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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 10, 2018 1:42am-2:11am PDT

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a live look once again at joint base andrews. president trump and melania trump have just arrived to greet three americans held in north korea doing heavy labor for upwards of two years. 2:30 in the morning at joint base andrews where the greeting will take place when the americans return home. >> and will bring it live. waiting on special report. for now president and first laid
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have just arrived and waiting for detainees to arrive. >> no doubt very close. president wouldn't have arrived too far ahead. sports. warriors turn three-point shooting to art form, rockets have taken it to another heartburn and gas? ♪ now fight both fast new tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums new tums chewy bites with gas relief eight years into the disease was when all the light went out.
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good evening. rockets are obsessed with beating the warriors, what houston's gm has been dreaming about. warriors hoping to turn the western conference finals into houston's nightmare. opening night, october 17th, kevin durant, would have been the game winner but tad late, won by one. this will be the epic clash of the titans we've been waiting for all season long. >> were guys missing in all three games we played both sides. harden missed a game. k.d., andre. >> both teams are different,
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playing better. try not to look at those games. >> want to win another championship, don't matter who is in the way of that. if you're in the way of that, you happen to be in the way. >> nba tonight, sixers and celtics, game five, joel embiid enjoying grapes. 18 seconds left. philly down, powers to the hoop, misses twice, lot of contact, no call. out-of-bounds, stripped by terry rozier, sour grapes. five seconds left, j.j. reddick, hits three. one-point game. philly needs two to tie. marcus smart intercepts the bomb there. boston is going to the eastern conference final to face the cavs again. b boston takes series. threw a perfect game on mother's day.
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grandmother at game came out to hug her grandson, pitched his way into baseball history. today threw out first pitch, one more hug. perfect. now. defending champions get to daniel mengen in the seventh. max stassi hits home run and derek fisher the same, back-to-back blasts. a's swept 4-1. brandon belt foul ball, throw it's back. that's the enemy. in the fourth, maikel franco against chris stratton, way out, 3-0, in the fifth bases loaded for carlos santana, drives in a pair. giants trounced again. outscored 26-5 in last three
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games. abc7 sports by river rock casino. >> that's not good. >> don't have to be sports expert to know that. >> abc7 news continues online, twitter, facebook and mobile
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stop fearing your alarm clock... with new*! zzzquil pure zzzs. a drug-free blend of botanicals with melatonin ...that supports your natural sleep cycle... you can seize the morning. new! zzzquil pure zzzs. abc7 news about to bring you a live report as three americans have returned to u.s. soil. president trump is there to greet them. >> stay tuned for that, t
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right this minute. >> the scary scenes from the middle of the street and the middle of the gym. >> this ultra relay race has no rules and no roots. >> just be this. why it takes some kind of stamina to complete this. an amazing video manages to capture just a slice of new york city. see if you can spot all of the quirk kiness in one place. >> plus the rtm you choose give
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away. >> and a quick trick. >> i'm not sure it's the way it works. >> whose child is this? that's what the woman who is driving this car asks as this little guy wanders out into the street. >> there is a little kid. >> yeah. and good thing she saw him. he doesn't note him at all. he minds his little business. there is this other dude just chilling. they are watching this kid just get hit. >> yes. finally the man walks up and ushers this kid to safety. reports are that the kid's sister came out as well. apparently mom let him wander out, wasn't paying attention.
