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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 31, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> this is abc7 mornings. >> it's saturday, march 31st, good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. lisa argen. >> we have clouds. that's what kept us mild overnight. as you look at live doppler 7 you will notice that temps here are quite mild. 54 in oakland. 55 in san francisco. 47 in santa rosa with numbers in the mid 50s. even a few 60s in some isolated areas. 46 on the coast. for today, a mild start, high clouds. not as blue with filtered sunshine. noontime, 70 inland and 50s at
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the coast. the changes you will notice will be an on-shore push. cooler conditions, fog. upper 50s. 70s around the bay and mid 70s inland. we are tracking several dry days before the rain returns by the end of next week. tesla confirmed auto pilot was engaged when a car slammed into a collapsed safety barrier killing an apple engineer on highway 101 last week. dan noyes broke the story early last week and has the latest developments snoorp 38-year-old apple engineer walter won died last week on the way the work when his car hit a crash cushion that had collapsed during a collision the week before. auto pilot was engaged, with the distance set to minimum. wong's hands were not detected on the wheel for six seconds before the collision.
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and the driver had five meters and five seconds of unobstructed view boo the crash logs show no action was taken. >> i see what the issue is. the line in the pavement could be a problem. >> reporter: a science director and an environmental start-up took me in his model x on the same route wong took to apple. he was heading to the 85 car pool lane off 101 in mountain view. noticed the break in the asphalt and concrete and those two white lines. the auto pilot guided his suv right into the barrier. >> you have to think like a computer. computer doesn't know. it has to logic. if it see as line it might think that's the lane. >> reporter: tesla emphasized the crash was so severe because the safety barrier had been crushed in a prior accident. this is how it should be, from google maps, and its collapsed condition the day before walter wong hit it. that happened as i reported this wee because an alleged drunk
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driver in a he radioious hit the smart cushion at 70 miles an hour. he walked away with minor injuries. tesla bears responsibility for the failings of its auto pilot and automation poses new challenges for caltrans. >> we can imagine a day when all of our cars are in automated mode going down the road and they all fail at the same place on the freeway. that brings up the question at that point is caltrans responsible to make roads safe for automation. >> tesla also says if you are driving a tesla equipped with auto pilot you are 3.7 times less likely to be involved in fatal accident. >> reporter: walter wong's family has no comment on the release and they are in the process of hiring an attorney and making funeral arrangements. driverless cars will become street legal in california on monday.
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the dmv requires someone to monitor the car but they do not have to be riding inside of it. there is no time line as to when the dmv will approve a permit after receiving an application. an independent aups of the shooting death of an unarmed black man in suk contradicts a police report. the family stephon clark found police shot clark eight times. six of those bullets hit him in the back. police had said that clark charged at them. the doctor also said stephon survived minutes after the killing but police failed to render emergency care. there will be extra security at the arena later today. protesters rallied outside kings games twice already blocking fans from getting inside.
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so fencing has been put up to protect fans. matt barnes was asked to join a rally hours before the game. coach kerr said the players are free to participate. >> i mentioned to our players yesterday that if they wanted to be part of anything that's going on that is something they should discuss. >> the march went on for more than three hours. there were no arrest. time now is 5:05. now to the us in involving the wife of the pulse gunman a florida guilty of aiding in the attack. katie utehs spoke with her neighbors in rodeo. >> reporter: a florida jury acquitted noor salman the widow of the pulse nightclub killer. he killed 40 people and injured
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58. >> we knew she was innocent and thachg god it came out. >> reporter: prosecutors argued salman knew about her husband's guns and his obsession with muslim extremist videos. they also told the jury she was aware of his intentions. but her attorney says she is a simple woman a low iq who was abused by her husband and knew nothing about his plans. >> this was a case where the more we learned the better noor salman looked. >> reporter: a person who claims he was aer juror said other. a statement reads in part, she may not have known what day or what location but she knew. however, we were not tasked with deciding if she was aware of a potential attack testimony charges were it a aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice. the couple's 5 yearly son lives with relatives. family say she is heading back
