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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 7, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we're in a golden state of mind. we'll take blue, too. thank you sales force tower. >> don't be fooled. mike says there's no sign of summer, at least in terms of our weather today. >> we're having that permanent fall that so many of us actually enj enjoy. . you're smips smins. personally, mike, i'm counting the days until we're back to the summer weather. >> that's because you have ac.
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it depends on before you live and what kind of equipment you have to keep your house cool or not. we are stuck in the rut once again, stuck in neutral. you can see the onshore breeze and the grayness that continues to develop. the thickest cloud cover we've had so far this week, becoming cloudy in san jose about 56 right now. temperatures in the low to mid 50s at 7:00. i could have taken this week off. 56 to 64, by 4:00, 56. maybe a degree or two warmer. then at 7:00, 55 to 63 degrees. you know who doesn't take a day off because traffic doesn't either? >> i don't know about that, mike. so far we're doing okay this morning. we want to take a look at our traffic maps. moving over to golden gate bridge. we do have a little bit of haze this morning. we have a chance of a list mist or drizzle out there. i'd say this is probably one of the higher candidates for that
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this morning. we are keeping an eye on that. if you happen to see some, flip the windshield wipers on, let us know. the traffic work has wrapped up. we've got about ten-minute delay in the antioch line. normal service is resuming. it should be back on time shortly. at least one american city is taking aim at uber and lyft, taking a big step to put limits on surge pricing. >> fou have to fly to hawaii to see this. honolulu the first city to do this and uber is now responding. abc news reporter matt keller live in san jose. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. many people arriving at the san jose airport in an uber or lyft. you hop on a plane at hawaiian airlines to the right of us. that surge pricing could soon have a limit. honolulu would be the first place in the u.s. to ever have that type of limitation. here is what it is. honolulu city council approved a bill preventing surge pricing if
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the rates are higher than the maximum fair set by the city. supporters say it's wrong to let companies set their own prices without city control. uber called the outdated taxi requirements on ride share. they say unlike taxis, riders know exactly what price they'll before before hiring a ride. honolulu attorneys will review it before it goes to the mayor. he'll have ten days to decide if he wants to veto it. matt keller, abc 7 news. . a larly beal said last night, this is why the warriors wanted kevin durant. >> the dubs took down the cavs and need just munn more win to clinch a third nba title in four years. durant poured in 43 points including a dagger with less than one minute to go. >> kevin durant way outside,
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delivers. kevin durant from downtown, it's a six-point game. >> daymond and steph screaming for joy. k.d. cool as a cucumber. final score 110-102. >> it's amazing how ice cold - - >> life is good when you're up 3-0. no nba team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit. you can watch the warriors go for the sweep only on abc 7. game four of warriors versus cavs happens tomorrow in cleveland. we'll have a pregame show at 5:00. abc coverage starts at 5:30. tip-off is at 6:00. you can stay with us for toyota after the game.
