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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit most of us waking up to rain this morning. and the worst frt storm is actually going to hit later. >> sue hall in for alexis smith. we're dealing with five spinout crashes. you want to set aside extra time for your commute. >> that is for sure. i was white nuk williknuckling highway next a big rig. >> let's turn to meteorologist mike nicco. >> i had the same issue. the steering wheel jerked a little bit as i went through a puddle of water. hopefully a lot of people avoid the situation. here's a look at a flood advisory until 5:30 because
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we're getting numerous reports of standing water. in the areas, you see shaded in green, which is mainly sonoma and marin county. any of those areas, please be careful. turn around, don't drown is the motto. if you see standing water, find an alternate route. the santa cruz mountains, towards tracy under a flood watch. this begins at 5:00 this morning. it just started through 11:00 saturday because of poorly drained areas. burn scars that could let go and have debris flow. heaviest rain from the golden gate bridge towards napa. that's going to be the case. we're going to have steady rain today that will be moderate to heavy at any time throughout the accuweather 12-hour planner. temperatures will be mild today. upper 50s to mid-60s. here's sue with more on the rain. >> a lot of the schools are still on spring break. hopefully that helps with the amount of people on the roads. taking a look at the golden gate bridge. a reminder, on sunday morning early, both the sidewalks will
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be closed. they have the rock 'n roll half marathon happening on the bridge. that will be cleared out by 10:00 a.m. you're looking at four lanes in the southbound direction. and two lanes in the northbound and pretty light conditions. our big problem remains eastbound on highway 4. slow traffic from 242 headed eastbound. it's a jack-knifed big rig. two left lanes blocked with debris in the right lane. chp is there. they have not yet issued a traffic alert. but we're monitoring that. again, the silver lining is that commute. we'll check back in a few. >> thank you, sue. we're monitoring the north bay. some areas expecting to see 6 inches of rain in the next couple of days. >> one of the biggest areas of concern affected by october's fires. alyssa harrington live for us in coe at that time i this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm in cotati this morning. i want to show you the
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conditions we're dealing with. there is steady rain. there's certainly a lot of rain. we are getting wet. puddling happening in this parking area. we're also feeling it's definitely cold here. it's a lot worse when you're driving. we were driving on highway 101. we did encounter standing water in the lanes. at one point, it splashed on our windshield. we jumped in our seats. definitely take it easy out there when you are driving. now, we're talking a lot about sonoma county because that area was hit hard by october's wildfires and some higher elevations in sonoma county could get as many as 6 inches in the next two days. up in parts of the north bay, like santa rosa devastated by the fires, officials are worried about debris runoff and mudslides. >> this is one of the more severe and high intensity rainfall events of the season so far. we're expecting potentially floodwaters, but definitely increased runoff from the burned
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areas. >> reporter: crews will monitor creeks near the burn zones. the sonoma county water agency installed sensors along the sonoma county watershed. they will measure precipitation and rainfall. meanwhile, construction continued in fountain grove on new homes. abc 7 news saw crews there yesterday laying foundation. workers did not seem too concerned about the incoming atmospheric river. as you both mentioned, it's going to get worse later. so people walk outside and they see this where it's just sprinkling. well, things will definitely get worse. be prepared when you're driving. reporting live in cotati, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. thank you, alyssa. santa cruz county put out notices for residents to be ready for downed trees. this family was clearing out their garage trying to get everything at least two feet off the ground.
