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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 2, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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a woman has a bad case of nerves over bungee jumping, see what it's going to take to get off that ledge. it's a fight to stay tup right for a biker, why mother nae nature drives a hard bargain. >> what they are trying to save abdom and the mystery. tlplus get the chance for yr
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dloons win google home or amazon echo. >> hue little girl tries to set him th this young lady is up there ton platform. she is nervous. >> she should be. >> if i ever worked up enough nerve do this don't let me talk about
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>> she is stalling. >> can i hold anything? >> what do you have to hold onto? >> she's not going to back down. here we go. >> yeah. >> you cannot stop like that. >> now a five count. >> she went. she went. >> it was worth it.
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>> yeah. >> they show it to us in slow-mo. >> for one second i thought she might take him with her. no. no. no. good job girl. you can throw the doors off of people. this guy is not trying to break it off of anybody. you notice a little tilted. this guy is getting blasted. it is so windy he is having to lean into the wind just to continue to go straight. it is exhausting. i have been tracking the situation before and it can be dang rous. this is in nebraska. there's not much to offer any kind of blockade.
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hang on. >> okay. any holes, trees, tires something i will hit? >> tough situation and thankfully there was nothing that was going to cause him anymore distress. keep your eyes peeled. look out. look out. look out. is that a license made? >> it is hard to tell where it came from. i was looking at this video a number of different times trying to figure out what it flew off from. >> this is that drivers have to deal with. you never know where it's coming from. >> thankfully the driver doesn't freak out. hits the windshield and they slow down. >> if i shouldn't go to work
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just send me a sign. >> look that the stunning land skap. this was turkey. you sympathy it's one of those videos that shows some place i need to put on my bucket list. look at this. this drone catching the area in which you can climb. this is climbing for rescue of that little guy right there. want to get a closer look? >> that is a grown kid. that goat got stuck on that ledge. they are knnotoriously good climbers. he got stuck several days. the shepherd had to call in for help. there were several steateams involved in this
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>> no word on how long he was there! i can't believe the goat let all of these people get that close to him. >> where is he going to go? >> i'm surprised they were able to do it safely. >> this goat is used to the shepherd being around it. let's say that the kboet knew what was good for >> the sheep dog was like no. no. i'm not going down there. it's almost time for the rtm you choose give away. you get to choose. play some barry white.
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no. no. >> it's not responding. >> you need to be at least 21 years old a. the rtm buzz word is coming up in just a bit. i dent know if you noticed but people like to get outreached about things on the internet. >> no. >> yeah. there are people typing an angry response. well, people have gotten themselves into a bit of a tizzy. it says what makes a para pleejic smile? people saying this is inappropriate. this isn't funny. the poster has posted a video
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response. >> with everything that's been happening the last couple of years he wants to be involved to respond, to comment on it. he can't laugh anymore specifically at himself. >> he wasn't able to laugh at himself until recently. >> get on
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>> setting people up with one tiny suggestion. >> now people go into freak out mode. >> how it makes for one hilarious prank. and see why that thist thist can spin this like it's knob's business. >> amazing. i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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get allegra-d, with aparates you non-drowsy antihistamine plus closed captioning provided by: what is that saying you fellows like to say?
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send it. she calls it send it sunday. >> oh, yeah. >> pacific beach in san doe ago will never be the came. >> i was so intimidated. it's amazing. >> yeah. she is like you want some of this? no. you don't. >> yes. i think we can see why. also, she has given new context to the phrase playing dirty. she is going to go. >> yeah. look at her. >> this isn't training. it looks like she is becoming a military grade special ohs. good grief. >> most knows the kettle bells
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and the wall. >> i would like to see you go work with her. you would last maybe 15 to 20 minutes? >> yeah. >> she is the way she finishes the video like bring it. then it's back to show you just how easy it is. you start with people who has a long wit after gross that singles at the moment. >> you have a spider on your shoulder right there. >> spider? that's what that feeling was? people go into full out freak out mode. >> you have a spider on your
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neck. it went don your -- agoing them on. >> they say 13 minutes ago with it though. >> he's at least pais bud bud dichlt. >> this is fine. why does he keep going? >> it is so easy. ths a fantastic target. >> you a spider on your shirt. >> that's a spider. it just crawled down your shirt. >> where is it? >> you know they sop into your ear and down a cheek in just a
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couple of minutes. >> this dwieinginging many ch h the if >> i know very trust issue. >> taking stuff into the air and dropping it next right this minute. a guy and his pals are heading in for the soccer team. it is cause for a full on celebration. >> it's like they just scored a
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we are very aware that the english love their soccer. they love going to the matches and chanting and getting all fired up. they build and buildnd build to this crescendo. and they go bananas. all over the place embracing their friend. what is the story behind this video? it is pretty cool. that guy is tim, 23 years ole. when he went to see his beloved football club he was uni believe to fit through the turnstile. he had to ask to balk through the gaelt 57bd was pretty embarrassed. he said he was getting chest
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pains and start today fear for his life. he made the decision, eat less, eat better and exercise. and in ten months he lost 86 pounds. >> wow. >> it's like they scored a goal. >> they are still taking this out of him. >> he used to be obese but he's just fat now. that's what they are there for. he has other goals set for himself. we could ntd n't be happier for. if i said that you think it sounds like a nice dish served hot. >> volcano. >> you guys win. this is the second time it's
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erupted since march. it erupted. >> so where is it? it is just a place that france sorlt of owns. >> this is in the indian this thing is believed to be 530,000 years oeltd. that person that shoobt is, most people that live on the island are far away. it is amazing there are all of these coming there. >> i feel like you would want to set up your chair every night to watch show. spectacular. >> it's time for the rtm you tube give away. you get to choose.
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well that was clearly yor it a legal resident. gh and head over tm. let's review. wetd pes plus. 4:00 p.m. is rtm the word today is flux. dad did little tailor's hair. >> it has to be a tern hielgt and
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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it heading toward sz you. rjt my grandmother tole me it's not always just that i the don't know. he had to run up
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be at a certain height and heigd >> caught it right. >> you did it like this. >> she is adorable. >> that's a little bit. they are supposed to be here. >> you did good. >> talking to dad like he is a five-year-old. >> say no more. i think you got your moint across. people have viewed this over 5 million times. we could all learn a little something from taylor. >> he did do something right. >> i don't know what to say but i like it. >> that's our show. don't fret. there's plenty more great stuff at
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tonight, the deadly plane crash. the c-130 carrying members of the national guard plunging from the sky, a massive fireball on a highway below. several dead, and we're on the scene tonight. meantime, the midair scare on another southwest flight. a passenger window cracking mid flight, forcing the plane to divert. and it comes just weeks after that southwest engine came apart midair. the showdown with the special counsel tonight. robert mueller now threatening to subpoena president trump if he's not willing to answer questions in the russia investigation. and tonight, right here, the bottom line. does the president have to answer the questions even if there is a sub bee that? never before seen video tonight, after the las vegas massacre. the police body cam. you will see and hear the moment they storm that hotel room. tonight, there are severe


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