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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 17, 2018 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. good morning, america. this morning, severe weather. >> oh, yeah, there it goes. >> a reported tornado touching down in wisconsin. hail covering roadways looking like snow. flash flooding emergencies in the midwest. and strong storms from colorado all the way to michigan. >> isn't that crazy? >> what's ahead for the workweek? wrap it up. president trump's personal si probe to be suspended. why he wants the investigators investigated. this, as the president gets ready to head to capitolill with the battle over immigration heating up. new overnight, tesla torched. this shocking video posted by a hollywood actress showing her director husband's car going up
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in flames in l.a. the company's response. pool warnings. a family's video showing a 2-year old scaling this ladder going viral now. >> whose big idea was it to have this door put on a ladder with slots like that? >> the safety advice you need to hear this summer season. and making music, beyonce and husband jay z releasing a surprise album. ♪ shot at the louvre. what they're revealing about their lives and their love. happy sunday, everyone. happy father's day to all the dads out there, including dan harris. >> even me. >> even dan. and coming up, we're going to have the incredible story of a father who saved his teenage son after he collapsed on the basketball court. ron is going to bring us an amazing story. >> it's a great story. we're also celebrating
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father's day with some man-sized burgers, cake and something called fudgie the beer. it's going to get weird here this morning. >> it's going to get really weird. >> it's exciting. we're gointa stoit wrt we have severe weather and dangerous temperatures that are slamming the m>>huerstms bnginid dama.ging winds a nd pounding rain. and the threat is not overanokt. issi y bub.e of extreme heat is now expanding eastward. rob is in central park where the temperature is rising. rob, good morning. >> good morning, guys. the worst of it will be here tomorrow. but the heat is certainly building across the midsection of the country. feeding into some storms that are dropping life-threatening rain across the upper midwest. overnight, severe weather and flash flooding slamming the midwest. in wisconsin, torrential rain turning roads into rivers. leaving cars struggling to maneuver through deep waters. >> oh, yeah. there it goes. see it?
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>> reporter: north of madison, look at this, a tornado touching down. watch as this resident captured the twister on camera as it began to spin near their home. wyoming also getting their share of severe weather. large hail poured on drivers commuting on this highway in cheyenne. this road completely covered in hail. >> isn't that crazy? >> reporter: in the southwest, leftover rains from hurricane bud flooding the streets. and we are looking at some heavy rain right now across the upper midwest. so it continues and we have flash flood watches and warnings. even some flash flood emergencies that have been happening over the past few hours. check it out on the map. the arc of precipitation from the front range of the rockies streaming up toward the canadian border and down towards the great lakes. and that is going to be bringing the heavy rain in that area.s.xu heat indices will be up and over 100 degrees. that is dangerous stuff. the overnight lows will be quite warm, as well.
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so the air conditioners will be going full blast. on monday, the heat gets into the i-5 corridor where temperatures, at the very least, will be uncomfortable. and certainly the first big heat wave of the system always feels more of a shock to the system. so prepare for that. guy, back inside to. >> you rob, thank you. we know you'll be covering these story, these twin weather stories throughout the morning. we're going to turn now, though, to another developing story. it involves an escaped inmate back in jail this morning as police frantically search for two other inmates including an accused murderer. >> officials say the three men busted out of an illinois jail by breaking this hole in a concrete wall. and abc's erielle reshef is here with the latest on the search and how one of them was found. erielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. the intense manhunt now going into a second day after that brazen jailbreak. authorities warning the public the two who remain on the run could be armed. >> jail officers meet with me at the rear of the jail. there appears to be a hole in
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the wall. >> reporter: an accused killer among the three inmates authorities say used a pipe to bust through this brick wall and escape an illinois jail early saturday morning. >> then they used a pipe that we think was obtained from our ar aheernaowshd to e batter and push that through. >> reporter: overnight officials combing the surrounding area capturing 28-year-old justin bray walking on a roadway. but these two still on the run, 24-year-old zachary shock charged with murder, 61-year-old johnny tipton charged with theft. both considered armed and dangerous. this morning, authorities warning residents to remain vigilant. authorities say it took a couple of hours before realizing the men were missing. as for bray, the inmate who was caught, he's facing several charges. he's now being held on $1 million bail >> took a couple of hours to realize there was a hole in the wall of the jail. >> from a pipe. >> that's really interesting. erielle, thank you very much. we are following some other breaking news right now.
