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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 3, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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apr april 3rd. >> changes are coming but some nice sunshine tonight, mike. >> a little less tomorrow. the flood gates opens we head towards thursday, friday and saturday. it's dry right now but live doppler 7 is sitting right there on top of mount st. today just wall-to-wall sunshine. a little cooler today. mid to upper 40s. mid 50s at the coast. mid to up50eper 50s at 4:00 and 7:00, a nice evening, 53 at the coast but low 60s for the rest of us. le let's find out what alexis is watching. >> everything has cleared now to
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a nearby parking lot. all lanes are back open, looking at that back to improve, even getting traffic flows. we do have a couple of trouble spots and 680. we'll talk about those next. >> forget staying at the four seasons in east palo alto this week. >> crowned prince of saudi arabia has bought out the entire week as four season checkout how much it would cost to rent a room later this month, it was $755 for the whole entire hole tell?
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the last remaining guest checked out in east palo alto yesterday to make room for the crown prince of saudi arabia. guests have been relocated to neighboring hotels or other four season properties. solomon is interested in making saudi arabia a major technical hub. he's scheduled to meet with tim cook and top executives at google. >> i think he recognizes the oil >> i think he recognizes the oil market custody. fernando correa was detained after dropping off his daughter after dropping off his daughter for
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given. >> agents told coreio he will be be a. the epa administrator scott pew it said the agency is also reexamining company's waver to set its own from aism in ones established under the obama administration are just too high. an clating trade dispute could significantly impact us here in california. >> last week president trump ordered tariffs on steel and aluminum exported to china and aluminum exported to china and now
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think we looking at t for until and officials at the port of oakland are also concerned. a andand a new twist the she had an affair with the president in 2006. the company made $ mcdougal clam that the american media tribd her into signing an agreement o keep the alleged affair secret. >> now, a live desk update with jessica castro. >> new this morning, al media bay's clothing company, the north face, has launched a noble
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north face, has launched a noble global women if women and girls see more role models will it treat more feature role models like they didn't get elsewhere. >> that will also feature some women excelling outside of sports like musicians and scientists. >> back to you. new fallout from that fertility new fallout from that fertility clinic al mungs >> we've got
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you're never more than 7men7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> pretty much of where in the
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>> pretty much of where in the north bay except for at 38. brentwood in the 50s, everyone else in the upper 40s. what are you going to do? here's an idea, go to the beach before the heavy rain sets in. 66 at noon, hanging out in the 70s from 1:00 all the way through about 5:00. and temperatures tonight are going to fall down into the mid to upper 40s once again with a little bit of fog out there. >> alexis? >> 680 has really been our hot spot today. we had earlier debris scattered all over the roadway. getting you down to walnut creek getting you down to walnut creek area in concord,
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near stone valley in al a momenmomen al alamo, we have another crash there. and just getting word that highway 29 may be closed in napa. i'll get you word coming up at 6:20. >> and a new ballot measure could raise hundreds to take homeless people off the streets. a tax imposed would be used to house the homeless. they are working to get the measure on the november ballot. >> and a stern word for
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it's 6:14 now. new fallout from the fertility clinic failure in ohio where
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over had,04,000 eggs and embryoe lost. they say those eggs were their best chance to have their own children. >> this may be terrible, i thought, but at least one day i'd still be able to have the family i always dreamed of. but now that life is distinguished. >> the overwhelming grief was as if i have lost a child. have i not stopped feeling that way since march 9th. >> on the same day, pacific fertility also had a freezer mall fu malfunction. >> according to "the washington post," officials say fees will go up at national parks but not as much as originally proposed. officials wanted to raise the free from about $30 to $70. the national park service received nearly 100,000 comments opposing that plan. officials say the increase is
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needed to address serious maintenance back logs. maintenance back logs. >> made it to the top 24 on "american idol." >> we love effe. she says even though her and her mom have had their ups and downs, she will always be with her. >> i just adore her. both you and i have spoken to her. >> i'm excited. >> she made it all the way. >> you know who didn't make it? the kid who said wig. >> and neither did the guy that
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katy perry had a crush on. >> really? >> really really. >> as long as our girl afraid it but right new look at all that sunshine about to break out across the south bay. temperatures here are in the mid to upper 40s. dry and seasonal today and tomorrow. rain arrives first thing in the north bay thursday evening and it drenches all of us friday into saturday. brings us breezes that could cause some damage. let's take a look at today's weather. at least it won't be quite as at least it won't be quite as breesy as it was damage from the winds and the
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flooding and the power outage concerns but this is a big time soaker. thursday evening, rate and i justice keys get wet. an inch into saturday morning. that's why the storm is also a two saturday. saturday evening to sunday, we transition to a dryer pattern. monday will be and to the so napa, this is right in the downtown area, right by whole foods, both directions, northbound and second are shut down. we're trying to make calls to figure out what that police activity is.
