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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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. live where you live this is "abc 7 news." >> coast fire. iron man. we are here to stay. >> a testament of endurs. >> bringing a much needed boost when hit hard bit north bay wildfires. thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. thanks to a competition happening now. this weekend host to the iron man tryathlon. or nel bernard live from santa rosa. >> hi. we are seeing a first wave of competitors crossing the finish line a block from where we are. talk about endurance, wow.
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business owners say they have endured a lot too. this weekend downtown restaurants and stores are packed and people money. >> reporter: completed a bike ride after a swim and then a marathon run. katey from arizona here supporting her fiance, tim. >> if someone has to do it, you have to go after t. some people want to challenge themselves. >> it is wonderful for san to rosa. iron man is more than a race, it is a lifesaver. after a tough seven months. >> it was frightening and quite for a few months and it has been a struggle. >> not today, she was serving a full house of hungry and thirsty
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customers. the city predicts that iron man can generate $13 million for the region. >> spending money now is say the first donations coming in during the fires. iron man's second year in santa rosa. the city signed a contract to host the event for the next three years. >> we are positive about events like this coming out is great. >> the region, still sonoma county strong. >> today's men winner from the netherlands. 8 hours and 42 minutes. the female winner, amy from a york finished with nine hours 52 minutes. congratulations for them and everybody who was able to finish. live from santa rosa, cornell barnard, abc7 news.
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>> winds creating problems for firefighters. firefighters tell abc7 news it started in the backyard of a home and spread quickly. it got bad that firefighters called for the fifth alarm because of flying embers. the cause not known. the winds blamed for knocking down this tree in campbell at 2:30 this afternoon. off ramp to wind chester boulevard and the roads are clear. we are in for another gusty day tomorrow with cooler conditioners. let's get the latests from meteorologist drew tuma. >> the winds strongest through delta and gusting through afternoon and right now wind gusts of 25 miles an hour in fairfield, 23 in napa and the bay shore line, the winds are active and coming off of the
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ocean whaeater. so cooler today than this time yesterday. a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. the marine layer and future tracker winds showing early tomorrow morning, the winds will relax and calm down and that's how your morning will start. winds less than 10-miles-per-hour and the winds turn active one against. the temperatures shaping up in the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> all right, drew, we will see you then. north korea saying it will dismantle the test site in two weeks. a traumatic event. here is abc7 news reporter, david packer. >> reporter: announcing an official date of a dismantling nuclear test site. the news carried by the news agency announcing a ceremony
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marking the event. the dismantling will include collapsing tunnels and blocking entrances and security post and research buildings. journalists from five countries invited to inspect the approximation. days after north korea released three americans and president trump optimistic about kim jong-un's motives. >> i think he did this because i think he wants to do something and bring the country into the real world. >> reporter: the to countries in complete agreement with about the objectives. >> if north korea takes bold action to congresswomenly denuclearization the united states will work with them to -- >> reporter: june 12th the first meeting between the sitting u.s. president and the leader of north korea. emotional homecoming for an
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oakland family stranding for weeks after a deadly car crash. in florida help ago family member when their mother die in a car crash with her sister, sister's boyfriend, nephew and -- could got return to home but returning to sfo. ages from 5 to 15 years the school district is sharing the family's story. a go fund me account created to help with living expenses. in the south bay, five people injured following a vta light rail train and a car. at the scene in north first street in san jose, the valley transportation -- the driver was hurt, one passenger on the train
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suffered a minor injury and reports of several others. vta offered bus service for about an hour and light rail service resumed in that area. flames damaged a home and that fire started at 2:00 this afternoon and you can see a lot of smoke in the air. you can see now, the vantage point from the sutro cam. back on the ground, smoke out the home. no word on whether anyone was hurt. in the north bay police need your help identifying a man who exposed himself to a teenage girl in a drugstore. he went up to the girl inside of the right aide and the victim told police she felt somebody brush against her and she saw the suspect exposing himself. another
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in hawaii. geologists remain concern since the volcano could have an explosive eruption and send boulders and ash. >> we want to take measurements to protect the children. we have masks for them but i don't know if they are small enough. >> president trump signed to authorize federal aid for hawaii. military moms in the bay area. and a crew inspecting windows ends up breaking them. a rough day on a job. and
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window inspection turned into a terrifying i can appearance for two workers at a building under construction in new york city. take a look at this heart pounding moment captured on video and then spun it around smashing the windows. one person on the ground injured by the glass and this is 46 stories above the ground which equals out to about 50 feet. rescuers able to rotate the scaffolding and pull the men to safety it appears it was not properly secured. well this is of course, mother's day weekend which can be a difficult time with those with children in the military. saratoga in the country club dozens of mothers serving in the deployed service members and gold star moms there.
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gold stars are those who had one of their children killed in service. >> it shows we are not forgotten and neither are our children. many of us are legacy of our children is our presence. >> this is the 14th annual military mother's day brunch. >> it was a dog day at the park in san francisco this afternoon. >> stephanie lee had a welcome home party after being reunited. stolen late last month outside of a grocery store. the woman saw the story on the news and called lee and it was sold and in oakland. he is deaf and blind in one eye but you can see he appears to be doing fine. >> and happy to be home. we have a new story to share about three bears. >> and there is no goal did i lock in this tale just hungry
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bears and unexpected encounter. >> the fog returning tonight and cooler air on the
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only one candidate for governor when students were stuck in failing schools, led the fight to turn them around.
