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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 30, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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most of the united states. >> i'll be in the bunker with miss alexis good morning, america. breaking news, show of force. russia tests a new missile after it kicks out dozens of u.s. diplomats, dramatically ramping up tension. also this morning, new fallout from those white house shake-ups. the v.a. secretary fired by president trump is right here on "gma." the fox news host versus the parkland shooting survivor. new fallout after laura ingraham targets student david hogg making light of his college rejections. >> she literally called out the survivor of a mass murder and made fun of me. >> the power of the 17-year-old's call to boycott and the companies responding this morning. the new warning about your morning coffee. can a chemical in coffee cause cancer? a judge now says starbucks and other companies must add a warning. dr. jen ashton is here. >> fitness app hack. 150 million users now told their
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sensitive information may be compromised. the new alert about myfitnesspal this morning. ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ and scary close call. this plane skidding across the runway, landing right on its nose. the pilot thankful to be alive this morning. ♪ i get it now why we're playing that song. >> yeah. >> good morning, america, on this good friday. it is great to have cecilia here with us at the desk. and, yes, the pilot, of course, thankful to be alive, making it out safe and sound as he did. >> nothing like a little ground-kissing to start your good friday off right. >> that's true. let's take a live look at st. peter's square, as so many
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christians prepare for easter. it is good friday in the catholic and protestant traditions and tens of thousands will gather there this weekend for ceremonies with the pope. >> we'll get to all that ahead but we want to get to that breaking news first. russia with that new show of force, testing an intercontinental ballistic missile. this comes as tensions escalate between putin and the u.s. so let's go to our chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz. she has all the latest for us. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. if you want to ratchet up pressure, this is the way to do it. it can't be a coincidence that russia releases video of the test launch of this powerful brand-new generation of nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles right in the middle of this diplomatic drama. this is one of the missiles vladimir putin bragged about when he unveiled a series of new nuclear weapons last month. it comes on the heels of the expulsion of those 60 u.s. diplomats ordered out of russia. that means american families packing up, their kids pulled from schools. we did the same thing to 60 russian diplomats here, but that was, of course, in response to the nerve agent attack on the former british or on the former
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russian spy and his daughter in britain. and the state department has not ruled out further action, robin. >> the state department was very clear about that. but, martha, they seem to be blindsided by some comments that the president made about syria. let's take a listen. >> we'll be coming out of syria like very soon. let the other people take care of it now. >> the state department seemed to not know anything about that, martha. >> reporter: nor did the pentagon, robin. it was a complete surprise and not sure who those other people would be, whether he means the russians or someone else. but it was even more surprising coming from donald trump who always says he will never telegraph the enemy about our military planning or any sort of timeline for withdrawal. central command quickly released a statement saying their strategy is to defeat isis and they will continue to focus on that. centcom also announced this morning that two coalition personnel have been killed and five wounded by an ied in syria.
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a sad reminder of the ongoing threat there. >> yes, a sad reminder and thinking of those families affected. thanks so much, martha. we're going to move on to the latest shake-ups at the white house. there you see hope hicks saying good-bye to the president thursday. and this morning there's new fallout from his latest firing, head of the v.a. we're going to hear from dr. david shulkin in a moment. first, let's go to abc news mary bruce at the white house. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. we saw the president there bid a very fond farewell to hope hicks but a different send-off for v.a. secretary david shulkin, the president announcing he was fired in a tweet. he's now eighth high-profile firing or departure just this month. and the president's pick to replace him, his own doctor rear admiral ronny jackson is raising a lot of questions. the president is putting his personal physician in charge of the second largest federal agency, overseeing the care of roughly 9 million veterans, and a nearly $200 billion budget. and while jackson may have
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experience running the white house medical unit and clearly has hit it off with the president, he does not have management experiment on this scale. now, veterans' groups are skeptical he is up to the task and lawmaker on capitol hill are raising questions about whether he can run this massive agency. david shulkin, george, he is not going quietly. he says he's the victim of an ugly political power play. >> thanks, mary. we are joined by dr. shulkin. dr. shulkin, thanks for joining us this morning. i know you've been a busy man the last couple of days and yesterday, i want to start, the president talked about not being satisfied with the level of care at the v.a. let's listen. >> i wasn't happy with the speed with which our veterans were taken care of. we made changes because we want them taken care of. we want them to have choice, so that they can run to a private doctor and take care of it. and it's going to get done. >> i know you spoke to the president before you were fired on wednesday. is that what he told you on the call? >> well, the president and i did
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talk about what we were doing to improve the v.a. and how we could speed things up. i agree with the president, we have to do more and we have to do better for our veterans. >> but did he tell you he was not satisfied and did he tell you you were losing your job? >> the president asked me about the types of things that we were doing to improve the v.a. he had a lot of questions about it. i told him all the steps that we were taking place. he did not mention anything specifically about my position but was really more about the policies that we were putting in place. >> on your way out you're warning against privatizing the v.a. the president certainly seemed to say he wants at least some kind of private option. did he indicate to you that he wants to move towards privatization? >> well, i think the president wants to see us do better for our veterans. listen, i'm in favor of working closely with the private sector, whatever is best for our veterans. what i have warned against is not investing in the v.a. and
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making sure that we create a system that really meets the needs of our veterans and that the country can be proud of. and i think this is a plans that we need to do -- invest in the v.a., at the same time working with the private sector. >> you wrote that privatization is a political issue aimed at rewarding select people and companies with profits. which people and companies will profit and what's going to happen to veterans in return? >> well, what i've talked about is that there are a number of political appointees that weren't happy because i wanted to make sure that we were building a strong v.a. at the same time that we did work with the private sector. these political appointees, i think, feel that what we need to do is dismantle the v.a. and move everything to the private sector. that would not be a good thing for our veterans. that would be reneging on our country's commitment to those who have served us. >> you also write that you were falsely accused by people who want you out of the way. are you referring to that pretty scathing inspector general report about your trip to europe last summer saying you
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improperly used government funds to pay for your wife's travel and improperly accepted wimbledon tickets? >> well, this was a very important business trip where we met with our five allies. there were 40 hours of lectures. everything that i did was pre-approved by our ethics committee. there was nothing that was done improper. what happened was was that this was a politicized issue. this was used to be able to try to decrease my effectiveness in getting the job done for our veterans. >> your proposed successor, the nominee by the president, ronny jackson, dr. ronny jackson, is facing some skepticism. he is getting praise for his service in iraq and the white house. but real questions about whether he has the relevant management experience to lead such a large bureaucracy. do you share those concerns? >> well, i know dr. jackson well. he is an honorable man. he is a great patriot. good values. this is a very tough job and, you know, i think anybody who is going to step into this job is going to need a lot of help to
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be able to deget it done. and i'll certainly do everything i can to make sure he succeeds because this is really too important for us as a country not to honor our mission to our veterans. >> dr. shulkin, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> and those will be some confirmation hearings for dr. jackson. >> tough questions for him coming up. george, thank you. president trump is also facing that legal battle with adult film star stormy daniels but this morning a setback for her team. a federal judge saying her lawyers can't depose the president, not yet anyway. our chief national correspondent tom llamas is here with the latest on all this. good morning, tom. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning to you. stormy daniels, who claims she was threatened into silence after a sexual encounter with donald trump, might still get her day in court. but not in the near future. a judge pumping the brakes on her lawsuit against the president. this morning, adult film star stormy daniels dealing with a legal setback. a federal judge denying her request to proceed to a speedy jury trial in her lawsuit against the president. the reason, u.s. district court
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judge james otero deciding daniels' side faded to meet the court's procedural requirements. that attempts to depose the president and his attorney were premature. >> i'm not okay with being made out to be a liar or people thinking that i did this for money. >> reporter: daniels is suing the president to break a hush agreement surrounding an alleged sexual affair she says she had with him back in 2006 which included a $130,000 payment by cohen for her to stay silent. daniels' attorney said despite the setback, the judge's decision showed something promising, that daniels could potentially get a jury trial. >> when we refile the motion there is no guarantee, i am highly confident that the court is going to order that president trump, mr. cohen, are going to sit for deposition. and we're going to have a trial by jury. >> reporter: cohen's spokesperson david schwartz describes the decision as a legal smackdown to both daniels
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and her attorney michael avenatti. >> i think his goal is to one day depose the president because it's good for his ego to be able to depose the president. >> reporter: a footnote in the court decision may be a warning. the judge writing in part, the parties are advised that the instant litigation is not the most important matter on the court's docket. was the judge sending you a message? >> no, not at all. what the judge is saying is we don't necessarily get to jump to the front of the line and we never sought to jump to the front of the line. >> reporter: that judge, james otero, was nominated to the bench by president george w. bush. stormy daniels' attorney, michael avenatti, has prior experience in that court and with that judge. robin? >> all right, tom, thank you. now to breaking news, a manhunt for a suspect accused of posing as a police officer and killing an off-duty officer. abc's alex perez is in clarksville, tennessee with those details for us. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you can see those flashing lights behind me. this is where the all-out manhunt ended.