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. i just got some information on the situation i was watching in houston from our live desk. it started just before our newscast. we learned the entire houston hobby airport had been evacuated. we weren't exactly sure why. we did just get an update on that. turns out that there was a suspicious device found. the airport tweeted out this, saying it has been removed. hundreds of people had to be evacuated when a tsa worker suddenly shouted shut it down, everyone leave. things are getting back to normal right now. hobby airport's twitter account says things are a little slow. not sure exactly what the device was. if we get any better information during our newscast, i'll let you know. stopping a rec rec rec rec c threat. >> it was formed after the parkland, florida, school shooting. officials say because a lot of resources are needed to investigate the threats, other
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longer-term investigations were suffering. >> we think creating this group that are totally responsible for addressing these types of threats is a far better use of those resources. >> a 13-year-old student was arrested in connection with the valley view threat. police also say guns were found in the student's home. the two men facing off for governor in the november election are not wasting any time getting their message out. both democrat john cox, at issue the gas tax that state lawmakers approved last year. >> just looking for short-term gains and obviously the other payity will make that an issue. a lot of empty rhetoric. >> fix the cause of the problem. it's the special interest corruption, the waste of money
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at caltrans. that's what i'm going to be devoted to when i'm the governor. >> president trump tweeted a congratulations to cox yesterday. newsome replied to that tweet with, quote, please campaign for him as much as possible. >> speaking of the president, kim kardashian and president trump took this photo at a meeting last week. kardashian urged him to commute the sentence of 63-year-old alice johnson. >> johnson was serving life in prison for a drug conviction. she's now a free woman this morning. abc's marcus moore has the details. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, a moment 22 years in the making. >> i want to thank the president, donald john >> reporter: the president keeping up with the kardashian plea for clem see. announcing wednesday he would be computing the 63-year-old's life sentence for non-violent drug charges. it was her first offense. >> i feel like my life is
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starting over again. >> reporter: less than a week after johnson's biggest supporter, kim kardashian west, visited the oval office. this interview with johnson shot by digital news company caught the reality star's attention in october. we'll be live with alice johnson coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, marcus moore, abc news, aliceville, alabama. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. mid 50s all through out our east bay valleys. if you head up and maybe do a hike early this morning, 47. mt. diablo a little warmer, 68 degrees. low to mid 50s from san francisco and pacica, 52 to 50, all the way down both sides of the bayshore line to san jose, 55. los gatos up in the mills cooler, 46. same thing in napa and santa rosa, about 49 there. let's take a look at what's going on as far as activities.
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what will you be doing today? relaxing, head out in the cool evening, check to see how the grapes are growing or pick some strawberries. thanks, honey for doing that. that's part of mie lunch today. ocean beach -- ocean play and bay play, caution because of the breezes. here is a look at the small craft advisory from 1:00 this afternoon to 9:00 this evening, west winds at about 30 miles per hour. the north-south bridges most affected. north bay, we start at 55 this morning with cloudy conditions in some neighborhoods. sunny everywhere by 10:00. at noon 66. hanging out in the low 70s this afternoon. san francisco, of course, as you would expect, a lot narrower margin from mid 50s this morning to upper 50s during the afternoon hours, and along the east bayshore, we'll stay in the 50s until 10:00. low to mid 60s from 11:00 through 6:00. take a look at the weekend forecast, warmer but big-time heat coming next week in my accuweather seven-day forecast.
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of a crash on the lighter side of 580, eastbound 580 around high street. hearing a motorcycle was speeding and then lost control and that bike is now down. not sure about injuries. it does sound like we have at least one lane blocked. but not seeing delays yet. i'll check back in with chp. we should have more information once they arrive on the scene. westbound 80 that traffic definitely starting to fill in. no significant delays yet. drive times in the green. we'll take a look coming up at 5:20. president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani says north korean leader kim jong-un begged to have the summit reinstated after the president canceled it in a lett letter. >> mayor giuliani said the president's tough line forced kim jong-un to plead to reschedule. >> kim jong-un got on his hands and knees and begged for it
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which is exactly the position you wanted to put him in. >> giuliani said similar tactics should be used with the palestinian authority, protesting trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. true heroism in the middle of a tragic disaster. >> on abc, we're hearing from the shooting victim injured after this fbi agent's gun fired on the dance floor. >> we're getting stung surveillance
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wow. can you hear the powerful sounds of mother nature? this is yesterday, a massive tornado ripping through wyoming, specifically last evening. the local paper, the casper star tribune says there were no immediate reports of damage. nice to see a tornado there without it creating much damage. a whirlwind of activity in agent they are ton, menlo atherton an high school graduates at 4:00. hanging out in the mid 60s through 6:00. notice it's going to be breezy. make sure those hats are secured very tightly. here is reggie. >> thanks, mike. getting new video of rescues
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during the north bay firestorm. do you see this? some of the heroes work for the city of santa rosa, they wore uniforms but not the ones you might expect. >> it is maybe the last place anyone might recognize recognize responder. this view tonight, there's no resemblance to the early morning hours of october 9th. >> this intense glow here is the hilton hotel. >> reporter: steve lawrence is a superintendent, one of six drivers who came to work in the midst of a firestorm. among them, john kay, who lost his house that night. it turns out he's a former fireman who actually arrived in some areas before the firefighters. >> what was the fireman in you saying? >> i don't belong here. >> and the bus driver was saying? >> you don't have a choice, get through it. >> more than once drivers wondered if they would. steve lawrence is most well known because he saved video from the cameras on board his bus. they recorded his first stop at
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the brookdale memory care facility where staff began loading patients. by the time steve left, they filled every seat. one camera shows steve reassuring passengers as they leave for a shelter while only he knew the terror ahead. >> there were times when the choice was only to go forward. i couldn't turn around. i'll either make it or i won't. >> reporter: steve's worst moments, he said, as the bus passed through the inferno of coffey park. >> these are rivers are embers. i'm dumfounded. >> what can you do to reassure them at a time like that? >> that's what i was trying to do. i was trying to project an image of everyting is okay, we're going to get you through this. >> you're thinking? >> i'm thinkingi hope we get to their place. >> reporter: by the end of the life steve and his fellow drivers saved 400 lives. santa rosa's bus drivers are finally getting their due.
