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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 27, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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. a lack of consensus over the census. this morning the california administration is suing the trump administration over a question of citizenship stats us in the latest battle between the states and feds over immigration. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. happening right now, california's attorney general is about to begin a news conference to detail how a question approved by the trump administration for the upcoming population count is illegal and designed to intimidate. a charge that the administration denies. abc7 news reporter matt keller is live in san jose with the latest. >> reporter: the last time the citizenship question was asked for a census was back in 1950.
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but it's back and the state is trying to stop it. the u.s. census is filled with a lot of questions, but a new one about citizenship status just announced by the commerce department for 2020 is sparking a lot of controversy. the department said the information would help the justice department enforce the voting rights act, which protects minority voting rights. in the announcement, the commerce department said secretary wilbur ross determined obtaining complete and accurate information to meet this legitimate government purpose outweighed the limited potential adverse impacts. in february, santa clara county leaders knew the citizenship question was a possibility and filed the freedom of information act request to find out how the u.s. census bureau would plan to protect the privacy of respondents. >> the real question is, are we asking that question because we want to separate people? are we asking that question because we want to intimidate people? is that question being asked as
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a political statement? and i think the answer to that is, yes. >> reporter: california attorney general xavier becerra quickly filed a lawsuit against the department of commerce saying the citizenship question is unconstitutional and would violate federal statutes. he said an undercount would threaten at least one of california's seats in the house of representatives and would deprive its cities and counties of their fair share of billions of dollars in federal funds. >> medical services for transportation, for food, and for those safety net services we know many in our community really need. >> reporter: attorney general becerra wrote an op-ed on his lawsuit. we put a link to that on our website. we also put the announcement from the commerce department on our website as well. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. >> thank you. a kansas church known for denouncing gay rights around the country brought their protest to an east bay elementary school this morning. they were met by dozens of counterprotesters who stood up for lbgt rights and gender
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identity questions. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the story in a alamo. >> reporter: this is how they responded to protesters from the west borough baptist church, they wore unicorn onc onesies os show inclusion. >> when it issues a press release, you have to show up. you do not stay home. >> reporter: the demonstrations happened in front of rancho romero elementary at 8:00 this morning. parents were shocked this group would bring their message to such young children. the group's leader said this is unusual for them. >> 27 years, every day we've been on these streets. every single day. for 27 years. 65 plus thousand pickets and this is the first dprad school. >> reporter: this all started because of a bulletin board at
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the school maintained by the pta's diversity and inclusion committee. january's theme was about gender identity and included the gender unicorn as part of its message. >> there were some questions parents had regarding some of the content. when those questions were raised, we changed it quickly. it was up for about four hours. >> they are nationally known, on fox news for teaching their children, sitting them in these classrooms where they can't even read with images and otherwise teaching them to rebel against god in every way. >> studies show reaching down to younger kids can help expand their tolerance and acceptance of everybody's uniqueness. i think that's the intent. >> reporter: the church members said they were glad to see such a large turnout so they can get their message directly to their target audience, but no children were here. administrators delayed the start of school until 10:45 because they say safety is their
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priority. in alamo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. all lanes of traffic are now open after an early morning police chase ended with a crash that shut down the port chicago off-ramp from highway 4 in concord. concord police say officers were following a pickup truck after a 911 skaul about a crime in progress. the driver lost control. the truck rolled. and the man was ejected. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police have not released details of the alleged crime or if any charges will be filed. new fallout this midday after the deadly crash in arizona involving a self-driving uber suv. in the last hour, nvidia announced it will suspend self-driving tests across the globe. the chip maker is conducting self-driving tests. arizona governor announced he's suspending uber's self-driving cars calling this video disturbing and alarming.