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to the east bay to reunite with her son n. rodeo, katie an attorney is turning the tables on a law firm known for suing small businesses under the americans with disabilities act. she is accusing the law firm of running a criminal enterprise. katie marzullo has the story. >> reporter: michele burnel had to make changes at her mountain view hardware store after being sued for violations of the americans with disabilities snookt the signs used to be up here. and we had to lower them. >> reporter: randy and tanya moore filed that lawsuit, one of at least five in mountain view, 1400 across the state. burnel settled out of court for $20,000. >> i was thinking it was illegal. >> reporter: mobily had a similar thought when the moores sued her parents over their mountain view restaurant. one violation was that the door
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was too heavy. they fought the case and they won. she is now suing the moores under the rico act. >> i have never seen it used in this part of the law before. it's primarily used for mafia and drug traffickers. >> she believed the moors lied against her parents. >> alleging wire fraud and mail fraud. >> reporter: this is a frivolous case. >> reporter: this attorney is defending the moores and said his clients have been helping americans with disabilities. >> it saves the taxpayers money. we don't have big buildings of enforcement personnel. >> reporter: the moores filed two motions to dismiss the case. the send was dismissed just this month. the case moving forward into the discovery phase. abc7 news. part of an east bay closed for about a year is back open this morning. this is redwood road in march of 2017 after part of it buckled
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due to the wet winter. the road a link between the castro valley and oakland hills as well as moraga. alameda county posted this picture yesterday of the road work wrapping up. the repairs cost $1.2 million. time is 5:09. a transient called the bart simpson tig tagger was arrested by san francisco police. 27-year-old tyler ross was taken into custody after witnesses say he tagged a building near the transamerica pyramid. officers say spray cans were found on him after his arrest and the paint on his hands matched the paint used in the vandalism. state health official are warning consumers not eat recreational harvested muscles, clams or whole scallops from santa cruz county. dangerous levels of paralytic poisoning have been detected from the muscles in the area. the toxic can cause paralysis or
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death in humans. limitations have been placed in eight other counties across the area. it does not affect seafood bought in stores. meteorologist lisa argen checking the forecast for us of the what a warm few days it has been. plenty of 80s. 72 in half moon bay. everyone else pretty much in the 80s. three straight days of record. today significant cooling at the coast. it is 53 right now. certainly the windows open this morning. we will talk about the cooldown and when the rain returns and how much you can expect all in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, what arnold schwarzenegger is swaying after emergency surgery. plus kicked out over kick
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around schwarzenegger's first words after waking up from heart surgery were, i'm back. a spokesman for the former governor says he is in good spirits. there were complications on thursday while he was undergoing a planned procedure to replace a heart valve. surgeons had to perform emergency open heart surgery. he is now in stable condition in a hospital in los angeles. a troubled san francisco mcdonald's is now closed to make way for affordable housing. new video shows the restaurant at haight and stannion shut down yesterday. it will soon be demonstratished. in january the board of supervise voted to buy the protect for $15.5 million. the circa 1950's mcdonald's has been a blighted nuisance property due to constant complaints about crime in and around the restaurant. the contra costa sheriff's
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office is posting release dates on its website. fushls say the new policy is in response from organizations that assist with inmate reentry. critics say they are taking advantage of a loophole in sanctuary laws that ban law enforcement from cooperating with i.c.e. >> we know this is being done so i.c.e. is able to look and know when individuals will be getting released. >> not so says the sheriff's office which tells abc7 news this information can be helpful to organizations, crime victims, inmates family and others. additionally, organizations who provide services to persons released from custody have specifically asked for this information so they can start respree transition assistance right away. a san francisco kick ball club is being accused of being bad sports after trying to boot members of the public from their field. abc7 news reporter alyssa