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>> it's more frightening for me to watch it now than it was that evening. >> reporter: wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> stories like that have you make you emotional. >> thank goodness for those bus drivers. you're taking a look at this surveillance video. wow. tat's hard to watch. a crash between a truck and a smart train in santa rosa. a box truck drove through the crossing arms and hit by a train going 77 miles per hour. no one suffered serious injuries here. however, this crash is raising the issue of quiet zones. those are stretches of train track will trains will not sound their horns at the crossings. many communities want the quiet zones because they say it's too loud. one smart board member says drivers need to hear those horns because most are distracted these days by their cell phones. a poll out this morning reveals how hard it is to find housing in the bay area. >> according to the bay area
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counc council, 53% harder to find housing. 76% say it's gotten somewhat more difficult. the good news from the poll, nearly half a million households are willing to build a granny unit to help the housing crisis. the fact that that's the good news from the poll is maybe not good news. >> right. people moving from the bay area to elsewhere are heading east to sacramento, especially millennials. the investment site smart asset found 16,000 millennials, defined as people 20 to 34, moved to the state capital in 2016. the median home price is four times less than san francisco. also be aware that sacramento's population growth rate is the highest of all major california metros. at noon tickets go on sale for the war yofrs official watch party for tomorrow night's game for the nba finals. it could turn into a big dub nation celebration if the
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warriors sweep the cavs in cleveland. last night about 8,000 fans packed oracle. fans were treated to quite a show despite kevin durant's performance. dj d sharp entertained the crowd. >> it was a great game. game three, we got it. let's go! >> tickets for tomorrow night's watch party cost 20 bucks. parking is $30. a portion of the proceeds go to the aeg oakland community foundation. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco joining us now. >> i'm glad we only have to wait one day tore the next game. >> the only question, is it going to happen in cleveland or are we going to win here at home. >> you'd love to have them -- i'd hate to say this, lose tomorrow, so they can win at home. >> i would never stand in the
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way of a warriors victory. >> i say let's do it. >> i'm with you. let's move on and talk about the weather. either way we're winners, right? whether we win in four or five. here is a look at the roof camera. you can see cloud cover over our neighborhoods, a little thicker than it was yesterday. it will become bright. grab the sunglasses. get ready for temperatures below average. lighter breezes, warmer tomorrow. and then the real summer heat is going to hit us next week. not all of us, the usual spots. check out downtown san francisco, 61. one of the warmer spots in san francisco, the mission 62 the warmest. south san francisco will tie that. the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s. along the east bayshore today, afternoon sunshine and temperatures struggling into the middle and upper 60s. peninsula, no warmth anywhere here. we're stuck in the 50s on the coast and low to mid 60s for the most part on the bay side. down in the south bay, sunny and pretty comfortable. 68 in milpitas to 72 in los
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gatos. we go to the east bay valleys where it's going to be 71 today in concord, still saving moment. let's go to the north bay where there will be quite a spread from sausalito to 63, santa rosa at 69. tonight's temperatures pretty much the same as they've been all week, upper 40s to mid 50s. let's take a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. not as breezy tomorrow. two to six degrees warmer from the coast inland. sunday is going to mirror friday. then things get out of their comfort zone for monday, tuesday and wednesday with hot temperatures away from the coast. >> good morning, mike. i want to head back to the east bay where we have a couple issues to talk about. a motorcycle crash on the 98th on-ramp to 880, but it's already clear. we do have a crash at east 580 around high street. solo vehicle. spun out, somehow lost control.
