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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 28, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> stay with us for "good morning america." a." making news in america this morning, china confirms a secret visit by kim jong-un. what he reportedly said about the future of his nuclear weapons program and his potential face-to-face meeting with president trump. anger erupts at a city council meeting in sacramento. [ chanting "stephon clark ] the brother of police shooting victim stephon clark storms the podium while protesters outside block the entrance to an nba game. this morning the new investigation in the case. another major american city falls victim to hackers, this time hitting the city's 911 system causing a 17-hour disruption. plus, the reputed drug boss busted accused of carrying enough fentanyl to kill 10 million people. walmart explains why you won't be able to check out "cosmo" magazine at the checkout
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line any longer. and a warning for parents, just how dirty that rubber dirty ducky and other bath toys can be for your kids. a good wednesday morning, everyone. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kenneth moton in for kendis gibson. for the first time since taking power, north korean dictator kim jong-un has left his country secretly visiting beijing to meet with the president of china. >> the surprise visit is being viewed as a diplomatic power play before kim's potential summit with president trump. overnight we learned what kim reportedly said about those potential talks with the u.s. we're also getting word that north korea may be activating another nuclear reactor. abc's serena marshall has the details for us. good morning, serena. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kenneth. while it wasn't an official state visit, it had all the trappings of one. according to chinese official news agencies, the north korean leader said he's determined to improve relations
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with the south and willing to hold talks with the u.s. two powerful leaders side by side. north korea's kim jong-un traveling secretly to beijing at the invite of chinese president xi. according to state media, kim told xi he is willing to have a dialogue with the u.s., hold a summit with president trump and that denuclearization is possible. ♪ the visit marks kim's first time leaving north korea since taking power six years ago and comes days after president trump's appointment of john bolton as national security adviser, who doesn't hide his distrust and called a preemptive strike on the north perfectly legitimate. >> question, how do you know that the north korean regime is lying? answer, their lips are moving. >> reporter: the visit to north korea's closest ally and top trading partner an overture to soothe relations that had been icy and shore up support for talks. abc's bob woodruff in beijing. >> china is a player again and this could have a big impact on many negotiations. the question is, will this help the u.s. or north korea?
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>> reporter: the visit only confirmed overnight, and the white house said they see it as evidence the campaign of maximum pressure is working, a sentiment echoed by the south korean unification minister. but just as the word of the meeting spread, "the new york times" out with these satellite images that show a new nuclear reactor in use. north korea insists it's intended to produce electricity but the technology could also be used to make one of the main fuels for nuclear weapons. kim is expected to meet with the south korean president next month and in discussions to hold talks with president trump in may. if that meeting happens, it will be the first ever face-to-face between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader. live in washington, serena marshall, abc news. kenneth, diane. >> many will be looking to see what comes out of that meeting if it does, in fact, happen. serena marshall for us. thanks, serena. president trump is floating a new idea when it comes to the border wall that he wants to build. sources say he's now suggesting that the military pay for the wall despite his repeated promises that mexico would pay for it.