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it involves a shooing at an art festival in new jersey. >> and ron is following this and has all the latest. what do we know, ron? >> paula and dan, this happened just a few hours ago in trenton, new jersey. overnight a fatal shooting at a 24-hour art and music festival in trenton, new jersey. one person dead. 20 injured and one left in critical condition. police reporting that around 2:45 a.m., multiple people opened fire on the all night cultural festival. this witness capturing the chaotic scene. people laying on the ground behind cars with their hands up as police scour the scene. >> anybody hit over here? >> no. >> anybody hit over here? >> reporter: the event began saturday afternoon and was scheduled to continue through the night and end sunday afternoon. >> was anybody shot inside? >> reporter: authorities say one suspect, a 33-year-old man, was killed during the shooting. another individual in custody. >> it's a fact that our city as well as our suburbs throughout america are experiencing an increase in public shootings and public unrest such as this.
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>> reporter: and the youngest victim, a 13-year-old boy left in critical condition. >> this isn't just a random act of violence. this is a public healt >> sounds like a harrowing situation in trenton, new jersey, just a few hours ago this morning. >> we'll check in with you a little bit, ron. we want to move to politics and the battle over immigration with the president doubling down on his claim that parents and children are being separated at the border because of a law by democrats. >> there could be a change coming this week. stephanie ramos has more from washington. >> reporter: this morning, president trump is set to meet with congress on tuesday to take on immigration. this, after doubling down on this false statement made in a rare press conference on the white house lawn. >> i hate the children being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. that's their law. >> reporter: the president blaming democrats tweeting saturday, democrats can fix their forced family breakup at the border by working with republicans on new legislation for a change.o cross the border
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are being charged with a criminal offense instead of a civil offense, so their kids are being taken away. even those individuals seeking asylum. this new zero tolerance policy echoed by the trump administration before. current chief of staff john kelly hinted this was coming last year when he was the head of the department of homeland security. >> they will be well cared for as we deal with their parents. >> reporter: however, the president is willing to ease up on this policy if he can get funding for the border wall. >> the democrats can come to us, as they actually are, in all fairness, we are talking to them, and they can change the whole border security. we need a wall. >> reporter: lead democrats say this is all just a shame. >> he's using children at the border now for political purposes. it's shameful. >> reporter: senator jeff merkley of oregon visited a facility housing undocumented kids in mcallen, texas, weeks ago. today he says he's going back to see the kids who are in limbo.
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>> the story now is if you come, fleeing oppression, you'll be arrested as a criminal. your children will be taken away from you. >> reporter: there are two immigration bills that will be heard on the house floor this week. the first one .e on c aseatrv the second, a more moderate version. now, the white house says the president will now consider both bills but trump said initially he would not consider the more moderate measure. dan, paula. >> high stakes here. stephanie, thank you. there's also news this morning in the russia investigation. new pressure on the special counsel robert mueller with two top republicans calling for mueller to wrap it up. >> and then there's rudy giuliani, president trump's personal attorney, who now says robert mueller and his team should be investigated. abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is at the white house with the very latest this morning. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. giuliani told me last night he actually wants the investigation suspended while mueller's team l cabiestigated for tilipo
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now, this would just drag out the already year-long probe that president trump's allies say he wants wrapped up. president trump and his allies calling on special counsel robert mueller to wrap up the investigation. >> i think the mueller investigation has got to stop. >> they ought to wrap it up. it's gone on seemingly forever. >> reporter: this, as the president told reporters the following false claim about the latest inspector general report into the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. >> it totally exonerates me. >> reporter: but his lawyer, rudy giuliani, doesn't see it that way telling me -- >> i don't think it exonerates him. and in some respects rather dramatically supports his position. >> reporter: at the same time, giuliani potentially dragging the case out even longer calling the probe to be suspended. >> mueller only gets an interview after he gets thoroughly investigated and we determine his conflicts, biases and prejudices of his staff. >> reporter: giuliani says he won't even negotiate the terms of a potential sit-down with the president until he sees a report