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no one is able to get through on saturday routes 129. and westbound 92, you're we're doing okay as long as you make it through and that is blocking lane number two. next traffic update just before 6:30. >> as crews tn to work on building the chronicle reports the price of the project has balloned to $62 million. and board members are concerned about how much money chase center will generate for the city to pay the bill. the warriors are expected to play their first season there and the 2019/2020 season. >> and diane fine stain hasas
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she said she looks forward to saeking with ceo mark zuckerberg next wok. >> you a. >> and tess lon eeo elace mass be says oolook ahead at 7 a.m. be says oolook ahead at 7 a.m. >> good morning, march mad banl's player of the year joins us live this morning. us live this morning. bls coming up only on gm
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all right, never more than 7 minute away from my accuweather forecast. san jose and santa rosa hitting the 70s. that's 8 degrees warmer than average. >> thanks, mike. >> a horse got stuck in a dangerous situation in the south bay. the animal getting trapped in a
6:23 am
drainage ditch on sunday. they think the horse tried to shimmy out and wedged itself even deeper. just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the horse was upside down. but the horse in the end was okay and able to walk without assistance back to its stall. glad it's all right. >> mothers raising children with heart defects are more likely to have heart disease themselves. the study was done in canada. researchers looked at more than a million women who had just given birth to babies with congenital heart defects and tracked them. >> moms of children with heart
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deflec deflects. and there's a risk to screen women who may be the risk of cardiac disease. >> and liftoff of the falcon 9 rocket and the dragon spacecraft. >> a picture perfect launch at cape canaveral yesterday. it's the second time spacex has used the rocket and third time used the rocket and third time it's used to include send to mars. the robots will carry microcomputers, sensors and wireless communication devices,
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all deployed from a mars rover vehicle. >> and at 6:30, another major privacy scandal. dating app grindr is sharing somebody people's information. somebody people's information. >> and the high crash come pting an investigation next. and we do have an issue in the nart bay some alternates coming up next. >> keep on top of weather and >> keep on top of weather and traffic conditions
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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> now at 6:30, look at that sunrise. our mount tam cam showing a gorgeous morning. we're getting ready for some big changes. >> and i am tracking the stock market. the opening bell there on wall street. it was a tough day yesterday for investors. fears of trade wars with china and at one point the dow was down more than 700 points. how will those markets react
6:29 am
today? i'm going to watch this for us at the live desk and i'll have an update in just a few minutes. >> good morning this tuesday, april 3rd. you're never 7 minute away from your accuweather forecast. that means you being mike. that means you being mike. >> it's temperatures away from the coast. a little bit cooler this morning in my ak weather 12-day hour planner. whether whether, that's pretty close to average at 4:00. a comfortable evening on the way, low 60s. let's see where it's uncomfortable for your commute this morning. here's alexis. >> i want to take you to napa,where we have a full closure of route 29 activity. they don't have an estimate when
6:30 am
this road will reopen. both directions are closed. i will keep a close eye on that. i will keep a close eye on that. in the to the happened about 5:22 this morning. we are expecting heavy traffic into the midday hours today for folks coming into the san francisco for the giants game. and of course mass transit is always an option. >> and we are still following breaking news in the east bay. a car crash in hercules prompted a large investigation this morning. let's check in with alisa harping ton be a when a car crashed into this fence, it ended up getting stuck right next to highway 4 in herkless.
