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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  May 19, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> i harry take you meghan to be my wife. >> a wedding fit for did you get your invitation? i didn't. >> i'm eric thomas skpnchs and i'm dion lim. that moment that captured hearts around the world.
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mol molly hunter joins us in england. >> in the buzz of love. >> good evening, we are outside of windsor castle. so many moment that is made you love the couple more and the celebrations are still going. >> she took our breath away for the second time. stunning in a stella mccarthy evening dress and a silver blue jaguar. a reception for about 200 people at fog more house and tense of thousands took part of the celebration earlier and got a glimpse of her first out fit of the day. the givenchy wedding dress. >> i had tears when she first entering the church. >> so did harry whispering to
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his bride, you are amazing. i am so lucky. >> shaking up tradition at the chap. >> imagine in this world when love is when unselfish unselfish sacrificial redemption -- ♪ standby me >> i harry, take you meghan to be my wife. >> i meghan take you harry to be my husband. >> and her mother doria. and singing this little light of mine and that fairytale that everybody else waited for all day. >> and after being in the public eye all day, they are partying away with their friends nearby and fireworks over the town of windsor and the pubs are packed.
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people are still celebrating. back to you. >> then how to party, i gather. >> i think so. >> how did meghan honor princess diana's legacy during the ceremony? >> they were a couple of ways she was honored, this evening when she walked out in the stunning stella mccartney dress. she was wearing diana's ring. >> nice tribute. molly hunter live for us in england. thank you. >> harry picked out his mother's favorite flowers and picked from the couple's private garden at kensington list. >> oprah win fri, cleany, david beckham and two of prince harry's former girlfriends. >> serena williams and her
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husband and serena said she was ready for her friend's wedding. take a look at this the russle crowe's tweet. i'm so good with this. it is like the world paused for love, meghan is cool and harry is heal. >> royal watchers got up early to see the wedding and others slept in with a post-wedding reception. cornell barnard has local reaction. >> so many people can't get enough of the royal couple and their modern fairytail wedding. they got it. >> meghan, will you take tarry to be your husband. >> a rebroadcast at the sir
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francis drake hotel. >> you can't not watch. it is addictive. >> i loved it. i woke up at 3:00. her expressions and you see a lot of love. >> paid $125 to show off their fascinators and eat tea and a few american twists thrown in like doughnuts. >> are they frowned upon? >> people like doughnuts everywhere. >> sure. sure. >> nobody does circumstance like the royals. let's talk about the that amazing wedding dress. >> gorgeous and elegant. she is a lovely person. >> the bells chimed at brace cathedral at noon to celebrate and the church has historic ties to the u.k. pedestrians stops to listen. >> it is a great honor to them that we recognize what is going on in england.
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>> harry and >> on the den in san jose opened 3:00 this morning for a royal wedding viewing party. a british breakfast and engagement rings and mugs. a champagne toast and a toast. if you didn't wake up early to watch, you can get a full recap including all of the best moments at abc7 >> celebrating the life of a man who was kill in a terrorist attack in spain. in walnut creek for the first annual jared tucker memorial. a van plowed through a crowded sidewalk. this tournament is perfect to
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honor his life. >> he was a fun and loving and caring person. he wanted to gather up anybody who knew him and play his part past time, softball. just a community gathering. >> the 12-team double elimination tournament with 125 players and 25 volunteers will go on through night. at the texas high school, returned to the school and will get car keys and other things they left behind. 17-year-old student dimitrios pagourtzis. the two others teachers and the number of injured people, 10 to 13 people. one student talked about being shot in the head. >> loud bang and loud bang and everything went crazy from there. it went in through back of my
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head and came out there. >> the accused gunman was quite but not violent. >> more residents on hawaii's preparing for possible evacuation. the length of three football fields. take a look at this video. lava taking over the house. spewing from one to 22 fids sures. >> a man accused of causing a crash that killed people is a free man this weekend. abc7 news in dublin as dui suspect walked out of the jail. held since tuesday accused of driving too fast and being under the influence under marijuana and killed a woman and two children from manty ka.
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the investigation is on going and additional information needed. prosecutors can file charges once they have more evidence. >> last minute registrations ended minutes ago. abc7 news at peer 35 for the final few hours of registration. the cut off was 5:00 p.m. the race started at main and howard to ocean beach. pneighborhood warning of street cloe closures and you might see them on air and on line. >> the first lady released an update ahead. a larnl gather today at a bay area mall. bringing together police and
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community. free life jackets and life saving tips before heading out on the water this summer. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. along the embark dare row, a
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john chiang's father came it'here with little money,on. but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california
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from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future. melania trump back at the white house after a kid any procedure. returned to the white house this morning had been at the walter reed national military medical center since monday and the white house didn't say what kid any condition she has but say it is is benign.
