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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now, from abc7, live breaking news. >> chaos at a carnival in morgan hill after a violent encounter. officers were called because of a report of a person with a knife, and seven officers were assaulted, none seriously injured. they arrested eight teenagers between the ages of just 13 and 17. then police issued a dispersal warning threatening to arrest anybody of any age that stayed in tat area. they told parents to get their kids home immediately. a strange and wild scene there tonight. good evening, i am dan ashley. commute chaos in san francisco tonight after a traffic stop gone wrong. sky 7 captured the scene late this afternoon after a chp
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officer was dragged for hundreds of feet after the person he pulled over drove off. tonight a woman who saw the entire thing is talking with abc reporter, katie judas. >> and then surviving a stunt usually only seen in the movies. >> holding on to the steering wheel like right out of the action film. >> reporter: it started as a routine traffic stop until it was not. >> i could not believe what i saw. it was the driver's door open with the chp officer hanging out of the car. >> reporter: the woman driver tried to speed away but rush hour traffic meant she had nowhere to go. this is where the suspect's vehicle finally came to a stop. right now chp officers are trying to start it and drive it away so they can re-open the lanes to the traffic. the red jeep hit two other
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vehicles, driving 1,000 feet before hitting the cement barricade. and then with true hollywood swagger -- >> he was able to jump back up and take this driver into custody. >> reporter: the officer was checked out at the hospital and then released. officers detained two passengers, the driver could face assault with a deadly weapon and other charges. an accused serial killer in court for the first time, and this is the suspected golden state killer now in custody thanks to a controversial tactic that broke the case wide open. rolled in and handcuffed to a wheelchair, joseph
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in a tkaeuz. investigators have connected him to ten other murders and dozens of rapes in at least ten counties. >> we have the law that suggests that he is innocent until they prove him guilty. >> his public defender says he is being unfairly judged. the people who were terrorized by the serial killer -- >> i'm going to kill you. i'm going to kill you. >> -- feels some measure of relief now that somebody has been caught. >> as i was calling the police he jumped through the window mostly naked and had a thing over his face. >> deangelo is being held woupt bail until may 14th, his next court date. for now he's a suicide watch in a psych ward reportedly mumbling to himself. >> you don't know how to react.
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all of these emotions are just too much. >> investigators tracked him down using dna from a ventura crime scene and then connected it to deangelo's family members on a website. >> it's being questioned because of privacy and accuracy concerns. in 2017 dna evidence collected by investigators led to the wrong man. here >> it shows a 73-year-old man, and he was forced to turnover dna evidence after being discovered on the website, jeb match. the genealogy website stating they had no idea their database was hacked by authorities. >> anybody can get access to
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your unique genetic markers and that's what happened in this case. >> dna evidence has many benefits, such as exonerating the wrongly convicted, but mistakes do happen. >> dna evidence is not infallible, and in fact mistakes occur with regularity. >> they are now telling customers who are concerned over how their dna is used to remove their profiles from the database. stories surrounding this man go back decades. can you read up on complete coverage including a timeline of everything connected to the case on our website, download the abc news app for the latest developments as well. it has been 20 years since a daly city mother killed her three children and now her family and san mateo prosecutors are trying to prevent her release from prison. megan hogg was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison, and
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earlier this month a panel found her suitable for parole, but her family says she dealt drugs in prison and never expressed remorse. >> she can still have children, and that's one of my biggest fears, and even if she doesn't have children, what if she dates somebody with children, and because she's not remorseful, what is to stop her from committing these crimes again? >> the family has written letters urging governor brown to reverse the decision. four days after a massive fire in concord that broke out at this construction site next to the renaissance apartment complex early tuesday morning. flames and smoke caused $55 million in damage. atf investigators are still on site trying to figure out if arson is the cause. meantime, saving several dogs and a snake from a fire in san
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jose. first responders performed cpr on a pug reviving it right there in the driveway, and another dog did not recover and was taken to an animal shelter, and the fire displaced two people. we have an update on the controversy involving the business owner and a racial slur. yesterday we told you about chronology owner that admitted to yelling racial slurs but apologized for it. >> i feel like we were heard. they were receptive in hearing our concerns and our experience, and the mayor and vice mayor really were friendly. >> we will stand up and advocate