6:31 am
the tow truck strus removed that vehicle. but here's some video. we're right off highway 4 near the sycamore exit, a rancher who owns the port told me the police was lost control and he tried to make it all the way to the freeway but the car got stuck in the dirt. i saw police with flashlights searching the field. >> there's some older houses that are abandoned in the hills here they could be hiding in and some barns. you know, there's big culverts underneath the freeway. there's plenty of place are for them to hide. they'll never catch them. >> i tried to talk to police on scene pe won't give any
6:32 am
suspect. >> state lawmakers will unveil a lethal force law that restricts when officers can open fire. >> it will be joined by the family of stephon clark, the young man killed, shot in the back in his yard by police. the aim is to encourage officers to try to diffuse confrontations without using a weapon. >> new video from a dashboard camera shows the moment leading up to a vehicle hitting a stephon clark protester. nrn there's a strong likelihood he didn't even know he collided with that protesters. >> the woman knocked down has
6:33 am
hired an attorney. it is believd some of the people that attended are paid agitators. >> and three months ago a bart officer shod tindell in the back. he was involved in a fight with another man when the officer approached them and opened fire. but after meeting with the district attorney, they left frustrated. >> what is your >> this case sw i-team has learned the national transportation safety board is expanding its investigation into the tesla crash that killed an apple engineer in mountain view ten days ago. >> ntsb investigators are focused on what happened after the crash, the exploding batteries and the difficulty of
6:34 am
the clean-up. the board also says investigators would like tesla to stop releasing information about the incident. on friday tesla claimed the driver, walter wong, received audible and visual warnings but did not teak the wheel six did not teak the wheel six seconds before impact. >> dan noise ayes and the i teae been working on the story all weekend. you can search for the term tesla. >> and elon musk is taking control of model 3 production in the plant at freepoint tease test tesla down 5% yesterday. it's dropped 19% so far this year. >> 6:36. and president trump is continuing to take aim with
6:35 am
amazon. according to "vani itity fair," sources say he is attempting to escalate his attacks on amazon. he's suggested rate hikes for shipping packages. amazon stock was down more than 5% yesterday. president trump wants a court to order that stormy daniels' case be heard by an ash straig-- arbr instead of a judge. her lawyer says the president is trying to use ash administration to keep the case hidden from the public. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. it's going to be a great day to be at the ballpark. if you're in the shade, it might
6:36 am
be a little cool. if you're out in the sun, it will be great, just make sure you have something to protect your eyes and your skin. you won't need the sun screen here obviously. 42 seems to be the cool spot. saratoga and cupertino at 44. saratoga and cupertino at 44. and up in the hills about degr -- 52 in almeida. doesn't that look great? and cooler to mild conditions we're dealing with for mass transit. for tonight temperatures in the mid 40s to around 50. pretty close this morning before
6:37 am
maybe a little bit warmer. a quick look at what's coming our way. oh, yeah. a whole lot of rain. but you do have an entire highway closed right now? >> yeah. i want to tyke you to top a add redwood road you are noting southbound. you can use jefferson street as an alternate. we have retch approaching on the southbound side. we had some on the northbound side as well. we've got a disabled vehicle northbound 880 near washington and spilling over to 238 as well. and westbound just before the toll plaza for the san mateo bridge, a two-car crash as cleared and a that backup
6:38 am
remains on to 880. and this is heading out the win think twice before getting in that left lane. just because you didn't get a ticket at the time, doesn't mean you got away with it. transportation officials are sending new cameras out that particular people out of of transport officials are testing the new camera system. they will reveal the results sometime over the summer. >> tharlic fries, cha cha and so do expect some heavy traffic around the ballpark this afternoon. the first 40,000 fans will get an opening day calendar. and the giants will have a
6:39 am
special tribute to layer mayor ed lee before the game, including his family and all of the former city mayors. there will be plenty of pregame fun for the players and fans as the team celebrates its 60th season here in san francisco. they come home with two twins and wlos this morning why never lost faith eed be found. >> pan another update on how the markets are doing in just a moment. >> it is 6:40. as we go to break, we had to show you this. some cuteness to start the day. this baby panda just doesn't want to let the door close to its enclosure at a research base in china. after the door got shut, the
