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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. and good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, may 6th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa. >> you can see the cloud cover all around the bay. as a result so far visibility is final. 54 in novato, mild around the bay with mid 50s from hayward, san jose, oakland and concord. the cooper numbers to the north, but still 47 in clear lake. not as cool as it could be, but the cloud cover beginning to
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peel away at 7:00. 11:00, we've got sunshine, upper 60s by the delta, low 60s by san ramon, still a cool day at the coast, pretty breezy there as well. 4:00 in the afternoon we're mainly in the 60s it's a sunnier, breezier about you cooler day today. i'll have the details on what to expect in the week ahead in a few moments. san jose police are investigating a shooting that has left a man dead. it happened just after midnight mere storey road and road and rd details have been released about a motive or suspect. developing news in hawaii. lava continues to keep people out of their homes another big island and leaves them unsure when they'll be able to return. eruptions are blasting lava into the leilani estates subdivision,
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damaging homes there. at least eight volcanic vents have opened, spewing lava and gas, making it too dangerous to breathe. since kilauea's eruption, several quakes have jolted the island. 1800 people remain evacuated. brian clark has the latest developments. 1800 people forced to evacuate. >> the police came down our driveway and just said you had tots out. >> several homes have already been destroyed. >> it's pretty much our dream
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home we've been looking for all this time. knowing that we're not going to have a house, the lava might take it, my wife is still in tears. >> reporter: the lava is not the only danger. >> we also have elevated levels of did gas. >> reporter: sulfur dioxide gas is still pouring into the air. officials have set up roadblocks from get too close. >> when the vern is safe we'll be able to allow them back in its uss september independent to earthquakes, thus a 6.9, the biggest in hawaii since 1975. >> this isn't stopping. >> no one has been seriously injured. scientists say it's nearly impossible to predict how long an eruption will last, so residents are bracing for possible repeats of these natural disasters. brian clark, abc news, new york city. a bay area family who just
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moved to hawaii from santa rosa after surviving the wildfires is among those being forced to evacuate. seoie and keilana appeared their two daughters have had to leave their home. nature showed its force just 200 feet from their house. a fissure opened up, spewing toxic gas and lava. >> it sounded like a jet engine on a freight train, just loud. hard to even know how to feel, because this is so new and you don't know what to expect. at this point it is a waiting gale. the kealoas have no idea when they'll be able to go home. the chp needs your help this morning finding a drive who hit and killed a man in discovery bay. investigators looked for clues near bixler road yesterday
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morning. they believe the victim was killed sometime late friday night. they believe the visible that he hit him juan a toyota tundra pickup or perhaps sequoia suv that might be missing the right front headlight. the core terr is trying to identify the man who was killed. g-easy swedish judge found the musician guilty friday one day after police arrested him. was belligerent before punching security guards. police say they found cocaine inside his pocket. he was released from custody after paying a $9,000 fine. the record-setting climber is rushing to get home to the bay area. abc 7 news reporter katy
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has the -- >> a sky-high selfie. han sloren instagraming his own rescue from el capitan inch the sun/shadow line is the nose right. >> they were attempting a one-day ascent on thursday. >> han has ascended various routes 170 times. nobody has done them more, and this route 110 if we're counting this time. >> this time a nut slips out of the rock. he hit hi legs on a ledge. >> i knew bag things were happening when my leg was bent. and called 9 is 1. >> this team from japan helped stabilize his injuries. >> they got a sleeping bag, we wapped up his legs. i was starting to shiver.
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they gave me a down jacket. it was -- the humanity was incredible. >> reporter: hans is a climbing instructor here, some of his youngest fans have brought get well cards. >> he had the speed record on the floes for a while. >> hans is now in a hurry to return to the bay area following surgery at a fresno hospital. >> i wanted to get to 200 total ascents. this will put a slowdown on that goal, i think. >> reporter: one home more surgeries on his legs, but he says he'll climb again. thousands of health care workers, including those at ucsf are set to go on strike tomorrow. ucsf says they have already rescheduled hundreds of appointments. if there's an emergency, patients will be sent to other hospitals. the walkout is supposed to last for three days.
