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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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cornell barnard is live in san francisco with the crack down. >> reporter: the city sending scooter companies a strong message. stop doing business immediately until you can come up with a plan and comply with traffic laws. >> it is fun. you go fast. >> reporter: kevin skelly loves riding scooters. they are popping up everywhere. >> we are going to haul button these babies. >> reporter: drawing controversy and criticism from city leaders saying they are dangerous because they are being ridden on sidewalks and not streets. creating a public newt sans of
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the city streets and sidewalks and endangering public health and safety. last week the san francisco mta impounded dozens of scooters. >> scooters run amuck. >> reporter: at the same time the order was issued, skin. >> a representative from bird responded. >> we are going it be responsive to those concerns both from the technology side and support side. >> reporter: the scooter companies have until april 30th to make changes and comply with traffic laws. supervisors will vote on regulating scooters this week n
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san francisco, cornell barnard. >> we sent out a push alert. you can be the first to find out what is happening by downloading the app and enabling push alerts. we upgraded it and we have versions for both apple and android devices. a woman says she was attacked and she called for a ride and got into a car that had a driver and another man in the back seat. at 5:00 a.m. saturday she was found near the safeway in sonoma beaten and sexually assaulted. anyone with information should call the sonoma county sheriff's office. sacramento police released more body cam footage after two officers shot and killed stephon
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clark. at least one of them asks if clarks had a gun and one of the officers responded by saying i don't see it. officers can also be heard asking clark to move but never responded. clark's death set off a wave of protest in sacramento. following the death of former board supervisor dennis ward. first african american to serve as board president. captured a seat in current mayor paid ward. you may have felt some shaking this morning. 3.8 magnitude earth wake hit
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allen rock. originally 3.9, but then was downgraded. thousands of people felt light shaking. no reports of injuries or damage. now on to storm watch. looking live outside from our roof of the studios in san francisco. satisfying sunny skies right now. >> spencer christian joins us live. >> the storm is winding down quite a bit. not as intense as it was earlier. let me show you where we have the most intense downpours right now in the immediate bay south of santa rosa. and north of santa rosa. and near winters. we have a couple of waves of light rain moving onshore now in the santa cruz mountains in the south bay. conditions quieter area wide.
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rainfall from this storm ranged just a few hundreds of an inch to about a third of an inch. the storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. we can expect chance of shattered showers and maybe isolated thunderstorms. starting at 7:00 p.m., you can see that little is showing up. we will get clearing overnight and it will get chilly. i will have a look at the accuweather weather forecast in a few moments. >> hail is moving across the state. piling up in sacramento. this social media video came in just in the last hour. >> of course it rolled through the east bay this morning. public works crews sanded and scraped trying to clear redwood road. transit buses slipped and stopped. >> it was scarey at first
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because i didn't know if we had traction or not but kept sliding but we stopped eventually. >> classes at skyline officially started late because of the weather. sky 7 was over head. it is just hail. but certainly very interesting today. reporter laura anthony is live with a look from the ground. >> reporter: had it been snow, at least a light dusting it might not have cause sd so many problems here in the redwood heights neighborhood. earlier today people were trying to drive on what effectively were small marbles. >> big old chunks and then the small chunks. >> reporter: it game came in bu. in between the rain was hail. ice pellets were mostly the size of a dime.
