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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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he's referring to last week's deadly crash when a self-driving uber test vehicle struck and killed a bicyclist. uber confirmed to abc7 news that nvidia was using a platform called xavier that was on display here. the san jose chipmaker was more coy about it's involvement. >> we only know what's in the public right now. >> reporter: is that a yes or a no? >> that's an i don't >> reporter: city that it whether not renew its self-driving permit. the company is working on autonomous driving technologiess the ceo says he hopes it doesn't create a set back for this highly competitive sector.
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>> i hope we kind of move past this and still enable the industry to do what it needs to get vehicles on the road. >> reporter: william rigs, a management professor at the university of san francisco focuses on transportation and technology. he says more regulation may be needed, but to save lives, testing must continue. >> when does there come this moral imperative that we need to enhance the technology beyond the speed it's currently going just to actually save more lives. >> reporter: nvidia has been putting agent of its future bets on the autonomous vehicle industry, but with this news developing today, it's stock dropped nearly 8%. we're live in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. despite the deadly crash in arizona involving an ougautonoat uber, rainbow still plans to launch a self-driving vehicle
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company. it's engineers have been fine-tuning the robotic technology and it's cars have traveled more than 1 million miles on public roads. anger at the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of sacramento police officers is spilling into the streets of sacramento. new today the state attorney general's office saying it has launched an investigation into the shooting of 22-year-old stephon clark in his grand mother's backyard. leslie brinkley is live at a protest outside the sacramento county district attorney's office right now. leslie? >> reporter: we just moved moments ago. we were at the district attorney's office. the crowd demanded she come out, she did not. so they walked two blocks down the street here to sacramento city hall. there are 230 seats inside for a city council meeting that's about to get under way. thousands of people are expected to converge here, they're upset,
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there's a lot of raw emotion today. >> an emotional protest in sacramento as anger continues to motivate community groups to take to the streets. today the california department of justice announced they are stepping in to oversee the investigation into the shooting death of stephon clark on march 18 in a case that's fast becoming a national crusade about illegal use of force. clark led police on a pursuit that ended in his grandmother's backyard in south sacramento. body cam video included an officer yelling gun, then 20 rounds were fired at the 22-year-old, as officers arrived, an officer said mute, and audio on both body cams went silent. clark was not armed, he was holding a cell phone. >> there's a lot of mistrust. my sense is that if sacramento
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can do this thoroughly, as tr g transparently as possible, with some independent eyes over it as well, so perhaps in sacramento we can show we can do this in a way that brings people together. >> we're here because excessive force was being used, we're here because there was violence on this 22-year-old man, we are here because of that, we are here because of police officers not because of protesters. >> reporter: community groups are attending tonight's city council meeting demanding justice now. they say the state taking over the investigation isn't enough. black lives matter wants accountability. >> we need to see change and that looks like the community. >> reporter: this is a look at the shirts that they are handing out here in front of sacramento city hall, they're free to everybody coming. there are thousands expected. room inside for maybe a couple hundred people. the city council has cleared their schedule and they expect a lot of heated debate tonight
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over accountability and justice. reporting live in sacramento, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> and our coverage of that deadly sacramento shooting will continue throughout the evening. abc7 news reporter lisa amine will be live at tonight's city council meeting. just a few hours ago, a south bay high school was evacuated after a threat was made. >> jonathan bloom joins us now life with the details. jonathan? >> reporter: school here is cancelled and you can see the campus is pretty empty after a scene earlier this afternoon as one student described as a frenzy. it happened around 1:00 students were already off campus having lunch. sheriff's deputies cordoned off campus and the street surrounding it and conducted a
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systematic search of the building before giving the all clear for teachers and students to come on campus just long enough to collect their things. the school district says the threat was not crcrcr district is taking no chances. >> we want to take it seriously until we're sure that it's a hoaxer not a valid threat. >> we looked into call came from. >> whoever's doing it has no sense of regard for other students of the area, so it's sort of like, if you're the one doing this out there, and you're doing this as, like, a senior prank or something, just stop. >> reporter: the school posted a notice to parents on its website and a district spokesperson says it's important for parents to stay up to date. the skal has cancelled all after
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school and sports activity and school will resume tomorrow. police are looking into the source of that threatening robo call, and students are glad because the last thing they want is a reason to panic. new developments in a concord police car chase and crash. it happened early this morning, forcing the shutdown of the port chicago highway offramp from highway 4. the driver of the pick-up truck lost control, the truck rolled and the man was ejected. investigators say the truck was stolen earlier in the evening from a concord resident. the driver is being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. the national transportation safety board is now investigating yesterday's deadly tesla crash. the tesla has a semi-automatic control system.
