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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 15, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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how it was recorded. >> reporter: the police do not believe the victims were targets. they believe they were at the wrong place, at the wrong time. fortunately for police, video captured it all. >> we had gone to a graduation party and coming back to the house. >> reporter: an end to a fun night. as they said goodbyes, someone come out of the shadows. the three friend do not want their names used for safety reason. for this story, we are calling him derek. >> maybe someone asking for money. and then we saw the gun and realized it was a different situation. >> take off your wallet. and take off your ring. and you, give me your purse. give me your ring. give me all of it. >> reporter: the gunman seemed
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nervous. he said he meant business. >> don't turn around. i am going to turn you in your leg. >> threw me into the ground. >> reporter: derek skinned his knee and scraped his thumb. fortunately that was the extent of the injuries. police captain was amazed of the quality of the video and audio. >> we are finding that so many of these cases are more solvable now. >> reporter: take a look at the video. a closer look at the suspect. if you recognize him, call the police. we posted it on our breaking news, a shakeup in the san francisco police
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commission tonight. >> the board of supervisors has just decided not to reappoint two commissioners, joe marshal and sonia malaria. >> there are now just three sitting members. that is not enough. mayor mark ferrell had asked for the re-appointments. >> he issued statement less than an hour saying quoted, i am extremely disappointed that the board of supervisors decided to poll lit size the appointment process of the police commission at such a crucial time in our city. san francisco police has never met a staffing goal. that will change after announcement today. >> but realistically, what is the likelihood this will happen?
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>> abc7 news lyanne melendez takes a look. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor told cadets at the police academy that the crime rate went down after police beefed up appointments. >> after officers were assigned there for the following month, one. so presence is prevention. >> reporter: he is supporting mark ferrell's plan to add 250 officers in the next four years. in two year budget proposal, more than $50 million added for public safety. funding police cars, equipment and reform efforts. supervisor is the budget committee care >> the exponential growing cost that will be fine in years three and four. >> reporter: more boots on the ground. that has been the goal of the city since the 1996 charter was enacted.
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and it clearly states here that the police force shall at all times consist of not fewer than 1,971 of full duty officers. that number has never been reached. >> but adding those 250 officers would mean the city would finally be in compliance. >> 1879 full duty right now. so do the math in my head, so that is over 2,100. >> while i may be out of office eight weeks from now, this legacy will last for years to come. >> reporter: not clear how much of his plan will be embraced by the city's next mayor. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. new details about a deadly stabbing at sonoma state. the victim was steven john
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garcia from santa rosa. he was not a student. the suspect has been arrested and charged with murder. in san mateo county. charge charged with the death. the motive is that prasad wanted to date the victim's this guy had plenty olenty o unfriendly company watching the proceedings. >> reporter: stealing a pride flag and tossing it to the
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bottom of the russian river. >> this person has been threatening and harassing people in our community for a long time. >> reporter: he faces felony hate crime charges. threatening to blow up gay people, a grocery threat. >> it was a terrorist threat. >> reporter: both alleged crimes resonate disturbingly. >> i am happy that the court recognized it is a hate crime and they are taking it seriously. >> we are letting him know he is no longer welcome. and this behavior is not welcome in our community. >> reporter: beth hs lobbied. a surveillance video from last week shows two men, one of them covers the camera's lens and the flag disappears.
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david juarez told us the do not speak to him. i was weary about coming here. but my husband said as a vet, as a openly gay person, and a human being you have to do that. >> reporter: in santa rosa wayne freedman abc7 news. political aspirations dashed today for a santa clara supervisor. resigned his seat today. and suspended. he faces >> i told him to stop. but he didn't pay attention to that. and he continued. and it got worse over time.