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authorities say it was an employee from a nearby hotel that first noticed the suspect and called police. a frightening manhunt developing overnight in kentucky. >> there's been an officer-involved shooting in that area. >> reporter: at 5:20 p.m., 38-year-old hopkinsville, can -- kentucky, police officer phillip meacham driving his personal vehicle, was pulled over by a man who appeared to be a fellow police officer. but that man, 34-year-old james decoursey was just pretending to be a member of law enforcement. decoursey shot meacham, a 12-year veteran of the force. he died at a local hospital. >> the suspect tried to stop the off-duty officer in another vehicle, shots fired. then he foot-bailed and stole that vehicle that he's in now. >> reporter: decoursey fled the scene on foot and escaped in a stolen pickup, triggering a massive nine-hour manhunt forcing this community into lockdown. >> we're here. and we'll get through it. that's what we do.
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>> reporter: at 1:00 a.m. police cornered decoursey and killed him. and officer meacham had more than 12 year ifs law enforcement. he leaves behind two young children. cecilia. >> okay, alex, thank you. we want to turn now to that massive data breach. under armour announcing 150 million users of the popular myfitnesspal app may have had their information compromised. abc's gio benitez is potentially one of those people. you got the alert this morning. hey, gio. >> i got that e-mail overnight about my account. tens of millions of others are getting that same note. under armour making the stunning revelation four days after learning about this hack. so many use the myfitnesspal app to track their daily exercise and keep a log of everything they're eating, but there's a lot of personal information in these profiles. here's what they got. they got names, e-mail addresses, and what are called hashed passwords.
7:14 am
that means the passwords were encrypted. the good news though, because the company doesn't collect social security or driver license numbers, they didn't get that or any payment information. under armour saying this morning you got to change your password and the company says it's working with leading data security firms to assist in its investigation and also coordinating with law enforcement authorities. so, cecilia, the big message, you've got to change that password. >> good advice, gio. thank you. we move on to that surprising warning about your morning cup of coffee. a judge in california has ruled that starbucks and other coffee companies across the state must put a cancer warning on their drinks because of a chemical produced during the roasting process. the national coffee association pushing back. want to bring in dr. jen ashton our chief medical correspondent for a reality check. good morning, jen. >> good morning. >> what is this risk? >> talking about an ingredient called acrylamide. it's actually not an ingredient or a contaminant but a by-product that's formed in the roasting or baking process. it's not just in coffee. it's in other foods like french fries, toast, cereals and the world health organization has determined that acrylamide is a probable human carcinogen but,
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remember. when we're talking about a toxin you need either a very potent toxin, a high frequency or a very large dose and when you're talking about coffee, obviously the concern is the high frequency. >> i read all these studies about the health benefits of moderate use of coffee. >> exactly. the medical literature has shown clear and massive associations between coffee and reduced risk of certain types of cancer like skin cancer, endometrial cancer, liver cancer. reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, parkinson's. the list goes on and on. the best quote i saw about this controversy came from an oncologist at m.i.t. who said coffee is sometimes connected to cancer by the fact that coffee is drunk by living people and only living people develop cancer. so to say there's cynicism in the medical community is an understatement. again, it comes down to risk versus benefit and benefits clearly outweigh -- >> i already had my coffee. this is just water. but it's something. >> drink up. >> thank you very much, jen. >> we'll have you back at 8:00 for another report. you're a big sports fan, right? >> huge.
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>> yes. final four showdown weekend. just 550 people out of more than 17 million on espn predicted these men's teams would make it to this point. and they are in san antonio now. t.j. holmes is here now. got a preview of the game. >> those 550, you think they were lucky or good? to get this far. >> a little of both. >> a little bit of both and you have to be a little lucky to get loyola-chicago correct. the this is the -- i was about to toss this to dr. ashton but she got out of here. you need to get to know this logo here. this is the story of the tournament, 11 seed. only the fourth 11 seed to make it to the final four. no 11 seed has ever won a game in the final four. so they could do something that's never been done. they're taking on michigan, which is a tough, tough team. a three seed. not a big surprise. they won their conference tournament. but the other bracket, the one versus one. villanova taking on kansas. that's going to be a fun game to watch. a bunch of nba prospects are going to be on the floor for
7:17 am
that one but, guys, you remember we were talking about the big scandal in the ncaa. coaches were being arrested. assistant coaches and all that scandal. this has wiped that story out because it's been a beautiful story, a beautiful tournament and a great story like loyola and sister jean. >> sister jean! >> go ahead. >> i was going to ask about the women. they're also down to the final four. >> okay, now, all four number one seeds made it to the final four. this has happened four times in the women's game before, only happened once on the men's side but four times it happened before. all four number one seeds. uconn going for their fifth championship in the past six years. this is their 11th straight final four, and gaby williams, a shoutout to her. if you haven't watched this young lady, that girl can go and she is fun to watch. one of my favorite players. but geno auriemma, what he's done with that program is unbelievable. >> did you bring us any gifts? >> hey. what you got? who you got? >> well, i got -- give me all. >> you're going on assignment but everybody else will have to pay big. >> i'm not -- i'm actually not -- yes. well, not big. you can get a ticket to the
7:18 am
championship game for 99 bucks. yeah, uh-huh. you have to watch from the roof and look in a little window but they're available. >> thank you, t.j. over to rob. we got a weakening front moving across the east but another winter storm heading across the northern tier could bring 3 to 6 inches of snow. maybe more than that in some spots. minus 1 for a windchill easter morning for the easter egg hunts in minneapolis. that's surreal.
7:19 am
hi there, i'm "abc 7 news," meteorologist mike nicco. high clouds and sunshine and last chance for record highs today. slow cooling trend back to average until wednesday and tracking rain next thursday and friday. today's temperatures 70 at the coast and low to mid 80s inland. tonight, partly cloudy. my accuweather seven-day forecast it will be coolest at the coast this weekend and a littlelelelelelelelelelelele coming up what parkland shooting survivor david hogg is saying this morning after taking on a fox news host for making fun of him. and the advertisers are listening. and the manhunt under way for the designer of that deadly water slide. has he fled the country? has he fled the country? hey scout, what's with the itchys and scratchys? it's these fleas and ticks. ow! i'm getting bit like crazy. got any ideas for me? well, not all products work the same. that's why my owner gives me k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.