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the president has already discussed the idea with house speaker paul ryan and says it makes sense because the wall will play an important role in national defense. congress would still need to approve any military funding. a man from the seattle area is in custody accused of sending suspicious packages to more than a dozen government facilities around washington, d.c. sources say thanh cong phan was already known to the secret service because of letters he had previously sent to the white house. authorities say the packages contained potentially destructive devices and included a rambling note about the president. now to california where tensions may have reached a boiling point in sacramento following the police shooting of an unarmed black man. a protest erupted at a meeting of city leaders last night and outside protesters once again blocked access to the city's basketball arena. [ chanting "stephon clark" ] chaos at the city council meeting in sacramento. [ chanting "stephon clark" ] stevante clark interrupted a meeting called to discuss the police shooting that killed his
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brother stephon. the man confronted the mayor, took over the podium then faced the audience. >> the gang-banging has to stop. >> got to go. >> the poverty is uncontrollable. i mean, hear me, okay. >> reporter: abc's kayna whitworth was there. >> he jumped up right onto the podium and took the mayor's microphone. he was eventually escorted out, but you can see there are also people here gathered. they all want justice for stephon clark. [ chanting "stephon clark" ] >> reporter: protesters then marched to the golden one center before the sacramento kings basketball game. for the second time in a week they prevented fans from entering the arena. >> show me your hand, gun, gun, gun. >> reporter: the protest first broke off after this was released showing officers shot clark 20 times in his grandmother's backyard. police say the officers thought clark was armed after getting reports somebody was breaking car windows. but it turned out he only had a cell phone. police say they plan to release
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more video from the shooting and now california's attorney general will oversee an independent investigation. my team and i at the california department of justice will do everything in our power to ensure that this investigation is fair, thorough and impartial. >> the two officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave. clark's funeral is set for tomorrow. and more video is expected to be made public in another controversial police shooting case, this one in baton rouge. city officials say they'll release surveillance and body cam images of alton sterling's killing. he was shot during a struggle with two officers in 2016. louisiana's attorney general just announced the officers will not be charged, but they still face a disciplinary hearing. the video will be released when that process is complete. new opposition this morning to the trump administration's plan to add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census. at least 12 states are expected to follow california's lead and sue to block the question from being added. they claim it violates the constitution, which requires all
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residents to be counted. critics argue the question will cause many immigrants to dodge the survey, and if fewer people are counted, it will mean less federal funding for many communities and the possibility of losing congressional seats. supporters of adding the question say it will reduce to voter fraud and lead to a more accurate count. time now for a look at your weather on this wednesday morning. a slow-moving storm system stretches from southwestern texas across the southern plains and the ohio valley into new england. downpours could cause flooding in texas, but we expect just rain showers elsewhere. temperatures will be spring-like in many areas today. look for highs in the 50s in the northeast and across the midwest. even minneapolis will reach 53 degrees. atlanta and miami should both hit 77. 81 in phoenix. 78 in los angeles. 52 in new york. still ahead, the one piece
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of mail that you'll definitely want to open. details on the free money in the mail. but first an accused drug dealer caught with enough fentanyl to kill 10 million people and the scene of the crime was made famous in "seinfeld." plus, an nfl quarterback accused of choking his ex-girlfriend breaking her jaw. she speaks out coming up.
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we're back now with some video from the arctic. the extreme cold turned a u.s. submarine into an icebreaker quite literally. "the uss hartford" busted through that thick ice. one of three subs taking part in
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a naval exercise. the lawyer for stormy daniels asked a federal judge for permission to depose president trump. he wants to ask the president under oath what he knows about the agreement to pay daniels $130,000 in the days before the election. lawyer michael avenatti has requested a deposition of michael cohen. another major city has fallen to an apparent cyberattack. the fbi is investigating the hacking of baltimore's 911 system, which caused a 17-hour disruption. dispatchers had to manually assign personnel to respond to 911 calls. no one has claimed responsibility. meanwhile, city workers in atlanta are slowly turning their computers back on after last week's ransomware attack. some online services for residents like bill paying are not yet available. that one they might not complain about. >> i think so. new details on a shocking drug bust here in new york. authorities say the mexican drug kingpin known as el gordo was smuggling 44 pounds of fentanyl
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into the new york area. that's enough to kill 10 million people. authorities say some of the drugs were stored in the same apartment that was used for the home of elaine on the hit tv sitcom "seinfeld." well, tesla's stock has fallen shortly after federal officials said they're investigating a fatal crash in california. investigators are trying to determine whether tesla's autopilot system was engaged when that car caught fire. this comes amid growing concerns about self-driving cars. a deadly crash crash in arizona this month has now prompted uber to stop testing self-driving vehicles in california as well. all right, listen up for this one. an envelope that millions of americans get in the mail could be worth a lot more than you think. valpak is about to begin mailing $100 checks inside specially marked envelopes. they'll be sent to all 150 of valpak's u.s. markets and will be made out to cash. >> what? >> it's the company's way of celebrating 50 years in the business. >> that is a brilliant way to get people to start opening those back up again. >> open your mail.