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it's part of a union effort to increase salaries. it involves workers only in the uc systemic affects the six medical centers the most. however, all ten campuses could be impacted. more than 20 people on the peninsula have turned in guns they no longer want. yesterday abc 7 news was in redwood city when the san mateo county sheriff's office and other agencies hosted a gun buyback. a nonprofit group raised more than $100,000 to sponsor the event. a congresswoman who was shot while investigating the jonestown cult, spoke. >> as a survivor of gun violence many decades ago, i can tell you it is more profound than you can imagine to live with gun violence after you've been a victim. >> people who turned in guns received either $100 or $200, depending on the type of weapon.
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so now we are entering the month of may, and what about the weather? >> well, we were certainly cooler yesterday, took some time for the sun to come out. we will be cool, but we're starting out with cloud cover, a bit of a breeze. 52 in san francisco, 54 over in oakla oakland. numbers are pretty much in the low 50s. another day with 60s and 70s, but some 80s are on their way. i'll let you know about the warmest day of the week, in fact some warmest -- that's coming up. thank you, lisa. also coming up. cleaning up after a barn fire that brought back tram advertising memories for teenagers in the north bay, who went through a lot just last october. and homes, solar home. the requirement until consideration that could make california a national leader in solar power.
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the 3-month-old was in critical condition when she was taken to the hospital, but later died. officers took three dogs at the hospital into custody, took dna samples to determine when dogs or dogs were responsible for that attack. it's unclear how it happened. a marijuana festival was held this weekend on state-owned property in california for the first time. the two-day high times cannabis cup ended yesterday at the cal expo in san francisco. it was the place to go to find anything and everything related to pot. it also featured live
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performances. people who attended the cannabis cup say the crowd was calm and considered >> younger kids like music, want to smoke and have a good time, but you don't see like what you could see on alcohol? it's people are nice, happy, respectful. >> thousands were there. the same event is planned to june 2nd and 3rd in santa rosa at the sonoma county fairgrounds. the famed 60 acre farm and barns and yet once again a small fire sparked, bringing back horrible memories for the students. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> there was this whole other part right here that got burnt up. >> reporter: all of the ag
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students know that thursday night's fire could have been worse. most of them rushed to the small barn in their pajamas. >> because of the tubbs fire it was an automatic instant adrenaline rush. >> reporter: the tubbs fire destroyed the department's farms and barns. no animals were lost then. thursday night, all were saved, too. but the fire brought all of those old feelings and fears rushing back. >> we just can't catch a break, it seems leek. >> abbott is just 15. fire already took her grove home. >> it was like a second home, so having it also catch on fire, it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: everyone is trying to look forward to a future, and to a fund-raiser where organizers hope to raise
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$100,000. >> it's a steppingstone to recover, to build for the future and replace what was lost. >> reporter: a fund-raiser will take place here next saturday night at the mary agatha center. san francisco has honored ed lee with a last been tribute. yesterday abc 7 news was at the civic center when public works crews planted a tree. the st. mary's magnolia stands in a new media. lee, you will recall, died unexpectedly in december. yesterday would have been his 66th birthday. former mayor willie brown reflected on the honor for his friend. >> the city does one tree in memory of somebody every year, in honor of somebody every year, and there's no question this should be the year of ed lee, and to do it on his birthday is quite a celebration.
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friends of lee's family helped plant that tree. generations of graduates celebrated the 90th anniversary of a san francisco public high school. ♪ music filled the air at balboa high school. balboa opened in 1928. a graduate who is almost as old as her alma mater still beams with crowd for a school fondly known as bal. >> balboa is doing so great. >> current students are following the past for people like jerry garcia, oakland symphony conductor calvin simmons, and a's pitcher mike norris. a dream day for comic book fans.
