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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 22, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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may want to get to it. making news in america this morning, the manhunt overnight for a cop killer. >> we're telling everybody, be on your toes. don't be complacent. >> the officer killed apparently while confronting burglary suspects. nearby schools locked down. this morning, what could be the crucial evidence in the case? rivers of lava are pouring from hawaii's kilauea volcano after a new eruption overnight. >> it has been putting out more lava than the rio grande puts out water. >> the new warnings about a toxic cloud and the unstable ground. the health care battle. the parents of this newborn take on their health insurance provider. why they claim the company is preventing their son from coming home even though he's been cleared to leave the hospital. those stories, plus the parents taking their 30-year-old son to court because he refuses to move out. do they have a case?
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big news about the benefits of a breakfast favorite. and the new iphone case that weighs 22 pounds. and good morning on this tuesday. we're going to start with the manhunt for several suspects in the killing of a maryland police officer. >> police outside baltimore have been using helicopters and trained dogs to scour the quiet suburb of perry hall overnight searching for as many as four suspects believed to be armed and dangerous. nearby residents have been told to stay inside and lock all windows and doors. >> the officer who was killed was responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle and may have confronted a burglary in progress. witnesses say the suspects then ran her over with a jeep. footage from her body camera could play a crucial role in this investigation. >> we have aviation units, we have canine officers who are assisting. the dark will not hamper our investigation at any point.
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we're going to continue to investigate this as long as we need to do to find these suspects. there was body camera footage. we're going to review that body camera footage, hopefully identify the individuals that are responsible for this crime. >> police have recovered the suspect's jeep. the officer's name has not been released as yet. we're told that she's a three-year veteran of that force. president trump has held a rare meeting at the white house calling top officials at the justice department on to the carpet to complain about the russia investigation. he wants to know if the fbi spied on his presidential campaign. but it's also the president's latest move to put pressure on special counsel robert mueller. abc's kenneth moton has new details. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane. for months now the deputy attorney general has been doing his job under the threat that he could be fired by president trump. now the pressure has only intensified. this morning, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, the man tasked with carrying out president trump's unprecedented demand.
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>> deputy attorneys general are very low profile, tend not to be recognized. >> reporter: rosenstein making jokes at a d.c. event but hours later he and fbi director christopher wray were face-to-face with the president. trump demanding an investigation into whether the fbi or doj used an informant to infiltrate his 2016 campaign for political purposes. >> we'll get to the bottom of it because the american people have a right to know. >> reporter: monday night vice president pence on fox news after rosenstein ordered the justice department's inspector general to expand its current investigation into potential doj/fbi wrongdoing in 2016 and look into the president's concerns. but there is no evidence the fbi sent a spy into the trump campaign. >> that he would issue such an absurd and abusive demand based on no evidence shows just how little regard the president has for the rule of law. >> reporter: trump ally chris christie warns the president's attacks on the russia investigation could backfire. >> i've told him many times.
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there's no way to make an investigation like this shorter but there's lots of ways to make it longer. and he's executed on a number of those ways to make it longer. >> reporter: the white house also says doj has agreed to allow congressional leaders to review highly classified documents related to the russia investigation. the chief of staff of the white house, john kelly, will set up that meeting. republicans have demanded to see those documents but doj has refused fearing leaks, diane. >> all right. kenneth moton live from d.c. for us. thanks, kenneth. in the meantime, the president will meet today with south korea's president at the white house amid growing concern about whether next month's historic summit with kim jong-un can actually be a success. now, during today's meeting the president will be looking to find out whether south korea believes kim is willing to negotiate about ending his nuclear program. the north recently threatened to pull out of the summit over the issue. and last night vice president mike pence said president trump is willing to walk away from the
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summit if the north is not negotiating in good faith. a new story of heroism has emerged from the school shooting tragedy in sante fe, texas. investigators now say 15-year-old freshman riley garcia, one of the ten people killed on friday, was holding a door closed in the hallway to protect other students from the gunfire. his family's pastor describes riley as a fun-loving kid who was always first to help in any situation. >> he lost his life when a gunshot came through the door, took his life, but in the sacrifice of his own life, others were allowed to escape and had some time to get away and we know there are several lives lost but his story is a story of i believe true heroism as he gave himself so that others would have a chance. >> the sheriff says officers were able to corner the shooter within just four minutes. the sheriff's own granddaughter was just three classrooms away. the father of the suspect speaking from greece says his son had been bullied in school and can't remember what happened on friday.