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species in 60% of the toys. researchers say the plastic used in bath toys can add to the bacterial growth, and they are recommending more regulation on the materials used to make them. an update on that disaster at a fertility clinic near cleveland. it was far worse than previously thought. every embryo was lost when a refrigeration tank failed, 4,000 of them. that's twice as many as the university hospital clinic first reported. officials knew the refrigeration system was failing, but an alarm system was supposed to go off when the temperature got too hot, and someone turned it off. >> who do you blame? >> i don't think we can blame anyone at this point in time until the investigation is conducted or completed. >> reporter: are you to blame? >> doc, we're done. >> you see that interview there being cut short. at least 18 lawsuits have been filed against the clinic. a judge is considering whether to merge them into a single suit. the clinic is now offering refunds and free services to its patients. actor edward norton's production company has been hit with a lawsuit stemming from a deadly fire that killed a new
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york city firefighter. that fire engulfed an apartment building where norton was shooting his latest movie. a tenant who lost her home has filed a $7 million suit claiming norton's company failed to warn tenants and falsely claimed the fire had been extinguished. so far no comment from the company. the suit was filed as firefighter michael davidson was laid to rest. norton posted a message about davidson online writing, i have never witnessed firsthand that kind of bravery. i'm in awe of that kind of selfless courage. the seattle seahawks have cut one of their backup quarterbacks amid charges he beat and choked his former girlfriend into unconsciousness. trevone boykin is accused of beating shabrika bailey last week at his home near dallas. she says he broke her jaw in three places after they argued about a text message he wanted to see. bailey, whose jaw is wired shut, describes what happened. >> he's choking me, and i'm trying to calm him down and
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i just couldn't. i just woke up in a puddle of blood on the kitchen floor. it was full of blood on the kitchen floor. >> bailey says boykin sent her text messages telling her to say that she either fell or had been in a fight with another woman. boykin insists bailey is making up the story. the los angeles rams have added a few good men to their cheerleading squad. the pair made the cut to become the nfl's first male cheerleaders. the team points out the two guys will be part of the cheer squad as opposed to members of the stunt team. the men and women went through a preliminary round, 3 long rehearsals and a 20-minute interview to get the part. a highway patrol officer in utah is recovering from a horrific accident caught on camera. this man is okay after you see that incredible hit. sergeant cade brenchley was responding to an accident in a snowy canyon when he was struck by an out-of-control car that sent him flying into the air. the father of four suffered four broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade, but he's grateful that it wasn't much
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worse. >> i had no idea that it was that hard and that, yeah, i flew. >> it's a miracle that he's still alive like. [ laughter ] >> they've all seen the video and -- >> it's unreal. >> that video is crazy. >> a miracle, indeed. the driver who hit the officer could face charges for unsafe driving, but he has forgiven her, that trooper saying she made a mistake and has learned from it. up next in "the pulse," how young is too young for mandatory school? also ahead, why you'll no longer see "cosmo" magazine at at the checkout line at walmart. and later, "roseanne's" big return. what we learned about the conners in last night's reboot. "roseanne"'s big return and what we learned about the connors in last night's reboot. and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. he told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar,
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magazine vanishing from the checkout line at walmarts across the country. . the national center on sexual exploitation is crediting the me too movement with sparking the change saying now families don't have to be exposed to what it calls "cosmo's" graphic and degrading material. the company says it's a business decision. >> walmart will still sell the magazine in a different section of the store. just not at the checkout line. france is moving to make preschool mandatory. president emmanuel macron is lowering the age that kids have to start school to 3. that's down from the current age of 6. >> he says the move is meant to keep kids in france's overseas territories competitive with those in france itself. the new regulation starts in september of next year. and the slogan is america runs on dunkin'. >> yes, it does, but soon america can soon run in dunkin'. the coffee chain is releasing special running shoes made by saucony or -- you know what, i want to ask you, how do you say it? >> i say saucony.
