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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 27, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> i'll be curious to see how this goes. we'll be watching. good morning, america. breaking overnight, bomb threat. suspicious packages sent to u.s. military bases. at least one with explosive material. the investigation right now. the white house now responding to those blockbuster claims from adult film star stormy daniels. as stormy strikes back, taking legal action against the president's personal attorney. and what the first lady is saying about the scandal. facebook now under federal investigation for that privacy breach and the new outrage after the company acknowledges it logs phone calls and texts for some users. water slide tragedy. the man behind the world's tallest water slide arrested by u.s. marshals facing charges after a 10-year-old died on his ride. the shocking allegations that the park ignored warnings to impress a reality show. ♪ hit me with your best shot
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and 98-year-old sister jean put on notice. loyola-chicago's lucky charm called out by a famous basketball star's grandma who is 100. as the march madness wars heat up, who will win the trash talk battle before the big game? ♪ hit me with your best shot and good morning, america. hope you're well this tuesday morning. i apologize. i did not get the lace memo this morning. >> oh! but if you had, you would have -- >> you all look lovely. the greatest cheerleaders in college basketball history. >> you can't make this stuff up. you can't. we're going to talk about that stuff later. oh, sister jean, and now jalen rose's grandma who is 100 saying, you know, it's michigan's time. >> oh, yeah, it's been a good ride, but it's over. i believe that's what she said. >> yeah. we're going to begin,
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though, with that bomb scare at multiple government facilities in the washington, d.c., area, including several military bases. the fbi is now investigating suspicious packages. at least one of them containing explosive material. abc's david kerley is at ft. mcnair in d.c. where one of those packages was sent. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. multiple military facilities and multiple government facilities here in the d.c. area. we know the most about the incident here at the army base, ft. mcnair, in the district. it was less than 24 hours ago that a building here was evacuated because a suspicious package was found. and what a specialized team came in and what they discovered was a black powder on that package which can be used in explosive devices. an x-ray revealed that inside that package was a gps and a fuse. the package was rendered safe. that just one of three military bases that got packages. the military is telling us there were multiple locations, then referred us to the fbi. the fbi went further talking
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about government facilities, which could mean just regular government buildings here in the washington, d.c., area. how many? they're not telling us. were they all a threat? we don't know from the fbi at this hour. they're continuing their investigation. but, robin, this comes on the heels of that incident just a week ago at travis air force base in california in which a driver in a vehicle drove through and propane tanks exploded. the driver was killed. that, not terrorism. what we don't know is whether these packages found throughout the d.c. area yesterday, were they all a threat? certainly a concern for federal investigators and for the people arriving here for work at mcnair. robin. >> absolutely, and people want to know if there is a connection. thank you, david. >> that is scary. echoes of austin, as well. new fallout from the stormy daniels interview on "60 minutes." more than 20 million watched and the white house is denying the porn star's claims of an affair with trump as she takes new legal action against trump attorney michael cohen, accusing him of defamation.
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our chief national correspondent tom llamas is here with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. stormy daniels' attorney tells me with all the legal back and forth, security for the adult film star has picked up recently, because of the amounts of threats she's now receiving. including ones they deem credible. this morning, a new legal move by stormy daniels. amending her lawsuit against the president and his attorney michael cohen. now claiming cohen defamed her by implying she's lying. and arguing the $130,000 payoff she received from him in a hush agreement was essentially an illegal campaign contribution. that's because it was 11 days before the election when mr. trump was a candidate. an allegation already filed with the federal election commission by a watchdog group. daniels' attorney telling george yesterday -- >> he can tweet on every other subject known to mankind. but for some reason, he can't come out and deny the affair. he can't come out and deny the existence of the agreement and his knowledge of it. and he can't come out and deny the $130,000 payment. why is that? >> reporter: the white house
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says the president himself didn't know about the payment. cohen says he facilitated the funds independent of the trump organization and campaign. >> i can say categorically obviously the white house didn't engage in any wrongdoing. >> reporter: the white house responding to daniels' interview on "60 minutes" which more than 20 million people watched. "the washington post" reporting the president was one of those viewers. >> the president strongly, clearly, and has consistently denied these underlying claims. and the only person who has been inconsistent is the one making the claims. >> reporter: in 2011 daniels said she tried to sell her story to a tabloid for $15,000 but the magazine never published it. and she never got paid. that same year, daniels says she was physically threatened, approached by a man in a parking lot when she was with her baby. >> a guy walked up on me and said to me, leave trump alone. forget the story. and then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said, it's a beautiful little girl. it would be a shame if something
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happened to her mom. then he was gone. >> reporter: now learning more about daniels who was known in her high school as stephanie gregory. her senior yearbook photo showing then-aspiring journalist, with the caption, we will all get along just fine as soon as you realize that i am queen. today she lives in texas with her 7-year-old daughter and husband, estranged from her mother who told abc news she hasn't spoken to her daughter in years. and when she's not on tour at adult entertainment nightclubs across the country, daniels' other hobby, horses. here's video of her competing at an equestrian event in 2017. but that's on hold for now. >> i did not want my family and my child exposed to all the things that she's being exposed to right now because everything that i was afraid of coming out has come out anyway. >> reporter: now, i am told daniels will not stop working. she continues to have appearances where she works as an exotic dancer including one
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upcoming, right near mar-a-lago. george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. let's bring in cecilia vega for more on all this. cecilia, the white house answering questions right now, white house staff, we now know the president watched but he's not saying a word about this. >> reporter: yeah, you know, and this is a president that the white house always says he likes to counterpunch. no counterpunches in this one. a lot of reports about whether he did watch, didn't watch. you said it, the white house is not saying officially but it very much seems like he watched it, given that the white house's line is that the president doesn't believe any of stormy daniels' claims that she made in that interview. he's also reportedly seeking out advice from those close to him about whether he should respond, and how this is affecting his poll numbers. the advice so far, don't respond. he seems to be following it. the first lady's office is responding to questions about whether she watched, george. their statement, she is focused on being a mom while enjoying that spring break down in mar-a-lago. >> yeah, the president doesn't always follow legal advice but pretty clear if he did respond
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in some way right now, it would probably draw a new defamation suit from stormy. on another subject, we now are finding out the commerce department for the first time in decades, is going to ask a new question about citizenship on the essential kus drawing controversy. >> reporter: oh, hugely controversial. a lot of backlash particularly from civil rights groups and democrats. so this will be on the 2020 census asking about citizenship status. california authorities announced overnight that they filed a lawsuit. take a look in an op ed, they wrote -- its effect would be truly insidious and it would discourage noncitizens and their citizen family members from responding to the census resulting in a less accurate population count. >> thanks. amy. president trump expelling 60 russian diplomats from the u.s. in retaliation for that nerve agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in england. our chief foreign correspondent terry moran is at the russian
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consulate here in new york with more on this story. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, amy. well, this morning it's not business as usual here at the russian consulate. there are people packing their bags in there today as the world awaits russia's response to this unprecedented diplomatic action. as you pointed out, president trump expelling 60 russian diplomats, 12 here. 48 from the embassy in washington in retaliation for that poison with a deadly nerve agent. and president trump also rallying allies to punish russia, too. all told, 23 countries have now expelled 138 russian diplomats. that kind of collective action is unprecedented. bigger than anything that happened during the cold war. amy? >> all right, terry moran, thanks so much. robin? now to a mystery overseas. speculation that north korean leader kim jong-un may have visited beijing. and if so, this would be his first known trip outside north korea since taking power. abc's bob woodruff is in beijing with the latest. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning,