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joanne says she already lost enough in the 2017 flood. free sand for sandbags always available. the county does not think they will overflow but the waters will be watched. crews in san francisco were prepared for the flooding in the mission district. you can see the flood barriers near 17th and folsom. strike teams are on stand by to clear storm teams and debris. anyone with rain-related issue can call 311 for help. you can keep track of a level 3 storm with the abc 7 news app. search accuweather in the app store to download the accuweather app. the family of youtube shooter nasim aghdam continues to blame local law enforcement for not stopping her rampage on tuesday. legal experts say there wasn't much mountain police could do since the family never told officers she was violent or
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dangerous. the family still cannot believe she could try to kill anyone or anything. matt gutman conducted an exclusive interview on gma. >> she didn't want to kill an ant. she went there shooting at humans. >> she never had -- [ inaudible ] how she shoot the people. >> you can watch the interview with nasim aghdam's father right after abc 7 mornings. a class in the north bay will teach people how to respond to an active shooter incident at schools. the class is hosted by the public safety training institute. it's designed for administrators, principals, faculty and staff of k through 12 schools and college campuses in the bay area. attendees will learn the history of dynamics, awareness and defensive classrooms mind-set. coast guard cutter arrived
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bringing back exciting stories with it. >> there were plenty of sons and daughters waiting on the dock to hear about it. dan ashley has the details. >> for the coast guard cutter stratton, the final mile into port marked the end of two months at sea and for family members, two long months of waiting. >> i was missing super much because it was actually my buddy. >> your dad is your buddy? >> yeah. >> his buddy may have a few stories to tell daniel. the stratton was on the hunt for -- it requires a change in latitudes, attitudes and clothing heading to rescue duty in the bering sea. >> we had to stop and get our winter parkas. that was the first thing we had to do. its different because of the safety factors. >> it's testing an on board drone for the coast guard.
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it gave the crew eyes in the sky as rescue teams pulled three people to safety from three different vessels. >> some fishermen that were injured ended up using the from kodiak. they took them into shore for higher level care. >> on this day, the crew was mostly concerned with pulling their loved ones close and holding thaem tight. until the next time they're called out to sea. dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. kind of reminded me of deadliest catch going out to the bering sea. interstate 80 about to get a lot of puddles, so is 680 and 780 on the north side of the delta as you cross over into vallejo and be benicia. that's going to be developing. uptick and downpour south of san mateo right now. that will keep heading to the west. temperatures, look at this, very
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uniform in san francisco. just about everybody 56. we've got sunny side and the sunset at 55. the temperatures everywhere in the mid to upper 50s. definitely a mild morning. here's a look at the steady rain falling here in san francisco. you can see it's not heavy quite yet. but it's going to get heavier heading throughout the day. no matter what you're doing, whether you're out and about, spr the wet weather gear. if you're running, some of you like to run in the rain. there will be puddles to jump. stay away from the coast, it's going to be raining all day. wet weather in the notice the temperatures. 56 at noon. into the mid-60s and stays there. even by 8:00, it's 63 degrees. east bay, start at 55. then we go up to 60 at noon. again we jump into the low 630s and stay there through about 8:00. look at the reds tonight. that's the possibility of more localized downpours. even a chance of a thunderstorm
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starts today and lasts through tonight. notice some of the clearing taking place to the north. that's the cold front that will squeak through. the last push of heavy weather will be while a lot of us are sleeping tonight. you may wake up to debris in your yard and maybe other stuff happening. ponding out ahead of your house tomorrow morning. temperatures in the low to upper 50s. it's going to be a long commute. let's talk about it with sue. >> no metering lights yet. looks like traffic is getting by fine. sideways coming down towards the toll plaza. moderate, not too bad on the upper deck coming in to san francisco. so our big problem spot this morning is in the concord area. it's eastbound highway 4. fortunately it is reverse commute. a jack-knifed big rig. we're seeing slowing in the westbound direction as well. two left lanes with the debris in lanes as well. if you can take willow pass, get back on it, currently the
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accident is west of willow pass. willow pass will take you back on to highway 4 past the accident in the eastbound direction. >> it's easier for kids than adults to learn a new language or skill. we have an answer to why.
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>> announcer: the abc 7 storm
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impact scale. level 3 today. look out for flooding, hazards on the road and possible power outages. stay ahead of today's storm with the abc 7 news app. download it now. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is abc 7 mornings. let me expand upon that level 3. yesterday afternoon when we were switching shifts between me and spencer, we were talking about this looks like a 3 and we bumped it up because of the rain and the downpours of flooding. the fact that there's thunderstorms possible, which means more localized chance of flooding and power outages and winds gusting. as far as what's happening with our storm, you can see it's going to cover the entire northern half of the state as we head through the afternoon hours. we want to show you how different the rain chances are from yesterday to today. also, you can see that we're a 3
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today. a 3 tomorrow but only a 1 for tuesday and wednesday. all right. so you're going to be out in it. you can't escape it. everybody is getting wet today. show us how the storm impacts your neighborhood. take a photo or video and share it with us using the #abc 7 now. we can show your posts on abc 7 news or it would help us tell everybody what to expect if they're coming through where you just were. >> thank you. it's 5:15 now. developing news, police throughout the bay area are still looking for a man considered armed and dangerous. the search for hamilton caused major concern in san francisco yesterday. he stole guns from his parents in san jose and threatened to kill san francisco police officers in a 20-page manifesto. hamilton named an apartment building 501 delancey street as the target. residents say he lived across the street in a homeless encampment that police cleared out earlier this week.
