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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 30, 2018 2:30am-4:00am PDT

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good monday morning, i'm good monday morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top stories we're following on "world news now." migrants in limbo. they reached the u.s. to seek asylum but so far have not been allowed to set foot on u.s. soil. they're told there's no room for them. and michelle wolf is under fire from the right and the left nt and his senior aides. did she go too far? we're going to hear from her, ahead. avengers infinity war had the biggest opening at the box office ever. it took in $250 million in the u.s., $630 million worldwide, more than "star wars" "the force awakens." >> that's enough to pay each actor a dollar. and bugs bunny turns 80 today.
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it's a thing, national bugs bunny day on this monday, april 30. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> 80 years old. wow. >> looking amazing. as we do say good morning to you on this monday, we're going to start this half hour with a caravan of migrants at the doorsteps of the united states. nearly 200 men, women and children hoping for asylum from south america. >> they made that journey facing heavy criticism from president trump all the way. and as richard cantu reports for now, they're being forced to wait in mexico. >> reporter: after a month-long journey from honduras, el salvador and guatemala, hundreds
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have arrived at the us/mexico border. many walked to the san ysidro border crossing, the busiest in the nation. >> you see mothers, mens like me. we fighting to, you know, for a better future. >> reporter: many seeking asylum from gang violence, lgbt persecution and other dangers back home. but u.s. customs and border protection officials say the crossing was at capacity and would not immediately be able to handle more asylum seekers. some may need to wait in mexico. some holding flags, some waving signs saying welcome refugees. but president trump believe this caravan is a threat to the u.s. >> are you watching that mess that's going on right now with the caravan coming up? are you watching this? and our laws are so weak.
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>> reporter: the president instructing the secretary of homeland security not to let these large caravans of people into our country. but american lawyers are at the border offering free advice to members of the caravan. >> they appreciate the advice. they appreciate avoiding a situation that is deeply traumatizing, only to be sent back with no money to the place that they spent so long trying to leave from. >> reporter: these migrants now facing an uncertain future. richard cantu, abc news, new york. >> the attorney general jeff sessions has called the caravan a deliberate attempt to undermine u.s. laws and overwhelm the system. >> and as the migrants face this current roadblock, brad mielke tells us how they're spending the night. >> this journey has been going on for weeks, from central america to mexico. overnight, hundreds of people arrived at the border and were told to wait outside. alex mensing was there and said no one was being processed because authorities said they didn't have the manpower, so they decided to camp out at the door.
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>> they decided to camp outside. >> reporter: so people are just sitting outside in sleeping bags or something? >> we've got blankets. we've got people bringing clothing and food from the community. there is a ring of fencing around them. and everyone is out here, organizing. >> reporter: now remember these folks say they're not looking to go across the border illegally. they're like your average refugee fleeing gang wars in their own country. some officials say if they're trying to flee central america they could ask mexico for asylum. you can check it out on your podcast. and we have breaking news from afghanistan's capital.
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more than 20 people are dead after a double suicide bombing carried out in central kabul. the police chief says the second bombing was meant to catch those rushing to the scene of the first one. one of those killed was a photographer for the french news agency. no one has claimed responsibility. south korea says it will remove all its loudspeakers from the border of north korea. it is the first move by south korea. and we're learning about other offers placed on the table. >> reporter: the prospects for peace seemingly one step closer. north korean leader kim jong un with a new pledge. he will allow u.s. and south korean experts to watch the secretive regime close down its nuclear test site in may, telling his southern neighbor he'd even let journalists come to the facility to ensure transparency and that president trump will realize he is not that kind of person to shoot
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missiles at the united states. south korean officials say his new promises were made during friday's historic summit where the north and south committed to the complete denuclearization of the peninsula. president trump making it clear where he thinks credit is due. >> now they're saying, what do you think president trump had to do with it. i'll tell you what. like how about everything. >> reporter: there's reason for caution. north korea has broken promises before, speaking exclusively on "this week," new secretary of state mike pompeo who weeks ago secretly traveled to meet kim. >> we're not going to take promises. we will look for action an deeds. >> reporter: and the stage set for a trump/kim summit, pompeo saying the north korean leader will soon have a big decision to make. >> president trump has put economic pressure on the north koreans. and it appears to have given us this opening, this real opportunity for something that
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would be transformative for the world if we can achieve it. >> reporter: there's no plan for where they will meet. the real work still ahead. james longman, abc news. a grandmother was wanted for the murder of two. lois reiss was in a bar when police took her into custody. police say she killed her husband, then traveled to florida where she murdered a woman to steal her identity. she is back in florida where she's held without bond. prosecutors say she has psychosis and is refusing to take her medication. the leader of one of the biggest teachers unions heads to arizona to support striking teachers there. they are loudly demanding more pay. >> reporter: you can feel it and hear it in the streets.