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robin. you know, this morning, a south korean intelligence official told a south korean newspaper that kim jong-un was, indeed, aboard the armored train that carried a high-level north korean delegation to here in china. now, if that visit is confirmed, this would be kim jong-un's first known trip outside of north korea since he took power in 2012. and it could mark a thaw between china and north korea whose relationship has really grown tense due to kim's nuclear ambitions and his repeated missile tests. this mystery delegation traveled in a very large convoy while here in beijing. this could give kim the chance to show he has china's support. and that would strengthen his position when or if he meets president trump in may. we are told the train has departed for the next 15-hour trip back to north korea. robin. >> all right, bob, thank you. >> watching that closely. we move on to new trouble for facebook. the ftc confirmed it is investigating the social media
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giant for possibly compromising privacy as concerns grow about facebook collecting phone and text message data from users who click a specific button on their profiles. abc's rebecca jarvis with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, george. this is pretty shocking for a lot of people. facebook says it is collecting the call and text history of some users who have opted into sharing that information. it's all in the fine print. but the backlash is growing as many discover just how much data the social network has about them and their friends. this morning, facebook under fire. the pressure intensifying in the wake of that cambridge analytica privacy scandal affecting up to 50 million users. the tech titan's stock down 10% over the last week. ceo mark zuckerberg alone losing nearly $10 billion in net worth in just 11 days. plus, at least three major companies pulling their ads off the platform. at least for now. >> advertisers have no other place to go but, ultimately,
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what's most important is we really be thoughtful about the way that we're advertising on the platform and make sure we're doing everything that we can to do so responsibly. >> reporter: 37 attorneys general writing to mark zuckerberg they are profoundly concerned, demanding the social network update users with easier ways to control their accounts. and now, a number of employees inside facebook tell abc news they're disturbed and outraged by the situation. >> this was a major breach of trust. and i'm -- i'm really sorry that this happened. >> reporter: meantime, new questions about just how much information facebook's been collecting. the company now acknowledging messenger and facebook lite users with android phones who have uploaded contacts and chosen to opt-in have had their call and text history logged. like dylan mckay, posting to twitter what appears to be a full call log from his phone which goes back years. >> facebook seems to be reeling from all this, rebecca. their stock has taken a hit over the last few days. walk us through the issues with this messenger app right now. >> the issues with messenger and this is for android users. this is what we're referencing
7:13 am
in the piece here. anybody who has that messenger app or facebook lite on an android phone can turn this off by unsyncing their contacts. turn that to off. >> that will guarantee you won't share any more information. >> that guarantees you're not sharing that information with facebook. >> important information, thanks very much. amy. now to growing outrage after a 23-year-old unarmed black man, stephon clark, was shot and killed by police in his grandmother's backyard. his family now demanding justice and abc's linsey davis is here with more on that story. linsey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. high emotion in sacramento where multiple groups and the family of stephon clark are demanding justice and crying out for change after the young man's death at the hands of police. the family attorney, benjamin crump, is leading the charge. [ chanting ] a brother's angst on full display. >> i want justice for stephon clark, please give us justice. >> reporter: and cries for justice from the grandmother of
7:14 am
stephon clark, the unarmed black man shot 20 times by police while in her backyard in sacramento. >> why didn't you shoot him in the arm? shoot him in the leg? send in dogs? taser? why? y'all didn't have to do that. >> reporter: the family's attorney, national civil rights attorney benjamin crump, who also represented the families of unarmed black men killed by police like michael brown and tamir rice, called clark's death an execution. >> people who committed a mass shooting in florida were not shot once, but a young black man holding a cell phone is shot 20 times. >> reporter: when officers approached clark they were responding to a 911 call about a man attempting to break into cars who was now hiding in a backyard, according to the department. police say the officers say they thought he had a gun but they only found a cell phone. on sunday, the sacramento kings posted this psa demanding accountability and change. >> black. >> white. >> brown.
7:15 am
>> we are one. >> reporter: clark's death also prompted this question during monday's white house briefing. >> the president has come out strongly about the importance that law enforcement play in this country. has he commented at all about the shooting death of stephon clark? >> i'm not aware of any comments that he has. >> benjamin crump has asked that an independent autopsy be performed on clark. and the naacp is now calling on the justice department to investigate his death. and according to crump, since 2015, this is the 73rd family to have to mourn the loss of a black man unarmed killed by police. >> so heartbreaking. all right. >> they want answers. >> they do. >> they want to know why they turned off their body cams. >> no audio, right. >> no audio on that. thank you, linsey. this morning we also want to pay tribute, special tribute to linda brown, she's the woman that helped reshape race relations in education. here in the u.s.
7:16 am
miss brown passed away sunday at the age of 75. she was at the center of brown versus board of ed that ended racial segregation in american schools. she was 9 years old in 1951 when an all-white school in topeka, kansas, refused to let her enroll. her father sued. and three years later, the supreme court ruled in her favor. so many honoring her legacy, including apple ceo tim cook, who wrote, in the field of public education, the doctrine of separate but equal has no place. thank you to linda brown for what you stood for and the impact it had on this nation. rest in peace. >> just 9 years old and she changed the face of america. >> her father stepping up and suing. and people didn't think, especially being down south and tim cook, he grew up in alabama so he's well aware of what the times were there. but she stood up, her father stood up, and made change. >> she continued to speak out later in her life as well. >> she did. >> she will be remembered. let's move on now to rob. >> hey, george, it's severe weather season in the south. in central texas, we're looking
7:17 am
at hail yesterday. just down the road, baseball-sized hail and another threat for severe weather in more populated areas today, i-35 from dallas all the way down to san antonio beginning there and then stretching down towards the south texas area. in the afternoon, hail, damaging winds, maybe tornadoes but i think that's less of a risk. you saw the size of the hail there. we can get big damaging stuff and tomorrow it all slides down to the south. heavy rain with this. we have flash flood watches that are posted for northeast texas through the mid-mississippi river valley. remember, this is the same area that had a tremendous amount of rain just a month ago. so the river is already swollen. still flooding in some cases so, it's not going to take much and we think 4 to 6 inches of rainfall expected here over the next day or two, really going to thursday or friday and stretching into the ohio river valley as well. meanwhile, there's a drought in other parts of the country. we'll talk about that later in the program.
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hello, i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist, mike nicco. sunshine and building warmth today and temperatures above average and chilly at night. you'll need a jacket. no rain and the above average high for the next two weeks. mid to upper 60s, 70 to 72 and 72 to 75 inland. and tonight mid 40s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, check out thehehehehee we continue to cheer on ehee spring here at "gma." it's clearly not working. >> you're getting us closer to 50 here in new york. closer. >> george, you are familiar with
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this. i want to show you the cherry blossoms that are blooming outside of fairfax. not peak yet but a few days ago covered in snow. >> no! >> oh, no. >> the national parks association says that -- the service says it won't damage the blooms. only pushed them back to a little later. maybe the first or second week of april just in time for the cherry blossom festival so good news. >> goodish. >> coming up, dramatic arrest. the u.s. marshals take the co-owner of that water park into custody. after a tragedy killed a 10-year-old boy. did his team ignore dozens of warnings all to impress a reality show? the new report about prince and what was in his system when he died. what it may reveal about his final days. and new details on the spring break mystery. and what may have caused a deadly gas leak. the warning signs every family needs to look out for when we come back. i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real.