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yesterday they lined up outside for a free comic book day. it was one of several stores taking part in the event started by a concord man. the owner set the day isn't just a treat for current fan, it's a chance to introduce new people to comic books. >> it's a celebration for comics, for existing fans to come in, maybe try something new. hopefully they bring new people in who have never seen comics, never tried comic, and maybe we can turn them on by handing them. cape and cowell also encouraged donations of food initial for free comic bikes. going solar may soon be a requirement for home in california. the state energy commission is set to vote on standards that would require new houses to have solar panels starting in "20/20." initial to going solar, the new standards would push using battery storage and increased
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dependence on electricity over natural gas. good sunday morning. waking up to some cloud cover here, we widen the perspective showing you more clouds to the north. it kept us cool yesterday and will continue to keep us cool today, and also give up a bit of a breeze out there. the sun will take over by the second half of the day. yesterday it was kind of iffy. some of you had sun, others stayed pretty gray. temperatures today behind the system eel cooler. so five degrees warmer, we'll see some areas two to four degrees warmer, mild with many location, a couple upper 40s from napa to cloverdale, otherwise 53, 52 for you in novato and san francisco, with ha in los gatos. here is the plan for your monday, one of the warmer days this week, but certainly not the
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warmest. wait until you see the seven day. low 80s returning inland, along the coast, we'll still be in that cool pattern. 67 in oakland, 72 in richmond, still actually warm on tuesday, where we're looking at the 80s still sticking around, but i think some of those mid 80s will be gone. as we move towards wednesday, notice upper 70s. another weak system moves to the north. that will drop the temperatures once again for wednesday, but beyond that, we're looking at slightly warmer. by next weekend, we could see some of the warmest weather we have seen all season long. 71 with a few clouds around, 70 in santa clara, by the water 69 in sun,vail. the peninsula numbers in the low to mid 60s. mountain did the view and los gatos, 55 in daly city.
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heads to the north bay, low 70s. 68 for petaluma, and low 70s out in napa. numbers coming in around average, but with the cooler ocean breeze, certainly will feel cool at gusty at times. around the coast breezy, low to mid 60s. fremont checking in at 69, about 3:00 this afternoon. you head inland, sunny for the second half, and temperatures will be in the mid 70s to near 80 around brentwood. tonight even some patchy drizzle. we will be mild from the upper 40s to the lower 50s. as you look at the seven-day forecast, we will stay in the 70s tomorrow. we're cooler and breezy again come tuesday and wednesday, then as we get to thursday and friday, another high pressure ridge builds in. look what happens next saturday. this verifies this could even by conservative. it's about five, six days off,
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so we'll have to keep you posted. we could see some 90s, but download the app and you'll stay up to date with the changing temperatures up and down. >> so mother's day could be a real sizzling. all right. thank you, lisa. just ahead, one quick-thinking senior. does your grandpa have moves like that?
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just a week under mother's day. are you ready? do you know what you're buying mom? on average we'll spend about $180. that's some serious cash. 7 on your side's michael finny has some deals.
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>> reporter: ask around, and we are beginning to think. >> i just bought a car. i want to compliment it with a gift. >> definitely flowers and something else. >> reporter: flowers are big, part of a mother's day big three. >> i think i'm going to get some chocolate, flowers, maybe some jewelry. >> reporter: classic stuff. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: they are classics for a reason -- moms like them. if you want your money to go further, the experts at deal news will tell you to think outside the box. >> don't think jewelry. we're not going to see great deals on jewelry. think high-tech, does your need a new tv? >> reporter: consumer expert janis lever ma'am kindings, ipads and spring clothing will be on sale. if you want to think outside the box -- >> if you have it is guts and
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you can do it, now's the time to get a great deal on a bathing suit. the inventory is there, and actually i'm not sure why, but they're offering deals pre-summer. >> reporter: the gift card girlfriend, she says save quite a bit on get in on some of the restaurant bonus officers out there for mother's day. >> at panera if you buy a $50 card, you can get a bonus card worth $10. >> mina miller is all about the bonus gift card. she likes the flexibility. >> what's nice about gift card, i can use it for myself or give it to someone else, plus the extra $10. >> bonus gift cards can be tricky, because normal gift card rules don't apply. >> for example, with the panera gift card, you buy it now, the promotional gift cart will be good in june. >> upscale restaurants are also offering bonus cards. so are stories like j.c. penney,
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the gap, the brooks brothers, i'll post the link to the gift card girlfriend's website and where deals can be found. police in ohio are praising a grandpa's conviction reflexes for helping them catch an armed man. columbus police shared several advice i don'ts showing a bystander tripping a man, it's a grandfather with a cane, the grandpa only wants to be identified as bill. a pristine pasture in new zealand has turned into a science spectacle. a huge sinkhole opened up reveals tens of thousands of years of geological history.