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on mueller's team. adding if the prentdesi doe coo doesn't want him sitting face to face with mueller. >> i think we would prefer questions and written answers the way ronald reagan did. >> reporter: this comes as trump's former attorney michael cohen may cooperate. and that $130,000 payment to adult film star stormy daniels. something giuliani says the president is not worried about. >> the president isn't concerned at all. he's concerned for michael cohen. he's not concerned about anything michael cohen can do to him. >> reporter: president trump's former campaign manager paul manafort spent his first weekend in prison. and while president trump tweeted his sympathy for him, giuliani tells me that he won't even consider a pardon for manafort or cohen until the investigation is completed. dan, paula. >> good to know. tara reporting from the white house this morning, tara, thank you. we want to bring in abc's
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chief white house correspondent jon karl who is also in d.c. hosting "this week" a little bit later this morning. jon, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so let's talk about the russia investigation. rudy giuliani now calling for an investigation into the investigation. it's one thing when he speaks. but now we have prominent lawmakers like mccarthy and mitch mcconnell talking about the mueller investigation, that we need to wrap it up. so does that make a real difference? >> it does. this is a significant change. paula, i mean, the republican leadership in congress has been consistent in supporting the mueller investigation. so even as the president's called it a witch-hunt, even as some of those -- some of his allies in his base have vilified mueller, the congressional leadership, people like mccarthy and paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, have said that mueller must be allowed to do his work. now, the fact that they're coming out and saying it's got to be wrapped up and it's got to be wrapped up soon and it's gone on too long, this is a significant change that could erode the political support for mueller's investigation. and ultimately the political support really matters here.
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>> so would this make it easier for the president to fire him? >> well, it certainly could. i mean, they still have held the line saying that firing mueller would be a mistake. but if the investigation goes on for a significant time after the congressional leaders have said that it needed to stop, it does give the president some -- it seems to me -- gives him some leeway to do something dramatic like that. >> very quickly here, you have the former white house strategist, controversial guy, steve bannon on your show this morning. you say he's expected to talk about launching a big push for republicans in the midterms. but given the current atmosphere and given his past support for people like roy moore, what are his odds of success? >> well, some republicans >> some republicans who are working already on the midterms actually dread the idea that steve bannon will be out there in force. when you look at his track record, certainly the roy moore race, can you imagine losing a republican senate seat in the state of alabama really takes something. but bannon does have a big following still.
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and he does channel the president. if you look at the president's agenda right now, it looks a lot like the bannon agenda. >> jon karl, thank you as always. i want to remind everybody. jon has a big show this morning. he is as we just said, he's going to go one-on-one with the former white house chief strategist steve bannon. this will be his first live sunday morning interview since leaving the trump administration. >> plus we'll have the powerhouse "roundtable" breaking down the week in politics. it's all coming up on "this week" right here on abc. let's send things over to ron once again for a look at the headlines. hi, ron. >> good morning, dan. good morning, paula. good morning, everyone. we begin in russia in moscow with a chaotic scene caught on video. a taxi approaching a line of stopped cars and then slamming into a crowd of people on the sidewalk. eight people were injured. an interrogation video released by russian police, the driver says he fell asleep at the wheel and somehow hit the gas pedal accidentally. the russian capital filled with tourists as russia hosts the world cup. in eastern afghanistan, a suicide bombing shattered the cease-fire marking the end of the islamic holy month of
7:15 am
ramadan. more than 30 people were killed and dozens more injured. most of the victims were believed to be taliban fighters. the cease-fire which had begun two days earlier had led to peaceful scenes of unarmed taliban and government security forces celebrating the holiday together in the streets. in los angeles, a tesla car catching fire. the driver unaware. cell phone video showing the car was being driven by the husband of actress mary mccormack. she says her husband became aware of it thanks only to a passing motorist. nobody was hurt. tesla calling this an extraordinarily unusual occurrence. at the u.s. open, proof that even the best golfers in the world, well, they sometimes lose. that is phil mickelson on the 19th hole. he knocked a putt. and then while the ball is still rolling he hits the ball again. >> that's not allowed. >> that's a two-stroke penalty. paula, tell that to your husband john if he ever tries it. mickelson ended up scoring a 10 on that hole. he finished the round 17 strokes over par. not good. >> nope.