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>> it sounded like machine gun bullets hitting the house. >> reporter: saying it was like nothing he has experienced in 14 years living in the oakland hills. >> and it was slick. people were walking up and down the streets slipping. it was insanity. >> it was like check your cars because your window might break. >> reporter: as seen from sky 7, the hail created traffic problems below. >> a gentleman out here with a by 4 using it as a shovel. >> reporter: these two cars slid into each other while the man tries to melt the hail with water from a garden hose. city of oakland crews came through the area spreading dirt on the roadway trying to provide traction for the cars to move along. despite all the problems created
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by the sudden burst of hail, many seemed to relish the ice event in the middle of april. >> it was absolutely mind blowing. it was so cool. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc this one taken resident of oakland's laurel district. showing the marble sized hail and through the webster tunnel in alameda, showing hail crashing down. and this sunnyvale man took a slow-mo video of hail pelting him. abc7 news viewers captured the
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drama. talks over the use of california national guard use on the border are still ongoing. last week governor brown committed to sending hundreds of guard members but with strict restrictions. today we learn that no agreement has been reached between the two sides. carlos saucedo has the latest. >> reporter: the terms are still being hashed out between state and federal officials. releasing a following statement saying the federal government has not yet responded, the next step is for the federal government to respond by signing the memorandum of agreement. the agreement laying out the decisions that jerry brown laid out. a stance echoed by california
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attorney general. >> i believe the governor tried to find a way to make sure we addressed critical needs and concerns california would have in wh it comes to protecting our border. >> reporter: brown received unusual praise. president trump thanked the governor for doing the right thing and sending the troops to the border. today a top customs saying california had rejected the federal government terms. but nothing has changed. >> this kind of chaos and confusion i think is really just pointing out the difficulties of unresolved >> reporter: melinda jackson is
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the chair. now, we just have to wait to see if trump agrees with brown's conditions. in san jose, carlos saucedo, abc7 news. tesla has stopped production of the new model three-car. describing this as a pause. customers who ordered the $35,000 car have been frustrated by the slow delivery schedule. tesla did show a 40% increase from last quarter but not hitting its goal. a lot more to come. coffee and controversy. starbucks under scrutiny after the arrest of two black men at a store in philadelphia. what is similar between that case and the one in california. a company canceled a woman's insurance even after they paid
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the woeek is off to a good start for the stock market. the nasdaq adding 49 points. stock in netflix sank three points. netflix stock is rising by more than 5% because the company released its earning report which shows a better than expected increase in the number of subscribers. most of the new customers are joining from outside the u.s. pushing its international
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expansion. just this year, netflix has launched 18 original series and 14 new original movies. >> protests taking place at starbucks. the men were sitting at a table without making a purchase approximate when asked to leave, they refused. this morning starbucks' ceo spoke on gma and offered an apology. >> outcomes on our store on thursday were reprehensible, they were wrong and to that i personally apologize to the two gentleman. >> a similar incident has surfaced at a california starbucks. was given the code --
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>> if you have a policy, you should abide by those guidelines for everyone. you can't sit here and segregate things you might as well put on the store with your policy, whites only. >> starbucks has not commented on this case. the sharks are up two games to none. >> game three against the ducks is tonight. david louie is live now with all the excitement. >> reporter: well, we have seen a steady stream of fans converging on the shark tank. you can see how large the hours are for the street festival, a great kick off for what fans hope to be one number three against the ducks. the rain stopped and the sun broke out just in time as fans started arriving.
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one of the popular attracts was the face painting booth. confidence was high who will prevail. who is going to win the game ton the? >> the sharks. >> reporter: are you sure? >> yes. very sure. filled with shark pins collected through the years. >> that one was the dallas game before we came to the playoffs. it led us right into this game right here. >> reporter: downtown san jose is awash with fans wearing teal. phil kearney has tickets to the game and being optimistic. >> doesn't remember the time where we lost to the ducks in the playoffs in 2009. so if they are optimistic, i am optimistic. >> reporter: watering holes are
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geared up. this pub is prepared isn't it great that the sun is shining on the san jose shark sign? we will take that as a omen. in san jose david louie. i think he is a fan. >> it is kind of nice behind us. blue skies, puffy clouds. >> big change from earlier today. the hail was strange. spencer here with the forecast. >> yes, a bit strange. less strange now. we don't have much in the way of precipitation but there are few spots here in the north bay. parts of napa and sonoma county even down into marin county. some heavier activity farther east down towards vacaville.
