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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 3, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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>> people online olding their breath. what are you going? >> yes. it is teetering ton ledge. >> i don't think that child needs to do that. >> right. right, right. >> look at that. >> oh, my. >> not that it would matter if he was on the first or second floor. >> he is on the 7th floor. the person recording shows up how high up that little one is. we have seen this type of thing happen often in brazil. not to fear -- >> definitely to fear. >> i haven't seen the rest of the video yet. >> all of the fear. >> yeah. well the thing is this kid doesn't have any. >> you're right. she cool as a cucumber. it looks like he notices somebody recording. he is like hey. the manager got word of this. the kid had gone back inside and
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was perfectly fine. if i was the building owner i would be like who has kids? ber we are take care of your window, period. >> let's go sit to th >> it's probably the one-two punch. >> the story goes it didn't pick up much but one night they the this 12 seconds of video was worth the cost of the camera. he is just this young male decided to go up because it had a strange fascination with yellow on this side mirror. i think animals are getting
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smarter and smarter. it decides hey, maybe i should go for a ride too. >> oh. >> fun and games. look at that. do you have the doors >> you getbetter. >> the cat is like wait. don't go. the second video posted by bobby. he is is napping pictures of elephants. the baby is curious. >> imagine if that is the first time that elephant has ever seen a car or something so foreign compared to its normal atmosphere. >> what a cool experience. with it being prom season all kinds of prom have been popping
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this first one has himself a visitor on prom night. his beautiful granddaughter walks in looking incredible. >> you guys will make me >> don't get me crying chltd . >> it does look good. this is a spectacular moment between the two of them. >> he's like wow. >> a little bit of family. some loving will make him feel so much better. >> i have another perfect example. a car accident. we have recently come out of a coma. her friends and family brought her prom to hospital. who do you think she is having her dance with? look at that. hair looking beautiful there. just enjoying a nice slow dance
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with dad. >> i just hope it gets better because nay obviously want them to be better and want them to be part of their big memories. >> hopefully this video was a go fund me kid. they are almost there chltd these are the kind of prom videos i could watch all day. d. they give you the happy ticngle. it's almost time for the you kmo you choose give away. you need wednesday's buzz word, to be 21 and a legal resident. the buzz word coming up in just a little bit. standby for the rtm you choose give away.
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yes captain. what's the >> they are slinging them out of the back of an airplane. i don't know what the training is here. it is pretty cool and then followed by a bunch of >> it is so neat. >> yeah. >> all of these guys following right out. i'll help you decipher what i said at the beginning. so the special warfare crew men with special boat team, the
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insertion of two vehicles or as we know them, boats. that's what we saw going out the back using low drop sy drop it is one of those videos we don't typically get to school kids are outside a coffee shop. one of the men that work in >> when they go gosh. >> plus version next. >> it's just about this next. it's just about the music.
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closed captioning provided by: do it with me woosah. woosah. everybody needs to chill out. apparently one of the dudes that works enside has sug squesed they move on o been. the guy working there decides to make it in a way that has caused a little bit of controversy. is this a rs its has
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the hot them testimony. >> oh, many i gosh. >> one of thoesz fell m p them >> is if is this obviously getting online about it. >> a coffee train. >> the of course are >> in the history >> on sher. go ips tot shirt.
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>> are you ready? >> yeah. one second. >> that's the theshertless violinest. now they are doing the song never enough the they do a really witness stand ef. >> fi that can i doesn't matter! i den i is
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>> matthew has been doing this for two years. he says he met a lot of people along the way. he says he struck up a con ver says asian asian they dit it dogs have pet peeves like humans >> what's wrong with you? >> he is just growling away at >> he is scared. >> oh. gosh. everyone time he goes towards his feet buddy freaks and in
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this case -- >> maybe wud di had a really bad experience himself. >>way back. >> he will not boater you for at least 20 minutes. >> your buddy will not be if denied. >> starting to growl and get angry. >> do re reincarnated nail technician. this momma's moves are just what the record
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rise from pain. icy hot. my idea is a wine glass in each hand. he has a very different approach when it comes to a balanced life. it is incredible. there is a sot of extreme. he has a bufrm of like tries to arrange thechm. others are changing the balance point of this rig. >> it's not even being duone in the middle. it is off to side. there they go. does it stay that way. >> ask all. >> you and i probably would drop
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ted i -- he is patient but also pretty mngsed. t this woman has a this woman is about to have a baby. >> you want to smak thur your baby can have a koeb. >> okay. she is like i have to get my last boogie in. i is mop you know what else? from one of the family members.
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i can't believe this is happening this. >> this was two minutes before delivery. i'm happy to say there's the little one. >> did the baby come out? probably. cutest first stips. -- steps. it's time for the rtm you choose give away where you could
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>> and about 12,000 calories in case you were wondering.
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you know i like to get to the gym. what if you can't afford a gym membership. i'm tires of waiting of you have i went down wheng wlenk things you make it. she is on the stair ma she. has this is kind of odd. it i you really di. >> dit t-- she was kind of hidig
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her face. this is sort of a side squat. >> watch this. they vote thirst does no even look up from the fophone. >> he asked for help. >> i only have five more to do. >> that's a little bit intimate. >> well, this guy clearly wants to help him. >> grabs the uncle and spots here. >> i love i didn't thiyoung peo. they like whatever keep it moving.
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>> in this case it is a fun way to confuse people. it's a little bit of fun. >> thanks for spending part of your day with us. check out right lettuce. poisons climbed to at least 121 across 25 states. it's traced to romaine from yuma, arizona. lawmakers in hawaii have approved a bill that would ban the sale of sunscreens containing certain toxic chemicals that scientists say are damaging to coral reefs. sunscreen makers may have to change their formulas. the boy scouts of america is making history by dropping the "boy" from its name. >> they're calling themselves
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scouts bsa as they invite girls into the older groups. >> the girl scouts are apparently unimpressed. the ceo says in a statement that the girl scouts "are and will remain the first choice for girls." here's the complicated part. >> uh-huh. >> scouts bsa. guess what does bsa stand for? >> oh. >> boy scouts of america. >> i was going for the other -- >> not that bs. >> no. >> so they're saying they're dropping boy scouts from the name. >> it's still there. but it's still in there. all right. coming up, road to riches, an armored truck spills money, but can you keep it? and meghan markle's brother is issuing a warning. but it could use a grammar
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