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police say the father's guns were used in the rampage but they're not sure how the suspect got access to them. meanwhile, some of the survivors of that shooting got a visit from j.j. watt, star of the houston texans. here he is posing with staff members at a local hospital. more evacuations could be ordered on hawaii's big island after a new eruption overnight at the kilauea volcano. new video from above shows a river of lava flowing toward the ocean. people are being warned to stay away from the toxic steam that's created when that lava hits the water. abc's matt gutman shows us more. we're here just near fissure number 20. and it is shooting lava up at least 100 etthe air. now, i want to show you something. this cauldron over there is putting out an enormous amount of lava. there is a crack in the earth that it's going down into and all of this has been flowing steadily into the ocean and that is what is creating this laze. that's the steam created when
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the lava hits the cool ocean. also putting off these very dangerous particles that basically are like tiny glass particles. now, take a look at this. this is a crack in the ground from methane. there is so much activity underground that everywhere we've gone we've seen these bursts where methane comes through. the problem is it creates brush fires making things even more complicated and risky for first responders. matt gutman, abc news, kapoho, hawaii. time now for a look at your weather on this tuesday morning. several roads around raleigh, north carolina, have been closed because of extreme flooding. some drivers even had to be rescued during the heavy downpours. meanwhile, more rain is in the forecast for south florida possibly through memorial day weekend because of a storm system in the western caribbean. looking at today's temperatures, miami hits 81 degrees so will washington, d.c., new york boston, detroit, chicago, all will not be cracking 70.
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77, though, in minneapolis, 85 in portland. 68 in l.a. pretty cool. coming up, a monkey gets into trouble at a major airport. kind of sounds like a joke. >> yeah. and also ahead, president trump's cell phone and the surprising information about what it does not have. and parents take their 30-year-old son to court because he won't move out. our legal expert weighs in on the case. hs in on the case.
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how is this for some monkey business? a monkey named dawkins was at the san antonio airport on the way to a sanctuary when he escaped from his cage. after about two hours animal workers were finally able to corner him near a baggage area.
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they say he never posed any threat to passengers and was not hurt. the olympic champion ariana kukors-smith is suing the usa swimming organization claiming it covered up sexual abuse by her former coach. she says that the coach, sean hutchison, began grooming her for abuse at age 13. hutchison denies the allegations. he's among several others named in the lawsuit. kukors-smith also says usa swimming manipulated a background screening system to shield coaches who were accused of abuse. a new report raising questions about the security of a cell phone used by president trump. politico reports that the president uses a phone not equipped with sophisticated security features designed to protect his communications. the report quotes two senior administration officials saying the president has rejected efforts to strengthen his phone's security. all right, get ready for a new sound from siri. apple's personal assistant getting a new voice. that's one upgrade expected to be unveiled at a conference next
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month. apple also promises siri will be getting smarter but hasn't explained how much smarter. and a japanese company, in the meantime, has come up with a way to stop you from picking up your phone too much. it's a phone case attached to a 22-pound dumbbell. it'll cost you about $100. >> have you seen my biceps lately? >> i know. >> do you even lift? >> all of our biceps would be huge with that one. the post office will soon offer something new. the first scratch and sniff postage stamps. the ten forever stamps show frozen ice pops. they go on sale june 20th. officials aren't saying what the stamps actually smell like. could it be creamsicle or or fudgesicle? i mean, we need to know these things. >> yes, we do. important things. coming up, what eating eggs for breakfast does for your health. first a newborn unable to come home from the hospital, hear why the family is blaming their insurance company. and romance on the stage of "american idol." is this a love connection?