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blue diamond almonds. crave victoriously. good morning east bay let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. a suspect is in custody after leading officers on a high speed chase. the pursuit went through alameda county into contra cost that county. on the bad bridge and ended on wendy drive on pleasant hill when the suspect had any other else to go. >> taking a look at the roads. good news in the south bay and going to take a long time to bounce back. before wolf road, we have the brush fire and opened them back up. northbound 880 near washington avenue. a disabled semi blocking two
7:24 am
lanes spilling over
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> hey, good morning. we'll start with these, look at morgan hill and ukiah, mid to 50s. everything is good for the commute planner. sunroof weather. if you have a convertible, cool to mild mass transit and light breezes today and sunshine. still need a jacket. look at the temperature by lunch near 60 and 70 away if the coast this afternoon. my accuweather seven-day forecast, 80s inland, wednesday, thursday, friday, 70s at the coast. cooler but delight full this weekend. >> we'll have another "abc 7
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news" update in 30 minutes and always on the app and you can join the team celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades.
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re-align yourself, with align. ♪ hit me with your best shot back here on "gma." that's coach geno auriemma and the uconn huskies celebrating their 19th trip to the final four, 11th in a row. both breaking records. remarkable, remarkable run. they knocked off last year's champ, south carolina. so all four number one seeds have now made it through for the women. uconn will face notre dame on friday. mississippi state will take on louisville. so possibly a uconn/mississippi state rematch. remember what happened last year when they met in the semis of the final four. >> you're not excited about that at all. >> not at all. i'm being reserved. i don't have the cowbell out just yet. it's going to be a long week. >> i love that they celebrate with confetti. it's much more civilized than
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gatorade. we're following a lot of other stories right now. arizona suspending self-driving ubers after that deadly accident a week ago when a driverless car hit a woman crossing the street. the governor there of arizona is calling the videotape of the incident disturbing and alarming. and raises questions about uber to continue testing in arizona and his top priority is safety. a chinese space station is falling from the sky heading to the earth. destination is unpredictable. a portion of the u.s. could be in its path. but scientists expect that most, if not all of it, will disintegrate when it hits the atmosphere. and the world's largest cruise ship, "the symphony of the seas," is getting ready to set sail, heading to barcelona to pick up its first paying customers saturday. but we begin with new fallout from that tragic water park accident that killed a 10-year-old boy in kansas happening back in 2016. the co-owner of the park under arrest now as we learn shocking new details about what was called the world's tallest water slide. our senior national correspondent matt gutman has
7:32 am
the latest on that story. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, amy. the world's tallest and now prosecutors say the most dangerous water slide. in an unprecedented action the park's owner, john henry, who designed the park, and his chief of operations have been arrested. that's because investigators say over a dozen others, in addition to that 10-year-old boy, were also seriously hurt on that ride. and prosecutors say the park knew about the design flaws, didn't fix them, and then tried to cover it up. overnight, jeff henry, the co-owner of schlitterbahn water park, arrested by u.s. marshals on charges relating to the 2016 death of caleb schwab. a 10-year-old who was killed while riding the now-infamous verruckt water slide. henry is named as the visionary and designer of the ride, billed as the world's tallest water, slide in a 20-count indictment against him, the park and its chief of operations.
7:33 am
caleb's death was the last incident in the disastrous history of the verruckt which in german means "insane." but it wasn't the first. the recently unsealed indictment lists 14 serious injuries in total ranging from broken toes to concussions, to caleb schwabor every two weeks the ride was open. the indictment also alleges henry relentlessly pushed engineers building this prototype in just 36 days. during testing, it says, the design was off. with the ride launching sandbags, simulating riders, into the air. hurriedly built the indictment says partly to impress the reality show "extreme water parks." >> tipped over and kill every sandbag in there. >> reporter: the indictment alleges the ride never overcame design flaws that launched riders into the air and that henry knew it, writing employees that it could hurt me, it could kill me. it's a seriously dangerous piece of equipment.
7:34 am
i covered what was supposed to be the park's opening in 2014 and its delays which henry told me cost the company over a million dollars. going down the slide for the first time, terrifying. and there were already safety concerns. they want to it be scary. but is it dangerous? >> it's not dangerous today, no. if it's run properly and everything is right, it is not. it's a very safe ride. when we were testing it we were definitely in harm's way. because we were doing some things that were, you know, they weren't affixed on and put on in such a way that they would last. we were playing with this thing without a net over the top of it. >> should i be concerned that they're still using jackhammers and saws on this ride right now? >> i have no idea what they're doing over there. >> reporter: according to the indictment, he knew about the flaws but ignored dozens of warnings by employees. >> six went to the park and five came back. that is surreal. i don't even hardly remember driving home. >> reporter: in a statement
7:35 am
monday, schlitterbahn called caleb's death an unforeseeable accident and said all of its employees had the highest dedication to safety and vowed to fight these allegations. now, one of the things that henry told me in that interview was that industry safety standards didn't quite work for his ride. and that his team was, quote, putting together the guidelines for how you would go about evaluating whether a ride is safe or not. the indictment also says the park withheld thousands of pages of incriminating information from police, coached employees on what to say, or encouraged them to lie, and intimidated witnesses. guys? >> matt, what were those jackhammers doing? >> we don't know. they were trying to fix something and i asked the guy, shouldn't you know what this is since you're the designer and founder. he said, i have no idea. >> that's crazy. >> wow, that's telling. >> it is. it is. >> matt gutman, thank you. now to that new report about prince and what was in his system when he passed away. abc's eva pilgrim is here with those details. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning,
7:36 am
robin. prince's secret now exposed. it was well known that the "purple rain" star had pain issues from years of performing. but not many knew how he was dealing with that pain. a newly released report showing just what was in his body when he died. experts calling the findings a pretty clear smoking gun. ♪ this is what it sounds like when doves cry ♪ >> reporter: this morning, a new toxicology report revealing prince had exceedingly high fentanyl levels in his body when he died. ♪ you got the look >> reporter: according to the report, obtained by the associated press, the level of fentanyl in prince's liver was more than six times higher than what's typical of an overdose, higher than 69 micrograms per kilogram. the amount found in prince's autopsy, 450 micrograms per kilogram. fentanyl is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. 30 to 50 times more potent than heroin. even small amounts equivalent to a few grains of salt can be lethal.
7:37 am
>> at paisley park, 7801 audubon road. person down, not breathing. >> reporter: the "purple rain" star was 57 when he was found alone and unresponsive in an elevator at his paisley park estate on april 21st, 2016. ♪ purple rain purple rain >> reporter: a year later, unsealed search warrants revealing investigators found a sizable amount of narcotic medications inside paisley park. the pills, stored not in prescription bottles but hidden in vitamin, aspirin, and other over-the-counter pain relief bottles all over the estate -- including the singer's dressing room, the mirror room, and the purple rain room. none of the prescriptions in prince's name. the prosecutor in minnesota saying this case isn't over yet. he is planning to make a decision on whether to charge anyone in the near future. it's been almost two years. >> yeah, it has been. thank you, eva.