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>> and in a statement, said the allegations against me are false in every sense of the world, yet i have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion without due process. his seat will be filled via appointment in the coming weeks. one month the court used evidence of the golden gate killer. advocates have more than 13,000 kits of untested rape kits the building. a second bill would require a complete inventory of all untested rape evidence across the state. >> we're talking about being able to solve the next golden
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state killer cases. too many tragedies that have been avoidable. >> $6 million to help counties process evidence. federal money is also available to help clear up that backlog. 13,000 planes land a month. but the pilots board an international flight had a laser pointed at them. the plane did land safely. david louie looks at the problem. >> reporter: the jet liner is preparing to land on runway 28 right where the radio piloted air traffic control. looks like we have laser activity. >> roger, 2000 feet off
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left-hand side. >> left-hand side two miles out. >> reporter: this gives you an impression about how blinding a laser is. it is a bad time for a cockpit crew to lose their bearings. >> if you are doing all of those critical things during the landing, lining up with a runway, that is the last time you want to have distractions. >> the united crew and passengers were fortunate. the plane landed safely. laser strikes or illuminations happen on average 18 times a day across the u.s. 63 at san francisco international. and 114 san jose. and 75 at oakland international. pointing a laser at an aircraft
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is a federal crime. ranging in price from $16 to $70. conviction is three years in prison in state law. the number of incidents still trending down. david louie abc7 news. the father accused of torturing his children speaks out in jail for the first time. >> the closest thing to me is like indiana jones of a deep sea diver or high climber with ultimate spirituality. >> defends himself from the allegations. i am meteorologist drew tuma seeing sunshine right now. but wednesday could head out with drizzle. >> now, coming up, the fate of the daca program regarding
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install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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new at 6:00, video just in e protest outside the israeliaelii consulate. delays and slow service in the area. this rally comes a day after the united states formally moved the embassy. now today is also anniversary which palestinians mark a million of them were forced from their homes. >> meantime, the ninth circuit courts of appeals heard arguments over the trump's administration effort to end the daca program. rob haze from our sister station in los angeles has the stories. >> reporter: they stood on the steps of the ninth circuit
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courts of appeal and made as much noise as they could. the rally small, but the issue huge. daca in the hands of the federal appeals court. making the case that the white house should be able to end the daca program. >> we are being forced to maintain a policy that gives affirmative sanction to 700,000 illegal aliens in the policy that we think is illegal. that is an extraordinary intrusion on the executive branch. >> reporter: daca shielded those hundreds of thousands of people. the trump administration tried to shut down daca only to have a federal judge in san francisco block that decision in january. attorneys argue to keep the injunction in place. >> you can't take a welcome mat and use it as the rug to pull out from under individuals. you have to have strong basis to
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do it. the government did not present any such basis. >> reporter: those documents recipients rallying out front are quick to give their stance on the issue. >> we are tired of being treated in this manner. we know these actions are racially motivated. a new effort to clean up litter. kristen sze is here with the new ban being proposed. >> unveiling legislation to ban straws. supervisors katie, tang tang n store offers reusable straws sts their bobba teas. now we are about to show you
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disturbing video illustrating how plastic can harm a marine life. this poor sea turtle discovered two years ago with a straw is you can in his nose became a rally cry for this action. >> this is about millions and millions of pieces of plastic in our ocean. >> berkeley is considering a plastic straw ban. the san francisco ordnance would require businesses to give out beverage lids and condiment packages only if requested. >> it took a while for sunshine to break through the clouds today. drone view 7 flew over these sailboats on san francisco bay
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today. beyond treasure island looking gorgeous. drew tuma is here with the forecast. awfully cool out there still. >> halfway through the month and the majority of the first two weeks well below average for this time of year. live doppler 7, this evening we are seeing more in the breaks and the cloud coverage. many of us dealing with pretty clear skies. to the north we go, live doppler 7 showing you thunder showers have popped up in redding. the showers fall apart as the sun goes down. live look from our east bay camera showing you a mixture of clouds and sunshine. we have had this breeze for several days and continues this evening as well. especially through the delta, fairfield gusting 40 miles per hour. 16 in san francisco.
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san jose has a wind of 20 miles per hour. and that wind continues to come off that cool ocean water. helping to keep temperatures below average in terms of may standards. 63 in san rafael. and 69 in vallejo.vallejo. over the next 12 hours we will once again see the cloud cover fill in starting along the coast and spilling inland. temperatures in the upper 40s t lower 50s tonight. this area of low pressure sat and spun to our east. continues to do so and continues to bring in the cooler air. what we are tracking, another ripple of energy. a short wave off the coast of california. this will move onshore overnight and it will bring us the chance of drizzle early tomorrow morning. you can see future weather
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picking up in the fog and also the chance of drizzle. in the chance of the south bay as well. as the clouds begin to retreat back to the coast, still seeing chance that we could have isolat isolated dr isolated drizzle for the first part. you may need your windshield for a couple of minutes. continuing the trend of cooler than average temperatures. 63 in oakland. 66 the high in livermore. seven-day forecast. cool tomorrow. chance of morning drizzle below average. bouncing back friday and the first half of the weekend with brighter warmer conditions. and then right back down sunday to early monday. certainly the theme for at least
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the dow broke an eight-day winning streak. dropped around 200 points. mills college in oakland launching fully online degree. without having to sit in the cas room. the price will be similar for what it cost to take classes on campus. today marked the official ground breaking for seniors in walnut creek. it is called viamonte. located next to shops and restaurants. 80% of the one and two bedroom units have already been sold. so it is expected to fill up quickly. it should open in 2020.