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they want respect. thousands of teachers from two states, marching for higher pay. >> we deserve better. our students deserve better and our future deserves better. >> reporter: in arizona, teacher walkouts that shut down entire districts expect to stretch into monday. education funding slashed by more than $4.5 billion. and colorado, schools underfunded by $822 million. conditions at this denver high school are dire she says. her salary doesn't cut it, and with the rising costs of living, she's taken up a second job as a uber driver. >> our water is not safe enough for our students to drink. so we have signs at our drinking fountains that say please don't drink from them because there's lead. >> reporter: teachers in colorado and arizona are hoping
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to have the same impact as strikes in west virginia and oklahoma where they achieved pay raises and more funding for the classroom. zachary keesh keesh, abc news, new york. and a revolutionary war hero is set to be honored at west point. molly corbin stepped in for her husband to fire a canon. her remains were thought to have been buried at west point. however, tests show those remains are actually a man's. it's hoped additional searches will help find her remains. one by land, one by sea. >> check out rodrigo kosha, the highest wave ever surfed at 80 feet. he said he had a dream the night before about how to ride the monster wave. he broke the old record by two feet.
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that's off the coast of portugal. over to land now where the new york met yoenis cespedes, the ball went right into the garbage can in the padre's bullpen. we should all get a taco for that. wasn't even an open trash can. one that is open on the side. >> one person said that home run should have been worth six runs since he hit it into the trash can. >> agreed. coming up, the punch lines that made some in d.c. squirm in their seats. the comedian michelle wolf took aim at the white house and reporters who cover it. there's new reaction overnight. you're watching "world news now." vernight. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line, and if you're not taking care of your gums, you're not taking care of your mouth.
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it is kind of crazy that it is kind of crazy that the trump campaign was in contact with russia when the hillary campaign wasn't even in contact with michigan. >> briefly, that's michelle wolf, now facing an avalanche of criticism after headlining the white house correspondents dinner.
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>> taking aim at the republicans, democrats and the media, but the sharpest attacks at the president and his top aides. >> like a porn star says when she's about to have sex with a trump, let's get this over with. trump is so broke. >> how broke is he? >> he has to fly failed business class. trump is so broke. >> how broke is he? >> he looked for foreign oil in don jr.'s hair. mitch mcconnell isn't here tonight. he had a prior engagement. he's finally getting his neck circumcised. there's also of course ivanka. she was supposed to be an advocate for women. but it turns out she's about as helpful to women as an empty box of tampons, and i'm never sure what to call sarah huckabee sanders, is it sarah sanders, sarah huckabee sanders, cousin huckabee, auntie huckabee
2:45 am
sanders? what's uncle tom for women who disappoint other white women? i know, ann coulter. i'm like an immigrant brought here by his parents and didn't do anything wrong, i got to get the [ bleep ] out of here. good night. flint still doesn't have clean water. >> oh, and that wasn't the half of it. >> is it over yet? >> it is here. it went on for much longer on the night. >> a, the voice. b, oh, man. the president is calling for it to be disbanded. at the end of the day, here's this tweet. this here was an embarrassment to everyone associated with it. the filthy comedian totally bombed. it isn't a scholarship event that is held every year for college students and journalists and launched many, many careers. while it's controversial at times it does a lot of good.
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>> the president of the association says the program is meant to be a unifying message. civility, responsibility. how they come together to help the community. that is the spirit of the mission. we'll be right back. y. that is the spirit of the mission. we'll be right back. hrough moisr whipped for instant absorption feel a light-as-air finish in a flash new olay whips ageless sometthat's when he needs the way ovicks vaporub.'s sleep. proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors. so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs.
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okay, so last segment we okay, so last segment we showed you how there's unanimity in the criticism for that comedian. but this is really a country divided. >> so pollster frank luntz decided to sit down with voters to see what it's like to talk politics with friends and family. jonathan karl has more. >> this is the first election where family and friends lost each other. >> show of hands. how many of you lost a friend because of this election? that's -- my god. what happened? >> they're just so set in their ways. don't want to listen. can't hold a conversation.
