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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> a stand-off tonight between protesters and police at sacramento city hall. >> the chief of police got my brother killed. >> enough. >> he shows know emotion at all. >> emotions ignite about the deadly police shooting. >> stefan clark was unarmed when police shot and killed him on march 18th. california's attorney general said that the office will oversee the shooting investigation. we are live tonight in sacramento with the developing story. lisa. >> reporter: the meeting ended bankru at 8:30, they cited safety concerns after facing off with a group of people outside the meeting.
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anger inside of city hall tonight after protesters say police rushed in to a crowd that was pounding on city council chamber windows. police have had a strong presence here all evening, even at the start of the meeting, tepgzs were high after stephon clark's brother interrupted. >> yeah, thank you, tell them to shut the -- up, please. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a night dedicated to the public. sacramento police shot the 22-year-old in his grandmother's backyard. >> this video shows officers firing, clark was unarmed, was found only with a cell phone. >> people are suffering. we are tired. those officers need to be fired. >> you don't need no training, what you do, make them accountable for what they do. that's the kind of training you need! >> the mayor tried to sympathize
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with the crowd. >> for people and communities of color, the legal and political system is unjust. >> reporter: his words seemed to fall on deaf ears, because here, they want immediate change. now, the meeting was supposed to resume tomorrow afternoon and we have learned a short time ago from the mayor that stephon clark's wake is taking place tomorrow from 1:00-to 8:00. that means the public meeting is postponed. abc 7 news. as that meeting at city hall was under way, protesters blocked the front doors of the golden 1 center ahead of the sacramento kings game t team temporarily closed the entrances citing safety and then reopened them when the crowd disbursem t disbursemented.
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coverage live will continue with an update in to the shooting of stephon clark. >> confusion and congestion at oakland's airport after a man driving an suv drove in to several people. kate larson is there live tonight with new details about the driver. kate? >> reporter: well, dan, that driver was arrested for felony wrereckless driving, causing boy injury. they say he did not know how to drive, at least not very well. and should not have been behind the wheel. the driver of this red mercedes hit the gas and jump today curb, he hit three pedestrians outside terminal one, on the sidewalk, and flying luggage injured a fourth person. the officer said that the driver of the suv, a 54-year-old man is unlicensed. >> his foot at some point got stuck on the accelerator, and then, he was not very familiar with operating a motor vehicle. >> reporter: sgt. kelly said
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that the driver stayed on scene and spoke to deputies. >> they were able to determine it was an accident and not sinister like a suspect trying to run people over intentionally. >> reporter: sky 7 was overhead as cars lined up leading in to the airport, that was closed for an hour after the wreck while the scene was processed. some thought the worse when they learned what happened. >> terrorism, possible attacks. it's always a thought. >> reporter: this woman was pleased when she heard how law enforcement handled the incident. >> i'm happy to hear they were on top of it and found out who was the individual. >> reporter: two of the four people injured were taken to the hospital, i'm told they have minor to moderate injuries and are expected to be okay. airport officials told me that airlines will work to accommodate passengers that were delayed in the traffic. abc 7 news. sfwloo ka >> reporter: kate, thank you.
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>> students will be met by more sheriff's deputy on campus after someone called a threat in to the school today. panic erupted when students were suddenly told to evacuate this afternoon. sheriff's deputies swept the campus and determined there was no threat to the school. >> south orange county is breaking ranks with much of the state to join the trump administration and challenge california's sanction we-- california's sanctuary law, it bans police from turning over suspects to federal immigration agents. >> we must be certain that we are not providing assistance to undocumented immigrants that have chosen to not follow the rules. we need to look at every tool available to ensure public safety in the general public and homeless population. >> the county this week made a
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move to improve relations with i.c.e. by publishing county inmate release daylights online. >> we learned -- release dates online. >> kim jong-un had a first trip abroad since taking power had--n power in 2011. it was aimed to support the relationship with china. >> a tense meeting over the soccer match in levi stadiumful. while some say the event was out of control, the police say it was a success. >> reporter: caught on video, a fight in the stands that almost ended with a fan being thrown over the edge. the santa clara police department said there were several fights in a short period of time that led to the decision to call in extra officers. that decision known as a code 20 was a first for an event at levi stadium. members of the stadium authority voiced concerns about that.