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the area was put on lockdown after false reports that he opened fire. police searched the area but couldn't find him. more on the nfl star who helped to stop a potential shooting. >> julian edelman. gio benitez has the details. >> in this morning's first look, we're hearing from two unlikely heroes. super bowl winning star julian edelman and his assistant shannon moenne. >> at first, i was like, i don't know if this is real. >> the patriots wide receiver posted this photo on instagram when a follower sent him a direct message. dude, there's a kid in your comment section says he's going to shoot up a school. i think you should alert the authorities. he immediately called his assistant in boston. >> my initial thought was my heart sunk. >> right away police in massachusetts called authorities in michigan who found the user. just 14 years old. police say the boy admitted it making the threat and that he was allegedly talking about shooting up his own middle
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school. and coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll have more on the tip that potentially saved lives. with your gma first look, i'm gio benitez, abc news, new york. san francisco is suing u.s. attorney general jeff sessions. at issue here, several civil rights memos he appealed. >> it helped protect minorities, the poor and -- he did not give a meaningful reason for the appeal. the department of justice have not commented on the lawsuit. comicon is back and among the special guests, stan lee. nance can geek out at the san jose convention center. it begins tonight through sunday. there's a chance to get pictures with celebs and attend panels and compete in kos play contests, of course. tickets still available online. >> what did you call ka me? a geek. >> you geek out with me every morning. we're wearing kos play under the desk here. the first movie snoen saudi
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arabia in 35 years. movies were banned because of religious reasons. it was directed by ryan coogler. >> concerning that it's the first movie they've had. but women can >> it's really breaking down barriers. >> for that to be the first movie? >> yeah. >> amazing. >> here's my accuweather forecast. here's a look at san jose. 101 and 880. you are driving through wet weather this morning. also, about .04 of an inch here. about a quarter around the bay and 2/3 in the north bay already. we're well on our way. steady rain, heavy at times. breezy this afternoon. a late burst of heavy rain tonight and a late burst of -- last burst of breezes and then our next storms are trending a little drier as it should for april. here's a look at the temperatures today. 62 at half moon bay and lakeport. everybody else around 63 to 68
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degrees. very mild afternoon. even with all that rain. here's a look at live doppler 7. marin and sonoma county have the moderate rain to even heavy rains. you see the yellows and oranges there. moving away from inverness and towards novato and petaluma. also, towards pen grove. there's more off the marin county coast and also the peninsula coast. this is going to come ashore in the next 30 minutes to 45 minutes, meaning 280 and 101 on the peninsula. some puddling will be possible. more wet weather on 101 with puddling possible. ramps up at 7:00 with a lot of yellow. did you see the reds in there through the morning hours. towards the tail end of the commute, it will get heavier. then it becomes steady today with moderate pockets and then tonight as the cold front starts to get near, you can see the reds in there. we have a better chance of thunderstorms during the overnight hours. by 9:00 tomorrow, it's all gone. let's see about where we're
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going to end up as we roll through the system. you can see the greens and the yellows, the ones, the two inches develop especially across the north bay. much lighter amounts heading towards the south bay. up to an inch thanks to the rain shadow there. a 3 tomorrow. sunshine breaks through the clouds. maybe a stray shower in the north bay mountains in the afternoon hours. everybody is dry sunday into monday. then light showers, a 1 on the storm impact scale for tuesday and wednesday. hi sue. >> good morning. a lot going on. the chp issued a flood advisory for north 101. all lanes in marin county at lucky drive. that's a typical place for flooding. use extra caution there. big problem continues to be the jack-knifed big rig. it's eastbound on highway 4. it's blocking the left lane. the right lane is getting by. it's before willow pass. you can take willow pass off of 242 and get around this accident heading on eastbound 4. now there's slowing in the
5:21 am
westbound direction too, due to lookie loos and second accident in the eastbound direction has been reported 500 yards from the big rig accident. big problem area there in the concord side of things. accident approaching the dumbarton before thornton. we have a new accident reported in the santa cruz mountains. cars sideways. northbound near idle wild and heads up there, that's going to dumb up your commute through the santa cruz mountains. >> thank you, sue. a project to save the north african ostrich will help save them in novato. they've created a combined ostrich hatchery power plant to ship to niger. it consists of two shipping containe containers, batteries and a water filtration system. all of this to keep the ostrich flourishing. >> eight breeding pair of ostriches when we started this about a year and a half ago.