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good morning east bay, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. a rock throwing incident in san jose leave ago woman with a wound. around 9:30 last night on second street a woman's car struck by a rock. when she got out to look at the damage, another rock hit her. the man taken into custody. for now, let's check traffic. >> good morning, looking live at the san mateo bridge, 92 barely moving. the sig alert and the earlier crash further to the mid span, all lanes back open. northbound 101 on the south bay. a crash involving the
7:24 am
motorcycle, blocking the left lane. >> alexis, thank you and you want "streaming all you your favorite showsy. on the fastest internet" easy. you want "internet that helps you save on mobile" easy. you want "the best wifi you can pause with a tap." see? easy. time for bed. you want xfinity because it makes your life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month for 2 full years when you sign up for tv. plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv.
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click, call or visit a store today.
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now your accuweather forecast where mike nicco. >> good friday morning. mid 40s to mid 50s in most neighborhoods. 60 to 66. not much of a commute according to alexis and the weather spectacular. livermore, 84, napa within a degree and sfo a couple of degrees. my accuweather seven-day forecast, the wind shifts and the biggest drop in temperature at the coast and moving inland for easter. >> mike, thank you. coming up a popular fox news host under fire for her tweet about a parkland student and
7:27 am
advertisers pulling out of the show and the student
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you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels rizzo, right field and deep and gone for anthony rizzo. >> don't know about you but i got chills watching that again. what an emotional moment. opening day in florida. and that's anthony rizzo, of the cubs, a graduate of florida's marjory stoneman douglas high school. and that home run. paying tribute to the victims of the school shooting. and called it probably the most out of body experience he's ever had, hitting that home run. >> he knew the second he hit it. >> we all did. >> the timing of it and just that moment was so special. >> really cool to watch too and there are a lot of other headlines we are following right now. that breaking news overnight, russia with a new show of force testing a powerful missile after kicking out dozens of u.s.
7:31 am
diplomats, ramping up tension this morning. and an emotional night in sacramento. hundreds gathering to remember stephon clark, the 22-year-old unarmed black man who was killed by police in his grandmother's backyard. reverend al sharpton attended that ceremony, delivering a powerful eulogy. and a frightening close call for a pilot in florida. he was trying to land on the runway -- look at this -- when his nose gear collapsed. the pilot luckily able to get out safely. so thankful he gets out and kisses the ground upon landing. >> oh, my gosh. >> lucky for him. >> my dad was a pilot. and my mother remembers one time going out to the airport and his landing gear wouldn't come down. and they had to put foam out there. so he circled, circled. he thought he was going to have to come down like that. at the last moment his landing gear came out. my mom went into the airport to find him. couldn't see him. he was so white from fear -- >> didn't recognize him. >> she didn't recognize him. that's a true story. >> that'll do it. >> sounds like it's gotten better in the telling of time.
7:32 am
>> that was mama's story and she's sticking to it. >> okay. we're going to move on now to that showdown between a parkland shooting survivor david hogg and fox news host laura ingraham. who has apologized for taunting him after he convinced several companies to remove ads frommer h show. and linsey davis is here with the story. >> good morning, george. just one more example of the power of social media that with just a few tweets a high school student is able to succeed at getting so many companies to pull their ads. it wasn't until the companies starting bowing out that ingraham issued an apology but even that isn't stopping more companies from bailing. a showdown between 17-year-old parkland high school survivor david hogg -- >> we say, no more! >> reporter: -- and fox news anchor laura ingraham. >> and they scapegoated their favorite boogie man and political enemy, the nra. >> reporter: hogg first appeared on ingraham's show following the parkland shooting. >> there's a serious issue in this country that we all need to face. >> david, thank you so much. we really appreciate your words tonight and our prayers are with all of you.
7:33 am
>> reporter: but ingraham now faces a wave of advertisers pulling sport from her show after taunting hogg on twitter about being turned down by several colleges, writing -- david hogg rejected by four colleges to which he applied and whines about it. dinged by ucla with a 4.1 gpa, totally predictable given acceptance rate. >> she literally called out the survivor of a mass murder and made fun of me. who in their right mind would support that? >> reporter: hogg immediately fired back, tweeting, so "ingraham angle," what are your biggest advertisers, asking for a friend. #boycott ingraham adverts. the high school senior with more than 640,000 twitter followers then called for advertisers to boycott her show, listing the advertisers with a call to action. >> it doesn't matter how many viewers they get, how much they get paid, or who they are, a bully is a bully. and we have to stand up together against that, regardless of who they're bullying. >> reporter: within hours tripadvisor, nestle, nutrish,
7:34 am
expedia, hulu and wayfair all answered the call pulling the plug on ads on her nightly show. wayfair released this statement to abc news saying, the decision of an adult to personally criticize a high school student who has lost his classmates in an unspeakable tragedy is not consistent with our values. we reached out to ingraham and fox for comment, and they referred us to her tweet apologizing writing any student should be proud of a 4.2 gpa including david hogg. on reflection in the spirit of holy week i apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of parkland. >> notice how she only apologized after a third of her advertisers dropped out. not that surprising. >> reporter: while hogg's supporters and fellow parkland survivors have been praising his stand with messages like -- as a parent i would be proud to be david hogg my son, the boycott battle is drawing scorn from some local fox viewers. one writing, let laura ingraham know we have her back. and others threatening to begin
7:35 am
their own boycott to those companies who stop advertising on her show. i'm a customer but will pull my subscription/money if you allow david hogg to bully laura ingraham. #imwithlaura. overnight more advertisers have decided to pull ads from her show including johnson & johnson and stitchfix. also important to note that hogg has been accepted to several schools and says right now he may take a gap year and that he's more focused on saving the the future of america. he also says he does not accept her apology because it didn't come until after the company started putting out. >> this one not over yet. >> not over by any stretch. >> thanks, linsey. thanks. now to that investigation into a volunteer officer who opened fire on an unarmed black man during a traffic stop in south carolina. why he fired as many as eight shots as the man tried to drive away, raising some serious questions this morning. abc's steve soesen sammy spoke with that driver and has more on that story. >> man, you in a rush? >> no.
7:36 am
speed limit was 45. >> i got you. you're going a little left of center over there coming onto sungset. >> my tire is messed up. >> reporter: only two of the men with guns seen in these newly released videos are real police officers. >> is there any kind of drugs in the car, sir? >> no, sir, please. >> all right. i can smell a little bit of weed coming from the car. >> reporter: the third seen here is a constable in south carolina. a volunteer with a day job appointed by the governor riding along with police last saturday in florence, south carolina. they pull over 28-year-old brandon fludd for allegedly crossing the center line. >> sir, honestly i am not stepping out of my car. for what? >> you want to step out of the car, please, sir? >> what do you want me out of my car for? >> reporter: he refuses to get out of the white cadillac. the constable, christopher bachochin identified on a trade group website is seen here circling the car with his hand on his gun. >> sir, i need you to step out of the car. mr. fludd, i need you to step out of the car. stop, stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: when the driver
7:37 am
puts his foot on the gas the volunteer starts shooting. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: saying fludd was trying to run him over. >> are you okay? >> yeah. he [bleep] ran me over. >> reporter: none of the real officers fire a single shot. the 28-year-old took three bullets. one shattered his knee and says doctors have told him another in his chest can never be removed. >> i admit my actions are wrong. i should have got out of the car. i should have listened and got out of the car. >> reporter: he and his lawyer still say civilians shouldn't be pretending to be cops. >> this is what can happen when you stick a pharmacist on the street and allow him to play police. >> reporter: something similar happened in oklahoma in 2015. this ceo of an insurance company served a year and a half in prison after shooting to death an unarmed black man during a traffic stop. he, too, was a volunteer. in south carolina, state authorities say many of these police volunteers get less than a fifth of the training of regular officers. true police officers are trained by state police but not the constables who take classes at
7:38 am
community colleges. incidents like these put these volunteer police programs under the bright lights because in many cases these are political appointees or people with big wallets. the problem is that police departments across the country need the extra help for things like parades or crowd control. robin? >> need the extra help but they have to have the proper training. >> fifth of the training, wow. >> steve, thank you. coming up that urgent manhunt for the designer of that deadly water slide that killed a young boy in kansas. (avo) help control cravings and lose weight with contrave. it's fda-approved to help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... i'm so hungry. (avo) and your reward system... ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults in the first few months.