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adding it was an unquestionable failure. the chronicle reports uber wanted to clear the air say it had nothing to do with the driving system. it's become standard practice, of course, to disable car's technology as companies like uber develop its own autonomous driving system. volvo says it's waiting for a full investigation report before commenting. new details on the deadly crash involving a tesla on highway 101 in mountain view last week. the national transportation safety board is now investigating. the chp says the tesla driver hit a barrier and the car caught fire. firefighters had to determine if it was safe to move the car and its damaged battery packs. the ntsb says it will examine the post-crash fire and the steps needed to make the car safe to remove from an accident scene. now to the facebook fallout from that cambridge analytica scandal. this morning there are reports that ceo mark zuckerberg will
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testify before congress next month. this comes amayeid allegations. >> reporter: an explosive allegation that strikes right to the heart of britain's politics. the brexit campaign cheated and may have swayed the 2016 vote, so says the former cambridge analytica employee turned whistle-blower currently in london giving testimony to british politicians. >> it's absolutely right they should be properly investigated. >> reporter: britain's parliament is investigating a canadian advertising firm connected to cambridge analytica was illegally funded by the brexit campaign as a way to get around spending caps. wily believes it was. >> i think it's completely reasonable to to say there could have been a different outcome in the referendum, you know, had there not been, in my view, cheating. >> reporter: cambridge analytica is coming under scrutiny over
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its alleged misuse of data of millions of facebook users. ceo mark zuckerberg, who has been summoned by mps, is refusing to testify before a british inquiry. facebook plans to send a senior staffer instead. the uk is dealing with the slow, protracted brexit vote. this country is incredibly divided and today's testimony will likely make it much harder to bring both sides together. julia mcfarland, abc news, london. a man in the north bay is accused of having a dirty secret in his backyard. investigators say carlos chavez illegally dumped thousands of gallons of raw sewage into the sewage system. he runs a septic system. he should have disposed of it at the laguna treatment plan, but investigators say he dumped it in his backyard through a homemade pipe. >> he had retrofitted a manhole
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in the backyard of his private residence. and that manhole then discharged to the sewer system on his private residence, ultimately linking to the sanitary sewer system. >> chavez was previously convicted in sonoma county for dumping septic waste illegally. he's out on bail and due back in court in may. a retired supreme court justice weighs in on the gun control debate. his stance and the guidance he's giving to students. president trump's sex scandal is heating up. the new fallout following stormy daniels' affair accusations. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. after 18 days of rain this month, sunshine has taken over our forecast and temperature up to 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. we'll end up about 5 to 8 degrees warmer. in is not as warm as it guess. i
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11:12 am the ross spring shoe event. show me your hands! >> that was the deadly police shooting at a center of a news conference in sacramento this morning. two officers shot 22-year-old stephon clark 20 times, killing him. the state attorney general, sacramento police chief, county da all made an appearance at that news conference. abc7 news' jennifer castro joins us. >> we just learned the state department of justice will take
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over the investigation in the shooting death of stephon clark. sacramento police are handing over the reins in order to ensure an impartial investigation, and that is why attorney general xavier becerra was there. becerra will oversee the case. we learned his department will separately review the policing policies, procedures and practices at the sacramento police department. and he spoke about his role. >> my team and i at the california department of justice will do everything in our power to ensure that this investigation is fair, thorough and impartial. >> the attorney general went on to say that he recognizes it's important for his team to, quote, get it right. becerra also said trust and respect among the community and police officers is the only way to achieve long-term public safety and the change in the investigation begins immediately. i'm jessica castro, abc7 news. >> thank you. new this morning,
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louisiana's attorney general has ruled out criminal charges against two white baton rouge police officers in the shooting of alton sterling. the decision comes 11 months after the justice department ruled out federal criminal charges. he was killed in 2016 after a struggle with officers outside an convenient store where he was selling cds. new this morning, a retired supreme court justice says anticipate-gun violence -- john paul stevenss stevens wrote an op-ed calling the amendment a relic of 18th century. he said repealing it would lift legal protection for firearms sellers and ultimately reduce gun violence. in a response the n are. a said it would unapologetically fight to continue to protect the fundamental freedom. you may remember this young man, david hogg, one of the park land high school students who spearheaded the parkland gun
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movement. according to tmz, he's been rejected by four university of california campuses. he did get accepted to cal poly and cal state-san marcos. he has a 4.2 gpa and 1270 on his s.a.t.s. a michigan state official who oversaw a clinic where former sports doctor larry nas nasser worked is facing criminal charges. he's accused of inappropriately ptouching a student and storing nude photos of female students on his work computer. he was dean of the college of osteopathic medicine until late last year is due to be arraign the later today. new fallout this morning from the stormy daniels tv interview. she's taking newell legal action against president trump's attorney accusing him of defamation. in a lawsuit, daniels claims michael cohn defamed her by
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implying she's lying about a 2006 affair with mr. trump. she's also arguing the $130,000 payo cohn in a hush agreement was an illegal campaign contribution. that's because it was 11 days before the election when mr. trump was a candidate. the white house denies daniels' claim about the the new products apple unveiled today and their targeted market. a live look outside our east bay hills camera showing plenty of sunshine across the bay there. what a change. meteorologist mike nicco has your accuweather forecast coming
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you haven't been able to do this yet this year. you'll have a longer time thanks to march. 12 feet of snow on heavenly. they announced this morning, the ski season, they're going to prolong it, extending it to april 22nd. they're offering daily ski and riding. purchase your lift tickets and ski school in advance to save up to 25%. you can do that at, about 25% off. here's a look at what's going on. a visible satellite from yesterday. not quite a miracle. definitely a tremendous amount of snow going from 24% of average at the beginning of march to 58% of average now. this is the way -- oh, wow. it just dropped out. let's talk about seven-day forecast. just came back.