2:49 am
it's, you're the a-hole, and i'm right. >> but to lose a friend. >> yeah. >> what happened? >> you're a racist. you're a bigot. i'm unfriending you, don't ever talk to me again. >> it's exhausting to do nothing but argue with people you once loved. >> i just felt like i couldn't be friends with anyone who agreed with her politics. my position is no, you may not be racist. >> reporter: within minutes, that word set republicans on the defensive. >> do you think a majority of trump voters have not just are racist but have racist tendencies. you're nodding your head yes. why do you feel that way? >> because of all the focus on immigration. it's us against them mentality. >> do you have racist -- >> i disagree with her 100%. >> that's what i think is strong
2:50 am
in america. we stopped the dialog. can we stop the name-calling. >> build a wall, build a wall. you're so biased. that's racist. >> as somebody who is hispanic, my dad voted for trump, why? because he came here legally. my wife came here legally from ecuador. why is it fair for somebody to get in front of the line when you come here illegally. >> reporter: that exposing vastly different experiences in the same country. >> which groups have the most difficult challenge. who chose blacks and african-americans? eight, nine, ten, 11. who chose hard-working taxpayers. two, four, six, seven and zero over here. muslims? one, two, three, four, five. all over here. if this isn't tribalism as they have defined it, i don't know what is. this is not arguing over issues or even donald trump. it's like we are two separate
2:51 am
countries. >> reporter: though there was some consensus on who to blame. >> i want a word or phrase to describe congress. >> self-serving. >> selfish. >> is it possible that the two-party system is so broken that we should seek an alternative? >> yes. >> reporter: some glimmers of hope in the end. >> they have their issues that they want to focus. and we also have our issues, and we can do it, but we don't need to denigrate each other for doing what we support. >> people need to be able to sit and have uncomfortable conversation and ask the hard questions. >> we can come to consensus. somewhere in the middle, we can meet and say we'll help this much here and we'll help this much over here. >> fascinating. our thanks to frank luntz there. i guess they all came together with congress, self-serving cluster and selfish. >> a unified enemy there. you don't have to get along to
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be friendly, we can't stand each other, and look. come on, here.
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♪ ♪ wow, "the avengers "blew it out of the water. >> yeah, it was slightly close. we saw an emotional nfl draft and learned more about a crime spree that haunted california for decades. >> we begin with that moment in court not long ago, that former police officer, a suspected serial killer, joseph james deangelo. he is believed to have left chilling phone messages for his victims after the attacks. >> two counts of murder and a special circumstance. >> there is no question this dna testing that was done, which is
2:56 am
your traditional dna test, this is the golden state killer. >> we're going to start this morning with kim jong un, the korean dictator back home. we are now seeing how the dictator's presenting the news to his own people, via state media. >> back here at home president trump taking a victory lap of his own after that historic summit on friday. and in advance of his own meeting as we just mentioned with kim jong un. >> i never thought i'd live long enough to see kim jong un and the president of south korea hugging at the dmz. never thought i'd live long enough. >> the south korean president is making a lot of headway. that's good for us, good for america, but the president has a long way to go. >> we're going to turn to tom brokaw, accused of sexual misconduct by a former colleague. >> he leans over with his index finger and puts it on my mouth to silence me and says "this is our compact", and at that point he took the same hand, reached behind my hid and tried to force
2:57 am
me to kiss him. >> brokaw reportedly writing that vester invited him to her hotel room. writing i should not have gone, but i emphatically did not attack her. >> shaquem griffin has been selected to join his twin brother on his team. >> taking on all the critics who don't believe he has what it takes. >> griffin's dream realized. the impact he's having on others lasting. >> awesome, inspiring so many people. inspirational, congrats to "good morning america" for winning the outstanding morning show emmy at the daytime emmies last night. it's april 30th, you know what that means? >> what? >> it's going to be may.
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this morning on "world news now," the show this morning on "world news now," the showdown at the border. >> dozens of migrants from central america have now reached the u.s./mexico border, weeks after president trump said they were a threat to the united states. what's next in the standoff? also this morning, a new pledge from north korea, dictator kim jong un offers to shut down his country's nuclear test site. but he wants two things from the u.s. in return. and on this national honesty day, maybe someone will fess up about a mystery at the white house. just days after the president planted that tree that was given to the u.s. by france, it's gone. we're searching for the truth on this monday, april 30th. >> what happened? from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:01 am
>> did you take the tree? >> actually, i think the tree did not survive. i'm going to put it out there. the tree did look like a charlie brown christmas tree. >> it's only been a week. >> or i might have been gardening at the white house. >> also that. >> that could have been a possibility. we're going to start with what is being called a dramatic showdown at the border. a caravan of migrants seeking asylum in the united states. >> nearly 200 men, women and children made the trek from central america even after president trump said they should not be allowed to enter the country. now the question is what will happen to those people. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: the border showdown. some protesters scaling the border fence, supporters cheering on as nearly 200 migrants defiantly approach the u.s. border seeking asylum, hoping this is the end of a grueling, month-long journey from honduras, el salvador and guatemala through mexico, traveling by train, bus and on foot to the border.
3:02 am
feet away in california, celebrations. and protests this weekend. >> if they really wanted asylum, they would have claimed asylum in mexico. >> rep orter: greeting those orter: greeting those migrants now they say seeking asylum from gang violence, lgbt persecution and other dangers back home. >> you see kids. you see mothers, you see mans like me, you know, we fighting to, for a better future. >> reporter: but president trump has been warning for weeks that this caravan needs to be stopped. >> are you watching that mess that's going on right now? with the caravan coming up? >> reporter: using their story to help push his border security goals. the president ordering the deployment of hundreds of national guard troops along the u.s./mexican line at our country's busiest border crossing, these migrants now facing uncertain futures. >> they are prepared for the possibility that they could be separated by immigration authorities.