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>> the bay area is one of the most expensive places to live in california. a small earthquake serves as a big reminder of the cell phone emergency alerts you can sign up for. father defends himself against accusations of torture against his marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level.
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tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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i live very spiritu spirituu >> in jail and speaking out.
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jonathan allen defends himself against allegations that he tortured and abused his children in their home in fairfield leslie brinkley has the new developments. >> reporter: jonathan allen, the father charged of torturing his ten children, predicted from jail today that he will be acquitted. >> i am not an animal. they didn't even tell me what i supposedly done. they just told me child endangerment and torture. >> reporter: by afternoon, the solano county da, nine felony abuse. the da says the mother as well as the father are alleged to both have had a role in
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punching, strangling and water boarding the children ages four months to 12-years old. a tour of the home yesterday showed a room where ten of them slept animal and human feces making hallways impassable. a 12-year-old boy ran away and authorities returned him to the family home in fairfield which led to the arrest of ina rogers for felony endangerment. the children are being cared for by their grandmother. >> she will go grocery shopping for them and give them food. and she is a great lady. >> reporter: the children's mother will be back in court here tomorrow to face those nine felony counts. her bail could be raised to $700,000.
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i am leslie brinkley. abc7 news. major legal problems for california's right to die law. lawmakers acted illegally when they passed the law session. the ruling doesn't factor in the legality. the law allows ter ter ter ter r adults to obtain a prescription if they have six months to live. according to the california association of realtors, that is up from 29% at the end of the last year. six of the nine bay area counties improved. because wages went up.
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least affordable is all here in the bay area. developing news tonight on a story following closely, a massive eruption of kilauea volcano. the 20th fissure opened so far. vol canologists turn the water to steam and an explosive eruption. we are watching what is happening in hawaii closely. a small earthquake felt by thousands yesterday evening. the usgs says 7:18. it took the alameda county
6:34 pm
system a long longer. >> the house shook. >> reporter: and so did at&t park. the earthquake triggered alerts from apps. and about an hour and a half later, this official alert from the city of oakland. >> sometimes we have to make a decision when we should do an alert or do we have to do an alert. >> reporter: that was the conversation in this room even long after the alert. the county system was meant for major disasters. a grand jury found they needed a better way to notify the public. >> they basically used police cars and fire trucks and sent people door to door trying to get people out. >> reporter: now ac alert can tap into the federal system that
6:35 pm
can notify every cell phone nearby. >> even if you are a visitor in the area. we can hit your cell phone and let you know what protective action to take. >> reporter: there was discussion about whether to send the alert at all. was the time lapse because the discussion was taking place. >> it appears to me there was a discussion taking place, crafting the message. >> reporter: and an hour and a half later they made the call. a good exercise for the county and good reminder to the system. >> we had several more thousand people signing up for the program. >> reporter: they would like more to sign up. only 10% have opted in so far. >> as we mentioned the alert from the abc news app was sent ten minutes. you can be the first to know when news break.
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download the abc7 news app and enable the push alerts. completely free. available from google play and the app ordinayou are going to hear argument next. hundreds of complaints pouring in about movie pass. a card that lets you see one movie every day
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so as they say, what is in a name, when it comes to zuckerberg general hospital, some workers say it is not a good fit. >> pushing to have it removed. carolyn tyler has the story. >> reporter: gave a generous $75 million donation to help build a cutting edge trauma center at san francisco general. the largest single donation to a
6:40 pm
public hospital. >> we believe investing in health is one of the most important things we can do personally. >> reporter: in exchange the hospital was renamed in their honor. patients here are concerned. how their data might be used. registered nurse believes the hospital's connection to zuckerberg reinforces the fear. and decided to protest with covering the name with blue tape. >> they are afraid to tell their doctor what is going on because they don't know who is going to get that information. >> reporter: withou exception our most important commitment to is to our patients to enshiring their well-being and to protecting their privacy. in no way has the hospital compromised that commitment. and saying the facebook ceo's
6:41 pm
gift is serving the needs of the community. >> it is all the more reason to get it off of here to get our identity as the city and county's public hospital. >> reporter: they want city leaders to allow voters to decide. carolyn tyler abc7 news. no sign of summer in the sky today. >> live look from our east bay hills
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option
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to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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abc7 news was in oakland at embarcadero west to see a view of the entrance at the oakland festival. for most artists this attention and opportunity has been a long time coming. >> think what it took was the years of like putting in time and doing projects together and creating this kind of vibe to where we can be selected to do a project like this. >> the week-long festival
6:45 pm
celebrates oakland art months comes to an end on saturday. community painting, dancing, children activity and murals. offered admission to one big screen movie every day for $9.95 a month. was that too good to be true? michael finney is hearing from angry customers. >> theater goers said they the program until abruptly being canceled. can movie pass make good on their offer? customers came to me for their help. >> reporter: showing their passion, posters of classic movies cover the wall. >> we spent our entire marriage going to movies once or twice a
6:46 pm
week. >> reporter: they could not refuse the offer, a movie pass card good for one movie every day $9.95. they upgraded to an annual it all ended abruptly after two months. movie pass suddenly canceled dorothy's cards saying she violated the rules. >> i didn't do anything wrong? >> reporter: she and her husband went to the exact same movies. why was her pass cancelled and his valid. >> she was cut off and i wasn't. >> reporter: movie pass would not explain why. only that her pass was no good..