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blocking the two right lanes. still not seeing delays approaching the scene. hopefully we'll get more information from chp. we are looking pretty light all the way around. westbound 580 tracy into castro valley, not terrible. in the yellow at 1:06. highway 101 looking good. we'll check out overnight road work wrapping upcoming up in a few minutes. concord police looking for this burglar who apparently really wanted lottery tickets from this convenience store. he walked up to don's market on port chicago highway, ripped off the door handle and then, oops, fell. he returned last sunday and preetdly smashed a rock in the door, kicked in the glass and and then lost a shoe. eventually the thief got inside and realized the cash register was what? empty. he made off with nearly 5,000 lottery tickets.
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if you recognize him, call concord pd. for the first time we're hearing from the man wounded when an fbi agent's gun went off in a colorado bar. >> he says he remains confused by this bizarre irns dent that happened early saturday morning. >> i heard a loud bang, and i thought, oh, some idiot set off a firecracker. all of a sudden, my leg from the knee down became completely red. that's when it clicked in my head, i've been shot. >> the agent's gun fell onto the ground, he did the back flip. he's identified as 29-year-old chase bishop. you can hear more from thom redding ton, the man who was shot on "good morning america." surveillance footage shows officers repeatedly punching a
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to much worse. help stop e journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ it is 5:26. whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door, here are the 7 things you need to know before you go. contra costa firefighters keeping their eyes on the site of this homeless camp. . number two, guatemala volcano victims arrived in the u.s. overnight. number three, the race for mayor of san francisco going down to the wire. mark leno has a razor-thin, less than 1% lead over london breed. number four, honolulu has become the first city in the nation to place a limit on surge pricing for uber and lyft. uber is responding this morning calling the move an outdated
5:27 am
taxi style requirement. number five, are you ready for another cool day out there and the possibility of delays at sfo. temperatures this afternoon five to 12 degrees below average, low 60s to mid 70s. taking a look at the roads, number six, we have overnight road work, grinding and paving in palo alto. we had this on the northbound side yesterday. today it's southbound lanes. they are wrapping that up right now, according to kol trance all lanes are back open. but residual delays between university and ek bark darrow. the warriors are one win away from their third nba title in four years. last night kevin durant scored 43 points in a 110-102 victory in cleveland. game four is tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. only right here on nbc 7. nient minutes of news coming your way next, a high tech county lagging behind when it comes to election results. a b
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crews working overnight to mop up this massive fire that you probably saw during your evening commute. we are live at that scene this morning. take a look at your screen. this is one of the wildest cases of alleged road rage that you will ever see. meanwhile, on the verge of a dynasty. the dubs are just one win away from their third title in four years. history is certainly on our side. also a fan catches a foul ball with her cup of beer, but it's what she does afterward that has made her an instant legend and is currently dividing this anchor team. it's thursday, june 7th, 5:30 in the morning. >> alexis and i are going to have an epic party. >> come on, right.
5:31 am
>> apparently i'm the party pooper. we'll talk about it soon. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> the alcohol kills the germs, right? if you drink it fast enough. let's move along and tell you what's going on. here is a look at our winds. i've overlaid them on live doppler 7. gusting to 24 at sfo. 23 at concord, 17 at fairfield. cloud cover approaching all our neighborhoods. a slight chance of drizzle. let us know if you run into some. here is my accuweather 12-hour planner. grab the sunglasses for this afternoon. the results about the same, mid 50s at the coast all day, 64 around the bay and inland at noon. 68 at 4:00 and 55 to 63 our spread at 7:00. i promise you, we'll get out of this rut soon. i'll show you that coming up. here is alexis. >> we're looking at a pretty quiet start to the commute.
