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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 3, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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essive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. make room for the judge! what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live: game night"! tonight, sandra bullock, tracy morgan, karl-anthony towns, devin booker, brooke and robin lopez, and ben simmons, presented by mcdonald's and uncle drew. and now in the paint, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: yeah, here he is! hello there. welcome! thank you for joining us on this sunday night of basketball. in the united states of america. welcome. welcome. we're in los angeles. in oakland right now fans are kissing their uber drivers
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good-bye in the parking lot of oracle arena for game two of the nba finals, warriors versus the cavaliers. yes, you're watching the same matchup of the last three years. this is not a rerun. this is that magical time of year when nba players fly back and forth from oakland to cleveland like they're regional insurance salesmen. but this matchup this year is a big deal for this network. other than "grey's anatomy," cavs/warriors is the longest running drama we have on abc. and -- [ cheers and applause ] the first time the cavaliers played the warriors, it was thrilling, one of the best matchups in history. the second time was the epic rematch and the third time was the tiebreaker. now that it's the fourth time, it's kind of like watching a couple celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary at applebee's. it's like, oh, there they are. shocking for who gets the last mozzarella stick. the cavaliers are the underdog in this series. feels weird to root for a lebron james as the underdog.
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it's kind of like rooting for leonardo dicaprio to get laid -- lebron, really, he's done it all for his team and this is to remind his teammates of just how far they've come. he put this poster up in the locker room before the game. look at this. it says "do you remember after the eastern conference finals when you looked down in the sand and saw only one set of footprints? that's when lebron was carrying you." isn't that beautiful? he is a benevolent king. speaking of footprints, of all of the players in the nba, lebron has the number one-selling shoe and second highest-selling jersey. the player with the highest-selling jersey, you know who it is? for the third year, steph curry of the golden state warriors. kevin durant is third. and believe it or not, giannis antetokounmpo of the milwaukee bucks is number four. if you can spell his name, they
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give it to you for free. you know, they only list the top-selling jerseys, so i did a bit of research. and once again, for the sixth straight year, the lowest selling jersey in the nba belongs to phoenix suns backup forward ladarious fartpockets. that's right. in french it's pronounced fart-pockay. we have a great show tonight, sandra bullock is with us. she's very nice. and i'll tell you something. you know, her friends call her sandy, which is why she always insists that i call her sandra. and later on in the show, we're going to play a game called "college knowledge" with nba players who went to stanford and the university of kentucky. we're going to team them up, pair them up by school. and because this is prime time, we're pulling out all the stops. ben simmons of the philadelphia 76ers is with us for what i believe -- [ cheers and applause ] could be the next great american sport. now, ben is going to -- there's ben. ben is going to try -- hi,
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ben -- to shoot -- his mission is to shoot that giant ball into that giant hoop in a game called big skip ball, and if he makes it, everyone in this audience will go home with a valuable prize, all right? all right. although i do want to say, the real prize are the friendships you make along the way, right? here's something else you'll like. i invited my dear friend, tracy morgan, to try some new things, to open himself up to experiences he's never had before. tracy is very set in his ways, but he agreed to loosen up and experiment and these are the results of what we call simply "tracy tries it." ♪ >> hi, i'm jimmy and welcome to "tracy tries it." in this segment, tracy morgan tries things that he's never tried before. i think this is very open-minded of you. >> yeah, i'm not scared. >> are you ready? >> yeah. bring it on. >> here we go. what will tracy try?
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tracy, have you ever broken a board karate-style, with your fist? >> let me see something. well, these hands -- >> mm-hmm? >> i've been to the shahman temple six times. >> six times? >> they're registered, so i can't break that board. >> let's try it, give it a try. >> i'm registered! i can't break nothing! want to see me in jail? do you want to see me in prison again? my wife told me, don't you put nothing on your head, don't you be breaking no boards, i'm going to foot my foot in your ass. >> she said that? >> again! nobody needs to see that, but i'm going to do it for you. >> oh, okay. let's stand up. >> okay. >> i'm going to hold this right here. i think you should -- >> hold it tight! hold it tight! >> use your palm i think is the way to go. >> okay. >> ready? here we go. "tracy tries it." tracy morgan about to smash this board karate style. just let me know when it's going
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to happen, because i'm very tense right now. >> ready? >> i'm ready. >> here it come. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> here it come. ready? ahhh! whoa! >> wow. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> tracy tried it. >> young grasshopper, now snatch a pepper from the palm. no it ain't, it's in my pocket. >> thank you, tracy. tonight on our nba "game night" special, sandra bullock, ben simmons, and when we come back, nba players face off in "college knowledge." so, stick around. we'll be right back. ♪ >> dicky: brought to you by mcdonald's 100% fresh beef quarter-pounder burgers, so good, they'll leave you speechless.