3:03 am
>> reporter: but now immigration officials at that border crossing say they are at capacity and will not be able to process anyone else until they get more space and resources. those who will eventually be processed are being warned they still could be sent back. this as officials say some who were in that same caravan entered the u.s. illegally earlier this weekend. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. and at a weekend rally in michigan, the president threatened to shut down the government if he doesn't get the border security he's seeking. new backlash for a comedian who delivered a stinging roast at the white house correspondents dinner. many have accused michelle wolf for going too far in her takedown of president trump's inner circle. many offended by the jokes, particularly the ones at sarah sanders who sat just a few feet away, stonefaced. >> i actually really like sarah. i think she's really resourceful.
3:04 am
like she burns facts and then uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. like maybe she's born with it. maybe it's lies. >> okay. well, some journalists defended wolf. the head of the white house correspondents association said the monologue was not in the spirit of their mission and the president who skipped the dinner tweeted that wolf bombed. calling the event a failure saying put the dinner to rest or start over. kim jong un is apparently ready to shut down his nuclear test site. officials say he offered to give up his weapons if the u.s. commits to end the korean war. mike pompeo is monitoring it. more from dave packer. >> reporter: in his first television interview since meeting with kim jong un, mike pompeo discussed the importance
3:05 am
of those images of kim jong un stepping into south korea. >> i think it's a big deal. it's important. every step along the way matters. >> reporter: reiterating president trump's position that the u.s. will continue to keep pressure on north korea. >> this administration has its eyes wide open. we know the history. we know the risks. we're not going to take promises. we're not going to take words. we're going to look for actions and deeds. >> reporter: in his first trip since being sworn in, he met with the saudi prime minister calling for unity in the region. >> we will work closely to counter threats to this country's security. that, of course, starts with iran. >> reporter: he then traveled to israel for a meeting with benjamin netanyahu, calling israel a partner. >> we remain deeply concerned about threats to israel and the region. >> reporter: fierce rivals of iran have welcomed the trump
3:06 am
administration's hard-line toward the tehran government. >> it is indeed the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world. >> reporter: netanyahu praising the president's position. >> that aggression has grown nine-fold since the signing of the iran deal. >> reporter: the secretary warning that the u.s. would pull out of the deal if it is not renegotiated. dave packer, abc news, new york. ronny jackson is not getting a new job and apparently isn't keeping his old one either. published reports say that he will not resume the role. last week jackson withdrew his nomination to be secretary of veterans affairs. he will remain at the white house medical unit. there's a mystery on the white house grounds. the tree planted by presidents trump and macron during the french leader's visit has
3:07 am
disappeared. they put the oak sapling into the ground last monday. the tree was plucked from the site of a world war i battle in northeast france and brought all the way to the u.s. but this weekend the only thing there on the spot was a patch of yellow grass. so far no comment from the white house, but an official from macron's office has said that the tree is in quarantine. >> ah. >> and will soon be placed back there. the french official says don't worry, the tree is doing very well. >> phew, we were very worried. >> so the trees have to go into quarantine as well. >> i guess so. the tennessee waffle house shooting hero attended a playoff game. >> he was honored and watched the predators even the series at a game apiece with a double overtime win. >> meanwhile, the gofundme account that he started to help the families of the waffle house
3:08 am
shooting victims has now collected over $200,000. pretty remarkable. >> yeah. all right, coming up, an emotional draft weekend for one nfl family, as the seahawks pick shaquem griffin, the first one-handed player to join the league. and he's already wracking up the endorsement deals. and a dolphin and paddleboarder on a collision course. and remember to find us on facebook at you're watching "world news now." mber to find us on facebook at you're watching "world news now." a. you're watching "world news now." amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers.
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newly-released surveillance newly-released surveillance footage shows the moment a pickup truck slammed into a gun store in central florida. three of the suspects are in custody, but police are still looking for three others and more than a dozen stolen weapons. and for the first time we are seeing the moment a grandmother accused of murdering two people was arrested. >> lois riess was sitting in a bar in south padre island, texas
3:12 am
when she was arrested. she's facing murder, identity theft and other charges. we get more from adrian bankert. >> reporter: the 56-year-old female fugitive, a grandmother believed to be behind two murders, expressionless before a florida judge and saying very little. >> would you like to be screened for the services of a public defender? >> sure. >> reporter: lois riess, listening by phone during her first appearance, while prosecutors allege she's psychotic and refuses to take her medication. she's in the sunshine state facing several charges following the death of pamela hutchinson. police say she befriended the 59 year old hutchinson who they call a look alike, then murdered her. authorities allege that riess was using hutchinson's id and car. on the run since late march after her husband was found shot and killed at their home in minnesota. initially taking off in the family car. she's seen asking for directions in this video.