5:32 am
you wouldn't know it looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. always one of our busiest areas early in the morning. those metering lights are on as of 5:22 today. typical delays building through the maze unless you're using those car pool lanes. b.a.r.t. not too bad. we have a ten-minute delay on the antioch line. between walnut creek and lafayette, all the work done and they're starting to resume normal service right now. fire crews still monitoring this east bay fire. they were doing that late into the night. a lot of you saw the smoke coming from a junk yard. >> three people actually ended up getting lurt including a firefighter. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard live in pittsburg this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that firefighter will be okay after injuring their hand. check it out. still remains inside this auto wrecking yard. it's a reminder of yesterday's dramatic fire fight. it was dramatic.
5:33 am
thick, black smoke could be seen for miles. sky 7 was overhead as firefighters attacked a brush fire which spread into the wrecking yard around 5:30 p.m. public health advisory due to the smoke containing particles from burning tires and car upholstery. jason stanley was worried about losing expensive heavy machinery parked inside. >> when you work for that, and to see it could be gone, it's scary. that's what puts food on the table. >> firefighters say a candle burning inside a tent at a nearby homeless camp was the likely cause of the fire. two more people suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation. one of them was taken to the hospital. we're live in pittsburg this morning. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> cornell, thank you. this morning the warriors are just one win away from back-to-back nba titles.
5:34 am
>> last night kevin durant had his best postseason game ever to almost single handedly lead the dubs. he grabbed 13 rebounds and dished out seven assists. it was a huge performance on a night when we needed it. the warriors survived a slow start and pulled away for a 110-102 victory to take a 3-0 series lead over the cabs. abc's mindi bach caught up with durant after the game. >> this is another step in the direction we want to go, to be champions. we have one more win to do that. i loved everybody's poise tonight, the sense of urgency. we kept fighting, kept playing. we made shots down the stretch and tried to have some fun out there, not get too high or too low. >> he's so gracious about his superstar performance. with the win, the warriors became the first team in nba history to take a 3-0 lead in back-to-back nba finals. by the way, no nba team has ever
5:35 am
come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a playoff series. >> abc 7 the only place to watch the finals presented by youtube tv. game four is tomorrow in cleveland. pregame show at 5:00, abc coverage starts at 5:30. tip-off at 6:00. stay with us for "toyota after the game." violence breaking out at the warriors watch party at oracle arena. this morning oakland police are asking witnesses to come forward. they say a man was shot in parking lot a around 9:00 last night. he had to be taken to the hospital. to far police have not made any arrests. this is truly disturbing. a san francisco woman charged with murder after police found her roommate's dismembered body inside her home. >> according to the chronicle, the victim was maggie maimer. police arrested 47-year-old lisa gonzalez, her roommate, she's
5:36 am
due to be arraigned tomorrow. prosecutors want her held without bail. a teacher in the south bay is in trouble for what he calls a joke, but what others say was a racist gesture directed at a student. abc 7 news was in san jose yesterday when activists for people of color held a news conference about the incident in april. the unnamed teacher is on paid administrative leave from santa teresa high school. a black student was in pe class when a teacher who is white allegedly said stay away from me and used a rope to make a noose around his own neck. >> it's appalling that we have children trying to be educated in an atmosphere like this. we are all responsible for raising and educating our children. >> activists are considering a civil rights lawsuit against the school district. the case was taken to the district attorney's office which deemed it a hate incident, not a hate crime, and no charges were filed. take a look at what happened after a driver veered off the
5:37 am
road, went airborne, hit a garage and a tree and then landed in this back yard. that was just the beginning of this incident. oakland police say they've arrested the driver for assaulting a police officer responding to the crash. police say first responders were giving the man medical care when he attacked them with a backboard. . the race for san francisco mayor still too close to call this morning. >> less than a percentage point separates london breed and mark leno. roughly 75% of jane kim's voters chose mark leno as their second choice while 25% chose breed. that difference is what is pushing leno slightly ahead despite the fact that breed captured the most first place votes in the first round. the candidates have different views, of course, on that instant runoff system which is