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harrington has more on the city's reservation system and why some people say it need to change. >> reporter: a sunny day at delores park brings out sun bathers, jugglers, picnickers, nd their pets.ers, picnickers, when sports teams that pay the city to rent the park come in and demand their space there can be trouble. >> it's billying, hey get out of here this is ours now. >> reporter: on thursday a kick ball team clashed with members of the public when they tried to make them move. connie khan said in a statement we want etch to play in parks, kick ball or any other fun and safe activities. what is important is that everyone treats each other and our parks with respect with or without a permit. some people i talked to say the city's reservation system is flawed. >> the problem that lead to this is that the city doesn't make it clear about what's going on. >> if they are going to rent it, fine, but put up the reserved signs. >> reporter: cameron says they
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shouldn't respect out a place like delores park at all. >> it's difficult to come in and regulate, hay we have taken up this area, paid this amount of money. people have already staked their claim type of thing here. >> reporter: chan says the i city has issued thousands of permits with no problems. abc7 news. san mateo county bracing for a sea level rise with many of its offices and residents located near the bay city and county leaders foresee major products that are needed to prevent large scale flooding of the david louie looks at what's in the works and what kind of money it will take. >> san matteo county is the most exposed county to sea level rise in all of california. >> reporter: that concern is why the county and its 20 cities are working on a wide range of projects to mitigate flooding capture storm water runoff and raise leif audios. taxpayers are being asked to approve a $90 million bond measure for the project. the integrity of this levee is
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important to the homes lining beach park avenue across the street where the values rain from 1.3 to $1.9 million. >> if the project doesn't move forward there is a concern as people sell properties they would have to disclose we are in a flood hazard area. historically foster city hasn't been in a flood zone. >> reporter: there are many headquarters along the san matteo county shore, including facebook. >> facebook is working with us on a project that would proebt upwards of nine miles of the bay shore. we are a partner and have provided funding for planning. >> reporter: total costs are expected to reach into the hundreds of millions if not the billions of dollars. some projects already rougheled federalers. a plan to install a storm water capture basin beneath a park will impact park use.
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>> it is one of the most underused resource utilities we have because of restrictions on how funding can be raised. >> reporter: city leaders say the work needs to start now and will likely take decades to complete. someone is half a billion dollars richer after last night's mega millions drawing. we are sad to say the winning jackpot ticket was not purchased in california. the winning numbers are 11, 28, 31, 46, 59, with the mega number of 1. the holder of the winning ticket will receive $521 million over 29 years or a lump sum payment of $317 million before now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. waking up to clouds. a mild start to the day. temperatures in the fwfts. 56 in san jose, lass gatt owes. the same in mountain view with
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upper 40s in santa rosa and novato. 48 in half moon bay. a live look outside from the exploratorium camera. today we will have a return to an on-shore push and fog. it will be mild, breezy, sunny skies for easter sunday tomorrow. the rain returns late next week. perhaps perhaps half an inch. a decent system coming our way. looking at computer animation you will notice through 10:00 today we have high clou clouds. by the afternoon, 3k, low clouds return. temperatures yesterday were in the low 70s for half moon bay. be lucky to see the mid 60s today early before the fog moves in. still a nice afternoon b. yesterday it was in the 80s in santa cruz. today coming down about ten degrees. 74 for you. 64 in half moon bay and mid 60s at ocean beach before the sea
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breeze kicks in. highs today in the south bay, 80 in "gma." we had 84 yesterday in morgan hill. a few degrees cooler for you. most of the cooling will be pronounced at the shoreline. moneyers 70s along the peninsula. 7 in menlo park. san francisco, 69. down around four degrees from your high yesterday. in the north bay warm numbers, 80 towards voezsa. 76 in sonoma. in the east bay tlou throughout the day today you will have low 70s. nice afternoon from san leandro to berkeley. upper 70s near 80 in antioch and pleasanton. if you are headed to golden gate park for the extravaganzavagan a should be in the upper 60s with plenty of sun by the afternoon. taking it a day further for easter. the sun comes up at 6:53. 50s outside. mid to upper 60s by noontime. the high clouds will fade away. we will have a mostly sunny
