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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 30, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> do stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great weekend, everybody. making news in america this morning, a massive manhunt overnight for the suspect who shot and killed a veteran police officer in his car. >> i don't know how to do this. i don't know what i'm supposed to say. i just ask for everybody's support. >> the suspect accused of disguising himself as a police officer before the attack. we have new details from the scene. president trump shocking members of his own administration with a surprise announcement that the u.s. will withdraw from syria very soon. and hours after announcing a trade deal with south korea, the president says not so fast. reaction to the new whiplash in washington. plus, new controversy surrounding the head of the epa. another major brand reveals a massive data breach. this time one of the largest ever. how under armour was hacked. and what consumers should do now. plus, coffee now coming with a cancer warning in one state.
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we look at the risk. walmart considers making a big purchase in the health insurance industry. and scientists crack the case on knuckle cracking it's so noisy. good morning. i'm kenneth moton in for kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. we start with breaking news this morning. the suspect in that brazen attack on a police officer in kentucky has been killed after a massive manhunt. >> the officer, a 38-year-old husband and father of two, was shot in his own car and later died at the hospital. police say the gunman was pretending to be a fellow officer at the time. >> we're here and we'll get through it. that's what we do. >> reporter: the police chief in hopkinsville, kentucky, holding back tears overnight as he announced the death of officer phillip meacham. >> this is new to me. i don't know how to do this. i don't know what i'm supposed to say. i just ask for everybody's support.
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>> reporter: investigators say the suspect, james decoursey, was pretending to be a police officer, even dressed as one when he pulled over meacham who was off-duty at the time. for unknown reasons authorities say decoursey opened fire killing the veteran officer. the suspect then allegedly stole a white pickup truck and after a manhunt was later found in clarksville, tennessee, where he was shot and killed by officers. investigators say decoursey was known to police. >> he has been arrested before in the past. i don't know what all -- i haven't pulled up his history or anything like that. i know the name from when i was an officer on the street. >> reporter: the police chief says it's not known if meacham arrested him in the past. matt bevin responded saying there is no greater sacrifice than that of a person willing to lay down their life for another. thank god for the thin blue line. investigators say no officers were injured in the shooting death of decoursey. this morning still no word on why he allegedly opened fire on officer meacham, but "good morning america" will have much more on this story later this morning.
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and now to an unexpected announcement from president trump. during a speech on infrastructure, he surprised even members of his own administration when he announced that u.s. troops will be leaving syria soon. and that wasn't the only surprise. abc's serena marshall has more from washington. serena, good morning. >> reporter: diane, kenneth, good morning to you, and the statement caught the state department and pentagon by surprise, and it even seems to go against the president's own policy of not foreshadowing military movements. president trump making a promise of a troop withdrawal from syria. >> we'll be coming out of syria like very soon. let the other people take care of it now. very soon. very soon. >> reporter: the surprise statement came during a speech on infrastructure and even seemed to catch his own administration by surprise. >> i have not seen the president's comments myself. i don't know the context in which his comments were said. but i can say that as a general matter, this administration looks to other countries to help out. >> reporter: the possible imminent withdrawal of 2,000
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u.s. forces from syria where there is still a significant isis presence and the battle continues daily doesn't just contradict his own policy of warning the enemy. >> america's enemies must never know our plans or believe they can wait us out. >> reporter: but goes against statements from the commander in charge of troops in the middle east. centcom saying just a day before that the u.s. mission in syria is strictly focused on the defeat of isis, and it is our intention to continue to focus on the aspects of isis that still need be to addressed. in january then secretary of state rex tillerson explained staying in syria means stopping an isis re-emergence. >> we cannot make the same mistakes that were made in 2011 when a premature departure from iraq allowed al qaeda in iraq to survive and eventually morph into isis. >> reporter: as a candidate the president often echoed a similar sentiment. the u.s.-led coalition has made