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scientists say it likely started as a small crack and once the rainwater seeped in grew exponentially. there one was an active volley. >> at the bottom is the original volcanic deposit. this is an erosion process, it's been going onnee ologically for a long time, related to high-intention i rainfalls. we can expect it to happen again in the future. as for the far, it's back to business as usual, except to have to fence off the area. still to come, the new business venture elon musk says he is serious about starting. it's in response to a feud with fillo billionaire warren buffett. also selling enough tacos to raise nearly a million dollars. it's a big number adding up and
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welcome back, everybody.eve. we start off by looking at the weather. >> we can see some of the clouds, and it looks pretty calm out there, temperatures mild in the 50s for most of you, so should be a brighter day, as we get tarts the later morning hours. 5 it in san francisco, 54 in san jose and half moon bay at gilroy, and from our camera, a little breezy out there. you can see the cameras shaking with low 50s. 5 in concord, livermore has dipped to 49 degrees. through the 7:00 hour, you'll see less in the way of cloud cover, a few numbers dipping through the upper hose. probably about 11:00, we have
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surpassed yesterday's readings at this hour. well, we're into the 60s to near 70, it will be breezy. still number just in the 50s. we have more 50s around the bay. you have to go way far order and we'll talk about the 80s coming into play. that's when we come back from the full-weather forecast in a few minutes. lisa, thank you, the national rifle association is holding its annual convention in dallas. it's the first for the nra since the february shooting that took 17 lives at that high school in florida. some of the victims' parents brought their marriage to toughen gun laws question. marcus moore explains. >> the nra national convention in dallas. protesters carrying signs, chanting, among them, parents of
5:32 am
some of the victims of stoneman douglas high school, the father of joaquin oliver -- >> just five minutes of your time noire keen's empty room. then you will feel what we are going through. >> all i think about is her running for her life. >> reporter: all of this casting a pall over the conference. >> there's just nothing else i could think of doing, but to do something about this. o cf1 o >> reporter: but not deterring its members. >> they said going to the nra convention, and speaking today, that would be very controversial. it might not be popular? you know what i said? bye-bye, got to get on the plane. some of you people are
5:33 am
petrified. you can't be. >> reporter: replaced by steadfast report, appealing to the thousands in dallas to back the nra. >> my father always taught us, guns don't kill people, people kill people. >> reporter: one side says fighting for life, the other for liberty. coming up on this week, president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani will face george stephanopoulos, going one on one. he'll talk about the trump team's legal strategy and the mueller investigation and the new revelations in the stormy daniels case. you can watch the full interview on "this week" at 8:00 right here on abc 7. new this morning bill yor nair entrepreneur elon musk says he's super, super serious about starting a candy company. this in response to his feud
5:34 am
with if ello billionaire warren buffett. it started last week when he said economic moats are are are buffett owns berkshire hathaway which owns see's candy. musk says he would name his competing candy cryptocandy. the washington redskins face a complaint from two former cheerleaders say the team expected them to act like escorts during a trip to latin-american. they also said that team officials collected their passports after they arrived for a photo shoot in 2013. they claimed the team also invited -- >> it's giving access to sponsors who are men, seemingly paying for this privilege to watch women pose with hardly any clothes on. the issue is giving access to
5:35 am
sponsors and making the women feel uncomfortable. the former cheerleaders claimed some of them were picked out as personal escorts at a costa rica nightclub. team officials say they're investigating, but heard accounts that, quote, directly contradict the allegations. one restaurant owner has gone beyond her civic duty, helping to raise a million bucks for schools in san francisco and san jose. abc 7 news reporter lee ann melendez helped. >> sara is the mother of two public school kids, as the owner of talk o-licious restaurants, she and her husband came up with a formula for giving. >> so from september to may we give 15% of a month's worth of monday proceed toss that school.
