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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 15, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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an engineer smelled danger as smoke crosses the train tracks. this is much more than just smoke. >> see the heart stopping race to beat an inferno. >> oh. >> you can tell they are excited. >> it is moving day for the penguins. >> the moment they lay eyes on they new home sweet home. >> he is planning to surprise mom. >> he didn't see this one coming. >> momma is knocked up? >> the great you choose give away. >> we break down the best on the web including the carbonaro
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effect with a mine altering illusion. now michael carbonaro reveals the reason for the eye patch. >> let's see. >> getting set up. pollution, bad weather, fog, none of that. smoke, smoke. >> yes. >> huge smoke. you can see the smoke getting thicker and thicker as these guys inside a loco motive traveling down a railroad track with nowhere else to go. the smoke getting so bad they can barely see the rails in front of them. this is much more than just smoke. as you know where there's smoke -- oh, crap. >> and they are going right into it. >> right into it and right through this forest fire.
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seconds later i don't know that they would have been able to pass. keep in mind, railroad tracks made of wood. >> right. and then heat as well can do all kinds of stuff with the metal. >> did nobody know about this and they just happened up on it? >> they had no choice at this point, go through it and hopefully go out on the other side. see this family try to go get through the train. dad jumps on. mom not aware that the trains do not stop for very >> leapt into action. >> people saw what's about to happen. mom and dad appear to have made it on the train. not nearly anything close to
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what could have happened. >> yeah. >> we have trucks and suvs. we hate the phone call that says will you help me move? i think this time we would be game for it. it's moving day for the penguins. they are at the oregon zoo. they did some repairs and let's just say they have been staying in the polar bear exhibit. they are happy to be back -- >> they are all overdressed. >> i like this one's name, tamale. these are 25 humble penguins. let's say the migration was long. >> how long? >> 100 yards, 100 long yards. >> yeah. >> the struggle is real. they had assistance from staffers. these guys are like i think
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we'll be okay. >> and off they went. >> they had guys showing them the way. once they got in there they are like it looks like our natural habitat. there's no >> you night even see the queen if her horse is racing. this is a video. a bunch of well-dressed drunk l idiots get into a full blown mma beat down. >> yes. still looked like a party doing?
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>> talk her so it spilled out onto the street. there is another pair just going for it. i want to caution you, it's pretty intense. >> oh, my gosh. he kicked him in the head. >> he hits his head on the ground. he is unconscious now and another idiot, full blown soccer kick. >> that kind of stuff will get you locked up for a very long time. >> there's at least one twor people that knows it's going on. everyone starts taking a swing. before you know it there's bodies left, right and center. >> you don't owe any part of your team or whatever it is that you're following. it should never come to it.
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>> i got no information regarding arrests or injuries. everybody is talk about it. these could end tough if they don't do something about it. it's almost time for the you shooz give away. you get go? >> i choose you, amazon the rtm buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> stay tuned for the choos gi choose gave away. >> all right. i flew down. my mother doesn't know i'm here. it's mother's day. >> this dude decided to celebrate in a big way. we know how this normally
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he walks up up up up up one going! wait. mom is knocked up? >> yes. she got so excited to that she glitched. she passed out. >> oh, my god. are you okay? >> she totally passed out. >> no. she hasn't come to yet, guys. >> we clearly know who her favorite is. >> he got her good. this is one for the books. >> oh, my gosh. drivers take their cars to the street. >> and start smashing them around. >> the bizarre scene sparking a huge investigation. and a brave model strikes
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my pharmacist said, "fungi-nail stops foot fungus before it spreads." announcer: fungi-nail. kills fungus. restores skin. get fungi-nail fast. you were a model. when you were out there modelling you got some challenges. >> yeah. >> you lucky fool. you never got this one. >> oh, wow. >> this is crazy. >> crazy freaking cool. this is in the bahamas. this model is surrounded by
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friendly sharks, at least not a hungry one while her husband and photographer taking these really cool beautiful pictures. >> i could totally see you doing something like this. >> yes. >> there is someone down there that gives her oxygen ever so often. that person swims away and you have to hold your breath. >> that's trust. the husband wife thing, that explains it. >> she has to look cool and she has to look like she is enjoying this all while there are sharks around her and she is relying on someone else for air. >> so it's all on her to get her hair and dress looking right. she has to have a sense of what she is doing. >> i bet her images are impressive. >> it is. check out the final photos. it is presumed the sharks may be
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a bit use today humans being around as well. so they really are leaving her alone. bumper cars were really fun with your kids. >> they are fun. thank you. >> these guys are adults. >> oh. well usually bumper cars don't result in a felony. >> the thing is with demolition derbies they are normally controlled. these dudes decided to take their cars out ton streets and start smashing them around. >> is this more fun? >> it appears to be a residential area. a person saw this happening and started to record. >> they are smashing into each other and smashing into whatever happens to be there in the area. they are turning donuts and swinging around. they continue to go at it. >> really, honestly, it is one of the strangest videos. >> is that guy on rims? >> i wouldn't be surprised if
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they were stolen at all. people aren't going blow their own cash on something like this. >> later they burned them. >> stolen, yeah. >> they want to put a stop in romainia. >> watch out. >> yeah. >>. >> oh. >> it looks like it came out of absolutely nowhere. it suddenly comes to a halt. >> that's a surprise. >> the bleels fell off. >> interestingly enough the person and passenger inside were not injured. there happened to be police near by who came to the scene. it seemss though there may be alcohol and intoxication. >> no.