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for our kids in our community. >> stone did not return our request for comment. a sold out crowd tonight welcomed secretary of state madeline albrecht with a standing ovation. albrecht was the first woman to hold that u.s. office, serving during the clinton administration from 1997 to 2001. she says she is glad diplomatic talks have begun between north and south korea but is nervous when it comes to talks with the u.s. >> what i am troubled by the state department has been gutted, and the question is even if president trump does have a meeting, it will be the beginning and an awful lot of work. >> albrecht says she is worried but hopes the deep problems of north korea being a nuclear power can be resolved. stay with me, a lot more to come. a south bay church up for sale, but where is the money going? >> i pastor, i need to talk to
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you about the sale of the church? will you talk to me, please? >> dan noyes digs into the controversy and finds out why so many congregation members are upset about this. a late season system will sprinkle your late weekend plans. we'll look at the timeline coming up. later,
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you know, i still love the guy. i'd like to break his legs, but -- god forgive me for that. >> why is this man angry at the man who wants to succeed him at
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this church. we are investigating the proposed sale of the church for months now, and dan noyes has a story you will only see on abc7 news. >> no question tabernacle church has seen better days, but current and former members are concerned about the new pastor's plans to sale the church. at its height the church had a congregation of 300 people with a heart to serve. >> we fed the hungry and had a clothing ministry and did drug counseling. >> when mr. meyers decided to retire after 40 years, he chose a member of the he decided to sale the church. >> i think it's wrong to try and
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sale something that doesn't belong to you. >> by phone remington confirmed the sale, listing twice almost $1.3 million, saying he will take the proceeds to arizona and start a new church. he declined an oncamera interview so i went to his home and spoke to a young woman that identified herself as his daughter. >> can you get a hold of remington and ask to talk to him about everything, but everything is legal. >> i reached him on his cell phone minutes later. what plans do you have for the money? he hung up. complaints have been filed with the da's office and attorney general. they took me through the church where they met and married. >> we are heartbroken. >> i understand he may have his
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own vision, but why is he taking the funds from this building that belongs to this community. >> reporter: i heard from other congregation members who were expected to >> if there's no content to convert those funds to his personal use then that's a problem. >> he tells me he would look how he got church members to agree to the sale? >> was there some sort of a payment to influence their vote also. it's a corrupt practice that i would look for. >> to check out that issue i went back to the khchurch on sunday, and remington warned me by text not to step on the
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church property again, and ma darius said three votes were needed to approve the sale, his, the pastor and his wife. >> it's you that did this, the pastor and his wife and you? you can see their signatures on this real estate sale signing resolution. by text it was discussed something else, that he was offered $50,000, and the pastor said it would be a gift when the church sold. and after it was sold it was found to be illegal to give any money from the church. >> will you talk to me, please? i finally met remington face-to-face. i need to know what you are doing with the money? >> following corporate law. >> how about church law? how about what is right?
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>> that's how i have tried to live my life openly pwbefore go and man, and he will have things to answer for at the judgment seat. >> officials at the pentecostal church of god to bring hope tabernacle back but the sale is pending and the buyer is another church, and we will see what the pastor does with the money once he reaches arizona, if it gets to that point, dan. >> thank you very much. good job. let's move on to the weather forecast. meteorologis meteorologist, sandy patel is here. >> not too many complaints. we are tracking some showers, not the stuff in the east bay and the south bay, but up to the north, and that's where we are seeing returns right now, old stage road, yes, there are some showers right now, and you will
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see the possibility of showers mixing in with what you are looking at right now from our emeryville camera. this is a time lapse. cumulus clouds over the bay, just a beautiful view this afternoon and evening. as we head towards the weekend it will be a combination sky of sun and clouds and we will throw in a few drops while we are at it. take a look at your temperatures right now. you will notice most are in the comfort zone, low to mid-50s from san francisco and in san jose. 53 degrees in livermore. a live picture looking along the embarcadero. it's a beautiful view. here's another gorgeous view from our exploratorium camera. it's going to be cooler than average through the weekend so get used to this idea. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow we will see a few showers developing, a little drizzle in the east bay.
