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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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investigating. they believe the incident was caused by pepper spray. it started around 3:00 in the afternoon. seventh period in a biology class. people reported a strange smell and having trouble breathing. the fire department tells us on scene on campus in what they were calling a warm zone. treating 12 patients and six were decontaminated and send to the hospital and the other six decontaminated and sent home. there were students who left the campus before the fire department arrived, here are the instructions. >> what we want them to do is shower at home, wash their clothing, and if they start to experience any symptoms at all, we want them to call
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>> reporter: those symptoms could include trouble breathing, teary eyes or itchiness. the fire department wrapped things up in the last few minutes. katie. developments that may raise questions about the officer's credibility now. abc7 news reporter vic lee is with the story. >> reporter: the officer in question made numerous accusations against those he worked with at two different stations. he filed complaints. both complaints still under investigation. it was in april when this officer of afghan descent filed a former complaint with the
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city. he said he was harassed because he was muslim. he claims someone even sketched an isis flag on his locker the inscription >> his sergeant asking him about his background and saying do you know any towel heads. >> reporter: abc7 news had learned that in 2013, the officer was a subject in a suspicious person case. he told a woman on a dating website that he was a high level cia agent. they issued this bulletin. in 2015, the officer applied to the oakland police academy.
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the department told abc7 news that he briefly attended the oakland police department. a source with knowledge of the dismissal says the officers was kicked out for quote untruthfulness in class assignments. he then applied and went through the san francisco police academy. both the stofficer and the the e attorney. his client passed a lie test. now, public defender says he cannot comment because it is quote an employment matter. san francisco police also
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declined to comment on the specifics of this story including questions about the extent. spokesman says they are taking the officers complaint seriously and conducting a thorough investigation. vic lee abc7 news. thank you. temperatures are rising. it is getting dryer. detailing the steps you can take to minimize the damage. this is wildfire awareness week. fire officials are urging people to proactively protect their homes. >> we like to see houses that can stand on their home for a short time so we can get there and do some good. if we are dealing with tall grass and brush and gutters not cleaned, that makes it difficult for all of us. >> officials urge residents to
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treat red flag warnings urgently as people on the gulf coast treat hurricane warnings. and most of all to have a plan to protect your family and property. plans for a large scale housing development will go to a vote of san jose residents next month which might help with the housing shortages. abc7 news reporters david louie explains. >> reporter: the future of this site has become a battleground. if approved, measure b would allow up to 910 built. >> when you guarantee veterans something you better mean it. and we know that these developers are not going to guarantee a single unit for a single veteran. >> reporter: after setting the
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initiative, mayor liccardo is against. >> it is misleading. it is using veterans. using me. i dare you. >> reporter: the initiative says the initiative will be below market. also saying a preference will be given to veterans with affordable units. critics are skeptical that many seniors or veterans could afford to live in the development. >> a way from any kind of transit, away from medical services that could help them? the answer is no. >> reporter: an organizer says the intent is clear. >> we can be held accountable for anything that voters vote on. we can be held accountable to house veterans. >> reporter: when voters go to
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the polls next months, they will see that voter b. would be required to sell a certain number of houses for seniors and veterans. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. the election is coming up fast now santa clara city council facing allegations. a high school civic teacher was reported for unwanted hugging and inappropriate comments towards students. mayor lisa gilmore announced the council will open discuss at the meeting. victims are urged to contact police. a bill that aims to protect california women in the work place from being forced into
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silence gained an important backer today. former fox news anchor gretchen carlson through her support behind the bill. lawmakers say these agreements require a person to sign away a legal right as a condition for employment and act as shields for harassers. >> for far too long, forced arbitration. no longer be a tool that employers can be used to sweep claims of sexual harassment under the rug. >> carlson sued fox news ailes. dozens of
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suits. chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: this week on capitol hill current and former big pharma executives. >> in small town in west virginia indicate a breakdown in the suspicious order monitoring system. >> knowing what we know today we would have made different systems. >> reporter: leading cause of accidental deaths in marin county over the past five years. >> trying to reeducate our physicians in face prescribing practices. >> reporter: marin county public health officer say those in the industry need to be held accountable. >> we are learning the hard way how wrong that is. >> reporter: that's why the
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county council has filed a lawsuit against 12 pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesale wholesale wholesalers alleging they misled the country. legal analyst steve clark says the lawsuit sends a clear message. >> what they are seeking is both monetary. and have been injured result of drug overdoses. >> reporter: marin is one of 30 counties in california to take legal action. >> the california's teacher pension is forcing retailers to stop selling military style weapons. stop selling those pweapons or face future divestment.