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7:42 am
back now with the search for the designer of that water slide that killed a young boy in kansas. he and the park's owner have been charged with murder. but the designer is nowhere to be found. our senior national correspondent matt gutman has been following the case. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. he's nowhere to be found because he's not even in the country. but federal officials tell me they have a pretty good idea of where he is and are working with multiple agencies to bring him in. now, he faces that second-degree murder charge for designing a water slide that prosecutors say was so fast and so flawed, it was guaranteed to hurt or kill riders. this morning, the u.s. marshal service is on the hunt for this man, john schooley, the designer of that water slide that prosecutors say killed one boy and injured 13 other people. on march 21st, schooley along
7:43 am
with the verruckt's owner jeff henry, was indicted for second-degree murder in connection with the 2016 death of 10-year-old caleb schwab. now nine days later federal sources tell abc news schooley is out of the country, in fact, outside of north america and has not responded to requests to turn himself in. the indictment from the kansas state attorney general's office says schooley was the lead designer of the ride but had no engineering credentials relevant to amusement ride design or safety. according to the indictment, the ride's design guaranteed that rafts would occasionally go airborne in a manner that could severely injure or kill the occupants. and that's what happened to brittany hawkins who was celebrating her birthday at the park in 2015. >> you're speeding down this hill and you can't get your balance and the raft went airborne and i was actually flown up and my seat belt came off. >> reporter: but before that, in 2014, amid the hype during the opening of the verruckt which in
7:44 am
german means "insane" we met schooley. he was being mocked by the owner. jeff henry. >> my partner john is sometimes an idiot and he messed up the engineering. now we went back and rebuilt it my way. >> reporter: henry told us the delay had cost him over a million dollars. they want it to be scary but is it dangerous? >> when we were testing it we were definitely in harm's way because we were doing some things that were, you know -- they weren't affixed on and put on in such a way that they would last. >> reporter: now that man you heard mocking schooley is the park's co-owner jeff henry who shares the murder indictment with schooley but will have to face a kansas judge solo in his first appearance next week. in the face of apparent whistle-blowers telling police that the park ignored dozens of employee warnings about the ride, verruckt's parent company has said its employees had the highest dedication to safety. george. >> okay. matt gutman, thanks very much.
7:45 am
coming up, chinese satellite coming to earth this weekend. we'll tell you where some of the debris may land. hey! you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home. edward jones grew to a trillion dollars in assets under care, by thinking about your goals as much as you do. the oats feed your body fiber. fiber helps keep things moving through your system. which is great. because when you're good to your system,
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7:48 am
ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. this weekend don't forget to look up. that massive chinese space station is tumbling toward earth and debris could hit this weekend. no one knows exactly where it may land. abc's whit johnson is in los angeles, and, whit, i know that you've been speaking to a scientist tracking it. >> reporter: robin, that's exactly right.
7:49 am
this bus-sized chinese space station is now in a freefall and the latest prediction from scientists, sunday, 10:00 a.m., plus or minus 16 hours. the window is shifting and narrowing down for when this doomed spacecraft will make its fiery plunge towards earth. what goes up must come down. this morning, scientists predicting 10% to 40% of the 19,000-pound space station could survive reentry, dropping from the sky some time this sunday, april 1st. scientists at the aerospace corporation telling abc news that if they knew more about how the chinese spacecraft was built and what materials were used, they could make more accurate predictions. >> this is just the way these things work. we don't know exactly where it'll be. but we can say where it won't be. >> reporter: debris could land just about anywhere including a large stretch of the u.s. from northern california to new york.
7:50 am
>> this is an uncontrolled entry. so they're not exactly sure where it's going to land. >> reporter: while the odds of being hit by space junk are a trillion to one, it can happen. just ask tulsa resident lottie williams who was hit by six inches of metallic material while exercising in a park. >> it looked like fire. it was like this big ball of fire. we couldn't see anything. you couldn't hear anything. you didn't smell anything. if you see it coming, run. mm-hmm. >> reporter: now, space junk falls from the sky almost every day. this chinese space station is on the larger end of the scale. but is mostly expected to break apart and burn up before ever hitting the ground. still, you're more likely to win the the megamillions jackpot than get hit, robin? >> don't look up. >> that's it. coming up, the college basketball coach who quit her job to fight for her adopted
7:51 am
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good morning south bay, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm jessica castro with abc 7 mornings and we do have breaking news. the widow of the post night club shooter found not guilty on all counts. she is from rodeo and charged with providing material support from the islamic state obstruction of justice. let's check in with mike nicco. >> santa cruz looks inviting. the nicest day at the beach if you want sunshine and warm weather. it gets cooler from here. 79? santa cruz, low to mid 80s inland and last chance for record high temperatures. >> taking a look at the roads. we have a crash reported involving a seminear walnut creek. the activity on the right hand
7:57 am
sholder and another crash in the east bay, near 680 near bollinger canyon. >> coming up a college basketball coach left her job to fight for her daughter. speaking up being next on
7:58 am
celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. fitness app hacked. under armour warning 150 million users of the popular myfitnesspal, its sensitive information may be compromised. stepping off the court. the college basketball coach who led her team to the ncaa tournament suddenly quitting her job to fight for her daughter. this morning, joanne boyle opening up about the fight to save her family. jenny from the block and opening day. j. lo's surprise appearance showing support for alex rodriguez dropping by dodger stadium. the happy couple sharing a kiss and how they united bitter baseball rivals. plus, we are counting down to the "scandal" finale and wait until you see who gave one watch party the surprise of a lifetime.
8:01 am
>> we heard this is where the "scandal" party was. >> as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ and good crowd out there on this friday morning. >> my mom made me wake up this early, i love that one. >> she skipped school. >> nice crowd out there on this friday morning. good friday for so many christians. also we have that little "scandal" surprise coming up. >> so unsuspecting. also this morning, ah. there's that but we have a story -- i don't know if you heard about it. mississippi state women head back to the final four for the second year in a row. very excited about that. their head coach, vic schaefer, as even more to be thankful for than going back to the final four. wait until you hear his family a powerful story this morning, which we will share coming up. >> that is coming up. first white house shake-ups. we saw former communications director hope hicks say good-bye to the president thursday and
8:02 am
this morning, there is new fallout from his latest fire, the head of the v.a. and i want to go back to mary bruce at the white house this morning. >> reporter: good morning. this shake-up is raising a lot of questions. the president has now tapped his own personal white house doctor admiral ronny jackson to lead the second largest federal agency overseeing the care of roughly 9 million veterans. but jackson while he may have a good relationship with the president has little management experience on this scale and now veterans' groups and lawmakers are questioning whether he can run this massive agency. meanwhile, the fired v.a. secretary david shulkin isn't going quietly. earlier on "gma" he spoke about a scathing op-ed he wrote taking a parting shot. >> that op-ed you wrote -- you talk about a toxic environment in washington. chaos in washington. you say as i prepare to leave government i am struck by a recurring thought. it should not be this hard to serve your country. why is it so hard? >> i believe i had an obligation to do that but this is a tough environment in washington.