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significant strides against isis, but the group hasn't been destroyed and the battlefield more complicated including syrians, russians and iranian kurds as the syrian civil war continues to ravage the country. kenneth, diane. >> all right, serena, thank you. we're certainly grateful for their service. and in the meantime, just hours after the trump administration announced a trade deal with south korea, the president says he may put the deal on hold to use it as leverage during negotiations over north korea's nuclear program. russia's escalating its confrontation with the u.s. and europe following the poisoning of a former russian spy in britain. the kremlin has now given 60 american diplomats one week to leave the country, is also shutting down the u.s. consulate in st. petersburg, which is a far bigger consulate than the russian consulate in seattle that the trump administration has shut down. meanwhile, doctors say the former spy's daughter who was also poisoned in that nerve agent attack is quickly recovering indicating she may be able to talk to investigators soon. and attorney general jeff sessions says he will not
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appoint a second special counsel to investigate alleged misconduct at the fbi, at least for now. the attorney general has been under increasing pressure from republicans to look into possible bias in some of the fbi's most high-profile cases including the russia investigation. instead, sessions says a senior prosecutor will continue to evaluate whether the appointment of a second special counsel is necessary. meanwhile, former trump campaign adviser carter page is confirming that he has spoken to the fbi about whether he met with russia's ambassador at the 2016 republican convention. it's the first time page has acknowledged talking with investigators about his possible meeting in cleveland. page's comments came during an interview on msnbc. >> i told them, you know, a lot of everything, you know, i essentially had been doing for quite a long time including obviously, you know, everything in cleveland. >> so you did talk about that? yes? >> yes. >> page's comment comes just hours after reports that special counsel robert mueller's team is
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questioning witnesses about interactions with russians during an event at the republican convention. new controversy this morning surrounding the head of the epa scott pruitt. abc news has learned that a town house near the u.s. capitol that pruitt lived in for much of the last year is co-owned by the wife of a top energy lobbyist. now democrats are demanding that pruitt disclose details of that rental arrangement. they want to know if it would be considered an improper gift. well, teachers in oklahoma are now expected to get a $6,000 pay raise, but they are still planning to go on strike monday. they're demanding a higher raise saying their salaries rank 49th among 50 states. they're also demanding more education funding. and we're learning overnight that several of kentucky's school districts will be closed today after teachers called in sick. they're protesting a pension overhaul passed by state lawmakers. time now for a look at your weather on this good friday morning.
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fire crews are battling a smoky 70-acre brush fire that broke out in port st. lucie friday. last night fire officials evacuated 40 homes and shut down a 14-mile stretch of a highway in both directions. so far no homes have been damaged. expect temperatures in the 70s and 80s across the south today. mostly 40s and 50s in the northern tier and summerlike in the southwest with phoenix forecast to hit a high of 90 degrees. coming up, hear what pope francis allegedly said that's raising some big questions. also ahead, coffee will now come with a cancer warning in one state. we examine the risk. and a fox news host loses more sponsors after personally criticizing one of the florida school shooting survivors. this morning laura ingraham's
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the phone in my pocket causes cancer, and we use that every day. >> i'm keeping my coffee. love you, starbucks. >> that's just one or two reactions after a california judge ruled coffee companies and shops must include cancer warnings on coffee sold in the state. >> yeah, that ruling comes after a lawsuit claiming coffee companies were violating a state law. that law requires that a wide range of chemicals that can cause cancer come along with a warning including one of those chemicals that is used in coffee roasting processes. the coffee companies argued those levels of chemicals are harmless and do not outweigh the benefits of drinking coffee and they now have a few weeks to challenge the ruling before it's final. under armour is warning people who use a popular app to change their passwords after a massive data breach. the company says 150 million myfitnesspal accounts were compromised.
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user names, e-mail addresses and passwords are affected. the good news here is social security and credit card numbers were not compromised. some users are now upset it took under armour four days to notify the public of the breach. walmart is looking to buy one of the country's largest health insurers. according to "the wall street journal," the world's number one retailer wants to acquire humana. if the deal goes through, walmart would be among the country's largest health insurers. increased costs and an aging population have prompted a number of health insurers to partner with major retailers. the epa is planning to roll back rules designed to make cars more fuel efficient. administrator scott pruitt is expected to make the announcement the later today at a car dealership in virginia weakening regulations approved during the obama years that were meant to curb greenhouse gas emissions. on this good friday, the vatican is denying a report that claims pope francis said rather that hell does not exist. the quote was published by a well-known italian journalist and would break from church teachings.