5:36 am
>> reporter: so, for example, the it restaurant in the mission district supports nine schools in that specific community. every months one of the nine schools gets the funds. this month they will cut a check to mission high school. >> if we can raise 15% of monday's proceeds, that school will get a check from like $3,000 to $8,000, if you luck out and it's cinco de mayo on monday, you'll get a lot. >> they also have other restaurants, garfield elementary in north beach used its money to buy chrome books and i pads. >> it solidifies the messages, that we are all a community, whether it be a school -- >> reporter: they started donating to schools in 2012. so far they have raised $1 million. to celebrate getting to the
5:37 am
million dollar mark, the restaurant will have a fund-raising party on may 14th. all the money from that event will go to to the mayesens scholar ship award which helps seniors from underserved communities go to college. writing it down on my calendar, may 14th. done. >> i really truly believe san francisco needs to really support its public education. >> reporter: she says strong schools make a strong city, even stronger than the margaritas she serves her customers. in san francisco lee ann melendez, nbc 7 news. fantastic, still ahead, how would you life to live in bali or work in london? we'll go roaming with the company that can make that possible. here's a live look from the abc explore torium camera at pier 15. breezy day, low 50s throughout
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the day, but at the end of the week, well, what a change. lisa along shortly with the full
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happening today you can expect hef from traffic as the annual how weird street fair gets under way. it's an only san francisco type of thing. there are several street closures in effect unit 11:00. this events encouraging peace, showcases art and create activity. this is a parody of the 1970s this year, a time of high
5:41 am
weirdness and much dances. the fair runs from noon until 8:00 tonight. another edition of sunday streets in san francisco. today's event will be in the tenderloin celebrating asian heritage, stop by any of the activity hubbs at civic center, ellis street and golden gate. mixed martial arts, musical performances and interactive art exhibits. also visit the tenderloin museum and explore the community garden. sunday streets runs from 11:00 through 4:00 this afternoon. weather for san francisco, kind of jacket weather? >> yes, a bit brighter, but yes, breezy. temperatures out there pretty much energy in the 50. from the golden gate bridge, it's 52 downtown. over in oakland and hayward, as well as san jose. grab the jacket, yes, it will bet another cool one, but not
5:42 am
for long. temperatures go up and down before it heats up by the end of the week. thank you, lisa. also next, the yao giants bats get into the swing of thing. they have an offensive
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this morning the giants are going for the series sweep in atlanta. first pitch at 10:35 at suntrust park. the ''s also looking for a weekend sweep. first pitch is at 1:05. tonight the sharks will try to stay alive in their playoff series against the las vegas golden knights. game six is an s.a.p. center, the puck drops at 7:30 p.m. the warriors must bounce back from the game 3 loss in new
5:45 am
orleans. it's game 4 between the warriors and the pelicans, only here on abc 7, coverage starts at noon. keep it on abc 7 for after the game with all the highlights and live post-game interviews super smoothie king center in the big easy. larry beil has a preview in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. it feels like we might have heading for the fourth straight year of warriors versus cavs. first warriors up 2-1, game four is this afternoon right here. ws got crushed in game 3. this is no answer for anthony davis. the unibrow 38 points. draymond green wants to see more intensity in game 4. >> i still don't think k.d. or steph was aggressive enough. as imto both, i need them to be
5:46 am
aggressive. we need them aggressive at all times. they'll be that way tomorrow. >> now, for lebron and the caps up 2-0, kevin love went for 21 points, getting mauled right here, tosses it up and toss it is in. raptors down three, o.g. on an o.b., pumps, eight seconds left. too much time for coast to coast, no double-team, and look at him beat the buzzers gently off the glass. 38 for the king. cavs take a 3-0 series lead, 105-103. >> no more time-outs. i had to get open, took it full court, able to hit a floater off the glad. we could play so much better, but that's a gutsy win. >> that is a bad man, lebron james. on to baseball, the giants spent most of april searching for
5:47 am
offense. suddenly they found it, 11 runs on 18 hits in atlanta yet. bruce bochy, you get an autograph. you get an autograph! signing for everybody. joe pan giants have won six out of seven. a's and o's on black panther bobbleled giveaway night. the a's couldn't do anything against who went nine innings, only gave up two hits, so it stayed 0-0. finally in the 12th, crushed. they call him crush for a reason. chris davis, good night, game
5:48 am
over, drive home safely, his ninth of the year, only the fourth hit of the entire game for oakland. everybody dance, 2-0 a's, the final. >> they're coming to the wire. justify has won the kentucky derby! >> justify with mike smith up, wins the kentucky derby for trainer bob bafford. paid 780 to win. enjoy the rest of your weekend. this is a view we just justt get enough of. the sun and the clouds. the official sunrise not until 6:08, setting at 8:04. it will be a nice one, really makes for a pretty picture out there. livermore, looking at highs today in the low 70s. we bump things up tomorrow to