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afternoon. beautiful day. temperatures still above average. 60s at the coast to mid 70s inland. as we go through the rest of next week we have got above average temperatures to near average monday through wednesday. thursday night we are bringing in rain. cal it's wet. into friday morning we are looking at more showers. as this system exits we will see showers behind it looks like by next saturday. rainfall amounts, this is next friday into saturday. looking at about half an inch of rain in san francisco. .4 in napa. .25 in mountain view. still a long ways out. download the accuweather app to stay up to date. today the warmest day of the weekend. 60s along the coast. easter the cooling continues along the shoreline. a nice stretch of weather if you like it sunny and mild. bringing in the storm impact scale for thursday and friday. >> we will enjoy the warm
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temperatures while we have them. just ahead, hundreds flock for a chance to m
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the bubbly head to the wine tasting in napa. for $35 they are featuring bottles from around the world including south africa spain and armenia. easter bow nuts? we found a hunt in san francisco where everything is free. food trucks including jenny donuts at no cost. there is a petting zoo and an egg hunt. babies through fifth grade and their families are welcome. you will find it a the first baptist chufr at san francisco. for all the info, go to and we will link you up with hoodline. >> that didn't take long. abc has announced it is renewing the revival of roseanne for another season after only one episode. the move seems labor a no inbrainer considering 18 million people tuned in on tuesday to watch the first two episode of the reboot. it will be shown again at 7:00
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here on abc7. snoop dogg was in oakland yesterday signing autographs. he appeared at the dope era store downtown on broadway and drew quite a crowd. the line of people outside sketched the block at one point. dope era was founded by mr. fab. it is a specialty store that puts an emphasis on bay area themed clothing. still to come on abc7 mornings, the backlash against a fox news tv host who mocked a parkland shooting survivor for being rejected by several colleges. also it is an understatement to say that ride hailing companiesline like uber and lyft
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good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning, and thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half hour with a quick look at the
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weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. >> maybe a little hot for some of you son into. but we are looking at a cooldown this weekend in time for the holiday weekend. certainly along the coast. it's 55 in hayward right now. 48 in novato. half moon bay and 51 in livermore. definitely warmer than average the past couple of days with three days of records as we go through the morning hours. there is high clouds that will take us through the afternoon. still plenty of surchl. the fog sets up from the city down the san mateo coast by late in the day that brings the cooling trend. by 10:00 we are well into the 60s for everyone. with the high clouds. maybe an 80 degree temperature, not out of the question in the inland valleys. over all by 2:00 a range. 75 in concord and livermore. 74 in san jose. and then cooler conditions as we arrive at our evening tonight, 7:00, will be dry. if you have plans to head out. but we are looking at a nice
5:31 am
easter sunday. more sunshine on the way. we will talk about it in detail in a few minutes. kris? >> lisa thank you. more advertisers are pulling away from laura i think a ram's fox news television show. that's after she mocked parkland school shooting survivor david hogg for being rejected by several colleges. she apologized to hogg but advertisers are holding her to account. now ingraham is taking a week off for an easter break with her family. lindsay davis has the story. >> reporter: parkland high school survivors david hogg says the apology from fox news anchor laura i think a ram is too little too late. >> i will only accept laura's apology when she apologizes to all the individual she hurt in her career. >> reporter: the 17-year-old turned activist for gun laws. >> we say no more. >> reporter: first appeared on ingraham's show on the night of the parkland shooting. >> there is a serious issue in this country. >> reporter: now he is calling for companies to boycott the
5:32 am
conservative commentator after she haunted him on twitter after being turned doesn't by colleges. writing david hogg rejected by four colleges to which he applied and whines about it. he tweeted back, what are your biggest advertisers, asking for a friend, hashtag, boycott i think ahmad verts. office depot added its name to the growing list of companies pulling its ads on her nightly show on fox news. ingraham did apologize to had, ogg in a tweet causing upset or hurt to the brave victims of parkland. we roochd out to fox news for comment and they received us to that tweet. abc7 new york. today is rex tillerson's last day as secretary of state. president trump fired him earlier this month citing disagreements on north korea, the iran nuclear deal and ideas on trade. the cia director mike pompeo has been nominated to replace tillerson who has said he will