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south bay fresh line of showers moving -- whoops. i just dropped my clicker. i am the clicker picker upper. fresh wave of showers. these are basically light showers. here is a view of sutro tower. it is 52 degrees here in san francisco, 54 oakland. mountain view 55. this is the view from the south beach camera. it is 50 degrees up north in santa rosa. temperatures are this the low to mid-50s. one more live view. this is dramatic. looking towards the west north west from our east bay hills camera. we will see partial clearing with chilly conditions overnight. rain returns and we will have sunny and warmer days starting
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at the end of the week. here is our forecast animation. notice we don't expect to see much in the way of precipitation at that point and going to taper off even more going into the later hours this evening. it should be over before midnight. and we will begin the day with clear skies. overnight lows it is going to be chilly. we will see temperatures in the mid-30s. right around the bay, mainly low to mid-40s. and tomorrow under mostly sunny skies with breezy conditions. low 60s right around the bay and mid-60s in the mildest inland locations. wednesday comes the next storm which ranks one on the storm impact scale. expected to produce less than .10. it will be a cloudy day and late afternoon, early evening, we
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will see the wave. in fact it will be cold enough air to produce snow. here is the bay area, we expect light rain, and it will start to taper off as the morning commute begins on thursday morning. here is the look at the accuweath accuweather seven-day forecast. we will get our next spring storm late wednesday into early thursday and the warming trend begins on friday. over the weekend high temperatures in the low to mid-80s inland. mid-60s in the coast and not much of a cool down on monday. nice warm weather headed our way. >> we deserve it. >> we earned it. >> larry beil is live tonight. >> we are live in oracle and what a difference one game could make. we have gone from the flip switching question and if the
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warriors could do that to wondering if it was too easy in game one. are the dubs going
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it is game two. the warriors hold a 1-0 series lead over the spurs and look to keep rolling. >> absolutely.
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sports director larry beil is there live for us. >> reporter: we are about an hour and 20 minutes away from game two of this nba playoff series between the warriors and the spurs. spent so much of the last month of the regular season wondering if the warriors could turn it on for the playoffs. could they literally flip the switch. consider that flip switched. and the narrative has completely changed. the warriors came up with a stout defensive effort. the kind of defense we haven't seen for a long time. and it kind of seemed so easy, the question the warriors had to face the last couple of days is all about complacency. could she stthey stay locked
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missing kau missing kau missi missing kawaii >> i knew we could make adjustments. >> reporter: leonard not with the spurs. injured. there is dissension in the team. the warriors are missing their own superstar in steph curry. steph is scheduled to warm up and test that knee in about a half an hour and we might be live with our sports cast. if he is out here, he will see him. until then, live at oracle arena, larry beil abc7 sports. thanks, larry. a boat battle happening now in san francisco. >> a look at growing frustrations where this boat has been anchored for months.
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>> i am wayne freedman. inside the news room
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as a captain of the vessel, i decide when it moves. >> floating frustration, some say this boat and its owner have outstay outstayed their welcome. >> the owner says it has been vandalized to the point he can't move it. melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: the san francisco police department marine unit approached pennington this weekend after witnesses reported his boat adrift. pennington's boat has been there without a permit since september. >> i as the captain of the vessel i decide when it is moved. >> reporter: he was arrested and released and moved his boat here. a swimmer or swimmers
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his boat. >> graffiti, jeopardizing my vessels, my goals, and plans and journeys. >> reporter: he has been a >> he has squatted by virtue of exceeding what is allowable time period. his "i can do whatever i want to do," attitude. >> he pollutes the water. >> what evidence is there of any dumped anything? >> reporter: park police are seeking a stay away order. a court date is tentatively scheduled for next week. >> it is not shipshape to move anywhere.