7:38 am
>> thank you, eva. coming up here, new details about that vacation tragedy. a family killed by a toxic gas leak in a rental condo. we'll tell you the warning signs to look out for. killed by a toxic gas leak in a rental condo. we'll tell you the warning signs to look out for. picture hangins and let's make it work. they're tool free and they hold strong. oh, rustic chic! an arrow angled to point at rustic chic. hmm, may i be honest here? let's take that down, damage free, with a stretch, remove... and look: no marks, no mess. like a pro. command. do. no harm.
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7:41 am
side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. back now with the latest on the spring break tragedy in mexico where a family of four from iowa was killed by a deadly gas leak in their rented condo. gio benitez is here with the details. gio, authorities now think they
7:42 am
know where the leak started? >> reporter: that's right, george. and it appears to be from something so many of us have in our own home, a water heater. it happened at a rented condo during their vacation but the warning is not just for vacationers. it's for all of us. this morning, officials in mexico now reportedly revealing that a gas leak from a water heater is what likely killed the sharp family in a mexico condo. relatives saying the gas seemed to have killed the two adults and two children without warning. >> kids were on the floor watching tv. and kevin and amy were laying on the bed watching tv. the tv was still going apparently. >> reporter: 41-year-old kevin sharp and his wife amy had surprised their children, 12-year-old sterling and 7-year-old adrianna with a trip to tulum. the prosecutor reportedly telling the local media the water heater was leaking gas, maybe from use or lack of maintenance. and that a high level of gas was found. one deadly gas that can be emitted from a faulty hot water heater is carbon monoxide. >> if you don't mind, i want to do a quick inspection on your
7:43 am
furnace. >> reporter: steve driver, a technician with the pse & g company says if it's not ventilated properly say due to a blocked chimney, that silent killer can seep back into your home. >> your flue gas is going up and out this chimney and potentially it will go back into the living space and if you don't have your c.o. detectors and all, you have a problem there. >> right. >> reporter: to test for blockages, he has a simple match test above the hot water heater. a flame pulling towards the flue is a sign that it's clear of any blockage. when you blow out the match the smoke should also go up into the flue. but -- >> you put the match near that and it instantly blew that out, there's a potential for a blockage in that chimney. >> wow. a possible killer of the family that loved to travel the world. >> she posted hundreds of pictures on facebook of all their trips. and we'll always have them. >> reporter: of course, don't light that match if you smell any gas at all. experts tell us there are a few
7:44 am
things you can look for in your home to know whether carbon monoxide is building up like looking for significant condensation on walls and windows. another sign, your house pets can become sluggish. so, if you suspect any c.o. at all, just get out and call that fire department. >> and there are detectors that you can bring with you. >> there are detectors and not expensive. >> you shared that with us yesterday, amy. >> you can bring them and plug them in which is incredible. i didn't know those existed. so now we should all. >> we should do that. all right, gio, thank you. coming up, sister jean -- well, sister jean has a little competition here. the battle brewing between her and a famous basketball star's grandmother before loyola-chicago's big game. come on back. ♪ ♪ next chapter
7:45 am
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7:48 am
basketball fans can be found everywhere. he is a michigan man. and we know -- celebrating her 10th. she's double digits. tenth birthday. we're back now with that competition for sister jean, the 98-year-old chaplain for team loyola-chicago is now getting some trash talk from that surprising person who is from michigan, as well. t.j.? >> robin, who? who in their right mind is going to trash-talk a 98-year-old nun who is in a wheelchair? who would do that in their right mind? well, a 100-year-old woman. >> sister jean, it's been a good ride, but it's over saturday. go blue!
7:49 am
100. >> okay, she is serious and that's not just some michigan superfan. she is a part of the michigan family and michigan history. that is the grandmother of the jalen rose, jalen, of course, a member of the fab five. there he is with his grandmother there. a member of the fab five part of ncaa history and ncaa tournament lore in their own right. he posted that video of her. and she is absolutely serious. but trash-talking is supposed to be nasty. this is the sweetest -- >> she did have that edge at the -- >> she did put some stank on it. but she is serious. sister jean hasn't had a response to it yet. >> it's coming, though. it's coming, i believe. >> yeah, that grandma. she's 100. she's keeping it 100. >> keeping it 100. okay, back to sister jean. wonderful story and has done so much for the university and there's people that just really -- they can't get enough of her. >> they can't to the point that the university has to do something. people want sister jean gear and
7:50 am
whatnot. so they're licensing her name. she gave them permission to use sister jean and she doesn't want a dime. they're making socks, t-shirts, and they're making bobbleheads and they're starting to sell all this stuff. and she says all the money is going back to the loyola athletic fund. or to her charity, is where -- if you're not in love with this woman already, you are now in love with her even more. but 100 versus a 98-year-old. i can't wait to see that one. >> as always, t.j., thank you. coming up, we have an important health alert about a vaccine many teenage boys aren't getting and a big parenting headline. would you use free range parenting? i know amy wouldn't. one state making it legal. >> she probably would. >> no, no, no, she would not. come on back. come on back. with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection, which could lead to hospitalizations. in a key study, neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease.
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it is a dry season in florida. great time to go there but there are a couple of forest fires in collier county. 7,000-acre blaze. 25% contained. no real rain in the forecast till friday. high pressure in control there but warming up across the area as we go through the next day or two. temperatures in the midsection of the country, the northeast will get to be above average. finally, maybe not all the way to new england but will feel warmer than it is now. this segment brought to you by
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. it's going to be sunny and warm out there today. meteorologist mike nicco serving it up for you. >> you took the words out of my mouth. you can see the sunshine and not the warmth yet. look at the activity planner. good, good and good. have the sunglasses ready. warmer in the beaches and mid to upper 60s. 70 to 72 inland. my accuweather seven-day forecast, three days near 80, mid 70 at the bay and nearing 70 at the coast. >> i'm glad you have good news. i doen the. 880 messier. they have not cleared it past washington. so long delays, and drive times brutal. albany to the maze, and
7:57 am
southbound 880 and 101 cupertino in the led at 40 minutes. >> thank you. we're going to have another "abc 7 news" update in about 30 minutes and always on the aband you want "streaming all you your favorite showsy. on the fastest internet" easy. you want "internet that helps you save on mobile" easy. you want "the best wifi you can pause with a tap." see? easy. time for bed. you want xfinity because it makes your life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month for 2 full years when you sign up for tv. plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv. click, call or visit a store today.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, bomb threat. the fbi now investigating suspicious packages sent to military bases. at least one of them containing explosive material. we have the latest at this hour. health alert about teenage boys not getting the hpv vaccine. a new study raises big questions. dr. ashton here to break it down. free-range parenting. the controversial method designed to let kids be kids now signed into law. the first of its kind. so, should you give your kids more independence and less supervision? is this really helping them become more self-sufficient? ♪ get wild ♪ let's party it's -- >> both: t-shirt time. >> that's right. it's t-shirt time. "jersey shore" is back. the entire cast is rolling into times square live all here to
8:01 am
say -- >> all: good morning, america. we're gonna be on a delay. >> they are back. >> we'll be on a five-second delay of some sort. they are back. you're right about that. good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. great to have you with us. >> we all know gronk can dance. here he is showing off his moves at the super bowl. there he goes. yeah. well, wait until you hear where he wants to take those moves to next. here's a clue. it's not the sidelines. >> i'll give you three guesses. >> we're abc. hmm. all right. more to come. >> lara will explain in "pop news." >> lara is going to explain it. first some headlines including those suspicious packages sent to multiple the military bases and government facilities in the washington, d.c., area. at least one contained explosive material. back to david kerley in d.c.