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we're back with the devastating scenes from a wildfire that you may recall in oregon last year. a teenager has now been ordered to pay, get this, $36 million for using fireworks to start that wildfire. it burned for some two months. officials say they'll now come up with a realistic amount that the 15-year-old can pay. and we turn now to an emotional battle between a pennsylvania family and their health insurance company. >> they say the company is preventing their newborn from coming home. austin pratta was born prematurely in texas where his mother was on a business trip and now the family says their health care provider is denying their request to pay for the long medical flight home. sara pratta's two-day business trip to texas started with a big surprise. >> about 12 hours into it her water broke in a hotel room downtown. >> reporter: their tiny mere
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wall was born two months premature in april weighing only 4 1/2 pounds. >> he's up two pounds. he was 4 1/2 pounds when he was born and now he's 6 pounds, 11 ounces. he's doing his part. he just needs to get home. >> reporter: baby austin came into the world a texan. even taking his name from his surprise city of birth. but his family is trying to get him back to the philadelphia area and now doctors have cleared the infant to be transferred. austin's father says aetna has twice denied to cover the air ambulance that is needed to carry austin the 1,500 miles home. aetna's letter addressed to the 5-week-old says there is no evidence that your condition is unstable and requires medical supervision and rapid transport. >> he can't travel on a commercial flight yet because he basically can't be in that environment. he still has a feeding tube in. he would have to be transferred to a local nicu here until he can be discharged to our home. >> reporter: with his wife at the texas nicu and 4-year-old
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big brother home in pennsylvania, steve says the situation has just become untenable. >> not having everyone here, it's hard. i don't have much to say to aetna. >> reporter: in a statement the health care provider says aetna covers nonemergent air ambulance transfers based on medical necessity after considering the specifics of each case. we are working directly with mr. and mrs. pratta to ensure they continue to receive the level of care needed. and, by the way, sara was cleared by doctors to make that trip to texas. her employer now says it will try to fly austin back home. >> that's nice of them. >> yeah. and we've all heard about eating an apple a day. well, how about eating an egg a day to keep the doctor away? a new study finds people who eat one egg a day can significantly reduce their risk of heart disease compared with those who do not eat eggs. the egg eaters in this case had a 26% lower risk of having a stroke. i suppose the egg haters didn't
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fare quite so well. researchers say the cause for the lower risk needs more study but the conclusion is in sharp contrast to warnings about egg's cholesterol content years ago. >> more study needed. in the meantime, i'll keep eating eggs. two parents in upstate new york are involved in an unusual legal battle against their son who is refusing to move out of the house. mark and christina rotondo have given their 30-year-old michael five written notices since february telling him to get out. but michael refuses so his parents have now gone to court demanding that he leave. our legal commentator nancy grace weighed in on the case. >> i think the courts are going to side with the parents and tell michael to take the pat and turner. pat the street, enter on the corner, get out. >> all right, well, we know how nancy feels about that one. >> nancy's 2-year-old is packing bags right about now. >> michael has been living rent free for eight years now and says tenant protections give him
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more time to stay in the house. both sides back in court in a few weeks just before michael's 31st birthday. >> in case he wants to throw a party. in sports lebron james and the cavaliers fought back to even the series with the celtics. lebron scoring 44 points as the cavs beat boston, 111-102. game five is tomorrow night. back in boston. hockey, the capitals beat the lightning 3-0 last night to force a critical game seven. exciting times in d.c. well, coming up, we'll introduce you to the new miss usa. but first we'll hear from the big winners after the season finales of both "american idol" and "dancing with the stars." later the middle school kids who created something to bring peace of mind to millions of people who take care of elderly parents. atchys? it's these fleas and ticks. ow! i'm getting bit like crazy. got any ideas for me? well, not all products work the same. that's why my owner gives me k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. mosquitoes too? yep. kills all three through contact - no biting required.