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49 is average but mayeid to upp 50s through monday. don't forget this time of the year, wear the sunscreen. gorgeous day on tap at the golden gate bridge and a little bit of a breeze. still tremendous amount of visibility if you want to head out there, hike the marin and stay awesome pictures of the city. still need a jacket at night and the pattern remains dry through the weekend, at minimum. early into next week, too. it's 72 in napa already. 57 in morgan hill and half moon bay. the rest of us pretty much in the low to mid-60s. at our highs for today, still a couple hours of warming to go. double trouble, these two areas of high pressure keeping the storm track well away from us. the winner is sunshine and warmer weather. 64 to 68 along the coast in san francisco this afternoon. 70 to 72 around the way and 72 to 75 in our inland
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neighborhoods. if you're going to the game tonight, it will feel like a normal game at at&t park minus the breeze and fog. the temperatures are about the same. 6:05 first pitch, dropping down to about 56 as the bay bridge series continues preseason. here's a look at welcome back nut creek. 60 to 68 your noontime temperatures. it will cool off at the coast. 70s for the rest of us at 4:00. by 8:00, low to mid-50s by midnight, on our way to mid to upper 40s. a few 50s in san rafael, and antioch. we are going to keep the momentum going for warmer weather. 80s inland thursday, friday. 70s around the bay, nearing 70 at the coast. slightly cooler for the holiday weekend. paverage.res still above won't be quite as bright saturday. i think sunday we'll have more sunshine and without the lack of clouds, maybe a little dew on the grass when the kids are out
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hunting the eggs. >> much better weather for the easter egg hunt. heineken just announced it's pulling this ad, take a look, after a hip-hop star called it racist. thet used the tag line, sometimes lighter is better to advertise heineken light. a bartender slides is it past three people, all of whom are african-american. the beer finally stops when it reaches a light erskined woman. chance the rapper called the ad terribly racist on twitter. others agree, criticizing the clip on social media. new this morning, apple unveiled its lowest cost ipad ever. ceo tim cook spoke today at a chicago high school. the 9.7-inch ipad cost $299. it's meant to appeal to students and teachers. it also supports the apple pencil stylus that could only be used on the more expensive ipad pro line. they also introduced new education software.
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what led to this major mix-up by an uber driver yesterday in san francisco.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely.
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i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. one of the most iconic filmmaker says movies made for netflix are not worthy winning
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an oscar. steven spielberg says netflix movies should not qualify for oscar nomination. he says once it's formatted for television. they might deserve an emmy but not oscar. netflix was the first streaming service to earn eight oscar nominations this year. taking a wrong turn in san francisco can land you in big trouble. just ask this driver. sky7 was over market and church street when this uber wound up on the steps of a church. uber's driver said the app told him to go down the stairs and i guess he just followed it. >> what did his common sense tell him to do? >> i don't know. but apparently he had two passengers in the car. >> no, he didn't! >> yeah. reroute, reroute. from all of us at abc7 news, thank you for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire?" is next. we leave you with a look at san
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francisco. thanks for joining us. bye-bye.
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