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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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missing something. facebook founder mark zuckerberg faces a tougher crowd in the second day of congressional testimony in washington. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz in for kristin sze the two days have taken aing to on the ceo. the credibility may be suffering according to a fray. >> david louie has highlights of zuckerberg once again apologizing for a maeft data breech. >> the questions were tougher than the day before as facebook ceo mark zuckerberg faced mechs of the house of representatives. congresswoman of palo alto whose district includes part of palo alto drilled zuckerberg about how far he went when he became west watt ware of the breech. >> in 2015 you learned about it. >> yes. >> and you spoke to the ceo immediately? >> we shut down the ach. >> did you speak to the their ceo immediately. >> we got in touch with them. >> all of this is leading to the possible creation of a digital
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rights protection agency or a new regulations which zuckerberg indicated might be coming. >> i think it's an idea that deserves a lot of consideration. i think -- i'm not the type much person who thinks there should be no regulation because the internet is getting to be so important in people's lives around the world. i think the details on this really matter. >> that said durk berg may need to address how the public reacts to his testimony. a survey conducted after his senate appearance tuesday indicates 66% of those questioned like facebook but 5 a% distrust the social network. this survey was commissioned by bosp rachlt a high tech public relations firm in san francisco with no ties tos facebook. . a professor at east bay believes facebook must change how it handles the data issue zblos facebook wits for somebody to report something then takes action. that's problematic. there is a lot of time and speshl especially in fast moving communication you can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. i don't think zuckerberg did much to make the public feel better. >> david loufy abc 7 news.
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if you are wondering if your data was improperly shared. go to our website. we have a link showing exactly how to find out. facebook owned instagram will soon allow to you download a copy of all of the data. similar to facebook's data download feature. the tool could help instagram user monitor the content they've shared. instagram's announcement comes week's before europe's general data protection regulation go into effect requiring people have the option to access a full archive of data that they've posted on websites. in the midst of data scandal facebook is doing an about face regarding an effort to protect privacy in california. >> today the group behind the california consumer privacy act say facebook dropped its opposition to that act. supporters say facebook previously credibilitied to the campaign against the november ballot measure. new protections under the act including allowing consume tors know what information businesses collect about them, and disclosing who those companies
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sell it to. time to get ready for more rain. skies are darkens in marin county as you can look, a live picture pr the the mount tammp let's look at the camera in the east bay hills. you see the clouds moving over. sandhya patel joins us with what's happening on live doppler 7. we are seeing rain right now in the north bay. check out live doppler 7. yu notice it's wet from yukia to santa rosa. into street level radar. cloverdale, dry creek road, seeing moderate rain. 101 between dloefr dale and geyserville. lighter showers between santa rosa and windsor, you notice around sonoma avenue. look at the wider picture. there are thunderstorms to the north. but this that system slides through. it's a fast mover winds are already gusting to 34 miles an hour. at alt month. oakland hills 24.
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it's a level one on the impact scale. mourt rant most rares less than a third much an inch. the wind gusts between 20 and 45-mile-per-hour. i'll be back with the hour by hour time line as to how long it lasts and when the next system moves in. >> thanks a lot. governor brown agreed to deploy national guard troops at president trump's request but won't be doing the job the president wants. in a letter to the administration brown wrote that he will accept federal funding to add 4 oh oh guard members to help existing operations targeting gangs, human traffickers and drug smugglers. but the governor insists they won't help with immigration enforcement, writing this will not be a mission to build a new wall, it will not be a mission to round up women or children or to detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life. former raider and 49ers star alden smith had a blood alcohol level last week high enough to kill him. san francisco prosecutors say smith's blood alcohol content
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was .4 we he went to receive an ankle monitor in the domestic violence case. that's five times the legal limit to drive. experts say coma or death due to respiratory failure is likely with a blood alcohol level that high. smith appeared in court today on friday a judge could order him into an in-patient substance abuse facility. well, it's looking more likely sadly that a family of four who disappeared heading to the beau may have been swept away after their car crashed into a river. as the search for them continues neighbors are praying for the best. just hoping. abc 7 news melanie woodrow has more. >> reporter: search efforts are spanneding for a missing family whose vehicle is believed to match the description of a vehicle that rolled over an embankment and disappeared into the river north of legitt last week. today a chp helicopter and motor boat joined the search.