5:22 am
now there are five. >> volunteers have two weeks to ship it to make the start of the breeding season and to possibly save a species. >> the babies are so small compared to the adults. the eggs so big. you may have heard the idea you need to protect your brain cells because once you're an adult, you don't get any more of them. our brains may keep making cells our entire lives. this could help researchers understand dementia. we make hundreds of new neurons every day, even after 70. it shows that there is a change, though, as we get older. the development of blood vessels and the ability to communicate slows over time. the results are published in cell, stem cell. coming up, seven things you need to know. the lengths a girl went to, to save a drowning squirrel. you'll knead a place to
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it's 5:25. whether you're just joining us or headed out the door. seven things to know before you go. the seriousness right now is up in marin county and also sonoma county. we're getting a lot of reports of standing water on the roads. that's why there's a flood advisory until 5:30. also a flood watch that began that will go all the way through tomorrow morning through the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. more flooding is coming. mike, thank you. number two, city strike teams on stand by to clear storm drains and debris. you can call 311 for help. number 3, the rain expect today wash out this evening's
5:26 am
giants game at at&t park. the giants are scheduled to play the dodgers at 7:00 right in the middle of the storm. number 4, we're following a nasty commute. obviously, because of the rain. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. flooding, as mike mentioned, all lanes northbound 101 near lucky drive in core da madera. lots of standing water. take your time. number 5, the parents of nasim aghdam say they never expected their daughter to attack anyone. they sat down for an exclusive interview with abc news. i'll have much more in the next half hour and the full interview is on gma at 7:00 a.m. number 6, fremont police shot and killed a wanted man. he was wanted on felony warrants. he pointed a gun and shot at officers after a traffic stop on fremont boulevard. number 7, from star wars to star trek and everything in between. silicon valley comicon back at the san jose convention center today. it goes through sunday.
5:27 am
among the special guests is comic book writer, stan lee. a college student says she saved a drowning squirrel using the trick she learned from a tv show. >> central michigan university student tweeted out a video. you can see the squirrel in the towel there. the poor animal looking pretty stunned. she took it back to her dorm room to warm it up with a blow dryer. brought a squirrel back from the dead. what was your wednesday like? she released the animal once it was better. she used the cpr techniques learned while watching the office of all things to help the squirrel out. >> i haven't watched that show. was there a squirrel storyline? >> first of all, was there a cpr storyline? >> there was? >> was a squirrel a main character? >> no. >> okay. squirrel friend. >> it was a cameo. now we're caught up. coming back with another 90 minutes of news including how the storm will disrupt the plans of visitors to yosemite.
5:28 am
president trump throws away the script and goes on a tirade instead. we leave you with weather and traffic up during the commercial brea
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the big storm is finally here. a live look at what you're in for when you head out the door this morning. >> going to be one of the toughest morning commutes in a while. sue hall in for al >> we saw the san mateo bridge. there's a stall on the left hand shoulder. lots of troubles. many problems this morning. maybe you can work from home. that would be cool. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. we'll jump in at 5:30. we're supposed to have a flood advisory expire for marin and sonoma county because of that ponding on the roadways.