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mrs. trump's communication director is resting and remains in high spirits. >> the u.s. coast guard has advice to keep voters safe. in sausalito at the coast guard golden gate station. life jackets and life saving tips like have a radio on board to contact the coast guard in case of trouble and kicked off national boating safety week. citizens came out today to thank a police officer and see what they do. abc7 news in san bruno at the shops at tan fa ran at the 36th annual police sell bags. to highlight the services to the public on the last day of national police week. one is bringing out the canine units and bomb sniffing dogs and narcotic detectors. >> there's a lot of vehicles and information on what we do. and it is a great way for police
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to interact with the public and in a low key relaxed atmosphere. >> 20 bay area law enforcement participated. a hands on event on the peninsula bringing out people's creative side. >> maker fair is the most amazing place in the world. >> most amazing? yeah. some people are excited about t. fans can't get enough of an event that is part science fair and county fair. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a lot of sunsh
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ensurvinnovators and techni
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this weekend at the maker fair bay area. >> abc7 news in san mateo for the festival of innovation showcasing makers who explore new forms and technologies. one is called glow forge, a seattle based company known 3-d lasers. >> your fair is the most amazing place in the world to learn how to make things instead of buy things. there are people all over bringing tools and crafts and techniques helping people to create things for themselves. >> maker fair runs through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> the wind is active across the region. live doppler 7 and showing stubborn cloud cover.
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san mateo over to hayward. high cloud streaming in from time to time. the winds 22-miles-per-hour in san francisco and 24 oakland and 30-miles-per-hour in fairfield and the wind continues to usher in the cooler than average air and the winds active the next 24 hours. temperature wise, 57 in san francisco, and 65 in san jose, 59 in hayward. warmer spots in the north bay. and santa rosa, 71 and in clear lake. we are going to see the cloud cover fill in across the majority of the region. mid 40s to 50s and isolated drizzle. and if you are taking part in the race a lot of cloud cover early on in san francisco. 8:00 a temperature of 54
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degrees. gusting from 15 to 30-miles-per-hour. it will be a cool race with peaks of sunshine by midday. tomorrow morning, the marine layer and areas of patchy drizzle and it is going to be slow to clear in a lot of spots. in theest bay along the peninsula even by 11:00 in the morning we are dealing with fog. in the afternoon, could be ice-related pop up showers in the northern portion of the viewing area. most of the region remaining dry. highs sunday, cool and breezy. 59 in san francisco, 68 in san jose, 63 in oakland and okay port. it is breezy in the afternoon and study pattern and minor fluctuations and the next seven days. cool for may and the morning fog slow to pull back and by afternoons breaks of sunshine.
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enjoy it will be fine. >> thank you. >> warriors got the split on the road? >> it's been a long time. wednesday was the last game and they return home on sunday. after getting blown out in game twochlt the warriors need to do when they return home and a while
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now sports from abc7 news. >> dalmation listen up. the warriors not in trouble. just as long as they take care of business at home the western
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conference finals switch to three and four. the series tied after the dubs won game one and blown out in game two. good news for the warriors, unbeaten during the playoffs at home during the past two seasons. steph a little off his game and to do that they are going to have to play better. >> no magic play we are going to come up. we are not changing a whole lot in temples of what we do. we might add something here and there but just got to the play better. >> steph is going to help himself. he don't need us to create looks for him, he's going to do that himself and we know he will. >> the as doing a little of this. they are flecking their muscles. they lead the majors with 44 home runs on the road.
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17 and all and one hit today might be the most dramatic of them all. gorgeous day north of the border and giving a two-run homer to geoand the jay's put up runs and then bases loaded wd two outs and two strikes. chad pinder with one swing of the bat. the a's win it 5-4 and won four of the last five. white caps on the bay. trying to get from the rockies. down 2-1 and crawford, bases loaded. 7-4 giants in the sixth. crawford, look at that. taps the rockies. never mind the win it won't keep it in the ballpark. shot.
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four hits on the game and 9-4 is the final. now to the track. two weeks ago justify became the first horse since 1882 to win in the kentucky derby without winning as a two-year-old can justify justify the expectations. >> it is justify in front. good mention on the outside. ten-fold. justify. he's unstoppable. he won the preekness. >> justify gets 2/3 of the way with the triple crown and he wins and alonzo finishes second and tenfold third. stanford and washington state, the pop up. watch the runner. andrew and look at this. bare handed, no problem. i got it. let's give that man a hand.
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he doesn't need it. he has two good ones. stanford goes on to win the final 10-1. game three of the eastern conference finals. we'll have a update on the news at
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to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. new on abc7 news on 6:00
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bill russ el hospitalized. >> and meghan markle inspiring a different group of women and girls represented by british royalty by the first time. >> the couple wasn't the only sweet thing at today's royal wedding. >> there was kensington palace tweeted t. 200 lemons, eggs and 44 pounds and elder flour cordial from queen elizabeth's the second estate. >> 50 fresh flowers. i think we need a taste test. >> i don't think there was enough butter. >> butter makes everything better. >> maybe 55 pounds. >> keep it is nice. >> that is right. and that is it for abc7 news at 5:00. we thank you for your time. >> i'm dion lim,
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tonight, the high school massacre here in santa fe, texas. the 17-year-old now charged with capital murder, police saying he confessed to killing ten people. what his attorneys told abc news about his state of mind. authorities with questions about a possible motive. plus what his parents are now saying about how he got his father's gun. moments of terror, names of the victims emerging. teenage survivors reliving the moments when they first heard the gunfire. three months after the blood shed in parkland, students again gathering to remember classmates and demand action to end school shootings. the fiery plane disaster, more than 100 people killed. 20 priests among the victims. the aging passenger jet crashing during takeoff. the severe storm threat at this hour. parts of the country at risk, a


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