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ner using zone ar to search the water. the thoughts a pill ay family was on their which to san jose when they stopped communicate with family. >> so sad. really feel sad for the family. >> southern california neighbors have been leaving flowers outside the valencia home of the family. >> they are very sweet people, very nice. the children are well behaved. >> a note of hope in part reads your neighbors continue to pray for you and your family. >> it's a -- you know it's a sad thing to have happen. >> as the search for the vehicle continues the chp said river conditions are improving. >> it's very possible the car floated downstream or the bodies washed out of the car. there is 100 different scenarios. >> once the vehicle is located differs will determine if there are bodies inside. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a former san jose cool board member was sentenced to 60 days in jail after pleading no
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contest to grand theft and perjury charges. he was the z treasurer for the franklin mckinley school district. that raised money to improve aging schools. but prosecutors say he used $28,000 on plane tickets and other personal expenses. he loaned $12,000 to a relative who paid back the money. a group of california teachers announced today they've brokered a landmark contract and established a union for educators in the state's largest online charter school. hundreds of teachers worked for california visual academies. about 12,000 students are enrolled. it's its teachers belong to the teachers association, the cta. cta deal gives them raises and limits the number of students they supervise. >> a public school in san francisco wants to provide shelter to about 20 families who fall under the category of housing insecure. boona vista horace mann is located on 23rd street in the city's mission district. the families would have cots,
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warm food and security inside the school's gym. instead of staying at a shelt oar in long-term hotel rooms. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez explains what it takes to put it together. >> reporter: a neighborhood once affordable to families is now the zrikt with the highest number of evictions in san francisco. not being able to afraid rent in the leads to families being left out on the streets. >> it's hard for the moms or fathers to think every day that where they can be on the night, where they can take a meal. >> both the principle and vice principle at boona vista horace mann school came one a plan to house some families at the school. >> they will be greeted by a warm meal, a place to do homework. they would be able to relax, not have to think about where they are spending the night. >> the san francisco unified school district estimates there are more than 2,000 students considered homeless.
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they are often referred to as housing insecure students, meaning they don't have a safe and secure place to sleep at night. the idea is to house about 20 families inside one of the gyms. san francisco supervisor hillary ronan is now spear heading the proposal, the money to fund the temporary shelter would likely come from city hall and possibly private donations. the cost to run the shelter would be between 700 and $$900,000 a year. it would could have cover sufficient staffing to have a high level of security. the we'll -- from 7:00 a.m. p.m. to 7:00 a.m. >> for now the city and school district are working out the details before it's considered by the school board. ? san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. looking forward in the face of destruction. >> you can do whatever you want, really, longs you have the heart and passion. >> two young farmers refuse to give up. they lost everything in the
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north bay fires and now plan to be even stronger than before. plus riding high. imagine taking a tram to see the a's play in the future. and. this is the pin cal of college football. the 2009 college football championship comes to the south bay. it could be the biggest thing in years. plus the 32-year-old nba rookie who got an assist from
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>> odds are you've seen the stickers op devices saying warranty void if removed. now the ftc says they are likely illegal. they say the condition is banned under the act setting out rules for consumer product warranties. the agency warns six major companies about the practice. the firms are not named. but apple has often been criticized for restrictions on third party screen replacements.
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apple argues it's a security measure. >> house speaker paul ryan's announcement that he won't seek re-election opens door for a california congressman to vooi for the top gop position in the house. kevin mccarthy from bakersfield is expected to go for the speak are position if republican maintain control of the house following the midterm elections. both of ryan's deputies mccarthy appear skeef sclees of louisiana are likely to seek the speakership. neared made an negotiable founzment. six months after the fire storms ravaged much of the north bay. the reable something beginning really. today we take to you a family farm in glen ellen, a small community directly in the path of the nuns fire. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live from be well farms in sonoma county tonight. >> reporter: hi, dan. this farm was a labor of love for a young couple. and though mostly destroyed by the nuns fire, their desire to keep it going to bring it back to life was not.
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>> everything is on fire. >> reporter: it was surreal and frightening for melissa and austin, a young couple who awoke to see the fire braerg are bearing down on their farm process. an inferno later dubbed the nuns fire. >> the whole ranch next to us was burning. windsy 60 miles an hour in our face. >> you're in a ray trance. like it wasn't real. you just went with it qb grabbed things and left. >> looks like we need more thyme. >> the they met in college. neither majored in agricultural but together they cultivated an idea. to create a small farm dedicated to pursuing healthy, sustainable produce and eggs. they called it be well. >> after falling in love with food and falling in love with health this was the closest we could get to actually helping to make a difference. >> just insane. there used to be a million building now nothing but ash.