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>> it was chaotic, people were skaured, they called this 20. so, it made a lot of people nervous. >> the chief said there was 24 arrests and some ejected. for an event of 64,000 people, that's a win. >> i stand behind the decisions made to bring in the extra resources to make it a safe event. >> we have a handful of bad actors and we addressed it. >> it was little consolation, most of the drunken people were well behaved and he got reports of some jumping on cars in the neighborhood. >> the stadium authority is looking at limiting drinking in the parking lot before an event. gates opened five hours before the match. abc 7 news. a rough day for tesla, moody's down graded the credit
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rating citing the inability to meet production expectations. it's fallen another 1.5% in after hours trading. the drop comes as the national transportation safety board announced they are investigating the deadly crash in mountain view. they want to know if the car's auto pilot system was active at the time. >> a santa clara chip maker has joined uber on hitting the brakes on testing the autonomous vehicles. there was a convention for the invidia tech show, they make processors for self driving cars one was in the car that killed a pedestrian last week. both of the companies have suspended tests on self driving cars at this point. and uber notified that it will not renew the permit to test autonomous vehicles in california. >> you get a call from an out avenue state number that you
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don't recognize, you will not answer. and telemarketers firked that out. >> we have a look at the numbers game that they are playing to get you on the line. >> it's more infuriating. >> growing heartbreak for couples that place their trust in the fertility clinic in ohio, after new details come out about a storage tank failurer. >> and the settlement of claims of discrimination and minorities by software engineers. >> and the forecast will look more like june than march. i will explain coming up. >> thank you vep. and all of it is ahead, and here is what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy? >> here's a bit of what tonight.
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a warning tonight about a growing scam to pick up a robo-call or other unwanted calls. >> we are seeing more and more calls with local area codes, 7 on your side shows why and what federal regulators are doing to fight back. >> no thank you. we just finished a big remodel. thank you for your call. bye. >> reporter: she hung up on a salesperson. this man does the same thing every day. so, he has gotten in to the habit of notpicking up calls from unknown area codes. >> if you don't recognize it, then i just let it go to the answering machine. >> reporter: reactions like that
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have prompted solicitors, they have a caller i.d. that is a local one. they call it spoofing. >> because of advances in technology, it's easy for them to send false caller i.d. information. sometimes the caller i.d. is a bogus number, other times it's belonging to someone who does not know the number has been spoofed. linda of san francisco, realized that when she called back the number that came up on her caller i.d. >> i called somebody else because it said they called me. >> lisa's number has been spoofed. >> they are saying i called them and i'm saying no. >> she received that spoof call from linda's number, calls like these make people upset. >> no, i did not call you, why are you calling me? there's an edge to it, because everyone is inconvenienced by an
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unit wanted or unsolicited call. >> in all of 2017, the federal communications commission received 4,000 complaints about spoofing and after three months this year, the number of complaints is doubling. >> the purpose is two fold, they are engaged in scams and it harder to trace back who is doing the scam. >> number two, they are trying trick you in to picking up the call. the fcc is cracking down. last year, it levied $200 million in fines against telemarketers accused of malicious spoofing. the fineser were the first of their kind and now they are working with providers to develop technology to authenticate legitimate calls and block spoofed ones. >> and as of the first of the year, phone companies are now able to block calls from the caller i.d. information comes from invalid numbers. we contacted verizon, t-mobile and sprint and at&t, only at&t
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committed to voluntarily blocking the calls. the other providers pointed to their anti-spam technology that customers must opt in to, and sometimes pay for. >> university hospitals fertility center in ohio is saying human error caused the loss of 4,000 eggs and embryos, on march 4th, this was a liquid nit nitrogen failure, an alarm that was supposed to go off, was turned off. >> they promise to watch over them. >> and on the same day, pacific fertility center in san francisco, had a freezer malfunction, at least 400 patients were affected. >> uber is paying $10 million to settle a discrimination suit, 420 female and minority software engineers file today lawsuit, alleging that white men, or asian employees were favored