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>> finally or maybe i should say at last this viral sensation from a high school receptionist. check it out. on the last day of school in lincolnton, north carolina, regina ballard surprised everyone, getting on the p.a. system and belting out a sparkling rendition of the etta james classic. adrienne likes this one. "at last." ♪ at last >> pretty good, huh? >> what? ♪ summer break has come along >> not the real lyrics there. >> no. >> she is good. >> adrienne, can you match that? >> no. not even a little bit. >> what is she doing working -- >> right? >> -- where she is working? >> she should be on "american idol." >> yes, a quarter of a million hits on social media. a quarter of a million. >> she's impressive. >> i love your idea, "american idol." >> we'll put a call in to our friend ryan seacrest.
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>> absolutely. >> all right, ron, thank you very much. let's check the weather yet again. get it back out to rob who is in central park, hey. >> good morning, again, guys. i remember as a kid in june, when it started to get really hot and the last couple of days of school and getting out of school that day and going to play and start sweating like i am now ready for summer. i hope you're ready for summer. east of the colorado rockies, it's going to be heating up if it hasn't already. we have excessive heat warnings now posted for st. louis, for chicago and for minneapolis and heat advisories over a dozen states there for dangerous levels of humidity as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours, temperatures will feel like 100 degrees or more today. and then along the i-95 corridor tonight and tomorrow night, the urban heat island effect will be happening meaning overnight lows are not going to get that cool. temperatures will be in the 70s so acs will be humming across the board. temperatures tomorrow in the 90s. with humidities, will feel like up and over 100 degrees. and the severe weather threat today, i want to point out the same area that got hit
7:18 am
yesterday and last night will get hit again up through northern parts of wisconsin where in some areas they have received over 10 inches of estimated rainfall. that's a good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. it will be breezy once again. temperatures on the cool side. highs range from upper 50s at the coast. san francisco at 64. oakland 69. san jose 75. the warmest spots near 80 degrees. mid-70s through parts of the north bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the drizzle confined to the santa cruz mountains for today. should be mostly dry the rest of the day and a big >> phil mickelson, we feel your pain. rickie fowler not doing so hot. that course really just taking it to them. you know it will be a great day to be in the hamptons with all this heat building. so maybe after they get done with their early rounds, they can head to the beach. back inside to you. >> i think we know what's in
7:19 am
store for rob marciano. the final round of the u.s. open. you're going to be watching it on father's day, right? >> absolutely. camped out in front of the couch with the kids, whether they like it or not. >> well, one of them is a newborn. 5 days old. so i think you've got a good chance there. all right, robert. get back in the studio. we'll talk to you in the next half hour. >> loosen your tie up, too, man. you're outside. >> what's wrong with his tie? >> do not take fashion advice. >> i'll talk to him later. >> it is father's day. you've got a really great story to bring to us. >> a very touching story. this is about a dad who saved his son's life, making, as you can imagine, this father's day an extra emotional one for those two. this is the terrifying moment, 17-year-old cameron burley collapsed during gym glass. watch as students and the gym coach rush to his side. cameron in cardiac arrest. >> i thought he twisted an ankle or something. then i saw his arms go limp, and he fell to his knees. his chin hit the floor. i knew something was seriously wrong then. >> it was scary because i almost died. >> reporter: the school nurse
7:20 am
grabbed an automatic external defibrillator known as an aed. to send a shock to cameron's heart while the coach, who happens to be cameron's father, does cpr. >> you would think, i'm going to lose my son. you know, what's wrong with him? he's been healthy 16 years. nothing like this has ever happened before. >> reporter: a few seconds later, cameron taking a deep breath. >> when i woke up, i was in the gym and i was sweaty. >> reporter: wide awake, waiting for the ambulance to arrive. so this year, father's day is a very special celebration. >> i see my dad as my hero, because he saved my life. >> whether it was my child or not, i would have done the same thing. you get down and do what you have to do in order to save someone's life. >> reporter: cameron suffered what's known as sudden cardiac arrest, which affects more than 7,000 kids each year. fortunately for cameron, his school had that aed on hand. that, and the cpr performed by his own father, saved his life. >> i love him. and he's a good kid. he does everything we ask him to.