3:13 am
>> take 35 south, go on down. >> reporter: police later capture her in texas near the mexico border. >> she looks like anybody's mother or grandmother, yet she's an absolute cold-blooded murderer. >> reporter: she's being held without bond at this time. we know minnesota authorities are going to wait for the florida case to wrap up, and they will try her separately in minnesota for the murder of her husband. diane and kendis? >> adrian, thank you. now we're going to a story about serious devotion to the job. >> this is a trucker who was lost in the oregon woods for four days after typing the wrong address into his gps. it sent him down an unpaved road. his cellphone battery died. he walked 36 miles through the snow without food or water and eventually hitchhiked home. >> here's the kicker. that truck he was driving was
3:14 am
carrying potato chips. the trailer is full of potato chips, and he didn't eat a single one. >> is it because he knows that you can't stop at one and once you start -- >> once you pop you can't stop. you know what he said? i didn't want to damage the property. >> wow. told his boss he couldn't take any of the chips from the truck, that's worth money. that is dedication. i got to tell you, we would have been back there. >> i would have been pigging out. pass me the french -- >> like a feed bag. >> french onion dip. off we go. >> typed in the wrong address just for an excuse. >> all right, well, glad he is okay and that the potato chips are okay. >> exactly. coming up in the next half hour, the new scam warning for facebook users. it starts as a giveaway and lures you deeper into a trap. but first, lebron james gives game seven everything he's got. hear his simple answer for a reporter when asked what's next.
3:15 am
well, sports is next. stay with us. 's next. well, sports is next. stay with us. and of course it's the really tough stains that nobody ever does ready? really? i didn't do it so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, i knew it was just what we needed so now we can undo all the tough stains that nobody did dad? i didn't do it huh, he didn't do it introducing new tide ultra oxi; it's got to be tide
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okay, so it is okay, so it is being called one of lebron james' all time greatest games. >> that says a lot for someone okay, so it is being called one of lebron james' all time greatest games. >> that says a lot for someone dubbed the king. but i think lebron has proved why he earned that title. he survived game seven in a grueling series with indiana. early in the game, he told his coach he would play the whole game, all 48 minutes. >> as far as the pacers were concerned, he played enough. he only played 43 minutes, but he scored 45 minutes in the 105-101 win. now it's on to toronto. the raptors know it sounds like lebron needs a good nap first. >> i'm burnt right now. i'm not thinking about toronto right now. i'm ready to go home. can we -- i'm tired. i want to go home.
3:18 am
>> that sounds like us on friday mornings. >> we're with you. >> lebron and the cavaliers will have today to rest up before they head north of the border, they open round two against the raptors tomorrow night. how's this for dad of the year. family ties mean nothing in the playoffs. a pacers fan making a special sign. everybody boo my son. that is harsh there. >> dad, wow. all right. well, lebron wasn't the only 40-point scorer, james harden picked up 41 points as the rockets beat utah 110-96. houston led by as many as 27. game two is wednesday in houston. controversy in hockey. the penguins thought they had scored the goal against the capitals. officials had to look at the video again to see if the puck crossed the line.
3:19 am
the entire puck was across the goal line. which meant it would have counted. but they called it no goal, because there wasn't enough evidence that the puck went in. >> sneaky! >> the caps won the game, though, it wasn't even close, it was 4-1. it is tied one game each. >> you had me on the edge of my seat. 4-1, you lost. >> they scored an empty netter at the end. >> doesn't count either. controversial goal would have made it 3-2. we're moving on now. and the 2018 nfl draft is officially in the books with a special distinction for the final player picked. they call him mr. irrelevant. >> and with the 256th pick, the washington redskins selected wide receiver, trey quinn from smu. he gets a trip to disneyland
3:20 am
with his own arrival party, a custom rolex watch and the lowman's trophy. >> the lowsman versus the heisman? he's in the nfl. and the seattle seahawks will have a dynamic duo now that shaquem griffin has been chosen to join his twin brother. >> he spent his whole life defying expectations. >> shaquem griffin! >> reporter: jubilation. >> i couldn't believe. i didn't know what to say. >> reporter: inspiration. >> i have a lot of people to prove wrong. >> reporter: shaquem griffin is going to the nfl. taken by the seahawks. his brother shaquille's team,. the road here some would say impossible. born with a non-fully-formed left hand.
3:21 am
the griffins elected to amputate the hand at age 4 to ease pain. >> what people are going to say, how he's going to handle that as a little kid. >> reporter: but smashing barriers and proving doubters wrong became shaquem's focus. >> you need somebody to give me a chance to show them that i can. >> reporter: even as a high school and ucf star he wasn't initially invited to work out for nfl teams. reports were some wouldn't consider drafting a player with one hand. at that workout, he impressively lifted weights using a prosthetic and ran faster than any linebacker in 12 years, absolutely dominating. shaquem griffin's dream realized. the impact on others, lasting. >> i can't wait to cheer you on. good luck! >> yes! >> what an inspiration.