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the company. -- they have been pressured to change their workplace culture. >> we can feel the warm up. >> indeed. it's been nice. >> and we are going to continue with the warming trend in the next couple of days. i want to h-- i want to show yo the camera view. there were a few passing light clouds out there, a beautiful night as the sun was setting and the storm track is well to the north. all we will see for the next seven days are a few clouds. right now, on live doppler 7, you can see the skies are clear, except for a patch or two of fog that formed in half moon bay, the rest of you in the 50s and 60s, really mild outside. so, tomorrow morning, here's a look at the temperature trend for livermore. you will start out at 49 degrees. look what happens. a good 30 degrees warmer. by 3:00, you are jumping to 79. you will feel the warmth out there if you did not feel it
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enough today. you will experience it tomorrow. from our camera, looking at a view of san francisco, it is breezy in the hills. warming trend continues over the next two days. record highs possible on thursday and it will be dry but cooler for easter weekend. i want to show you the warm wednesday that we have ahead, really, it's going to be mostly 0 70s. a few low 80s. compared to the average temperatures, 18-14 degrees warmer than where you should be this time of year. first in the morning, starting out in the low 40s and 50s. and skies clear except for a patch of fog. and in the afternoon, you are looking at 78 in the south bay in san jose and 81 in gilroy, and warm in santa cruz, and mid 70s from menlo city, if you do not like it too warm. go to the coast. daly city, 66, and san francisco, 70 and in the north bay, numbers in the 70s and
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requests of -- 70s and 60s. many of the temperatures looking more like june than march. but, you know what happens when you get the spring warmth, tree pollen will be moderate, so allergies will kick up. trees, will be your suspect and the other pollens are running low. seven-day forecast, spring warmth for wednesday. records are possible on thursday. so, 60s to 80s, really all three days going in to friday as well, and then, a cooling breeze coming in on saturday and sunday, and that will take the temperatures down, low to mid 60s,ity it is going to be dry easter for the egg hunts and any other outdoor activities that you have planned and monday and tuesday, temperatures will pretty much be in the low to mid 70s and upper 50s to low 60s. still aabove average for this time of year. you can download the
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a heart stopping moment, look at that, on a utah highway. a car hit this highway patrol sergeant as he was trying to help a stranded driver. the trooper suffered four broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade. the man that had hit him was hysterical, and said that he believes the driver learned a lesson from the crash, and he has forgiven the driver. >> the series comes to an end, with injuries on on both sides of the bay. and defense, giants and a's, flashing the leather
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good evening, the coach, steve kerr, said steph curry will not play in the first round of the playoffs. he said, i'm ready to announce will play. you can see, there's the hall of famer. hanging out with the gm, swaggy p came out hot. ten points in the first five minutes and finished with 12 after that. he had more confidence as he gets more minutes. i started tweeting how great he was and he went 5 of 17, i'm done tweeting. pacer on a 15-2 run. oladipo with authority and
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mcgee, misses the free throw attem attempt. staling a two-point game. the pacers win 92-82. thursday, giants closer mark melanson. is he is on the disable list, rubber match, the series today with the a's, barry bonds in the house with his daughter. joe paniks tripled and scored earlier. the flip to brandon crawford. they have mid season form. bottom of the fourth. austin jackson. base hit to right. hunter pence. both score 3-0 giants. they go 15 and 16 the spring. barry, liking that. bottom 6, nick hundley. chopper to matt chapman.
11:30 pm
what a gun he has. a's goes 14 and 16 this spring. she was not happy with the play. and that's the ball game. 2 out of the 3 for the bridge series. bad news for oakland, a.j. puck needs tommy john surgery, big strong guy, throws smoke, reminds some of randy johnson, was a candidate for the rotation. after velocity dropped, they checked him out and summrgery wl keep him out all year. >> the blues five in a row, something had to give tonight in st. louis. fear the beard. even if it's a kid's fake beard. no score in the first. kane, he sdudoesn't have a bear. what a great addition. sharks up 1-0, 1-1 in the second. and brett burns, redirected by pavelski. sharks up 2-1.
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blues, now tarasenko with a wrister. it's a power play goal in ot, boedker struggling and watch the pass right there, beautiful good night, game over. drive home safely. the blues snap the sharks win streak, 3-2 in 02. but the sharks, making noise.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- roseanne barr & john goodman. this week in unnecessary censorship. with music from chloe and halle. and now, good news, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. thanks to everyone. special regards to those of you who are on the east coast huddled around the television for warmth tonight.


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