6:40 am
naughty panda climbed on to his keeper's leg in a protest. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. you know what? that is super cute. that is super cute. he's just
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6:42 am
mid to upper 60s in san
6:43 am
diego to los angeles. mid 70s to 80s through the central valley. tahoe at about 67 degrees. heavy rain. i wouldn't be surprised if flood watches and flood warnings are issued, snow level starts at 10,000 feet. by the time it does, it's too late to tap into this moisture and we'll get maybe a half foot to a foot of snow. here's a look at my forecast for tahoe. that is snow mainly saturday to early snow showers sunday and quiet and warm again monday. >> now a live desk update with jessica castro. >> tesla just released its first question production numbers. it showed a 40% increase from its last quarter. it's by far the most productive quarter in the palo alto company's history. we mentioned earlier that elon musk was even sleep teg factory
6:44 am
to ensure everything was running smoothly with model three production and that's because the company has been under fire for low production rates. customers were frustrated with a big backlog. they said, quote, if this rate of growth continues, it will exceed even that of ford and the model t. a big statement there. they also said that they're starting to roll out more deliveries compared to last quarter. >> really reaching back into history for that reference. >> the crown prince of saudi arabia is reaching out to saudi arabia to transform his nation into a tech hub. >> and he and his entourage naturally needed a place to stay to suit royalty. >> how about buying out the
6:45 am
entire hotel. >> i think it's amazing. it's over the top and i think it's amazing. that's all i can say. >> the last remaining guest checked out from the four seasons in east palo alto yesterday to make room for the crown prince of saudi arabia. the hotel was given short notice of the visit from the u.s. date last week. guests have been relocated to neighboring hotels or other four seasons properties. what is the crown prince doing here in silicon valley? salomon is looking to make saudi arabia a major tech hub. he is scheduled to be here at the four seasons for six nights. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thanks, matt. we have details on how crews found a lost yesterday he was playing in an
6:46 am
abandoned building when a board abandoned building when a board gave way and he fell underground water system. >> i knew they were going to find me. >> besides a few bumps and bruise, the boy is all right. he was taken to the hospital and released just a few hours later. >> an alert if you eat at bread. >> there was a breach on the company's web site. less than 10,000 customers were ultimately impacted. names, addresses and birthdays were exposed but not credit card information. panera said the breach has been fixed. >> and spotify will go public
6:47 am
today. it's not following a traditional ipo staff. it is cutting out investment bankers that normally handle the sale saving millions in fees and it will allow the market to determine stock price. >> and after yesterday's plunge, things are looking a lot better this morning. we've been in the green since the opening bell. you can see up about percentage point. i have also been checking the amazon stock for you this morning. that is doing pretty well after its recent losses as well, up about 2% right now, up 26 points. back to you. >> grindr, one of the most popular social network apps for gay men is promising to change the way it shares information. >> users are outraged after finding out their hiv status was shared with other tech companies. grindr says the information was encrypted and never shared with
6:48 am
advertisers. the concern is that the hiv status will end up in the wrong hands. >> if someone is hiv positive, value their trying to destigmatizing hiv but i believe this was a step too far. >> a southern california city is suing california over its sanctuary state law. the huntington beach council voted to enforcement. >> and the drone making its first delivery crashed into a
6:49 am
wall and then crumbled into pieces. >> the video shows the drone lifting off. things are okay for a few seconds. it loses height and crashes into a three-story building. nobody got hurt. russia's postal service announced plans two years ago to start using drones for deliveries across the country. it looks like that's not going to happen, at least not now. >> it's not like we're not thinking about this here at home. can we just make it safe, please. >> a 12-year-old with an iphone doing this, crashing it. >> i wondering what it was carrying. that was gone, too. >> hopefully nothing too valuable. >> let that be a warning to us all. >> let's jump right into it. some of the fog is back. can barely see the sales tower on the left of your screen.