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>> reporter: saying he will move only after he repairs the dam e damage. a judge saying she trusted prosecutors to review the material. she may aplllow the unnamed client was revealed to be sean hannity. hannity down-played the relationship. >> i never received an invoice to michael or legal fees to michael. i occasionally had brief discussions with him. >> a democratic congressman from virginia is calling for him to resign. fake social media accounts or bots becoming more
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believable. the california state business committee passed a proposed bill which would require companies like twitter and facebook to identify bots accounts on their platforms. posing at real people. exploiting social media algorithms. >> this is just a realistic r common sense approach that says look, you know whether this thing is a person or if it is a robot. tell us it is a robot. >> the bot bill moves to the senate judiciary committee next week. a bay area newspaper has been honored with a biggest ward. learning today it is this year's recipient for the pulitzer prize for breaking news. wayne freedman met with the
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journalist. >> reporter: the food, the wine, all by-products of this particular announcement. >> the president democrat -- >> whoa! >> reporter: the moment they learned they won for pulitzer prize while covering the sonoma wildfires. employing 50 people to receive such a high honor for reporting such a tragedy, they admit it is a bit of a conflict. >> we showed up and did the best we could for our community. >> i can't believe this. it is so bad. >> reporter: reporter martin e-spinoza streamed this picture live. he alerted this could be
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>> were you scared? >> the landmarks aren't there anymore. >> houses burning on either side. whole blocks are gone. you are hoping everybody got out. >> reporter: generally journalist measure life from deadline to deadline. today an overflow of pizza and an exception. in santa rosa. wayne freedman, abc7 news. rapper kendrick lamar won the music pulitzer prize. first nonjazz artist to win the award. stay with us. you know how it is when you go to target, you plan to buy one thing and walk out with a cart load. >> target knows and it has come up with a new way to make it easier to get everything home. coming up, "7 on your side" wayne freedman is here after
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entresto, for heart failure.
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a new way to make life
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easier for shoppers leads tonight's bay area business watch. san francisco is one of five cities nationwide where target offers customers the option of home delivery when they check out in the store. costs $7 per deliver and delivered the same 5$500 million milestone lyft announced drivers have received half a in tips. after a major setback, the world of self-driving cars could get ready to step on the gas again. >> how a local startup is looking to make those cars safer for everyone.
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>> suddenly there was this crash. should we allow this stuff to move so class. >> reporter: the fatal crash in arizona was a set back for uber and the whole industry. way mois applying the fist step. >> we are seeing the tech industry do what it always does which is push forward. >> reporter: someone who can take over at a moment's notice. >> we are there for that one or 2%. severe weather, when you are at a construction site. >> reporter: some give instructions to the car and watch as it happens. >> steering wheel, pedal gear shift. >> reporter: passengers riding in a car with nobody behind the wheel. >> it is possible you might see a car with no one in it and that is going to be weird because i don't think i have seen that happen too often outside of an
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amusement park. >> reporter: letting us put our 360 camera inside the car. the remote drivers also have the 360 view. and elliott cat maintains the questions. they are sit anything an office building, managers overseeing what they are doing. >> how is the internet connection going to be wirelessly? i get dropped calls on my phone still. >> reporter: using all four major networks and makes maps. >> if there is a dead area, we know that in advance. >> reporter: one thing is for sure. >> it is going to be interesting. but the future is weird. >> the future is weird. and so is the weather. rain, hail, and
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. ♪ >> that is effie performing barracuda. she is in the top 24.