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but the ntsb says investigators do not know whether it was activated when the car hit the barrier. it feels like we're racing ahead from spring to summer right now, here's a look at live doppler 7, we have sunny skies and warm conditions across the bay right now. check out the 24-hour temperature change, it is 11 degrees warmer in novato and all across the state, we see this 24-hour warmup. 8 degrees warmer in bakersfield and 5 degrees warmer in palm springs. right now it is 64 in san francisco, 67 in oakland, 79 in santa rosa, 73 in san 9 in concord. notice how late tonight around midnight, temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s, going to be clear and mild
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tonight. california is suing the trump administration over a citizenship question that will be included on the next census. >> given the way that this administration has attacked immigrants, you can understand why immigrant families would be afraid to fill out the census questionnaire. >> attorney general javier rsbas basaras -- >> reporter: a new question about citizenship status just announced by the commerce department for 2020 is sparking a lot of controversy. the department said that it would help the justice department enforce the voting rights act, which protects minority voting rights. the commerce department said that secretary ross determined that obtaining complete and
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accurate information to meet this legitimate government purpose outweighed the limited adverse impacts. city leaders found that -- to find out how the u.s. census bureau would plan to protect the privacy of respondents. >> the real question is, are we asking that question because we want to separate people? are we asking that question because we want to intimidate people? is that question being asked as a political statement? and i think the answer to that is yes. >> reporter: california attorney general javier basara quickly filed a lawsuit against the department of commerce saying the citizenship question is unconstitutional, it would violate federal statutes. and with the private cities and counties of their fair share of billions of dollars in federal funds. >> medical services, for transportation, for food, and for those safety net services
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that we know many in our community really need. >> reporter: the attorney general wrote an op-ed piece about his lawsuit, we put a link to that on our web site and we put the announcement from the commerce department on our website as well. new details just in to the abc7 newsroom. the orange county board of supervisors has voted to join the federal lawsuit against california's sanctuary laws. one supervisor said the sanctuary law is a threat to public safety. the trump administration says it's violates a clause in the constitution which gives federal law precedence over state measures. and while we're talking about sanctuary laws, finding it here in the bay area. >> it perpetuates, police violence in our community. >> he's talking about the fight against urban shield, the fighting to tactical training. mark zuckerberg now says he will talk, but not to everyone. what he's holding out for. and a change to modern parenting, the new law giving
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kids free rein to roam alone. >> and this is the san mateo bridge traffic, and traffic is moving better on the right-hand side, that is traffic heading
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now to the facebook fallout from that cambridge analytica scandal. ceo mark zuckerberg is now expected to testify before congress next month. this comes amid allegations cambridge analytica may also be linked to the brexit campaign in the united kingdom.
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>> reporter: an explosive allegation that strikes right to the heart of britain's politics. the brexit campaign cheated and it may have swayed the vote. the former analytica employee turned whistle blower currently in london giving testimony to british politicians. british parliament is investigating whether a canadian advertising firm that may be linked to the cambridge analytica directly funded the brexit campaign as a way to get around funding rules. >> i think it was critical, had there not been in my view cheating. >> reporter: long based cambridge analytica is coming under scrutiny of the publishment of millions of its facebook users. mark zuckerberg is refusing to testify before a british inquiry, saying he'll send a
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senior staffer instead. the painful process of divorcing itself from the uk. back in 2016 are still being argued over. this country is incredibly divided and today's testimony will likely make it much harder to bring both sides together. an oakland based ride sharing company says it's deleted it's facebook business page to protect the privacy of its users. arrive rides dispatches lyft and uber rides for those who don't have smart phones. it collected names and addresses as a marketing page on its page. apple is going back to school to fund an -- the ipad will cost $299 for schools and $329 for consumers. it's also compatible with the apple pencil and new versions of word processing, spreadsheets