8:02 am
at ft. mcnair, where one package was sent. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. abc news has confirmed that an arrest has been made in the suspicious packages sent to military bases and facilities. this arrest was made in the seattle area. of an individual waiting for more details from the fbi. this all began and really the biggest incident was here at ft. mcnair in washington, d.c., a building was evacuated when a suspicious package was found. black power found that could be used in explosives. gps device found inside. but there were several other military facilities and other government buildings that got these suspicious packages. the news this morning, an arrest has been made in the seattle area according to two sources. we're waiting to hear from the fbi. additional details on that arrest.
8:03 am
george. >> david, thank you very much. now to that space station falling from the sky. its destination, well, unpredictable. whit johnson has more. a large part of the u.s. could be in its path? good morning. >> reporter: robin, good morning. imagine something like this falling from the sky and then crashing down to earth. we're at the aerospace corporation where they track events like this. and in just a matter of days, a chinese space station the size of a bus, will make its fiery plunge into earth's atmosphere. tiangong-1 launched in 2011 but the chinese lost contact with it and so now it's in a free-fall expected to make re-entry sometime around april 1st. scientists, for the most part, believe that most of it will break apart and burn up before ever hitting the ground. still, debris could fall just about anywhere, including a large section of the u.s., stretching from northern california to new york.
8:04 am
scientists, though, point out the odds of getting hit by a piece of space junk is extremely low. it's only one happened one time to a woman in oklahoma in 1997 and she was not hurt. robin. >> thankfully she wasn't hurt. but that is a large portion of the country that has to be looking up. >> or just stay indoors. just in case. >> whit, thank you. coming up, free-range parenting. okay, you know, people fall on both sides of this. well, it's now legal in one state. can it really help teach kids responsibility? or does it put them at risk? you decide. >> we will dig into that. a health alert about a vaccine that that not enough teens are getting. dr. ashton will explain. lara, what do you have upstairs? >> hello, you guys. well, zach braff is here. come on. get in here. he's right here. there he is. a very special surprise for you coming up in a bit. and then, i don't know if you heard, but that entire cast of "jersey shore" right over there. warming up the crowd. we have a lot coming up.
8:05 am
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8:09 am
hi. i think they're excited for "jersey shore." >> oh, yes. >> i can feel it. welcome back, everybody. this wonderful audience that we have with us on this tuesday morning. [ cheers and applause ] all right, lara, what's popping? >> all right, robin. good morning to you all and to you. and we're going to begin with serena williams letting us into her private world, revealing that hbo will air a five-part documentary series it's called "being serena." it's an intimate,
8:10 am
behind-the-scenes look at her pregnancy, motherhood and marriage, and maybe tennis thrown in there. the winner of all those grand slams posting, i can't wait to share what i've been through with all of you. my whole life has completely changed. hey, it certainly has. and it seems for the better. guys, "being serena" debuting may 2nd on hbo. sounds terrific. [ applause ] >> sounds inspirational. the gronk. turning to the gronk now, rob gronkowski already has two super bowl wins under his belt. but you know what? the rumor has it that the football player has his sights set on a different prize. it seems that gronk, he wants that mirrorball trophy, people. you know what i'm talking about. "dancing with the stars." the new england patriots player wasn't just showing off his dance moves at shaq's fun house event you're looking at in miami this weekend. wow. um -- wow. >> that's a shimmy. >> yeah. he was also reportedly telling
8:11 am
guests that he wants to win "dancing with the stars." according to page six, the 28-year-old tight end -- [ laughter ] >> did you know you were doing this? >> it's a football position, people. he says he is the best dancer in the nfl and even includes some fancy footwork in his workout sessions. good news for gronk, season 28, i don't know if you all know this, season 26, i should say of "dancing with the stars" is the very first all-athlete edition, so he may well get the chance. [ applause ] what do you guys think? >> he can do it if he wants to. >> i say a little gronk goes a long way. yeah. or a lot of gronk. so looks like wendy's has a beef with its rival fast food chains, mcdonald's and burger king. yeah, they're grilling it up old school. they just released a mix tape called "we beefin'." >> do it like that. >> yeah. do we have a little bit of that
8:12 am
mixmaster jeff. ♪ it's queen wendy up in this thing you can't be serving those things, you too chicken for this beef i'll leave you resting in grease ♪ >> go, queen wendy. >> you never knew wendy was so talented. >> yeah. >> so it's got five tracks. some the lyrics i enjoyed writing up for you. that they fry up the competition, if you will. quote, you number one, question. that's a joke. why you ice cream machines always broke? [ laughter ] >> that is true. >> that little number is called "rest in grease." i mean, this is the greatest marketing campaign ever. you can hear these tasty jams on spotify, apple music, and google play. under the name again, "we be beefin'." [ applause ] >> your rapping skills are extraordinary. >> thank you. thank you, robin roberts. finally, a little family fun
8:13 am
right now. a nice right upper cut from down under. this comes from a woman in queensland, australia, she's golfing at her local course. and she spots this guy or gal. he's on the 5th green. a kangaroo sparring with the pin. sizing up the competition. a left, a right, the kangaroo raining some blows on the inanimate object. we call this for -- a tko, which in this case stands for a technical kangaroo, oh, my gosh, that is awesome. [ applause ] and on that note -- >> drop the pencil. >> yeah. >> thank you, lara. that's great. now to our "gma" cover story. utah becoming the first state to legalize free-ranging parenting that gives parents the freedom to let their kids do unsupervised activities as a way to encourage independence. the bill already facing backlash and some critics saying
8:14 am
it could put children's safety at risk. >> okay. >> reporter: it's the controversial parenting method designed to let kids be kids just with a little less parental supervision. and now one state is standing by the concept of free-range parenting. the governor of utah signing a bill into law friday that gives parents the freedom to allow their children to do more activities independently without being penalized for child neglect, like walking to school, playing outside, and staying home alone. >> we want kids to be able to learn how to navigate the world. so that when they're adults they're fully prepared to handle things on their own. >> reporter: the bill which passed unanimously, is the first of its kind in the u.s. and permits a child whose basic needs are met and who is of sufficient age and maturity to avoid harm to engage in those independent activities. >> the way you get brave and self-sufficient and problem solving is by doing some things on your own. >> reporter: lenore first coined the phrase free-range parenting back in 2008 after she wrote an article about why she let her then-9-year-old son, ride the subway alone. since then --
8:15 am
>> we have to let parents be rational and loving and trust their kids and give them the independence that we all cherish. >> reporter: besides fear for their child's safety, some parents worry they might face legal ramifications if they give their children some independence. in 2015, this family of silver spring, maryland, made headlines when authorities accused them of child neglect after they allowed their two children, ages 6 and 10, to play and walk home from a local park unsupervised. >> our rights were violated. the constitution very clearly protects parents' rights to raise their kids the way they see fit. >> reporter: those charges were ultimately dropped. and the family says they still consider themselves free-range parents. we're joined now by dr. dave anderson, clinical psychologist at the child mine institute. we just talked because i struggle with this. i have a 12-year-old and she has a bus stop four blocks from the house. i make sure she's walked to the bus stop to wait but then when she comes home since she's on a mission to go home, i let her
8:16 am
walk back by herself. and then i think, is that bad? >> free-range parenting is the extreme progressive end of parenting philosophies. it's not necessarily science. we take everything on a case-by-case basis. >> what ages is it okay to do x, y, and z? >> right, and parents want their kids to be independent and give opportunities to explore. but for any parent, it will be a personal decision. if your 12-year-old is capable of walking home from the bus stop by themselves you might make a decision about where another 12-year-old may be a little too impulsive. or may end up doing shopping on the way home where you don't know where they are. >> so at least in the state of utah, the police or officials can't get involved when you as a parent get to make that decision. >> right, it's kind of a reaction in comparison to states like maryland where kids under 14 may not be able to be out unsupervised. so when you talk about self-reliance or independence, it's about a parent practicing with their kid how they might be independent. in particular situations. >> you have to talk about what could happen. i am just letting her take the dog to the dog park. i was worried actually thinking, is that okay? is that allowed? is that legal?
