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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 30, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: a day after an emotional funeral for stephon clark. stephon clark received eight bullets. >> reporter: prominent pathologist known for his work on concussion related autopsies. he says clark was shot 7 times from behind. calling into question that clark was facing officers during the killing. >> he was facing the officers is inconsistent with the prevailing forensic evidence. >> this video reveals the
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moments before and after the shooting at clark's grandmother's house. they mistook clark's cell phone for a gun. >> infuriates, you lied. there was no transparency in the beginning, more frustration, more trauma. >> reporter: community activists demand that the officers involved be fired and held accountable. protesters are taking to the stre street. police say they cannot comment on today's findings because they haven't received the official coroner's report. that is separate from a joint investigation being held by the da's office and the california department of justice. the warriors travel to sacramento to play the kings tomorrow night. former warrior matt barnes is asking for his old teammates to join the rally for clark at noon. the players are free to participate. >> i mentioned to our players
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yesterday that if they wanted to be part of anything that's going on, that it's something to discuss. >> the increased security put in place for last night's kings game will be back in place before and during their game against the par yours tomorrow night. nearly two years after the deadly mass shooting at the pulse nightclub in florida, the gunman's wife noor salman was found not guilty in the pulse night club attack. salman left the federal courthouse in tears and will be reunited with her son in the east bay city of rodeo. that's where we find leanne with this live report. >> reporter: much anticipation i can tell you that, initially our affiliate station in orlando said that she was arriving, flying into napa on a chartered plane but that proved to be not
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true. now we're hearing that she's possibly arriving in the l.a. area, and again possibly being driven here by an uncle, in any case, her family awaits her. >> noor salman walked out of a courthouse in florida. >> reporter: she had been charged with lying to the fbi and helping her husband in the 2016 attack. her husband, omar mateen died in a shoot-out with police, after he had entered the club and killed 49 people and injured 58. >> we knew she was innocent. we stood by her and that's what she is. >> reporter: prosecutors argued that salman knew about her husband's guns and his obsession with muslim extremist videos and that show also knew about his plans to attack zimplt
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locations. but the defense prued that she was a simple woman with a low iq, who was abused by her husband, and knew nothing of her husband's plans. she faced up to life in prison, the jury deliberated more more than three days, when she heard the verdict, salman began sobbing. so did her relatives behind her. >> i know how it is to lose a child. but noor being guilty or not guilty is not going to bring them back. >> reporter: her lawyer is taking her back to the east bay city to be reunited with her son, who is now 5 years old. she will live with her mother in this quiet neighborhood, today the family remained inside the home. in rodeo,
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news. our media partner reported that an immigration judge fernando carrillo should not be -- an alleged russian hacker had his day in court right here in san francisco. he's accused of targeting three bay area companies through cyber attacks. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: the 2012 linkedin data breach -- law enforcement officials arrested eed a man wh to access the user names and pass words of hundreds of millions more, from linkedin drop box and form spring.
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>> he was sent to the united states overnight and in court this morning. >> it's very rare that a russian hacker would actually be in the united states facing these charges. >> reporter: in an emailed statement, a linkedin spokesman says we have been actively monitoring fbi's case to pursue those responsible for the 2012 linkedin data. we are glad to see the progress of law enforcement. >> what hackers do is take your user name and pass worth and compare it with where you work or your bank or something like that and see if they can get something really valuable. >> reporter: linkedin urged people to change their pass
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words. you'll never guess, schwarzenegger squaarnold schwarzenegg schwarzenegger's first words after he woke up from open heart surge surgery, i'm back. yesterday schwarzenegger underwent a procedure to replace a faulty heart valve. the spokesman said the planned procedure was successful and an open heart surgery team on stand by at the time did not have to intervene. the epa is trying to roll back regulations that make cars more -- >> reporter: changes to regulations requiring automakers to nearly double the fuel economy by 2025 will likely be presented to the environmental protection agency next week. when environmental experts in the bay area aren't too happy about it. >> 50% of everyone in the u.s. lives in areas where the levels
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of air pollution are unhealthful and 95% of californians live there. so we know that regulation works. >> reporter: under the 1970 clean air act, california has special authority to enforce stronger air pollution standards than those set by the federal government, because the state had its own rules before the federal rules came into play. this week, the attorney general said we're prepared to take whatever action, legal or otherwise to protect the people of california. >> cars are 70% of our unhealthy air. we have got to have cleaner burning cars and the cost of it is trivial. in a new car, it is virtually nothing. >> reporter: the epa is expected to argue that automakers and
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consumers stand to benefit as larger cars and trucks become more popular. former ford executive wrote, we want one set of standards nationally, along with additional flexibility to help us offer our customers more options. google is swallowing up another piece of property in san jose, this time it's the site of an orchard supply hardware store. the bay area news group said that the tech giant paid nearly $40 million for the site just off of royal avenue. google has now spent $220 million on property in and around downtown san jose. there's a new place for kids to practice their dres te warri.