7:21 am
still got it. we're real proud of him. >> and the american heart association says using an aed within five minutes on someone's heart after it stops can increase their chance of survival by 70%. cameron very lucky to be alive. thanks to that aed and his dad. isn't that great? >> watching that as a dad, i can't imagine how he kept it together in order to be effective. >> and the bond they'll now have, even stronger than ever. >> absolutely. a good point. >> just knowing that your son's life is literally in your hands. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> and still be able to perform cpr. a reminder, we could all use a refresher in cpr. >> absolutely, and learning how to use these defibrillators, really important. >> thank you, ron. that was a great story. >> thank you, ron. coming up on "gma," caught on camera, the doctor under fire for her emergency room behavior. the hospital now taking action. plus, the video this toddler's parents say should serve as a warning to other parents showing their 2-year-old climbing up a locked pool ladder, supposed to keep the 2-year-old out.
7:22 am
what they're now urging other moms and dads to do. also beyonce and jay z dropping a surprise album. how "everything is love" is already making waves online. adrienne will have that when we come back. >> will she? "good morning america" sponsored by state farm. talk to an agent today at 800-state-farm. well it finally happened, zachary. somebody burned down my she shed. nobody burned down your she shed, cheryl. well my she shed's on fire. your she shed was struck by lightning. zachary, is my she shed covered by state farm? your she shed's covered, cheryl. you hear that victor? i'm getting a new she shi-er she shed. she shi-er? mhhm. that's wonderful news. go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm. you finished preparing overhim for, in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal,
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gorngs irm carolyn tyler. it's opening day for the stern grove music festival. the summer concert series kicks off with the big picnic party. the soulful doubleheader with peabo bryson and jeffrey osborn.
7:28 am
it starts at 2:00 this afternoon. admission is free. seating is first come first served. the shows are every sunday and will run through august 19th this year. what will the weather be like? here's frances dinglasan. see lots of low clouds with live doppler 7 and the satellite image. over much of the bay area, here's a live shot looking towards the bay bridge. most temperatures in the 50s. san jose at 59. san francisco at 55. today will be much like yesterday. upper 50s at the coast, san francisco 64 and breezy. if you're heading there. also
7:29 am
7:30 am
an and we do welcome you back to "gma" on this sunday morning. here's what's happening right now. we have some breaking news out of trenton, new jersey, where at least 16 people have been shot at an all night arts festival. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. eastern standard time. >> video posted on social media shows the chaos in the aftermath there. police and bystanders there trying to help victims. people screaming. others lying on the ground. >> police are telling us one person is dead, a male suspect. and another suspect is in custody. they say multiple people opened fire and multiple weapons were recovered. we'll continue to follow this story on abc news and but we do begin this half hour with a patient accusing a doctor of some bad bedside behavior. and it was all caught on camera. >> that patient complained that the doctor was physically and verbally abusive refusing to believe he was suffering, even cursing at him. abc's marci gonzalez is in our
7:31 am
l.a. bureau with the story. marci, good morning. >> reporter: dan, paula, good morning. the patient says the doctor accused him of going to the hospital in hopes of getting narc cot exand that, i believes is what set her off. he says he was seeking treatment for what turned out to be an extreme anxiety attack. he is still baffled by what happened next. >> sit up. >> no. >> sit up. sit up! sit up! i'm having you sit up. >> i can't get up. >> reporter: this morning, this emergency room doctor banned from working in this northern california hospital after she was caught on camera mocking and cursing at one of her patients. >> i knew from when she said something to the security guard, i already knew from that point, i said, hey, dad, can you please take out your phone? i need you to take out your phone now. i have a feeling something is going to happen. if i could get up off this chair, i really would. >> yeah, you really should. because this is ridiculous. >> i can't. and you're not going to keep tugging at me. >> reporter: samuel bardwell
7:32 am
