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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  May 17, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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right this minute. oh, my god. >> baby. >> a camera shows a kitten stuck in a pipe for five days. see the extraordinary measures to save him. >> i'm stuck. i'm stuck. i'm stuck. >> a cyclist is stuck in a tunnel, the terrifying race to outr outrun a train. dads smack in the middle of an exciting plus you choose your give
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away. a chance to win a google home or amazon echo as we break down the best on the web including the one person who will tell you the truth. >> abuela. >> what happens when grandma weighs in on the yanny or laurel internet debate. >> right now i'm hearing jammy. they have flown from california to south carolina because a kitten is stuck down in a well. it has been there for five days when they rolled they stick a camera down in the tube because they want to see how far down it is. >> okay. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> baby. >> okay kitty. >> 42 feet. >> once the camera gets down there the kitten goes they start feeding it down once they get more of it down the kitten starts to claw its way up. >> what you're seeing the food that has been thrown in there but it's not able to climb very far. finally they get the loop down there then trying to get it around the kitty. the first attempt didn't work. they had to pull everything up and start all over again. you can see they got the loop around the cat. now they need to pull the cat up. >> i'm stuck. i'm stuck.
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i'm stuck. they move the camera and the rope and the cat is >> they named him he has to learn to caulk general. >> he got a new family. that's his new home. there are so many ways to enjoy adventure in this life. bicycle is a pretty easy way too start. a buddy up ahead and this guy suddenly decide to stop. >> there's a train coming. >> starts to hear the horn.
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you saw him lay his bike down. it's not a bike roid anymore. it's a sprint. >> run. >> feet, don't fail me now. >> oh. >> that was close. >> they say totally they regret the decision to try this. they know it was their stupid decision. >> did the bike make it? >> the bike totally made it. they get back up and peddle a little faster this time. go towards the light. speaking of light this next light is quite beautiful and the northern lights illuminating the path where two fat tire bicyclists are riding in the winter. >> isn't it beautiful? this was back in
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some day i'll get to see it. >> that's the effect of solar wind on the upper atmosphere. >> he does that a lot more since he has the glasses. >> uh-huh. who doesn't like an exciting scavenger hunt. that's her daughter they are following there. he get to the girl's room to pick up the next room and he has to go all the way back down. behind the couch he finds the next clue. it sends him straight to -- >> the grocery store. >> under the rug is the next clue. when he get to the kitchen she makes it easy. she points out where that clue is. a quick shot of another little
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girl facetiming. they want her in on the scavenger hunt. >> he get sboos ts into the fri. eventually he gets to the final location. >> surprise. >> the final clue is to look for something. he starts looking around. he gets to one of the walls where this said thing is hanging. >> when he realized something. >> he and she are having a baby. >> oh. >> apparently they have been trying for two years. he has a daughter. she has a daughter. it will be their very first child together. gives her a big hug and tells
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her how much -- >> yeah. >> they also tell the other sister. i'm sure she is very excited as well. julie is the latest winner. all you need is thursday's buzz word. >> that's coming up in just a bit. >> standby for the rtm you choose give away. my roommate was gone for ten days so i ate all of his bananas. i thought should i text him? call him? buy more bananas? >> no. that would be the normal thing to do. create fake ones. this is what he does on his you tube
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he literally uses a banana and traces it onto the he starts using this for the stems. he drills holes in the top and then he covers them in wood glue. once it is dry. >> he could have bought these for 19 cents a pop. >> he gets a segment of real banana so he is go match adds the finishing touches.
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>>. >> i ate your what t all week carving realistic what bananas out of wood. i was going to tell you to eat them before i left. she is so over her the situation that's so darn relatable. >> so sad. and see why the dog may be on the fritz. >> why do dogs do that?
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gold bond® radiance renewal™ is made for visibly dry skin.s. our triple blend of moisturizers help prevent dry skin all day. gold bond®. we all know >> i get a mosquito bite and she has zika virus. >> they come in and they just wipe it >> she has two boyfriends. >> nobody has ever met
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>> whatever i wear she is like oh, my gosh. i think i donated that last year. >> good for you. >> what's the last this is a foster dog. he is living with my friends nikki and scott. this is him ghost walking. why do dogs do that?
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they believe it is kind of a sensation they get where there's something that's delicately touching them and they want to savor the feeling. >> and that's why it is doing it under the leaf. >> fritz is available for adoption. if you want to keep him calm get one of those >> you see that? he has a surveillance camera. he is watching it on an ipad. he says let's call >> i love you. i love you. >> i miss you.
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please come back. >> how did you get so small and trapped inside that thing? >> this dog realizes i know that man. it's a snapping turtle next right this minute. and still to come, she is ready to create amazing nail art. >> see if her big apple design is easy to navigate. plus the you choose give away is coming up. don't miss your shot to score an amazon echo. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance,
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going to be the nyc subway. >> it could be helpful. >> where are we? >> let's hope she gets it she says acritic paint shows up and dries different so it allows you to fix mistakes easier. she starts with white then green and yellow. >> that's cool. she is making it look like the subway subway system. >> she finishes off with some orange, blue and pink and each nail represents a different line. >> i think it's the perfect way to navigate the big
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this is right through the bottom of your screen right here. >> it's right in the middle of your flight. it flops over. >> you see it. it is just likthat. they can be a down draw. that is just like parachute. >> as a perspective you get some of those it was close. if she hadn't handled it better they could have collided. >> it wouldn't cause me to my journey quickly. >> you don't freak out and go home. >> it is different than like 3,000. >> sit a particularly cold video. >> this has a particular set of
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skills. >> that's pretty neat. he says just do it. for him being in a wheel chair is like whatev. i'm going to go fly. win yourself a google home or amazon echo. you choose. is it laurel or yanny? >> be at least 21 years old and be a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> enter the buzz was using facebook, twitter or both. >> the buzz word is
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>> if you don't win today you can always win tomorrow. good luck everybody. it's the viral audio clip dividing the web. >> we know one person we can always count onto tell us the truth. >> what happens when abuela listens up to decide yanny
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edges. >> that's pretty cool. that's question terrorizing the internet. is it yanny or laurel? >> yanny. >> laurel. >> the question comes from a friend of his shared it on instagram. >> we know one person we can always count onto tell us the truth. >> abuella. >> yanny. >> she will keep it rea keep ita before -- >> which are you hearing?
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>> i hear yanny but i heard laurel yesterday. >> me too. right now i'm hearing jammy. >> yanny. yanny. >> grandma here is a character. she is becoming a well known character. she does a good job mimicking what a latin grandma is like. you will eventually find grandma trying to tackle the issue. >> laurel. >> everybody ends up completely split. >> my wife and son heard >> it may be a mystery that is never solved. >> did you catch it? enter it at
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tonight, the horrific scene. the deadly school bus crash, packed with fifth graders on a field trip. the violence highway collision with a truck. also tonight, the stunning images. kilauea volcano exploding, sending ash and debris 30,000 feet up in the air. residents tonight told to shelter in place. the white house tonight, president trump is asked, will there be a summit with north korea afterall? kim jong-un furious with what he's heard from the white house, and tonight, now promising kim is safe, that there will be no regime change. at this hour, the veteran police officer fighting for her life, responding to a call, a woman at the scene lunging at her. the severe storms in this country tonight. we're tracking them. and the remarkable image else where, coming in of a powerful tornado. the racist rant caught on camera. the lawyer taking


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