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we have fin any's friday free stuff, coming up live, down here in san jose, so hang around. i it was beach weather today. we'll take a look at your forecast coming up.
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california is suing health care giant sutter health ille l illegally drove up costs for consumers here in southern california. javier bassara announced -- restricting insurance companies from giving consumers lower health care options. it also claims that senate
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executives received huge salaries as a result of the excessive profit. >> it's time to hold health care organizations accountable and bring down related health care costs. we seek to stop sutter from continuing this illegal conduct. in a statement, sutter health said it cannot comment on the suit because it has not yet seen it. the company went on to say, on average total charges for an inpatient stay in sutter hospital are lower than what other northern california hospitals charge. for the million of americans with diabetes, the threat of losing a foot or a leg to the disease is a common fear. a high-tech solution just announced that could catch foot problems before it's too late. >> i'm happy to take my shoe off. >> reporter: mark fairman will never take his feet for granted ahead. he's type one diabetic. >> i have very little sensation
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on my feet. >> reporter: dr. michael conti says it's a serious danger. >> if you don't have sensation, you're not going to feel a pebble in your shoe. >> i saw several podiatrists and they told me i would lose my foot. >> infection, then gangrene then afternoon indication. >> reporter: conti managed to save his foot. the socks >> these siren diabetic socks have sensors woven fabric to detect a foot um sir before it happens. >> testing your feet while you walk instead of while you sit in
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a doctor's office. >> they'll measure your feet in six spots. >> reporter: those are the same six spot where is the siren socks have sensors. people are told to check their feet every day, and that can be tough. >> not only can they not feel their feet well, they may have problems with vision, and may not be able to inspect their feet appropriately. >> when they launch late this year, they'll be sold by subscription, $20 a month for socks you can wash and dry like normal. >> crew socks, knee high socks, ankle socks. >> "7 on your side" is out at santana row tonight answering your questions. >> let's get right to michael finney, hey, michael. >> you're really missing out by not being here, the weather is absolutely perfect, it's packed with people. everyone's having a great time
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out here. we're here to take consumer questions. so if you have any paper work, we have a whole group of "7 on your side" experts here. and beyond that, as you just said, we have tax professionals here, we have cpas, who have been answering quite a few questions, helping out a lot of people and we have an expert on health care and obama care. obama care is still in effect and if you have a question, you can come down here and ask us. >> first we need to do finney's friday free stuff. we have to start off with contra costa's home and video show. it's a great event, it's been going on for a very long time. it normally costs $11 to get in there. it's the 33 annual, april 6 through 8, it's at the concord pavili pavilion. hundreds of products for your home and yard.