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when asked where bad souls end up, the pope reportedly said those who don't repent simply disappear because hell does not exist. the vatican insists the pope was misquoted. the reporter has been accused of misquoting the pope in the past. when we come back, how you can get paid to watch tv all day. but first new fallout for a fox news host who criticized one of the florida school shooting survivors. and a college basketball coach at the top of her game suddenly quits to wage a battle off the court to adopt a child. adopt a child. pt a child. man: you can do this! grab those command picture hanging strips and let's make it work. they're tool free and they hold strong. oh, rustic chic! an arrow angled to point at rustic chic. hmm, may i be honest here? let's take that down, damage free, with a stretch, remove... and look: no marks, no mess. like a pro.
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this time, it's his turn. you have 4.3 minutes to yourself. this calls for a taste of cheesecake. philadelphia cheesecake cups. rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. find them with the refrigerated desserts. with real strawberries. aww thanks for loading, sweet... oops. oh burnt-on gravy? gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. cascade platinum powers through even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade. we're back with tense moments in florida as a pilot was forced to land his small plane on its nose after the landing gear failed to lock into place. nobody was hurt. when the pilot finally got out of the plane, he got down on his knees and thankfully kissed that ground. fox news host laura ingraham is apologizing for mocking a
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survivor of the parkland, florida, school shooting but her apology is apparently too little too late for some major companies that are pulling their commercials from her popular show. >> i am laura ingraham. welcome to the "ingraham angle." >> reporter: fox news host laura ingraham is at the center of a new controversy. on wednesday she sweeted about stoneman douglas student david hogg being rejected from four colleges that he applied to and whines about it which sparked outrage and caused some to say it crossed a line involving a teenager. >> this is just the beginning. >> reporter: hogg has become an advocate for new gun laws since surviving the parkland school shooting. in response to ingraham the 17-year-old called on advertisers to boycott her show and at least six companies said they would pull their ads putting pressure on ingraham to respond. now she's tweeting this message, in the spirit of holy week i apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of parkland. >> not anymore.
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>> reporter: hogg and other parkland students have faced backlash from conservative commentators and far right websites after leading a protest march over the weekend in washington, d.c. some of those sites compared hogg to adolf hitler. others passed around a fake video appearing to show fellow student, emma gonzalez, tearing up the constitution. hogg has responded to ingraham's apology, but he's not accepting it. he says it's time to love thy neighbor, not mudsling at children. ingraham has invited hogg on her show. he has yet to respond to that invitation. one of the men charged in connection with a boy's death at a kansas waterpark is missing this morning. john schooley designed the water slide that prosecutors say killed 10-year-old caleb schwab back in 2016. schooley is charged with second degree murder, but he has not surrendered to authorities. officials won't say he is on the run, but they do say they have no information that he's in north america. investigators are trying to determine why a washington state family's suv drove off a cliff in california. the vehicle landed upside down on the rocky shore below highway 1.
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sarah and jennifer hart and three of their adopted children were inside. their three other adopted kids are missing and presumed dead. last week officials in washington where the family lived opened an investigation after one of the children reported he was being punished by being denied food. a search warrant was served at the home yesterday. a college basketball coach has left the bench to fight an off-court battle for an orphan from senegal. joanne boyle was granted guardianship of now 6-year-old ngoty in 2014, but the u.s. denied a request to consider boyle her immediate relative and ngoty has to go back to senegal. now until that paperwork is done, a process that could take years, so boyle quit her job at virginia when the school was knocked out of the ncaa women's tournament to be with the girl that she already considers her daughter. >> ngoty's adoption in senegal was finalized in 2016. whether we have to leave for a short period of time or a longer period of time, that's what we're going to do and finalize this journey no matter how long it takes. >> u.s. citizenship and
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immigration services wouldn't comment on the case, but it does say it works toward efficiently processing immigration applications. time now for sports and baseball's opening day. >> here's espn with some highlights. good morning, morning people. baseball has begun, so batter up. let's go. start with the yankees. they got a new guy, giancarlo stanton. have you heard? have you heard? have you heard the word? first at bat, i believe it was the second second pitch he saw, good-bye. aaron judge did not hit a home run in this game or the show would have blown up. top nine, stanton, he blows up again. that one off tyler clippard. two for stanton. four rbi and the yankees win, 6-1. high-fiving with himself. last year's world series mvp and a man who has a statue of him erected on the university of connecticut campus, george springer, opening day against