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a group of lawmakers asked board members to personally divest. >> our efforts to protect our communities to gun violence doesn't make sense to be investing in public dollars. that we have banned in california. >> the teacher's pension fund has already divested from assault weapons manufacturers. the man who won a landmark case challenging the state's bail system finally walked out of jail he w appeals court ruled the amount was excessive and u as a condition of his release, humphrey agreed to wear an ankle monitor and will undergo
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and alcohol testing. the grueling round of questions gina has cell service novato. i will have the accuweather forecast coming up. and a half eaten sandwich and a pile
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problems and inconsistencies continue for verizon customers in novato have been spotty at best. >> reporter: if it wasn't so frustrating, the hum humorless. since april 23rd verizon wireless has been cryptic at best. we did find evidence of site repair in the region. problems began april 23rd but that is not the company line.
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>> i think there is lack of communication which is ironic for a communication system. >> reporter: it is a common complaint. has verizon ever said there is a problem. >> i have not been reached out to them, i have always called them. >> reporter: many customers asked for their money back. verizon says it is dealing with them on a case by case basis. >> it doesn't make sense. it is not a case by case thing. >> dana did receive a partial refund. her husband called 28 times and nothing got through or registered. >> this is the message that says it has been resolved but i can't get it now. >> reporter: does that mean it is resolved? >> not at all. >> reporter: we did receive a response from verizon which said
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service in the area has stabilized. after that, over the next two weeks, verizon says service will improve. in novato >> what you need to do in you lose your cell service. >> reporter: some of the customers have told us, or i should say some who have experienced problems have told us that they have received rebate from verizon. one customer said they received a $30 rebate. keep track of any problems you are experiencing. that way you have that information on hand to prove you have suffered a loss. verizon has told abc7 news that it will be happy to investigate each inquiry on a case by case basis. now, i wouldn't think of this as some big payday.
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but you do have the right to be made whole. well a bank robbery suspect arrested in salinas after being spotted counting a lot of cash. police say a wells fargo bank was robbed. a few hours later, an off duty officer who went to get a sandwich, spotted a man matching the description and counting money at a table. time to take a look at our weather. >> fabulous as we hit midweek. >> breezy out there but still quite pleasant. here is the view. you can see just how bright and clear it is. there are high clouds up to the
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north there. and i mentioned it is breezy. we have wind speeds of 29 miles per hour here in san francisco. 26 in fairfield. and 20 in oakland. and it is cooler right now than it was at this hour yesterday or 24-hour temperature change map shows seven degrees cooler in novato. a couple of spots, oakland and half moon bay a degree or two warmer. check out this view. looking at the sea lions enjoying the evening sun. 57 at half moon bay. this is the, well, this was a view. not much right now from sutro tower. we see low clouds. moving out over the bay.
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74 degrees at santa rosa, napa, 67, 64. 65 in livermore and this is quite a view from mt. tam. you can see the trees shaking from the wind. these are our forecast features, breezy again tomorrow, little bit milder than today. gusty wind can be expected in the hills friday night. and warmer into the weekend and nice for mother's day. here is why we have windy conditions. counter close wise. and that combined flow is producing strong onshore wind and that is why it is gusty now. look for mainly clear skies. maybe a few clouds pushing locally inland in the south bay. tomorrow we will see highs ranging from low 60s at the
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coast. and mainly upper 70s inland perhaps up to about 80 degrees in antioch and it will be breezy once again especially near the coast. we have a high wind watch will be in effect from 8:00 p.m. friday to 4:00 a.m. saturday. we expect the peak of the gusts winds out of the northeast 25th-40 miles per hour gusts 55 miles per hour. two warmest days of the forecast period will be friday and saturday. inland reaching into the upper 80s. cool down for mother's day. and perfect conditions by my judgment and that's what counts. and early cooling going into early next week. google introducing a virtual reality tool.
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>> a d
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community.
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once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. . this is day week long develop.
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>> the big tool is a tool to make virtual reality. >> reporter: a virtual tool called tool creator. let's take a look. you feel like you are on board the plane. also information points that you can click on to learn more about the emergency row or the oxygen mask and you can do something like that yourself. all you need is a few 360-degree photos which you can up load from your camera or pull them from google street view. and then you can pose your own tour. students in pennsylvania used the tool to share with world. >> tool creator has allowed us to habituate our staff and
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employees before they get in the building. >> reporter: the real difference here is that you don't need one. you can view it through a normal web browser. google hopes removing these barriers to create more content. thank you. >> well a fired alameda county sheriff's deputy is working as a school's resource officer. >> not the way you would learn about something in somebody's background. >> the second chance for the deputy who is accused of covering up a videotape beating. three americans are on their way back to the u.s. tonight. amazon's drone program gets
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only on seven, an alameda sheriff's county fired for bribing witnesses is once again a police officer in california. >> connection with the 2000 beating. he is protecting kids as a school resource officer in the small central valley town of gustine. the school officials learned the news on facebook. >> reporter: gustine police department writes we are proud to introduce shawn osborne. 20 year vet of the alameda sheriff's office. in july of 2016, the alameda sheriff's office fired then
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deputy osborne. the video came from a surveillance camera that also captured deputies weaver and santa maria striking the allegations that he gave pettrov's gold chain to a homeless. osborne was not charged criminally. superintendent says his vice principal contacted him after calls to the high school about community members outraged about the hire. >> it is not the way that you would ideally want to learn about something in somebody's background. >> reporter: he spoke with the police chief and city manager. >> they confirmed that they knew that he had lost his job, yes.