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can't rule out showers or sprinkles just about anywhere. by noontime it's north of the bay area, and it carries over sunday, isolated at best, and a little drizzle sunday morning. not a game changer. by noontime there may be a few slippery spots around, so carry your umbrella for any rain drops that might be found. if you are up in ukiah, you could pick up 0.2 of measurable rain. hang on to the extra layer because the afternoon will be breezy on the cool side as well, upper 50s to the upper 60s. march of dimes, march for babies, great weather for both events in san francisco and in san jose. 50s, 60s, and there will be a mix of clouds and sun. if you are going, great-looking weather. a few showers tomorrow and sprinkles on sunday and keeping the temperatures below average
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for the start of the workweek, but warming begins midweek and it will feel like spring, near 80 degrees, and by friday, 80 inland, and nice-looking springtime weather for you. download the weather app and keep track of doppler 7. you so what's it going to be? i'm not giving you chewbacca got han solo? collect all twelve exclusive trading cards and try a new movie-inspired menu only at denny's. solo: a star wars story. may 25th.
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alameda firefighters today helped to bring one of the city's newest residents in the world. they postedth this photo. instead of waiting for mom and crew to get to the hospital she decided to make her appearance in the ambulance while driving along i-880, but as you can see it all worked out.
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congre congratulations to mom. everybody is doing fine. what do they put on your birth certificate? born where? 880. will steph curry be
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♪ when i first came to ocean bay, what i saw was despair. i knew something had to be done. hurricane sandy really woke people up, to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around. it was only one bank that could finance a project this difficult and this large, and that was citi.
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preserving affordable housing preserves communities. so we are doing their kitchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live, will make this a thriving community once again. ♪
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giants and dodgers playing four games in three days this weekends, a doubleheader tomorrow. pitching at a premium. the giants needed six pitchers on this orange friday. dodger fans in the front row. who sold their tickets? evan longoria leading off the second. this is a blast, his fifth of the year.
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1-0, giants. still bottom of the second, and the struggling crawford, 2-0, giants. fast-forward to the seventh. we have a 4-4 game. baez with the pitch and gravity took him down. that is an embarrassing balk, and giants with four in the seventh. tey win 6-4. a's and houston, and a new akland record set throwing 14 consecutive no hit innings. top five, the a's first hit of the night comes off of keuchel, and chapman, then tied at one. and then the a's at the top the seventh, springer at the wall can't make the catch. a's win, and they have won 9 of 11.
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it has been six weeks since steph curry has played a full game. steph and the warriors practiced behind a large blue curtain. what are they hiding back there? >> secrets. >> later it looked like steph was lobbying steve kerr who was busy on the elliptical, hey, i'm blasting my quads, can i work out, and right now it's 50/50. >> i am trying to be smart, and with the ankle stuff and all that, i want to be out there and i am prepared and want to be there for my teammates. >> cavs and pacers game, game six. lebron bleeding. i thought he was a oladipo, first ever playoff career triple-double. 13 points, 10 assists. forcing a game seven on sunday. let's go to the nfl draft in day
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two. 49ers take washington receiver pettis, the 44th overall pick. most touchdowns with nine. he's dynamic. and then first round talent fell to round three because of off the field issues. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you. what happens tomorrow night? >> i think steph
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that is our report. hope you have a great weekend. we have nice weather. steph may play, we think.
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we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy ♪ ♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live, avengers infinity war week"! tonight -- chris hemsworth, chadwick boseman, karen gillan, sebastian stan, and josh brolin. plus music from middle kids. and now, stay seated, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. welcome, welcome. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming.


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