5:49 am
about 78. look what happens tuesday and wednesday. as we get toward the end of the week, we're getting warm. yes, it is mother's day, look to be some of the warmest weather we have seen for quite some time. as we look outside, check out emeryville, where the bay looks nice and calm, but the winds are very gusty. here's live doppler 7, we widen the perspective. there's there's a system to the north and east of us, allowing for the cooler breeze ye day. slightly warmer in some spots, closer to the shoreline, as you get inland, maybe a bit cooler, but a lot of cloud cover from san rafael this morning, where temperatures have been modified into the 50s for most of us, so fairly uniform, with low 50s from san francisco, 54 oakland,
5:50 am
and from our tower camera, there are clouds out there. 51 in santa rosa. 52 in novato, in the upper 40s in livermore. not for long, things will be changing in the several several days as the temperature respond to yet another weak system. so they'll going going up, down, finally getting really warm by the end of the week, but winds being a factor. they have been gusting around mt. diablo up to 30 miles an hour. you can see the yellow right there. the gusty winds that will be breezing at the coast. as we look at the cost, it's certainly gray out there. we have some coastal faw, high clouds, partly cloudy and breezy today. temperatures will be cooling midweek, but yesterday warming to the warmest readings we have seen by the end of the week. the beach will be cool, mid 50s
5:51 am
for you, look at santa cruz, 68, partly cloudy, winds will be a factor. highs around the bay from the mid to upper 50s. 62 in oakland, mid 60s on the peninsula. it will be breezy, numbs in the low 70s, a few clouds around at times. it's an afternoon game for the a's today, where the numbers will be around 60. so bring the jacket. at the be a nice afternoon, but west-northwest winds up to about 15 miles an hour. download or app and you can keep track of the changing temperatures, and by tomorrow, we're a bit sunnier, but starting out with the fog. that cooling trend takes us thus the middle of the week. monday looks to be wonderful warmer days, but get set for the warmest weather we have seen by the end of the week. we won't see 80 here in the city, but very warm.
5:52 am
>> almost never. >> we could be 90 inland, so could get to near 80 here. i was like, wait a minute, what? i even had to do a double take on that one. >> all right. we'll look for it. thank you, lisa. more and more people are working from home, in some cases all the time. one start-up thinking it's time to look at what home is all about. jonathan bloom takes us to rome, not the city, but a new play to live and work. >> i'm the first roamer here in san francisco, i hear. >> james price can work from anywhere. >> my business is working with corporate clients over the phone. >> but working from his apartment got old. >> i think some of it is just isolation. i think we love the idea of being able to work from home. we get home and then miss all the community. >> reporter: that's what roam is about illustrates more and more people have jobs and let them work pretty much anywhere.
5:53 am
>> roam brings the community. in cities all the over the world they're making historic buildings into a different kind of home, one you can stay in for months or just a week. >> you feel ike lure in somebody's house with a big group of extended family members. >> with a view of the painted ladies and history. roamers can get a true taste of francis with a hope with their newfound friends. >> people might have been staying here for two weeks, and they know the interesting neighborhood restaurants, so we create that sense of belongings. >> reporter: you may think roam is for people who always want to be social. but the founders say they're a bunch of introverts. we're also secretly very awkward. >> every room has a private bathroom and each member has their own shelf in the fridge. people meet and even cook for each other. >> food is a great way to bring
5:54 am
people together. >> it's not bargain living. san francisco is $4,000 a >> and locations are sold out. >> reporter: roam wasn't build in a day.
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5:56 am
celebrate parks and public spaces in san mateo county at the streets alive/parks alive festival. the event in burlingame teaches people about the parks. there will be face painting a bounce house plus zumba and gymnastics demonstrations. the festival is on park road between burlingame and howard avenues, running from 9:00 until 1:00 this afternoon. up next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, bracing for new lava
5:57 am
eruptions for several more weeks. 1800 evacuated residents on the big island of hawaii, unsure when they'll be allowed to return home. we'll have the latest.
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because antonio villaraigosa millions got it
6:00 am
he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor. good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler, thanks for joining us on this sunday, may 6th. let's start with a quick look of the weather. here is our meteorologist lisa argen. >> temperatures mainly in the 50s, but kinds certainly gusty, gusting to over 43 43 43 43 43 by the 52 san francisco, 54 in


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