says he was rushed by ambulance to el camino hospital after collapsing during basketball practice monday. after waiting more than three hours to be seen -- >> i'm sorry, sir. you were the least sick of the people who are here who are dying. >> reporter: he said he was numb, in extreme pain and having trouble breathing. >> i just tried to inhale. and i even told her, i can't inhale. >> he can't inhale. wow. he must be dead. are you dead, sir? i don't understand. you are breathing just fine. >> i mean this is not -- >> reporter: bardwell tells abc from there the tension with dr. beth keegstra escalated unprovoked. >> you have changed your story every [ bleep ] time. >> whoa! >> reporter: the hospital's ceo saying the physician's demeanor was unprofessional and not the standard we require of all who provide care through el camino hospital. we have expressed our sincere apologies and are working directly with the patient on this matter. >> in my mind, i don't think she should be practicing medicine at all. because if it's not a race thing and she treats everybody that
7:33 am
way, then that's a problem. >> reporter: and the ceo of the hospital group went on to say the doctor will never be allowed to work at any branches of the hospital group again. we have not been able to reach the doctor for comment. meanwhile, bardwell says he plans to file a lawsuit. dan and paula, back to you. >> marci, thank you. we're going to turn now to the new video shot by parents in their backyard. they say it's a warning to moms and dads everywhere about the importance of pool safety. >> their video is to prove a point. as you're going to see, they put safeguards in place. but their toddler was able to make his way around them. summer is one of the most dangerous times for kids at risk for drowning and it can happen in an instant and in plain sight before anyone around even notices. >> watching my son with it locked and shut pull himself up this ladder. >> reporter: that pool danger is something that keith and tonya wyman are reminding parents about in this video, which is
7:34 am
now viewed more than 7.6 million times on facebook. you can see their 2-year-old son, cody, effortlessly climb up this ladder, they say, is designed to keep children from climbing into the pool without supervision and potentially drowning. >> when you buy something like that, it's supposed to be safe. >> reporter: although cody got busted by his parents before falling in, other families haven't been as lucky. >> how long was she in the pool? >> we don't know. >> about two minutes. >> reporter: just six days ago, former olympian bode miller's 19-month-old daughter, emmeline miller, tragically passed away from drowning. and then there's this dramatic incident involving two toddlers wandering into the above ground pool unsupervised in ft. worth. >> five minutes, underwater drowning. and i pulled him out blue and white. >> reporter: luckily both are okay. according to the cdc, drowning is a leading cause of death for
7:35 am
children under the age of 4. >> i would recommend a fence around the pool. >> reporter: while the official start of summer is three days away, experts recommend nonstop supervision around pools wherever you are. have life vests readily available for swimming and in the event of a tragic situation, make sure you're cpr trained. and there are other products out there that can help you safeguard pool. there are motion detectors. you can buy wristbands for your children there will set an alarm off in the house if they enter the water. there are gate alarms. as we just saw, you can't let your guard down and assume that because you have safeguards in place, everything is okay. you have to be on it and always supervise around the pool. >> and that cpr training, i just did it a couple of weeks ago. it's incredibly important to stay up to date on that. >> good point. >> thank you for all the useful information. paula, let's get it over to rob marciano for another look at the weather. hey, rob. >> good morning again, guys. a new flash flood emergency out for houghton in the u.p. of michigan. you see the heavy rain ruling through there. officials telling people to stay
7:36 am
off the roads, at least in the beginning of this sunday. carlotta in the pacific. we're also watching this area develop potentially in the gulf of mexico. about a 20% chance of developing into something as it drifts towards the gulf of mexico. that's a low percentage. either way there's going to be a lot of heavy rain. maybe some gusty winds at times over the next couple of days, and this happy father's day. i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. in the next hour, we could see drizzle. in the santa cruz mountains, temperatures in the 50s. by lunchtime, it will be partly cloudy and breezy at >> have yourself >> have yourself a safe and happy sunday. father's day for those of you celebrating. a lot of people are celebrating with a new record out by beyonce and jay z. am i supposed to say that? >> no, no, no. >> the internet was broken according to you. >> it broke the internet. >> it did. >> the internet is very resilient. >> it is. thank you, adrienne. well put. coming up on "gma," the surprise album rob was mentioning.