5:33 am
make sure the transition is smooth and orderly. the senate foreign relations committee expects to start confirmation hearings for mike pompeo in april. the environmental protection agency is prepare to roll back rules requiring vehicles to be cleaner and more fish. the obama-era regulations were put in place in 2009 after the government bailed out the auto industry. across the country, many are awaiting an announcement from the environmental protection agency that could loosen regulations aimed at requiring auto makes to nearly double the average fuel kmee of new cars and trucks by 2025. the potential changes which could be announced next week are alarming to some. >> cars are 70% of our unhealthy air. we have got to have cleaner burning cars. and the cost of it is trivial. you know, in a new car, it is virtually nothing. >> reporter: under the 1970 clean air act california has special authority to enforce
5:34 am
stronger air pollution standards than those set by the federal government because the state set its own regulations before federal rules came into play. but some say the trump administration could eventually take california to court to take away that right. this week the attorney general wrote on facebook we are prepared to take whatever action legal or toerz otherwise that we must to protect our economy, environment and the public health of california. >> 50% of everyone in the u.s. lives in areas where the areas of air pollution are unhealthful and 94% of californians live there. we know that regulation works. >> reporter: by lifting what some refer to as a reg la tory burden the epa is expected to argue that movers and consumers both stan to benefit. in a blog post on medium the ford executive chairman wrote we want one set of standards nationally along with additional flexibility to help us provide more affordable options for our
5:35 am
customers. there is growing concern if the u.s. were to loosen its restrictions automakers could push for lenient standards elsewhere around the world causing more pollution by vehicles. time now is 5:30. the u.s. set a new gasoline export record for the year sending out 1.1 million barrels per day last week. that's fourth highest he can port amount ever. triple a says the expoint trend has been rising for the past two years. it's not your imagination. gas prices are higher than they use to be. california's average price statewide is now $3.50 according to triple a four cents higher than a week ago and 16 cents higher than a month ago. drivers in san francisco pay 3762. you can siv nine cents by filling up near voyage. the silicon valley transportation authority is expected to approve a single
5:36 am
bore tunnel for bart. bart wanted twin tunnels but the vta says a single bore would fast track the project pie ten months and avoid disrupting businesses during construction. bart agreed to the single bore concept. after the vote bta will send the plan to the federal transit administration which they hope will pay for part of the project. completion is expected in 2026. taxi medal ons cost a quarter million dollars in san francisco. there is a big question. are they worth it, especially as companies like uber and lyft take an increasing share of passengers. the taxi medal on's value is decreasing. wayne freedman has more. >> reporter: owning one of these taxi medallions used to be a symbol of success for san francisco taxi drivers now it's the opposite. >> if i know what's going to happen i never do it. >> reporter: do you feel like a
5:37 am
sucker. >> i am. >> reporter: it used to be they were in limited supply, a license essentially to run your own business. but in 2010 the city decided to raise some money by selling 700 medallions at $250,000 each. that was before uber and lyft flooded the streets. >> nothing. >> reporter: nothing. >> nothing. >> reporter: he figured he could make money with this medal yn, lease it. now he is saddled with paying close to $2,000 a month for a mortgage on it. >> i blame the city and the state too. >> reporter: the hard working blue collar taxi drivers that served the commune for many years have been left holding the bag. >> reporter: jonathan joseph represents the san francisco federal credit union which made a deal with the transportation agency to finance those loans. one of six has foreclosed. this week the credit union filed suit for $125 million. >> no one is suggesting exactly
5:38 am
what the mta should have done, just that they needed to have done a whole lot more than they did. >> reporter: the city has no comment on the suit thus far except so say that they are reviewing it. from drivers, the reviews about owning a medallion have been in for a long time. >> nobody will buy. are you kidding me? who wants to buy it for $250,000 these days. >> reporter: in san francisco, wayne freedman abc7 news. still ahead, an invention that can do more than bring friend together. it can bring the classic and the future together, too, all on one table. more on that story in just a bit. here's a live look outside this morning from our. reville camera. lisa argen will have your full