5:31 am
i'm going to check that in a second. the storm is a 3. strong on the storm impact scale. we raised it yesterday as i handed off to spencer in the afternoon hours. we said it's looking impressive. thunderstorms possible and wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. all right. here's a look at the flood watch. it's for all of urs that are in the green, which is the santa cruz mountains and the north bay from 5:00 in morning until 11:00 tomorrow morning. here's where the heaviest rain is right now. highway 4 on kirker pass from clayton to pittsburg -- over towards rio vista. more developing off the coast. it's about to pound the marin head lands, san francisco down to about pacifica. daly city, you're about to get pounded too. mid to upper 50s this morning. upper 50s to low 60s at noon. it's still very mild at 7:00. 58 to 63. rain every single hour in my die
5:32 am
day planner. this accident the jack-knifed big rig. it's near port chicago. you can use willow pass to get back on to highway 4 eastbound. the accident is before willow pass. westbound is now very slow as you can see. at one point we had a secondary accident in the eastbound direction. traffic alert for eastbound highway 4. that's been a problem spot. we've got an accident highway 84 approaching the dumbarton bridge. there's solo spinouts all over the place. there is a southbound 880 near industrial middle lanes are blocked there. just coming past highway 92 and the santa cruz mountains near idle wild, an accident there. too numerous to mention in one traffic report. we'll get back in a couple of minutes and try to hit the highlights. >> thank you surk, sue. the 3 on the impact scale.
5:33 am
>> matt keller live at the santa cruz mountains where there's a flood watch this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. last hour since i last saw you, the rain picked up a bit. a mist to a light shower in the santa cruz mountains. let's not joke around about this. it's still dangerous in the santa cruz mountains and on highway 17. just checked the chp website. there is a crash on bear creek road on northbound 17. you have to be extra careful and be careful around the turns. you may run into a disabled vehicle. now, check out the ride up here to the santa cruz mountains that we took earlier this morning. this is our trip on highway 17. we saw a consistent shower but nothing too intense. a flood watch has been issued through saturday morning. santa cruz county does not anticipate the rivers and streams to overflow their banks. the flood control management team will be monitoring the situation over the next two days. they put out warnings for people who live in the mountains to be ready for flooded streets,
5:34 am
downed trees and power outages. >> have your battery operated flashlights, radios, water, food on hand. keep your pets inside. those types much precautions. >> reporter: about 45 minutes ago, i saw a chp officer up here on the summit keeping an eye on everything. as i turn around and look at traffic, doesn't seem like people are slowing down and driving pretty fast. people are going to want to slow down. reporting live in the santa cruz mountains, matt keller. >> good advice, thank you matt. those living near burned out areas, keep your cell phones nearby. it will make it easier to receive alerts. sensors placed in mark west creek northwest of santa rosa will help officials monitoring the flooding dang remember. the creek is in part of the burn area from the october wildfires. the national park service is closing access to yosemite valley because of the storm. that starts at 5:00 p.m. they've issued an alert urging
5:35 am
anyone planning a trip to the park to make a different plan. all the campgrounds and the visitor, lodging in yosemite valley will close this afternoon. the rain is expected to wash out the giants game at at&t park. the giants are scheduled to play the dodgers at 7:00 right in the middle of the downpour. there have been only five rainouts since the park opened in 2000. you can track the storm throughout the day with the abc 7 news app. >> we have live doppler 7 on this and you can enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone. now a live desk update. this morning, an abc news exclusive. reporter matt gutman inside the home of the woman who opened fire at youtube earlier this week. sitting down with her parents. nasim aghdam died after shooting herself tuesday. hr family had reported her missing last weekend. they knew she was upset with youtube for changes to its policies. but never thought she would become violent. >> ishmael, was your daughter a
5:36 am
terrorist? >> no. >> was she violent? >> no. >> did you know that she had a gun? >> no. >> you don't know why she did this? >> i don't know. she never acted animal. >> nasim aghdam had posted that youtube was slashing her income generated from videos like these on the screen. you can watch the entire interview starting at 7:00 a.m. right after abc 7 mornings. >> jessica, thank you. bruin san bruno police say the gun range where she practiced contacted authorities after recognizing her on the news. ago damage emptied her weapon and reloaded it at youtube. she wounded three people before killing herself. the gun was purchased legally in san diego and was registered in her name. never more than seven minutes away from your