5:38 am
called ranked-choice voting. >> this is the one we're dealing with as it relates to this race. for now we're stuck with it. >> it promotes more positive campaigning, because if i want your second vote, i'm not gong to drop a bomb on you. i think we saw that in this race as well. >> 13,000 ballots came in just yesterday. those postmarked on or before election day are valid, as long as they arrive by tomorrow. more election results are posted on our website, web wesh. that's where you can keep up to date as more votes are being counted. >> arguably the most high tech county in the country was the last to report election day results. santa clara county was dead last among 58 counties reporting. it wasn't until noon yesterday that the votes were finally finali finalized. the reason for the delay, registrar officials blame their outdated equipment. the registrar needed breaks to service the mechanical systems and the computer server needed
5:39 am
to be rebooted occasionally during the course of counting. mike, it looks like some of our tech industry could go over there and maybe help out? >> during the lunch break, roll over there, kick the thing a little bit, get it going. that's crazy, the irony. let's head up to the north bay and show you the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in most neighborhoods. tiburon, novato, 50.50.50. 57 in el sobrante right now. 52 in san francisco, 50 in daly city. east bay valleys in the mid 50s. cupertino cooler at 48. you can see the haze hanging around the san mateo bridge as we look westbound, maybe a little touch of drizzle. it's the breezes, that's the reason why for your commute planner, i have caution whether you're driving or taking the ferry today. i you're mass transit, dress for cool weather this morning, mild weather this afternoon. right now let's go down to the south bay where we have cloudy
5:40 am
conditions, about 57 at 8:00, mostly sunny at 10:00. temperatures mid to upper 60s at noon through about 6:00. that's eight degrees below average. east bay valleys, comfortable after a cool start in the morning. 68 at noon and low to mid 70s through about 6 clock. our last stop will be the peninsula where the clouds will linger a little longer. a few breaks in the cloud cover by 10:00. that maybe when you need the sunglasses. we'll hang out in the mid 60s during the afternoon hours to about 59 at :00. you been out much during the evening hours? >> no. i go to bed at 6:00, so no. >> how about the afternoon hours? >> yes, it's been nice and cool and i've enjoyed that very much. so soaking it up the next couple days. i know it's going to get a little brutal very soon.
5:41 am
looking live at our traffic maps. a quiet morning so far on the roads. want to head into eastbound 580 near high street. crews are working to clear a solo vehicle collision that somehow ended up facing sideways. no delay on the eastbound side of 580, the lighter side of traffic. this time of day, i don't think we'll get a delay but i'm keeping an eye on that. northbound 101 at 880, if you re call we had two separate significant crashes on northbound 101 in san jose yesterday. tday we don't have anything blocking and no delays on that drive time. that's looking much, much better. westbound 580 richmond-san rafael bridge, six minutes for you. 14 minutes across the san mateo bridge and not bad across dumbarton bridge either. that's in the green at nine minutes. check this out. this is a very scary case of alleged road rage in sacramento. you can see a driver repeatedly ramming his trail blazer into a honda. the driver gets out of his car and there you go, he's jumping
5:42 am
on that roof and that windshield. don't worry, though, the driver of that honda did get out before all this happened. according to "the sacramento bee," the suspect followed the other driver off the freeway after some sort of disturbance and this happened. the man is now in custody. >> whoa. that is amazing in a very bad way. there's one noise thats that become synonymous with b.a.r.t. >> usually worse than that. >> why you won't be hearing it as much anymore. >> a warriors super fan ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza
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than doubles your chance of escape in case of a fire. smoke alarms can provide an early warning if you follow these 3 steps. repalce your smoke alarms every 10 years. if they're old an discolored it's time to replace them. check your batteries regularly. a great time to change them is every spring and fall when you change your clocks. and lastly, check your alarms weekly. replace. change. test. because early warnings help to save lives.
