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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 30, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc7 abnews. a major announcement tonight from tesla one week after an apple engineer died when he crashed his model x on highway 101. auto pilot was engaged when the car slammed into a safety barrier. >> dan noyes broke this story earlier and he's back with us now with the details. >> as i saw firsthand today, the tesla model requires you to keep your hand on the wheel to make sure you are prepared to override the auto pilot, but that did not happen. >> wong died on his way to work in an accident, and it was like
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hitting a brick wall the experts tell me. auto pilot was engaged in the adaptive cruise control set to minimum. wong's hands were not detected on the wheel for six seconds prior to the collision, and the vehicle log shows no action was taken. >> i see what the issue is. yeah, that line in the pavement could be a problem. >> this morning an environmental startup took me in his model x on the same root wong took to apple and he was headed to the 85 carpool line and noticed the break between the asphalt and concrete, and those two white lines, it guided him right into the barrier. >> the computer has no logic. if it sees a line, it might think that's a lane.
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>> tesla emphasized the crash was so severe because the safety barrier was crushed in a collapsed, a drunk driver in a prius hit the cushion at 70 miles per hour, and he walked away with minor injuries. tesla bears responsibility for the failure of the auto pilot. >> we can imagine a day when all of our cars are in an automated road going down the road and they all fail at the same place going down the freeway. at what point is cal trans responsible to help fix this. >> her in the process of hiring an attorney and planning the services for walter. tesla also said in its release
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tonight, if you are driving a tesla equipped with auto pilot t hardware, there's much more debate ahead on this and many other issues on this. >> thank you. appreciate it. we are learning the california dmv received one application so far to conduct driverless testing. driverless cars will become street legal on monday, and they don't have to be riding in it but have to be monitoring it. no timeline as to when dmv will be approving the application after receiving it. the family of stephan clark hired a clark was said to have charged
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the police. tonight hundreds of protesters rallied in sacramento and they marched where the warriors will play the kings tomorrow. protesters blocked fans from getting in twice already, and about a hour ago they pushed past fencing put up to protect the fans on game nights. if they wanted to be part of anything that is going to, that it's something they should discuss. >> right now protesters are at i-5 where police are in riot gear and standing ready. so far things have remained peaceful. solomon's family says she's
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returning to her east bay home to be reunited with her son after she was found not guilty in aiding in the attack. >> a florida jury acquitted the widow of the pulse nightclub shooter. omar mateen killed 49 people and injured 58. >> we knew from day one she was innocent. >> prosecutors argued she knew about his guns and obsession with videos. her attorneys insisted their client is a simple woman with a low iq who was accused by her husband and knew nothing about his plans. >> this is a case the more we learned, the better she looked. >> a statement reads in part, she may not have known what day or location but she knew,
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however we were not tasked if she was aware of an attack, the couple's 5-year-old son lived with his grandparents since her arrest. the family says she is heading back to the east bay to reunite with her son and neighbors hope she can start a new life. new at 11:00, a bay area attorney is turning the tables accusing a law firm of running a criminal enterprise. here's the story from san jose. michelle had to make changes after her hardware store after being shaoud for the violations of disabilities act. >> the signs used to be here. we just had to lower them. >> randy and tonya moore filed that lawsuit. it was one of at least five in
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mountain view, and one of 14,40 across the state. the attorney had a similar thought when the moore's sued her parents over the restaurant, but they fought the case and won and she is now suing the moore's under the rico act. >> i have never seen it used in this area of the law before. it's primarily used for mafia and drug traffickers. >> she believes the moore's lied in the case against her parents. >> this is alleging mail fraud and wire fraud. >> this is a frivolous case. >> moore said his clients have been helping remove barriers for disabled people. >> congress wants private enforcement of the disability laws, and that's what the law firm does, it saves the taxpayers money. >> the moores filed two motions
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to dismiss the case. the case is moving forward into the discovery phase. in san jose, abc7 news. part of an east bay road closed for about a year is once again open tonight. this is redwood road in 2017 after part of it buckled during the winter. alameda county posted this picture of the roadwork wrapping up. the repairs cost $1.2 million. state health officials are warning consumers not to eat some shellfish because dangerous levels have been detected. it can cause illness or death to humans. it does not affect seafood bought in stores.
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a 27-year-old ross was taken into custody on tuesday after witnesses say he tagged a building near the pyramid. officers say spray cans were found on him after his arrest and the paint on his hands match the paint used in the vandalism. >> i'll be back. that's essentially what arnold is saying tonight after emergency surgery. kicked out over kick ball. visitors furious after being toel told to leave. get ready to make a switch from the warmth to wet weather. find out when that is happening coming up. ahead in sports in major league baseball's game. >> is anybody richer tonight? here's something from me to
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arnold schwarzenegger' first words after waking up from heart surgery were, i'm back. he's in good spirits. there were complications while he was undergoing a planned procedure to replace a heart valve. schwarzenegger is in stable condition at a los angeles hospital. if you know somebody from l.a. you know traffic is bad. a freeway sign fell on to heavy
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traffic on i-95. one driver hit debris, but nobody was hurt. new at 11:00, a san francisco kick ball club is accused of being bad sports after trying to boot members of the public from their field. we have more on why the system needs to change. >> reporter: a sunny day at san francisco's delores park brings out pets, and jugulars and people with sports. there can be trouble. >> it's like a bullying type, hey, get out of here, this is ours now. >> thursday a kick team clashed with members of the public when they tried to make them move. a statement said we want everybody to play in parks kick ball or any other safe and fun activities, but what is important is that everybody treats each other and our parks
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with respect with or without a permit. some people i talked to said the city's reservation system is flawed. >> the city doesn't make it clear about what is going on. >> they can put up the reserve signs. >> they shouldn't rent out a place like delores park at all. >> it's difficult to come in and regulate, hey, we have taken up this area, we paid this amount of money, you know, and people have already staked out their claim type of thing here. >> the city has issued thousands of permits with no problems. abc7 news. >> no word yet if somebody is a half billion richer, and we would tell you after tonight's mega millions drawing. >> we do know the winning numbers are 11, 28, 31, 46, 59 and the mega number 1.