8:03 am
i'm not a politician. i'm a doctor. i'm an executive. but there are a lot of people in washington who are only kernld about the politics. and when it comes to the v.a., i believe strongly this needs to be run without politics. this needs to be done in a bipartisan way. >> now, shulkin says he was forced out by forces within the department that want to privatize the v.a. but shulkin was under fire for allegedly wasting taxpayer money on a work trip that turned out to be mostly sight seeing, but shulkin insists he did nothing improper. >> okay, mary, thanks very much. now to that massive data breach putting 150 million accounts at risk. under armour announcing its popular app myfitnesspal has been hacked so let's bring back gio benitez with the details. you got an alert too. >> that's right, robin. the first thing i did this morning was change my password. that's what everyone should be doing right now.
8:04 am
under armour which owns myfitnesspal says the hackers got name, e-mail addresses and so-called hashed passwords. those are encrypted passwords. the good news the company doesn't collect social security numbers or driver license numbers. the hackers didn't get that. they also didn't get payment information and under armour is working to assist in the investigation and coordinating with law enforcement authorities but, again, robin, change that password. it's really the best defense here. >> it was really -- it was startling to get that alert. i got the same alert you did. but it was great that you got it so you could take action. change that password. >> you guys are healthier than me and george, i think. we didn't get the alert. george, you didn't get alert. >> i didn't get the alert. we've got news that will wake us up as we pour our cups of coffee. a california judge has ruled that coffee companies there including starbucks will have to put a cancer warning on the drink because of a chemical produced during the roasting process. the national coffee association says that coffee is healthy and
8:05 am
labels would be confusing. the group is considering an appeal. our own dr. jen ashton this morning weighed in saying the benefits of drinking coffee outweigh the risks. are we all coffee drinkers here? >> sure. you don't really. >> no. >> you drink that stuff. >> kombucha. it was a lovely odor that everyone gives me a hard time about. coming up another "gma" health alert about a type of cancer on the rise for young people. what's behind it? dr. ashton will tell us. and that top college basketball coach who had to quit her job fighting for her adopted daughter. we'll tell her story this morning. and the christian blockbuster that has moviegoers lining up to see it. also, look who is upstairs with our audience. no introduction needed there. the easter bunny and getting ready for a big easter egg hunt. we'll be right back. from the world's number one conditioner brand... new pantene light-as-air foam conditioner,
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love it. love it. thank you. we appreciate it. welcome back to "gma" and this fantastic friday audience with us and it's time for some "pop news" with adrienne bankert. [ applause ] >> let's do this. fri-yay. opening day action. i was enjoying the popcorn, cracker jacks and hot dog but it was the first day of the major league baseball season and a-rod working in the espn booth and who should stop by but his love j. lo and his son max dropping by for a little kiss and hello. a smooch caught on camera. fans feeling the love. one watching the game tweeted when j. lo came into the booth
8:11 am
dodgers and giants fans all united in a let's go, j. lo, let's go. proof that even bitter rivals can come together. >> let's do it. >> power of love there, people. before we get to this, remember this, "hitch." do you remember that movie? imagine the scene but instead of eva mendez it's a robot. >> what? >> the oscar nominated actor posted a video to his youtube channel of a scene he shot with a different leading lady sofia. take a look. >> i prefer electronic music but i don't mind '80s hit pop. >> you know, i mean, i mean, i made some albums back in t the '80s. >> i heard your songs. not for me. >> yeah, a little later smith goes in for a kiss. come on, a little kiss. warming up and, no, she rejects him. >> that's not creepy at all. >> it's a little kiss. >> not at all. maybe she wasn't a fan. >> why did this all happen? >> george, that is a really good
8:12 am
question. i don't really know why it's all happening but sofia is a humanoid robot so will likes to put out funny videos. >> he puts out some hysterical ones. >> this was another one. >> i guess i will. >> a little bit later. finally for you music lovers, more than 20 years after the release of "jagged little pill" and "ant it ironic," i'm here to remind you that nothing beats a good alanis morissette impersonation and you ought to know about this one. [ applause ] yes. lisa rifle used the most well-known lyrics to spontaneously serenade her husband. you got to listen to this. ♪ it's not fair -- >> i can't be around here anymore. ♪ 'cause i'm here ♪ 'cause i'm here
8:13 am
>> hey babe, you done eating. >> almost. >> you know why dawson 'cause i hate to bug you in the middle of dinner ♪ >> stop it. >> he is not amused. >> oh, my goodness. >> that was good. >> has your wife ever morisse e morissette'd you? >> she will now. she morissette'd her husband. calling it for over a month and they're still married, yes. >> a little goes a long way. >> life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. >> oh! >> nice. >> i got you on that one. >> i got you on that one. >> that's "pop news," y'all. >> thanks. >> morissette somebody. >> thank you, adrienne. we'll switch gears and go to our cover story. it's about a star college basketball coach at the top of her game but suddenly retired. this happened last week. she did it so she could fight full time to keep her adopted child. abc's diane macedo abc's diane macedo has her story. >> good morning. so joanne boyle says she's been
8:14 am
her daughter's legal guardian since 2014 but while she says a senegal court has completed her adoption, the u.s. has not and now she says in order to make it happen she has to take the little girl back to africa and she has no idea when they'll be back. just last week joanne boyle was coaching the university of virginia women's basketball team to the ncaa tournament. now the 54-year-old says she's gearing up for a new battle, the fight to finalize the adoption of her 6-year-old daughter ngoty from senegal. it's a process that could take months or even years. >> you know, a lot of times you're getting phone calls of just good news/bad news, good news/bad news and go on the emotional roller coaster. >> reporter: she obtained legal guardianship in 2014 and brought her to the u.s. in a tourist visa. boyle says she overstayed the visa bass ngoty was sick. in order to apply for more permanent paperwork ngoty has to go back. >> the best case scenario, we go
8:15 am
to senegal and finalize this process in the next hopefully couple of months and come home with her r-3 visa and her u.s. citizenship. >> reporter: virginia senator tim kaine is one of many trying to help boyle. he tells abc news he asked immigration officials to grant joanne approval so she and ngoty don't have to go to senegal while ngoty's adoption is finalized. meanwhile, u.s. citizenship and immigration services tells us privacy issues prevent them from discussing the specific case. they work toward efficiently processing immigration applications and petitions. now they are preparing to make that more than 4,000-mile journey back to senegal for final checks so that ngoty can finally come home for good. >> whether we have to leave for a short period of time or a longer period, that's what we'll do and finalize the journey no matter how long it takes. >> reporter: boyle says the big challenge is in the u.s. she has lots of family and friends to lean on, while in senegal, it's
8:16 am
just her and ngoty. this was the only option. they'll do whatever it takes to see it through. >> okay, diane, thanks very much. our chief legal analyst dan abrams is here right now. why is this the only option? >> well, look, this is a difficult process because it seems that she left senegal on a tourist visa meaning she hasn't actually finalized all of the paperwork that one needs. this seems like a situation to me where someone said to her there, you're okay, we can figure this out. the child is sick, you can take the child and we can figure this out later. now the answer, well, actually we can't and let's be clear. she has spent so much time and effort to get this child here, sick child. >> a really caring mother. >> incredibly caring mother. there have been stories from her from back in 2015 about how she was making this child part of the basketball team, how all the players were helping to effectively bring her up. really heartwarming stories about how much effort she's made to try to do this by the book. >> we saw senator tim kaine step in as well.
