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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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fallout continues for roseanne barr, losing more than just her
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. a twitter firestorm launched tonight by roseanne barr. in a series of tweets she stood her ground, then apologized for insensitive remarks that forced abc to cancel her hit show. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. roseanne fired off many tweets late tonight. she told her followers not to blame abc. roseanne also blamed ambien for her remarks. >> and in this tweet she said "don't feel sorry for me, guys. i just want to apologize to the hundreds of people and wonderful writers, all liberal, and talented actors who lost their jobs on my show due to my stupid tweet." >> abc news reporter dania bacchus has the latest developments. >> reporter: roseanne barr is
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known for using comedy on her rebooted show to highlight hot-button topics. >> i'm telling you, this is what people from iraq and talibanistan do. >> reporter: but a recent tweet from the star was considered no laughing matter. abc is canceling its hit show after barr posted on twitter "muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby equals vj." referring to valerie jarrett, an african-american woman and long-standing senior adviser to former president barack obama. jarrett responding to the controversy on msnbc. >> i think we have to turn it into a teaching moment. i'm fine. >> reporter: the tweet causing a social media storm with some twitter users calling the remarks racist and bigoted. the reverend al sharpton calling the tweet inexcusable, tweeting "abc must take action now." and wanda sykes, a consulting producer, posting she wouldn't return to the show. even sara gilbert, who plays barr's daughter on the show, condemned the tweet saying, "it
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does not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show." >> roseanne has been a bit of a problem for abc for a while. this isn't her first nasty tweet. and i think this was just the final straw. >> reporter: barr deleted the initial tweet, apologizing hours after the comment, saying she was sorry for making a bad joke about jarrett's politics and her looks, and said she should have known better. but within hours of the tweets abc's president of entertainment, channing dungy, issuing a statement saying, "roseanne's twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant, and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show." roseanne's-a icm partners, has dropped her as a client and several networks are reportedly pulling "roseanne" reruns. danya bacchus, abc news los angeles. late tonight hulu announced it would no longer air episodes of "roseanne." several other networks including cmt, tv land and paramount announced they would be pulling reruns from their air waves.
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starbucks locations across the country closed early today. so nearly 8,000 employees could receive bias training. >> helping people see each other fully, completely, respectfully. >> rapper common was part of the video shown to employees nationwide. the day of training came in response to the video of two black men being arrested at a philadelphia store in april. the men were waiting for a business associate to show up when the manager called police. abc 7 news was outside the closed starbucks on jackson street near the embarcadero. customers say the incident has made them think twice about buying coffee. >> it's so horrible. that would require a lot more than one day's training. >> starbucks is promising additional education for its employees in the future. a south bay school superintendent's job is on the line as state lawmakers call for investigations into contracts awarded for work in the alum rock school district. but tonight parents say school board members may be the ones
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with something to hide. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs has more from the board meeting. >> reporter: the alum rock superintendent is under scrutiny by the school board again. >> it's clear as mud. >> reporter: the parents and teachers who packed this boardroom are supporting dr. hillaria bauer. they say her employment has been threatened eight times. >> and we have a superintendent who is doing a phenomenal job and she's doing her job and by blowing the whistle they are bullying her. >> reporter: the county office of education has investigated the east san jose district for alleged fraud involving a no-bid contractor the district hired to do millions of dollars in construction work. the d.a.'s office has an open investigation too. at a rally today board president esau herrera took issue. >> why is it taking so long? hard to say. but as a lawyer myself i can tell you had there been something untoward it would have come out by now. >> reporter: tonight parents point to campaign contributions allegedly made by the contractor in question.
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>> and it's just fishy because this is hundreds and hundreds of miles away. that somebody is donating for somebody's school board candidacy all the way in east san jose. >> reporter: following a closed session it appeared the school board kept dr. bauer on as superintendent. the board gave no explanation but the parents say they'll keep digging. >> you don't need a law degree to see there's corruption. and the worst kind of people are the people who steal from children. and that's what these krooxz are doing. >> reporter: i'm told these board meetings can go well past midnight and despite the extra time commitment parents say they'll keep coming back to hold their district leaders accountable. in east san jose katie utehs, abc 7 news. a drastic drop in temperatures coming for some people in the bay area. let's take a live look from our exploratorium cam. sandhya patel has more. >> all notice the difference tomorrow. let me show you the high temperatures for today. was steamy inland. take a look for yourself.