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as mayor of l.a., antonio villaraigosa invested in classrooms and security. graduation rates soared. antonio for governor. ♪ taylor swift expecting to bring down the house in santa clara. abc7 news there for the multiplatinum singer's reputation stadium tour. returning for a second concert. last night getting raef
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reviewings a near perfect pop show. berkeley students who received their diplomas today. ♪ chancellor carol chris tooks place of the senator from the comenace meant speaker. other commencements was mills college in oakland and in san rafael. take a look for yourself. mom almost appears to be the look out as two bears rummage through a trash can in a parking lot but no one saw them right away until a photographer came face-to-face with the bears. and the bears retreated which is a smart move. now your accuweather forecast withdrew tuma. >> warm air yesterday retreated with cool winds and the winds
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sticking with us tomorrow. live doppler 7 no issues with precipitation. tracking the low cloud cover and turning to the coastline. this is a live look, from sutro tower and from time to time breaks in the cloud cover and an indication of the pattern changing for the cooler and breezier. winds right now, breezy the entire afternoon and ebbed and flowed throughout the day. 25 in fairfield and we've seen similar ratings throughout the day. 8 to 10-miles-per-hour from sfo to oakland. we had a land breeze. so warm to finish off. today the winds switched to a sea breeze. ushered in the cool air. 24-hour temperature change. cooler in santa rosa than this time yesterday.
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23 degrees cooler in napa, and 11 in fairfield and concord this time yesterday. so a lot of 60s and low 70s on the board. a breezy 60 degrees. 77 in san jose, 61 in santa rosa and san roman 74 degrees. over the next 12 hours, low cloud cover return to a majority of the region. already have it along the coastline spilling into the bay and spread around the entire region. a lot of us tomorrow morning waking up to gray sky temperatures on either side of 50 degrees. live doppler 7 and along with satellite. high pressure to the west and the way winds flow from high to low pressure. that's why you have the winds coming off of the ocean water and the sea breeze kick in and brought back the marine layer and with us in terms of the
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wind. the mother's day planner. it is going to be a gray start. a.m. fog and low cloud cover and that typical springtime pattern. the clouds retreeting back to the coastline through morning. into the afternoon away from the coast we'll manage more in the way of sunshine and the breeze keeping us kind of at or slightly below average for this time of the year. so high sunday afternoon a bright looking day and you will have the breeze gusting over 15 mar miles an hour tomorrow. cool in san francisco, high 59 degrees. 71 aloe toe. it is a nice day for mother's day. a breeze in the afternoon to deal with. sticking with the breeze on monday with the morning clouds and afternoon sunshine.
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tuesday, cooler and by wednesday could see coastal drizzle and bounce back. sunnier skies by friday and temperatures where they should be one week from today in the mid 60s to 70s. the wind sd with us through wednesday of this week. >> hair spray days. >> and the pollen is everywhere with those allergies. >> hair spray. >> when get more hair, i will get hair spray. >> yes. >> i'm sorry. they are better warm. we have to go back some day. >> i like the plan. >> we will have to go with her, i think. >> speaking of back, is tieg er tiger woods back. and the as get the go ahead run at
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now sports from "abc 7 news." >> the show down of the best backcourt in the nba, the warrior stephen curry against james harden and chris paul. for paul, this is new territory. monday's his first round. and he erped it. paul had a remarkable career and some say haul of fame worthy. sean live i think stock asking if paul would be overlooked
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without a ring. >> that is going to be like that until he wins. he is a great player, simil siml ba barkley. you measure them by the championships and titles and how much they were able to win. for him to be able to be a hall of fame player a great player, it is an accomplishment to him. >> it is hard to know what is frustrating for the as blowing a big lead or loading the bases with no outs and not bringing in a run. in either case this guy doesn't care. he has other things he is focused on. it is chris crush davis a three-run shot to give oakland the lead. his 11th of the season five-run inning for the as. his 11th of the season.
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evening things up. top of the 9th loading them with three straight walks and jonathan sent a sacrifice to the lft and bret makes a catch and a flow and matt olsen, replay did not look conclusive. call over turned. bottom of the 11th. two outs. scoring from second and ouch, yankees with this one, 7-6 the final. fans waited for the day that tiger woods returns and that may have been today. 66 career rounds, his best round every. 7 under par, 65. it may want be good enough. he has not played the player's championship in three years and shot up the leader board. he is well behind the leader, web simpson on the green side bunker on 11.
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99 feet. yeah. into the whole for eagle. this is crazy. look at this. on the famous island green, tee shot. just beautiful. lands on the green and then slowly rolls close to the hole. that was an easy birdie history on the road for the earthquakes against minnesota. a penalty quick and eric son makes 1-0 just like that. chris wondolowski and he has a second kick. it is his 132nd goal and a record with most goals in a single franchise and go onto win, 3-1 the final. the
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new on "ab 7 news" at 6:00 a symbol offen unity in wine country. a suspect in custody. >> prom season and two fast food giants getting in on the act. >> near boston a burger king next to an wendy used the store front sign to ask them to the prom. >> and wendy's tweeted okay don't get handsy.
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>> so sassy. they may be tonight, breaking news. the deadly stabbing attack in paris. chaos on a busy central city street. a man with a knife sending people rushing into restaurants and cafes. several injured. was this terror? also breaking tonight, ready to blow. the urgent warning about the volcano in hawaii. president trump now declaring it a major disaster. white house cleanup. damage control after that callous remark about senator john mccain. sources say press secretary sarah sanders lashing out at her staff about the leak. and now, rushing to correct the record about something the president's new lawyer, rudy giuliani, told a reporter. waffle house showdown. the fbi now involved. the forceful arrest caught on camera. tonight, what started the violent chain of events.


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