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find out if she will move on in the competition. recent natural disasters make you think of how you protect your own home in a crisis. >> prompting a woman to buy insurance but still ended up with no coverage. >> earthquakes are part of life. today we reported a quake in allen rock. yet only 17% of us have earthquake insurance. this viewer decided wanted to be among those covered but had trouble make it go happen. >> maybe i am pressing my luck. >> reporter: lynn thinking what could happen here. >> maybe i
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can covers your structure. >> reporter: it made her feel more secure until she received this notice. >> my policy will be canceled. >> reporter: about to be canceled for nonpayment of my premium. >> i called them saying what are you talking about, i paid that. >> reporter: and she had proof right here. her credit card statement shows it went to california state insurance. three weeks later, lynn got another notice saying her policy is not canceled. >> so of course i flip out and call her right away. >> reporter: her carrier said they could not find her payment. >> you are thinking with my luck, watch there be a big one. >> the bird was freaking out, and ten seconds later, the house
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started shaking. >> reporter: a small quake in january rattled her home. luckily no damage. but she wanted her policy back. >> i called "7 on your side." >> we contacted csaa and pointed out that she paid her premium. and lynn got a call. >> we located your funds and you are reinstated. >> reporter: now, lynn is ready for the big one. >> thanks to "7 on your side." >> lynn says csaa told her the payment had been posted to her home insurance. and they gave her a one year free membership to aaa. i want to hear from you. you know the tell phone number,
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(415) 954-8151 you can reach me on my facebook and through how about the hail. look what it gave way to. rainbows. >> viewers noticed even capturing double rainbows. sharing these pictures with us. >> spencer is back to update the forecast. >> just when you think it might be all over, it is not. check out the lightning strike. fremont, an isolated thunderstorm moving through the area. we have a wider area of light rain down there. it is not over yet. overnight we do expect partial clearing with low temperatures mainly in the upper 30s inland. and tomorrow sunny skies highs ranging from upper 50s in the coast and in comes the next storm late wednesday early thursday. light storm ranking one on the
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storm impact scale expected to produce under .10 of an inch of rainfall. high temperatures climbing into the hoe to mid-70s inland. beach time weather. >> very nice. >> we have a lot going on in sports. the a's are playing. the sharks are playing. >> larry beil is live at oracle arena for the warriors. >> you guys summed it up for me. huge night in bay area sports. we are here for warriors and spurs playoff series. report from the shark tank as well where the sharks are
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. how are you doing everybody. larry beil live at oracle arena. mike shumann is down in san jose getting ready for the game through of the sharks/ducks series. let us start here at oracle arena. we are at the warriors baseline. if things go right, this will be our home away from home for the next two months. the warriors won the opener
6:53 pm
113-92 over san antonio. and they know success begins with defense. after playing lackadaisical games. they won by 21 points. just a few moments ago, spurs head coach says the warriors delivered the best defensive 48 minutes that san antonio faced all season long. head coach steve kerr knows they cannot relax for one single second. >> got to bet better during the playoffs and continue to improve. ready for everything coming your way. the biggest adjustment will be mentally and physically they are coming after us and we know that. >> we know all their plays. they know all our plays.
6:54 pm
i'm sure kerr giving them the play book. >> well coached team. got to be locked in. >> nick kerr is steve kerr's son, assistant coach for the san antonio spurs. shows you how close and how tight these two teams are. let's head down to san jose where shu is standing by and the sharks are looking to take a 3-0 lead. >> reporter: the sharks are just as hot as the warriors. just had a rainstorm here. game three with an unheard of 2-0 lead over the ducks. that's right, the men in teal took two down in anaheim on the road and this may be one of the most important game threes in franchise history. sharks win tonight and anaheim will have to win four straight and that is tough in any sport. now the men in teal realize they
6:55 pm
have an opportunity. >> i need a -- i mean a a this time of year is difficult to earn. we realize how tough it is to win. >> we worked to get this lead and continue to work and that doesn't mean it is going to be easy. they are going to play well and they might win a game tonight and we will have to regroup. we know this isn't going to be easy. but we are not looking for the sky falling theory, that is up for you guys to look for that. >> reporter: all right, goalie has been up believable. stopping 53 out of 55 shots looking to go how come you get to be inside and i have to be outside? >> i was just going to say that. stay out of that rain, man.
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couple of other notes to catch you up on. ago iguodala will be starting. steph curry was down there and just about to start his warm ups and then he sat down. all you got down there is media waiting for steph's warm up to see if he can test that sprained left knee. that is a wrap for now. throwing it back to the studio. all of the highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. join us tonight at kofy tv. drink to your health a new meaning do the cocktails that may actually be good for you. tesla halts production of its model three which is already
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behind schedule . coming up, it is two hours of american idol and follow the crossing. >> look for breaking news on twitter. thanks for joining us, i am ama daetz. >> and i am dan ashley. we appreciate your time and we will see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours.
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