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96 in concord, 94 fairfield, 97 in antioch. of course the coast and the bay cooled off today. it was in the mid to upper 60s from half moon bay to san francisco. 82 oakland. 84 in san jose. 86 in santa rosa. live doppler 7 tracking the changes and the changes include -- yes, you heard right. fog. san mateo coast is socked in tonight. but that's an indication that we're in for some changes as we head into tomorrow. i'll show you who will feel it the most coming right up. eric? >> all right, sandhya. thank you. tonight the family of a teenaged boy in santa cruz who was severely injured in a hammer attack credits a fast emergency response for saving his life. abc 7 news was in aptos where detectives are trying to discover who's responsible for the assault during a sleepover that left three teens injured. one of the victims say 17-year-old boy named alex. his family says after several surgeries his alert and responsive. a family friend who did not want to be identified shared this photo with us. >> i've known him his whole
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life. alex is a sweetheart. he's a good kid. and yeah, watching him like fight for his life yesterday, that was one of the hardest days of my life. >> investigators believe the suspects were wearing masks and the attack was not random. federal prosecutors have dropped charges against the ex-boyfriend of the woman killed in a southern california explosion two weeks ago. 59-year-old steven behl was never named as a suspect in the aliso viejo explosion that killed 48-year-old ildik ildiko kraniak. behl is a model rocket enthusiast and investigators found more than 100 pounds of explosive material at his house. game 1 of the nba finals seen right here on channel 7 is less than 48 hours away. tonight the cavs are hitting the town in san francisco. and abc 7 news reporter carlos salcedo tracked them down and talked to fans getting geared up for the big game. >> reporter: a rematch of epic proportions as king james and the cavs are set to take on steph curry and the warriors
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their fourth consecutive finals. preparations are already under way at the oracle arena. pictures of nba signage going on inside and outside the building. the cavs players and coaching staff are already in town. we caught up with head coach tyronn lue and company outside the four seasons hotel in san francisco, where they're staying. >> how are you all doing? >> reporter: but the bay area is dub nation materiality. the team store at the westfield mall has seen an uptick in sales. the hot ticket item the official 2018 nba finals cap, which will set you back 40 bucks. >> i buy a t-shirt. >> reporter: warriors frenzy has gone global. pedro martinez is visiting from spain and couldn't pass up on some gear. what would make his trip even better? tickets to the finals. >> buy some tickets. but they are very expensive. i don't have enough money. >> reporter: with the cheapest seats for game 1 selling at just over 400 bucks, t-shirts and
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hats are the more affordable option. good enough to show off your warriors pride. in san francisco carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. and abc 7 is the only place you can watch the nba finals, presented by youtube tv. game one of the cavaliers versus warriors is thursday at oracle arena. we'll have a pregame show at 5:00. abc coverage starts at 5:30. tipoff is at 6:00. then stay with us for toyota after the game. coming up, a video game retailer takes action over a game that puts players behind the gun of a school shooter. plus, some people can't go a day without facebook, but what about 30 days? that's what an entire nation is being ordered to do. and -- >> imagine coming home and finding one of these right there at your front doorstep. i'm lisa amin gulezian. and it's snake season. first, though, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy? >> here's a glimpse into the very near future. >> i don't know if you heard about what happened with roseanne. but i think we could use
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felicity if you're open to bringing it back. we have a spot.