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and presentation apps. >> we care deeply about education, because we love kids and we love teachers. we know that our products can help bring out the creative genius in every kid. >> apple is trying to compete with google's low cost chrome books that are increasingly used in schools. >> here's a question, would you let your children play at the playground unsupervised, or stay by themselves in a can. >> a move to decriminalize a more laze fare approach to raising kids. >> well, we want to know what you think about free range parenting, the idea that parents should allow kids to roam free with less hovering. should california follow utah's lead. you can vote and see the results in real-time at the bottom of
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your screen throughout this report. the new utah law spells out it's not criminal neglect for parents to allow kids who show maturity and good judgment to walk to school by themselves, take the bus alone, or play outside without adult supervision. utah governor signed the bill after lawmakers signed it unanimously. it takes effect in may and it's the first law of its kind in the u.s. the bill's sponsors says we have become too hyper about protecting our kids and as a result they don't learn self-reliance. >> we want them as kids to learn how to navigate the world. >> lawmakers say they found shocking cases of the law overreaching. this couple was investigated for child neglect after allowing their kids to walk home from school without adult supervision. and utah has one specific laws
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about staying in the car. one 6 and under must be supervised by someone 12 and over. do you think that california should adopt parenting laws. bad news for bath time, scientists now say rubber duckies, those cute little bath time friends, they're a haven for nasty bugs. swiss and american researches say the murky liquid that is released when the toys are squeezed have high levels of bacteria. the polymer used to make the ducks could be the reason for the extra bacteria. >> we have to worry about the ducks, of all things? >> we have such a week ahead, it started already, you can see how beautiful and warm it is right
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now, and we have more of this coming our way, this is live doppler 7, sunny skies prevail across the bay right now, over the next couple of days, we might see high temperatures reach into record high territory for this time of year. here's the view from sutro tower. it's 64 in san francisco, 67 in oakland, low to mid 70s in mountain view, san jose and gilroy, and 67 at half moon bay. looking out over the golden gate, 79 degrees in santa rosa, and 73 in napa and 79 degrees in novato. and one more view from our mt. tam camera. the warming will continue over the next two days, we may see some record highs on thursday, which is, what, the 29th? record highs for that date. and minor cooling with dry conditions and clear conditions as well.
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low temperatures pretty much on the mild side. upper 540s to low 50s. we'll begin the day with sunny skies and fairly mild conditions. at 7:00 tomorrow morning, temperatures will already be in the 50s in some bay area locations. by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, we'll see temperatures in the 80s. and then after sunset, temperatures will remain in the 70s in some locations. look for highs of 66 in half moon bay. 80 at antioch. how far above average will tomorrow's high temperatures be? if we get 79 in livermore, that will be 14 degrees higher than
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average. meanwhile in tahoe, where there is still snow on the ground, there may not be much of that left over the next four days, as we expect sunny skies and temperatures well up into the upper 40s in tahoe the next few days. there will be some man-made snow. beautiful weather coming our way or going that way. the climate prediction center has released it's forecast for next week, and it will be warmer than average in virtually all of the southwest corner of the state. we'll see highs of 80 degrees or above in our inland areas in the next three kaydays. and thursday is our next shot at lo record highs. temperatures will cool down a little bit over the weekend, but still will remain in a mild range, it will be bright and breezy on east eer sunday and going into next week, it will be milder. >> wednesday and thursday at the
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coliseum, a's opener. a little bit baseball? >> i'm a baseball guy. >> yeah? >> i'm a slugger. >> you can hit? >> somebody may need to run for me, but i can sure hit. all right, well roseanne is back, we're going to have a look at tonight's premiere of the hit tv show making its return to abc. plus ronald mcdonald house not just a safe h
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20 years after the iconic connor family left abc. >> a preview of the show's reboot. >> what else is new? >> shut up. >> this is why some animals eat their young. >> when asked to revive abc's hit tv show "roseanne." >> i was a fool, i'll never smoke again. >> reporter: the cast members that starred on the air waives from 1988 to 1997.