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>> their growing business was just beginning to thrive when the nuns fire came roaring their way that october night. >> all the be well animals made it. >> but somehow despite the nearly total destruction they found when they returned to the farm the next day all of their animals, goats, cows. >> hi, chickens you are alive. >> even the chickens all survived, despite all they've been through the laylis see a sa bright future. >> just look up every once in a while and realize ou beautiful life is. >> in glen ellen, laura anthony, abc 7 news. well the fires also affected cannabis growers. at 6:00 abc 7 news reporter laura anthony looks at a farm pushing forward to come back. there is a significant step forward in the effort to build a new ballpark for the oakland a's. laemd account is ready to sell its hair to the city of elbow. the county since the city is
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controls the land it's best to sell to elbowed. the city will then be the only orion. the move will likely make the snoerkss easier. one possible site for the ballpark is the port of oakland howard terminal and the team has a losty goal to get fans there. the chronicle reports a gondola lift is being considered. it could look like this. it's the tram at oregon health sciences university in portland. cost estimates for the tram range from $50 million to $100 million. >> well early next year levi stadium will host the 2019 college football playoff national championship. it's a big deal. but there are big plans for the days leading up to that event. and the locations of many of the fan activities may come as a bit of a surprise. here is abc news reporter chris wynn. >> reporter: today at the tech museum of innovation shiny plans were revealed for a championship
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experience transforming the region into a celebration of college football. >> the people power is here. the destination part of it is here. this area has everything we need for our event. >> preparations are now underway as the south bay prepares to host the 2019 cfp national chfrpgs. the event which takes place the first week of january is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors from across the country. >> and really bring people together and have that collegiate feel, it's walkable. ant connectivity between downtown san jose and the stadium in santa clara is second to none. >> aside from the game itself, the plaszcz 'decaesar chavez will be the heart of the action. officials plan to hoeft multiple events downtown including a free outdoor muk festival and an interfan zone at the convention center. businesses like original joe's think it will be busier than super50. >> kind of the hub of a lot of things. it's exciting because we get to
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see a variety of different people come in. >> and there is a philanthropic component. the 49ers are teeming up with extra yard for teachers. including the santa clara teach ert awarded a $10,000 grant by the cfp foundation. >> i'm excited to share it with colleagues. it's all of us recognized that's everything. >> the national championship will be televised on abc 7's sister network espn on january 7th, 2019. in the south bay, chris wynn. abc 7 news. well you've probably heard how around ingram made the nba debut with the lakers at the old age of 32. >> right but what you likely don't know is that he did it with the help of steph curry. >> ingram. on its way again. he has two threes. >> and he made those 3s wearing the signature shoe of the league's best three-point shooter curry. he laced up a black and white
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pair, the under armour curry three the shoe worn by curry last season. >> as for his age. lebron james is a year older asset 33 and in the 15th season in the nav. >> now the accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. much needed rain moving to the northway bay. it will be spreading in the next few hours. let me get you into street level radar where we are seeing pockets of moderate rain. right around old redwood highway between healdsburg and windsor. river road also sighing showers from santa rosa heading towards cal stowinga. cal stowinga lighter. temperatures are the 40s to 60s quite a range. today's highs were in the upper 50s to the upper 60s. now the winds are gusty out of the southwest in sand carlos and napa. 24 to 26 miles an hour as you look at the wind forecast. tonight at 6:00 it will remain gusty and the winds increase around 10:00 p.m. to 30, 35
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miles an hour isolated about 40, 45 miles an hour. from our emeryville camera you can see the clouds stacked up looking across the bay. wet and gusty tonight. a few showers tomorrow. sunny and warmer friday and saturday. the rain returns again sunday afternoon evening into monday. current system is a level one on the storm impact scale. a light system. light to moderate rain expected. most areas less than a third much an inch. and the wind gusts 2045 miles an hour. you see the rain slides into the east bay here. san francisco, 7:00 it's really a narrow line of showers around 7:00 p.m. moving across the central bay, south bay. 8:30 it's already starting to move through the south bay. and the north bay starting to see a break. switches over to scattered showers behind the system at 11:00 p.m. tonight. very spotty in nature for tomorrow. not everyone sees it so we're not uting a impact scale on it. isolated in nature around 5:00 a.m. snow showers in the mendocino county hills.