5:37 am
accuweather forecast. or from rain. that's what i have in the forecast today and tomorrow. you can see at muir beachheading towards marin county and another downpour on the way that's going to stretch all the way up from sausalito to about, i'd say, san rafael. you can see half moon bay, this is going to move ashore and move across 280 and eventually 101 within the next 15 to 20 minutes. more ponding there. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s on the peninsula right now and pretty much mid to upper 50s p you can see how wet it is with that steady rain. poor conditions on a ferry today because of the wetness out there. it's going to be breezy and mild. it's going to be mild and damp if you're taking mass transit. east bay, 56 degrees this morning. we're at 61 at noon. we just stay around 61 to 62 degrees all the way through 8:00 this warm fetch of moist air is
5:38 am
going to keep temperatures peven once the sunsets. 55 in the north bay this morning at 8:00. by noon, we're 57. we hang around. 58 to 57 degrees through about 8:00. see some of the red there. that's the possibility of localized downpours from thunderstorms. locally gusty winds that could topple some trees and cause power outages. it's going to be a stormy night with low to mid-50s in the north bay. mid to upper 50s everywhere else. i promise you by saturday night into sunday, much calmer weather is on the way. i'll have that coming up next. first i'm going to pull sue in here. with rain comes accidents and you're busy already. >> 30 on the chp website. not all of them are solo spinouts. we have a sig-alert issued for the concord area. this is a jack-knifed big rig. we'll go to the san mateo bridge where you can see the emergency crews on scene there. fortunately, this is not blocking. it's in the left hand shoulder.
5:39 am
they're about to push this stall or accident out of the way in the direction of the san mateo bridge. otherwise, let's check on this traffic alert. waiting for the big rig tow truck. it's in the eastbound direction. not a lot of slowing or folks taking the willow pass alternate route. westbound is certainly slowing now from pittsburg towards and past the scene of this jack-knifed big rig. they're estimating to have that out of there in next 20 minutes. earlier sig-alert near ardenwood approaching the dumbarton. still traffic is stacked up to 880. multiple accidents. we'll try to highlight the worst of them in the next report. now a live desk update. i want to show you new video that we're getting into the live desk of a house fire that happened overnight in east san jose. the homeowner was actually forced to jump to safety out of a two-story window and five other adults were displaced as well as three pets.
5:40 am
you can see here what appears to be flames coming from the garage area. and from the video it looks like it's a total loss. the blaze happened just before midnight on maple leaf court near capital expressway and a born road. took firefighters more than an hour and a half to fight. the injuries are said to be minor. although he was hospitalized. an investigation into what caused this big fire is under way right now. jessica, thank you. it's 5:40. developing news out of fremont where authorities are investigating after a wanted man died in a shootout with police. >> he was wanted on felony warrants. he was spotted by undercover agents last night. he was a passenger in a car. when officers stopped the car, the suspect got out and ran toward a gas station. officials say he pointed a gun at an officer and shots were fired. more officers confronted him as he ran around the gas station. and more shots were exchanged. the suspect got hit and died at the scene. officials say a revolver with
5:41 am
spent casings were found at the suspect's side. this is the fifth fatal police shoot not guilty fremont since february of last year. >> suspects will do anything it takes to get away from officers if that means, you know, pulling guns and shooting at them or ramming patrol cars. running police officers over. you know, it's really startling. the level of violence these suspects are demonstrating toward our officers. >> no officers were injured in the shootout. seven were involved. all of them placed on administrative leave, which is standard protocol. now we turn to president trump launching into a tirade on immigration, voter fraud during an event that was supposed to be tax reform. >> he literally threw out his remarks and started talking about a caravan of migrants making their way to seek political asylum. he suggests there's rampant
5:42 am
cases of rape -- while repeating the line that mexicans are rapists. >> remembering my opening remarks at trump tower when i opened. everybody said oh, he was so tough and i used the word rape. yesterday it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before. >> the group organizing the so-called caravan told abc news there have been no reported d s cases of rape on their journey. >> the competitive taxi business is about to get cutthroat. >> ride hailing app is dumping hundreds of cabs. sdpln the abc 7 storm impact scale is level 3. look out for flooding, hazards on the roads and possible power outages. stay ahead of the storm with the abc 7 news app. downlo
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oh good, you're awake! finally.