4:26 pm
>> why does everybody always think i'm dead? >> eagerly jumping back on board. >> i paid to do it. >> t >>. >> reporter: the con yonors bacs the all american working class family. >> can i have some money? i don't know, can i have some money? >> reporter: roseanne barr saying the show's themes are more relevant than they used to be. >> i got more drugs for half the price. >> it just seemed like the right time and place and the right everything. >> reporter: laurie metcalf said reuniting for the series felt a little bit like a time warp. >> it can't be two decades since we've been in the room together. >> you can see our affection for each other, and i just buy it as a family. >> and "roseanne's"
4:27 pm
tonight on abc7. the 12 final iists football hall of fame. other finalists include, ms. pac-man, mine craft, call of duty, dance, dance revolution and asteroids. the world video game hall of fame, it's a little difficult is inside the national museum of play in rochester, new york. a panel of experts and a fan vote will decide which games are inducted. >> the way you read it, did you do dance, dance >> yeah, my husband has the moves. the rift between the west and russia deepening. >> russia must understand that there are serious consequences for its destabilizing actions. the expulsion of diplomats
4:28 pm
continues, the biggest since the cold war. plus a space lob
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and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. an all clear has been given after someone made a phone call threatening
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school this afternoon. officials say there's no danger to the school or the community. there's a large scale protest against the shooting of an unarmed black man. abc news reporter tweets about retired supreme court onpaul stevens believes the second amendment of the constitution should be repealed. now to the ongoing conflict between the u.s. and russia, abc news reporter tara live with the >> reporter: the u.s. alnd it's allies are taking action against russia for the attempted
4:32 pm
assassination of a russian spy. more than 20 other countries joined the u.s., making it the biggest mass expulsion of rssian diplomats since the cold war. >> the russian government must understand that there are serious consequences for its destabilizing actions. >> reporter: president trump condemned the action but not when he spoke to president putin last week. >> i spoke with the prime minister and we are in deep discussions, a very sad situation, it certainly looks like the russians were behind it. something that should never, ever happen. >> reporter: speaking from paug, house speaker paul ryan praised the president's response. firing back, russian foreign minister sergei lavrov calling it a provocative step and warning they would respond quickly. and
4:33 pm
and. >> reporter: the european union warning of more to come. >> additional measures including further expulsions within the uk framework are not to be excluded within the coming days and weeks. >> reporter: a national security council spokesperson said the trump administration is said to enact sanctions against a list of russian onligarcoligarchs. louisiana's attorney general has ruled out criminal charges against two white baton rouge police officers in the deadly shooting of alton sterling, a 17-year-old black man. it this comes 11 months after the justice department ruled out federal criminal charges, sterling was killed in 2013 during a struggle with officers outside a convenience store where he was selling cds. however in a news conference
4:34 pm
stage, the baton rouge mayor says that -- >> it is my responsibility to ensure that our law enforcement officers follow established police procedure. >> police chief murphy paul said they'll review the actions of the officers during the incident and determine if any policies or procedures were violated. they expect that investigation to wrap up by friday. michigan state university is under fire again, the dean has been charged with sexual misconduct involving female students. >> and he's also involved in tthe abuse by larry nassar. >> i talked to the lawyer this morning. >> reporter: the former boss of convicted sexual abuser larry nass nassar, has been charged on multiple counts of sexual misconduct. >> counts 3 and 4 apply to his
4:35 pm
supervision, or quite frankly his lack of larrys thlarry s th nassar. >> he used his office to discrimina discriminate, demean and sexual assault female students. >> reporter: a computer contained 50 nude and seminude photos of what prosecutors believe are female students at csu. one alleges that he grabbed her right buttock during a school event later telling her i hold your entire future in my hand and i can do whatever i want with it. >> the response of william strample to send a memo to larry nassar and say i'm on your side. when my testimony came up
4:36 pm
graphically describing what larry perpetrated, i forwarded that testimony to the osu provost and he knocked it. he called it the cherry on the cake of his day. a water park executive and a designer are charged in the 2016 death of a so-year-o10-year-old the park in kansas city, kansas. jeffrey henry, owner of scliterbaun water park have been charged with murder in the death of the 10-year-old. the two are accused of making a spur of the moment decision to build the world's tallest water slide and rushing it into service. and dramatic video shows a life or death situation for a young girl in israel, with flames only a few feet away, forced to jump from the balcony of a burning apartment building. luckily you see people at the
4:37 pm
bottom of the video, a group of folks on the floor caught her and they were all rescued by firefighters. and a dramatic rescue in china of an 11-year-old girl, she slipped into an 8-inch gap between her home and her neighbor's house. firefighters were also able to squeeze into that space, they were able to reach down and pull her out safely. the girl was not injured. chinese space lab is expected to fall back to earth in a few days. the space station is expected to fall back into earth's atmosphere between friday and monday. there's a chance some debris could land in northern california, but the space agency says the risks to people are very small. the chance of being hit by a piece of the debris is smaller than the chance of being hit by lightning. and the controversy that heat heated up social media.