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>> jimmy: welcome back! this is our nba night "game night" special. sandra bullock and ben simmons with a giant basketball on the way. first, a little-known fact about professional athletes is many of them were once student athletes. and tonight, four nba players put their brains and the reputations of their alma maters to the test. it's time to play "college knowledge"! first up, looking to acclimate their wonder twin powers, representing stanford university, from the los angeles lakers, brook lopez, and from the chicago bulls, robin lopez. hello! welcome! welcome. and their opponents, representing the university of kentucky, from the minnesota
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timberwolves, all-star karl-anthony towns, and from the phoenix suns, three-point champion devin booker. hello, devon! welcome. >> hello. >> yeah. >> first question, do you know things. >> yes. >> yes, all right! you're on the board. >> well, we're going to find out if you're right. these are the rules. i will give you a question. the first team to buzz in and answer it correctly gets points. if you get it right, you get the points. if you do not get it right, you get to come in and try to steal those points. the winners will bring pride and glory to their schools. the losers will bring pestilence and shame. are you ready? let's begin. the first question is, what physicist is responsible for the equation "e" equals "mc" squared? brook? >> albert einstein. >> that is absolutely right, brook! >> i'm going to step back.
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>> that question really scared me. >> devon, you decided not to play? >> six months, man, that's all i did. that's all i did. >> next question. what is the square root of 25? brook? >> 5! >> five is right! the lopez brothers are on the board. >> come on, bro! >> press it. >> are you going to help? >> devin, did you know that one? >> i did. >> all right. this might be a good one for you, which university of kentucky alum who is often confused with a turtle now serves as the senate majority leader? this is a politics question. university of kentucky. >> senate majority leader looks like a turtle. >> yes, yes, he does look like a turtle. do you know who the senate majority leader is? >> that's a pretty good answer. tell him again. >> we're going to give zero points to everyone for that.
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it was mitch mcconnell. all right. next question -- which stanford law graduate was the first female justice to serve on the united states supreme court? >> hmm. >> devin, you've got to know this one. >> i think i do. i'm going to let them mess up first. >> okay, all right. here we go. lopez brothers. >> it's on. >> ruth bader ginsburg. >> ooh, that is a good guess, but incorrect. karl and devin, do you know who it was? >> i went to kentucky. >> the answer, sandra day o'connor is who we were looking for -- >> i told you. >> all right, still 20-0. next question -- what is the term for a flock of grounded geese? >> repeat the question, please -- >> no, don't repeat the question. >> what is a term for a flock of grounded geese? >> gooses. >> gooses? >> yeah.
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>> gooses. >> gooses is incredible. incorrect. you know what -- yes, brook, yes. >> is it still a flock? >> it is a gaggle is what we were looking for. >> a gaggle! that applies to a lot of things. >> gooses is pretty good. all right, kentucky, you've got to get on the board. >> at least. >> which is the only american state to begin with the letter "p"? karl. >> what? >> you pressed it. >> pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania's absolutely correct! devin! you win ten points. next question -- >> he's like, pittsburgh, pittsburgh. >> no, no, that's minus one. >> poseidon was the god of what? >> the sea. >> the sea. >> that is right, karl! we have a tied game! >> you didn't hear that one. that was cheating. >> oh, i'm so sorry. >> clearly kentucky/stanford. >> time for the tie-breaker question. whoever gets closest will win.
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the question is, how many continents -- and you can write this down -- are there? how many continents? you don't have to ring in. this is a tiebreaker -- >> oh, we don't have to ring. >> you both get to answer. no losing yet. >> this is what i did. >> how many continents are there? we'll start with devin and karl. they say seven, which is absolutely correct. robin and brook, you say seven, which is also correct! everybody wins! >> it's nicer on 7s, though -- >> we're totally out of questions -- >> hand writing counts for something, right? look at this. >> i'm sorry, penmanship does not count for anything in this particular game. you are all winners tonight. you're college knowledge donerook a robil and devin, you go home with what? >> dicky: everyone goes home with a dorm room mini fridge! >> a mini refrigerator. thanks! we'll be right back with sandra bullock!
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there! welcome back. moments from now, ben simmons of the philadelphia 76ers will take a big shot with a big ball to hopefully win everyone in our audience a big prize. we have a big week ahead, too. we're back in prime time wednesday and friday for games three and four with jennifer
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lopez, ryan gosling and guillermo's exclusive report from media day at the nba finals. so, join us for all of that. our guest tonight is an internationally beloved and oscar-winning actress who runs an unusually attractive ring of jewel thieves in "oceans eight." >> this is what you do, you make me guess, and then i'm interested. >> okay. >> and then you think that because i'm interested that i want to do it. >> don't you want to do things you're interested in? >> well, i'm interested in brain surgery, but -- >> well, you know that's not going to happen. >> what, you don't want to tell me? >> jewels. spectacular, big, old, blingy liz taylor jewels that are locked in a vault 50 feet under ground. >> oceans eight" opens in theaters friday. please welcome sandra bullock! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome! you know, i feel like it's very
9:21 pm
strange that we've been on for so long, this is your first time here. i feel like -- >> yeah, that i never was on your show, yet i texted you to pick up my son when i had never even met you. >> that's right! we were living on the same block -- >> and i don't know how i had his number, but i was in a panic to have louie picked up and i said grab the suv, grab louie, i'm running late. you go, i don't have the suv, but i have a white van that i can pick him up in. >> jimmy: yeah, i still have louie, by the way. did you want him back? >> after the weekend. >> jimmy: that's a weird mistake to make. >> thank god it was you. because i started thinking about who i could have texted to pick up my son. >> jimmy: that's true. >> awkward moments. >> jimmy: you could have done worse. also could have done better, i must say. >> maybe, yes. >> jimmy: well, thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> you were a cheerleader -- >> is that right? >> jimmy: that's how you do it. i believe we have a photograph of your time as a cheerleader.