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the basketball court at the salvation army community center? chinatown now bears the name of ed lee. local kids got to immediate zaza pachulia yesterday. it was made possible at donations, pg&e, and the good tiding foundation. >> this court is for you guys. i want to tell you stars born on these kinds of courts. and obviously we will see you playing in the nba, et cetera. providing inspiration there. mayor lee's widow anita was on hand for the festivities. happening today, a reopening celebration for a playground
5:42 am
san francisco that was burned down last year. vandals torched the play structure last june. ed lee helped secure funding the rebuild that playground. the celebration starts at 10:00 this morning at the park on bowling green drive. 5:42 is the time. meteorologist lisa argen tracking the forecast for news it was warm yesterday. plenty of youts out there. this morning a full moon from "gma." 56 degrees. mild start to your weekend. we are looking at a few degrees cooling today in san jose. lots of the santa clara valley will reach near 80. much of the cooling at the shoreline. while' detail that and talk about when rain returns in our seven-day outlook. >> that looks like a skoo enfrom twilight. also ahead, the giants make history in los angeles. they can thank
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back in san francisco. klay thompson is listed as possible to return from his thumb injury. the warriors take on the king at golden 1 center. tip-off is at 7:00 p.m. this afternoon, the a's play the angels at 1:05 and the giants will try to beat the dodgers again in l.a. first pitch is at 6:10 p.m. at dodgers stadium. last night the giants made history beating the dodgers. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody. only one team in major league history started the season with a pair of 1-0 wins with the same guy homering in both wins. that would be your 2018 giants
5:46 am
led by babe pan cueto perfect through six. one strikeout including wood there. joe panik does it again. crushed off the supposedly unhittable jansen. 1-0 giants. strickland, his second save. looking nasty in the process. giants beat the dodgers again, 1-0. >> this is the jam right here. woo! >> nick swisher among the former a's stars pumped before the a's and angels. mike trout. gone against men eya. bottom of the ninth. 2-0 angels. a single brings in in in a's come up short, 2-1 angels of before this game, the a's hosted
5:47 am
their 50th anniversary team featuring canseco to giambi to rudy to ricky to stu. all of these guys all of them pumped to be back in the green and gold. >> this is short. just putting a big league uniform on again feels amazing. i think for all of us to be able to come back here. for myself this is where it all started for me man, 2004. >> i remember when i was 21 years old thinking oh, my god, this is amazing, playing at the major league level. hopefully it never end. boom, and 30 years flashes by in the wink of an eye. nfl news a stunner. raiders releasing punter marquette king. it saves them $3 million. he was one of the best punters in football. not sure if it was the salary or his flamboyant personality but john gruden will have a new punner in 2018. story on thursday night. black hawks run out of goalies.
5:48 am
they have to authorize an accountant. foster made seven saves against winnipeg preserving chicago's 6-2 win. scott foster is an instant star. >> the initial shock happened when i had to dress. and then i think you just kind of black out after that. >> advice before you went out? >> i don't think i heard anything other than put your helmet on. now i'm standing here. this is something that thou one can ever take away from me. it's something i can go home and tell my kids. >> that was fantastic. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend and a happy easter. i'm larry beil. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning everyone. temperatures coming down a bit today. more in line with near average. but not quite. we will be above average. in fact we will get a little bit better in terms of seasonal afternoons into next week. but the fog does return today a. live look outside from our east bay hills camera. you can see the full moon in some of these shots. also a little bit of fog out there as well.
5:49 am
do be careful. concord today, 78 degrees. yesterday you were 80. a bit of a cooldown. more so at the coast. but then tomorrow 77. 76 on monday. look what happens next week. not only do we introduce the clouds come thursday. but by next friday it is raining and temperatures are in the upper 60s. actually that's where we should be for san jose this time of year. the golden gate bridge. there is the fog. it is going to be another warm day with temperatures above average. 80 is not out of the question for parts of the south bay and our inland east bay. looking at certainly warmer temperatures than we should have. and live doppler seven looking at the cloud cover here with just a little bit of high clouds out there. they will be with us throughout the morning hours. then they will thin out by the afternoon. 55 right now in hayward. 54 in voyage. upper 40s in santa rosa, novato and half moon bay. san jose, 101, a shot of the full moon out there. 56 degrees.