8:17 am
she's going back to senegal. what's her best hope? >> she has to get in the citizens and immigration services' pipeline in effect. senator tim kaine is trying to speed up that process because for now they're saying you can't apply for it from here. you have to go to senegal to apply for it. that's where you're talking about the difference between months and years. remember, years for her means being in senegal for years alone -- >> not working? >> right. and to get there, to be clear how far away this is, not only do you have the 8-hour flight but an 8 to 9-hour drive every time she goes there and rocky roads, et cetera. so this is not an easy process but there is a law, there are the rules that have to apply. you're talking about sensitive stuff which adoption and immigration. so, you know, it's not -- it's just not that easy. >> let's hope she can work through it quickly. robin. >> i spent some time with joanne and also the team recently and i have to tell you everything that you said about her, about how
8:18 am
the team has rallied around that little girl and i'm so proud of joanne, nothing is more important to her than this and we wish her all the best. >> we sure do. now to that "gma" health alert about colon cancer. it's the second leading cause of cancer deaths in america and now it's on the rise among young adults. we spoke with one young patient who beat it and the medical team that helped her. >> it was just about the last news i was expecting to hear. >> reporter: at just 24 years old, dana rye was diagnosed with colon cancer. she's part of an unsettling trend. young adults developing one of the deadliest forms of cancer. >> the first time symptoms appeared for me i was 17 years old in high school and experienced a little bit of rectal bleeding. i said to the doctor this is what webmd told me it could be and the doctor laughed in my face and said there was no possible way at my age it could be colon cancer. >> reporter: experts suggest adults get screened for colon cancer at 50 years old, 45 for african-americans, but according to a study by the american cancer society, colon cancer rates are rising in adults as
8:19 am
young as their 20s and 30s with death rates for this group also increasing. and though the overall risks of colorectal cancers at this age is still low millennials born in 1990 now face double the risk of colon cancer as a person born in 1950 did at the same age. >> in our patients with young onset colorectal cancer under 50 what we are seeing is that they don't have a family history or any known genetic predisposition. >> reporter: this doctor is behind the first of its kind study at memorial sloan-kettering. >> if we can identify the patients that are at risk for getting this disease at such a young age we can diagnose them earlier. >> reporter: their approach, combining research with clinical care to tackle this problem. >> we hope to provide a broader, more holistic approach of medical care to our patients.
8:20 am
>> reporter: after six months of grueling treatment, dana is now 32 years old and eight years cancer-free. >> if there are changes in your body to know that -- recognize them and make sure to investigate them. >> yes, and jen is nodding along about that knowing your body so what is behind this increase? >> you know, it's not clear and we don't know. there are some suggestions and a recent study that came out of sloan-kettering suggests a couple of factors. number one, an increase in polyps in young people. there is a definite delay in getting that patient a colonoscopy. we heard about reasons why in the piece. bleeding that then is attributed to hemorrhoids instead of colon cancer. the cost of coloscopy can be difficult for insurance companies to cover it and all contributes to misdiagnosis so we have to be clear. it is still higher risk if you're over the age of 50 but this age group, the rise is concerning. >> it is very concerning.
8:21 am
so what about signs, symptoms, prevention? >> this is where people need to pay attention. even young people because this can be life saving so signs or symptoms. number one, any type of irregular bleeding, any change in bowel habits. weight loss unintentional, persistent cramps, gas or abdominal pain. if you notice those be persistent. this applies to the medical profession as well and think of this but you have to talk about prevention because that is really important. so when you talk about colorectal cancer, the things that are associated with lower your risk, diet, very important, getting greened -- screened in it's appropriate, not smoking, limiting control and keeping your weight in a healthy range for some people, aspirin has been shown to lower the risk but not recommended for everyone across the board. >> something you were adamant about discussing, lynch syndrome. i've never heard of it. >> you're not along. even some doctors don't think of lynch syndrome.
8:22 am
1 out of 300 people may be a carrier for this gene. >> what is it? >> it has an associated increased risk of colorectal cancer and other cancers, endometrial cancer so it's on my radar as a gynecologist but increased risk of stomach cancer, breast cancer so for those genetic testing is important. >> testing, that's how you find it. have a great weekend. hey, dr. j., always talking about getting your sleep and still hitting the snooze alarm right now, i have a picture for you. how about if you were hibernating all winter like this black bear in glacier national park in this hollowed out cottonwood tree. at some point you have to give a little stretch, oh, my goodness. look at that tongue. that is a yawn right there. reaching for the old honey pot. all right. good luck to spring out there. that is the black bear update as they come out of hibernation. hi there, i'm "abc 7 news," meteorologist mike nicco. high clouds and sunshine and last chance for record highs
8:23 am
today. slow cooling trend back to average until wednesday and tracking rain next thursday and friday. today's temperatures 70 at the coast and low to mid 80s inland. tonight, partly cloudy. my accuweather seven-day forecast it will be coolest at the coast this weekend and a littlelelelelelele this is a holiday this is a holiday weekend in here. we are feeling it. it is good friday, of course, so many people spending time with their families. so many people will be heading to the movies and abc's paula faris is here to tell us about a new christian film winning big at the box office. >> it is winning big, indeed. good morning to you, friends. the movie "i can only imagine" has been a huge surprise at the box office and as one expert says, this should be a wake-up call for the industry as there is an increasing appetite for faith-based films. ♪ i can only imagine >> reporter: it's the surprise hit that almost no one could have predicted.
8:24 am
the faith-based movie "i can only imagine" winning big at the box office. >> you didn't write this in ten minutes. it took a lifetime. >> reporter: the film which cost just $7 million to make cashing in around $43 million so far. >> i'm going to burn it all. >> reporter: for the second straight week coming in just behind "black panther." >> it is your time. >> reporter: while outperforming "love, simon" and "a wrinkle in time." "i can only imagine" tells the untold story behind one of the best-selling christian songs of all time, performed by the group mercy me and written by lead singer bart malard. the song and the movie based on his broken relationship with his father. >> my dad was a monster and i saw god transform him. >> reporter: featuring roles by
8:25 am
trace adkins. >> what are you running from? >> my dad. >> then write about it. >> reporter: and dennis quaid who plays his father. >> i want to make things right. >> reporter: some of the film's success comes from the popularity of the song, but also from a unique promotion strategy. >> these movie companies go directly to churches, they'll show the trailers after a church service. >> reporter: "i can only imagine" is the fourth biggest domestic opening for a faith-based film. "passion of the christ" holds the record hauling in $84 million its opening weekend in 2004 and over 600 million that year the last big christian film to make over $100 million was in 2010 "the chronicles of narnia" and with at least four faith-based films released this month alone this did a reminder to the industry that there's an audience for faith-based stories. >> people who are looking for these more religious films are not being served by the big superhero movies. >> now, it is even more impressive what "i can only imagine" has done considering the context.
8:26 am
it debuted in limited cities and theaters talking just 1600 compared to 4,000 for blockbuster movies like "tomb raider" and "black panther." you heard about that unique marketing strategy. they're allowing groups to buy out entire theaters, guys. this weekend we got a couple of other faith-based films out with jim caviezel "apostle ofcrist" and "god's not dead." >> i didn't know the back story to it. >> forgiveness is so universal. that "scandal" surprise and final four about to kick off. the latest on that big battle. sister jean, coming up.