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ithe race for governort. has turned into a scam. gavin newsom's trying to elect a republican who was endorsed by trump. and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor,
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you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have. a video game that lets players be a school shooter has been pulled from an online video game retailer. steam has removed the game active shooter. it was set to come out later this year. the game lets several players be s.w.a.t. team members hunting down another player, who's the gunman. steam banned the game publish grert its online store. the company also plans to review its content policy. steam has more than 18 million users who purchase its games online. the people of papua-new guinea will be banned from using facebook for a month. the government will use the time to identify users who post
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pornography or false information and potentially prosecute them. facebook has been scrutinized by governments around the world after it was revealed that cambridge analytica harvested user data to influence the 2016 presidential elec. papua-new guinea will also coider making its own alternative to facebook. new at 11:00, it's hot and snake season is back. in fact, today one woman in benicia made a terrifying discovery right at her front door. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian talked to a snake expert whose skills are in high demand. >> these snakes are very aggressive. >> reporter: they are northern pacific rattlesnakes, and they seem to keep returning to this house in benicia. >> i grab it by the tail support its body. >> reporter: the homeowner called lou fraser for help. she's not the only one. >> i started off in dixon. then i went over to st. helena. then i went to santa rosa. now i'm here in the north bay in
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benicia. i'm going to fairfield after this. >> reporter: all of this in just one day. with snake season now in full swing, people really need to watch out for these suburban surprises. [ rattle ] bella trujillo is the homeowner who found the snakes at her front door. >> we're just like step back. go backwards. don't go there. >> reporter: a bite tr one of these snakes could lead to not only severe pain but also amputation, nerve damage, and internal bruising. >> it's scary. >> reporter: and so this specialized team was called in. one of the reasons this works so well is because of peaches. she's the only snake-sniffing dog nall of california. and oftentimes she'll go in first. >> you did find it. >> reporter: peaches found the third and smallest rattlesnake. all will be released near truckee. in benicia, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> not enough milkbones in the world. >> no. have you invented an amazing product? tomorrow is your chance to prove
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it. >> "shark tank" producers will be here in the bay area looking for contestants. producers say it's 50% about your company and 50% about your back story. each candidate will have one minute to pitch your idea. >> if you're interested head to 1446 market street in san francisco tomorrow. casting call begins at 9:00 a.m. >> is it going to be quite as hot tomorrow? >> fingers crossed not. let's find out from sandhya patel. >> you don't have to even cross your fingers. it's not going to be as cool -- as warm tomorrow. it's going to be much cooler, eric and ama. let me show you a sunset tonight. 8:24 when the sun went down from our east bay hills camera. we saw a few wispy clouds but there was no sign of fog at that time. it did make for a beautiful sunset. those high clouds, that is. and 8:24s wa the sunset. we still had a lot of warmth around the inland areas. the sea breeze has started to pick up. and the temperatures have begun to fall. i want to show you another beautiful time lapse from our south beach camera. this is a flower moon. it's the full moon.
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in the month of may during the time when everything is blooming out there. and it was just a spectacular time lapse. but here's the deal. things have changed, and if you don't like the heat this is your lucky day tomorrow. live doppler 7 already tracking the changes. fog is reducining visibility do to three miles in half moon bay. temperatures right now across the region look like this. 54 degrees in half moon bay, all the way to about 78 in antioch. so we still are hanging on to some of the warmth in our inland valleys, but for most areas it should be great sleeping weather tonight, unlike last night. i know many homes do not have air-conditioning and it can be rough. i want to show you the temperature trend for livermore. average high, about 77 degrees. next couple of days you'll be cooler than average. but then you'll come right up again. it is going to be much warmer by the time the weekend arrives. you'll be back in the 90s. if you like the hot weather, it's coming back. a live picture right now from our east bay hills camera. you can see a little bit of the fog, the haze, from our east bay hills camera.
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noticeably cooler the next two days. warming up again for the end of the week. it is going to get hot inland this upcoming weekend. tomorrow morning when you get going watch out for that patchy fog right around the san mateo coast and parts of the north bay cot. it is going to mean lowered visibility. temperatures will be in the 50s across the entire region. a few wispy clouds passing through. then for the afternoon it's going to be a mild day as opposed to a hot day in the south bay. morgan hill, gilroy in the mid 70s. 71 in san jose on the peninsula, 68 in palo alto. 58 degrees in pacifica. it is going to be breezy. downtown san francisco 62 degrees. north bay you'll see temperaturs in the 50s along the coast. 63 sausalito. for the rest of you in the 70s. 76 santa rosa. 65 oakland. 66 castro valley san leandro. inland areas mild conditions. 73 ncord, 72 degrees for you in livermore. i want to s you what's ahead thursday. that cooling will continue. 50s to low 70s on thursday. friday we're going to be seeing the june warmth.