7:37 am
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♪ this is why we're thankful i ♪ this is why we're thankful i can't believe we made it ♪ jay z and beyonce surprising fans overnight by dropping a joint album. >> the nine-track "everything is love" album sends the internet into a frenzy. i believe adrienne said it broke the internet but it is healed. >> looks great. >> looks amazing. >> the fact that the video was shot at the louvre is huge. i don't know that this has been done before. but no surprise jay z and beyonce, unprecedented marriage and a little art history for you. showcasing the inside of the world's largest museum and giving a small peek inside their version of "everything is love." ♪ hey they can find us >> reporter: only queen bey and husband, mogul jay z, can shoot a music video at the louvre. ♪ we're living lavishly >> reporter: the power couple unveiling their long awaited first joint album, "everything is love" at their london performance of the "on the run ii" tour. >> they've had a long, rich musical relationship that began
7:42 am
in 2002 with the duet "'03 bonnie and clyde." >> reporter: beyonce and jay z took over the museum. not just posing in front of historical artifacts like the "mona lisa," but dancing all throughout in front of the many famed pieces of art for the song which we can't actually say on tv. ♪ have you ever seen the stage going ♪ >> reporter: the new album mixes bold lyrics and visuals with fun, fierce and relatable moments, while tackling everything from race to politics. ♪ every night we in the end zone tell the nfl we're in stadiums too ♪ >> reporter: to their much talked about marriage. ♪ can't believe we made it >> reporter: in the past, the duo using solo albums "lemonade" and "444" to address their ups and downs. >> we're using our art almost as a therapy session. and we started making music together. >> reporter: now the notoriously private couple uses the nine tracks to send a message to fans around the world. they're stronger than ever. >> it's been a crazy month for music. but today, beyonce and her
7:43 am
husband made the world stop in the way that only they can. >> reporter: overnight beyonce and the album "everything is love," jay-z, this luge collabo, sending everybody into a twitter storm. the queen herself posting a clip of the new video on her instagram page. it's received more than 6.6 million views in the past 14 hours. yeah. >> for a second, i thought you meant queen elizabeth. >> i did, too. i was like, really? >> the other queen. the other queen. i do do a lot of royal news. i can see how that would be a mix-up. >> this is huge. >> collabo is a word? >> collaboration. >> did i say collabo on tv? >> yeah. i didn't know it was a thing. >> i just kind of like, i don't know. it just came out. >> we'll be right back with a really unusual collabo. coming up on "gma," mixing it up on the court. the talk show host jimmy kimmel battling it out with texas senator ted cruz. i don't know if this is a collabo or not. highlights, lowlights, after the break. highlights, low lights, after the break.
7:44 am
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>> the blobfish classic. am i saying it right? the blobfish classic. am i saying it right? the blobfish classic. >> it's hard to say. >> that's what it's been come to be known. it's now in the history books. whatever you call it. late night host jimmy kimmel going one-on-one with texas senator ted cruz. >> and it was all for a good cause and abc's marcus moore has more from houston. >> reporter: the buildup epic between late night funnyman jimmy kimmel and texas senator ted cruz. >> this will be ted cruz's second most embarrassing loss to a tv host. >> under no circumstances will jimmy dunk on me. >> reporter: setting the stage for a battle that quickly became a true test of strategy and
7:48 am
stamina for the men who are just a bit past their prime. senator cruz, 47 years old. kimmel, 50. their one-on-one match to raise money for two texas charities and settle the score after this comment during one of kimmel's nightly monologues. >> he looks like a blobfish. >> reporter: what's your key move? you got like a killer crossover? are you good in the paint? do you have a "j"? >> i have no actual moves. in fact, this game's going to take forever. >> reporter: and it did. nearly two hours of air balls, blocks, and misses before the senator, who was favored to win, scored the 11th and final point. leaving with a coveted trophy. there he is with the hardware there. congratulations to you, senator cruz. the former high school varsity basketball player reliving his younger days. >> for two guys in our 40s and 50s, we beat the living daylights out of each other. >> reporter: you look a little winded. >> i think both of us are going to sleep like babies tonight. we're going to pass out. >> reporter: so, the confetti has fallen, and the challenge
7:49 am
has been met. but both kimmel and senator cruz say the real winners are the children here in houston. dan, paula? >> all for a good cause. it's so refreshing to see that considering all the political discourse. you were just saying. >> i think it's so fun. i think they should do this all the time. >> absolutely. in the era of polarization, that's awesome. >> you know what else we should do all the time, "pop news," that's coming up. >> yeah. >> adrienne's got it. >> gotcha. >> go to break. go to break. adrienne's got it. go the break.