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you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. so, that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast. i know... voya. helping you to and through retirement. it's 5:45 on a friday. if you're traveling, wet weather down to fresno and santa barbara. temperatures running in the upper 50s, chico and sacramento. mid-60s in monterey and fresno. warmer in palm springs. 93. upper 60s to low 70s with a mixture of clouds and sunshine in san diego and los angeles. look at the flooding potential for solano county, lake county.
5:46 am
it starts at 5:00 this afternoon through 11:00 sunday morning. 1 to 3 inches in the valleys. up to 7 inches in the sierra. that means we're going to have rain on top of melting snow. that's why flood warnings are issued for the truckee river at truckee, at vista and also for the carson river. that's going to be potentially dangerous situation. here's a look at the seven-day forecast for tahoe. we have the possibility of a little wet snow to pass level tomorrow afternoon. sun comes out sunday. we even surge to 66 degrees by monday. slight chance of snow showers next thursday. >> thank you, mike. california a step closer to issuing a formal apology for laws discriminating against the lgbt community. a resolution passed by the assembly is headed to the senate. it includes a commitment ensuring california remains an inclusive state for all people. fly wheel plans to take half of the taxi fleets off of its platform by sunday.
5:47 am
the examiner reports taxi drivers were sent a notice this week that said fly wheel will be suspending all orders to drivers who do not drive for a partner of fly wheel and the partners include fly wheel taxi, max cab, fox city cab and ecotaxi. fly wheel is like -- it's an uber-like app. yellow cab, luxor cab and national veterans cab will no longer be able to seek passengers on the fly wheel app. it appears some people may be able to vacation 200 miles above the earth. yesterday the founder of orion span announced its luxury space hotel will launch in late 2021. he says guests will be able to start staying at the aurora station in early 2022. a 12-day stay at this orbiting hotel is going to cost you $9.5 million. that's the starting price. orion's ceo says guests can experience zero gravity the
5:48 am
entire time and treated to a hero's welcome when they return to earth. >> what does that mean? >> what does that mean? hero for going on vacation. >> which one is going first? >> i mean, i'm a space cadet on earth. i'm good. the rest of you can actually go to space if you want. >> can i borrow some money? >> where was the spa? where was the pool and the bar? >> bunch of circulated air and freeze dried food. >> yeah. i'd still go. >> would you? >> the view would be incredible. >> i would. it would be. i wanted to be an astronaut. let's move on. talk about seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. let's talk about san jose. it's wet everywhere. as you can see, 101 and 880. steady all day and tonight. heavy at times and breezes out there. next storms are trending drier. let's jump in today's temperatures. a nice day as far as temperatures go. 62 at half moon bay and lakeport
5:49 am
the cool spot. santa rosa, napa and richmond. vallejo and fairfield at 62. everybody else in the mid to upper 60s. 68 in san jose. we've got heavy rain moving through the north bay right now. that's also where the flood watch is and around the santa cruz mountains where you can see moving to the north of pescadero towards la honhonda, we have a burst of a downpour. arcing back towards the marina, we have a little bit of a downpour right now. that's going to be the case. you can see the yellows and oranges, signify moderate rain at 9:00. heavy rain is still in the cards for the morning hours. then we'll just have light rain all day with pockets of moderate rain heading up into the evening hours. it's overnight, starting around midnight when the cold front and the strongest part of the storm really starts to the most jrj energetic part.