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this is the time of year a lot of people are thinking about their homes so this is how you can get in and make your nice. the next item i have here is an air purifying bag, so we have olivia here. how are you doing today? your mom's selling you to smile? okay. would you smell this for me and tell me what it smells like?mell does it smell like anything at all? does it smell good? it does smell good? smells kind of like a bag to me, what do you think? she wins, no matter what. okay, so the deal is, moso natural, it's an air purifier, you can hang it in your car, you can hang it in your closet. it's actually a very, very nice product and we're happy that you can get it for free. how do you go about getting these products? going on to, look
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for the finney's friday free stuff page. take a picture of olivia. are those new ears? did you just get those ears? perfect. all right. so come down, you may run into on onlivi olivia, you'll definitely run into me. >> if olivia approves, so do we. . good evening to all of you, i want to show you our highs so far in record territory, for the third straight day. but barely, sfo 79 degrees, passed the old record of 78. these are highs so far, you'll notice just about everyone in the 70s and 80s, well above average for this time of year, but certainly temperatures did start to drop today, 79 in san francisco. 82 san jose, livermore, santa rosa. live doppler 7 showing you quite
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a bit of cloud cover this afternoon, and right now, and as you take a look at the 24-hour change, yes, we're heading down, 5 degrees cooler right now in half moon bay and concord, compared to yesterday at this time. let's check out what's heahead,8 degrees tomorrow, you're going to see those temperatures slip a little bit more, and then next week, especiallily as we head towards the end of the workweek, notice the temperature. you go from 78 tomorrow to 68 by friday, you're going to feel the difference. you know that means that we have some big changes ahead, we'll talk about that in just a moment, look at all the people packed in santa cruz. it's been a nice beach day for santa cruz, 72 degrees in san francisco, oakland 75 degrees. gilroy 82 and half moon bay is cooling. it's really hazy because of those clouds, right now, upper
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70s santa rosa, napa, cooling continuing this weekend, mild and breezy for easter and there's a chance of rain for next week. hour by hour we go, 7:00 tonight, those high clouds coming through the bay area, that trend carries over into saturday morning and still some whispy clouds this afternoon, filtering the sun, and then here comes the fog. i think the fog will return to the coast dropping your temperatures for monday. for the afternoon on saturday, it's going to be warm again in the south bay, not as warm as has been. downtown san francisco 69 degrees, a night looking day in the north bay, napa 76, santa rosa 80 degrees, berkeley, oakland, low 70s, sunscreen is
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definitely a must for tomorrow. 78 in concord and in livermore, there's so much happening this weekend, if you're going to golden gate park for the extravaganza in san francisco. it's going to be comfortable, the kids will enjoy it, sun and clouds. sunday morning, 7:00 a.m., the sun comes up at 6:55, so if you're going to services, it's definitely going to be dry out there, dry for the easter egg hunts and miles. afternoon hours. the storm impact scale making an appearance in the spring. accuweather 7-day forecast, cooling breeze for your saturday, temperatures continue to drop for easter and beyond, it's going to be nice looking weather, and then increasing clouds, cooler weather wednesday night through friday, we are looking at rain chances, download the accuweather app and
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check out the forecast. an airline gets rid of an antiquated rule for its flight attendants, but why it could take a while for passengers to see the change. then at 5:30 on world news. >> coming up blaek breaking news, the family of stephon clark's autopsy finds that 8 bullets hit clark in the back. plus an accountant to nhl goalie, his first very miracle on ice. new at
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the restaurant shut down today and soon will be demol
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demolished. the circa 1970s been plagued with complaints in around and the restaurant. the local kids got to meet warriors center zsa zsa pachulia, it was made possible by donations for the warriors, pg and e for the good tidings organization. >> the stars are born on these kinds of courts and obviously you'll see them playing in the nba and different leagues. >> the mayor was on hand along with san francisco mayor mark ferrell. >> there was no progress without change, that's how cafe pacific is describing it's decision to
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apolish the scrub only policy. that policy stood for 71 years. the cafe's flight attendants ats the uniforms are too tight and makes it hard to do their jobs, the uniform revamp would take up to three years, meanwhile flight attendant unions are pushing for pants as an option.
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6:00" dan looks into questions about the car's autopilot feature. a man was seriously hurt by a falling tree. it's causing some concern and overreaction. and combining the digital with the physical. find out what the future could be of board games. we'll see you then. >> today millions of people back to churches to observe one of the most important holidays for christians, good friday. >> abc7 news was at st. mary's
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cathedral in san francisco where students from st. bridgette's school led the is stations of the cross. >> the ceremony commemorates the crucifixion of christ. some abstain from eating until easter sunday. some people in ireland marked good friday by doing some the irish haven't been able to do in decades. >> it's been 90 years since the irish were able to go to pubs on easter. they repealed the intoxicating liquor act of 1927 which prohibited the sale of alcohol on christmas day and good friday. >> and so now good friday is now better friday. >> in ireland? i think some people would say so. >> world news with david muir is coming up. >> for all of us, thanks for inviting us into your homes.
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>> we'll see you at 6:00, and michael tonight, several developing stories as we come on. shot in the back. the family of stephon clark releasing their autopsy, showing the unarmed black man who was shot eight times by sacramento police. at least six of those shots in his back. not guilty. the wife of the pulse gunman, omar mateen, cleared in court. why the jury decided she had no connection to the nightclub massacre. more trouble for the president's cabinet. what abc news has learned about the epa administrator, scott pruitt. the sweetheart real estate deal involving the wife of an energy lobbyist, and a 911 call. a senior white house official calling the situation beyond frustrating. plunging to earth, the space junk crashing toward the earth's atmosphere. we have new timing for that possible strike, and what are the chances someone gets hurt?


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