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winners. >> yeah, our first big winner is from "american idol." the show opened with judge lionel richie performing his 1983 hit "all night long" with the top ten contestants all there as backup singers. >> the other judges performed along with guest stars and it may have been her duet with kermit the frog that iced victory for maddie poppe. >> it's so overwhelming and just i mean this is the best thing that has ever -- i mean this whole -- just the whole situation is just incredible and it's so -- it's just changed my life really. >> that's not the only thing. just before the announcement runner-up caleb lee hutchinson revealed that he and maddie are an item. >> whoo. >> little boyfriend/girlfriend competition there. >> exactly. on to the other reality show on abc, "dancing with the stars" crowning its champion for the all athletes edition. >> all three teams did very well on the dance floor earning
4:23 am
perfect scores for at least one of the two final dance rounds but in the end, the winner was -- >> adam and jenna. >> didn't see that one coming at all. >> no? >> not at all. >> the olympic medalist was long considered the favorite. it's johnson's first trophy. >> good for her. >> i'm so happy and so proud of jenna because i've just done what she said and did my best just to make sure that she looks good. and not to distract from her. it's so amazing to kind of bring that olympic excitement here to the dance floor and, you know, just put a really great trophy in my house now. >> he doesn't have enough of those, i'm sure. but then check this out. the winners from "dancing with the stars" and "american idol" ended up running into each other on the tarmac there boarding the same plane to head to new york and they will all be on "good morning america" later today. >> all right. on to another winner, the new miss usa is a cornhusker.
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>> nebraska's sarah rose summers beat 50 others for the title last night. she majored in child development and strategic communication with a minor in business. she moves on to represent the u.s. in the miss universe pageant. >> good luck to her. a special night for the youngest player in the major leagues. juan soto hit his first big league home run in his first at bat at just 19 years old. >> yeah, first career start and the fans were loving it. they demanded a curtain call and soto did not disappoint. another curly "w." another curly "w." alice is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective
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>> never more than 7 minutes away from accuweather forecast. that means mike nicco. >> a little damp. had to use the windshield wipers a few times. that's the way it's going to be through the morning commute. thick marine layer, kind of juicy this morning. no organized rain but it is definitely hanging in the air. that's while we'll call it mist more than drizzle. look at these temperatures, low- to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. los gatos 48, san jose 57 the exception. we'll take a look at the accuweather 12 hour planner in about three minutes. here is alexis. >> a little drizzle and maybe slick spots. slow down for ramps and curves. you will want to drive for
4:28 am
conditions. doing onokay out of the central valley. wet spots, westbound 25, 25 miles an hour, 22 once you make it to 580. once again stack up in the cash lanes for bay bridge toll plaza. that seems to be the norm. no metering lights. that should happen around 5:25 this morning. we did, however, have a serious crash overnight. that was on highway 4 in hillcrest area. part of highway 4 was shut down for several hours overnight. at least two people were airlifted to area hospitals. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live along the highway where officials cleared the scene this morning. good morning, amy. >> good morning, alexis. good news. highway 4 you can see it moving behind me. they opened it at 4:30. take a look at the video. a huge crash and a lot of people were hurt. i just got briefed by chp. at least three people were transported and one of those victims had major injuries. they are still assessing how those people are all doing.
4:29 am
look at all of the vehicles involved in this crash. he's telling me six vehicles all involved. this call came in 10:30. this was westbound 4 east of hillcrest in antioch. all lanes were blocked when officers arrived. the highway remained blocked for a few hours. they did get it cleared at 1:30 this morning. at this point, the investigation is still being handled. they haven't figured out what happened, haven't announced anything yet, and no arrests have been made. but the accident has been cleared. reporting live in antioch, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> announcer: now a live desk update. >> from abc morning. >> this morning i'm tracking developing news out of east bay. a hayward police officer and suspect recovering this morning after a police shooting. police say an officer shot and injured a suspect about 7:00 last night on hewitt place.
4:30 am
the officer suffered a nonlife threatening injuries and is being treated at the hospital. police are not releasing any other details including in the cop who fired the shot was the same police officer who was hurt. i will be watching for updates throughout our morning. we will go to the scene in the next half hour. >> jessica, thank you. it's 4:30. if you're waking up to us, let's get you up to date on weather and traffic. hello, mike. >> hey, reggie, everybody. let's look what's going on as far as breezes, from 10 at sfo to 21 at fairfield. as long as we have that strong sea breeze, temperatures below average but also pulling in a lot more moisture. so you may need the windshield wipers. kind of a frizzy morning. temperatures low- to mid-50s. as we head to noon significantly slower sunshine. mainly inland areas that will be sunn


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