6:50 am
clouds return tonight and even more fog and cool once again. a soaking storm and breezy conditions extended. right now high pressure is dominating our forecast. a few high clouds may overrun that as we head into the evening hours. could be a beautiful sunset. and the low clouds will last a couple hours and it's not going to be quite as breezy as yesterday. 62 in half moon bay to about 65 in san francisco, about 65 to 70 around the bay today and 71 to 76 inland. a real delightful day if you can handle the pollen. rainfall lamamounts will be hear than the normal 2 storms but wind gusting up to 45 miles an hour, flooding is possible but not on a widespread scale. when you look at the rainfall, it's going to be very impressive, especially starting friday morning. friday evening already an inch to an inch and a half and by saturday morning an inch and a
6:51 am
half to three inches of rain possible. so we're definitely going to have some issues friday and saturday. but sunday and monday going to be just like today and tomorrow. lots of sunshine and warm companies. alexis? >> sounds good, mike. i want to start off with the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a new crash roared on the right side. i'm trying to spot this collision on the camera but i have not seen it. it looks look no one is moving, let alone the two vehicles involved. sounds like one fast track lane is blocked right now. we are seeing quite a bit of green and we have lighter volumes. redwood road is closed in both directions. if you want to use jefr sferson road as looking like your best choice.
6:52 am
>> thanks, alexis. watch out for a mountain lion at u.c. berkeley. an employee spotted a lion yesterday. the lion roamed sports lane niece eastway drive. police say the animal was not aggressive and did not move but if you see one, don't get close. >> 6:53 now. cal fire wants to buy 12 new helicopters over the next few years. it's going to cost double what the legislature budgeted for two years ago. look at the helicopters that the cal fire has now. this date back to the vietnam war area, they can only be flown during daylight. governor brown budgeted about $11 million per helicopter in 2016. now his administration is asking for $24 million for a helicopter. cal fire wants to buy four of them this year. >> if you've heard of ikeler homes, you know there are a lot of them in the bay area. thousands of the homes canning found in palo alto.
6:53 am
now the remodelling of those moments are putting neighbors at odds. some are adding second stories and some say the larger homes aren't in character nake neighborhoods. >> this was a best possible solution for that. >> we lose our privacy because people look in and we lose our sense of space looking outward. >> the guidelines are voluntary and some say that makes them essentially useless. >> the as have some competition for the land the coliseum sits on. according to the "chronicle," tesla has sent a letter of trillion and a local company is interested in the land for a building that would include a
6:54 am
soccer stadium. >> coming up -- >> our instagram picture of the day. follow us
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6:5 hercules, police are looking for a stolen car suspect. a resident said police were chasing the suspect when the vehicle lost control and ended up crashing through a fence. no word of any injuries. >> and looks like trading is up about 100 points after yesterday's 400-point plunge. as you can see, we are about 0.45% up. we'll see how this goes the rest of the day. >> the crown prince of saudi arabia booked the entire four seasons hotel in east palo alto. >> and number four, the designer of the water slide in kansas was taken into custody overnight at dfw airport in texas, facing
6:58 am
charges of murder after the 2016 death of a 10-year-old boy who fell off a slide. >> they still haven't taken that slide down. i drive by it every time i see my kid. >> 60s and low 70s around the bay and inland. >> and a full closure of state route 29 near redwood road. no estimate on when that reopen. northbound and southbound are closed. >> first pitch at 135. expect heavy traffic all around the ballpark today. >> i didn't think they installed a waterfall. >> that's the royals' stadium. oh, there we go. there's a live look at the stadium this morning if you're going this afternoon, have fun good morning, america. fun breaking overnight, villanova
6:59 am
the champs. >> the nova nation has another national championship! >> the wildcats scored their second title in just three years blowing past michigan with secret weapon donte divincenzo sinking shot after shot. one of the heroes is right here live on "gma." >> good morning, america. we're national champions. also this morning, severe storm alert. whiteout conditions and slick ice creating a mess across the midwest. now more than 40 million americans in the storm zone bracing for tornadoes, flash flooding, and heavy snow. president trump takes on amazon, escalating his attack on one of america's biggest retailers. amazon's stock plummets. and the new twist in that legal battle involving a "playboy" playmate who says she had an affair with donald trump.


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