8:27 am
good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, happy friday i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. we have a developing story out of florida. a husband killed found, the wife not guilty. we'll have more the midday news at 11:00 a.m., right now traffic are alexis. >> good morning, taking a look at the traffic maps, one new issue in the south bay. a four car crash, northbound 280 before you get to wolfe. never have gotten the bay bridge metering lights turned on. so looking at light volumes, holiday light, enjoy it while it
8:28 am
lasts. >> ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto jake... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto internet. but not just [ any internet.] it's "you've never gamed with speed like this" internet. it's "all your teenagers streaming at once" internet. it's "i can get up to one, two, three, four, five mobile lines included?" internet! it's internet from xfinity that makes your life simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month for 2 full years when you sign up for tv. plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv.
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click, call or visit a store today. pstop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> thank you for sticking around. the current temperatures, upper 40s and the warmest and mid to upper 50s. mass transit. if you are commuting, it is good weather wise, my accuweather seven-day forecast, is the warmest day moving forward. record highs possible. >> thank you. another update in 30 minutes and
8:30 am
always on the app and >> welcome back, everybody, on this friday morning and we're heading into the final weekend of march madness. now, my southeastern louisiana lions didn't make it but we got lions -- >> represent. >> representing, representing. but that team right there, the women's final four tips off tonight. mississippi state is taking on louisville. it's the second year in a row that coach vic schaefer has led them to the final four and his daughter blair is a starting point guard but before coming to starkville vic schaefer was the head coach at texas a&m and it was there they realized their family has a lot more to be thankful for than their success on the court. >> i thank my dad every day for that. still being able to be a family
8:31 am
to stand on that ladder without help and not be in a wheelchair next to the ladder says about what we could get through. >> reporter: this celebratory moment on the court all more meaningful for coach schaefer and his family because nine months prior their focus was on a different type of battle off the court. >> phone rings at 8:35. doctor kru zi said my son was brought in unresponsive, unconscious and seizing. where would i like to send him? >> reporter: vic and holly schaefer's 14-year-old son logan was fighting for his life after suffering an accident while wakeboarding at summer camp in 2010. >> just thinking, oh, lord, he's yours. it was tough. it was one of the toughest days ever. >> reporter: logan underwent emergency brain surgery and was in a coma for four days. >> one time i was standing by his bed. i said, logan, if you can hear
8:32 am
me, give me a sign. and he did like this and he kind of gave us a little bit of peace, a little bit more hope. you know, wanting him to wake up so we can get this show on the road. >> reporter: it was a painstaking recovery. logan's family supporting him every step of the way. >> good. >> to the bottom and i don't think i've ever breathed that hard in my life. >> it was incredible. again, another miracle. >> reporter: after 39 long days, logan was released from the hospital. >> good. keep working. >> reporter: in a whirlwind year vic schaefer returned to coach the aggies that season. and witnessed something special. >> for the first time in school history, the aggies are the champs. >> just felt like i had come full circle. it had been nine tough months.
8:33 am
at that moment to have my son back then to go through this with our team, i think you have to go through some hard times to prepare you for something better down the line. [ applause ] >> wow. >> so many, so many stories behind the coaches and the players that we're going to be cheering for and watching the final four and happy to say logan is fully recovered now. he graduated from mississippi state a semester early. you better believe he's going to be cheering on his dad. >> that is going to be on espn2 tonight. >> all four game, two games. >> the other uconn videotape notre dame which is why t.j. is hanging out on the sidelines right here. >> just lurking. >> i was going to say lurging but i was going to be a built nicer. four number one seeds. that was one bet you could have made. we have our white boards. you have a few more. >> we have done this. we did it with the super bowl and oscars. had the prop bets.
8:34 am
robin was our oscar champion, lara was our champion of the super bowl and, george, i'm pulling for you, brother. pulling for you here. so here we go. our first prop bet, the men's final four games tomorrow will there be a missed free throw in the final minute of regulation, loyola versus chicago? will there be a missed free throw in the final minute mean it would have to be a close game. michigan is the 321st worst free-throw shooting peopteam in country. loyola happens to be 141 so not good free throw shooting team. >> the ladies on the end are saying no. >> yeah, we have a real competition. >> i have -- >> kansas/villanova. will thereby a missed free throw. let you know villanova is eighth in the country in free-throw shooting percentage.
8:35 am
they're good. will there be a missed free throw? robin is mixing it up. we're recording these. now -- >> what do we get? >> next question will there be an overtime game this weekend in men's or women's in the final four? >> men's or women's? >> yes, so that's four games. will there be an overtime of either of the final four games this weekend? in any of them. >> yes. >> yes and no. >> took a chance. >> george, i'll have you know, george, the last time there was an overtime game it was in san antonio actually which is where the final four is again this year. >> george knew that. >> one other thing, last thing for you here, loyola fan, sister jean, of course, you know jalen rose's grandma talked some smack to sister jean at loyola. will sister jean throw some shade back? >> oh. >> will sister jean respond to
8:36 am
jalen rose's 100-year-old grandmother about -- >> she might respond without shade. >> i agree. >> let's take shade out. will she respond in any way. >> yeah. >> everybody say yes? >> yeah. now that you put it that way. >> but, of course, was jalen rose's grandmother who said it's over, you are your run has been great and she's serious. she's a big super fan. we'll see you on monday. >> thank you, t.j. [ applause ] >> run on out of here. >> george, pulling for you, george. >> well, you mentioned jalen rose. who we going to talk to right now? >> i wonder. >> let's see what he has to say about it. hey there, jalen rose. joining us live. [ applause ] >> good morning, america. >> so you got your white board so what do you think? is your grandma, do you think sister jean will respond? what is going to happen? >> how about this, it's only right. lord knows.
8:37 am
>> very nicely done. nicely done. now, it's no coincidence we're talking with you. you got a big show that's debuting on monday. tell people about it and your co-hosts that will joining on "get up." >> "get up," 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. eastern on espn. i'm really excited to do television with two of the most talented people in the industry, mike greenberg and michelle beadle. >> hi, guys. hi, robin. >> how you doing, man. all right. well, since you're the experts, can you weigh in on what we're going to see this weekend? let's start with the men's final four. who do you think will make it to the championship? >> well, here's how expert i am. i picked villanova to beat michigan in the championship game before the whole thing started so obviously i know all so i'm sticking with that even though i would love to see loyola pull it off. >> it's awkward because green and i want loyola to pull an
8:38 am
upset but it's the chaos. we're rooting for that. >> excited about the final four, sister jean is adorable but as my grandmother mentioned, they're over on saturday. i also think villanova is going to win because they had the player of the jeer in jalen bronson and michigan finds the way to cut down the nets. >> the women, who is going to be cutting down the nets sunday? >> is uconn playing. >> yeah, no offense they're all number ones but uconn. >> no one has ever gone broke betting on uconn but after watching that story how could you not be rooting for mississippi state. >> absolutely. >> and, mike, we're hearing your producers are giving you a word of the day to try to secretly work into the broadcast. what is behind this and are you trying to secretly throw anything into our conversation here? >> no, no, no, i have so much respect for "good morning america." i would on obscotulate. there is no chance i would do that. it's a fun thing our social
8:39 am
media director cooked up for me and i'll try to sneak a word in every single day and see if i use it correctly. so far i'm 0-3. >> you can't sneak in a word you can't spell or at least i can't spell. >> you can't sneak in a word you're using incorrectly. >> today i'm feeling somewhat phlegmatic. >> give us a quick tour around. >> i would love to give you guys a tour, "good morning america." how about this? this is where our hot takes are going to be given. you guys are more than welcome to join the program at this spot. right here, we have the board where i'm going to be breaking down some nba plays. i think you recognize who this gentleman is. >> oh. >> he's pretty good at basketball, lebron james. this is our research area, individuals that make us all look smart and beautiful and handsome and intelligent and all of that good stuff. >> yay for the crew.