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we've got buccaneers on the loose in san francisco. the seniors from balboa high graduating today at 11:00. mid to upper 50s with breezy conditions, increasing sunshine. bears from menlo agenter thon high school, a little warmer, but not much. 59 to 66 for you. be safe tonight. a look at temperatures, 80 in sacramento, 102 in palm springs. sunshine along the coast. 64 in monterey. my accuweather seven-day forecast for tahoe, 74 tomorrow and a brisk, only 60 saturday and then jumping up into the 80s tuesday and wednesday. quite a roller coaster there.
5:46 am
breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> we do have breaking news coming in. yahoo news reporting that colin kaepernick's legal team wants to subpoena the president in a case against the nfl. it's actually part of an ongoing fight between the former 9 erp qb and the president, the nfl. i'm working on that full story for you. i'll get additional details. i'll have a whole wrap-up coming up at 6:00 a.m. four police officers in mesa, arizona, on administrative leave after surveillance video showed them beating an unarmed man. the images you're about to see are difficult to watch. >> 33-year-old robert johnson was leaning against the wall looking at his phone. you can see four officers rushing in and starting to beat him before he finally calls to the ground there. officers say this happened because he refused to sit down when they told him to. the mesa police chief did not like what he saw. >> the level of force is
5:47 am
troubling, certainly at first glance, this looks like a mistake. >> this is body camera video. officers responding to a reported domestic violence call involving another man that johnson was with at the apartment building. johnson suffered head and chest trauma, and his friend are facing multiple charges including disorderly conduct. jumping back in here, i'm following that breaking news but i want to quickly give you an update on what's happening in guatemala, that deadly volcano eruption. kids arrived in south texas for medical attention. six kids that are in critical condition, they got to galveston last night. doctors say they'll likely undergo surgery at the shriner's hospital for children. it specializes in burn treatment. all of this comes after overnight the death toll also went up to at least 99 people dead, 200 people are still missing.
5:48 am
>> [ speaking foreign language ] >> she just wants help finding her family. >> it's heartbreaking to hear some of those people still searching for their loved ones. i want to show you also this. this is a photo from nasa. you can see just how big that ash plume is. it's gotten as far as guatemala city which is the country's capital. 40 miles away. a large area of the country affected. 5:48 now. b.a.r.t. passengers will probably appreciate this. more than half of their trains have been equipped with a new wheel profile in the hope of a quieter ride. >> b.a.r.t. provided these photos that show the new wheels that will interact with the rail. basically the wheels fit better on top of the rails, reducing the all-too-common screeching noise and less wear and tear on the rails. about half of the b.a.r.t. trains have been reequipped.
5:49 am
the agency predicts 90% by december. a comeback story for the ages involving a resilient teenager and her personal connection to the warriors. >> sophomore kaitlyn o'connor was diagnosed with a disease that caused debilitating seizures. she traveled to the cleveland clinic. look what the hospital staff did for her, decorated the room in warriors colors even though e s they're cavs fans. coach steve kerr wrote her back and eventually invited her to a game. >> i don't imagine he meets with people on a regular basis like that. it was pretty special for him to meet with us like that and very cool. it meant a lot to me. >> kaitlyn is now volunteering with the brain recovery project. that's an organization that helps children reach their full
5:50 am
potential after undergoing neurological surgery. i'm going to add one more thing about this yung woman. she swims. she's able to swim -- because she has some paralysis still -- with just one arm. >> such an inspiration. we love her. a baseball fan got a loud cheer after she caught a foul ball with her cup of full beer. >> the roar got even louder because of what she did after that. here is the play from tuesday. the foul ball ended up in the upper deck behind home plate. obviously, wow, she's excited. who knew that was going to happen? after about 20 seconds of celebrating, uh-huh, she chugs the bore. now, keep in mind that ball still in the cup. for that a lot of people are calling her an instant legend. >> ball park beer is not cheap. that was probably $10. she had one option. >> i don't know. are you wearing on me because now it seems like a better idea.