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>> how could you live on that? >> i would figure out a way, right? >> let's check out weather forecast. >> we clearly did not win. we're still here. we would be here even if we won. let's look at live doppler 7 now. high clouds passing through the bay area, a lot like today. high temperatures today for the third straight day in record territory. santa cruz broke the old record set 118 years ago. 79 at moffett field. moffett field got up into the low 80s from napa to livermore and santa rosa as well. 79 in san francisco. we are still holding on to some of the mild weather from earlier in the day with plenty of 50s and 60s. half moon bay is about the coolest spot you can go to right now. it's feeling a little more like fall in san francisco than what we would expect to see around
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this time of year. cooling continues this weekend. mild and breezy for your easter and rain returns late next week. get ready to switch out those shades for the umbrellas, but you have a few days to figure out where the umbrellas are. looking at downtown san francisco, you see city hall there, just a beautiful view. visibility is good. your 12-hour planner for easter. the sun comes up at 6:55 sunday morning. sunrise services will be dry and in the 50s. nice-looking weather. mild conditions at noon and breezy and bright in the afternoon, but cooler than where we were today. temperatures slipped a few degrees, and the cooling trend will continue for saturday and sunday. tomorrow morning beginning the day in the upper 40s to mid-50s. there will be a few clouds around and for the afternoon it will be warm in the south bay. on the peninsula, sunshine. 76, redwood city.
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well above average for this time of year. half moon bay 66 degrees. and downtown san francisco, 69. nice and mild and in the north bay, 80 degrees in santa rosa. san rafael, 74 degrees. east bay communities, upper 70s. occasionally high clouds filtering the sun. i want to show you rain chances as you look at the 7-day storm impact scale. 11 one systems on thursday and friday. what we may be tracking is an atmospheric river, and it means we could get soaking rain. it's not definitive yet, but we know we will get rain. it's basically spreading friday go into saturday, and as of right now it looks like the highest rain totals early estimates of course will be in the north bay with over two inches of rain between thursday
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and saturday, less as you look at the south bay, up to one-third of an inch. at this point we will take anything. we are behind in the rain department. cooling trend for your easter weekend, we're looking at mild conditions on easter and definitely keeping it comfortable from early to middle next week, and then here comes the rain, thursday and friday, wet weather. download the accuweather app, and we can check out the temperatures anytime you want. >> thank you.
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abc7 news was in oakland today where rap legend snoop dogg was signing autographs. >> that's right. he appears downtown on broadway and drew quite a crowd. the line of people outside
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stretched the entire city block at one point. >> it's a specialty store that puts an emphasis on bay area-themed closing. his best buddy, snoop dogg. >> when the confetti came down at the nba finals -- >> snoop's other best friends. sorry. >> yeah. giants made history tonight in l.a. against the dodgers. they can thank joe
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enterprise makes it easy. ♪ good evening. only one team in major league
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history started a pair of 1-0 wins with the same guy homering in both games, and that would be your 2018 giants led cue cueto goes out there, and scoreless until the end of the night. 1-0, giants, and the save. 1-0. and the former's a's stars pumped before the a's and angels.
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bottom 9, and a's within a run but a groundout ends the game and the a's come up a run short. look at the stars, featuring everybody to rudy and stu. >> just putting a big league uniform on again feels amazing. for myself, this is where i started in 2004. >> i remember when i was 21 years old and thinking, oh, my god, it's amazing playing at the major league level and i hope it never ends, and boom, 30 years and it's over in a blink of an eye. >> and then a stunner today, the raiders released king, one of the best punters in all of football.
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not sure if it was the salary or his flamboyant personality they were not crazy about. the blackhawks run out of goalies because of injuries and they have to activate a 36-year-old accountant scott foster. he played college minor league hockey, and now he plays in johnny's ice house. he made seven stops against winnipeg. scott foster is now an instant star. >> the initial shock happened when i had to dress and then i think you blackout after that. >> advice before you went out? >> i don't think i heard anything but put your helmet on, and this is something i can go home and tell my kids. >> amazing. almost as amazing, joe panik and the giants, when you think no
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bumgardner, they are freaking out in l.a. >> i hate when that happens. >> it's terrible, isn't it? >> thanks, larry. abc 7 news continues online an
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the new accuweather app from abc7 news, minute by minute forecast plus real time radar and alerts keeping you safe. search accuweather in your app store and download now. notice the ring on that slide, just like sandy's. >> perfect.
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>> thank you for >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tyler perry, from "supernatural" jensen ackles, judge james, and music from dua lipa. and now, hold on tight, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's very nice. welcome to the show. hi. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. [ cheers and applause ] oh, that's very nice. happy spring break for those of you who are springing and breaking. i had a very interesting -- i


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