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there wasn't something there that would preclude them from hiring them. >> reporter: neither the police chief nor the city manager responding to our request. osborn will fill in as sro through the end of the school year. in gustine, abc7 news. israeli response to the u.s. withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal. military officials say its rocket defenses intercepted some of the incoming projectiles. this is the first time iranian forces have ever fired directly on israeli troops. jerusalem has retaliated with
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rocket attacks near damascus. three americans headed back to the u.s. tonight. secretary of state mike pompeo met with kim jong-un to prepare for president trump's eventual meeting. president trump says the date and place has been set for the meeting but did not reveal the plans. president trump's nominee to lead the cia faced a grueling round of questions. the agencies acting director appeared before the senate intelligence committee. some of the toughest questions came from kamala harris. >> i am not asking if you believe they were legal. do you believe they were immoral. >> senator, i believe
6:34 pm
do extraordinary tools. >> the answer is yes or no. >> we follow the law today. >> haspel pledged to follow revised guidelines. investigating a deadly crash in florida involving a tesla. te driver of the model s may have been speeding. two teenagers died. the ntsb will focus on the emergency response in relation to the fire. you might remember, tesla was kicked off the ntsb investigation into a deadly crash in mountain views. at the time the ntsb issued a
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statement saying uncoordinated releases of the inn complete information do not serve the public interest. drones flying around without a pilot in sight. the first ten plays they are going to allow that happen on a strictly experimental base. jonathan bloom explains what it means for the future of our skies. >> reporter: never in transportation has something so little been so big. >> the significant new development in aviation since the begin of the jet age. >> reporter: transportation secretary will announce who will usher in that application. google's parent alphabet will make deliveries in virginia. uber in san diego. and apple will use drones for mapping in north carolina. amazon did not make the list. >> kansas is the air capital of
6:36 pm
the world. >> reporter: reno a start-up will deliver defibrillators by drone. paving the way for a lot of people have been waiting for. the ability to fly one of these without a pilot under they have needed to fly at night. >> this is the quickest the fsa has moved. >> reporter: there is mounting pressure as other countries soar past the united states with compelling real world uses for drones. >> in they sat there and done nothing, you would have an industry that can literally save lives that would be mostly on
6:37 pm
the sidelines. >> reporter: mckneel says public opinion are clear. people are worried about safety and privacy. >> drones might be operating in downtown areas and people want to have a voice in how that takes place. >> reporter: in in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc7 news. stay here with us. it is a dogfight in san
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some pet store owners are trying to keep a chain store out of their community. >> healthy spot is a pet and grooming pet store. lyanne melendez explains the controversy. >> reporter: one of those places that embraces small businesses so when it was known that a southern california pet grooming and chain store wanted to move in other pet store owners protested. >> are they going to poach the groomers? come in and offer crazy coupons
6:41 pm
just because they can until it hurts the small local grooming shops. >> reporter: healthy spot is requesting a conditional use permit. healthy spot would need to prove two things. one that there was a need and a desire for another pet store. those like sage cotton say the need is not there. there are enough pet stores and groomers in the community. but this noe valley resident disagrees. >> maybe they can work together to come up with services for the whole community. >> reporter: the company in culver city gave us this statement. we have done extensive outreach throughout noe valley. and have found broad support. >> it makes me sad seeing all of these chains pop up all over the place. >> reporter: only a few chain
6:42 pm
stores have abeen allowed here because the community wanted them. the planning commission will hear whether or not healthy spot is considered a business. a man says he marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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what we are seeing them roll out in more and more bay area neighborhoods talking about the blue ford go bikes that you can rent at one station and return in another. >> one viewer told us his short ride turned into a big deal. >> michael finney explaining what happened. >> reporter: so watch this report closely. not only was it a huge ordeal but 20-minute ride almost cost him $1,200 until he came to me for help. peter farmer of san francisco had to get to a meeting downtown. he decided to hop on to one of those ford go bikes. however eight hours later, something was very wrong.