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the rangers, springer leads off, hits a line drive home run off cole hamels. springer becomes the first player in big league history to hit a leadoff home run on consecutive opening days. this is according to elias who we've never really met. astros win, 4-1. josh is behind the camera. check out his blog called lemusic, but you got to spell it his last name way. >> all right. good to know. >> got it. up next in "the pulse," the time line on when that chinese space station is expected to crash to earth. also ahead, the dream job posted by netflix that pays you to watch tv all day. and scientists have figured out why cracking your knuckles makes so much noise. out why cracking your knuckles makes so much noise. ah, my poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38%
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time to check "the pulse" and that chinese space station that's crashing down to earth may arrive just in time for easter. >> well, experts say the space station will look like a shower of meteors when it re-enters the atmosphere this weekend or early next week. >> it's expected to fall somewhere in the areas of this map shaded in yellow and green but your chances of being hit by debris are less than one in a trillion. >> you have a better shot at winning tonight's mega millions jackpot which is, by the way, $502 million. the odds of winning that are just 1 in 258 million. >> all right. and netflix has a dream job for anyone who wants to sit around and watch tv all day. >> the official title is editorial analyst, aka netflix librarian. you watch shows and movies and write descriptions to make sure they're classified and categorized accurately. >> they say the ideal candidate should have a deep knowledge of the entertainment industry and be able to live and work in l.a. no word what the job pays, though. researchers have cracked the case as to why some people make so much noise when they crack their knuckles. >> yeah, scientists say that it
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>> this is abc 7 mornings. >> friday's coming right our way. >> it's almost the end of the month and almost easter, as well. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike nicco, the weather has been too kind to us. >> yes, it's going to be kind again today. you don't think we deserve it? >> no, we deserve it. >> i want to make sure. >> just to be clear. >> good morning, everybody! yeah, welcome to friday. look at live doppler 7, bone dry once again. let's jump right into your temperatures. when you step outside, look at all of those 57s, mountain view, hayward, concord, and vallejo, we have some 40s around ukiah, half moon bay and livermore. even some 60s around los gatos. 54 to 57. how about a friday morning commute that's quiet? >> oh, boy. it's good friday, so we've got
4:28 am
the holiday, we've got a lot of folks off for spring break already. i think we're going to have a really light commute today. we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza right now, so we have a little bit of a stack up in the cash lanes on the left, but that is pretty much it. and we're looking at almost exclusively green here for our traffic maps. but we do have a little bit of red on highway 13, both northbound and southbound lanes at broadway are scheduled to be closed for some overnight construction until 5:00 this morning. we'll keep an eye on that. check on drivetimes coming up a driver is recovering after san jose police say a man threw a rock at her head. >> witnesses were pretty baffled when they saw this man hurl rocks at her car downtown last night. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live in san jose. >> reporter: a busy night for san jose police officers, as they investigated what appeared to be a very disturbing incident in downtown san jose. now, here is video from the scene. this happened at about 9:30 last night on north 2nd street at julian street. officers were seen walking in the area, looking for and photographing evidence.
4:29 am
a rock was seen on the ground with blood around it. video shows an emergency worker holding something on a woman's head and walking down the street. she was taken away in an ambulance. sheriff's deputies were then seen huffing a man and taking him to a san jose police patrol car. we've reached out to san jose police for more information on this case and we have yet to hear back. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. in the east bay, a dive team helped pull a submerged car from a pond in fremont. witnesses saw one person in the car when it plummeted into a pond behind rancho arroyo park before 7:00 last night. a witness saw a man swim away. police say he was the only person in the car and officials say he was driving recklessly just before the crash. more than a dozen people may need a new place to stay this morning after a fire at a san mateo apartment complex. it broke out on north delaware around state street around 10:00 last night. unfortunately, there was smoke and heat damage throughout the building. the fire chief says up to 20 people could end up being
4:30 am
displaced. at least no one was hurt. coming up on 4:30, if you're just waking up to once hello there. here's a quick update on your weather and traffic. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's mike. >> hi, everybody. a few high clouds out there, otherwise, pretty clear from mt. tam. we'll stay in the mid- to upper 60s along the coast from noon to 4:00. look at those low to mid-70s. another great day to be outside for lunch. 78 to 80, we'll flirt with records once again this afternoon and a gorgeous evening on tap. 60 at the coast. 70 to 74 for the rest of us. weekend forecast coming up soon. here's alexis. >> mike, i want to take you to walnut creek. so the lighter side to have traffic, northbound 680 around treat boulevard. if you look closely there, i do believe we can see this issue. this is a solo vehicle spinout collision. to me it looks like that vehicle with its hazards on


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