4:23 am
>> saucony or saucony. >> anyway, they will be decorated with pictures of sprinkles. they've got coffee and, of course, you got to have some doughnuts on those sneakers. they go on sale next week as a salute to the boston marathon because both saucony and dunkin' donuts are from massachusetts. the price tag of the sneakers, $110, and they're only making 2,000 pairs so you got to swipe them up. >> saucony, saucony. >> whatever floats your boat. guess what, baseball's opening day is tomorrow. can you believe it? and the best thing to happen during spring training occurred during yesterday's red sox game. >> yeah, outfielder mookie betts was doing an in-game interview with espn when this happened. >> it's etiquette. you know, you can't -- >> right. >> uh-oh. >> there you go. >> i ain't getting this one, boys. >> get on your horse. don't miss the cutoff. >> i love it. >> he goes, i ain't getting this one, boys. now, baseball fans are calling
4:24 am
for in-game interviews during regular season games. >> oh, think about how fun that could be. >> oh, my gosh. >> pitchers are talking smack. the catcher is talking smack. the batter. >> i love that. >> me too. >> don't they do that with other sporting events as well? >> i don't think i've ever seen that before. >> yeah, that would be fun. >> that's also tough, though. there's a lot of multitasking trying to answer a question while also trying to catch a pop fly. >> that sounds fun. can we have microphones on us like that when we -- >> we already do. >> hey, guys. how are you doing? >> we'll be right back. l chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. a lot of multitasking trying to moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain, and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions.
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4:27 in the morning. good morning to you. >> welcome to wednesday, march 28 pt. >> yes. we're halfway through almost. >> oh, the week? >> we're just starting. >> the show just starting. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's mike nicco. >> about to put march to rest, though. >> warmer todaye huh? >> near record highs tomorrow as we continue to build the warmth. here's a look at a live dry -- what? a dry live doppler 7. there we go. can i get a mulligan, too. 61 in clear lake. breezy up there. 57 in santa rosa. half moon bay 43 degrees right now. napa, danville, livermore at 47. san mateo 49. the rest of us pretty much in the 50 ease this morning. we'll look at the 12-hour
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planner coming up next. help me. >> you got out of that just fine, mike nicco. looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. yesterday, we had a couple issues for the bay bridge commute. today we're all clear, incident-free at 4:28 in the morning. stack-up in the cash lanes but that's about it. looking at our traffic maps, live doppler 7, visibility layer on top, we've got a little bit of fog forming in the north bay. we'll talk more about that and the central valley coming up next. thanks, alexis. black lives matter organizers plan to hold protests again today and tomorrow in front of the district attorney's office. they're demanding criminal charges against two police officers who shot and killed an unarmed black man. >> stephon clark. >> thank you. >> tensions were high at last night's sacramento city council meeting after clark's brother interrupted. it was to be dedicated to the
4:29 am
public and their response of the killing of the 22-year-old. sacramento police shot clark in his grandmother's backyard. >> you don't need to -- for what they do. that's the kind of training you need. >> for people and communities of color, the legal and political system is unjust. >> sacramento's mayor says the council will not meet today out of respect for clark's family who will be holding the wake for stephon clark. more sheriff's deputies on campus after a threat was called this to the school. you're looking at the panic that erupted when students were suddenly told to evacuate yesterday afternoon. sheriff's deputies swept the campus. they determined there was no threat to the school. they are going to provide more security today to reassure the students, parents and faculty. new this morning, stormy daniels' attorney is looking to
4:30 am
depose president trump. a motion was filed in court by daniels' lawyer. according to paperwork, the deposition of president trump would be, quote, no greater than two hours. you remember dan yeshlgs whose real name is stephanie clifford, was alleging an affair in 2006. the white house repeatedly denied involvement. they want to depose michael cohen, the president's long-time personal attorney, also the man who allegedly paid daniels to stay silent over the affair. back to you. it's now 4 kplon 30. if you're just waking up to us, let's get a check of your weather and traffic. >> three miles visibility right now. we'll keep an eye on the fog. we being me and alexis. here's a look at the 12-hour planner. 47 to 53. milder than most


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