5:51 am
>> no, it's not. don't succumb to the peer pressure. that's disgusting. >> an hour ago i was like straight culture is wild. >> reggie would totally do it. >> everybody chanting, 40,000 people going reggie, reggie. >> you would have done it. >> you're right, peer pressure. >> he's coming around. >> i like you guys. it want you to like me. >> sorry. you're on an island right now, a clean, dirt-free island. >> i am. let's talk about what's going on this afternoon. hi everybody. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. look for the east bay hills, gr shows sunshine developing. mt. diablo on the right side. notice the clouds are topping the east bay hills and moving into the valleys. that means another day of cooler than average afternoon temperatures. mainly cloudy, isolated drizzle tonight. the summer heat wave coming next week. let's watch the cloud cover,
5:52 am
slower than yesterday. you can see at noon, clouds along the east bayshore and along the coast. those will dry up for the most part. a few lingering along the peninsula coast this afternoon. temperatures, we'll trot out the microclimates. not a huge summer spread yet. 71 in san jose. 67 in palo alto, dropping to 62 in mill by. 56 to 59 along the coast. 61, that's it, in downtown san francisco. 69 in petaluma and 70s for the rest of the north bay valleys. along the east bayshore, mid to upper 60s. upper 60s around san ramon, pleasanton and livermore. my accuweather seven-day forecast, look at this swing. tomorrow warmer, saturday back to today's temperatures, sunday back to tomorrow's temperatures and mother nature says i'm tired of this. let's just make it hot next week. alexis? >> thanks, mike. checking out the roads this morning, bay bridge toll plaza busy as usual. the metering lights on at 5:22
5:53 am
today. it's not any busier than normal. we're definitely seeing red on our traffic flows. taking a 3d look at the toll plaza, you can see it starting to slow down in the flyover from 880. if you're coming from the berkeley or emeryville area, that delay not bad. wide open until you hit the maze. not seeing significant delays. normal volumes for this time of day. mass transit looking good so far, too. normal service resumed on the antioch line. we had track work that went late between walnut creek and lafayette. no delays currently and 50 trains in service. new at 6:00, the relief coming to muni riders who deal with extremely crowded rains. facebook takin
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
abc news is teaming up with facebook on a new venture for the social network. they announced they will fund original news programs produced by abc as well as cnn and mike, focused on nous for millennials. to make way, instead for what it calls trustworthy and informative news. checking out the roads this month, it has been fairly quiet. we're looking very quiet here on southbound 101 through san rafael. very light volumes so far today. it looks like everyone cruising along at the speed limit or maybe a little faster than that. tracy to dublin 1 hour and two minutes, southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard, 15 minutes. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. we have breezy conditions out there today, too. >> they'll pick up this
5:57 am
afternoon, too. the stout sea breeze will take over even with sunshine this afternoon and drop our temperatures about five to 12 degrees below average. it could be comfortable for some folks. alameda high school graduation, the hornets today about 4:00, 60 degrees and business si with sunshine. up the hill, tark a look at skyline high school where the titans graduate at 6:00. temperatures in the upper 50s. dress a little warmer and have fun. new at 6:00, a warning before your commute. a new report says many of us are driving with dangerous tires. we're tracking this big hit to uber and lift. the city that's trying to slow down surge pricing. breaking news we're tracking, colin ka
5:58 am
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waking up winners again on this thursday, june 7th. >> that's right. what a game. man -- >> k.d.
6:00 am
>> what a player. incredible stuff. first we'll talk about the weather. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is mike. >> let's drop in on live doppler 7 to see what we're tracking this morning. a lot of gray out there. a little more widespread than yesterday. still waiting for some areas of drizzle to pop up. if they do, let us know so we can let everybody else know. the broezs, that's the big sory. you can see them gusts from 10 to 22 miles per hour. over the water, at least the bay, no clouds. over land, a lot of clouds this morning. temperatures today almost exactly like yesterday. 50s this morning, mid 60s at noon and upper 60s at 4:00 away from the coast. then jacket weather during the evening hours. how about the commute this morning, alexis? >> it's been pretty quiet, mike. we don't have any significant issues to talk about. we've only had a couple crashes, one on eastbound 580, so the lighter side of traffic. they're still working to cl


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