9:22 pm
does this mean -- did you perform at the basketball games? >> did i cheer? >> jimmy: did you cheer? >> it's called cheering. >> jimmy: cheering, yeah. >> yes. i had no idea what i was cheering about. i was not well versed in basketball terminology, but i had spirit, and i was the good bottom of the, what is it called, the pyramid? solid. i was a solid -- i'm not even going to say that. i'm not going to say. i was a good member to be on the bottom -- >> you were part of the base. >> thank you! >> jimmy: yes, that's good. >> i was definitely solid. >> jimmy: so, when the team would score -- >> yes. i would look to the head cheerleader. >> jimmy: you took your cue. >> i took my cues and i obeyed and i was excited by what was happening and i said whatever she told us to say and i said it. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and never at any time did you go, oh, yeah, now i know how it works -- >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: when the team of the guys that i go to school with put the ball in the basket, that's when -- >> i get really excited. see?
9:23 pm
i knew when to do my job. >> jimmy: you have, speaking of teams, quite a group of women in this movie, "oceans eight." >> yes. >> jimmy: go through some of them. who is in the cast of this film with you? >> there is miss cate blanchett -- >> jimmy: we saw her in that clip. >> who is divine. we have rihanna. we have the majestic helena bonham carter, who is wickedly funny. sarah paulson, mindy kaling, we have aquafina. did you know aquafina? if you don't know her now -- >> that's water. that's not a person. >> i know. i know. her name's nora, but she's a rapper. i know. ha, ha, ha. >> jimmy: yes, i know. maybe, is dasani in the movie, too? >> and voss and fiji, yeah. they're all there. >> jimmy: oh, good. >> evian didn't get a role. that will be "oceans ten." >> reporter: i see. is this true, you grew up in germany? >> yes, between germany a
9:24 pm
washington, d.c. >> reporter:. >> jimmy: i never realized that. >> does it make me fascinating now? >> jimmy: in a way, it's like you're hiding something. >> little bit. >> jimmy: like kevin costner, when he in "no way out" spoke foreign language at the end. >> i speak a little german. >> jimmy: really? >> how about i teach you to say something? >> jimmy: yes. >> say ishbin -- >> ishbin. >> ein. >> i know this one. [ bleep ] >> jimmy: what was that? >> loc. >> jimmy: like a lake? does that mean i'm a [ bleep ]? >> yep. hard to say, right? >> jimmy: yeah.
9:25 pm
well, i'm not going to say it again, but yeah, it's hard to say. well, it's great to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> jimmy: thank you for coming on this special, special night of basketball that you couldn't care less about. sandra bullock, everybody! "oceans eight" opens friday. we'll be right back to play "bigsketball" with ben simmons. ♪ ♪ >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by "uncle drew," in theaters june 29th.
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light is on it. neutrogena® light therapy acne spot treatment. with bacteria killing blue light and inflammation calming red light. and for full on breakouts? light therapy acne mask. neutrogena®. >> jimmy: welcome back to "jimmy kimmel live: game night." i'm on hollywood boulevard with ben simmons of the philadelphia 76ers. thank you for doing this, ben. >> thank you. >> jimmy: congratulations on a great season.
9:28 pm
>> appreciate it. >> jimmy: how are you feeling right now? >> ready to go. >> jimmy: well, there's a lot of pressure on you. you're a professional basketball player. tell me, is this a regulation sized ball? >> it's a little bigger. >> jimmy: that's right, because we're not playing regular basketball tonight. we're playing big-sketball. ben, you know how this works. this giant ball has to go into that massive hoop. you get one shot to make it. and if you do make it, everyone in our studio audience will get a fabulous prize. dicky, tell them what they'll win! >> dicky: each member of the audience goes home with live nation concert cash that can be used to see one of your favorite artists at a live nation amphitheater this summer. >> jimmy: and what do they get if ben misses? toothpicks. >> jimmy: everyone gets toothpicks if you miss. and believe me, this audience, they get mad, start poking you with toothpicks, you're going to wish you weren't born. how nervous are you on a scale of 1 to 8,500? >> 8,500.
9:29 pm
>> jimmy: all right. will ben make the shot? time to find out. let's play big-sketball. cousin sal, help me get this ball up. >> jimmy: there he goes! there he goes! oh, my goodness, the follow up. it's good! well done. let's take a look at the instant replay. wow. i had to say, the other team did not play very good defense. well, that's it, our time is up. thank you for watching. we're back at our regular time tomorrow night with jodie foster, "the bachelorette," becca kufrin and music from ray la montagne. one more? ♪ captions by vitac
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