5:50 am
the best chance for power outages then also. we'll have a mixture of sun and clouds for most of the day tomorrow. a slight chance of thunderstorms up in the north bay mountains. especially in lake and mendocino counties. then we'll have almost total sunshine for sunday. so rainfall totals, let's keep going. you can see the green is one inch. you start to see the yellows. that's two inches. once you see the oranges, that's when we start to get 3 inches. right in marin county. the usual spots you would expect. like mill valley and kinfield. 3 again tomorrow. that's only for the morning hours. you can see the sunshine in the 60s. 70 degrees for monday. tuesday and wednesday, the storms are trending much drier. still 1s on the storm impact scale. i know you have a lot of information, sue. have at it. >> lot to go through. let's start with the san mateo bridge. we still have an accident. it's not blocking but it's typical of what's going on around the bay area with solo spinouts. this one on the left hand shoulder westbound on the san
5:51 am
mateo bridge. our traffic alert is for once again back in the concord areament it's eastbound highway 4. jackknifed big rig. we have a minor backup. westbound is very slow approaching the scene with lookie loos. they hope to have it cleared out of there. you are experiencing delays. we have a new accident reported. this is southbound before the robin williams tunnel. it was a couple of lanes blocked there. they have pushed that off to the right-hand shoulder. minor slowing as you approach the golden gate bridge. use extra caution. standing water, flooding is the big issue this morning. sue, thank you. there has not been a single homicide in richmond this year. next at 6:00, what police say they've changed. >> but first, the president of the golden state warriors addresses a possible name change when the team moves to san francisco. plus, she's been mentioned as a possible presidential contender. contender. so michelle obama is
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
here's my latest update on my concerns for this storm. flooding on roids. it doesn't get any higher. small stream flooding doesn't get any higher. that's mainly in the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. mudslides, debris flows. moderate probability of power lines and trees coming down. >> mike, thank you. the warriors will change where they play next year but the name will remain the same when they move to san francisco. >> the team will still be the golden state warriors. many fans wondered if they would be the san francisco warriors because they went by that when they moved here in '62. they kept that name until 1971 after going to oakland.
5:55 am
we do have a traffic alert. as a matter of fact, we've got big accident happening south of the golden gate -- north of the golden gate bridge and we have the metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. stacked up into the macarthur maze. it's wet and raining. that's pretty much the scene all around the bay area. lucky drive, northbound all lanes are blocked there with about 3 inches of standing water. shouldn't say blocked. you can still drive through. but the big issue happens to be eastbound highway 4 near port chicago highway. that's the big rig jack-knifed has been blocking lanes for some time. the westbound side is also backed up as well. a big backup southbound 880 near industrial where we have an accident blocking middle lanes there. if we zoom in, i can show you on our 3d camera, just the volume of traffic. it's inching along as you approach highway 92 in hayward
5:56 am
on southbound 880. mike, yes. the rain is coming down. >> it definitely is. it will be here all day through tomorrow morning. i want to concentrate on the winds. they're manageable. up to 22 miles an hour at the coast at 7:00 this morning. they'll ramp up to 20 to 30 around lunch today. that could be the first chance of seeing trees and power lines come down. then during the overnight hours, they'll hit 25 to 35 miles per hour at about 5:00 tomorrow morning. that will be our second chance. then you can see they kind of taper down to about 10 to 20 as we head through the rest of the day on saturday. the rain will end about 10:00 tomorrow morning. reggie? >> thanks, mike. former first lady michelle obama is putting to rest rumors she might consider her own run for president. >> everybody in the country was saying oprah for president, michelle for president. but neither of you seem inclined. >> yeah, no. we're not. because here's the thing. we have sense. >> she has said before she had
5:57 am
enough of the white house. now she wants to help encourage other women to take on leadership positions. she made the comments at a women's leadership conference in boston. it looks like doom and gloom outside. the rain will not last all weekend. next at 6:00, great events, you can take part in. >> there's a push in the north bay to keep cell phones shut down at school. plus, international breaking news coming in. the u.s. taking a big measure against a handful of russian leaders.
5:58 am
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tomato slice and crisp iceberg lettuce atop crispy buttermilk chicken on a soft, warm artisan roll. (breath) luckily, you can take all the time you need to savor every bite. the signature crafted recipes collection, by mcdonald's. a strong storm hitting area. >> chances are your commute looks like this. a little nasty. >> we want you to stay safe out there. hopefully you will. it's slipping and sliding all over the roads. sue will cover that in a moment.
6:00 am
but first we'll check on the forecast with mike nicco. >> driving was like a camel on roller skates. car jerked a couple of times when i hydroplaned. moderate rain is making it to the south bay. this is moving east, southeast. this is going to move down 101 and 280 into the heart of the south bay. we've got something moving from eldridge, sonoma, heading towards napa. expe expect more ponding on the roadways. it's going to rain all day today. steady light rain with impulses of moderate to -- mid to upper 50s this morning. upper 50s to mid-60s through almost 7:00. here's sue. lot to talk about. >> lot to talk about. we've got 35 separate incidents on the chp. we'll go to san jose. this is highway 87. you can see it's slick and wet past the sap center. a little farther to the north, near highway 101,


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