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and then look what happens saturday. it's going to be sizzling inland with 90s inland. 60s along the coast. you can download the accuweather app and check out the temperatures anytime you want. accuweather seven-day forecast featuring much cooler weather for your wednesday. thursday we'll bring in some warming drizzle. cooling will continue. then temperatures will bounce back as we head toward the end of the week with summer-like heat just in time for the weekend. mid 90s inland. low to mid 60s coastside cooling again early next but i think beach or pool to stay cool. >> how about both? >> why not? romantics say two hearts beat as one. and that's not the only way this couple is in sync. their love story is next. and tomorrow on "good morning america" how to create the ultimate do-it-yourself we
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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to negotiate the price of drugs. marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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now to a story about two hearts aligned. becky mccabe was at the memphis zoo with her girlfriend jessa gillespie when bekaa got down on one knee to propose. but becky wasn't the only one who heard wedding bells. jessa didn't answer immediately. she ran over to her purse and pulled out an engagement ring for becky. they plan to get married next summer. >> does your wife have a spare engagement ring for you? >> they were meant for each other. >> i know they were. >> neither did my wife. i'm answering the question for you. no, they didn't. >> time for sports with larry. are the nba finals going to be a letdown after warriors versus rockets? speaking of letdowns, how about straight down? who is the cheese rolling king of all time?
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good evening. the nba finals tip off thursday at oracle here on abc 7. but vegas believes you just witnessed the real finals with the warriors beating the rockets in seven. golden state has defeated cleveland in two of the last three finals, and now the dubs are the largest finals favorites in 16 years. but you know, it almost unraveled in a sea of turnovers in the first half last night in houston in game 7. like the dubs walked in to take the final but started all night for the wrong course. when they fell behind by 15 steph curry said the whole season could have been over. >> that moment could have splintered to be honest. it could have been a moment where guys went their separate ways and you can have guys doing a lot of finger pointing and blaming and getting in their feelings. but i think the way that we
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fought all year, the chemistry we have, that got us through that little rough patch. well, will andre iguodala play in game one? who knows? bone bruise still causing him pain in his leg especially when he tries to jump. iguodala's the best defender against lebron james. if he can't go that is a problem for steve kerr. problem for ty lue and the cavs. the available of kevin love in concussion protocol after knocking heads with jayson tate nyum game 6 versus boston. love has had concussion issues before. he is iffy for game one. the giants are having a hard time finding five healthy bodies for their starting rotation. madison bumgarner xwpd back next week just as jeff samardzija exits tonight in colorado. buster posey had a cut. they glue it back together. that's a man's way to do it. samardzija pitched only one inning, gives up an rbi double to trevor story. 2-0 rockies in a flash. his shoulder tightens up, sew has to come out of the game and then snaps the bat in
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frustration. bo jackson-esque right there. darren rodriguez the son of pudge rodriguez enters the game. first scoreless big league inning. rodriguez also gets his first career hit, an rbi with a double to right field. daddy taught him how to hit. he's a hall of famer. mac williamson in. but the giants were down 5-1. evan longoria hit two homers in this game. here's one of them. but the giants, they're not close. they lose 11-4. a's and rays at the coliseum. daniel gossett gave up three solo homers. all of them came in the third inning. wilson ramos doing the damage right here. so tampa bay up 3-0. jed lowry like a doubles machine this year. knocks in bruce maxwell. it is his 14th double. a's down 2-1. how about some defense from matt chapman right here? he's way in foul territory. and gets carlos gomez. the a's make a late rally but come up a run short. the final was 4-3. oh, they held the big
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cheese-rolling contest in glous tershire, england. chris anderson is the king of cheese. look at this. this is humanity at its finest here. don't you think right here? this is it? great lesson on gravitition on how it works. right there. that guy, anderson, wins his 21st race all time. he's like the lebron of cheese rolling. you cannot touch him. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. i think they should put that video in a time capsule and aliens 1,000 years from now will say this is what humans did. this is what we accomplished. >> and this is why we took over. >> i like the way he was in front of the cheese there for a while just taunting it.
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when the worst oil spill hit san francisco, first responders went to work. and mayor gavin newsom, he went to hawaii. man: newsome left the day after the spill for a four-day vacation in hawaii. the same gavin who said his job as lieutenant governor was so dull, he only showed up for work at the state capitol one day a week, tops. gavin's not gonna work as governor. i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence,
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helping boys become men. i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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thanks for watching. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm ama daetz. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, keri russell, from "better things," pamela adlon, and music from "american idol" winner hmaddie poppe. and now, for the most part, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thanks, welcome! very kind. thank you. hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. there we are


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