3:22 am
>> it is a great story, and some of just amazing reaction to that. >> absolutely. we'll be right back. absolutely. we'll be right back.
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3:25 am
you want answers? you want answers? >> i think i'm entitled. >> you want answers. >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth! >> we want the truth today on this -- >> better hope you can handle it. >> this is national honesty day. jack, anything you want to reveal to us? >> not that i want to say on camera. >> liverpool is awesome. >> it was started by this guy who wrote "the book of lies" back in the 1990s, and it's the anniversary of the first inauguration of george washington who is said to be very honest, april 30th. >> i thought that was abe. they're both honest. >> they're both very honest. so -- and it's the last day of
3:26 am
april, in contrast to april fool's day. anything you would like to reveal? be honest. >> i got nothing. i'm always honest. you? >> yeah, i never tell a lie. >> sounds like something a liar would say. today's the one day you're supposed to tell the truth. >> i never tell a lie. i only tell the truth. >> manchester united still sucks. >> who? >> all right, so national honesty day, reveal something, tell your wife that you've been having an affair or not. >> what kind of viewers do you think we have? we have upstanding citizens out there watching us. >> all right. >> in the middle of the night. >> don't tell her. let's go to western australia where a surfer has learned that sharks aren't the only creature to worry about. he's riding the waves, paddleboarding. oh! let's watch it again. listen to the music. ♪ get out the way >> whoa.
3:27 am
>> so that was a 54 year old paddleboarder who just gave his name as andrew. he thinks the dolphins were herding fish when one jumped out of the water and basically tackled him off of the board. >> it's amazing because the dolphins could do with a tackle like that. may want to sign him up in the football draft. >> that was a football joke. you know maternity pics are all the rave nowadays, and a lot of people take pictures once they're pregnant. so this one woman refused to do the maternity photo shoot with her husband, so her husband did it on his own. 29 year old from pennsylvania decided to do his own. so -- >> oh, wow. >> did it himself. >> he looks like he's a good eight months at least in fairness. >> he's been eating for two for a while. >> oh, okay. >> he said he was excited. oh, that's a perfect -- that's beyonce like.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now," the growing uproar following the white house correspondents dinner. critics calling michelle wolf's comments about sarah sanders offensive and disgraceful. also the severe weather alert. hear which states are facing a tornado threat this week, plus the wildfire threatening hundreds of homes. and a new look at the jury deliberations in the bill cosby trial. >> we hear exclusively from one of the jurors who tells us what made the difference during those deliberations. ♪ so we can fly ♪ we can fly ♪ up, up and away >> it's up, up and away for
3:31 am
snoop dogg. has snoop gotten too high? we'll explain today. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> ah, the big question, has snoop gotten too high. ♪ and away in my beautiful balloon ♪ >> oh, snoop is seeing a whole lot of psychedelic colors at this hour. the video is kind of fascinating. while snoop was a little cringe worthy to watch, so was the white house correspondents dinner over the weekend. critics are calling the comedian's performance disgraceful. >> michelle wolf unleashed on sarah huckabee sanders who was there. organizers of the dinner released a statement saying the monologue was not in the spirit of the organization. >> and the president called the
3:32 am
dinner an embarrassment. >> reporter: president trump upstaging the correspondents dinner with his own roadshow. >> by the way, is this better than that phony washington correspondents, is this more fun? >> reporter: the president taking aim at his favorite targets. >> we need to drain the swamp. >> reporter: still fuming that his nominee to lead the v.a., ronny jackson, was forced to withdraw his name. >> what jon tester did to this man is a disgrace. >> reporter: focusing on jon tester for revealing embarrassing allegations about jackson. >> we need to vote against guys like jon tester that can destroy a man with innuendo, and we have to be very careful with the press, because they do the same damn thing.
3:33 am
>> reporter: in the ruckus, 80-minute rally, trump beat the drum for stronger borders. even threatening a government shutdown. >> if we don't get border security, we'll have no choice. we'll close down the country, because we need border security. >> trump is president, it's not ideal. >> reporter: comedian michelle wolf brutally roasted the president and his staff. some like kellyanne conway were in attendance. >> all she does is lie, it's like that old saying, if a tree falls in the woods, how do we get kellyanne conway under that tree? >> reporter: and getting personal about sarah sanders who was just feet away. >> she burns facts and uses that ash to create a smoky eye. make she's born with it, maybe it's lies. >> reporter: the president trump said it bombed. sean spicer calling the event a disgrace.
