. 48 b.a.r.t. trains in service. muni no delays and normal service. 5:38. none of the 50 companies testing autonomous vehicles in california have applied for a permit to test them without someone behind the wheel. the state will allow truly
5:38 am
driverless cars on the road beginning next monday. remote operators are still required to monitor them. the dmv says april 2nd is not really a deadline. companies like uber, lyft and waymo can apply at any time. an app could be the future of school security. the improvements hopefully in the works to make fisherman's wharf even more of a tourist magnet. 5:39. our tourists should enjoy the weather today, sunny and warm or at least warmish. we're going to be back soon. you can take a look
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5:41 am
i have some great news as we take a look at a visible satellite from yesterday. look at all that white blanketing our mountains. that is a 58% of average snow cover. you're saying, that's not impressive. when you look at where we started the month at 24%, it's been a good month, hasn't it? a look at what's going on today. we have 78 in l.a. 70 in san diego. 81 palm springs. sunshine everywhere today. 60 in eureka. a quick look at tahoe's seven-day forecast, temperatures above average with no snow. reggie? the future of classroom security could be an app on a teacher's phone. a palo alto-based company created an app called safeguard. it lets teachers send out an
5:42 am
alert for emergency response while it uses triangulation to let officers track where the emergency is. it also guides them with maps. you're going to arrive with both hands on their guns and so getting them this kind of information before they get there, i mean, it's groundbreaking for them to know exactly where they need to go before they get there. >> the wireless system can be installed at an elementary school for about $5,000. it can be integrated with systems that lock down classroom doors and windows. the safeguard system has been installed in a san jose school in southern california, the northwest and the midwest. as part of abc 7's take action campaign we have a list of local resources on school safety. you can find your ally and connect with local lawmakers by going to with more and more tourists visiting fisherman's wharf they are hoping to get funding to improve the district.
5:43 am
they want to spend $13 million to widen the sidewalks along jefferson street and add more lighting and railings. half of the funding would come from the city, the other half from the california transit associati association. nearly two-thirds of tourists in san francisco say they visited the wharf. opening day for the giants and the a's just two days away. >> both teams will play in a game three of the bay bridge series at at&t park in the final game of exhibition play. a trophy made of steal recycled from the old eastern span will go to the winner. fans are feeling optimistic despite the fact ace pitcher madison bumgarner will be out with injury the first two months. >> hopefully it will pick up. i'm sure it will start slow but, you know, it's a long season, 162 games. >> hopefully the bats come alive this year. it's been a while since our bats have done something so let's put it together. >> the a's won last night, 9-2.
5:44 am
their home opener is thursday against the angels. the giants is one week from today against the mariners. >> well done, when you're doing a sound bite for sports, you start in a normal voice -- >> you start here and end way up here. >> i can't wait to see it! 20 years after the iconic connor family won our hearts on "roseanne" the cast is back. >> when asked to revive the hit sitcom cast members eagerly jumped onboard. the connors are back as the quintessential working class family. roseanne barr says reuniting felt a little like a time warp. >> it was like deja vu in a way and a time warp. deja vu mixed with time warp. you can see our affection for each other. i just buy it as a family. >> you can watch the premiere tonight at 8:00 right here on abc 7. >> how come the house looks the same? >> they did a good job re-creating it. >> why after 20 years? a florida woman went out on
5:45 am
a limb for love and married a ficus tree. karen cooper vowed to protect and preserve her century old groom before her official i do. many neighbors grew up climbing in that tree, sitting in they say they appreciate cooper's commitment. >> she married the ficus? >> yeah. >> can you do that? i don't think so. >> only in a few states. i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i'm not sure. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco. save us. >> record that because you're never going to find us all speechless for that long. at the same time. still nothing. here's a look at sfo. we're not expecting any delays today nor for the next several days at least weatherwise.