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>> too real. >> the opportunity to adopt a dog, a little puppy that needs a home. just picture it. just think about it. you can see it. >> oh, this tin man has a heart. >> get back on that web site. maybe a credit card and it's all going to be perfect. >> so then something goes wrong. something that we all take for granted. >> they have taken this very seriously. you can go and you too can get involved in making sure that robots can get ton the internet.
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i will be signing up. i will sign my e-mail in and find out what's going on. a quite ridiculous video. >> up until the robot part you have been doing better than i was. nothing like a good
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grooming. >> total silence. you need to be at least 21 years of age. >> head on over to right this and click on rtm wins. >> you can enter each. >> let's reveal tuesday's buzz word. >> get on over to right thi minute good luck everybody. >> he's making laughs and blowing minds.
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the talented dude talks making some true tv magic. >> i never
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could strike and you'll wish you had it. magician by trade. you'll like him. he likes to gout and use magic and freak people out. he is showing off a new product. >> these are awful. i was sitting this up. isn't that cute? >> look. he it is like a little mini mii
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mini bottle of wine. >> once you blow up the balloon all kind ofrs pressures are working on this mini bottle. >> you take a pin or something and pop it. >> no. >> if you want to know what it is it's this. >> you just freaked me out. >> but he continues. he has another balloon right here. he pulls it down. >> oh. >> and he didn't spill it. my man. >> but he can absolutely freak you out. this is a doctor's office. he gets him to look closely at his eye. >> no. >> her face. >> if i can get this part off. >>
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and live we have michael carbonara. what does it feel like to freak people out. >> like watching you guys watch that clip is more amazing than day i'm doing it. i'm so nervous and i want it to be funny. look what i did. i was doing it so much to the crew that i waxed the spoon in my eye and i have blood in my eye and i have to wear an eye patch. >> we don't know to trust you. >> okay. look, look, look. >> i thought for sure we were getting set up. >> do the people in your family have a hard time trusting you? >> they know when i'm going to pull a prank. i think i get a little smirk and they are like i don't believe a word you're saying. >> have you ever used any kind of magic to get what you want maybe to get bumped to the front
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of a line. >> i got out of a traffic ticket. i told him we were magicians. he said can you show us something right now? so to the headlights of the cop care on the side of the highway. >> you got out of a ticket. >> we could stay here and talk to you all day but we have other videos to show. if you want to get in it premiers on may 17th, 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> loochl >> look. it's healed. >> magic. >> that's it. that's all. hope you caught the buzz word. enter that at right this and catch us on the next all new rtm.
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tonight, as we come on the air, the severe storms moving across much of the country. and hitting new york city at this hour. the tornado watch for a time in the northeast. and thunderstorm watches right now across ten states. from philadelphia to new york to boston, we're watching tonight. ginger zee is standing by. also breaking, the giant ash cloud tonight, right above the crater. they're so concerned about. is there an explosion coming in hawaii? matt gutman with the new concern tonight. we're also following north korea's new warning at this hour. now threatening to cancel the summit between president trump and kim jong-un. what the north wants stopped and how will the white house respond? the fbi on the scene at this hour of a building explosion late today. children rushed out of a day car, holding hands. the video tonight. eight police body cams


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