7:50 am
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"good morning america" sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like mily with blue. ♪ it's "pop." it's adrienne. it's father's day. what's going on? >> first we have food. but let's get to the first part of our day, which you should always start with a smile. dads are notorious for telling corny dad jokes. so now it's your turn to get even. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> i don't know either. amazon making it easy. she's going to show us. just watch. rob, hit the unmute button on our alexa. >> we go from red to green.
7:54 am
alexa, open "gma" dad jokes. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning, america. happy father's day. how handsome is dan harris? >> is that supposed to be a joke? hris is so handsome, his stunt double is george clooney. >> i like. i like this. why make clooney hold in that picture? what's going on? >> she's got another one. >> no, no, we don't have time for that. >> how handsome is dan harris? >> no. >> all right. >> stop it. >> no more. >> dan harris is so handsome his stunt double is george clooney. >> you can actually create your own jokes. it does say mute. >> want to hear it? >> no. >> alexa, stop lying. >> get your own new alexa feature and get your own dad jokes. the way to a man's heart, besides compliments, is through his stomach. so, we have the goods this morning. we've got some loaded burgers provided by bill's bar and burger in new york city.
7:55 am
thank you to josh and mark. it' with macaroni and cheese, barbecued brisket, cheddar and fi dan,n'xi your version is the meatless impossible burger. you have to wash it down with something. we have fudgie beer provided by inspired by carvel's fudgie the whale cake, which we also have. it's stout brewed with hints of carvel chocolate. >> carvel cake and beer. >> carvel cake, beer and you got burgers. and one of the most popular kids tv shows and one of the hottest deejays on the planet, it's a "duck tales" collabo. whoo-hoo. here's a sneak peek. >> collabo. ♪ >> reporter: famed deejay marshmallow partnering with disney pixar for a "duck tales" inspired music video for his hit "fly." it debuts saturday, june 23rd duriis incredibles." we look forward to that.
7:56 am
>> no. >> looks like you're fighting >. >> happy father's day. happy father's day. >> by the way, i tasted this. it actually tastes delicious. >> and it's for vegetable lovers. >> it is. happy father's day to all the fathers out there. have a great sunday. >> enjoy. a great sunday. >> enjoy. good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. new developments about acrla pt residents and businesses. the project will note forward. the examiner reports outgoing mayor mark ferrell will not hece a tax measure on
7:57 am
pr oj ect. he has until tuesday to submit a propos proposal. it w jus stho tort o pass. recreational salmon fishing season has o icthlle ft.y bragg and fran are. the golden gate salmon association pricnd tistshhere w this season. instead of the young salmon fishermen saw over theas lwt years. recreational anglers are allowed to catch two salmon at least two feet long per salmon are odaff. the season will remain open until october 31st. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast. here's frances dinglasan. good morning everyone. you can see extensive cloud cover with live doppler 7 and the satellite image. it has spilled inland i here'so a live shot towards the bay bridge. you're going to see breaks in the sunshine, especially in t bay. more temperatures in the 50s.
7:58 am
san francisco 55. oakland 59. san60 degrees. breezy once again. look for highs to range from upper 50s to near 80. san jose, 55 under partly cloudy conditions this afternoon. here's the forecast. drizzle early this morning in the santa cruz mountains. that should be it. tomorrow, fog to sun. a mild day on tuesday. things are really warming up. summer solstice on thursday morning and a real big into sat. mid-90s
7:59 am
8:00 am
"this week" with george >> trump's hard line. >> when we have the laws iwi bt d,chgean >> separating children from t pirhetsenar at >> imposing massive new tariffs. >> we have been taken advantage of as a country for decades. a . slamming the fbi. afterhe t inspect g jo-un. this on the heels of the >> a very worthy, very smart negotiator. >> the president seems to be flying high. but the policy of separating children there their parents at the border is sparking
8:01 am


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