8:17 am
what are the potential risks about letting your children have perhaps too much freedom? >> i mean, the risk is something that anybody might know from common sense. it's just that kids might get into things impulsively that parents weren't anticipating so it's something where we want to know the situation well and be clear with the guidelines that will keep our kids safe and then we want to practice. the old phrase that we use is kind of the i do, we do, you do. a parent models for their kids how they might be safe and follow rules. then you do it together. and then, as you provide scaffolding for your kid, you let them become more independent. >> i like that. any recommendations for parents who want to try and -- because i'm all about kids being independent but we all as parents want them to be safe. that's the number one goal as a parent to make sure you do no harm. but, what are some tips for parents who are thinking about maybe easing into the this type of parenting style? >> it would be to start with well-worn paths. parts of the community that are really well-known to a family. where a kid knows the rules. they might know other people in that particular area. and where you can, you know, practice a little bit beforehand. so you go to the playground
8:18 am
together a few times and you practice the walk home while a parent is trailing the child and maybe let them walk home from the bus stop themselves. >> great tips. thanks so much for joining us. >> good advice right there. we have a health alert about teenage boys not getting the hpv vaccine. a new study is raising serious questions about that. our chief medical correspondent jen ashton will explain. admit my ignorance here. i didn't know boys were supposed to get the hpv vaccine. >> not surprising, george, a, you're a father of girls. but we have to remember we're talking about the human papillomavirus. this is the virus that can cause numerous types of cancer, cervical, genital, oral, head and neck cancer. it's the leading cause, in fact, in several of those types of cancers in this country. and what this small survey found and it was just presented. 1 in 5 parents of teenage boys have no plans to vaccinate the boys. and this is vaccine recommended for boys and girls. and compare it to parents of 1 in 10 girls. so, again, this is interesting finding.
8:19 am
>> because when we took our girls to the doctor, the doctor said this is recommended. you're supposed to take it. the doctor is not doing that for boys? >> number one, yes. the survey found most health care providers are not counseling parents of teenage boys which is a problem because, again, the cdc does recommend this vaccine for both boys and girls. there is a lack of understanding big-time on the part of parents. and there's fear, myth, misconception. >> let's clear up some misunderstandi misunderstandings. quick true/false. there is a lot of misinformation out there. true or false, someone who avoids sex will avoid getting hpv. >> i think this is the biggest myth i hear from people. absolutely false. hpv, the human papillomavirus, can be passed with just direct skin-to-skin contact, so this is again where i encourage parents to try to uncouple a social or sexual behavior from a medical or scientific one. >> if you have hpv, you'll have symptoms? >> absolutely not. most hpv causes no symptoms. >> finally, if i'm not promiscuous, i can avoid hpv. >> again, wrong. you could have one partner your entire life. statistics show by the age of 50, 80% of american adults have been exposed to this virus.
8:20 am
i tell people it's like catching a cold. the good news is, most of the time your body will clear the virus. but for boys, hpv is known to cause about 11,000 cases of hpv-related cancer in men every year. >> get the vaccination. >> and educate yourself. >> jen ashton, thank you very much. over to rob. >> all right, george. good morning again, everybody. you know, a lot of people are upset about the fact that spring hasn't really arrived including our man's best friend. this is millie in augusta, maine, who's just taking it out on the snowmen. i've had enough of frosty. i'm going to take every one of them down until spring finally arrives. at this point it may not be until july or august. but millie, we love you. we love the enthusiasm for spring. but frosty is not happy about it. all right, guys, we're work on hello, i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist, mike nicco. sunshine and building warmth
8:21 am
today and temperatures above average and chilly at night. you'll need a jacket. no rain and the above average high for the next two weeks. mid to upper 60s, 70 to 72 and 72 to 75 inland. and tonight mid 40s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, check out thehehehehee this is something very hehee important for folks. we have an alert about fake photos that are making the rounds on social media and in news reports. this teen "vogue" image of march for our lives student activist emma gonzalez ripping up a gun target was doctored to make it look like she was ripping up the constitution. rebecca jarvis is back with this. it's kind of hard. >> it is and it's become so prevalent, robin. these are all over the internet. these doctored photos have become so prevalent they flooded the internet. many even going viral. and they make it all the way around the world before anyone
8:22 am
realizes it's a fake. which is why you have to know how to tell the difference between the original and a hoax. this photo of parkland activist emma gonzalez, part of a cover from "teen vogue's" new digital cover dedicated to gun violence. >> we basically gave emma a target paper. we had target paper from a prop stylist, and then she ripped it. it was a metaphor for the fact that these kids don't want to be targets for shooters and for violence anymore. >> reporter: but just as the cover photo began to spread, a fake gif was created, showing emma gonzalez not tearing up the gun range target. but instead, making it look like she was tearing up the constitution. >> here is our cover and you can see clearly that she's tearing a target paper and on the left, you can see this grainy video, another sign that it's fake, and also you can see the text of the constitution sort of shakes when she starts to rip it. >> reporter: the fake image quickly going viral. turbocharged on social media after it was posted by gab,
8:23 am
which bills itself as the free speech social media network on twitter. and referred to it as a satirical meme. >> once misinformation is out there it's out there and it's far easier to spread lies than to correct them. >> reporter: the technology to manipulate videos and photos more accessible than ever. >> now there is software that can be purchased and done at home. and within a few days, you can manufacture what someone says. in a video. so we are entering into dark times. >> reporter: some tips to determine the real from the hoax. follow the chain and see where that information first originated. do a reverse google search. and trust your gut. if it seems unlikely, it probably is. and one area that's really become a target of these fake photos, robin, are natural disasters after hurricanes, tornadoes, major storms. we've seen a bunch of these hoax photos all over the internet. if you see a shark, for example, in a picture swimming down a main street, be skeptical. that photo is very likely a fake. >> i know.