3:34 am
and anthony scaramucci doubling down. >> what happened last night was an atrocity. >> our thanks to tara there. it was cringe worthy to watch. >> there were definitely some moments. the hard part about sarah sanders is that she was sitting right there. some journalists were saying they commended her for not walking out. and even people who are normally pretty keen to side with anyone bashing the president said these comments were deplorable. >> many say it's kind of hypocritical to get this kind of criticism of a comedian when the president has said -- >> whole thing is intended to be a roast. the difficult thing about roasts is finding that line. >> she didn't find it. >> she crossed it. >> she didn't find it. at this hour, nearly 200 migrants who traveled in a
3:35 am
caravan from central america are waiting at the u.s. border hoping to be granted asylum as many flee violence. >> many say the crossing is already full and they're not processing anybody else until that eases. the migrants are facing uncertainty. some families may be separated or deported. >> reporter: the u.s. is taking a wait and see approach on whether to trust north korea on negotiations to end the country's nuclear program. south korean officials say kim jong un has promised to shut down his country's nuclear test site. those officials say kim would give up his nuclear weapons if the u.s. commits to formally ending the korean war. trump administration officials say they want to see actions from kim, not just words. hope you enjoyed the weekend. it was the lull before the storm. a severe weather system is starting to march across the country today, starting in the western plains.
3:36 am
damaging winds are the main concern. and our own sam champion says you can blame it on rising temperatures. >> this is warm air blitzing across the country. watch on tuesday as it consolidates, from omaha to bellevue, likely to be strong storms. wednesday is the big tornado threat. oklahoma city, kansas city, wichita falls all involved in what could be a tough day of tornados. this is 80 degrees from dallas. and look at these numbers for the mid atlantic and the northeast, very close to 90 degrees. that wind isn't helping in arizona where a wildfire is threatening as many as 1,000 homes. strong winds have kept firefighting planes on the ground and some buildings have already been destroyed. an alleged cop killer is
3:37 am
expected in court today in maine. john williams was arrested after a four-day manhunt involving about 200 local and federal officers. they say he shot and killed an officer, corporal eugene cole. they say he was carrying a bulletproof vest. the golden gate killer is on suicide watch. he is under arrest for the murders of at least a dozen. the violence may have been fueled by his broken engagement to his fiance. a detective who followed the case says deangelo apparently yelled "i hate you, bonnie" during one of the attacks. bonnie was the name of his one-time fiance. and for the first time we're hearing from one of the jurors who found cosby guilty of sexual assault. the 23-year-old says he didn't know much about cosby before the
3:38 am
case. his deposition helped seal his fate, specifically when he admitted to giving women drugs to have sex with them. >> you enter the room for the first time. were you sure he was guilty? >> no. >> so what, then, made the difference for you once you started deliberating? >> hearing everyone's comments about certain pieces of evidence and going through different counts. >> reporter: so you don't feel even now that it was an open and shut case? >> no. >> cosby will be sentenced in the next three months. his lawyers have vowed to appeal his conviction. it's not unusual to sit back and relax while someone else does the driving, driving ms. lazy. >> check it out. he's spotted in the passenger seat of a car, traveling 40 miles per hour down the highway,
3:39 am
hanging out. >> uh-huh. >> hands by his head, very relaxed. but, it turns out, he's in a tesla that he's got on auto pilot. >> ooh. >> not supposed to be in the passenger seat. >> he's now banned from driving for 18 months. that was not anything light. they take this stuff seriously. >> well, he doesn't have to drive for a while. apparently, he doesn't enjoy doing that. now he has a better excuse. >> he admitted to the court that he's been silly to do it, but he said the car was amazing. >> good to know. coming up, the multi-billion dollar merger involving t mobile and sprint. and markey mark is feeling the shirtless vibrations. >> come on, come on, come on. >> but some in his family are not. they're saying, keep it covered. but if you had abs like that in your 40s, i mean, even in your teens, would you cover it up? >> i'm not mad. >> no.
3:40 am
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avengers infinity war scored the biggest opening ever. it made $250 million in the united states alone. which is $2 million more than "star wars," "the force awakens." the avengers is produced by our parent company, disney, already riding high from "black panther." >> they're doing pretty well. there is a big deal that could affect all of us with cell phones. t-mobile is again trying to buy sprint. >> they have agreed to a deal. if it is approved by regulators, it will leave the u.s. with three major carriers, sprint-t-mobile claim it will mean more jobs. >> but analysts say the merger would give the companies more opportunity to raise prices in the long term. a warning for facebook users about a scam promising big
3:44 am
money. >> it often looks like the real thing, but there are important red flags. here's janai norman with those. >> reporter: if you are on facebook, scammers promising innocent victims big bucks, then duping them out of cash instead. >> i think they just want my money. >> reporter: she was thrilled to open this message telling her she'd won $500,000. the scammer had her full name, address, and phone number, insisting the fbi was involved and that the check would be delivered by fedex. >> it actually looks legit, if you don't know any different. >> reporter: it wasn't until a man claiming to work for fedex called asking her for $350 in processing fees that she got suspicious. fedex says it does not send unsolicited e-mails or texts to customers asking for money. and while facebook requires a real name to join, there are as many as 60 million fake accounts on the site.