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and church members picketed a bay area middle school. why they were there and what response they received. above average spring like weather remains with us for a couple of
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fries have bcurled,nkled, waffled. but they've never been... nachoed. golden fries dusted in mexican-spices with a side of warm nacho cheese sauce. new $1 nacho fries from taco bell. taste what's next in fries. sfx: bong . a kansas church known for denouncing gay rights around the country brought their protests to an east bay elementary school today. >> but they were met but dozens of counter protesters.
4:41 pm
amy holifield has the story. >> reporter: this is how alamo responded to protesters from the west borough baptist church. they carried rainbow umbrellas a. >> when the church issues a press release, you do not stay home and stay silent when it's announced it's arrival. >> reporter: the demonstrations happened in front of rancho elementary school this morning, these parents were shocked they would -- every day we have been on these streets for 27 years, 65 plus thousand pickets and this is a first grade school. >> reporter: this all started because of a bulletin board here at the school maintained by the
4:42 pm
pta's diversity and inclusion committee. january's theme was about gender identity and it included the unicorn as one of its members. >> this school is nationally known, delthey're fox news, for teaching their children, sitting them in these classrooms where they can't even read, with images and otherwise teaching them to rebel against god in every way. >> studies show that reaching down to younger kids can help expand their tolerance and acceptance of everybody's uniqueness and i think that's the intent. >> reporter: the church members said they were glad to see such a large turnout so they can get their message directly to their target audience. but no children were here. administrators delayed the start of school until 10:45 because they say safety is their
4:43 pm
priority. how about a little bit more sunshine, that's what we're going to have in the immediate forecast future. here's a look at live doppler 7, we have sunny skies across the bay area, and that trend is going to continue, and we have a relatively mild temperature range, with the temperature being in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow, it will be another sunny and warmer than average day, look for highs in the upper 60s along the coast. 76 at freemont, look for 80 degrees tomorrow in clover dale, down in the south bay, 79, concord and livermore and 80 at antioch. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast, it probably will be even warmer on thursday, especially in our inland areas where we're looking at possibilities of 80s, record highs for that date. it will start to cool down a little bit over the weekend and get a few high clouds in the sky as we get into easter weekend,
4:44 pm
but it's going to bright, breezy and dry. not record setting week, but sunny and mild week ahead. there is still a few more weeks to get some skiing in atta hatta -- at tahoe. that's what it looked like yesterday at the are esort. north star is set to close for the season april 15. and look at heavenly mountain resort, squaw valley and alpine meadows will be open through memorial day. a decision just in on urban shield, how the supervisors voted on this police training event. australia, chili, argentina already have free trade agreements with china. so already we're behind. >> growing concerns about that
4:45 pm
imposed 15% tariff on china. and michael finney will be answering your questions on saturday, tax day is coming up, i'm trying to manage my a1c,
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new at 4:00, the debate over urban shield just ended with the alameda board of supervisors voting 4-1 in favor of keeping the 2018 event. but they also voted that this year will be the last year for this exercise. wayne freedman has details of the debate. >> reporter: an overflow crowd at the alameda county board of supervisors meeting and law enforcement in the crosshairs. >> they are racist and they are targeting black and brown people. >> reporter: that's how it went today as the supervisors discussed accepting $5 million from the department of homeland security from the multi police agency urban shield exercise. today anti-shield protesters showed up in force. urban field trains local, national and sometimes international police in a
4:49 pm
two-day exercise. officers like wayne freemont call it an exercise or training. protesters describe it as being racist and mill tarristic. >> all across the country, young black men have been killed and continue to be killed by police. >> reporter: some 7,000 people, including those who take part in urban shield took part in 2007. >> i was here when we had the earthquake and i was working here when we had the fire and you got all these agencies that come in to help and you have to manage them. >> reporter: but the methodology is a matter of debate. >> it's not about protection, it's just about giving the police more tools, more toys, more tactics to do what it is that they do. >> reporter: urban shield, two words, an 11-year history and one continuing discussion. in oakland, wayne freedman, abc7
4:50 pm
news. california's wine industry is expected to take a big hit if china follows through on new tariffs on u.s. goods. >> china announced ean extra 15 tariff on wine. >> reporter: dave phillips has been pouring his heart out to get a foothold in the chinese wine market for ten years. >> one of the most popular wines going to china for us is this one, they like the elephants on the label. >> reporter: the threat of a 15% tariff on u.s. wine into china comes at a time when more and more chinese are becoming interested in drinking wine. >> australia, chile, argentina all have trade agreements with china, so we're already coming from behind fighting against our competitors that can bring the wine in at much lower price points. >> reporter: right now michael exports about 3% of their3% of