8:24 am
but there are times in the case of this young woman who is trying to do her best to bring about change. and it being used against her like this, it's such challenging times right now. how -- are there ways we can spot when something is a fake? >> so, we took a picture that i posted to my instagram account a few days after "good morning america." this is the real picture. no filter and then we had a producer doctor it. now, this is the picture that's been doctored and there are a couple of telltale signs. first of all, look at these branches. you have duplicates that weren't in the original. the branches look identical. then look at the walls. it's warped here. it's mismatched. there's no matching. oftentimes, you see this with a brick wall where the bricks don't line up on the wall. here's where you see things along the floor. it's also, you can see here these floorboards no longer match up. it's a little bit fuzzy here where the floorboards exist then finally look for shadows in those photos because here you can see there's a shadow. but here in the fixed hoax
8:25 am
version, no shadow here anymore so these are the things to look for. >> wow. >> it's not easy, robin. >> it's not easy at all. >> but you can look for these things and they will often show up in the hoax photos. >> also, give people the benefit of the doubt. when you see something that you're like, oh, could that really be? give them the benefit of the doubt. >> use skepticism. >> and do research because you can do like you said the reverse google and things like that. maybe get to the bottom of it. >> it's important to be skeptical in these times. >> yeah, all right, thank you, rebecca, so much. coming up, rebecca is so excited about this, "jersey shore," they're here and they're live! their first interview since they finished the filming of a new season. not -- no fake. this is real. not -- no fake. this is real. ♪ ♪ it might be the last place you think you would find a person with an eating disorder. but tomorrow, what this major league baseball player reveals
8:26 am
about his eating disorder is not only stunning but just may help so many others. tomorrow on "gma."
8:27 am
good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. california is suing the trump administration over a question in the 2020 census about citizen ship. congress saying the data will help enforce the voting rights act which protects minority voting rights. this -- says this is an asettlement -- and will release details on the suit later this morning. we are awaiting that. >> good morning, we have a lot of issues. we started off quietly, not anymore. southbound 680 and walnut -- blocking lane number two. we need a tow truck to get it
8:28 am
out of there. and northbound 880, long delays both on 238 and northbound 880 into the fremont area. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do.
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8:30 am
wednesday through friday. almost. >> sure does. it looks ♪ welcome back. ah. great audience that we have here in times square and you got something you want to bring to the table. >> a question for the audience. who here would support a law that would give you permission to ignore your boss? [ applause ] well, you all ought to move to new york. it's on the table here. it's a little more complicated than that. the right to disconnect and what it says is that your boss cannot make you respond to e-mails or texts after work hours. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. now, it doesn't mean that the boss cannot e-mail you or contact you. >> you just don't have to answer. >> you don't have to answer but they can still reach out, right? >> i don't know we need a law
8:31 am
for that. >> well, maybe. >> some places where you work, you probably do. but i guess it depends on the profession. >> it does. we really can't do that. >> why? [ laughter ] i know we can't. breaking news and thing, doctors in certain positions but there are a lot of people that were weighing in and said, you know, when they give it all at the office and when they come home, it's their home time. >> it's their home time. >> it used to be like that. if you got a phone call it was very serious. >> a woman from michigan says, yes, support it but in fairness there should be an on-duty person that changes every weekend so you can turn off the e-mail. >> a good solution. >> great idea. even without a law -- >> yeah. really nice. >> we know how the audience feels about it. [ applause ] but where are y'all from i
8:32 am
met -- >> oklahoma state. >> they forgot their phones. they don't have their phones with them right now. >> they feel great. [ laughter ] >> but when they -- >> it's the middle of the workweek. it's the middle of the week and i don't have my phone. [ applause ] >> i love that. we went to a take a picture. do you do it on purpose? >> absolutely not. [ applause ] >> that ruins the whole thing. >> but thanks for that. thank you. our next guest is going from hilarious tv doctor to beloved tv dad in "alex, inc." the new abc show from the people who brought you "scrubs," give it up for zach braff. ♪ welcome to my house [ applause ] >> hi. >> thank you. good to see you. [ applause ] >> hi. >> good to see you again.
8:33 am
>> hey! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> we see your face and we just smile. >> it's so surreal. i watch the show every day so it's surreal to be sitting here amongst you. the audience is new, hi, everybody. [ applause ] >> the energy. >> we got to enjoy you for nine great seasons on account scrubs." >> thank you. >> i mean that. >> thank you so much. >> i mean that. so you're coming back into tv to do this, is there something else this your head? >> it makes you nervous. who can know if a show will go as long as "scrubs." nine years is pretty long. this has the same tone. no crazy surreal fantasies but a mix of comedy and heart and that's what people i think loved about it. >> is that what you loved about the script. >> it's inspired by a true story of a guy who started a business, knew nothing about it.
8:34 am
made a whole podcast about his family and creating the business and i heard the podcast and i just thought, this is so perfect. it's a family story. i feel like there's so much great tv we all love but most of it you can't watch with your kids. so we really aspired to make something that was funny but you could watch with your whole family. >> tv show about a podcast about a podcast. >> very, very -- [ applause ] >> i didn't realize it was based on a true story. >> yeah, it's a podcast called "start-up" and alex worked at this american life and said someone should make a podcast company. maybe i should do it but i know nothing about starting a business so decided almost like a reality show, you know, on the radio or a podcast he documented his whole life. his arguments with his wife, pitching to his investors and then it was really fascinated and made it into this story. >> not only zach on the show but another name we love from time.
8:35 am
michael imperioli. >> yes. >> wow. how is that? >> people always ask, is he scary? i'm like, he's -- testament tott what a good actor he is. buddhist who lives in santa monica. such a wonderful actor and hilarious. there we are together. when we were writing the show, my partner and i were kind of doing a michael imperioli impression and we were like, we kept reading other actors and thought should we ask michael imperioli and fortunately he wanted to do it. >> you guys want to see some of the show? [ cheers and applause ] >> what if i and this is one of the reasons why i want to take you to dinner start my own podcast company? why are you laughing. >> because you're kidding. you're not kidding? oh, god. >> i worked my whole life for other people. i want to do something i can be proud of. i want something that's mine.
8:36 am
>> buy a boat? we can't afford a boat. >> buy a kayak. >> i would love a kayak. [ applause ] >> she's very funny too. i remember her from "the good place." >> she's very, very talented and that's another aspect of the show. biracial couple. that came from the podcast too. that's something we wanted to hold on to. it's always challenging to hire children that are really good actors but we had to find two kids that actually could be believably our kids. >> beautiful family. >> we've been checking out your social media and you posted a photo captured new wife, old wife. >> oh, yeah, well -- >> how does your "scrubs" family -- >> you have to bring up the picture. >> the joke it was donald, the old wife. there it is. >> very funny. >> donald is my best friend in real life as he was on the show and so he's so supportive and, you know, i want to have him on
8:37 am
if and when we're lucky enough to have a second season. >> someone you know well was here yesterday. sara -- >> yes. >> both on abc. >> happy to have you back. >> abc pep rally. >> sara left you a little message. >> good lucky your show. [ speaking a foreign language ] "the bachelor." >> explain to people why she did that. >> sara speaks fluent german and loves to show it off any chance she can get. >> she did on the show. she did on "scrubs." >> she really, really loves to show off that german. >> and you really, really love "the bachelor." >> no, i don't. what happened was everyone kept saying i looked like arie, the bachelor. and like on my twitter -- yeah, there we are. >> a little. >> but then -- [ applause ] >> but then -- but then he turned out to be this horrible guy so i don't want this rose
8:38 am
anymore. >> yay. we love you even more. >> i put it on my social media and i don't know if you can show it because it was a curse involved but i said in so many words i don't want to look -- yeah, i don't want -- you edited. for the morning tv i don't want that look like this jerk anymore because i thought what he did was pretty lame. >> you do watch. [ applause ] >> i'm not saying i haven't watched. george, will you accept this rose? >> thank you, zach. >> this is what we missed. this is what we missed. this kind of humor. the abc pep rally continues. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. "alex, inc." premieres tonight at 8:30 eastern right here on abc. >> when we come back he is a jersey guy but we have the cast of "jersey shore." >> you got to stay. [ cheers and applause ]
8:39 am
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they're excited. why? it's t-shirt time in times square. you know what that means. the cast of "jersey shore" is with us. the gang reuniting for "family vacation." it's a new show. please welcome snooki, j-woww, deena, mike "the situation," vinny, pauly d. and ronnie. so nice to see the gang all back
8:42 am
together again. i want to ask you guys, it's been six year, i can't believe it on "gma" right at the end. i sat with all of you around that time so now "family vacation" is here. seven of you go on a vacation to miami beach. snook or nicole, what was that experience like being back with the gang. >> one word. >> yeah. >> blackout. >> wow! >> say no more. should i go -- let's go around the horn. jenni. >> epic. >> peppic. >> deena. >> thankful. >> ah. >> disaster. >> ooh. >> disaster, a good disaster. >> yes, a beautiful disaster. >> beautiful disaster. talk to me, pauly. >> party. the party. >> yeah. >> i know somebody who partied. vinny. >> after the party it's the hangover. >> that's for sure. >> and mike. >> magical. >> magical. >> ah. really, really nice.