3:45 am
we even found some impersonating mark zuckerberg. scammers often misspell names to get around facebook's detection. and another sign it may be scammers, photo shopped pictures of people with the big, oversized checks. janai norman, abc news, washington. >> facebook is on a roll this year with publicity. coming up. american idol gets the disney treatment. >> next in "the skinny." >> next in "the skinny." >> next in "the skinny." disney treatment. >> next in "the skinny."
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ just give me "the skinny" skinny's in the house. and it's monday morning, which means it's time to talk "american idol." >> who else is in the house? super fan, he's not embarrassed to be a super fan. >> last night on "idol" was
3:48 am
disney night. it's like you combined my favorite things. betty white. >> you just checked all the things. you know me so well. there they are. so this episode was truly incredible. katy perry dressed like a disney princess, but her fantasy crashed and burned when she found out he may have a crush on another disney character. >> who is she! >> i thought i saw someone in the lounge. >> she's in the lounge! >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> it got really aggressive. but the night also featured some
3:49 am
much more pleasant moments, and snow white was able to channel her inner happy. take a look at this show-stopping performance from michael j. woodard singing "beauty and the beast." ♪ oh, >> he can sing. >> wow. >> he can sing. he can hold a note. >> it was incredible. he went into it saying my voice is hoarse. i don't know if i can -- >> uh-huh. >> he's at the top. so is gabi, who sang "colors of the wind" from "pocahontas." she got a standing ovation from the judges who applauded her
3:50 am
ability to go from country to pop. >> a great job. >> so gabby's through to the top seven as well, joining her, country guy caleb. cade, maddie poppy. journey, who was almost eliminated last week. >> journey? >> yeah. >> and your favorite. >> i like journey. >> katie. >> oh, god, she's still in it? >> she's still in it to win it, baby. >> we've been there. >> that means no happy ever after for michelle, dennis and ada vox. >> ada was a big shocker? >> ada was a big shocker, which really stinks, and speaking of stink, do you know what a shoey is? >> a shoey? like a shoe-in? >> a shoey. my brother taught me what a shoey was a couple years ago at the belmont stakes.
3:51 am
last night, katy perry taught all of america. take a look at this. >> no, no. no, no. >> so a shoey is typically like a frat party move where you pour your drink into your shoe and chug it. but katy did it last night on live tv. >> what prompted her. >> out of a glass slipper. >> katy was obviously not too proud to do that. >> we'll all do it. come on. really? >> you can do it with my shoe. >> is this happening right now? >> are we really doing this? >> i really like those shoes. >> i really like those shoes. >> am i doing this for real?
3:52 am
>> don't pour water in that shoe if you're not going to drink it. >> wow, wow. >> ah! >> oh, my gosh. >> kendis! >> it was awesome.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ ♪ you know, just -- >> it wasn't that bad. >> -- drying my shoe. >> you told me it was vodka. >> as you do. that's your concern, that it was water? not that it came off my foot? >> we should reciprocate. >> no. listen to a little snoop dogg, a little pharrell. >> we know snoop to be open with his very green lifestyle. over the weekend he posted a video, and maybe for the first time we can say snoop seemed a little too high. >> i see, that's you. that's you with all that love and that beauty and that beautifulness.
3:56 am
your beautiful smile. you're loved. put love in the air. yeah. you. look how beautiful you are. smile. you're beautiful. and i love you. >> sounds like the kind of guy that would drink from a shoe. >> i don't know what kind of guy would drink from your shoe. >> all right, snoop. >> snoop was a little -- >> he's enjoying himself. >> that's when the cush hits. that's when you say, i don't think these edibles are working. >> mark wahlberg just can't seem to keep his shirt on at the moment. and while i'm not complaining, his family's apparently over it. >> he's been posting images of himself getting his swell on for an upcoming role. listen to the peanut gallery as
3:57 am
mark shares his love of a protein drink. >> that's good. >> stop doing videos with your shirt off. >> yeah, dad. >> stop making videos with your shirt off. that was mark's wife and their 8-year-old daughter grace, pleading for papa to put his shirt on. >> he's 45. he's looking amazing. this was their family holiday card by the way, which looks like daddy's making some progress since the holidays. >> those protein drinks. >> even that, i would take that dad bod. >> and the simpsons reach a milestone. >> last night's episode makes it the longest-running prime time show ever. the opening sequence had maggie taking aim at marshal matt dillon. >> and it replaced gunsmoke. so it was a tr
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
square as you can see. making news in america this morning, border showdown. a caravan of migrants on the march from central america finally reaches the u.s. border seeking asylum but u.s. immigration officials say there's no room so what happens next? new backlash overnight after the white house correspondents' dinner turns ugly. >> she burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. critics saying personal attacks on press secretary sarah sanders crossed the line with sanders sitting just feet away. this morning the new push to end the dinner altogether. new details on how authorities tracked down the suspected golden state killer accused in at least 12 murders. what led them to use a genealogy website to track his dna and was it an invasion of privacy?


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