8:40 am
>> this is our south wall where we're do amazing things and breaking down sports and intertainment and all of that good stuff. this is our sports den. doesn't it look cozy >> that's some set? not like "gma" by no means but i mean it's our -- >> very warm and welcoming. >> relaxing and talking about sports as we do so very professionally. yes, absolutely. thank you, thank you for the love and last but not least this is our east wall. how beautiful is this? >> nice. >> you see the east river and see brooklyn. you see the brooklyn bridge, so very excited to be in our new abode. how you like my big word, abode? >> that's not a big word, jalen. >> we actually built that bridges just for the program actually. prior to this people had to swim if they wanted to get from manhattan to brooklyn but put that up there for everybody's convenience. >> all right. greenie, michelle, jalen. if we weren't a little busy we would be there. we're a little busy ourselves.
8:41 am
greenie, i'm loving the beard. that little -- is that the shadow the scruff. >> it's a new look forme. i know it's sort of a mid-life crisis but i think so far it's going pretty well. >> all the best to you guys. all the best. see more of them on "get up" monday on espn. >> they are going to have a lot of fun and also coming up a "scandal" surprise for some of the show's biggest fans and a special guest is here to celebrate a certain thumping happening this weekend.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
you excited for easter? dip into the basket. that's for me. we might have a fight over this one. while peter is doing that and the kids are enjoying treats take a look at your easter forecast with our own little version of the bunny rabbit. easter, texas, 65. egg harbor, new jersey, 57. lily, kentucky, 54. basket, pennsylvania, 51 and bunny flat, california, 47 degrees. that's a pink bunny. you're a white one. you may be a distant cousin. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. high clouds and sun shine and record high temperatures in my
8:45 am
accuweather 12-hour planner. the holiday weekend, b this weather report brought to you by t-mobile. adrienne, cecilia, back over to you. >> everybody looks nice in their fancy easter clothes. "scandal" is in its final season and fans are loving every minute of it. >> every second. we decided to give some super fans the ulth malt surprise. take a look. >> i'm headed out to surprise some "scandal" super fans. >> hey, everybody, i'm on my way to crash a "scandal" viewing party. maybe they'll be surprised. maybe they'll be terrified. who knows. we'll have to wait and see. >> reporter: "scandal" superstars tony goldwyn and joe morton. >> let's go. >> sneak out to new jersey to surprise some serious fans at their weekly viewing party. >> thank you for all those years, thanks. so here's to gladiators again. >> the party, it's going down.
8:46 am
>> who's team fitz? >> yeah, yeah. >> jake? >> yeah. >> reporter: complete with olivia pope-corn and a "scandal" drinking game. >> drink whenever olivia's lip quivers. >> they've got their dog named fitz. everybody is having a good time but little do they know the real fitz and rowan pope are outside. >> we'll creep in while they're watching the show. >> they don't have no idea we're going to come. >> not a clue. >> so we're on our way. >> so, let's go. >> reporter: with just a few episodes left they are glued to the screen and that surprise, it's handled. >> we heard this is where the "scandal" party was. >> oh, my god. >> is that fitz? >> oh. >> oh, there's fitz. >> oh, my god. >> yeah. >> we heard this was like the best "scandal" watch party, right? >> ever. ever. >> is that fitz?
8:47 am
i got to go meet fitz. hi, fitz. >> this is so great. i can't believe it. >> can you believe >> i started watching "scandal," i had cancer and it was just such a great escape. >> before every cream mow treatment she would say are we gladiators. >> ah. >> cheers to gladiators. >> so much fun. >> the last person you want to see outside your window is rowan pope. >> sneaking in but they had the surprise of their lives. them anever forget it. >> no shortage of wine either. see a new episode of "scandal," the final season airs thursday 10:00 p.m. eastern on abc and coming up. the very talented andie macdowell is here live in a few minutes. [ applause ]
8:48 am
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i'm here with none other than andie macdowell, of course, we remember her from hits like "groundhog day" and "four weddings and a funeral" now starring in "love after love," the film getting 100% on rotten tomatoes. good morning. >> good morning. >> welcome. [ applause ] i was telling you i got to watch this last night. a sneak peek. you play this grieving widow with two sons and really feel like you're getting an intimate look on family moments. there was a lot of improv that happened for some of these moments. >> yes, there was. the opening scene is improved and it just was magical. it just turned out to really help you get into the story and understange the complexity of these people. i have this boundariless relationship with one of my sons and you can really feel that right from the beginning. >> you really are in the middle of these moments as a viewer
8:51 am
watching. let's show everyone. >> sometimes i'm happy. i can't always be happy. that's true. >> what makes you happy? >> i just love my kids, you know. i do. [ applause ] >> and i think a lot of people would say you don't see a lot of characters like her in hollywood. she's mature. she is very real. what was it about this role that made you say, okay, we'll do a nude scene with her? this is your first time. >> well, the nudity in the movie is -- it's really an important part of the humanity of the story, because my husband dies in the beginning and you know we come into the world naked. we go out naked and the nudity that you see of me is not gratuitous by any means, it's
8:52 am
like watching art. it's a very important part of an art at this timic film. >> it really was. you also have become the face of aging so gracefully and beautifully and naturally in hollywood. how do you ignore all of that noise that is out there that says otherwise? >> i think it's hard because i think it has been so prevalent in our society that we have expected people to remain young for the rest of their life and i -- you know, i had a friend of mine, we were hiking and she said something to me about her neck and i looked at her neck, you know, it does change. there's a softness that happens. i think it's beautiful. and that's what i told her. i said, to tell you the honest truth, i think it's really beautiful. i think it's a part of life. every stage is a part of life and you shouldn't give people -- tell people that that part of their life is ugly. you just really shouldn't send
8:53 am
them that message that they -- that you can't have that stage. every stage is important. >> fortunately we've got to go. we love watching you in this movie and the message. thank you for being here. it really is a great movie. "love after love" is in the you want "streaming all you your favorite showsy. on the fastest internet" easy. you want "internet that helps you save on mobile" easy. you want "the best wifi you can pause with a tap." see? easy. time for bed. you want xfinity because it makes your life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month for 2 full years when you sign up for tv. plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv.
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getting a quote is easier than sglefr thank you guys for watching. thank you guys for coming. have a great weekend, everybody. happy easter and a blessed passover to everyone.
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good morning bay area, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning it is 8:59 i'm reggie aqui. the warmest weather all week. >> hi everybody, look at the temperatures, in the 50s and 60s on the way to 70s and 80s. the warmest day at the beach today. if you are going to be outside, the bay or out and about. spring fashion, sun glasses and sunscreen. high clouds filtering the sunshine, and the wind shift taking the heat away and stopping the high temperatures today. >> a little of news if you are doing the counter commute direction. north lin wood, a motorcycle crash, catching fire and blocking a couple of lanes now. in the meantime looking bet ner the south bay, northbound
9:00 am
101 and walnut creek crash is gone. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, we catch up with chrissy teigen and quiz daddy himself, "hq" host scott rogowsky. plus, andy grammer performs his hit song "smoke clears." and is ryan expecting? we got a lesson in baby basics, including diapering and swaddling. all next on "live." >> ♪ good, good, good... >> announcer: now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> ryan: hello. [crowd screaming] >> ♪ it's good to be alive ♪ right about now ♪ i almost can ♪ cannot handle it ♪ i could get used ♪ could get used to this ♪ i almost can ♪ cannot handle it


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