8:43 am
that has changed more than anything is obviously we've all grown up a little bit. six years have gone by. there are now spouses involved. there are kids involved. can you still do it the way you do it? i'll ask you vinny. >> i partied a lot in my life but one thing i learned on this trip nobody parties harder than a bunch of moms that have been cooped up in a house. [ applause ] moms go hard. >> yeah. >> moms go hard. >> had the girls changed, though? do you see a difference this them? >> well, they actually cook and clean now, shockingly. >> yes. >> we know they do gym, tan and laundry. >> pauly, the deejaying is doing really well. >> touring the world living my dream, a different state every night. [ applause ] >> yet some things never change including the hair. >> yeah, got to keep it -- god blessed me with this hairline. i don't want to let him down.
8:44 am
it's god's plan. >> every step of the way, what is the secret to it. >> you know what, a lot of hair gel. to blow dry. it's a whole process. >> and the tan is fantastic. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> but, whose tan is better? this is a tan-off. >> we battle. >> i see that. >> it's always the tanning war. >> jenni, i want to ask you, what do you think or who do you think in the group has changed the most? >> definitely mike "the situation." i always said that he is now the inspiration. >> ah. [ applause ] >> amen to that. >> i know a lot of is that because you've gone through a lot and are open about it in the episode i watched about your court thing. >> yeah. >> so there were some concerns actually that you wouldn't even make the trip. >> yeah. >> due to these legal issues. how did your trial and that experience change you? >> well, i had to understand
8:45 am
that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to those situations and i decided that i could not control certain situations but what i could control was myself so i became sober about 28 months now. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. and one day at a time i work on being the best person i can be, the best friend to these guys, the best son i could be and just work on things that i can control. so it all came from the serenity prayer. god grant knee the serenity to accept the things -- accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference so i used to go off that. >> that's great. well, congratulations. >> thank you. is [ applause ] do you guys want to see a little sneak peek? i think we should. "family vacation" roll 'em. >> nicole decided to steal something from the house. >> why don't you show them.
8:46 am
♪ [ cheers ] >> quack, quack. >> quack, quack, quack. >> you cannot have a "jersey shore" house without that. [ applause ] >> also can't see you guys and not see someone doing crazy dance move. vinny, we saw it in the show. come on. show us. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> what is this move. >> this is like there's someone behind a door and they're not letting me in so i'm like -- i'm listening for it, knocking. are we playing the music. i can't hear eight and a hear this knocking and then finally i just kick the door open and fight the beat. i lost my mike. i go pretty hard. >> it's interpretive dance. [ applause ] i know you're having a baby.
8:47 am
congratulations any day now, ronnie. >> any second now. >> any second. [ applause ] the gang is back together and we are not done, everybody. "jersey shore family vacation" premieres april 5th on mtv. the group isn't going anywhere. we have a fun little game coming up. rob, let's go to you first, though. >> we are excited about that. here with jo we're talking about one of the hottest coffee trend, cold brew. and our sponsor, green mountain coffee roasters making it easy to taste this tasty beverage. they call it their cold brew alpine roast. jo anna is editorial director of tell us what the difference is and how to go about making it. we got iced coffee and cold brew. >> you got to taste. taste the difference. see if you can tell the difference. i'm not going to tell you which one is which. >> that's -- you know, i don't like iced coffee but i do -- >> power through. >> that's a little lighter. >> you got it. >> that's the cold brew. >> thank goodness. okay, good.
8:48 am
but the difference is cold brew is steeped so the coffee is put into cold water and it's steeped so the flavor can supersmooth, really bold, rich. generally ice coffee is hot coffee made cold with ice or refrigeration so you tend to get a little bitter and watered down with the ice. >> there's a chemical process probably that's involved with that. >> definitely. >> so green mountain is making it easy. seems like it could be a process but easy to do it at home. >> generally cold brew when you main it at home takes a lot of coffee and a lot of time. this is just put two packs into four cups of water and then you let this sit overnight like overnight right before you go to bed, put it in the fridge, steeps amazingly and when you wake up you have the perfect, perfect cup of cold brew and mix it with a little bit of water, a little bit of ice and then you're good. >> i love it. that looks easy. >> all right. hi there, i'm "abc 7 news," meteorologist mike nicco.
8:49 am
50s by 9:00 and 60s by noon. and 70s b jo and i are gassed. you know what, everybody in the studio audience will go home with some green mountain cold brew coffee. yeah, you'll enjoy that. coming up, more fun with the "jersey shore" cast. our gtl challenge is next. "good morning america's" best brew is sponsored by green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodnes
8:50 am
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all right, back now with the cast of "jersey shore." ready, cast is here and are you ready for the gtl relay race. >> come on, boys versus girls. gym, set up your cheers and do some laundry and answer the duck
8:52 am
phone. >> the original duck phone. >> come on, gtl game, ready, set, go. >> oh. >> passing the hair gel. setting up the chairs. >> got to get the tan. >> can't suntan without a drink. [ applause ] >> come on. >> oh. >> girls dominate. [ cheers and applause ] [ duck noises ] >> j-woww. j-woww. >> nice work, girls. >> the winner, the ladies. for the golden hair gel trophy. >> we won. >> nothing has changed with the gang from the "jersey shore." congratulations, guys. we love you. [ cheers and applause ] >> april 5th on mtv it
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by a zillion things home. got to say thank you to the cast of "jersey shore." thank you guys. >> welcome back, guys. have a great day, everyone. so long.
8:56 am
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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. and meteorologist mike nicco is here with the beautiful forecast. >> it is nice outside. if you love the sunshine and warm warmer weather and nice breeze. green, the sun is strong enough to burn you. look at the 80s inland, and mid 70s around the bay and 70s near the coast. alexis. >> hey, mike. we have great driving weather and a lot of issues, this is westbound 80 a new crash near gilman. and highway 4 and drive time is not great. a lot of delays, northbound 85 between 10113 cupertino. 41 minutes. >> time now with live for kelly and ryan, and we'll be back at
9:00 am
11:00 are the abc 7 midday >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, the one and only madonna. plus princess shuri from "black panther," actress letitia wright. all next on "live." [upbeat music] ♪ now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ♪ >> ryan: good morning. all right, thank you, all.


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