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11:00 a.m. tomorrow. and into the afternoon hours staying around the north bay it's light showers as which head into 2:30. then it's gone. this is a fast mover. typical for april. rainfall totals pretty light. most areas under a third of an inch. cal stowinga one of the wettest. yuka picks up a little bit over that. it turns to snow in the mountains. sierra under a winter weather advisory. four to eight inches about 4,000 feet. the snow level will drop to 2,500 to 3,000 feet eventually. 12 inches expected in isolated spots. make sure you have the chains if you are doing spring skiing. there will be snow almost a coma at kirkwood. nine. at donner. three inches at blue canyon. tomorrow morning numbers in the upper 30s to upper 40s. chilly enough to require a jacket. for the afternoon it's cool. hang onto the extra layer. upper 50s to low 60s. breezy at times. you can download the app and track the system with us.
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accuweather seven-day forecast just a few spotty showers tomorrow. look at the witch in the weather. brighter warmer. temperatures in the low to upper 70s and here we go again bringing in another april storm. sunday into monday. mainly sunday afternoon into monday it's a level one system. with some wet weather brezy conditions. cooler conditions. tuesday there is a break. and wednesday night another level one coming our way. we'll take every bit of rain we can get because we're 60 to 78% g. >> but gaining ground. >> we're moving along. the atmosphere river pushed it up a bit. >> thank you sandhya. all right well could tesla -- ask tesla be beat in a local km wants to build the world's largest solar battery. >> and then fire at news with david murd. >> president trump saying the new missiles are coming nice and new and mart.
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state lawmakers believe the california high-speed rail system is on the wrong track and might be time to scale down. they faced questions and criticism from legislators during a hearing. an independent audit found ner $56 billion short of building the entire system from northern california to san diego. right now voters approved money is only enough to complete the line between bakersfield and merced. >> we are spending hunl amounts of money quite frankly on a fool's errened. and leadership from the governor rafs office to the legislature should be truthful enough to go to vote resist and say we can't
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build it. >> high-speed rail is a signature projects of jerry brown. >> a bay area company wants to build a solar farm if in the california desert and may come with the world's biggest battery. the battery would be triple the size of the one tesla installed in aufrlt last year. the san francisco based recurrent energy asked the federal government for permission to build 350 megawatts of solar power near the mule mountains. 2 ours east of palm springs could be years before it's built. two people in napa county thanked the men who saved their lives next. >> but first we want to thank you clawed for this picture from mount tamm green all from the recent rain. >> share your pictures with us with the hashtag #abc 7 now you might see it online at >> announcer: superior acts in the palm of your hand. the new accuweather app from abc 7 news. minute by minute forecasts plus realtime radar and alert
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coming up ton on abc 7 news at 6:00. it was a horrific crime and the guy was doing like 100-mile-per-hour coming down the street street. >> a deadly crash on a main street through elbowed. a child is killed. and now the hunt is on for the driver who ran off. >> also just in, new information on the disappearance of a family bound for the bay area where we are now hearing from a witness who told authorities he saw a vehicle crash into a river. and the new report that could persuade you to go organic when buying strawberries and spinach. all that and more come up in a half our abc 7 news at 6:00. >> finally tonight though a special reunion between two krp officers and one of the many people they rescued during the wildfire six months a ago. >> chp officers pete and whitney were a helicopter and took more than 2 dozen people to safety from the atlas fire in napa.
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>> today at a summit for emergency preparedness they were reunited with one of the survivors and his dog. >> we met up with several of the people we came in contact with that night. and you know they just -- they don't realize how big of a blessing it is for us to meet them. >> the officers were also presentwood a certificate of honor bravo. >> wonderful. well world news tonight with david muir. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for ama and sandhya wab we appreciate your time. see new half hour. >> announcer: we have all stood with the north bay through fighting fires to finding shelter. through burned homes, to new building, threw the heart ache to the hope for the future. abc 7 stays on the story through the progress and the problems. now we look at what we have learned and ask, what's next? in a week dedicated to the north
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bay fires, six months later. specia tonight, several developing stories as we come on. president trump taunting russia, saying "get ready." is a u.s. strike on syria imminent? the president tweeting to russia about missiles, saying they will be coming, nice and new and smart. and the white house is pressed late today, did the president just do what he said he would never do, telegraphing his military plan? and what we've just learned tonight, what they're doing inside syria right now. also breaking tonight, the infamous "access hollywood" video, suddenly front and center again. new reporting right here about the fbi raid on president trump's personal attorney. abc news learns fbi agents were also looking for any conversations, any documents related to that video. calling it quits. house speaker paul ryan will not run for re-election.


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