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>> that blood is going to run cold. this woman's blood is pumping. she is on the treadmill doing her thing. suddenly this kid was an exercise ball. >> oh. >> right into the treadmill and under it. >> oh, poor kid. >> you notice his arm now, the woman was minding his own business. the woman in the red pants, that happened to be the kid's mom. she is yanking and yanking and finally gets him free. >> could she halt her workout for a minute? >> it looks like he took her by surprise. she didn't know it was happening and didn't see him at all. >> when you take your kids to a gym you have to keep your eyes on them because they can get into all kinds of problems. >> just like that. strength, moments of doubt
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and so much work. >> 40 teens 340 miles all the way to las vegas, nevada. >> did they take little chunks or did they all have to do the whole thing? >> it is a relay on foot. >> no rules, no routes just be the fastest. now -- >> in that case hold on a minute. a motorcycle would really do the job. >> in this video we follow one of those 40 teens. they named themselves take the bridge. we see the trials and tribulations of what it takes not to get started fwbut to maintain the stamina needed. >> if you can only run two miles that gets us two more miles
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further. that's all that counts. >> they do have a support vehicle that comes with them but right around here it breaks down. >> it has been about 26 hours since we woke up. >> see the team working together while people are still running and eventually we see them get to the finish line in 41 hours and 10 minutes. they came in sixth, which is amazing. >> good. >> that's pretty incredible. wow. portland, oregon has a saying going keep portland weird. new york city had that on lock far long time. >> here is a slice of new york city captured by
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>> it was so multi-layered. >> you can watch this over and over and over again. absorb all that is new york city. let's start from the deepest layer he doesn't quite get it here. >> can we all talk about thet tt potential zombie. >> is this a real slice of life because it is york or is it just like a set up? >> i don't know is the only answer i can give you. >> his picture here simply says i love this city. i don't know what's more
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ridiculous. the couple dancing or the lady doing her make up over a garbage can. let's not forget the fourth layer here. the man scrolling on through like nothing happened. >> because this is your typical day at the subway. >> i love it, new york, love it. it's almost time for the rtm you choose give away where you can win a google home or amazon echo. >> record rtm for me. >> recording. all you need is wednesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old and be a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> the buzz word coming up in just a minute. >> standby for the rtm you choose give away. now, if you're a person like me and you're terrified of the ocean you convince yourself if you stay out of the ocean you're safe, right? nope. >> they some times like to walk on land. >> if it is real and looks like
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a giant octopus we are pretty much taking out 50s left and right. >> yes. those might do very little harm. they might take out a pencil on the beach. i want to know more about octopuses. they are so fascinating. such amazing little things. you know what i love? >> yeah. >> so if you're me and you're terrified of them walking all over you you can go fishing. that's safe, right? >> yeah. >> no. >> oh. >> you know what? you saw this. >> this is what happens when you go fishing. it looks like the fish was baking the hook to get the gator. >> it is two ways. a florida man or this
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these guys in the philippines are on their dirt bikes. they are waiting for their >> right from the beginning one looses control and sends another into the the race is over for them. you can see people rush over to help him out. he is in pain. it has to have broken at least for one. >> they are expecting something. the guy with a back board was right there. >>. >> they will be okay. they were covered their gears. >> speaking of going a different route. >> wow. >> this guy is on his mountain
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bike and says he is getting to send it into summer and maybe a little wiser than last summer. he is coming down on a very treacherous trailer. >> what? >> he doesn't get specific about hiss -- his injuries. you can tell he is in a lot of pain. we do know he made it out of this one because he is apparently going to try this again. >> we look forward to your other video. a little older build in like 1539 or 1540. well, now holding something else according to tony
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>> oh. of course it will be and old goes in a place like this. >> it looks like a ghost. i can see it >> when he claims that ghost came at him he was in the other room. he says paul was acting strangely so he starts recording. >> it was taking up residence in that castle. >> a lot of them when they go
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into spaces like this say the reason they feel this stuff is because they open themselves to these energies. if you're a skeptic you probably won't experience stuff like this. >> if you go into an old castle hoping and expecting to find ghosts you probably will. >> yeah. >> that's interesting. imagine that. jessica is back with the perfect recipe to wow your mom this mother's day. >> it's easy to make. >> find out the simple steps next. >> i would say thank you, honey. plus we have got the rtm you choose give away coming up. keep watching for your chance to snag a google home or amazon echo. don't miss it.
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more than a bag... afternoon of playtime domination. save the day and everything else with ziploc. sc johnson. a family company. marvel studios' avengers: infinity war in theaters april 27th. like that's gonna happen. icy hot: icy to dull, hot to relax. rise from pain. icy hot. the fastest, non-drowsy, allergy reliefment. to help you break through symptoms. get back to the moment with allegra. this mother's day? >> mother's day is soon and jessica has one question for you. >> what are you going to make
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her? >> cereal. >>. >> a breakfast burrito that you microwave. >> no. >> we are going to make her red grapes. you start with two pieces of bred. you spread ricotta cheese on top. >> this tastes fancy but it's realize si to make. >> drizzle the olive oil. >> put it in the oven about 10 to 12 minutes. >> we will drizzle a little bit of honey on >> that's right. >> how are you doing? >> i feel like if you went to one of these and it would cost you 12 bucks. >> it is great to


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