4:51 pm
market to china. and they're looking to do more. according to the wine institute of california, china is one of the fastest growing wine markets in the world. u.s. wine exports have increased 450% in the past decade alone, cashing in $197 million in 2017. >> and as the younger generation, the highly education generation of younger chinese people become more wine drinkers, they're going to keep gravitating towards us, they love our wine. >> reporter: it's not just wine, but other ag products facing tariffs as well. >> you look at almonds and walnuts, they're in the top four, and so three of those four stand to be impacteded by this. >> reporter: dave is sure a trade war with chinese will be
4:52 pm
averted. in lodi, kurt heineken has pulled an ad for its lite beer. it shows a waiter sliding a heineken past a row of people who happened to be black. a rapper called the ad terribly racist. in a statement, heineken said that while the ad was advertising heineken like, we missed the mark. a new tech giant to help kids cope with their disease was open in palo alto. you're looking at what's called a maker space at the ronald mcdonald house, the gadgets are designed to intellectually
4:53 pm
stimulate patients. >> we provide a lot of physical and really novel digital technologies and it allows everyone to design and make and create an also invent things that are meaningful to them. >> some of the inventions already created by children across the country include a night light for a pill cup and a mood alert testimony. here's a question for car lovers, what happens when having the nicest car on the block just is not good enough? up next the car craze, craft car craze, and it could be the answer for those looking for an eye-catching set of wheels. new at 5:00, a california woman found stranded 10 days after taking a wrong turn in the snow. we'll have that story. plus, dramatic dash cam video of a trooper hit by a car, now he's okay, and talking about what happened. you'll hear it. also, getting ready for the pups. marine biologists want to make sure they get a good welcome.
4:54 pm
and the a's go down a rabbit hole for their newest
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4:56 pm
tonight in prime time at 8:00, roseanne returns, then it's blash-ish, then splitting up together at 9:30, and then for the people at 10 and abc7 news at 11:00. you've heard of craft brews,
4:57 pm
what about craft cars? those are cars made in small quantities for car lovers. >> reporter: if you want to drive an interesting car that not many people have, how about a porsche or a corvette, or how about something very unusual, a hand crafted car made in very small numbers, like a vander hall venice. with car features, side by side seating, a heater and an automatic transmission. turbocharged car power under the head from general motors. it's a modern interpretation of a car from decades ago called the morgan. how about an suv that almost nobody has, it's called the east coast defender, yes, defender as a land rover barely sold in the u.s. >> they sell five in the u.s.
4:58 pm
and canada. so we're working from a small batch of defender 110s. >> reporter: there isn't much of what land rover built, electronics are up graded and on and on. the driving experience is nearly like that of the mercedes g-wagon, but those are almost common compared to this 4 by 4. some people want a vehicle that's exactly like it was back in the day. how about a brand new 1965 cobra, just like carol shelby built them from a company called superformance. >> i'm always surprised when i get a new buyer and the guy is 27 years old. he wasn't around when these cars were done. >> reporter: while a car off the lot is okay for some, but for some, a car that's made in small batches is something to savor.
4:59 pm
>> i'm sure they're reasonably priced. >> absolutely. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. what we do is put gun control completely in the hands of democracy. >> sounds so simple, but it's anything but. the new push to get rid of the second amendment. and to the police killing of an unarmed man, all this as california's attorney general steps into the fray. and the census plan, firms say a white house effort needs to be stopped. >> if you're not counted, then you don't count. a miraculous ending for a missing california woman. she is okay after being stranded in the snow for 10 days. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. the latest on developing news now, the sacramento city council
5:00 pm
meeting is just getting under way, dedicated to an open dialogue over the fatal police shooting of stephon clark. >> late this afternoon, protesters gathered outside the district attorney's office to encourage the da to charge the two officers with murder. >> clark was suspected of breaking into cars and they thought he had a gun, it turned out to be a cell phone. >> leslie lhas the latest. >> reporter: here at city hall where a city council meeting is about to get under way, they're handing out signs and t shirts like this that say build black, security is ten deep everyone's having to go through metal detectors. an emotional protest in sacramento as anger continues to motivate community groups to take to the streets. today the california department of justice announced they are stepping in to oversee the investigation into the


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