6:47 pm
and can never sign up for movie pass ever again. other customers said movie pass canceled their account without a valid reason. the bbb gave the company an f rating. we contacted movie pass telling us a small percentage of movie pass users were removed from the system due to violating the terms of service. if customers do feel there was a mistake, they should feel free to reach out. >> every time we go to the movies, this is just wrong. >> reporter: some customers reported cashiers at the theater were unclear on how to charge
6:48 pm
cards. movie pass was not willing to investigate. if you have had a problem with movie pass, tell me about it. go on "7 on your call our hotline. (415) 954-8151 and you can reach me on my facebook page or through update the weather forecast for you. >> drew is back with the latest. >> sunshine right now giving away to cloud cover once again. more sunshine today than we saw yesterday. tonight those clouds are rolling back in. upp upper 40s to lower 50s. we could have drizzle across the region early on tomorrow. search in the morning, everyone is fair game to see isolated drizzles. breaks of sun midday.
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and more in the way of sunshine but still breezy and cool for this time of year. take it to your highs on wednesday. 68 in san jose. 64 san mateo. 67 concord. and 63 the high in vallejo. clouds to some sun with morning drizzle still below average on thursday. the weekend is looking nice in terms of sunshine and early next week we will see a bit of cool down. another day of morning fog to afternoon sunshine. >> sounds good. >> salt in the wound perhaps tomorrow. >> larry beil is here with that. >> how about a bucket of salt. >> you are going all the way. >> we are in it to win it. >> warriors will go for the rocket's soul. is that too
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he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless.
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defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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good evening. the warriors did precisely what they wanted to do in game one. snatch home court advantage and plant the seed of doubt in the heads of the rockets. wrote the hot hand of durant. taking advantage of numerous rockets defense break downs. human nature suggests the warriors may relax a little. and the rockets you know are going to be desperate. >> we have now an opportunity to really take advantage and win tomorrow night and get a big lead. so that is the plan. >> i think the reason why probably won championship last year, you know what i mean, i am sure you go to statistics and the team that wins has the least amount of mistakes. >> being greedy, playing the next 40 minutes and having the
6:54 pm
expectations that we have two wins. >> have a golden opportunity tomorrow to take a good lead. and you got to have short memory in the playoffs. >> after the game i called guys because you can tell as a leader, when guys aren't happy or guys aren't moving. so i called guys and see how their feeling. >> game two, lebron james struggles in game one. he is going to try to go for 50 tonight. free ball there. step back three and almost falling out of bounds. 21 points in the first quarter alone. if you are old enough to remember the cummings era of basketball. this is nba draft lottery day. here is who they favored.
6:55 pm
>> the second pick will be made by the sacramento kings. >> that is the reward for being horrible. the suns get the first pick. the sacramento kings they jumped up to the two spot. the hawks get the third pick and the mavericks fourth. the cavs get the eighth pick. on to baseball. a's in boston, a win tonight will give them a series victory. red sox at 28-13. rainy day delayed the game about an hour. doubles right. off of rodriguez. returning from the bereavement list.
6:56 pm
he goes deep. incredible. and clean out of the park over the monster. the a's are leading 3-0 in the third. giants playing the reds later on tonight. suspended 80 games for violating drug performance star policy. used a diuretic doctor in dominion, that is going to cost him almost $12 million this season. that is a lot of cash. >> and i was worried about steph's calf. he was dunking in practice and appeared to be fine. so calm down. it is no biggie. >> join us tonight kofy-tv 20 channel 13.
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what its investors are planning at nine. an inside look into the preparation in windsor for the royal wedding. and why prince harry is so beloved. >> that's it. we appreciate your time. i am dan ashley. >> and i am ama daetz, for drew tuma, and larry beil, and all of us here, have a great evening.
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