6:46 pm
>> when i tried to unlock a new bike to go back home, i noticed i couldn't unlock a new bike. >> reporter: the app says he was still riding that first bike. he e-mailed them back. he said the green lights flashed when he returned it. that means it is locked. however the app wouldn't let him rent another bike so he walked home. go bike e-mailed him and sai sai back and find that bike or pay $1,200. >> panic going on. >> reporter: peter trudged back downtowns looking for the one that his number was on. >> i never found the bike. >> reporter: he went to the next door website to ask if anybody had seen a tray go bike. he went on yelp and found a
6:47 pm
dozen similar complaints. customers saying they returned the bikes but the app says they didn't. >> it is huge frustration for the customer. >> reporter: he contacted "7 on your side" and we contacted go bike. saying the system is working properly. the app said peter made an attempt to return the bike but never docked properly. it is clear when you get a green light and get a push notification. peter says he did see a green light however did not check his phone to see if the bike ended him. go bike found the bike and never charged extra fees. >> it was a huge relief. >> be careful when you return
6:48 pm
it. the app let's you notify the company. some users have complained that the company didn't send help when that occurred. if you have a problem with go bike, i want to know about it. let me know. >> growing pains. >> good way of putting it. >> let's update the weather forecast one last time. >> let's get to it. here is live doppler 7. a patch or two of low clouds. overnight lows mainly in the low 50s. tomorrow breezy and milder. upp upper 60s to low 60s around the bay. nice and warm friday and saturday. with a slight cool down on saturday. continues into sunday and next week. >> pelicans fading memory and
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moving on. >> pelicans what? who is ready for the warriors and rockets in the western conference finals. we will look at their three meetings. and do you want to do some ( ♪ ) your heart doesn't only belong to you. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure, entrusting your heart to entresto may help. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital compared to a leading heart failure medicine.
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good evening. the warriors came in second to the rockets in the west this year. lost two out of three.
6:52 pm
odds makers have made the dubs the favorites to win the western conference finals. remember they met on opening night. kevin durant hits the game winner what is a fraction of a second too late. met twice in january. both teams had key players out. this is going to be the biggest season hardin and paul have plead in the nba. they want the warriors badly. another team in their way and what has been a magical four-year run >> guys missing in all three games that we played on both sides. harden missed a game. kd missed a game. andre missed a couple. a weird deal because we haven't played them in so long. >> both teams are playing better. i try not to look at those games, they know what we do. we know what they do.
6:53 pm
we will see what happens. >> you don't have to say nothing. >> we want to win another championship. and it don't matter who is in the way of that. if you in the way of it, then you happen to be in the way. we are not going it run around, yeah, we to want play them. it don't matter to us who we play. >> embiid enjoying grapes before game five and here he is, fueled by grapes and hitting the jumper. phillie up one. 11 seconds left. earning the nickname scarey terry. celtics leading. the giants are playing the phillies tomorrow 10:00 a.m. that game can only be seen on
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facebook. you can watch the game and post pictures of your breakfast at the same time. giants fan give a phillie kid kd brand. and the kid throws it back. 2-0. just getting started. franco in the fourth. high deep and aloha. 3-0. bases full. stratton gives it a single toint santana and another route is on. giants losing 11-1 in the seventh. on this day, eight years dallas braden. it took place on mother's day. braden had lost his mother to cancer but grandmother was there
6:55 pm
to witness it. leaped from the stands to give her grandson an emotional embrace. today braden's grandmother threw out the first pitch. a's starter sliding lowery. defending champs get in the seventh. former a's prospect, fisher. that is and that is gone. back-to-back jax. and the a's get swept by a score of 4-1. have you tried doing yoga in steel cut boots.
6:56 pm
holding yoga for the staff. warrior pose right there. lisa, the senior director of corporate director of communication. the goal at the chase center is to avoid injuries on the site. so lisa keep saying come to my class in walnut creek. and i said i am not ready for your class. but she is fantastic. >> just go down to the arena site. >> that's tree. >> join us tonight kofy tv. >> in just a matter of hours, three americans held prisoner in north korea will arrive in washington, d.c. coming up it is the
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goldbergs followed by alex, and modern >> it is jimmy kimmel >> good lineup. that is this edition of make ross your destination for savings. if you're looking for an incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross
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♪ this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- an eighth grade english teacher from fortescue, new jersey... a high school history and psychology teacher from portland, oregon... and a sixth through 12th grade choir teacher from dowagiac, michigan... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. we're about to reach the halfway point in our quarter-finals. as you know, the winners of the quarter-final games this week return as semi-finalists next week, along with the four high scorers among non-winners. judy, scott, and mary alice, welcome.
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good luck. here we go. now let's take a look at the categories. first off... you have to identify the state for us. we'll have a... ...for you. we... then... mary alice. in the state museum for $200. mary alice. -what is north carolina? -that's the state. state museum, $400. judy. -what is massachusetts? -good. pronoun test for $200. scott. -what is myself? -that's it. pronoun, $400.


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