5:46 am
sunshine. that's what's on the menu for today with building warmth. my highlight tonight still seeing a lot of stars but a little bit of a chill out there. the extended no rain with above average highs. so let's jump into the pattern. double trouble. these two areas of high pressure, look at the storm track to the north. look how far to the south all the way into mexico is where we're steering the other storm track. we are not going to sniff a chance of rain for a long time. mid to upper 60s along the coast into san francisco. half moon bay, 64. 70 to 72 around the bay. and then 72 to 75 inland until you get up around ukiah. let's talk more about the bay bridge series at at&t park. 6:05 first pitch tonight. under sunshine. 60. dropping down to 56. if i put some clouds and breezy on there, it would almost be like summer. a look at our lows tonight. 50 for san francisco. san mateo, antioch and clover
5:47 am
dale. the rest of us 45 to 49 degrees. so still cool out there. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. look at wednesday. wednesday was jealous of thursday and friday and said i want some 80s. looks like it. mid-70s at the coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay. we'll pull back the temperatures. still dry and warmer than average all the way through easter egg hunt sunday. here's alexis. >> sounds great, mike. traffic is looking good here this morning. not going to have much company if you're heading out welcome back across 580 on the richmond side of the bridge. that is still looking great. we do have one new trouble spot that popped up for dumbarton. near the toll plaza we have a disabled vehicle reported that is blocking one lane. chp is on the way. if you look really closely you can see a little bit of yellow picking up on our sensors. maybe a slight delay approaching that. northbound 101 through san jose, too. the only slow spot in all of the south bay. you're down to about 16 miles an hour. so overall things are looking
5:48 am
good. we'll head back up to the bay bridge commute just before 6:00. michael finney live in san jose this friday, march 30th, answering your consumer questions and answering all of your tax questions. the 7 on your side team will have tax experts on site from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at santana row in san jose. natasha, reggie, new at 5:00 a.m., this caught my attention. we have learned that a statue of a naked president trump is going to be on the auction block. it's similar to a statue on display in san francisco a while back, and that's a video here you're seeing of that statue here locally. the auction says the sculpture is the last statue remaining that wasn't either vandalized or destroyed when it was on display along with a lot of others in new york, san francisco, los angeles, and cleveland in the weeks before the 2016 election. in fact, you may remember all of
5:49 am
that. it made a lot of headlines. it was created by an art collector based here on the west coast. estimates say the statue will sell for anywhere between $20,000 to $30,000. it goes on auction in new jersey on may 2nd. so look for that. back to you. >> carefully edited video. new at 6:00, a health alert for parents, the important vaccine many boys aren't being offered. >> why you'll be seeing a lot of these pink license plates and how you can get one. how you can get one. >> plus, the uc berkeley
5:50 am
5:51 am
it seems like it rained
5:52 am
every day so far this month. it's been 18 out of the 26 days so far. i could probably paint 27 through 31 yellow showing dry. there's no rain in this forecast. here is where we'll end up at the end of the month. i did the calculations, anywhere from 110 to 155% of average. it's been a good month. natasha? the little girl who was at the center of the supreme court case that ended segregation in schools has died. linda brown was 9 years old when her father tried to enroll her in topeka, kansas. the school was all white at the time. brown's father sued the board of education when sumner blocked her from enrolling. the high court would rule in 1954 that separate facilities are not equal, which led to the desegregation of u.s. schools. brown died in topeka on sunday. she was 75 years old. cisco is taking a big step to try and end homelessness in santa clara county donating $50 until to the county program destination home over the next five years.
5:53 am
this is the largest donation of its kind. cisco's ceo says the problem is at crisis levels. he wants other companies to make similar efforts and says homelessness cost county more than half a billion every year. california license plates will soon be a lot pinker thanks to work from local activists. the new pink ribbon license plates have begun to be shipped out. a group of contra costa breast cancer survivors actually came up with this idea. they say seeing the pink plates will serve as a reminder and encourage more women to get screened. the plates cost $50 and they're available for motorcycles. taking a wrong turn in san francisco can land you in some big trouble. just ask this driver. sky 7 over market and church streets in the castro district yesterday. this is the stairway to the safeway there. the car pound up on the steps. the driver told business insider
5:54 am
uber's gps app told him to go down the stairs. you know what, alexis, if a friend tells you to walk off a bridge, you don't do that either. you know what i'm saying? >> i hope i don't ever get that uber driver. >> can you imagine? >> no! i can't imagine. i would get out, end the trip at that point. that is ridiculous. we're looking pretty normal here at least at the bay bridge toll plaza. we got the update from chp, yes, those metering lights were flipped on at 5:18 this morning. one new roll over crash in the south bay. this is on the southbound side of highway 17. the off ramp to camden avenue. it does sound like we have some injuries and they have dispatched emergency crews to the scene. i'm not seeing any backups yet. i will keep an eye on that. just hearing about a new crash on southbound 880, we'll head there next. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much, alexis. never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. we'll talk about the entire rain
5:55 am
season. the numbers aren't quite as good. always good to get rain if we're going to get some during the dry rain season. we're still only 51% to 61% of average. watch this, the clock and the time is going to change. it will go through about an entire week's worth of rainfall potential. watch the numbers in your neighborhood. anybody? bueller, bueller, hello? nobody. no rain the next seven days. enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. >> we will, mike, thanks. meet the newest member of the uc berkeley police department. opi is a 14-month-old springer spaniel. this video is supplied by the university. he's enjoying a new life as a bomb detecting k-9 working and living alongside officer sal. he was abused as a puppy before a police dog trainer rescued him and brought him to berkeley. and now he's been on the job for about a month. >> oh, we love opi. what a got story. the reason director steven spielberg says netflix movies
5:56 am
are not oscar worthy. plus, that breaking news we've been tracking in the east bay, a large police presence along highway 4 in concord after a police pursuit. amy hollyfield trying to gather new details about what's going on here. >> this coming in to our live desk more people giving desk more people giving president
5:57 am
well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. like when the military came and built the boats to win the war. [warplane] some are tales told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella! cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
5:58 am
coming up on 6:00 a.m., welcome to tuesday, march 27th. >> that's right. and there's a lot to get up for today because it's going to be beautiful weather, it's going to be warmish. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's mike. >> put the umbrella away, get the hammock out if you haven't already. doesn't that sound good? laying in the sunshine. temperatures in the 70s. taking a little nap. but for this morning no fog out there. look at the visibility. ten means unlimited and may be hazy around half moon bay.
5:59 am
lock at pier 15, seeing a lot of stars with the skyscrapers, if you will, in san francisco. mid to upper 40s. 58 at the coast. low to mid-60s elsewhere. 60s at the coast at 4:00. the rest of us in the 70s. 55 to 64 at 7:00 with more sunshine. hey, alexis. one new crash to get to, mike, southbound 880 in an area typically busy even without a crash near washington. around 238. it's already off on the shoul. so i will double-check and confirm that with chp. we are seeing heavy traffic, too, not being a blocking incident.


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