5:50 am
a mild start. cooling will continue throughout the weekend. it hasn't felt cool has it. today the on-shore flow returns. 66 at the coast. mild. the winds particular up tomorrow. breezy for easter sunday. looking at rain returning late in the week. that should not bring not only some welcome rain but also the cooler temperatures. and boy we fast forwarded into summer. we'll fix that in the days ahead. 73 in oakland. 74 in san mateo. 69 in the city today. 80 in santa rosa and san jose. north and south end of the bay very warm as well as the inland valleys. it's the return to the sea breeze today that will help you out in san francisco and along the coast. overnight tonight once again a mild evening, dry. 40s and 50s. these are the temperatures towards morning. if you are going for the sun rise service tomorrow no problems out there. let's take it a day further. easter sunday temperatures in the upper 70s in concord and antio
5:51 am
antioch. 74 in livermore. a cooler day near the coast. the oranges in here. monday they retreat a about it. cooler for your monday. tuesday, more mid to upper 70s. above average to near average for much of monday through wednesday. we are adding in rainfall thursday and friday. in fact, even into saturday looking at perhaps a half inch in oakland, san francisco, and santa rosa. stay tuned. that is still a week away. the accuweather seven-day forecast, today the warmest day of the week with near 80 and our warmest inland valley. 60s around the coast. 70s around the way. cooling continues. more sun for easter. another change on monday. another mild day inland. clouds increase on wednesday. a storm, a one on our storm impact scale. download our app and you will be upto date. >> parents are happy the egg hunts won't be rained out today. >> and prettier easter bond, et cetera. yes. many love the tradition of inviting friends over to play
5:52 am
games on a saturday night or making a beilein to the couch to grab a video game controller. onological innovator says it is about time the worlds of analogue and digit games got together. as jonathan blume found out it could be the future of game night. >> reporter: jimmy chen challenged me to a game of battle grid. >> play the first card. >> reporter: there are colorful cards. >> i am going to play it like this. >> reporter: and stunning visual effects. >> you can't play a game like battle grid anywhere on any other console. >> reporter: it is one of 25 games launching later this year on a $350 console called play table. >> there is seven antennas inside the play table. that's the magic behind the device. >> reporter: those antennas let it interact with physical objects, game pieces cards and dice. it is a social experience he calls the opposite of virtual reality.
5:53 am
>> we are at this stage in our lives where we are literally gluing screens to our faces i think that has to change. >> reporter: it's meant to live in your living room. eventually they will offer it in all colors and materials hoping it can essentially become a part of your furniture. >> it's going to be a hard sell from a consumer stand point. >> reporter: he says creating a new category is tough. gamers might have a playstation or x box or be fine with board games. >> part of it is the sim police imt you can pick it up and play anywhere. >> reporter: what play table does is get rid of the rule book. >> i forgot i can only move diagonal. >> reporter: the game goes faster and new players have more fun. >> i'm going to play a plasma beam. >> reporter: of course it's to the about winning or losing. >> this is a first truly social device where you can sit around a table at company on a friday night, order pizza and just have a good time. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan blume abc7 news.
5:54 am
next, an extravaganza where kids can get
5:55 am
5:56 am
happening today it's your last chance to experience sailing aboard a pair of tall ships as it was done for hundreds of years. the hawaiian chieftain and lady washington will start at 10 a.m. they are docked a the antioch stadium arena. both sailing ships serve as floating classrooms giving children and adults a look at maritime trade and transportation history from the 17th and 18th centuries. the tall ships depart tomorrow. happening today, bring your kids to golden gate park. there will be egg hupts, carnival games, food trucks and the cookoff between the city's police officers and fire fighters. thousands of families are expected to take part. tickets are $10.
5:57 am
children under the age of 2 are free and the festivities start at 11:00 this morning at robin williams meadow which formerly was sharon meadow. next on abc7 mornings at 6:00, a major announcement from tesla about a deadly crash involving a model x. how the person behind the wheel wasn't necessarily at the controls. also, the tables could be turning on a san jose law firm known for filing disability lawsuits against small businesses. >> you have to take a first step to take a stand. >> it's the job of evan here at abc7 to share your story. >> to tell the truth. >> help you understand the truth. >> empower you. >> empower your family. >> whether you are worried about your daughter at work. >> or our son at school. >> we are here to connect you with local experts and resources whenever you need them. >> because anyone can cover local news. but it takes a trusted ally to do your story justice. find your ally
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5:59 am
6:00 am
>> announcer: good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. it's saturday, march 31st. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler 7 for us. >> chris, good morning. we do have not only the high clouds but a shallow layer of low clouds. that's creating visibility issues. clouds mainly in the north bay and along the coast. it's also keeping us milder. quarter mile viz nblt half moon bay. take it slow. be careful along the golden gate along the coast. a live look from the exploratorium camera. that's a full moon. 53 in fran and oakland. 56 in san jose. upper 40s in gilroy. and hoff moon bay. you can see the high clouds. 47 in santa rosa. 48 in livermore. 42 for our friend in concd.


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